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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 27, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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died in police custody, raising new questions this afternoon after watching the body camera video, they say tir one died like george floyd guilty to murdering eight year old maddy middleton in santa cruz was sentenced in court today. the new california law that's allowing him to escape a stricter punishment. from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four and welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm alex savage. and i'm heather holmes and a milestone today in the battle against covid-19. starting today, the cdc says people who are vaccinated will not always have to wear a mask in public when they go outside. get to these rob. rob is here now with more on these new guidelines and also reaction. rob is california planning to follow the recommendation? yes it is. heather in the bottom line is people have been
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vaccinated should still hang on to their masks, but they just might not need them as much anymore. today. cdc is updating our recommendations for fully vaccinated people. those recommendations by the centers for disease control and prevention allow people who are outdoors to shed their masks as long as they're fully vaccinated or not in large groups, which is it a ballpark or concert getting together with friends going toe the park for a picnic without needing a mask up? we're back to that place now as long as you get vaccinated, vaccinate people can attend smaller. or gatherings without mass annts wm different house, said he was happy he won't always have to wear his mask outside, kids fogging up my glasses. i'm talking that i can't see so it z vatel kind of definitely helped. another man told us you will keep wearing his mask. it concerns me because you'll never know that
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pandemic will come back. kelly help directors were waiting to see if california would adopt those guys. headlines before deciding the implement the governor gavin newsom issued a statement saying quote after reviewing the centers for disease control and prevention's masking recommendations, and with science and data as our god, we're moving to align california's guidance with these common sense updates and we are eager to adopt those guidelines ourselves here in marin county, marin county public health officer, dr matt willis says those guidelines or another step toward getting back to a semblance of normal life, simple. the difference between today and yesterday is that people who are who are vaccinated now out in public can be within six ft. outdoors of other individuals. ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hung, agrees the science is allowing for the change. probably the biggest change for bay area residents, is that. confidence in
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gathering in small groups with a mix of unboxing boxing it folks in the outdoor setting, but no one should throw away their mass just yet they're still required for indoor gatherings, regardless of vaccination status. think it's good to have the rules are the guidelines set? so are kind of everybody feels more safe, you know? and health officials are hoping the relaxed mask guidelines will serve. is it incentive for those who are hesitating about getting their vaccine? heather indeed, though, of really big step forward, our rob roth reporting live for us this afternoon, rob. thank you. there's no information on so called breakthrough cases of coronavirus here in california, the state department of public health, says 1379 cases of covid-19 have been reported in people who were fully vaccinated. those cases are defined to someone who contracted the virus more than two weeks after getting their
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final dose that is less than 1/10 of a percent of the 1.4 million coronavirus cases reported between january 1st in april, 21st health officials say some post vaccination cases are expert acted since no vaccine provides 100% protection from disease, the santa clara county health department is taking some new steps to make it easier to get vaccinated there now allowing droppin vaccinations at sites across the county through sunday. the health department will also begin allowing same day appointments and vaccination sites that levi stadium in santa clara and san jose's eastridge mall. health officials say they are starting to see a drop off in demand, so they want to make it as easy as possible for people to get the shot. meantime india's covid-19 outbreak is showing no signs of slowing down. hospitals are flooded with patients and oxygen is in very low supply coming up later on at 4 35 here how california is stepping up
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to help out the family of a man who died in alameda police custody, spoke out today after seeing officer body camera video of the incident, and the family says that it contradicts statements made by the department are crime reporter henry lee has been following this case that henry, you've just received a copy of that body camera footage. yeah heather, the city of alameda just released this body cam footage. it's about an hour long. they say they were got into a scuffle with mario gonzales in a park across from south shore center. the family, however, says that they've seen it privately a day before, and they're comparing his death to that of george floyd. they say the video clearly shows an officer putting in need to the back of his neck. his name. his name. gonzalez did not have to die. he died on the street with the police officer's name on his neck. just like george floyd. my family and i saw the footage and we know what really
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happened. mario gonzales, his brother and my their and their supporters last down in alameda police outside the department on tuesday. they know how their right to kill him. way humans i feel so much i feel i feel so a day earlier, the family viewed body camera footage showing what led up to gonzales is death. alameda police officers murdered my brother mario. he said his brother did not die of a medical emergency during a scuffle, as police have said. he said his brother did not attack the officers, the footage shows officers on top of mario while he was face down on the ground. they had their way on his head and his back. he was complying, and they continue to pin him down with their weight. he says. one officer had his knee on the back of his brother's neck. the family says gonzalez was restrained for at least five minutes. officers were called about a man who appeared to be under the influence. it was possibly suspected of stealing liquor from walgreens. for that mario is paying with his life. and it's outrageous. the family's attorney, julia
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sherwin, says gonzales is final moments were excruciating having his life pressed out of him as he was asking the officers not to do that. from his perspective. this would feel like torture the cause of condolences. death is still under investigation. right now. we're extremely concerned that the officers cause mario's death. from restraint is fixation. now you'll see more of this body cam video tonight on ktvu at 56 and seven, the alameda county sheriff's office, the alameda county d, a. and a private attorney hired by the city of alameda, are still investigating this in custody. death reporting live. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. s o. henry nothing from the police department beyond releasing the body camera footage, obviously, while these independent investigations go on. that's right. they actually deferred to the city of alameda today, and officials there were the ones who released this video, all right, our henry lee reporting live force this afternoon, henry. thank you.
