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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 27, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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post pandemic life here in america as the cdc issues new guidance on outdoor mass square and for people who are fully vaccinated generally for vaccinated people outdoor activities without a mask are safe getting together with friends going toe the park for a picnic without needing a mask up. we're back to that place
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now as long as you get vaccinated. according to the cdc, about 30% of americans are now fully vaccinated. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. today's announcement means that vaccinated people can attend small outdoor gatherings without wearing a mask. it also means they can share meals and outdoor restaurants with those from different households. shortly after the announcement, governor newsome issued a statement saying california plans to align it's guidance with that of the cdc. but people we talk with are still mixed about the news. it's fogging up my glasses. i'm talking that i can't see so it z vatel kind of definitely held it concerns me because you'll never know his toe that pandemic will come back. local doctors say the science is allowing for the change in letting people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated mix
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in outdoor settings, but they remind people not to throw away their mass just yet, as they're still required for indoor gatherings, regardless of vaccination status. with many public venues and businesses reopening it may become necessary to show proof of your vaccination against the coronavirus. and now to technology companies have developed digital vaccination records that you can access on your phone. kate views emma gosh, his karen emma. those companies don't want to call these vaccine passports. why not? that's right, frank, different companies and healthcare providers are offering a digital version off the paper car that has a vaccination record, but because they're not government issued, they don't want to call them passports. the san francisco giants are pitching something new to fully vaccinated fans separate seating just for them. so far, fans have been excited about. it's been nice because it opens up, you know, all of our social distance pods or choose and fours, but somebody
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wants to come with eight people in the vaccination section that can you'll view the game just as well from the pod seating. but one key difference in the vaccination section is sitting among strangers more like it used to be. it's a step in the right direction, and it may be an incentive for folks to get vaccinated. stanford university and the uc and csu systems plan to require proof of vaccination when students returned to campus in the fall, giving rise to situations or having a digital vaccination record. easily accessible on your phone could come in handy. san francisco based health care provider carbon health has distributed 1.2 million digital health passes across eight states where they operate vaccine sites, the company's ceo says little be expanding digital health passes toe all 50 states regardless of where you got vaccinated in the next few months, yeah, getting inches from everything from airlines to counsel eights to musically news. the health past is hippocampal. giant and gets
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sent to you in a secure link on your phone. once you provide consent, the past can be saved in your apple wallet shared with others digitally and can also store photo version of your paper vaccination record. we've used your medical record passport comes from the federal government. you get one passport that allows you to travel overseas. in this case into digital health information captured on your phone health vonna, a platform that's partnered with l. a county has already provided roughly two million digital health records and plans to do the same in the bay area and elsewhere later this year, different companies offering similar records, the ceo says is like having multiple payment methods. most businesses will accept a variety and we think there's a lot of different solutions for this, and that's okay. kaiser permanente members have access to the vaccination records through the my doctor online app and if they got vaccinated for covid vaccine through a kaiser facility, they should be able to view it on the app,
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frank and by god's life force tonight, emma. thank you. we have new numbers from the state on people who have contracted the coronavirus after getting vaccinated, the department of public health, says 1379 cases of covid-19 have been reported in people. who were fully vaccinated that is less than 1/10 of a percent of the 1.4 million coronavirus cases reported from january 1st two april 21st health officials say some post vaccination cases are expected since no vaccine provides 100% protection. new body a new body camera video today from police in alameda. it's an hour of body camera video in the death of a man who they were trying to take into custody. police responded to a call. walls of a man who had been drinking and who may have stolen liquor from a nearby walgreens. the suspect went to the ground as police were trying to put handcuffs on him. the struggle continued for another six minutes, until
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mario gonzalez became unresponsive. ktvu zambelli watched the video of the former prosecutor and defense attorney to get his thoughts on what happened and amber's here now to begin our coverage, amber. frank alameda. police have said little about this case, but they did release body cam video today to show transparency. way spoke with an attorney who empathizes with the family, he says the question is whether police followed procedure tomorrow, to alameda police officers made physical contact with mario gonzales about 15 minutes after the officer's body cameras were activated. hold on to his arms and move them to his back. we don't resist it. but gonzales appears to resist and during the struggle, one officer places his knee on his lower back. at one point, they pull out a pair of handcuffs. we're gonna take care of you. okay, as the struggle continues, one officer's knee is on gonzalez's
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shoulder. oh, it's pretty clear that putting someone belly down, handcuffed with weight on their back is dangerous. we can absolutely perceive the fear, tony bass is a criminal defense attorney who is a former prosecutor with the san francisco district attorney's office and the u. s attorney's office. he says, unlike the george floyd case, the alameda officer had his knee on margot's shoulder area, not his neck, and the length of time was much shorter than in the florid case. we can count it from the time he's handcuffed and thrown on the ground, which is onlye of minutes by my calculation, but to resist af the time where he becomes non responsive. what's your name? what's your birthday? bass says the officers continuing to try to talk to gonzalez during their encounter indicates they were trying to make sure he was conscious and breathing thing.
