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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 28, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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at his newly released plan designed to help american families, especially parents, with young children. plus, we're learning new information about the moments leading up to the death of a bay area man in police custody. what this newly released body camera video reveals also sending help to india how the bay area's teaming up with california to help that country deal with an alarming jump in covid cases. the news at noon starts now. this'll is ktvu fox two news that new good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach tonight, president joe biden will address a joint session of congress. the president plans to discuss his infrastructure plan and also a new plan to help families pay for childcare and higher education. madeline rivera reports. tonight, president biden. we'll have a live audience for his address, but because of covid just 200 will attend, feeling less than 1/5 of the house chambers, capacity. president biden's first address to congress comes on the eve of his 1/100 day in
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office. the white house says the president will discuss police reform, immigration, gun safety, foreign policy and the pandemic. his remarks come one day after the cdc announced it's easing guidance on mask wearing saying it's okay for those fully vaccinated to go without a mask. outdoors still president is reminding americans the pandemic is not over. go get your vaccination. now it's free, and it's convenient president biden and also plans to unveil his american families plan the final piece of his fortune million dollars spending proposal. it calls for $1.8 trillion in investment and tax credits for american families expected to benefit five million children. save the average family $13,000 and provide community college and prekindergarten free across the country and universal pre k. that's not a partisan proposal. that's something people across the country really could benefit from. but republicans are criticizing the president's spending plans, saying he's
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done little to reach across the aisle. president biden has lost all credibility with the american people when it comes to working in the united way or in any way bipartisan before he even saw what's his speech? president biden will make history for the first time, two women will sit behind the president during his address, vice president kamila harris and house speaker nancy pelosi on capitol hill. mad rivera, ktvu. fox two news and you can watch president biden's address right here on ktvu. fox news six o'clock tonight, a new episode of the mass singer will air right after it ate followed by a special edition of ktvu fox two news at nine and then the 10 o'clock news, the city of alameda as interim police chief offered condolences to the family of a suspect who died in police custody. he said. newly released body camera footage of a struggle between officers and 26 year old mario gonzalez on lee tells part of the story. ktvu elissa harrington tells us how family members feel about the video and why some legal experts say. this case will be
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a difficult one to prosecute. body. camera footage shows the final moments of mario gonzales his life as he struggled with police while being handcuffed monday of last week. alameda police officers first made contact with gonzalez after they were called about an intoxicated man who was involved in a possible theft when they arrived, he spent several minutes speaking with the suspect, and when officers tried to put gonzales his hands behind his back, they all fell to the ground officers are seen on video, placing a knee on his lower back then on his shoulder. tony brass is a criminal defense attorney who's a former prosecutor with the san francisco district attorney's office. he said officers seem to be aware gonzales was having trouble breathing when one officer suggests rolling him to his side. it's pretty clear that putting someone belly down. handcuffed with weight on their back is dangerous family members and activists are calling gonzalez is death murder. they say the 26 year old did not attack the officers. they say he was healthy and
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should not have died. they know how that right with your arms. the footage shows officers on top of mario while he was face down on the ground. they had their way on his head and his back. he was complying and they continue to pin him down with their weight. three responding officers james fisher, cameron leahy and eric mckinley have been placed on administrative leave. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. the bay area is stepping up to help india and its fight against a large surge of coronavirus case is the first of three planes loaded with supplies is departing travis air force base today medical gear from other countries already arriving in india, crews were seen unpacking ventilators and oxygen supplies from the united kingdom. india is reporting more than 300,000 new coronavirus infections each day, and patients are being turned away at hospitals because of a shortage of ventilators and beds. working to deploy resources and supplies. including
