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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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neck. they also told him a man you've just had too much to drink. calm down and stop kicking after about eight minutes on the ground, the man became unresponsive. police rolled him over and immediately started doing chest compressions are crime reporter henry lee tells us the family is calling the death of gonzales, a murder memorial mario, please don't resist us. okay this is alameda police body cam, showing officers trying to detained mario gonzalez neighbors had called police saying he appeared to be on drugs. put your hands behind your back. okay within a few moments, there's a struggle as officers put him to the ground yourself short center. gonzalez later died. the cause of his death is under investigation by his name, my gonzalez did not have to die. my family and i saw the footage and we know what really happened earlier tuesday consults his brother and mother and their supporters last out at alameda police outside the department. they
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know how their right to kill him with humans. i feel so much i feel i feel so the family has viewed somebody. camera footage showing what led up to gonzalez is death. alameda police officers murdered my brother mario. he said his brother did not die of a medical emergency during a scuffle as police have said. he said his brother did not attack the officers, the footage shows officers on top of mario while he was face down on the ground. they had their way on his head and his back. it was complying, and they continue to pin him down with their way. the family says gonzalez was restrained for at least five minutes. officers were called about a man who appeared to be under the influence of his possibly suspected of stealing liquor from walgreens. for that mario is paying with his life. and it's outrageous. family's attorney, julia sherwin, says gonzales is final moments for excruciating having his life pressed out of him as he was asking the officers not to do that. from his perspective.
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this would feel like torture. three officers have been put on paid leave. the reactions are under investigation by the alameda county sheriff's office. the d. a's office and attorney hired by the city of alameda, henry lee ktvu fox studio. we also want to let you know we have posted the entire police body camera video on our website ktvu .com. you can watch the entire one hour video unedited, i thought is that in cases like this, it is crucial for people to see as much as they can before making a decision about what happened and you'll be allowed here after watching it, decide for yourself what it shows in our five o'clock hour. we spoke with our legal expert michael cardoza about this case. he says. we ask a lot of the police and that they need to be retrained. he seems not to be able to take care of himself. he's not responsive to the questions. so again. i think we have too much of our police. and do they need to be retrained? yes and i will say
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that during this tape, i heard one of the officers say, frank, be careful, then put your knee don't put weight on him. be careful. and i guess that was allah. george floyd. cardoza also says he believes this cases the cases should or the case rather should be investigated by an agency outside of alameda county, a federal civil rights investigation is underway into the shooting of andrew brown jr by deputies in north carolina. the fbi says they'll determine if any federal laws were broken. brown was shot and killed last wednesday as deputies were serving drug related search and arrest warrants in elizabeth city. the state's autopsy hasn't been released. but brown's family said today that they're independent autopsy shows that brown was shot four times in the arm and once in the back of his head to my pops, man yesterday, i said he was executed this transfer what?
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show me that was correct. tomorrow a judge is expected to hear emotion from the county sheriff to make the body camera footage of the incident available to the public. the cdc announced a key change today on mask wearing starting today. those who are fully vaccinated are will not always have to wear a mask when outdoors in public ktvu is rob roth explains the new guidelines. today. cdc is updating our recommendations for fully vaccinated people. those recommendations by the centers for disease control and prevention allow people who are outdoors to shed their masks as long as they're fully vaccinated or not in large groups, which is it a ballpark or concert getting together with friends going toe the park for a picnic without needing a mask up? we're back to that place now as long as you get vaccinated, vaccinate people can attend smaller. or gatherings without mass and share meals at outdoor
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restaurants with those from different households. one man near lake merritt in oakland, said he was happy he won't always have to wear his mask outside, kids fogging up my glasses. i'm talking that i can't see so it z vatel kind of definitely helped. another man told us you will keep wearing his mask. it concerns me because you'll never know if that pandemic will come back. kelly help directors were waiting to see if california would adopt those guys. headlines before deciding the implement the governor gavin newsom issued a statement saying quote after reviewing the centers for disease control and prevention's masking recommendations, and with science and data as our god, we're moving to align california's guidance with these common sense updates and we are eager to adopt those guidelines ourselves here in marin county, marin county public health officer, dr matt willis says those guidelines or another step toward getting back to a semblance of normal life, simple. the difference between today and yesterday is