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we could roll them on the side. why did one officer have a sense of urgency about that? and the other did not that maybe we're a prosecution lives. bass says the officers were aware that gonzalez may have trouble breathing. when one of them suggested rolling him to his side, but that it was less than 30. seconds later that gonzalez stopped moving. it's very difficult. it's difficult for anyone for us to watch. ah person actually die in police custody. i mean it zen credibly tragic. the issue is whether or not we can say that the police were acting in the way they're trained to act. yeah, fastest. this is a difficult case to assess three alameda police officers are on paid administrative leave. the case is being investigated by the alameda county sheriff's office, the d. a's office and an attorney hired by the city of alameda, frank amber, i've seen the complete video just like you have. i'm wondering
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the gentleman who you spoke to mr bass. did he have any comment at all? on what? perhaps if anything, the police could have done different. gently up until the point when they pulled out the handcuffs because that changes the situation dramatically. he said to me that he did not notice anything egregious on the part of the police officers and that the fact that they continue to speak with gonzales indicates they were trying to deescalate and really live for us tonight, amber, thank you. and today the family of mario gonzales held a news conference to speak out after seeing that video. our crime reporter henry lee tellsas death murder his name his name. mario gonzalez did not have to die. my family and i saw the footage and we know what really happened tuesday consults his brother and mother and their supporters last down at alameda police outside the department.
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they know how that right killing we humans. i feel so my i feel i feel so. family has viewed somebody camera footage showing what led up to gonzalez is death. alameda police officers murdered my brother mario. he said his brother did not die of a medical emergency during a scuffle as police have said. he said his brother did not attack the officers, the footage shows officers on top of mario while he was face down on the ground. they had their way on his head and his back. he was complying, and they continue to pin him down with their way. the family says. gonzalez was restrained for at least five minutes. officers were called about a man and who appeared to be under the influence. it was possibly suspected of stealing liquor from walgreens. for that mario is paying with his life in this outrageous family's attorney, julia sherwin, says gonzalez is final moments were excruciating having his life pressed out of him as he was asking the officers not to do that. from his perspective. this would feel like tortured head, really
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ktvu, fox two news. judge may decide tomorrow whether to release body camera footage of a deadly shooting by law enforcement that happened in north carolina. andrew brown jr was shot and killed by deputies as they were serving search and arrest warrants in elizabeth city. last wednesday, attorneys for brown's family said today that they're independent autopsy shows that brown was shot four times in his arm and one time in the back of his head as he was trying to drive away today, the fbi announced that they're conducting a civil rights investigation into brown's death. sentencing for former minneapolis police officer derrick show. vin has been pushed back now to june. 25th the judge reset his hearing because of a scheduling conflict. shelvin was convicted last week of all three counts orge floyd. shoving faces a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison. but experts say a more likely sentence would be 30 years or less. still ahead
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growing concerns about california's drought now more bay area water agencies are asking customers to take voluntary measures and they're offering some financial incentives. it's warming up around here today, temperatures came of a few degrees, more warming tomorrow and even continued warming on thursday. i'll let you know how warm is going to get. but first after the break a deadly crash in the south bay claims the lives of two innocent bystanders. and tonight a man who witnessed it all is speaking out. i was just kind of surprised that this happened in front of me. and once i learned that there was like people and people actually died. i just felt really bad
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logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. trying to get away from deputies last night. the crash killed two innocent people in another car. it happened in west san jose at lawrence expressway near midi way. ktvu rouz azenith smith is here. now with what witnesses saw and what we know about the victims as nick. well, julie, the idea of the two people killed has not been released by the coroner's office, but those who witnessed it described a tragic chain of events. in the background. i heard like a
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police siren and i looked and down the street. i saw like the police car chasing the other car. ah, witness describing what he saw outside his san jose home. late monday night. sharing this video of a santa clara county sheriff's deputy telling the occupants of the white honda accord to get out. i thought that guy was being pulled over for speeding. i thought he was gonna pull over. so i didn't think anything of it. what this witness thought was a routine traffic stop. turned out more tragic right before deputies say they attempted to pull the honda accord over at lawrence expressway near many way unclear the reason for the stop, but the accord took off running a red light and crashing into a toyota camry turning left onto me anyway. the impact pushing the camry 250 ft into a sound wall where it came to arrest firefighters tried to extricate the male driver and female passenger inside. they died at the scene. i was just about the