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well, today, the fbi announced a civil rights investigation into the shooting death of andrew brown jr by deputies in north carolina. brown was shot and killed. his deputies were serving search and arrest warrants in elizabeth city last wednesday. today lawyers for brown's family released an independent autopsy. showing that brown was shot five times, including in the back of his head. this in fact, was the fatal wound to the back of mr brown's head as he was leaving the site trying to evade being shot at by these particular law enforcement officers who we believe did nothing but a straight out execution. with you today, the county sheriff filed a motion footage of the incident available to two people, including a 17 year old are now under arrest after a
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deadly crash in san jose that killed two people. police say the suspect's car ran a red light and crashed into a toyota camry at lawrence expressway in many way last night. the impact pushed the camera into a sound wall, killing the man who was driving and his female passenger. police say the man who caused the crash and his 17 year old passenger were taken to a hospital and they were arrested on charges of evading an officer. vehicular manslaughter. water and firearms. and drugs charges as well. then today, the young man who killed eight year old maddy middleton was sentenced in court in santa cruz county. we're going to talk with our legal expert, michael cardoza about how a new california law played a big role in this case. also two schools in marin county in danger of shutting down how parents and students are trying to keep them open. atteberry weather another round of sunshine today and we have
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2015 murder of eight year old maddy middleton. gonzalez will serve out his sentence at the department of juvenile justice until he's 25 years old. that's in four years. he will also need to register as a sex offender. gonzalez changed his plea to guilty earlier this month after a february california supreme court ruling said that minors under the age of 16 cannot be tried in adult criminal court. he was 15 years old when he kidnapped, raped and strangled, matty colton and he his case had been in legal limbo because he is now 21 years old. joining us now to talk more about how we got here. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza. michael good to good to have you on here. so originally, gonzalez was set to be tried in adult court. but then we had this ruling from
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the california supreme court. how talk about how this ruling changed the dynamics of this case and lead to the sentence that we saw handed down today. well, let's talk about the law first. what the new loss as is that if a person is under 16 years of age, so 15 years, 11 months and 29 days himself, you cannot try them as an adult, no matter what crime they commit a half the state and juvenile court and what happened in mr gonzales is case he was transferred from juvenile court after what they call a seven on seven hearing to adult corden. it was supposed to be tried in adult court for murders. now he was facing approximately 127 years in adult court. but since there's new ruling came down this new law that says you cannot be tried as an adult if you're less than 16 years of
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age, he's now in juvenile court, and they can only keep him until these 25 years old and then. they have to release him unless there's some petitions to keep him for another two years. gonzalez is defense attorney has essentially argue that his client has has a better chance at getting some sort of rehabilitation. if he is being held here in the juvenile system a supposed to in the adult the adult system. do you think that is more likely to happen with him remaining in the juvenile system? well that's one of the big discussions they have in juvenile court. and that's the years you can in juvenile be rehabilitated over a certain number of years, and right now he's 21. so what 45 years can he be rehabilitated? the district attorney in this case, then absolutely not. and he and the defense attorney certainly know does he have a better chance of being rehabilitated? they're probably, but. should
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he be kept in juvenile court? the law says yes. this is one of those cases where the large rise to do what's right for juvenile's, and i know this is a tough case to swallow. but these air one of those exceptions to what the court and what the lawmakers air thinking when they enact these type of loss, and that's sad because this guy belongs in adult court. sure and as you just point out, michael, i mean, this is one of those extreme cases here, but. you talk a little bit about what? what is what was the rationale for the california supreme court to uphold this law, saying that those under the age of 16 will remain in the juvenile system? we'll of course, talks a lot about the human brain and the juvenile brain and that frontal lobe and that is factored into their thinking. but they say that's frontal lobe is not fully developedf the human brais with executive thinking, and
