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you say, mark, thank you coming up next here at 11. the question is. did this consequence come about because these officers rejected the procedures and rejected their training, and expert weighs in on newly released body camera footage showing a man's death while in police custody in alameda, as the man's family calls for the officers to be held accountable, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now, alameda police released body camera video. today in a deadly confrontation last week. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. the hour long video shows the final moments of mario gonzalez life as two officers were trying to take him into custody. ktvu is amber lee is in alameda tonight. and amber, you watch the video tonight with a former prosecutor and defense attorney to help break down exactly.
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what he saw happening. that's right, frank out. the attorney tells me the video is. painful to watch and that he empathizes with the family, he says. the question is, did police follow procedure tomorrow, to alameda police officers made physical contact with mario gonzalez about 15 minutes after the officer's body cameras were activated, they hold on to his arms and moved them to his back. don't resist it, but gonzales appears to resist and during the struggle, one officer places his knee on his lower back. we're gonna take care of you. okay, as the struggle continues, one officer's knee is on gonzales his shoulder. oh it's pretty clear that putting someone belly down. handcuffed with weight on their back is dangerous. we can absolutely perceive the fear. tony brass is a criminal defense attorney who was a former prosecutor with the san francisco district
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attorney's office and the u. s attorney's office, he says. unlike the george florid case, the alameda officer had his knee on gonzales his shoulder area, not his neck, and the length of time was much shorter than in the florida case. we can count it from the time he's handcuffed and thrown on the ground. which is only a couple of minutes by my calculation, but also he continues to resist all most of the time where he becomes one respect. what's your name? what's your birthday brasses? the officers continuing to try to talk to gonzales during their encounter indicates they were trying to make sure he was conscious and breathing. we could roll them on the side. why did one officer have a sense of urgency about that, and the other did not brass says the officers. were aware that gonzales may have trouble breathing when one of them suggested rolling him to his side, but that it was less than 30. seconds later that gonzalez stopped moving. it's very difficult. it's difficult for anyone for us to
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watch. ah person actually dying police custody. i mean it, zim credibly tragic. the issue is whether or not we can say that the police were acting in the way they're trained to act. wear, brass says this is a difficult case to assess three alameda police officers are on paid administrative leave. the case is being investigated by the alameda county sheriff's office, the d. a's office and an attorney hired by the city of alameda, frank amberleigh life force tonight, amber thank you today, members of the gonzalez family expressed anger and grief outside alameda police headquarter is the mother and brother of. mario gonzales, along with their attorney and other supporters held a news conference. they say they have seen some of the body camera footage and they say they feel gonzales was quote murdered by police officers. i know how that right
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beginning we humans, i feel so much i feel i feel so. marios brother garrard. oh said his brother did not die of a medical emergency during a scuffle as police have said, and he said his brother did not attack those officers. we have posted the entire police body camera video to our website ktvu dot com there you can watch the entire one hour video, unedited. today the cdc announced the big change when it comes to wearing a mask. as of now, people who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus won't always have to wear a mask when they go outside in public. ktvu is rob roth tonight with the new guidelines today, cdc is updating our recommendations for fully vaccinated people. those recommendations by the centers for disease control and prevention allow people who are outdoors to shed their masks as long as they're fully vaccinate. he did or not in
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large groups, which is it a ballpark or concert getting together with friends going toe the park for a picnic without needing a mask up. we're back to that place now as long as you get vaccinated, vaccinated, people can attend small outdoor gatherings without maths and share meals at outdoor restaurants with those from different households. one man near lake merritt in oakland, said he was happy he won't always have to wear his mask outside, kids fogging up my glasses i'm talking about i can't see. so it's um val kind of definitely held. another man told us you will keep wearing his mask. it concerns me because you'll never know if that pandemic would adopt those guidelines before deciding implement the governor gavin newsom issued a statement saying, quote after reviewing the centers for disease control and prevention's masking recommendations, and with science and data as our god, we're moving to a lot. in
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california's guidance with these common sense, updates ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hung, agrees the science is allowing for the change, probably the biggest change for bay area residents, is that. confidence in gathering in small groups with a mix of unboxing vaccinated folks in the outdoor setting, but no one should throw away their mess just yet. they're still required for indoor gatherings, regardless of vaccination status. think it's good to have the rules are the guidelines set? so we're kind of everybody feels more safe. you know. health officials air, hoping the new relax guidelines will serve as it incentive for those who are hesitant. out getting their vaccine, rob rob ktvu fox two news as public spaces reopen summer requiring proof of vaccination and now some tech companies and healthcare providers have begun rolling out digital health records accessible on cell phones. ktvu
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is emma gossip here now she spoke with the ceos of two companies behind them. and emma. they're not calling these vaccine passports, right, julie? they're essentially did well, medical records that you can access on your phone and one ceo said, because they're not issued by the federal government. there's no reason to call them passports. the san francisco giants are pitching something new to fully vaccinated fans separate seating just for them. so far, fans have been excited about. it's been nice because it opens up. you know all of our social distance pods or choose and fours but somebody wants to come with eight people in the vaccination section. they can you'll view the game just as well from the pod seating, but one key difference in the vaccination section is sitting among strangers more like it used to be. stanford university and the uc and csu's. systems plan to require proof of vaccination when students returned to campus in the fall, giving rise to situations or