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that people who are who are vaccinated now out in public can be within six ft. outdoors of other individuals. ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hung, agrees the science is allowing for the change. probably the biggest change for bay area residents, is that. confidence in gathering in small groups with a mix of unboxing boxing it folks in the outdoor setting, but no one should throw away their mass just yet they're still required for indoor gatherings, regardless of vaccination status. think it's good to have the rules are the guidelines set? so are kind of everybody feels more safe. you know. health officials air, hoping the new relax guidelines will serve as it incentive for those who are hesitant. out getting their vaccine. rob rob ktvu, fox two news. president biden is scheduled to mark his 1/100 day in office with an address to a joint session of
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congress. we will carry the president's speech live at six pm tomorrow night, right here on ktvu. it's followed by an all new episode of the mass singer it eight. then we'll have a prime time edition of ktvu fox two news at nine, which will be followed by the 10 and 11 o'clock news. desperately needed. medical supplies are arriving in india to help with a catastrophic surgeon. coronavirus cases, crews unloaded more than 100, ventilators and oxygen supplies from the u. k. today india has been reporting more than 300,000 new cases every day and some coronavirus patients are literally being turned away from hospitals. actually many are being turned away due to a shortage of ventilators and beds. terrell's and train cars have been converted into critical care facilities. additional aid is on the way from france, germany and the united states. you're working to deploy resources and supplies. including therapeutics. rapid testing
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kits, ventilators, ppe and raw materials. needed to manufacture vaccines in india. the surge in india is being blamed on coronavirus variants as well as large holiday gatherings in recent weeks, california is helping out india with shipments of critical oxygen supplies. state will ship 275 oxygen concentrators to produce oxygen for coronavirus patients also 440 oxygen cylinders to store oxygen for both hospital and at home use. 240 oxygen regulators to adjust in control the rate of oxygen flow for patients and 210 pulse ox a meters to measure a patient's oxygen saturation. earlier today, we talked to former fema coordinator mark nouveau about the urgent need for these supplies. coming up south bay. police say a driver who was trying to evade police crashed
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into a car, killing the two people inside. what we know about the victims and the investigation and cutting water usage this summer, the lifestyle changes bay area water companies say we'd better get used to a significant warm up today. temperatures into the eighties again by tomorrow, mid eighties. i'll have all that when i see it with the five day and the organizer is a burning man. make a major announcement. what they're saying about this year's festival and alive. look now at the tuesday evening commute. this is highway 24 in lafayette. the slow lanes. that's the commute direction, heading toward this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it.
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insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, our r inry a attneysys wk hahard i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you u mit bebe sprisised ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ jose. that killed two people. investigators say it happened last night while the suspect was fleeing from santa clara county sheriff's deputies who were trying to pull him over the suspect's car, ran a red light and crashed into a toyota
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camera at lawrence expressway and many way the impact pushed the camera into a sound wall, killing the man who was driving and his female passenger. police say the suspect and the 17 year old in the car with him were taken to a hospital with moderate injuries. they were arrested and are charged with evading and officer the hick healer, manslaughter and weapons charges, police in san francisco are searching for a driver who hit and killed a man and then drove away. police say 28 year old kenneth mcleod was walking near the corner of gary and park presidio boulevards early saturday morning around 12 20. that's when a dark colored mini cooper hit him as he was walking in a crosswalk. police say the car may have front end damage. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. this was the city seventh pedestrian deaths so far this year, more bay area water agencies are taking steps to get people