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they say, when juvenile's met certain crimes, even murder. they don't have that executive thinking they don't have the same processes that most adults have. so they give breaks the juvenile's and say, let's not ruin their entire lives. let's rehabilitate them and make them good citizens. but in a case like this, everybody goes up in arms and rightfully so, because this was an awful murder, and this kid can be rehabilitated. most would think not. that that certainly is an open question. and obviously the family of maddie, you know, very upset about the way this is all played out. you can only imagine. all right, we have to leave it there. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza always appreciate your time. i want to let our viewers know that it was, in fact, a very emotional day in the courtroom during the sentencing here for adrian gonzalez, we're gonna have more from the courtroom in santa cruz coming up tonight on the news at five o'clock, michael. thank you. you're welcome. stao?
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yes such an emotional case. well, dozens of parents, teachers and students protested in marin county today, hoping to save two schools from closing down. ktvu james tours reports, one of those schools will likely. learn its fate tomorrow night, signs in their hands and passion in their heart. at some point, we might become the same community, so we just want to show each other the love the community of loose sudden woke up early this morning to walk a message. to the nevada school district. parallel to them were community members of rancho elementary. we are here to support our school to avoid school closure. both schools now on the chopping block to be. shut down by the nevada school district, a special 7 11 committee is now tasked with recommending one school to the district for
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closure this past week during it's meeting. the committee created a list of criteria to determine their decision, which includes english we have peoplem 30 different countries, several different languages. you certain this is incredible school diverse, supports all backgrounds of kids. it is a diverse, wonderful school that has ah, very welcoming, parents and teachers say if the committee used the same criteria before narrowing it down to two schools, their schools would not be finalists today, arguing their level of diverse english learning students are top of the district. i hope this 7 11 committee and the board members read our letters. look at the facts. look at the data. we can show you. we can assure you you won't regret this. that special committee will meet tomorrow night. it's likely they'll make a final decision on which school they will james t,
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fox two news. oh barry weather. another sunny spring day, with the clouds clearing out temperatures. you probably noticed a bit of a warm up in that warming trend will continue fact that is the headline as we head into your wednesday. we're talking about some or eighties. so here's the plan is we take a look at the graphics for you coming up for tomorrow. beaches in the mid sixties around the bay mid seventies, inland spots will be in the lower eighties and a few spots inland. we'll be approaching the mid eighties. temperature is not extreme warm up, but still. of the average degrees above normal for tomorrow. here is a satellite. we have lot to clear skies over the bay area, but some clouds over the sierras. you can see it even if you were lingering the showers there, but at least for us, we are in the clear we have that northerly wind trying to ramp up in fact, the trees blown around behind me, so but, yeah, we have some breezy conditions for today and tonight and tomorrow it's the change in the wind direction of