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having a digital vaccination record easily accessible on your phone could come in handy. san francisco based health care provider carbon health has distributed 1.2 million digital health passes across eight states where they operate vaccine sites, the company's ceo says little be expanding digital health passes. all 50 states, regardless of where you got vaccinated in the next few months were getting inches from everything from airlines to counsel eights to musically news. the health past is hipaa compliant and gets sent to you in a secure link on your phone. once you provide consent, the past can be saved in your apple wallet shared with others digitally and can also store photo version of your paper vaccination record. we've used your medical record passport comes from the federal government. you get one passport that allows you to travel overseas. in this case into digital health information captured on your phone, health vonna, a platform that's partnered with l. a county has
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already provided roughly two million digital health records and plans to do the same in the bay area and elsewhere later this year. kaiser permanente members can access their vaccination records through the my doctor online app and if they got their covid vaccination at one of kaiser's facilities, they can see that through the app julie demagogues reporting live tonight, emma. thank you. we have new numbers from the state now on people who've contracted the coronavirus, even though they've been fully vaccinated, the department of public health, says 1379 cases of coronavirus have been reported. in people who were fully vaccinated. that's less than 1/10 of 1% though of the 1.4 million coronavirus cases reported from january 1st two, april 21st health officials say some post vaccination cases are expected because no vaccine gives 100% protection. yeah. still ahead
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tonight, a deadly crash claims the lives of two innocent people in the south bay. we are hearing from a witness who describes what he saw moments before that collision plus evita employees shot in the back with an arrow what investigators are saying about the incident and the search for a suspect. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours?
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arrow sheriff's investigators say it happened during his break as he was walking on sierra grande a way at south capitol avenue in san jose, about 2 30 this afternoon, the victim was taken to a hospital. we don't know the severity of his injuries. so far, no arrests have been made. the sheriff's department is asking witnesses or anyone who has any information to police. come forward, police say crash in san jose killed two innocent people when the card they were riding in was hit by a car fleeing law enforcement. we brought it to you last night as breaking news. it happened just before 10 at lawrence expressway near midi way, ktvu is azenith smith tells us what witnesses saw. in the background. i heard like a police siren and i looked and down the street. i saw like the police car chasing the other car, a witness describing what he saw outside his san jose. home late monday night, sharing this video of a santa clara
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county sheriff's deputy telling the occupants of the white honda accord to get out. i thought the guy was being pulled over for speeding. i thought he was gonna pull over. so i didn't think anything of it. what this witness thought was a routine traffic stop. turned out more tragic right before deputies say they attempted to pull the honda accord over at lawrence expressway near many way unclear the reason for the stop, but the accord took off running a red light and crashing into a toyota camry turning left onto me anyway. the impact pushing the camry 250 ft into a sound wall where it came to arrest firefighters tried to extricate the male driver and female passenger inside. they died at the scene. i was justing the exd then suddenly, the car flipped over in front of me and slam into the wall. other car swerved down to the way this driver says he was almost hit. the driver of the honda and a 17 year old passenger ticking
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away on gurneys to the hospital with what police described as moderate injuries, and all the other guy had to do was just pull over and he probably would have gone off with a warning or like a minimum sentence for whatever. he was running away from instead of now he's probably like ruined his life and his friend's life and the victims. both suspects are now facing charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter, evading an officer and other firearms and narcotics offenses. i'm happy they were caught, but just not the way that it all ended. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. confessed killer adrian kinsella's was sentenced today in santa cruz for the 2015 murder of eight year old maddy middleton again dollars, will serve out his sentence at the department of juvenile justice until he is 25 years old. that's four years from now. it's always was 15 when he kidnapped, raped and strangled maddy middleton and then threw her body into a dumpster. he changed his plea to guilty
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after the california supreme court ruled in february that minors under the age of 16. cannot be tried. in adult criminal court. can bowl with fire shooting through the back of my work. i don't have a solution to this situation. justice looks like in this scenario. i just no, this cannot be allowed to happen again. one adrian gonzalez turns 25 there's no guarantee he'll be released from the juvenile justice system. the court can be petitioned to extend his time in custody. after the break, president biden is expected to roll out his next big spending plan tomorrow with a price tag of roughly $1.8 trillion. the reaction he's already receiving from lawmakers. what's the latest on the conservatorship of pop star britney spears? what the singer wants to do during the next court hearing,
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and i'll bet you notice the warm up today it's going to get warmer tomorrow, with temperatures back into the mid eighties and some spots we'll look into that and the five day look into that and the five day forecast when i see next welcome to jack in the box. hey, jack, i heard your chicken- who told you that? it was jimmy wasn't it? no, i heard your chicken comes with classic and spicy in the same box, so i don't have to choose. ah yes. best of both worlds. my 50/50 popcorn chicken. only at jack in the box.