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turn of the experts away and then suddenly the car flipped over in front of me and slam into the wall. other car swerved down to the way this driver says he was almost hit. the driver of the honda and a 17 year old passenger ticking away on gurneys to the hospital with what police described. as moderate injuries. all the other guy had to do was just pull over and he probably would have gone off with a warning or like a minimum sentence for whatever he was running away from. instead of now, he's probably like ruined his life and his friend's life and the victims. both suspects are now facing charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter, evading an officer and other firearms and narcotics offenses. i'm happy they were caught, but just not the way that it all ended. and the suspect's names have not been released. police say they're still at the hospital, not much is known about the victims, but the witness we spoke to says he heard, authorities say the age of at least one of them was
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early to mid twenties. julie azenith smith reporting live tonight in the south bay. thanks. in san francisco police are searching for a driver who hit and killed a man and then drove off, police say 28 year old kenneth mcleod was walking near the corner of gary and park presidio boulevard. it was early saturday morning around 12 20 when a dark colored mini cooper hit him as he was walking in a crosswalk. police say the car may have front end damage. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. this is the city's seventh pedestrian death so far this year. oh it's warming up out there. today was a good 5 to 8 degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow warm up another 5 to 10 degrees in some places back into the eighties, mid eighties possible and that continues into thursday with some pretty warm weather with mild weather right into the weekend. there's no rain in this forecast. this high pressure ridge here is big, and
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it's spread out. it's pretty broad, so it's got a lot of scotland amplitude. it's also got a lot of with breath. and so it's basically wide. it's gonna be hard for anything to get in here. underneath it or over it, so we're dry for the foreseeable future and warm as you might guess so as we push into tomorrow, you can see santa rosa's today with 81. tomorrow, santa rosa goes up to 84 62 in san francisco that goes up to 70. and then there's that 80 74 to 83. never more so a pretty warm day and you'll notice it. definitely today was noticeable tomorrow be noticeable as well. and then we hover, so it's most forecasts. eyes look for those eighties, maybe some mid eighties in the warmest spots, but a good 5 to 10 degrees above the average for this time of year.oray, note short term, i'll be back here with the five day forecast and a few minutes. all right. we'll see in a bet. bill thank you. in lake tahoe, officials said they had to cancel fourth of july fireworks shows and parades in truckee, tahoe city and other locations. they say
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that even though many coronavirus restrictions are expected to be lifted by then they want to air on the side of caution. they expect to see big crowds over the summer as the state reopens and authorities say their priority is to protect public health. there will also be no burning man festival for the second year in a row. the group. says there are just too many uncertainties as the u. s remains in the grips of this pandemic, so now they're setting their sights on 2022. the event is held at the black rock desert in nevada at the end of the august this year, organizers are encouraging people to gather with their community take part in virtual events and support burning man artists in san francisco high school seniors will walk onto a graduation stage and get their diplomas in person this spring. the school district said today that the city is 4000 public school seniors will have the chance to participate in outdoor graduation ceremonies. ceremonies for the largest high schools will be held. keys are stadium in golden gate park
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students who attend smaller schools will graduate on the campus of ruth asawa school of the arts, the city of oakland handed out new touch screen devices to students today, three students at bridges academy received the final shipment of chrome books and internet hot spots from mayor libby shaft and amazon. they're part of an effort by the city and amazon to help bridge the digital divide by equipping students with the technology. they need. the devices replaced laptops loan to students earlier in the school year. dozens of parents, teachers and students protested in marin county today, hoping to save two schools from closure. the nevado school district says either rancho elementary or loose, sudden elementary could be shut down because of falling enrollment. now parents are pushing back against new criteria for school closures, which include diversity and high rates of english learners. parents say if the same criteria were used before narrowing it down to two schools, rancho and loose, sutton would not be there.