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thinking about conservation. ktvu tom vacar tells us they're asking for voluntary measures now and stepping up some financial incentives. and we have no further precipitation in sight, finding itself in the driest conditions and insufficient supplies looming, the east bay municipal utilities district board unanimously declared a stage one water shortage emergency water supplies are not sufficient for meeting customer demands. the stage one is a moderate drought emergency, the lowest of four stages, but without customer conservation. higher levels could come the summer including possible rationing the essence of east. a mud stage. one prepared to buy additional water supplies earlier when it's cheaper and ask for additional cuts from customers were considering ah, ways that we can make a mild ask of our customers. implement voluntary reductions of up to 10% in the north bay sonoma water supplier to numerous sonoma and northern marine
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water agencies also wants to ask for customer conservation before demanding it. it will undoubtedly bring to attention obviously. the need to conserve it would be voluntary it first i would imagine a z move forward to the summer months we'll be looking at mandatory rationing or conservation valley water in the south bay says it has good reason to trust customers they've shown over the past 15 years that saving water is now a part of their lifestyles is in 2017. the board put out a 20% voluntary call for people to conserve water and a 20% rate compared to 2013. and so over the last several years we've seen it. residents here in santa clara county. meet that goal on average, they they've averaged about 20% savings and knowing that at least half of all residential water is used outside a doubling down on the money paid out to install water tolerant residential landscapes. the landscape rebate program, increasing the incentive from a
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dollar square foot to $2, a square foot and so obviously we're looking for more participants in this program bottom line to avoid the worst. conserve now like it's a major goal in life. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. state water officials could have proven order for nestle to stop diverting millions of gallons of water from a creek in southern california. naturally bottles the water and sells it under the arrowhead label, the u. s. forest service has allowed the water diversion under a permit that expired back in 1988, and it's been the subject of lawsuits and protests from residents over the years. the issue is now being raised again because of new drought concerns, knew what six tonight for the second year in a row, there will be no burning man festival this year. organizers say. there are just too many uncertainties as the u. s remains in the grips of this pandemic, so now they're setting their sights on 2022. the event is usually held a black rock desert in nevada at
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the end of august this year, organizers are encouraging people to gather with their community take part in virtual events and support burning man are. lists all right here, as we head into your tomorrow is gonna be warmer again. today it warmed up pretty nicely, some low eighties and the warm spots, this low pressure center that brought the snow up to lake tahoe brought some showers around here a couple days ago. it's leaving and has that leaves right? the high builds in and we get a warming pattern in the drawing pattern, and it's such a strong high. don't i don't anticipate seeing any rain, certainly in the next five days, 67 days on, even beyond that, we're kind of getting to that time of year were the rain chances because i'm much, much, much, much less so that story tom vacar was doing was important because i think we do have to change the way we think about water. i think a lot of us do already on by think it zagat used to it because this is not going away next year rains a bunch of kisses kisses, a cycle of cyclical event that occurs in my lifetime has occurred numerous times living in the bay area. s o just change the
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movie role, that's all. okay so if you look at the forecast for tomorrow, warmer, we knew that 84 is the warm forecast for santa rosa up from 79 83 up from 73 livermore. so livermore goes up 10 degrees that teddy was noticeable to it. so i mean, the 8 to 10 we got today was noticeable. the 10 we get tomorrow is gonna be really knows because you're gonna crossover into that sort of windows down to keep it cool versus a c on it's gonna be warm enough. you'll have the a c on in the car, probably coming in from livermore coming in. from anya. so tomorrow warmer 5 to 10 degrees above the average for this time of year, so warming trend in thursday looks pretty close to that as well. fog or returning that calls us a little bit. in the five day forecast. there's no rain, so i gave it away. but anyway, stick state when i come back, we'll have the fight forecast. we'll take a look at that. and we do. we are looking at some pretty wild. more spring like weather right through this week, so we'll take a peek at that and more granular level c back here, okay, we'll see then. thank you, bill. coming up san francisco high school seniors
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have been home all year, but that is going to change on graduation day, the exciting alo ahead tonight how the new admissions policies at san francisco giants games may be part of a growing trend of expanding opportunities for those who are fully vaccinated.
