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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 27, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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headed around the region, plus new guidelines surrounding face coverings outdoors. the announcement by the cdc and the biden administration and how california is now responding and the effort to recall governor gavin newsom is one step closer to making the ballot. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox. two news that new good afternoon everyone i'm mike mibach. and i'm gasia mikaelian happening today. water utilities in the north and east bay will take steps to declare drought emergencies and asked their customers to conserve water. the conservation steps are voluntary. for now, let's bring in katie's allie rasmus live with the details here, allie. because they were talking about the east bay municipal utility district and the sonoma county board of supervisors. leaders with both of these agencies are expected to declare drought emergencies today, the sonoma county board of supervisors meeting is already underway right now. the county operates
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the sonoma water agency, which sells water to nine north bay city's from marin to petaluma to santa rosa, serving 600,000 people. that water comes from the russian river and its reservoirs are extremely low sonoma county seat advisor in water, agency director david rabbit, says a drought declaration will send a message of what's to come. it will, undoubtedly bring to attention obviously. the need to conserve it would be voluntary it first i would imagine a z move forward to the summer months we'll be looking at mandatory rationing or conservation. now about an hour from now, the directors for the east bay municipal water utility will meet and decide whether to issue a stage one drought declaration. a spy med serves 1.4 million customers and alameda and contra costa counties. the water utility could start asking customers to cut their water use voluntarily by 10. that could be effective immediately. today he's been
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much water comes from the sierra snowpack, which has been low this year. but an official draft declaration also means that he spent mud would then be able to start looking at purchasing water from other sources in the central valley or the sacramento area is pain meds meeting is scheduled to start at 1 15 this afternoon reporting live allie rasmus ktvu. box two news. a lot of eyes on that on that declaration. a lot of people already very worried about. fire season. allie rasmus. thank you. president biden announced this morning. millions of americans do not have to wear mass went outside. the president says the cdc is relaxing federal public health guidance on wearing masks outdoors now, accordingly vaccinated, people do not need to wear a mask outdoors unless they are in a big crowd of strangers. but when indoors, people should keep mass on whether you are vaccinated or not. the bottom line is clear. if you're vaccinated, you could
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do more things more safely, both outdoors as well as indoors for so for those who haven't gotten the vaccination yet, especially if you're younger, or think you don't need it. this is another great reason to go get vaccinated now. now change comes is more than half of adults in the united states have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine and more than a third are fully vaccinated. and then just a few minutes ago, governor newsome did issue a statement saying after reviewing the cdc recommendations, california is aligning its guidance with the cdc is common sense updates. we will bring you president biden's address to a joint session of congress. that is tomorrow six p.m. right here on ktvu. fox two. that's gonna be followed by an all new episode of the masses. ingrid, eight, and then a prime time edition of ktvu. fox two news at nine, followed by the 10 o'clock news. india continues to see a record number of new covid% infections as greg palkot
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reports help is beginning to arrive from the united states and other countries worldwide. india's coronavirus pandemic is showing no signs of letting up. the country recorded more than 320,000 new infections on tuesday, raising the total number of cases past 17.6 million, india's health ministry says intensive care units are running at full capacity. nearly all ventilators are in use at oxygen supplies are running out. the situation is critical right now. this pandemic is the first. we have ever seen to love and these two weeks are going to be a #### for us. the first shipment of foreign aid have started to arrive in india more than 100, ventilators and oxygen supplies from the uk touchdown on tuesday, the u. s germany and france are also making plans to ship medical aid. the biden administration says it's deploying testing