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the north northeast that will allow temperatures to warm up a bit for tomorrow. currently, we have seventies. and lynn the warm spots out toward fairfield 81. degrees santa rosa in the upper seventies in san francisco in the upper fifties 59 here's a live camera looking out towards san francisco, where we have fog free conditions leased out toward downtown with mostly clear skies. that will be the same case for tomorrow morning. maybe some patches and some fog around the coast of near the bay. temperatures will be in the forties, too. right around 50 degrees. the forecast models picking up on that idea. lots of sunshine for tomorrow. we're talking about those brighter colors. as you can't see with temperatures, the warmest locations in the sixties to the seventies, all the way to the mid eighties. well, inland. so tomorrow as you can see the breakdown coming up for you, thea warm spots in the eighties. the nice spots in the seventies and the beach is actually mild in the sixties to right around 70 degrees. what about beyond wednesday? could we expect that warm of to continue? we'll have more on that with your forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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a new audit finds that oakland has seen in 89% increase in the homeless population between 2015 and 2019 and 79% of which is directly tied to a lack of affordable housing. the odd it also found that 70% of those living on the streets are black, while oakland's black community only represents 24% of city residents, vice mayor rebecca kaplan agrees that the current strategy is flawed. and that millions have been spent without people being helped out of homelessness. earlier today, she talked with me about some
4:24 pm
of her proposals that she believes will programs have been given tens of millions of dollars with no proof of what they've accomplished and money is being spent without oversight and with clearly if you spend any time out in oakland, you can see it's not working. the homelessness is getting worse. the human suffering is getting worse. and that's why i'm saying we need to vote immediately. to direct the adoption of new, more effective strategies that will actually get people into a better place and not continue the revolving door of wasted money with nothing to show for it. okay, so, rebecca, what light? some of those solutions look like. so i am laying out a set of homeless strategies that can provide within a year, thousands of units to allow people to have dignity and self determination. we are talking about rapid build modular housing on public land that can go up much more quickly. we're talking about creating regulated spaces for the rvs on
4:25 pm
rv without a safe dump station is a public health hazard, but an rv in a well managed rv park is an asset that could have someone being a place where at least they're not sleeping on the ground. so allowable places for the rvs with regulations and rapid build affordable housing on public land, and that we need to take these actions immediately. we voted last fall to direct that we should open at least one homeless support intervention in every council district. and i fully agree with my colleagues that everybody needs to be a part of the solution, and we can't just expect one neighborhood to be the resource for everyone. what about rebecca? those who say. you know that they've lost faith in in oakland leadership they see more and more money being pumped into addressing this issue, and in fact, the issue is only worsening. i'm homeless population there is skyrocketing what 89% so how do you convince oakland city residents that this time finally something is going to
4:26 pm
be done? i agree with the assessment of the work that this administration has been doing, and that's why i and others on the council are insisting that we need to change course spending money pushing people around with bad recordkeeping without any record of where they're to go. just means you're pushing the problem from one neighborhood to the next and then the next neighborhood calls to complain. and the lives of our homeless neighbors are just made worse, with nothing to show for it. and so what i am saying, and what many of my colleagues are joining me and saying is, we need a better system both in terms of how we keep track of what we're doing so we can know which strategies are working and which are not, and by adding strategies that directly get people off the street into a better situation like modular housing and regulated rv parking. vice mayor kaplan tells me that she's identified a list of available public land, such as parking lots or vacant property owned by the
4:27 pm
city or the school district. now again, the council has agreed to put a homeless support side in each of oakland's seven district's off the audit and katherine's propose solutions will be discussed at the council's next meeting in a week. this week will mark 100 days since president biden took office up next here on the four. a look at how he delivered on his campaign promises. so far and where he's falling short and a situation unlike anything we've seen in the united states of next how california is stepping in to help india as that country grapples with the devastating surge today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow. but you can work out anything with comcast business. get fast internet on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. flexible tools — like wi-fi you control.