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facing closure. my main concern is this that a lot of parents are not gonna be able to that is gonna affect them financially because they're gonna be trying to get earlier to walk to school. they might be late to walk to work. this is not the time in the middle of a pan german to be closing schools, schools air hub of the community and families bond together. we need each other. each school has its own community, its own personality. a decision on the closure could be made by tomorrow night. still ahead, the berkeley city council votes on a project to develop hundreds of new, affordable homes near bart stations what they decided and on the eve of his 100 day in office president biden said to address a joint session of congress some of the key issues he's exp it? bite. is to go. an s
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to a joint session of congress tomorrow night. it is the first of his presidency and will mark his 1st 100 days in office. some of the key issues will likely include the coronavirus pandemic and also foreign policy. fox news, lauren blanchard explains how republicans might respond. on wednesday night, president biden will make his way from the white house to the people's house for his first speech before a joint session of congress. he's been at it line editing it meeting with his speech writers getting advice and counsel from senior advisers. president biden is expected to make his $2.3 trillion american jobs plan. the speech highlight before the lawmakers who need to pass it. president biden is proposing, which is common sense measures. he'll also talk about the pandemic, foreign policy and other top in minutes. stray shin priorities, including police reform, immigration, gun safety, a fox news poll finds 54% of americans approve of president biden's job in office. so far, republican
10:25 pm
senator tim scott will give a rebuttal to highlight how they think it's gone. top gop leaders say between the last covid relief bill, and now infrastructure there has been little bipartisanship, president biden's 1st 100 days in office, i think would argue filled with a lot of promises about bipartisanship and unity. but we have not seen any evidence of that in the way that he has governed. following the speech, the president, first lady vice president, second gentleman and cabinet members will head out to promote the american jobs plan. republicans have criticized it for being a list of liberal priorities might as well be elizabeth warning and bernie sanders giving the speech tomorrow night. the president addresses the nation that usually stands behind the seal of the president. did you really ought to say tomorrow is not seal of the president? it should say sold out to progressives do the pan it! there will not be a packed house nor a designated survivor. that's because most of the cabinet as well as many lawmakers will be watching. virtually in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. and remind
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her to join us here on ktvu to watch president biden's address to congress tomorrow night again. it starts at six p.m. right here on ktvu. afterward you can see the master singer at eight, followed by a special edition of ktvu. fox two news at nine and then the 10 and 11 o'clock news today, president biden signed an executive order to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour for federal contract workers. the increase for the current $10.95 an hour will begin next january. the wage increase will affect federal government maintenance workers, nursing assistants, cafeteria and other food service workers and construction workers. the president is also expected to ask congress to allocate an extra $80 billion to fund a crackdown on corporations at higher earners who failed to pay their taxes. the money will go toward beefing up i r s enforcement, the president says the extra enforcement will result in an increase in government revenue. by $700
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billion over the next 10 years, the deadline requiring a real idea at airports and federal facilities has now been extended once again, the department of homeland security today extended the deadline until may. 3rd 2023 it had been october 1st of this year, but the federal government says the pandemic has made it harder for states to issue new licenses. congress passed the real idea back in 2005 to establish minimum security. standards for state issued driver's licenses and id cards still ahead here in emotional day in a santa cruz courtroom as the parent of a murdered eight year old reed victim impact statements ahead of sentencing. for the man who killed her justice looks like scenario. i just know, this cannot be allowed to happen again, and we're learning more
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and taking on more with silverado. whatever you do, there's a perfect chevy to take you anywhere. find your perfect chevy and get up to 17% of msrp cash back on select 2021 models. that's over fifty-four hundred dollars cash back on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. in the sentencing hearing for adrian gonzalez, he admitted to raping and killing eight year old maddy middleton and then dumping her body inside a trash collector. ktvu is jesse gary tells us the sentence handed down. everybody can both fire shooting through the back of my words through tears and a soul's cry for justice laura jordan and michael middleton.