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therapeutics. spend laters ppe w materials. needed to manufacture vaccines in india. health officials blame the surge in india on covid-19 variants and also large holiday gatherings in recent weeks, former fema coordinator mark novo talked about the urgent need for those medical supplies. covid outbreak is so critical that at 1.1 of their major hospitals, which was a 240 bed hospital was 40 minutes away from running out of oxygen for the patients. india's capital city, new delhi, is under lockdown until may. 3rd meanwhile, india's vaccination program continues to struggle so far, just about 10% of the country's population has received at least one shot less than 2% of the population have received both doses. several states are easing mask mandates following new guidance from the cdc, molly line reports. this comes as federal officials are taking more steps to get people
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vaccinated. for governors or adopting the cdc is new guidance on outdoor mask use in california governor gavin newsom said. fully vaccinated people don't have to wear face coverings outdoors and less in a large crowd. massachusetts and maine will no longer require masks outside when social distancing is possible, moving forward. it's basically telling us as we get vaccinated, we can really start getting our lives back. cdc east. it's guidelines on tuesday, saying those who are fully vaccinated don't need to wear a mask outside unless in a big crowd, even unvaccinated people can skip the mask when walking, biking or running, but not during small outdoor gatherings with other on vaccinated people. americans are mixed on the new guidelines fogging up my glasses. i'm talking that i can't see. so it z vatel kind of definitely helped concerns me because your neighbor don't know if that pandemic will come back. the changes comments more than half of us adults have gotten at least one shot napa covid-19
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vaccine, but there's concern over a growing number of people not returning for their second shot, federal officials say nearly all pharmacies will now be able to offer covid-19 vaccines to people who got their initial shot from a different provider. new directive is aimed at college students who got their first dose while still on campus students who do return home could get their second dose in that home state, the cdc estimates more than five million people who are partially vaccinated have missed their second dose in boston, molly line ktvu fox two news. california's now providing data on the number of people who've contracted covid-19 after getting vaccinated. the department of public health, says 1379 people who were fully vaccinated for at least two weeks, tested positive for covid-19. that's less than 1/the 1.4 million casd from january 1st two april 21st
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health officials say the so called breakthrough cases are expected as no vaccine provides 100% protection. san francisco is expanding access to coronavirus vaccines and some of the city's hard hit neighborhoods, including ocean view for, said heights, ingleside in ingleside, terrorists. salmon cisco health department opened a new vaccine site just this morning at 50. broad street. it's right near the 24 million m bus lines, making it more accessible. inconvenient this is the city's sixth neighborhood vaccine cited is being operated through a partnership between the health department and community based organizations. we're going to be christening this vaccination site today and we're going to continue to make sure that we're moving forward in an aggressive way to make sure that people have the vaccination and access in the low barrier way to ensure the safety of this community. vaccines are available at the new site by appointment or by drop in wednesdays, fridays and saturdays. he'll become a new
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beauty. a worker rushed to the hospital after being struck by an arrow. the investigation now under way and the search for the person who shot it, then cutting water use ahead of the summer months. the voluntary changes some bay area water companies are asking customers for head of what's expected to be a severe drought certainly no rain, but that's expected at this point in the in the year, but ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking a pretty dramatic warm up. we'll have that coming up next in your full forecast. my case was worth. 't kt
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water as drought conditions continue to grow as ktvu tom vacar reports, the water agencies want the conservation to be voluntary, and there are financial incentives. and we have no further precipitation in sight, finding itself in the driest conditions and insufficient supplies looming, the east bay municipal utilities district board unanimously declared a stage one water shortage emergency water supplies are not sufficient for meeting customer demands. the stage one is a moderate drought emergency, the lowest of four stages, but without customer conservation. higher levels could come the summer including possible rationing the essence of east.
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a mud stage one prepared to buy additional water supplies earlier when it's cheaper and ask for additional cuts from customers were considering ah, ways that we can make a mild ask of our customers. implement voluntary reductions of up to 10% in the north bay sonoma water supplier to numerous sonoma and northern marine water agencies also wants to ask for customer conservation before demanding it. it will undoubtedly bring to attention obviously. the need to conserve it would be voluntary it first i would imagine a z move forward to the summer months we'll be looking at mandatory rationing or conservation valley water in the south bay says it has good reason to trust customers they've shown over the past 15 years that saving water is now a part of their lifestyles is in 2017. the board put out a 20% voluntary call for people to conserve water at a 20% rate compared to 2013. and so over the last several years we've