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and receive their diplomas in person this spring, the school district announced today. the city's 4000 public school seniors will have the chance to participate in outdoor graduation ceremonies. ceremonies for the largest high schools will be held. the keys are stadium in golden gate park students, students who attend smaller schools will graduate on the campus of ruth asawa school of the arts overlooking. glen canyon. parents teachers and students are protesting in marin county tonight, hoping to save two schools from being closed. the nevada school district says that either rancho elementary or loose sudden elementary could be shut down due to falling enrollment and lack of money. now parents are pushing back after committee recently set new criteria for school closures, which include diversity and high rates of english learners. parents say if the committee used the same criteria before. we're narrowing it down to the two schools, rancho and loose sutton would not be facing closure. this is not the time in the middle of a pan german
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to be closing schools, schools, air hub of the community and families bond together. we need each other. each school has its own community, its own personality. special committee is now going to examine the situation and recommend which school should be closed. it's likely a decision could be made tomorrow night as more people around the bay area get vaccinated against covid-19. they're increasingly being rewarded with fewer restrictions. ktvu is christien kafton tells us the san francisco giants have set up vaccination on lee sections for fans to get a little closer to a traditional baseball experience. it's right there in the song. take me out to the ball game. take me out with the crowd, but the pandemic has met social distancing and crowds were too risky now, with more and more fans receiving vaccinations, the san francisco giants are offering tickets in vaccinated on lee sections. so
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far, fans have been excited about. it's been nice because it opens up, you know all of our social distance pods or twos and fours but somebody wants to come with eight people in the vaccination section. they can. the team is still offering. socially distant seating for unvaccinated fans who have proof of negative covid tests, infectious disease specialist say with that option, there's no risk of excluding unvaccinated people altogether. there's only going to be major abuse if unvaccinated in the videos did not have access to seeing the game, but because they do have access to seeing the game. probably have your ethical issues. ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hong says the giants vaccinated seating option maybe part of a growing trend of expanding opportunities for those who have been vaccinated, so i think what the giants is doing is kind of ah, local experiment in and essentially a vaccine passport. giving folks vaccinated, different privileges than folks are not
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vaccinated. and he says, offering special privileges or access may be just the right touch to incentivize vaccinations without forcing people to get the shots. i could think having a light handed approach that's positive. it's a good one. instead of a negative thing, like, you know, we'll cut your salary if you don't get vaccinated or you know you better get vaccinated, or i'm gonna hit you with a stick having these positive. symbols of again life that we all want eyes probably going to be more effective in the long haul. the giant say the plan is just one small step toward bringing back the fans and the traditional baseball experience. teams playing great people want to come to games. this gives us an opportunity to get more fans in and you know, azad vaccinated population grows. i think your capacity will grow well. the giants are offering those vaccinated only sections. there is no price difference or difference in terms of quality. for the seats for people who
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are unvaccinated. but if you're looking for the closest thing to a traditional baseball game, those vaccinate only seating sections will be the closest thing for now, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. it's as if they can both fired shooting through the back of my word, gut wrenching victim impact statements today as the man who raped and killed this little girl, maddy middleton was sentenced still ahead. why many are furious by the length of time he'll spend behind bars and later in sports. the lebron james card that sold for a record 5.2 million. in dollars, and marin county is closing to mass vaccination sites coming up when they're set to close and why officials decided to shut them down. the fan. of a man
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the custody of alameda police spoke out today after seeing officer's body camera video of that incident. relatives of 26 year old mario gonzales are now comparing his death on april 19th to that of george floyd in minneapolis. the video appears to show gonzales resisting efforts to put him in handcuffs, then falling to the ground as officers try to control him with their knees and elbows. police say gonzales died of a medical emergency. official
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cause of death has not yet been released, cdc announced today that those who are vaccinated will not always have to wear a mask in public when they go outside. it's applies to people who are fully vaccinated, who are not gathering outside in large groups like at a ballpark or concert, the new guidelines say vaccinate people can attend small outdoor gatherings without masks and share meals and outdoor restaurants with those from different households. india is in the middle of a mass of coronavirus surgeon today, the u. s pledged to send ventilators, personal protective equipment and testing kits to india, officials in india today reported more than 300,000 covid cases for the sixth straight day, the first of three planes loaded with supplies will depart travis air force base for india tomorrow. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. there was cut wrenching testimony today. inside a courtroom in santa cruz for the sentencing of
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adrian gonzalez. he admitted to raping, torturing and killing eight year old maddy middleton and then dumping her body. in a trash collector. looks like i just know this cannot be allowed to happen again. middleton's family gave victim impact statements telling a judge how much their lives have changed since maddie was killed. ktvu is jesse gary tells us, the family and others are outraged over the number of years that gonzalez will stay behind bars because of the fact that he was only 15. when he killed her. everybody can vote with fire shooting through the back of my words through tears and a soul's cry for justice laura jordan and michael middleton. red victim impact statements during the sentencing of adrian gonzalez