10:31 pm
red victim impact statements during the sentencing of adrian gonzalez solution to this situation, no justice looks like in this scenario. just no, this cannot be allowed to happen again. whatever it takes tuesday, while onlookers gathered outside inside santa cruz superior court judge john salazar handed down the maximum sentence, adrian gonzalez will spend another four years in juvenile detention following a guilty plea for the murder of madison. middleton this is a crime that absolutely rocked our community. gonzalez admitted to the 2015 abduction, torture, rape and murder of eight year old maddie, but the recently passed senate bill 13 91, which is now law mandates, 40. 15 year old juvenile's cannot have their cases moved to adult criminal court when children 14 of 15 year old are housed with adults, they're more likely to engage and more violent behavior in the future. opponents of the law and of
10:32 pm
gonzalez remaining in the juvenile court system, say the safety of the community is at stake. nothing short of a life sentence for aging for what he did and to keep society keep our kids safe. we do not need another child going through the horrendous torture. dollars addressed the court, saying his goal is. to overcome his issues. a loved one say the wound he inflicted will never heal after 30 minutes years of legal proceedings ended, but not the pain for the family and friends of madison. middleton jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, and when adrian gonzalez turns 25 there is no guarantee that he will be released from the jews. then i'll justice system the court could be petitioned to extend gonzalezes time in custody. convicted killer scott peterson appeared in a cemetery county superior court today for
10:33 pm
hearing on the retrial of the penalty phase of his case. peterson's appearance was brief via zoom from san quentin. the judge set a new status hearing for june. 28th back in 2005. the jury sentenced peterson to death for the murder of his wife, lacey and their unborn son. but last august, the state supreme court cited serious errors in the jury selection process. the superior, the supreme court, then ordered the cemetery county judge to re examine whether peterson should be given a new penalty phase of his trial. ah, union city man has been charged with the murder of a 24 year old transgender woman in milpitas, authorities say. 22 year old elijah cruise cigarettes stab natalie smooth lopez last friday, ben called 911 that would you say the suspect and the victim had been dating for several months when cigarette en to a hospital where she died.
10:34 pm
natalia was an important figure not only to her family, but to this community as a whole. our office is dedicated to prosecuting all individuals who commit intimate partner violence as well as any individual who commits violence against transgender train. ends gendered individuals, cigarette is due in court thursday for arraignment. if convicted, he could face life in prison in san jose, a teacher at a middle school has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a least two students. 63 year old ronald gardner was arrested on april 15th after an investigation that began in february. that's when someone reported the law enforcement that his teacher ronald gardner, had molested him while a 10 mean sierra money. excuse me. sarah mont middle school between 2002 and 2005. the case was referred to san jose police,
10:35 pm
who identified a possible second victim, roseville police have made a big bust in connection with an unemployment fraud scheme investigation rather involving money, guns, drugs and human trafficking investigators identified half million dollars in 80 de benefits. it involved jail inmates and more than $2 million in withdrawals from 80 ems using et de debit cards searches in sassoon city, fairfield and hayward led to the seizure of $200,000 in cash, drugs and guns already say they also found evidence of a d d identity fraud involving about 200 victims. new numbers. they're giving us a look at oakland's growing homeless crisis and audit has found that oakland has seen an 89% increase in their homeless population between 2015 and 2019. i am laying out a set of
10:36 pm