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hour for federal contract workers. this increase from the current $10.95 an hour will begin next january. the wage increase will affect federal government maintenance workers. nursing assistance, cafeteria and other food service workers as well as construction workers. well on thursday, president biden will mark his 1/100 day in office. and tomorrow night he will be addressing a joint session of congress outlining his achievements. so far and his priorities moving forward. joining us now toe talk more about how the president has handled some of the challenges he has faced so far, and they have been many eyes. political analysts brian syllable bryant really good to have you on here. obviously the president is going to point to the his
4:31 pm
handling of the pandemic so far, and specifically the vaccine rollout. he promised those 100 million shots in his 1st 100 days, hey has delivered. well more than that 230 million doses delivered across the country. how how do you think he addresses the pandemic in the vaccine rollout? how does he tout his success so far, but make it clear that there's more work to do well, first, alex, i don't think what you're gonna get from this president is sort of the spiking the football in the end zone, saying, you know, we we've won. we've succeeded, i think will be measured in the way that he talks about the rollout of the vaccines and that sort of thing. i think he could score some points honestly, with republicans by saying a lot of good work was done early by a lot of good people, but we were able to take this endemic and make a huge inroads into the pandemic because we were able to get this massive roll out that he's had and this is going to be one of several things that he'll
4:32 pm
speak to the congress about tomorrow evening, president biden a so far has only signed 11 pieces of legislation. into law that zip retty low number relatively speaking. but of course, one of those pieces of legislation was the $1.9 trillion covid relief package. of course, you know, by the same token, the economy still on uneven footing right now, so, brian, how does president biden sort of properly framed the economic picture in this country when he addresses congress here, 100 days in?he nt forward progress. things are not going to happen overnight. he's been president for just under 100 days. he's relied a lot. alex on executive orders and eventually, a lot of that has to turn into legislation and the pandemic relief. huge number, but with respect to the infrastructure, bill and other things that he has on his
4:33 pm
agenda, he is going to have to get republican cooperation. so i expect you'll see in that speech is reaching out to republicans. uh in in a way of trying to the offer them different avenues or full cooperation in behalf of the american people. i think we'll see that in the speech tomorrow night. the president so far in these 1st 100 days in office has been very out front on issues of race and policing in this country. we watched him as he weighed in on the derrick sheldon. guilty verdict. what do you think? how does he, you know, bring this issue up as he addresses the joint session of congress. how did he talked about how he's navigated this issue. well, i think one of the things that he's going to talk about is race relations in the united states and whatever progress he thinks we have made or not made and the recent conviction of a showman, i think it's something that he may refer to. it was an
4:34 pm
interesting thing because he talked about the case before the actual verdict was rendered and then, of course, very publicly talked about the case afterwards, but i think he is trying to assert at his presidency. the need for a full review of placing across the united states and he wants the administration to be a party to that. at the same time, he's made it very clear that law enforcement is an important element of our societal infrastructure, and i think he's going to try going to try to find a balance between all of that. you know, i think brian, one of the areas where president biden so far has faced the most criticism is on the issue of immigration. he obviously is facing a crisis at the border with with uncredible number of migrants, many unaccompanied children making their way across the border. he's reversed policies of his predecessor here. how do you think the president biden should should handle this issue
4:35 pm
as he addresses a joint session of congress? how does he may be in some ways acknowledge there have been so missteps on, then try toe try toe set the. country on the right path. moving forward. yes, well, i think what they find administration has found out is that what was obvious i think was that it's a very, very complex problem and some things that i think they wanted to do very early on were not possible. and so some of the scenes at democrats challenged the republican administration, the last one, the trump administration with including the handling of children and. the way that immigration in in the new administration because some of the problems are so systemic that it may take years sorted out. and so you have kids who have been separated from their parents and haven't been rejoined. you have some of the scenes that we've seen, you know, kids
4:36 pm
being tossed over the wall. that sort of thing, and that's on. i'm biden's watch. and so i think what the new administration is finding out is that as i say the complexity is vast, and i'm sure they're working on various programs to address it. but these problems if they're easy, alex have been solved by somebody already. right republican or democrat. it doesn't matter. they've been solved julie haener right about the complexity real quick. just a just a quick take from you. what do you think about the fact that we put so much emphasis on any president's 1st 100 days in office? it's the scorecard mentality, alex, to be honest of you, instead of viewing it over a year to four years, we want to see the quick hit. and frankly, the presidents who come in want to make a quick yet and they do, but we really have the judge this president over a much longer period of time. as we have judge past presidents over a longer period of time, it