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kids ppe and oxygen supply as long as this virus is spreading anywhere, it is a threat to people everywhere. at that point applies to covid and india. it applies to covid, united states. india's health ministry is blaming the surgeon part on a new variant detected in india back in october. some global leaders are concerned the strain could spread to other parts of the world. today australia joined a several countries in temporarily suspending direct passenger flights from india. india has been. determined also to be a high risk country under the process we've put in place for the purpose off traveler angels, india now has the fourth highest covid death toll in the world. was behind united states, brazil and mexico in london. greg palkot ktvu fox, two news, governor. newsome says that california sending supplies to india to help cope with the huge spike and covid infections there. the state released some
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video will share with you now supplies being packed up yesterday. they include a system that can produce 120 liters of oxygen per minute plus hundreds of storage tanks and other lifesaving equipment. the effort to recall governor newsome is one step closer to being on the ballot, the secretary of state announced. the office has verified the million and a half signatures needed to qualify. ktvu jana katsuyama has reaction from petition organizers and what happens next. recall, organizers needed nearly 1.5 million signatures or 12% of the votes cast in the 2018 elections. on monday, the secretary of state announced they had verified more than 1.6 million signatures. this was about. california volunteers and over 30% of those who signed weren't republicans. tom double, caro is chairman of rescue calif. dot or gta political action committee that led the effort. organizers say s with solutione recall. any candool system
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getting kids back in school water delivery, electricity, homelessness, those air all major issues. governor newsome posted a response on twitter, saying, quote this republican recall threatens our values and seeks to undo the important progress we've made from fighting covid to helping struggling families protecting our environment and passing common sense gun violence solutions. he included a video calling the recall a power grab, of course, paid for by the republican napa. no committees instead of helping fight the pandemic. national republicans air coming to fight californians stop the republican recall in 2003 during the last recall election of gray davis more than 130 people ended up putting their names on the ballot. the ballot won't be solidified. that is, we won't know who the candidates are on the ballot. potentially there could be hundreds of people on the ballot. we won't know that until the august time frame, and i'm looking forward to gete candidate, the california
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republican party. he says in the coming months, they hope to endorse a candidate who can prove they're viable. it's showing the viability in polling, it's showing the viability and being able to raise money and getting endorsements and the support of individuals who have been elected before. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news, and so far, at least four republicans have announced that they are campaigning to replace newsome. they include businessman john cox, who lost the news from back in 2018, former san diego mayor kevin faulkner is also running transgender activist caitlyn jenner just announced her candidacy last week and republican congress, former republican congressman. ago. she has also said he's running the election could be held as early as this summer or as late as december. organizes of a recall campaign to remove the mayor of windsor from office have formally filed paperwork with the town clerk there. the group of winter residents turned in a notice of intent yesterday to recall mayor dominic for poli. the recall effort started after six women
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accused him of sexual assault an alleged crimes dating back to 2003. holy is denied the accusations and has refused to resign. but he says he has quote stepped back from his duties as mayor. the mayor of the chance to respond if he chooses doesn't have to andre. we could begin the process of getting our petitions approved so we won't see petitions printed and on the street until mid may, but we're ready to do it and we have a lot of volunteers were asking how they can help. sonoma county sheriff's department is investigating the allegations of sexual assault. convicted killer scott peterson appeared in san mateo county superior court this morning via zoom for his penalty phase retrial. peterson's appearance was brief again via zoom from san quentin state prison, the judge said a new status hearing for june 28th in 2005 a jury sentence peter's into death for the murder of his wife, lacey and their unborn son. but last august, the state supreme court cited serious errors in the jury selection process. the
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high court, then ordered a salmon tail county judge to re examine whether peterson should be given a new penalty phase of his trial, still becoming new and making it easier to get the covid vaccine, the county that's allowing dropping vaccinations through this sunday. also will push the safe schools in marin county. the demonstration by parents this morning as the board in the nevada school district is looking to make some cuts, then have you been outside yet? now is the time to go because there's a pretty decent war upon the way for us here in the bay area, ktvu meteorologists rosemary oroczo has that and more in your full forecast coming up.