homeless strategies that can provide within a year, thousands of units to allow people to have dignity and self determination. we are talking about rapid build modular housing on public land that can go up much more quickly. we're talking about creating regulated spaces for the rvs vice mayor rebecca kaplan agrees that the current strategy is flawed and that millions of dollars have been spent without people being helped out of homelessness. kaplan says she's identified a list of available public lands such as parking lots or vacant property owned by the city or the school district. the audit and kaplan's propose solutions will be discussed at the city council's next meeting. tonight the city of berkeley made the largest investment in an affordable housing project in that city's history. the city council voted to allocate $53 million to develop hundreds of new, affordable homes at the ashby and north berkeley bart stations. the projects will
10:37 pm
also include open space and community amenities about $40 million for that project comes from bond funds approved by voters three years ago. the project's called for at least 35% of all units to be housing for very low. and low income residents. the project's approval was met with excitement from bart leaders board president our board vice president rebecca saltzman, saying quote. this is the leadership we need throughout the bay area and especially new transit to solve our housing crisis, saltzman said. bart has set a goal of building 7000 affordable homes by 2040. coming up. india crosses a grim milestone as the coronavirus related death toll passes the 200,000 more and tonight some help is just arriving from around the world. plus here in the bay area, two large vaccination sites is shutting down. we'll tell you when and why it's warming up around here. we'll talk about how warm it'll get as we head into the next couple of days. oxen, a. county y
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the marine center in sandra fell and the marin health and wellness campus will both close by the end of may. the sites will offer first doses until may. 1st county officials say 81% of all residents, 16 and over have received at least one shot. now, they say the county is focusing on reaching out to people who haven't been vaccinated. today was the first day for droppin coronavirus vaccines in santa clara county. health officials want to make it easier for people to get their shots since they are starting to see demand fall off. dropping vaccinations are happening at most of the county's vaccination sites through sunday. the health department is also offering
10:41 pm
same day appointments at vaccination sites at levi stadium in santa clara and at eastridge mall in san jose. contra costa county is also offering walking vaccinations at three sites in pittsburgh and richmond all this week. they include the pittsburgh youth center on stoneman avenue. the richmond on story, um, at civic center and st john missionary baptist church on eighth street. health officials say that drop in vaccination sites will be coming to places in bay point and conquered next week. look now at the latest national and state numbers when it comes to vaccinations more than 232 million coronavirus. vaccine doses have now been administered across the united states. the cdc says more than 37% of americans, 18 and over are now fully vaccinated. that's more than 96 million people out in the united states of about 330 million now to the state numbers, california has administered more than 28 napa
10:42 pm
million doses of coronavirus vaccines so far, 37% of californians are fully vaccinated. that's more than 11 million people out of a total population and cal. formula of about 40 million in india. the covid related death toll has now passed 200,000. it comes as desperately needed. medical supplies are just beginning to arrive in that country, cruise unloaded more than 100, ventilators and oxygen oxygen supplies from the uk india has been reporting more than 300,000 cases a day and some coronavirus patients are being turned away from hospitals. due to a shortage of ventilators and beds. additional aid is on the way now from france, germany and the united states. you're working to deploy resources and supplies. including therapeutics. rapid testing kits, ventilators, ppe and raw materials. needed to manufacture vaccin
10:43 pm
some people are using makeshift facilities even open air fires for cremations and burials of the dead. the surge in india is being blamed on covid-19 variants as well as large gatherings. coming up after the break declaring drought emergencies and conserving water. the action being taken by several bay area water agencies and what it means for customers and taking a live look outside on this tuesday night at the bay bridge still ahead, we'll check in with our chief meteorologist, bill martin, for details on the complete bay area forecast.