4:37 pm
certainly feels like these1st 100 days have flown by, i think to a lot of us all right? political analyst brian sobel. thank you so much for your insight here. and of course, we will be bringing you president biden's address to a joint session of congress tomorrow night at six p.m. you could watch it right here on ktvu that will be followed by an all new episode of the mass singer at eight o'clock and then a prime time edition of ktvu. fox two news said no. o'clock then, of course, stick around for the 10 o'clock news and the 11 o'clock news, critical medical supplies are now arriving in india as the country's covid-19 search worsens. today cruz unloaded more than 100 ventilators and critical oxygen supplies from the uk. additional aid is on the way from france, germany and the u. s. the supplies come at a critical time for the country's hospital system. but at the country reported more than 320,000 new infections, and the death toll is climbing rapidly. covid-19 patients are being turned away due to a shortage
4:38 pm
of ventilators and beds and hotels in train cars have been converted into critical care facilities to treat more patients. you're working to deploy resources and supplies. including therapeutics. rapid testing kits, ventilators, ppe and raw materials that i needed to manufacture vaccines in india. crematoriums are working around the clock to handle the influx of coronavirus victims, while some people have been forced to use makeshift facilities for cremations and burials, the recent surge has been blamed on covid-19 variants as always, large gatherings held in india of the last few months. we'll abide administration, as we mentioned is also deploying additional supplies and support with californiaema coordinator, and he told me the state will start sending. muc ss soon as tomorrow. what we're seeing in india right now surpassed anything that was taken place in the united states and the covid outbreak
4:39 pm
is so critical that at 1.1 of their major hospitals, which was a 240 bed hospital was 40 minutes away from running out of oxygen for the patients. so you're starting to see a call across the world for resource is to help them and so california mark is really stepping up here. they certainly have governor has asked the california office of emergency services to coordinate that and they're doing that by way of different types of components. priority is oxygen supply. and tell me what california will be sending in regards to helping to meet the demand for increasing the oxygen supply there in india. well what they've done is through covid-19. they've plussed up their supplies in particular as we talked about oxygen is a requirement and necessity and absolute urgency for india. so what? they're sending our canisters. regulators and generators so that allows them to be able to
4:40 pm
generate oxygen as well. a story for those paper those people on ventilators at absolutely critical component to treating covid-19 patients. no. no votes, says the first of three planes will depart travis air force base tomorrow. with those supplies. he has that california has also offered ppe and covid-19 testing kits. but again at this point, india does not need those supplies. ensuring a clean and healthy bay up next. we'll talk with the head of save the bay, the nonprofit group that's fighting to protect the san francisco bay for both people and wildlife, and a burial whether we are in the clear for today plan on the warmer temperatures. your wednesday forecast, but what about beyond? we'll have more? you're more on your forecast coming up. yeah, plus, there's only a handful of chances left to win this season play the fox super six masked singer sweep states and you could win your share of
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tuesday drives and today we're highlighting save the bay. it's the biggest local organization working to protect and restore san francisco bay. joining me this afternoon is executive director david lewis. always a pleasure to see you, david talk about the efforts that are underway right now, because truly, there are important now as ever before. yeah, well, it's ah, it's very exciting that we as a have now reached 60 years wk, and that's the same age as i am. when i was born here in the bay area that bay was close to
4:44 pm
death really choked with sewage, garbage dumps on the shoreline, tidal marshes being filled in and because people came together and really rallied for the bay. we've turned the tide, and in many ways, the bay is in much better shape now. then it was then and now we're facing new challenges that are really going to require people to come together again. you know, we have climate change and sea level rise. we still have pollution coming into the bay, mostly from our streets and roads from the storm water that runs right into the bay untreated, so it's an exciting time. i think coming out of covid people are optimistic. want to be optimistic? one thing we've really rediscovered during this public health epidemic is the value of the nature in our backyards as a place to really enjoy and be safe and appreciate the spectacular nature that we have. yeah absolutely of the
4:45 pm
threats to san francisco bay. what are among the greatest threats? well climate change is already having an impact, not just on the baby. the whole bay area. you know, we see that from fires and the smoke that effects, everybody. more extreme storms, drought and the risk with sea level rise is more flooding on the shoreline, one of the big opportunities we have is to restore more wetlands around the shoreline. these air not only crucial for the health of the bay, and it's fish and wildlife, but they're also really one of the best defenses against flooding and sea level rise and extreme storms, wetlands or like a sponge. they soak up excess water, and they protect the adjacent communities and infrastructure. obviously there are some places around the bay like the embarcadero where we can't restore wetlands. the water's too deep and we'll need to raise sea walls and raise levees to protect important infrastructure. but we have so many places where we can