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seen it. residents here in santa clara county. meet that goal on average. they've they've averaged about 20% savings and knowing that at least half of all residential water is used outside a doubling down on the money paid out to install water tolerant. residential landscapes. the landscape rebate program, increasing the incentive from a dollar square foot to $2 a square foot and so obviously we're looking for more participants in this program bottom line to avoid the worst conserve now like it's a major goal in life. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. people are heading to folsom lake east of sacramento, even though the area's had very little rainfall this year. they're not there to see the water. they're here to see this lake bed that's filled with purple wildflowers. i've always been looping here near the lake, but now it's filling the lake basin and that's drawing an awful lot of attention from nature lovers. we done. major hikes, but i've never seen anything like this
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here or anywhere. i suspect it's rain at the right time. and that's why the flowers are spectacular. gorgeous state park officials say this combination of low lake level and warmer temperatures has created a much larger spring bloom than usual. super loom is only expected, though to last a couple more weeks. no it is a beautiful sight, but at the same time, a good reminder here mark tamayo that lake levels are low. and the conditions just getting worse as we get closer to summer time here, yeah, that's a good reminder, mike. you know, basically april now we know our water supply going into the dry months. so now it is time to prepare and conserve, so we know what we have to work with. over the next few months. at least for today. we know we have a lots of sunshine. it is a warm spring day, you probably noticed the warm up so far today and it looks like today, probably one of the warmer days of the week, but we're not talking about any a sharp but cool downs out their beach. this will be in the sixties around the bay mid seventies in
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the neighborhoods on track to reach low to mid eighties with temperatures a good 5 to 10 degrees above the average. here's the satellite. lots of clear skies, so we cannot find any fog out there with the more of a northerly breeze setting up that's a dried northerly wind that wipes out the fog. and as a result, we have a lot to clear skies out toward half moon bay. the temperatures on lee in the upper fifties but some or sixties around the bay and the inland spots already in the seventies, and as we mentioned earlier talking about some more mid eighties this afternoon, our live camera looking at above san francisco completely in the clear, so it is a nice warm day, even in the city, with temperatures approaching the 70 degree mark, our old system member that system that produced the kind of that disappointing storm over the weekend on sunday that is moving out of town that area of low pressure, this area of high pressure wants to set up camp out in the pacific. so with that the storm track is being pushed up to our north. we have a sunny forecast for today, warmer wednesday, but then into thursday. some clouds will kind of move in from the
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north and the forecast models picking up on that so no rain chances with those clouds. it's just bringing in that released the high cloud cover into your thursday and then possibly into your friday as well. so with that temperatures will full scale them down a little bit over the next couple days for thursday and into friday, but today it is a warm one eighties out toward conquered fairfield in antioch, san jose will go 80, san francisco, 70 and sandra fell in the lower eighties 82 degrees. look ahead. your five day will bring in a few extra clouds thursday and friday and the winds could be somewhat of a factor as we head into the weekend, so could be a bit blustery this weekend. but as you can see here, know what chance of ranges temperatures cooling off a little bit today should be at least according to stuff five day forecast one of the warmer days of the week. if you like the warm why they want to get outside take advantage of this afternoon. i'll enjoy it. all right, mark. thank you still becoming noontime. rising prices at the grocery store just how much more we're having to pay for certain items and why those prices
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the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. ask your eye care professional about restasis®. now to trick out these lights. visit to learn more. now to trick out these lights. quake your piedmont hit a 12 18 this morning, u. s geological survey said the earthquake was about 3.3 miles underground. so far, no word of any damage. in san francisco. police and community leaders are taken with her colin a safety walk right through the richmond district in response to recent anti vision agent violence incidents they're trying to raise awareness for neighborhood merchants and