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position this situation, justice looks like in this scenario. i no, this cannot be allowed to happen again. whatever it takes tuesday, while onlookers gathered outside inside santa cruz superior court judge john salazar handed down the maximum sentence, adrian gonzalez will spend another four years in juvenile detention following a guilty plea for the murder of madison. middleton this is a crime that absolutely rocked our community. gonzalez admitted to the 2015 abduction, torture, rape and murder of eight year old maddie, but the recently passed senate bill 13 91, which is now law mandates, 40. 15 year old juvenile's cannot have their cases moved to adult criminal court when children 14 of 15 year old are housed with adults, they're more likely to engage and more violent behavior in the future. opponents of the law end of gonzalez remaining in the juvenile court system, say the safety of the community is at stake. nothing short of a life sentence for aging. what he did
6:32 pm
and to keep society capital keep our kids safe. we do not need another child going through the horrendous torture. dollars addressed the court, saying his goal is. to overcome his issues. a loved one say the wound he inflicted will never heal after 30 minutes years of legal proceedings ended, but not the pain for the family and friends of madison. middleton jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. a convicted killer scott peterson appeared in san matteo county superior court today for a hearing on his retrial of the penalty phase. peterson's appearance was brief via zoom from san quentin. the judge set a new status hearing for june. 28th. back in 2005. a jury sentenced peterson to death for the murder of his wife, lacey and their unborn son. but last august, the state supreme court
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cited serious errors in the jury selection process. high court, then ordered a cemetery county judge to re examine whether peterson should be given a new penalty phase of his trial. the highway patrol is investigating the death of a woman found in a creek near state or on state property near livermore. the chp received a report yesterday of a body in a royal lost acenas in alameda county. it is just south of interstate 5 80 near north livermore avenue. investigators haven't yet said how the woman died, but say it doesn't appear that foul play is to blame. the coroner's office still has not released her name or age. today was the first day for droppin coronavirus vaccines in santa clara county. health officials want to make it easier for people to get their shots since they're starting to see demand falling off. droppin vaccinations or happening most of the county's vaccination sites through sunday health department is also offering same day appointments at vaccination sites at levi
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stadium in santa clara and at eastridge mall in san jose. contra costa county is also offering walk in vaccinations at three sites in pittsburgh and richmond all this week. they include the pittsburgh youth center on stoneman avenue, the richmond auditorium at civic center and st john missionary baptist church on eighth street. health officials say that drop in vaccines will be coming to sites in bay point and conquered next week. marin county is shutting down two large vaccination sites, county officials say the marine center in sandra fell and the marin health and wellness campus will both close at the end of may. the sites will still offer first doses until may. 1st county officials say 81% of all residents age 16 and older have received at least one shot. now, they say, the county is focusing on reaching out to people who have not been vaccinated more than 232 million coronavirus. vaccine doses have been administered now across the u. s. latest
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numbers from the cdc show more than 37% of americans aged 18 and over are fully vaccinated. that is more than 96 million people. roseville police have made a huge bust in connection with a massive unemployment fraud investigation involving money, guns, drugs and human trafficking is follows a five month investigation of bruce anderson of sassoon city. investigators identified him as the head of a fraud scheme that had applied for $4.5 million in e d. d benefits. it also involved jail inmates and the withdrawal of more than $2 million from 80 ems using e d d debit cards. police searches in so soon city, fairfield and hayward led to the seizure of $200,000 in cash, drugs and guns. authorities also found evidence of e d. d identity fraud involved. in about 200 victims, a growing number of
6:36 pm
major employers are telling employees and those who are applying for a job that vaccinations will be a requirement for employment box news. lydia who has more now from new york, employers air starting to require vaccinations of current and prospective employees, and legal experts say that failure to comply could mean a perspective employee gets passed over for a job or a current employees. he could ultimately face termination. and while the mandates they say are legally permissible, they also say that encouraging the vaccines is the better course. listen to this, there seems to be more leaning in that direction toward requiring the vaccine, but i still think it makes a lot of sense. do it in a way that helps. helps. everybody worked with something we can all agree on it, and it's a lot easier to arrive at those next steps, whether it's just to encourage the vaccination or the mandated. here are some of the company's mandating shots from potential or current employees, according
6:37 pm
to the wall street journal. they range from a michelin rated restaurant to a telecom company. now this fella's other trends in vaccine mandates from colleges and universities, sporting events and even cruises. and while these policies become more prevalent, it seems they could be met with resist. since a new fox news poll shows that 22% of registered voters do not plan to get the shot and this comes as more than eight million people missed the second dose of their vaccine, raising the concern among public health professionals. the employee mandate of employees does seem to be controversial as the new fox news poll also shows that 41% of registered voters think it's okay for employers to require the vaccinations. 44% do not in manhattan, new york, but here who fox business smugglers and human traffickers find more creative ways to get people and drugs into the united states illegally. i'm
6:38 pm
casey siegel at a border crossing in laredo, texas, more on that story coming up. also ahead, the new figures showing the slow recovery for one bay area airport. walter, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? so what are you waiting for? world's strongest man martins licis to help you break down boxes? arrrggh! what am i gonna do to you box? let me “break it down” for you... arrgggh!