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♪ refuse to choose and get my $6.99 50/50 popcorn chicken with both classic and spicy for the best of both worlds. only at jack in the box. spending plan, but it's already getting some pushback from all sides. republicans say it's too much while progressive say it's not enough. fox news jackie heinrich has our report tonight. president biden is preparing to unveil roughly $1.8 trillion spending plan addressing child care, cause paid family leave free community college and pre k. head of his first joint address to congress. infrastructure is o get to work. roads bridges, communications and childcare is
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part of that 17 senators, including progressives, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, also want biden to expand medicare to lower the age of eligibility and include vision, dental and hearing writing. in order to pay for these much needed improvements. we believe medicare and the federal government should do what every major country on earth does negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. another group of house democrats wants to expand and make permanent the child tax credit. republicans are still reeling from the $1.9 trillion covid relief package. democrats passed without gop support for some republicans. the issues aren't unworthy senator kennedy, saying child care spending should be targeted and funded through prior spending. we should take some of the money that we've already given the states that hasn't been spent and won't be spent for a long time because many of them don't really need it, and claw back some of that money and try to address the issue of child here tonight, the white house announced the american families
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plan and the american jobs plan can be fully paid for by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthiest 1% of americans without adding to the national debt or increasing taxes on americans making less than $400,000 a year on capitol hill, jackie heinrich fox news. and join us here on ktvu to watch president biden's address to congress tomorrow night again. it starts at six p.m. right here on ktvu. afterward you can see the master singer and eight followed by a special edition of ktvu. fox two news at nine and then the 10 and 11 o'clock news. today explain. my board of directors declared a moderate drought emergency and asked people to start conserving more water. moderate drought emergency is the lowest of four stages but without customer conservation. higher levels could come this summer, including possible rationing in the north bay sonoma water, which is a supplier to a number of sonoma and northern rin.
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water agencies also wants to ask for customer conservation before demanding it. it will undoubtedly bring to attention. obviously the need to conserve it would be voluntary it first i would imagine a z move forward to the summer months we'll be looking at mandatory rationing or conservation. northern california is facing the most significant drought since 2013. most areas have seen just half of their seasonal average rainfall. and this is our second year in a row of well below average rainfall, so you can bet that we're gonna have restrictions in water concerns going into this summer, which is typically dry right mediterranean climate. it's a wet winter and a dry summer, and that's where we are smack dab in the middle, and we're not looking at rain in our five day right now we're looking at a lot of warmth. this high pressure ridge is set up. as you can see, it's just it. that's the jet stream trying to illustrate there. it goes up over the top and what
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goes over the top this time of year, it pretty much stays drive for a while. this high is known as the pacific high, and that's basically the dominant summertime feature. it'll wobble around up north and south, but it'll generally stay put and when it does, we start to warm up. the fog sets up when we get into our summer pattern, so. see how that works out. but right now, we had temperatures today. like these tomorrow's temperatures will be warmer by a good five and eight degrees. so we're going to see some mid eighties easily, maybe some operating as well. i think most warming will crew right around the bay were instead of mid sixties you'll be in the mid seventies there fog trying to reform of the coast. but the fog doesn't really come back and earnest until thursday at the coast. so thursday will be a little cooler coast side, but in that, i think will still see mid eighties, so it's gonna be nice couple days. it's gonna be a nice week. i mean, we just got a very spring like late spring like weather patterns, setting up the windsor really died down. it was blowing pretty significantly at sfo earlier this evening up over 30 miles an hour. now it's done,