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residents. those taking part in this walk are distributing anonymous tip line flyers and cards and they're reaching out specifically to chinese monolingual speakers in mandarin and cantonese police department says it is expanding its effort to better serve all communities, including the ap. i community. community safety walk is all about raising awareness within our community, ensuring that our community is where of the resource is the sam cisco police department has available for reporting for addressing climb within their area, as well as working with the community on solutions to make our neighborhoods safe for the san francisco police department says it's also working to expand the capacity of its multi language tip line to over seven different languages. there's a push right now to offer more housing. two female homeless veterans in the south bay just this morning, a homeless vet moved into a new apartment in san jose. she has been given a 15 month lease, which includes one year of free rent. now this is happening due to a public private partnership
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between home first services and developer, republic, urban properties and funding also from the veterans administration and santa clara county. they're all encouraging local landlords to enter into partnerships to help end homelessness for vets. it's a private public partnership like this. that will help us close the gap for people who are on housed and end homelessness for every single veteran in the nation have a good place to sleep. there have ah place i could wash the dog it zta mazing it z. i've been seeing this to my friends that i went through #### to get to heaven. i'm in heaven home first services says all of the veterans it helps 8. are women. your organization also says female veterans are twice as likely to become homeless compared to male vets. a new audit finds that oakland has seen in 89% increase in the homeless population between 2015 and 2019 to address the
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issue. vice mayor rebecca kaplan says she has identified a list of available public land, such as parking lots are vacant property owned by the city or the school district. the audit and kaplan's propose solutions will be discussed at the council's next meeting in a week. the city of berkeley is about to make a large investment into an affordable housing project, the largest in the city's history. last night, the city council voted to allocate $53 million to develop hundreds of new affordable homes at the ashby and north berkeley. bart stations. the projects will also include open space and community amenities. about $40 million comes from measure oh bond funds approved by voters three years ago. you may have noticed an increase in prices at the grocery store lately and has at last post reports. experts say this is likely just the beginning. shoppers always looking for a bargain, especially now, as grocery prices continue to increase, a everything is going up everything. i don't know
12:24 pm
why. is that reason? roddy doesn't know why, but he does know it's costing him a lot more to feed his family than just a few weeks ago. evidence i think maybe 25 to 31st 19 so really that much? yeah. yeah. prices that grocery stores are on the rise up and down the aisle. the u. s labor bureau says a dozen eggs now will cost you a dollar 63 on average that 7% more at a loaf of bread is up. 11% the feds say one of the reasons is the higher delivery cost the pain at the pump with those higher gasoline prices. maybe bringing pain at the checkout line. i've definitely known gas prices go up. yeah they've gone up. i think consistently for the last 30 days in a row or something like that social media is buzzing about the grocery prices with post after post check this one samantha tweeting. inflation is here. grocery prices air just going up and up, couldn't believe the price of chicken and ground beef and this one grocery and gas prices, air skyrocketed over the past several months. i think it's a storm that's been coming to be
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quite honest with you. you know, we've been deal. only with supply demand issues since the beginning of the pandemic, and it shows no signs of letting up the supply chain interrupted from the recent bad weather in texas in the midwest to the cargo ships that are still anchored offshore of the port of l a as their commodities and products wait to be off loaded the backlog finally hitting us at the grocery stores the way the grocery supplies work is they have a 90 day supply. at least. and warehouses. you know, they try and get ahead of production, right? but once that production that excess is used up and into the stores, then that's when the new commodity comes up with the new prices at his warm or sectors reopened following the lockdown, like restaurants and tourism, the product demand will get even higher. and so could the price is going up non fossil? i'm not happy for that. at last goes reporting there. the airline industry is seeing an increase in flights now that more people are getting vaccinated, but one bay area airport isn't seeing as quick oven increase as others.
12:26 pm
chronicle reports. san francisco international has been slow to gain back passengers compared to 50 other airports in the united states, the paper found. the decline is largely due to the lack of international travel in 2019. nearly a quarter of all flights in and out of sfo were international still becoming noon. the young man convicted of the 2015 murder of eight year old maddy middleton, has been sentenced just how much time the now 21 year old is expected to spend in jail. plus, it's been one week since the deadly deputy involved shooting of andrew out, junior. and now the sheriff is speaking out and calling for the release of the entire police body cam footage. why a judge, though, has ruled against its release.