4:46 pm
restore these wetlands. and that's actually one of the things that volunteers really have helped a lot with at save the bay, and we'll be able to again very soon. yeah we all know that san francisco bay is a gem here and you mentioned volunteers. what can people at home do? how can they get involved? well before covid we actually had thousands of volunteers every year, helping restore the shoreline. we have native plant nurseries, andre restoration opportunities, and soon we'll be able to do those again. assume, is it safe for people to be? together in the meantime, there's actually a lot that people can do as citizen advocates and our website is a great place to get started learning about the bay and also sign up to see those opportunities for volunteering and for advocacy. you know, one of the things that i'm really impressed with is how much
4:47 pm
people view the bay as a regional asset. and our success in in turning around the bay over the last several decades, i think really should give people hope about our ability to solve regional problems together as a region, you know, we have 100 cities and nine counties here in the bay area. we have a lot of problems that really require us to come together like transportation and sufficient housing, affordable housing and equity. these are big challenges, but because the region has this success story of saving the bay from destruction and protecting nature in our midst, that's really a reason to be optimistic that we can also unite regionally to solve some of these problems that plague us, including climate change. yeah, as you mentioned david, really, it is. it is proof that if we all work together, we could accomplish some pretty incredible things will appreciate all of your work and all of the work of save the bay
4:48 pm
thanks again for coming on and for folks at home. if you would like to help out on this giving tuesday and make a donation to save the bay, just head to our website, ktvu .com. slash giving day fact, i remember working on a story probably about 14 15 years ago was save the bay and they brought out a group of students and show them how to plant some trees right around the bay and just have need to see how much these students were learning just that one day out on base with some great work with save the bay. and of course, we'd like to be tracking some more rainfall here in the bay area, remember a few days ago? we were so excited about that sunday event that to kind of just fizzled out and we had some rain showers here, but looks like we are locked in another dry weather pattern. take a look at the forecast maps is we had those kind of revved up for you. we're showing you the forecast totals and once again it's not very impressive. here. we're just showing you point to one up toward the yuriko up along the north coast, so looks like an extended period of dry weather. we'll see if it's extreme. ended, but at least it looks
4:49 pm
like a few days of dry weather and hopefully we could see some changes tomorrow. in fact, we're gonna warm up those numbers. mid sixties coast side around the bay in the seventies, and the hot spots inland will be at least the low eighties. maybe the mid eighties and temperatures will be a good 5 to 10 degrees above the average so you will notice a warm up with those numbers for tomorrow. everybody houses up arrows and san francisco downtown could be flirting with 70 degrees by about three o'clock tomorrow afternoon satellite. we're showing you some clothes. out some showers out toward the toward nevada toward portions of the sierra for us, we are in the clear and it's just a change in the wind direction to see more of that north northeast wind that'll warm up those temperatures, primarily just for tomorrow, i'll be could actually have some fog return coast side as we head into thursday, and especially on a friday and by the weekend current numbers we have san francisco checking and 59 conquered 78 san jose and lower seventies and there is a bit of a breeze out there with winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. and napa and conquered and sfo
4:50 pm
has a wind gust right now, at least for this hour gusting to 32 miles an hour. here's a live camera out towards san francisco in the clear this tuesday afternoon, and we'll start off tomorrow morning. most areas in the forties to start out your wednesday morning and then into the afternoon hours, you will see temperatures that will be warming up 60 seventies, the warm spots will be approaching the mid eighties. you could still see our old system that big area of low pressure that is kind of scooting out to the east and this big h wants to build in so that will be the source of the dry weather pushing the storm track way up to our north and the warmer forecast for tomorrow. take a look at the numbers were seen some mid eighties out toward fairfield in antioch, oakland, 75 santa rosa, 84 san francisco, check it in well before cast time friday around 70 that is downtown, probably closer to golden gate park with tickets a mid sixties. and a look ahead. not much change in your thursday, although it could be tracking some fog near the immediate coastline that will cool things off on a friday but looks like a quiet
4:51 pm
forecast into the weekend, with temperatures not moving around too much, but tomorrow should be one of the warmer days of the week with a little bit of a slight to drop off by the weekend. all right, we'll be ready for some heat. mark. thank you. well, if you haven't gotten your real idea yet, you do have just a little bit more time the new deadline that was announced truthfully, it's frustrating to see how fast dust reappears. but dusting with a cloth is a pain. and dealing with a bulky vacuum.. . is such a hassle. uchhh!!! so now we use our swiffer sweeper and dusters. the fluffy fibers? they pick up dust easily. grabbing it in all those hard-to-reach places. gotcha!!! and for our floors, sweeper's textured cloths lock all kinds of dirt, dust and pet hair. unlike my vacuum, it sneaks under and around places. look at that!! dust free and hassle free. stop cleaning and start swiffering.