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cash back on select 2021 models. that's over fifty-four hundred dollars cash back on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. on this equinox. an hour for federal contract workers. they increase from the current $10.95 an hour will begin next january. the wage increase will affect federal
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government maintenance workers nursing assistance, cafeteria and other food service workers and construction workers. the airline industry has seen an increase in flights now that more people are getting vaccinated. but one bay area airport is experiencing a slow recovery. the chronicle reports that sfo has been slow to gain back passengers compared to 50 other airports in the united states. paper found that the decline is largely due to the lack of international travel in 2019. nearly a quarter of all flights in and out of sfo were international. okay looking at the weather. we've got plenty to talk about. we're talking about a warmer day. today i'll have the details of what you can expect coming up. right now we go to ktvu salix savage with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus frank. thank you knew tonight, the man accused of killing a pay area transgender woman
6:42 pm
appears in court. charges he's now facing in the 24 year old's death. also former california governor arnold schwarzenegger give some advice to caitlyn jenner on her run for governor. tmz's harvey levin shares with us what the former governor told her. that's coming up tonight at 71 of those stories and a lot more when i joined heather for the seven live over on ktvu plus, first after the break, it has been shuttered for years, coming out the historic movie theater in the east bay. that's about to get a new lease on life and another live look outside from our well no, not a rooftop camera. this is our twin peaks camera, looking at san francisco with oakland, berkeley in the background. what a beautiful shot
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this commercial is now over. logo. into the united states illegally, and they're coming up with some creative but very dangerous ways to do it. fox news casey steagall with more tonight from laredo, texas. customs and border protection. still scrambling to contain a big surge at the southern border, and they're now seeing a major increase in the number of migrants hidden in trucks and trains bound for the u. s people crammed in among produce and cars or tucked away in secret compartments for long periods of time in sweltering heat, officials say. it's just another example of how smugglers. have no regard for the health and safety of migrants. it is very dangerous to cross illegally, you know, across the southwest border, the only safe place to cross the border is that a designated port of entry. some border
6:46 pm
patrol agents are also warning of a growing humanitarian crisis with space running out for unaccompanied minors more than 18,000 were apprehended in march, officials say most of the children will be staying with family members until their asylum claims can be processed. the reunifications should be done as fast as possible. and we also know that the space that we're in is temporary. the biden administration responding with an increased focus on enforcement, announcing a new operation on tuesday that will go after gangs and cartels responsible for the smuggling, while vice president kamila harris works to address the root causes of the surge. we are looking at the issue of poverty. and the lack, therefore, of economic opportunities, most legal, non essential crossings have been suspended here at the southern border because of the pandemic. they are scheduled to resume. however on may 21st. that's the latest from laredo, texas.