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attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. about conservation. ktvu is tom vacar tells us, they're asking for voluntary measures now and stepping up some financial incentives. and we have no further precipitation in sight, finding itself in the driest conditions and insufficient supplies looming, the east bay municipal utilities district board unanimously declared a stage one water shortage emergency water supplies are not sufficient for meeting customer demands. the stage one is a moderate drought emergency, the lowest of four stagustomer cons. higher levels could come the summer including possible rationing the essence of east. a mud stage one prepared to buy additional water supplies
10:47 pm
earlier when it's cheaper and ask for additional cuts from customers were considering ah, ways that we can make a mild ask of our customers. implement voluntary reductions of up to 10% in the north bay sonoma water supplier to numerous sonoma and northern marin. water agencies also wants to ask for customer conservation before demanding it. it will undoubtedly bring to attention obviously. the need to conserve. it would be voluntary it first i would imagine a z move forward to the summer months we'll be looking at mandatory rationing or conservation valley water in the south bay says it has good reason to trust customers they've shown over the now a part of their lifestyles is in 2017. the board put out a 20% voluntary call for people to conserve water and a 20% rate compared to 2013. and so over the last several years we've seen it. residents here in santa clara county beat that
10:48 pm
goal. on average. they they've averaged about 20% savings and knowing that at least half of all residential water is used outside of doubling down on the money paid out to install water tolerant residential landscapes. the landscape rebate program, increasing the incentive from a dollar square foot to $2, a square foot. and so obviously we're looking for more participants in this program bottom line to avoid the worst conserve now like it's a major goal in life. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. taking a peek at the temperatures from today. 81 degrees and santa rosa. that's today. 82 fairfield 82 antioxidants in the warm spots and even redwood city up to 70 once a temperatures today came up a solid 5 to 10 degrees. in many cases, some some areas a little more. and tomorrow we're gonna add another five and 10 degrees to some areas as well. so. got a nice looking pattern for us is going to give us a spring weather temperature pattern that pretty much like
10:49 pm
we saw today, but warmer and thursday will follow suit. i think thursday we'll see temperatures into the upper seventies and mid eighties again. i think they'll be fought back at the coast on thursdays. little cool those areas, but the inland spots are going to stay pretty warm. so outside san francisco beautiful night. you probably saw that earlier evening for the sunset. great visibility, greater quality winds of really back down. i mean, it was blowing sf always blowing up for 35 miles an hour now the winds sustained a 13. it's calm and hayward common oakland, the overnight lows of kind of chilly again tonight, that's because not a lot of wind temperatures right now are actually warmer than they were last night by 10 degrees and conquer, but it'll cool off and overnight lows will end up generally and the upper thirties and the cool spots the ridge of high pressure. you gotta see go to the top, but that's a big one, and that is an atmospheric river that separates that big area, but it's not coming our way. that's not a certain river going up in the bank. violent s o with this big ridge of high pressure. it's extends out into the great basin all the way over here. it's going to stay
10:50 pm
put so in the hopes of more rain doesn't feel like that's going to be a thing. feels like we're gonna be kind of in a situation where we're gonna be dry, at least for the next seven and probably beyond that as well. so unfortunate for us because we need the rain is we tom vacar story clearly shows the forecast overnight lows as i said, upper thirties low forties and the cold spots mid forties for most of us upper forties. just depends where you are close to the baby will be a little bit warmer, upper forties like in redwood city, 75 in oakland tomorrow. 75 hayward, but those 80 fives and antioch and fairfield in santa rosa, and those can easily be this. can you see the 85 sixes and sevens they could be warmer than 84, which is just where we have the temperature flag. but if you go outside of that area and maybe north or east, you could find 43 degrees of warming. there's the five day forecast, and with that in mind, it's dry, right? into the bay area weekend, the father will return back to the coast on thursday, so that'll start to cool the coastal sections
10:51 pm
but still in lynn's gonna be mid eighties. all right, bill. thank you. tickets for this year's outside lance music festival in san francisco's golden gate park. go on sale this week and today, details of the lineup were announced. the festival will be held on halloween weekend, kicking off friday. october 29th with the band the strokes. saturday's headliner is liz oh, with tame impala. as the sunday night headliner. single day tickets are scheduled to go on sale this thursday at 10 a.m. organizers say they're working with health officials to create a safe event. coming up in sports. the giants go extra innings with the rockies with a win, they'd have the best record in all of baseball market have highlights next vented 11 and unusual assault in the south bay of e to employ on his work break was pierced in the back by an arrow and tonight investigators are asking the public for help.
10:52 pm
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usaa. all i could say about the warrior game tonight as stunning as it was embarrassing on national tv, where is with a chance to make a playoff statement out steve carell's and had a practice for a week or so might want to rethink that the way things went tonight against the dallas mavs. everybody was looking forward to the step curry. marquee matchup against luca dance itch of dallas to get it for a little while. first quarter workers actually took an early release. definitely hurry outer limits. he wound up with 27 points on the night. then things get term a frozen warriors plank. one after another, they were outscored an amazing 28. nothing by dallas.