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dude sustained at 14. the current temperatures generally mild there warmer than last night last night was kind of chilly, but a little bit warmer than last night, there's the ridge of high pressure again and just dominating the landscape. it's huge. it's huge. it's got a lot. it was all the way out here into the base, and so the chances of getting some rain in here right now are pretty slim. so with that in mind, we're dry for a while. the tree pollens are down that grass pollens air coming up, so that's something to notice. these were the forecast overnight lows. not too bad now is called us last night, and he's the forecast highs for tomorrow. and they're they're pretty conservative numbers mid eighties, but i think operators will be not too hard to find special slip out towards annie ocher out towards discovery back the five day forecast. with that fog coming back on thursday, there's some slight cooling their. it's still pretty warm in the mid eighties and right through the bay area weekend so dry and warm for the bay area week. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right, we'll see you then. bill. thank you. britney spears is that to speak in
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court to address the conservatorship that controls her life and finances during a hearing today, the singer's attorney told the judge she would like to address the court and the judge agreed. the hearing is set for june. 23rd the battle over the singer's $60 million estate has been going on now since last august. twin spirits pile to remove her father as conservative. he has been the conservator of her. estate since 2008 take a time out here and curry coming up. not a good night for the warriors. as you can kind of tell. they're seeing steve or yelling and steph curry with toe
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on social media at all you're gonna hear about it. steve kerr
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hasn't had his warriors practice since they got back from the road trip almost a week ago. so you come out you lay an egg on national television like this. you're gonna hear about it. everybody was looking forward to that. steph marquee matchup up against the mavericks, lucas dance itch and for a while, they got it. but where is actually taken early lead step in, lets loose from outside of the outfit does 27 points for him on the night and you figure we're gonna have a good one. then things go perma freeze where you couldn't hit a thing. an amazing 28 0 run by dallas. the warriors were outscored nine minutes 38 seconds didn't score a single point. its longest scoring dropped 12 years in the nba to on the lucas specialty on display the buzzer beater just before the half. he had 39 get this. the warriors trailed 60 to 29 half the final. not much better. 1 33 1. oh, three lot of garbage
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time had the giants. one thing that's hard to believe they would have had. the best record in all of baseball. they put on an entertaining show didn't quite work out as father and son niner. fans can't wait till thursday. dad, there's gonna be money's on mack jones. i'm afraid, kid. here we go. early innings. rookie jason boss lor soft liner to right scores. the tide running marty's still do bond runs right through third base coach ron wotus stop sign. he's out from here to there, but you won't is that if a bad as embarrassing to rocky's tied it up late and then went ahead. go into the bottom of the night. brandon crawford goes waterworld, his fourth of the year yet three it's by the way, it's all tied up. but then in the 10th inning, get that magical runners lead off second base in the extra innings. runs,
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one of them deep into the night about 449 ft by ryan mcmann two run shot 75 final giants were still tied with the dodgers, who lost again to the reds. the a's a family affair down in tampa bay. has they go at it for thinning stephen piscotty thought he had a shot at least extra bases here you seem, kevin kerr mayer over the years, you know differently. as the tampa bay center fielder for the beautiful catch right there. michael walker, the pitcher's loving that sixth inning 11 ball game, mitch moreland will give term ira another chance to show off his defensive prowess. is he jumps in there makes the catch and lets loose with a great throw. but matt olsen in there just ahead of time, and it's a 21 short, live lead frankie montas in the bottom of the inning. gives it up, one out. well read philip hammers and deep and gone to run shot in the aids of
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suddenly last two out of 343 the final tonight. that's the sporting life. get it back to you, frank and julie. all right, see you let everyone goodnight see you let everyone goodnight sm oh, hey, honey. have a great time at the game. thanks. [ plastic crinkles ] ah, why are you crunching? ordinarily, i'm a rule follower, but when someone tells me i can't bring my own snacks into their stadium, that's when i get a little nuts. [ plastic crinkles ] it's a free country, right? let's just say it ruffles me... [ plastic crinkles ] ...when some goobers... [ plastic crinkles ] ...tell me i have to spend half my payday... [ plastic crinkles ] ...on their hot dogs. [ plastic crinkles ] please, just remember the family portrait. we only have the photographer for an hour. okay. okay? and, sweetie, did you have a chance to try on the white pants i put in your closet? oh, what do they look like? is there really a more clear way to describe white pants? sweetie, if they don't fit you, you're gonna be the only one not wearing white, and then you're gonna stand out like "where's waldo?" actually, "where's waldo?" doesn't stand out.


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