6:47 pm
casey steagall, fox news, apple unveiled a new privacy feature today. the future gives its iphone users a new way to protect their private information by requiring permission by the user to allow app. that seek to track your spending habits. many of those abs turn around and then sell that information to advertisers. this could create problems for facebook and other companies that make their money. through targeted ads. way had a pretty nice day out there today. these of the high temperatures, we got 81 degrees in santa rosa, so that's pretty significant for this time of year above the average tomorrow, his temperature's warm even more. probably a good five degrees over to what we had today. so warming pattern is underway and at last pretty much true thursday in a little bit into the weekend as well. warmest day of the week. probably tomorrow. maybe thursday. inland. we'll see thursday's gonna have a little bit of fog at the coast, which could drop temperatures a little bit beautiful night out there. you
6:48 pm
see in san francisco, the skyline clear skies a little bit of rain does wonders for the atmosphere. great air quality as we move around the bag. and ah, tomorrow's gonna look just like this. i think the fargo turned by tomorrow night. when that happens, we're going to be seeing temperatures of the coast. cool down. obviously so, with that in mind cooler for friday, probably cooler for saturday as well. but not a lot cooler. just a bit cooler. so if you look at the winds pretty typical for this time of year, we did have some winds that were upwards of 30 miles an hour in sfo. right now they're now they're up over 35 gusting at sfo right now, so it's pretty breezy there, which again pretty typical for this time here, so it's gonna happen warmer tomorrow, about the same on thursday highs right now look where they are now, currents and look where they departure from yesterday. so 15 degrees warmer in fairfield than it was yesterday. 15 degrees warmer in santa rosa, so big warm up today very noticeable and we're gonna in some places because of this big, broad ridge of high pressure in some places, we're going to go
6:49 pm
up another 10 degrees. tomorrow, so we could be. you know some areas we're gonna go back into the mid eighties, so a little bit of fog trying to form a the coast but not a lot of it. and with that the fog will start the cooling trend, which begins pretty much on thursday afternoon evening. but i suspect there's they could have the warmest days inland. askew might expect just becuse of the because the warm temperatures there, you know the sea breeze won't be as robust. so tomorrow, francis gonna make 85 fairfield 85 cognac and i wouldn't be surprised to see get warmer than that, quite frankly. the five day forecast. you can see we've got plenty of warm temperature or high temperatures coming your way with no rain in the forecast. unfortunately i'll see you back here tonight at 10 11 bill. thank you new information tonight about the outside lands festival in san francisco. single tickets go on sale this thursday at 10 a.m. the festival will be held in golden gate park on halloween weekend. the event starts on friday, october 29th with the band the
6:50 pm
strokes. the headliner on saturday is liz. oh and on sunday the headliner is tame impala. i am obviously getting very old because i have never heard of any of those groups. why can't they have an old school outside lands? maybe the temptation so it wouldn't fire tower power. that would be fun, but i die aggress. organizers say they're working with local and state officials to create a safe experience for those who attend the historic art deco park theater in lafayette could be reopened as early as next year. the 80 year old movie theater has been closed since 2005 park theater trust, a nonprofit plans to buy the theater and restore it as a to screen cinema, arts and culture hub. the group plans an $8 million fundraising campaign to purchase and rehabilitate rehabilitate that building. all right, coming up 49ers head coach kyle shanahan weighs in on jimmy garoppolo said. future in a kind of morbid but comical
6:51 pm
way you'll hear what he said. also, here's a look now at the prime time lineup for tonight, right here on channel two and eight. it is the resident at nine prodigal son. followed by nine prodigal son. followed by the 10 attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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the job pays about $40,000 a year to visit pubs. it even comes with a fancy title of heritage project officer. the offer comes from the lincoln shire county council. that's a town about 120 miles north of london. for one year. the heritage officer will travel the uk researching and recording the architectural and social history of local pubs. applications are being accepted until may 3rd. have you got everybody market? bonnie is with you. in the final room tonight. the oakland a's of 1 14 out of the last 15. right. so anything you would say negatively would be really nit picking, but you got to say they're not exactly hitting the cover off the baseball of late and it's zombie does kind of problematic tonight with the whole family affair down in tampa with aids gear on, but i will say this even for scotty
6:55 pm
gave it a ride early. kevin cure meyer, one of the best of them. business perennial gold glove winner the beautiful catch in center. what's the replay gets all turned around. that's some agility right there, making a nice catching his picture. michael wacha, definitely appreciating that is still 11 in the sixth. any mitch moreland, the designated hitter, thinks he can challenge care my her again with medals and a third. caremark just hog in there, make the play, but you can't argue with the results. man. that's a heck of a throw to the plate off. most got olson, but he's in in the a's have, although being a brief to one lead bottom of the sixth inning, frankie montas made it good for brett feel ips, and he will hammer it with a man on over and out. two run shot, rays of added a run, and they now lead 42 and they are batting in the bottom of the eighth, so only one more shot at it for the eighth or just so used to them winning all right.