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just about 10 o'clock last night. it happened at lawrence expressway in midi away. this is right in front of archbishop mitty high school. the santa clara county sheriff's office is deputies had tried to pull over a vehicle, but the driver refused to stop and soon after it crashed into another car. in addition to the two fatalities, witnesses on the scene say at least two other people were injured. dozens of parents, teachers and students protest in marin county hoping to save two schools from closure. ktvu is james torres reports that one of those schools will likely learn its fate tomorrow night. signs in their hands and
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passion in their heart. at some point, we might become the same community, so we just want to show each other the love the community of loose sudden woke up early this morning to walk a message to the nevada school district. julie haener parallel to them were community members of rancho elementary way are here to support our school to avoid school closure. both schools now on the chopping block to be shut down by the nevada school district. a special 7 11 committee is now tasked with recommending one school to the district for closure this past week. during it's meeting, the committee created a list of criteria to english learners, which enrollment and ethnicity. enrollment we have people from 30 different countries, several different languages be certain this is incredible school diverse, supports all back.
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crowns of kids. it is that diverse, wonderful school that has ah, very welcoming, parents and teachers say if the committee used the same criteria before narrowing it down to two schools, their schools would not be finalists today, arguing their level of diverse english learning students are top of the district. i hope this 70 levin committee and the board members read our letters. look at the facts. look at the data. we can show you. we can assure you, you wondering. great things. that's special committee will meet tomorrow night. it's likely they'll make a final decision on which school they will recommend to the nevada school district for closure. james torres, ktvu, fox two news. last couple days out there. it's been quite cool, but rosemary, the time is starting to turn. i could feel the temperature's starting to slowly climb once again. ah, yes. isn't that amazing? just how you keep a fellow inside your home when the sun is
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shining? it's warmer outdoors. i don't have the heater kicked on this morning and into the afternoon temperatures will continue to warm up above yesterday's highs were actually going to come in above average for inland cities and write about average for the rest of us so after two days of warming. we are right where we should be giving you a live. look here at the beautiful view over san francisco, the golden gate bridge there and the water temperatures at this hour. santa rosa look atyou, 70 degrees and mostly sunny skies upper fifties and san francisco 60 degrees in oakland, livermore and san jose in the upper sixties. here's a look at the 20 fire temperature change anywhere from two degrees warmer and oakland this at this hour to 12 degrees warmer in livermore in the east bay and sam. rosie, you are up by 10 nevado up by 11. so a notable warmup underway for today. fairfield reporting on northerly breeze at about 22 mph in novato. it's northwest at 14, and we do have a southwest freeze in oakland at about six mph helping to offset
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to the warming. they're just a little bit pulling back here. you can see we've got to dry conditions in place, and that will be the case. unfortunately we know we could use the rain. we're going to see quite the opposite. we're not only going to be dry, but we're going be well above average as we get into the days ahead with some of her inland cities reaching mid eighties by about thursday, so we're calling for a dry week, mostly sunny week and a week that is warmer than where we typically are. for this time of year. here's a view of the afternoon highs for today. 76 expected in san rosa 71 being your average. and yesterday, santa rosa came in right about 65 66 in the afternoon. so notable change for you there. san francisco. you're just a tad below the seasonal norm 66 oakland, 74 in livermore and 70 degrees expected over a san jose. here's a look at the afternoon highs for today, upper fifties along the coastline, so still remaining a little cool, mild along the coast, where we'll see upper fifties to about 60 degrees specific and half moon bay
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along the peninsula today, 70 degrees for redwood city for the inner east based 77 antioch and in the south based 70. degrees expected over san jose. this is just the beginning. temperatures will continue to warm. i'll have a look at that when i expect they will peak and look at your extended forecast, including the weekend coming up in just a bit. roseberry thank you still become his new time. a rental car shortage nationwide just how much it could cost you a day to rent a vehicle this summer and what some people are actually doing in the state of hawaii