10:55 pm
that's the longest scoring drought in 12 years in the nba steve period of know what to make of it. 9 38, then the lucas specialty. the buzzer beater at the end of the half. he had 39 points and get this in the store. it happened 60 to 49 beat goes on. al fled past land, draymond turnover and the story and finney smith double dribbles. no call maxie cleaver hit the. three steve curves frustrated about everything, not just that, miss call on the double dribble. he blows a gasket. i'm betting that he's gonna call it practice for step from the boys tomorrow. 1 33 21. oh three couple of things cool to talk about about the san francisco giants again. keep it in mind. it is april had they won tonight. they have the best record in the major leagues. had they won tonight they would have sole possession of first place. it didn't happen, but it
10:56 pm
was a very entertaining ballgame is a couple of 49ers fans. father and son get together, dad, they're really gonna draft back jones on thursday. yes son. i'm afraid they are fourth inning to one rockies rookie jason bottler soft liner that's gonna knock in the tiger and then look at mauricio dupont. run into ron wotus, who has given in the stop sign. he's out by 50 ft. not a good look on any account, thereby do bond fifth still two to brandon belt, smoke on the water right? there's hits a laser that ends up in the drink. solo is 4th 32. giants rockies tight and then took the lead with another homer in the 9th 43 giants trail. but brandon crawford goes waterworld to start that ninth inning hits. three hits by the way for poor on his fourth, but the rookie gregory santos with that weird runner at second base to start the inning, the rookie has lit
10:57 pm
up, gave up a couple of home runs. this one, ryan mcmann tate measure shot 449 ft. but who's counting? two run blast? 75 final giants because the dodgers lost again are still tied for first place. still fun to say. in the month of april. the ayes have just gotten so used to rolling out one victory after another kind of weird now they've lost two out of three nit picking here, but they would tell you themselves. they're not exactly hitting the cover off the ball, and it caught up with some in tampa, a family affair down there for a sec fans would like what they saw early, but stevens was scotty didn't like this kevin care meier probably the best defense and center fielder in the american league, takes extra was away, michael walker will like that. look at the skill right there, got himself turned around, still made a very nice catch to fix setting. it's 11. mitch moreland. we'll
10:58 pm
test out your mayer again with a runner at third less than two outs battles and it's tagging care, meier says. let me take that thing. get out of my way! and after he lets loose with this throw, you see why he wanted it. he made that a very close play to one a's. lead frankie montas not able to hold on to it one on for bread. felix remember him in last year's world? syriza's get a game winning it against the dodgers. that's a two run shot here. three to both teams had a two run and the eggs paul shy 4 to 3. if you follow nfl football, you know, like a lot of professional sports. it is a cut throat business. no time for sentimentality, and jimmy garoppolo will tell you that. thursday he could be gone. he could be a backup quarterback of things go a schedule. those of the three guys as justin fields, mack jones and trade
10:59 pm
lance figure to be one of them to replace eventually, jimmy g. apparently. i've been real straight up with them. they told him, you know you've been injured two out of the last three years. we need somebody reliable is a backup, so we're gonnnahan was actually asked yesterday is jimmy g? definitely gonna be on the team even on sunday. i can't guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive sunday so i can't guarantee who will be on a roster on sunday. um so that goes for all of us. yeah, pretty bleak right there. george kill the tight end. hey coach. basically i'll call you sunday. we'll let you know i'm still alive. and there you go. i think kyle shanahan only another 48 hours or so we'll finally know that's the sporting life for right now. i think they're going with mack jones. turn it back to you. all
11:00 pm
right. we'll see on thursdays. you say, mark, thank you coming up next here at 11. the question is. did this consequence come about because these officers rejected the procedures and rejected their training, and expert weighs in on newly released body camera footage showing a man's death while in police custody in alameda, as the man's family calls for the officers to be held accountable, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now, alameda police released body camera video. today in a deadly confrontation last week. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. the hour long video shows the final moments of mario gonzalez life as two officers were trying to take him into custody. ktvu is amber lee is in alameda tonight. and amber, you watch the video tonight with a former prosecutor and defense attorney to help break down exactly


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