6:56 pm
he always here with a hard core business. the game of football really as well. you don't get much better example than what's going on with san francisco 49ers and jimmy g. as you know, they have the number three pick in the draft. they're going to go for a quarterback and draft day thursday looks kind of like this. they're gonna probably go with one of these three quarterbacks just it feels left the right back jones or trade lance. so where does that leave young jimmy g? well the night is reportedly were straight up with them. cal shanahan, you know, and company told him look, we want to make sure if you get hurt, and he has been injured two of the last three years. we want to have somebody else to rely on. kyle shanahan was asked yesterday if jimmy g would definitely be on the team come sunday. i can't guarantee that anybody in the world live t guarantee who will be on a roster on sunday. um so that goes for all of us. that was
6:57 pm
kind of up lifting that george kendall 49ers tight and tongue in cheek. i'll call you sunday. let you know if i'm alive, coach. that's what he social medial ized today. man have a little fun with kyle shanahan's sub has a dark humor you might say, hey, we had some international soccer history made today have a look. listen. is christian. put a sick courtois held him up. prudish center scored a great bit of fast feet on a fantastic finish. brilliant stuff for chelsea. i love the play by play the 22 year old christian pulisic. first american men's international player to score a goal in a champions league semi final. trust me, that is a big deal. chelsea winds up in a 11 draw with real madrid in the first leg of their syriza. alright, it's been while since envious of us have seen the
6:58 pm
great lebron james on the cory's been out almost a couple of months with a sprained ankle. still he finds a way to break a record his rookie basketball cord sold today. $5.2 million most expensive basketball card ever. luca don, such before that ties, the all time sports record. mickey mantle also sold for 5.2 million. that's when you know. you have way too much money, all right? you ever wonder how young daredevils are developed? checked itself. look at this youngster. i think you'd have to say perseverance is the key here that zachary three was not the charm. for was not quite the charm, but wait for it. and here it is. here it is. wait for it. the smile million dollars right smile million dollars right there. god young, evil
6:59 pm
so what kind of cruise is this you're going on? it's called the born again boat ride. christian quarterly gave it their highest rating-- five thorny crowns. i do wish you'd come with me, sheldon. well, mom, if i did, it would be conclusive proof that your god can work miracles. you're missing out. it's gonna be wall-to-wall fun. it's all themed. there's jonah and the whale watching. all-you-can-eat last supper buffet. and my personal favorite, gunning with god. what's gunning with god? i'm afraid to ask. oh, it is a hoot and a half. you write your sins on a clay pigeon, they fire 'em up in the air, and you pulverize them with a 12-gauge shotgun full of our lord's forgiveness. frankly, mom, i'm encouraged to see how advanced your group has become-- willing to sail out into the ocean without fear of falling off the edge. mary: for example,
7:00 pm
if shelly was aboard, he'd write "smart mouth" on his pigeon, and then bam! the lord giveth and the lord bloweth away. well, mom, according to my itinerary for our weekend together, the fun begins with fried chicken. sounds delicious. good, 'cause i got you everything you need to make it. you are in for a treat. my mother's fried chicken is why we had to buy my dad the extra large coffin. sheldon, she just got off the plane. she doesn't want to cook. of course she does. making me food is her way of saying "i love you." making me food when she's too tired to cook is her way of saying "i really love you." actually, i wouldn't mind going out for a bite, sheldon. won't that spoil our appetites for the chicken you're going to make me? all right, that settles it, we're going out. do you like sushi? there's a great little place down the street. i've never had it, but there's no harm in trying something new. there's a lot of harm in trying something new. that's why we test out drugs and cosmetics on bunny rabbits.


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