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give the president here an opportunity to really highlight his accomplishments in his 1st 100 days in office, but also discuss his new plan to help families pay for childcare in higher education. ktvu sally rasmus joins us live this afternoon with the story and allie many in the nation will idaten's first joint session to congress tonight he's expected to speak about everything from the status of the coronavirus pandemic to jobs and infrastructure and now ah plan to help american family. we're
12:30 pm
learning more about president biden's american families plan, which includes free community college for two years for all americans and dreamers, universal preschool for all three and four year olds and increase tax credits for families with kids as well. subsidies to help families spend no more than 7% of their income on child care. these are all just immensely immensely popular with the public despite the popularity of those policies, santa's a state political science professor donna crane says the plan will face obstacles. especially in the senate over the $1.8 trillion price tag. house speaker nancy pelosi defended the president's plan on msnbc this morning. she says much of it could be paid for by rolling back the tax cuts president trump and republicans gave to the wealthiest americans four years ago. have any hesitation has been $1.9 trillion to give
12:31 pm
83% of the benefits to the top 1% we should take some of the money that we've already given the states that hasn't been spent on declawed back some of that money and try to address the issue of child care, a fox news poll shows 54% of americans approve of the job. president biden is doing in his speech tonight. he's also expected to discuss other priorities, like his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. gun control and immigration reform, crane says the popularity of child care and education benefits bodes well for the president's american families plan. i think the plan has life in it. i think there is a decent chance some or much of it could get enacted. i think the price tag will make some members bulk, but not necessarily all of them and the biden white house has been pretty smart in saying that it's open to alternative funding mechanisms to. and while tonight's speech is not a
12:32 pm
state of the union address, it will look very similar to one. but instead of speaking to a packed house with members of congress president there will only be 200 people in the halls of congress because of covid precautions, so a scaled down, joint joint address to congress, mike exactly. all right, allie. thank you for that and join us tonight. all our viewers. to watch president biden's address. it does start at six o'clock right here on ktvu fox to a new episode of the mass singer will then erin eight, followed by a special edition of ktvu fox. two news at nine and then the 10 o'clock news. ah young man who confessed to killing an eight year old girl in santa cruz could be out of jail and less than five years. adrian gonzalez, who is now 21 years old, was given a maximum sentence in jail for the 2015 murder of maddy middleton. ktvu is jesse gary has the story. this is hopefully help. as if campbell with fire shooting through the back of my words
12:33 pm
through tears and a soul's cry for justice laura jordan and michael middleton. red victim impact statements during the sentencing. of adrian gonzalez, justice looks like scenario. i just know it was cannot be allowed to happen again. whatever it takes tuesday, while onlookers gathered outside inside santa cruz superior court judge john salazar handed down the maximum sentence, adrian gonzalez will spend another four years in juvenile detention following a guilty plea for the murder of madison. middleton this is a crime that absolutely rocked our community. gonzalez admitted to the 2015 abduction, torture, rape and murder of eight year old maddie, but the recently passed senate bill 13 91, which is now law mandates, 40. 15 year old juvenile's cannot have their cases moved to adult criminal court when children 14 of 15 year old are housed with adults, they're
12:34 pm
more likely to engage and more violent behavior in the future. opponents of the law and of gonzalez remaining in the juvenile court system, say the safety of the community is at stake. nothing short of a life sentence for aging for what he did, and the society these days keep our kids safe. we do not need another child going through the horrendous torture, gonzalez addressed the court, saying his goal is to overcome his issues. loved one say the wound he inflicted will never heal after 30 minutes years of legal proceedings ended, but not the pain for the family and friends of madison middleton, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. the north carolina judge has ordered a 30 day delay in the public release of body camera video in the deputy involved shooting of andrew brown jr. the judge says the videos early would. early release would
12:35 pm
create a serious threat to the fair, fair, impartial at orderly administration of justice. instead the footage will be released to brown's immediate family within 10 days with the faces of all officers involved blurred. andrew brown's family has only had access to a 22nd clip from one body camera video. their attorneys called the ruling a disappointment. the county sheriff says it's a difficult time for the family as well as the department. the fbi has opened up a civil rights investigation into brown's death. it says that agents plan to work closely with the department of justice to determine whether any federal laws were violated. now to the derrick show of in case we've learned sentencing for that former minneapolis police officer has now been set to happen. june 25th. sentencing date was pushed back by one week because of a scheduling conflict. showman was convicted of 2nd and 3rd degree murder and second degree manslaughter for the death of george floyd. shobin faces a maximum sentence
12:36 pm