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time finding enough workers to fill job openings. ktvu rob roth tells us this is especially true among the wineries in restaurants up in sonoma county, despite this beautiful spring day kibble stats sellers in wine garden in sonoma was closed monday and the owner says it's not by choice. we were playing to be open seven days a week. by this time of year. instead the winery in a restaurant is open just four days a week. we can't find enough staff and it's actually qualified staff. jordan kibble stat says he's hired 12 people in the past six weeks. he still needs a dozen more, but is having trouble filling a variety of open positions right now. i just don't know where the experienced people are. we can't even seem to find them working others in sonoma
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county's huge hospitality industry. fairmont hotels, which runs the sonoma mission in is also struggl to fill positions not only here but throughout the bay area, so the resorts have to make do if normally we could accommodate 40 massages were able to only comedy 8 30 at this time. california employment tracking numbers show that since the lockdown last year, the state has lost almost 600,000 leisure and hospitality jobs about 40,000 of those jobs returned last month. a lot of people that did move out of this area to somewhere that costs a little bit less. during the covid shutdowns. second there were some people that moved out of the hospitality industry and found jobs in industries that had more consistent work. but one place that says it's having no problems. finding workers is six flags discovery kingdom in valeo and its sister attraction, hurricane harbor and conquered. six flags has begun looking to fill some 2300 summer jobs that the two sites between now and may 2nd. we're actually seeing
12:23 pm
a lot more adults than we're used to seeing. we use the, um have almost higher exclusively. folks between the ages of 15, you know, 19. we're actually seeing a lot more adults now. but back in neighboring sonoma county restaurants are so desperate they're considering sharing employees. no, i don't think that's a bad idea. all i think at this point lot of creativity is going to be involved. the restaurant's wineries in hotels are expecting the hiring shortages to eventually ease up, but no one is predicting when rob rock ktvu, fox two news. us travelers won't need to use a real i d for the next two years. just a short time ago here, the department of homeland security announced it is delaying that requirement for air travelers. the deadline was supposed to be coming up on october 1st. but officials say they're moving the date because it's been hard for people to get an appointment at their state d m v due to the pandemic, so the new real idea deadline is may 3rd of 2023. if you're planning on traveling this summer, make
12:24 pm
sure you set aside enough time in your budget and money for a rental car. a shortage has driven up prices and the problem is only expected to get worse, especially at some popular destinations across the country when the pandemic slowed down, travel companies had to sell off a lot of their fleet to cut costs and give them a better cash flow. so now. that smaller flee if you can get a rental guard, the price can cost hundreds of dollars more than before the pandemic. president's day valentine's day weekend we saw 18 of the 20 airports of florida completely sold out. the prices in hawaii or astronomical. we've seen rates of over $500 a day in some cases, travel experts say. if you have plans coming up, you should book your car rental as early as possible, or you can fly to a less popular destination and pick up the car rental there and then drive the rest of the way too. your final destination. and how about this in hawaii that people are renting moving trucks in a
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car, you haul facilities say right now is the busiest. they have been in years. a new job offer in the uk has a very unique requirement. the job pays about $40,000 a year to visit. hubs. it even comes with a fancy title of heritage project officer. the offer comes from the lincoln shire county council. that's a town of about 100 about 120 miles north of london for one year, the heritage officer will travel the uk researching and recording the architectural and social history of local pubs. applications are being accepted until may 3rd. there's a new demand for breast milk from mothers who were vaccinated. new after popping up on breast milk websites for milk from vaccinated moms. women who have excess milk. send it to milk banks. often recent studies show that both the fizer and modern vaccines created a strong immune response in pregnant and lactating women. mom has been vaccinated. there's a great chance that maybe the antibodies will be
12:26 pm
passed along to their baby. a number of things that we don't know yet about the number of antibodies that are passed into the milk. how long those antibodies air going to last? are those antibodies able to prevent viral infection? milk buying market is largely unregulated. the fda caution strongly against buying breast milk online still become this noontime of bay area families, sending a message about the coronavirus. the warning after their loved one died once contracted the virus. the surge at the us mexico border drags on with more drugs and migrants entering the country illegally. i'm casey siegel in the radio texas at a border che