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prompting a third round of shutdowns in that state. today, governor kate brown announced that 15 counties will move back into extreme risk category, which is the most restrictive under that state's reopening plan. this means starting friday, there will be no more indoor dining and strict new capacity limits for indoor gyms and outdoor dining as well as bars. us travelers will not need a real i d for another two years. the department of homeland security announcing today that it is delaying the
4:54 pm
requirement for air travelers. the deadline was supposed to be october. 1st mod officials say they're moving the date because it's been hard for people to get an appointment at their m ve pandemic. the new real i d deadline is now may 3rd of 2023 way, are now learning some new details about this year's outside land's music festival and safe disco's golden gate park. single tickets go on sale this thursday at 10 a.m. the festival will be held on halloween weekend starting on friday, october 29th with the strokes. the headliner on saturday is liz. oh and on sunday the headliner is tame impala. they took what they thought were a lot of safety precau oakland woman dies from covid-19 just a few days after getting the vaccine up next, her sister's let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity
4:55 pm
turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits.
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4:57 pm
share her story and hopes of saving lives, she tells ktvu is amberleigh that her sister got the johnson and johnson vaccine but then got the virus a few days later before she reached full protection. she was a great sister. holding a cut out of her late sister, heidi, brevin, erica breve, it start says she's still in shock over the loss of her only sibling. she suspects heidi and avenue, oakland, a's fan contracted the coronavirus during a trip with friends to arizona for spring training, but they. took what they thought were a lot of safety precautions. she says heidi received her single dose. johnson and johnson shot march 10th a day later, the 61 year old drove to palm springs and then to arizona. heidi returned home nine days later and was not feeling well. she had difficulty breathing. her
4:58 pm
sister drove her to the hospital, where she had ups and downs, but was eventually put on a ventilator. heidi died last monday. she says that was the worst thing that ever happened to her was getting coronavirus breath. it's scott suspects, heidi contracted the coronavirus from one of the handful of people who were part of her social bubble and attended spring training with her. we're getting immunized for an infection that is active, which means that we can be exposed to this infection if we go out too soon, dr monica gandhi with ucsf says it can take as long as four weeks for the johnson and johnson vaccine to be fully effective. it's not like a medication that works right away. it is a vaccine, which. requires your immune system. tau work to rev up to take time, and it takes time. diehard green and gold faithful fan heidi brevity we lost recently and the oakland a's pay tribute to the longtime season ticket holder, and we are drinking work. kosmas rabbits thought shared with me
4:59 pm
this video. she says her sister opened her heart and home to friends. she treated them as her family. i just want everybody to get the vaccine and then continue to wear a mask and socially distance until this thing has gone completely. heidi sister tells me there is added pain in losing her when the pandemic is nearing its end, they were looking forward to taking a vacation together in oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts. now how beautiful my i feel. i feel so ah family talking about their son who died in police custody and within the past hour, alameda police released an hour long clip of body camera video that shows the entire interaction that led up to mario gonzalez death. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the video released shows body camera
5:00 pm
video from two officers. they responded to 911 calls about a the influence. eventually they take him to the ground where the attempt to restrain his arms. the man's family says the video contradicts statements by the department are crime reporter henry lee has also watched the video and he joins us now with what he's learned. he's following this case, henry. yeah. julie the city of alameda did release this hour long video late this afternoon. let's take a look at some of what it shows your favorite mario. mario please don't resist us. okay, mario, put your hand behind your back now. alameda police say they were trying to detain gonzalez near south short center because neighbors had reported he seemed to be under the influence and needed some help. now, several officers responded to the area of parking notice and began talking. him, but they say he began resisting. they got into a scuffle will try and a handcuff him


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