of 40 years in prison. but legal experts say that more less more likely sentence is one of 30 years or so at home here in berkeley, the city council there unanimously passed a law that puts a permanent limit on what equipment police departments can use to control crowds. the ban includes what's called less lethal equipment. this includes pepper spray water cannons, tear gas used to control crowds. police used these measures last spring during black lives matter protests man has been charged in santa clara county for the murder of a 24 year old transgender woman and milpitas, police say 22 year old elijah cruise to gora. stabbing italia smooth lopez last friday and then called 911 sugar and the victim were dating for several months before the stabbing. she was. transported to a hospital, where she later died. our office is dedicated to prosecuting all individuals who commit intimate partner violence as well as any
12:37 pm
individual who commits violence against transgender transgendered individuals. segura is scheduled to be arraigned in court tomorrow. and if convicted of all charges, he could be sentenced to life in prison. the santa clara county sheriff's department is investigating after a valley transportation authority worker was hit in the back by an arrow. the sheriff's office says the vita employee was on a break at about 2 30 yesterday afternoon, walking in a residential neighborhood in san jose. when he was hit by the arrow. he was taken to the hospital. at this point, we don't yet know the extent of his injuries. we do know that no arrests have been announced happening today. a special committee is expected to decide which of two nevado elementary schools will close. parents who rallied outside the district headquarters say that all eight elementary schools in nevada need to be considered instead of just there to some of the parents of this rally, say it. the same guidelines were used throughout the decision making process loose, sudden and rancher, elementary's would not even be considered for closure. we're learning more about what
12:38 pm
the new cdc guidelines surrounding mask outdoors could look like right here in california. the updated guidelines say people can exercise outside alone without wearing a mask, and they can now eat dinner outside of restaurants with people from different households. mask though, are still required in big crowds, and governor newsome did announce california is changing guidelines to match the cdc reaction from people we spoke with about the new mass guidelines were mixed. it's fogging up my glasses. i'm talking that i can't see so it z vatel kind of definitely helped. it concerns me because you'll never know that pandemic will come back. the cdc continues to recommend massive indoor public places, saying that is still the safer course. even for vaccinated people, the cdc says 30% of americans are fully vaccinated advisor says a pill version of a drug to treat covid-19 could be ready by the end of the year. pfizer says the pill is in phase one of testing right now, the
12:39 pm
company's chairman and ceo says the aural drug could eliminate a clinical or hospital setting for coronavirus patients. one fizer scientists as a prescription could be issued at the sign of infection to mass vaccination sites in marin county are closing. the marine center and sandra fell in the marine health and wellness campus will both close at the end of may, but will still offer first doses until may 1st and we'll continue with second doses through the end of next month, county officials say. they're now expanding mobile operations to offer more targeted pop up vaccine clinics. rosell police are releasing details about a massive unemployment fraud case. investigators say they identified bruce anderson, it's assumed city as the head of a scheme. they say he and other successfully applied for $4.5 million of et de benefits, then withdrew more than two million using fraudulent e d d benefit cards. authorities say they seized cash, jewelry, drugs and a loaded gun. we continue to follow the latest developments surrounding former new york city mayor rudy giuliani.
12:40 pm
federal agents served a search warrant at his apartment and seized electronic devices. this is part of a growing criminal investigation into giuliani's dealings in ukraine. federal investigators are trying to determine if he legally lobbied the trump administration on behalf of ukrainian officials and oligarchs. still to come, is noontime, a teenager's personal snap chap toast is now with scent. of one of the most important free speech cases, they hit the supreme court. what's at stake as justices here or arguments, and it is a pretty good looking spring day out there as we give you this live look at the estuary. ah warm up on the way across much of the bay area. we're going to check back in with mark tamayo, who has the forecast for your neighborhood
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two people dead. it happened late monday night at lord's expressway, admit the way santa clara county sheriff's deputy say it started when deputies tried to pull over the driver of the honda accord, but say the driver refused to stop. the honda took off, ran through a red light and crashed into a toyota camry. the driver and passenger inside the camera died at the scene. all the other guy had to do was just pull over and he probably would've gone off with a warning or like a minimum sentence for whatever he was running away from. instead of now, he's probably like ruined his life and his friend's life and the victim's name did the two people killed haven't been released by the coroner's department to others, who were in the honda are injured and were arrested on suspicion of
12:44 pm