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wearing masks. cdc is relaxing federal public health guidelines on wearing masks outdoors, according to the updated guidelines fully vaccinated people don't need to wear masks outdoors unless they're in a big crowd of strangers. when indoors, people should keep those masks on whether they're vaccinated or not. change comes is more than half of adults in united states have gotten at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccineccinae issued a statement saying after
12:30 pm
reviewing the cdc recommendation. california is aligning its guidance with the cdc. common sense updates the sister of in oakland woman who died from complications related to covid-19 wants to share her story in hopes of saving lives as ktvu zambelli reports. a trip to spring training may have been the wrong call, even after getting vaccinated. she was a great sister holding a cut out of her late sister, heidi. brevin erica breve, it start says she's still in shock over the loss of her only sibling. she suspects heidi and avenue, oakland, a's fan contracted the coronavirus during a trip with friends to arizona for spring training. they took what they thought were a lot of safety precautions. she says heidi received her single dose. johnson and johnson shot march 10th a day later, the 61 year old drove to palm springs and then to arizona. heidi returned home nine days later and was not feeling well. she had difficulty breathing. her sister drove her to the hospital, where she had ups and
12:31 pm
downs, but was eventually put on a ventilator. heidi died last monday. she says that was the worst thing that ever happened to her was getting coronavirus breath. it's scott suspects, heidi contracted the coronavirus from one of the handful of people who were part of her social bubble and attended spring training with her. we're getting immunized for an infection that is active, which means that we can be exposed to this infection if we go out too soon. dr monica gandhi with ucsf says it can take as long as four weeks for the johnson and johnson vaccine. will be fully effective. it's not like a medication that works right away. it is a vaccine which requires your immune system. tau work to rev up to take time and it takes time. diehard green and gold faithful fan heidi brevity way lost recently and the open aids pay tribute to the longtime season ticket holder. and we are drinking worth. cosmo's rabbits thought shared with me this video. she
12:32 pm
says her sister opened her heart and home to friends. she treated them as her family. i just want everybody to get the vaccine and then continue to wear a mask and socially distance until this thing has gone completely. heidi sister tells me there is added pain in losing her when the pandemic is nearing its end, they were looking forward to taking a vacation together in oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. beyonce clara county health department is taking new steps to make it easier to get vaccinated against covid-19. the agency will begin allowing dropping vaccinations at its sites across santa clara county. from now through sunday. the health department will also begin allowing saved will also begin allowing same day appointments at its vaccination sites and levi stadium in santa clara, and it's san jose's eastridge mall. we have plenty of vaccine, we probably will have enough, probably over 20,000 doses this week of vaccine again. that will be a
12:33 pm
mixture of people making appointments and also for those that want to just walk up. so again, we want to urge everyone who hasn't already been vaccinated to please come down. health department says anyone or goes to school in santa clara county can get a vaccine and of course they are free. for many older adults. the isolation of this past year has been a tougheality, but it's been even more difficult for many bay area seniors who could not afford to stop working as ktvu heather holmes shows us the high cost of living keeps many people from retiring. many older adults well into their seventies and eighties have been working low wage jobs throughout the pandemic because they can't afford to retire for them. vaccines make their job safer, but their day to day reality remains difficult. what i know if i don't work. i have no money. that's all i know. susannah 66 year old home care assistant in ola, not
12:34 pm
even for surgery. if i have the, but i needed under the supplemental poverty measure. that's where. california seniors have the highest poverty rate in the nation. patty front. huber is a senior attorney at justice and aging. she says that not only are many older adults too poor to retire, they also faced age discrimination, and that makes it much harder to get and keep a job. they by retired. the money is not enough to pay the bills. still i have to get money from somewhere else, and that's why i still work until my body's feel able to work because suzanne makes $15 an hour and has been for many years. the amount of social security that gets taken out of her paycheck won't be enough to live off of if she stops working. she also needs the income so she could help her son through college, pay the rent and just put food on the table. it's really side then.