evading an officer and gross vehicular manslaughter, as well as several firearms and narcotics offenses. out of aqaba, where the police chief is addressing a video from december that shows a police officer punching a canine under his command. acting police chief in schmaltz lor presented findings from three investigations into the incident to the city council last night, the chief said. the officer involved is no longer a dog handler, but it's still with the department. canine has since been returned to the company that sold the dog to the department. thanks he's in really, really good shape. we need to do more training with handlers prior to getting the dog so that they understand that, you know the to a better extent, the proper care, the proper feeding the proper training of these animals. we absolutely need to do right away. schnitzler says, despite the backlash and threats, his department face it has learned from the incident and is hoping to make progress and move forward. michael collins, the
12:45 pm
man known to many as the for gotten astronaut, has died. he was part of the historic apollo 11 mission to the moon, but never stepped foot on the surface. collins was piloting the command module circling 60 miles above all, while buzz aldrin and neil armstrong were walking on the moon. his family did put out a statement saying collins died after a battle with cancer. david lee miller has a look. back at his life. there he was the least well known of the historic apollo 11 crew, but well, astronaut michael collins would never place his own footprints on the moon. see of tranquility, his piloting skills were invaluable to the mission success. all right here, their trip of ours to the moon may have looked to you simple or easy. i'd like to show you that that has not been the gate. like most of his high flying peers. he was a fighter pilot and test pilot before being chosen for nasa in 1966. collins made his first space flight. jim and i 10, where he became the third american. walk in space after gemini collins
12:46 pm
was slated to join the apollo eight crew on its historic lunar orbiting mission, but was grounded for a medical condition. with a competitive space veteran. it was one of the lowest points in his career. tolerate houston. your trajectory and guidance of go over. thank you, michael. with the space career in jeopardy, collins undertook its spinal fusion operation. when finally returned to flight status, nasa placed him on the next available mission. that flight was apollo 11 would write today. thank you very much on the mission. collins was task to fly the apollo mothership in lunar orbit. well, neil armstrong and buzz aldrin made their descent to the moon surface remarkably of the apollo 11 crew. famed aviator charles lindbergh, identified with collins, the most collins solo orbits around the moon. lindbergh felt. mirrored his solo flight across the atlantic over four decades earlier, they were both lucky. lindy felt pilots on a lonely vigil, relatively on active and
12:47 pm
unwatched. hello there, sports friend i got up to make it seemed everyone on planet earth was watching when extraterrestrial cameraman michael collins did his job, all right, but what about that janet that david lee miller? fox news. the third man of the moon landing, right, let's talk about what's happening here on the bay area front as we look ahead, mark tamayo twosome increasing temperatures. yeah, that's right. guys had to find the shade in the backyard because they have the sunshine. the warmth definitely kind of highlighting our forecast for today. fact today forget it right? probably one of the warmest days of the week. we'll take off a few degrees as we head into it tomorrow and into a friday take a look at the forecast. if you can't see coming up 44 today, lots of sunshine even for the coastal neighborhoods and temperatures there in the sixties seventies around the bay and the inland neighborhoods on track to reach the eighties. here is the forecast for today, so you'll notice they come harrison from t
12:48 pm
just talking about one or two degrees, at least about you could see about 4 to 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. satellite lot to clear skies. we have that northerly wind and play so with that no fog to speak up now, tomorrow we could have a return of the fog and also some higher clouds moving in as well. but take a look at the current numbers out there right now. 82 fairfield, santa rosa 76 san jose 73 a beautiful view right now looking out toward the golden gate bridge. lots of clear skies. you probably noticed those hillsides start to dry up as well. so reminder that were basically heading into another fire season and want to take it seriously, once again with the lack of rainfall too well, at least that the rainfall really not helping us out over the past few months, it's last winter storm track is way up to our north of big, amplified ridge offshore is setting up in that two brings us the warm up. for today and also the dry conditions. now you could see the sunshine for today. but tomorrow this is the forecast model. it's bringing in some high clouds throughout the day. so that's for your thursday and
12:49 pm
possibly into friday as well. so probably today, the warmest day of the week and probably most the most sunshine will be for today as well. warm spots will be at least in the mid eighties, maybe approaching the upper eighties. oakland 75, san francisco 70 and the coast mainly in the sixties. partly cloudy skies on friday will bring us some scattered clouds basically third. stay and into friday and then the stronger winds to move in by the weekend, especially by saturday, but you'll notice no rain clouds of speak of. it's a warm up today, a little bit of a cool down over the next few days, but still looks like a pretty steady forecast as we head into the weekend. all right, mark. thank you. for that. the united states supreme court is hearing arguments in a case centered on free speech in public schools. the case concerns a pennsylvania teenager who was suspended from her school's cheerleading squad for a year because of a profanity laced snapchat post. she made off campus but directed at the school. brandy levi was 14 at the time and was upset that she did not make it onto the varsity squad. her parents
12:50 pm
filed a lawsuit against the school district for violating her freedom of speech, and a judge ruled in their favor. but then the school district appealed. she berated her coaches, the sport and other teammates. where do we draw the line? with respect to targeting of school? kids basically talked to their classmates, most of their conversation is about school, most of their exchanges have to do with their perceptions of the authoritarian nature, their teachers and others. the district's lawyers argued the post harmed a team that's meant to promote a supportive atmosphere. but today, the justices seemed to debate that argument doesn't meet the president of substantially disrupting a school community. still to come at noon, but coronavirus pandemic has led to some high school seniors missing out on graduation and prom. but this year, san francisco will hold in person
12:51 pm
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12:55 pm
risky now, with more and more fans receiving vaccinations, the san francisco giants are offering tickets in vaccinated on lee sections. so far, fans have been excited about. it's been nice because it opens up, you know all of our social distance pods or twos and fours, but somebody wants to come with eight people in the vaccination section. they can. the team is still offering. socially distant seating for unvaccinated fans who have proof of negative covid tests, infectious disease specialist say with that option, there's no risk of excluding unvaccinated people altogether. there's only going to be major abuse if unvaccinated in the videos did not have access to seeing the game, but because they do have access to seeing the game. i probably have fewer ethical issues. ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hong, says the giants vaccinated seating option maybe part of a growing trend of expanding opportunities for those who have been vaccinated, so i think what the giants is doing is kind of ah, local
12:56 pm
experiment in and essentially a vaccine passport. giving folks vaccinated, different privileges than folks are not vaccinated. and he says, offering special privileges or access may be just the right touch to incentivize vaccinations without forcing people to get the shots. i think having a light handed approach that's positive. it's a good one. instead of a negative thing, like, you know, we'll cut your salary if you don't get vaccinated or you know you better get vaccinated, or i'm gonna hit you with a stick having these positive. symbols of again life that we all want eyes probably going to be more effective in the long haul. the giant say the plan is just one small step toward bringing back the fans and the traditional baseball experience. teams playing great people want to come to games. this gives us an opportunity to get more fans in and you know, azad vaccinated population grows. i think your capacity will grow
12:57 pm
well. the giants are offering those vaccinated only sections. there is no price difference or difference in terms of quality for the seats for people who are unvaccinated. but if you're looking for the closest thing to a traditional baseball game, those vaccinate only seating sections will be the closest thing for now, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. golden state warriors have just 10 games left in the regular season and last night's blowout loss to the dallas mavericks. well let's just say it was a wake up call for the warriors as they make this push to the playoffs during one stretch of the game last night. the warriors did not score for nine minutes and 38 seconds. they missed 18 shots in a row, and they were outscored 28 nothing during that time. it was 62 to 29 at halftime. 1 33 to 1 of three was your final score. no time to dwell on this one as they do hit the road for a week here the next day. game set for tomorrow against the minnesota timberwolves. it's no secret the 49ers looking at a quarterback in the first round of tomorrow night's nfl draft.
12:58 pm
tight end george kittles says he's focusing on what he could control right now, instead of who is going to be thrown in the ball he joined. speak for yourself on fox sports one yesterday and had this to say about current niners quarterback jimmy garoppolo and the draft. trusting donald fallon. they're gonna make the right decision. they're just gonna try to make the team better at the end of the day. and so whoever they draft, whether it's a quarterback tight in obs alignment defense lineman wherever it is, i'm excited, medium excited play with them because they'll have that 49ers logo on this side of the helmet just like me. so i'm excited. be teammates with whoever we draft. all right. we'll see who that selection is tomorrow night when the 49ers have the overall third pick in the draft, the big fourth of july fireworks show in lake tahoe has been canceled this year, as have the parades that were planned for truckee, tahoe city and other areas around the lake. officials are being extra cautious here, even though many restrictions are being lifted, and that'll continue. that is the expectation. big crowds are also expected over the summer is the state continues to reopen, and authorities say that protecting public health
12:59 pm
remains their top priority. lindsay wildlife museum and walnut creek announced today it will be reopening its exhibit hall on tuesday that they'll be dedicated to a special members only day but then it reopens to the general public on wednesday, attendance will be limited to 50% of regular capacity or 75 guests at one time. high school seniors in san francisco will have in person graduation ceremonies. this year, the school district announced. the class of 2021 will receive diplomas at outdoor commencement ceremonies. the largest high schools will celebrate at keys are stadium with ceremonies for smaller schools at the ruth a. sala school of the arts cube, the pomp and circumstance like there you go once home to the san francisco 49ers, now home to high school graduations in the year, 2021 a big congratulations, little early toe all you senior grads out there in san francisco. and beyond, right, thanks for watching everybody. our next newscast is coming up at four. don't forget the latest coverage online at ktvu dot com and the ktvu news app. guys, you have a great afternoon. good afternoon to all of you at
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