12:35 pm
you know, sometimes we wanted this one. but we have to think for the other things like the bears, which is coming every month, we saw older workers who um, could not afford to stop working. even if they were a frontline worker who was at risk of getting covid mari, a 72 year old nursing assistant, says she's happy to have a job. she's also an artist who loves sharing her craft. but she says she won't be able to afford to keep living in san francisco. if she stops working. i've been here. where i live that i am protected because when control and i'm a senior citizen, so i'm grateful for that. because how would have to have two jobs and live in san francisco? and she's not alone. the average social security benefit for a senior living in san francisco is just $15,000 per year. their
12:36 pm
benefits aren't enough to pay for the cost of living in today, it's 2021. area heather holmes ktvu, fox two news. president biden says he will sign an executive order to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour for federal contract workers. the increase from the current 10 95 an hour will begin in january. the wage increase will affect federal government maintenance workers. nursing assistance, food service workers and construction workers. the first numbers from the 2020 centers are out, and they showed the slowest growth population in the united states in generations. this is especially true here in our state of california, lauren blanchard tells us that california will actually lose one congressional seat and some of its influence in washington. once in a decade, results have been announced. the number of people living in the united states was 331. the 2020 u. s census shows the u. s
12:37 pm
population grew at 7.4% the second lowest rate since the great depression, experts say due to economic uncertainty of the last two decades, couples have waited longer for kids. there's lower immigration and an aging population. i assure the president. that the census was complete and accurate. the senses also helps decide how the 435 representative seats in congress are divided states picking up congressional seats. colorado montana, oregon, florida and north carolinaold gained one. texas picked up to pennsylvania, west virginia, ohio, illinois and michigan will lose one seat. new york will as well it was 89 people short of avoiding the loss. and for the first time in the state's history, california will lose a seat. but it remains the largest state, 37 s, some say, taking a census during a pandemic could have led to a lower count 2020 brought unprecedented challenges a global pandemic destructive wildfires, the most
12:38 pm
active hurricane season on record and civil unrest across the country. republicans look at the south and westward trend as a positive movement republicans when this is all said, and done, we'll be in a great spot to take back the house majority. in 2022. as for the district, the census data shows it grew at almost double the national rate and now has a population larger than wyoming and vermont in washington, dc lauren blanchard, fox news. state will soon release more data on gun violence. attorney general rob bonta says that he wants to provide the firearm violence research center at uc davis the information it needs to help strengthen gun laws. bond also announced a review of all data released by the state department of justice to look at ways to make that more accessible to the public. the surge of migrants at the u. s border with mexico continues. casey stengel reports from laredo, texas, on the biden administration's plans to deal with the current situation. the situation at the southern border, experts say is getting
12:39 pm
worse. customs and border protection reporting a big uptick in human trafficking and drug smuggling. these images show how people and drugs are packed into trains, trucks and flatbeds any way they can fit republican lawmakers putting the blame on the biden administration, claiming the president is not making enforcement of priority. meanwhile legal border traffic is still on hold in many areas due to the covid-19 outbreak. it's having a big impact. act on businesses in border towns and mayors there are pleading with the vice president to visit the area, but the white house says she's looking at a big picture solution. her focus is not on the border. it's on addressing the root causes in the northern triangle. the situation remains dire for thousands of migrant children being held currently at detention facilities. senator ted cruz took this video during a recent visit. he claims a humanitarian crisis is developing their echoing what many my. vagrants are saying as well what you have compassion?
12:40 pm
there are children here. joe biden was also a child. let him see that we suffer. he has not suffered what we have. on tuesday, the biden administration announcing a new enforcement operation targeting carts, hells andught smuggling o the united states. that's the latest from laredo, texas. casey steagall, ktvu. fox two news. teacher at a sentence. a middle school has been arrested on suspicion of this sexual assault of a least two students. 63 year old ronald garner of san jose was arrested april 15th after an investigation began february 2nd. that's when someone reported to the eldorado county sheriff's office that his teacher ronald garner, had molested him while attending sierra mont middle school between 2002 in 2005. the case was then referred to the san jose police department who then learned of a possible second victim, who also reported being molested by go partner. in that same time span to come here at noon, there's a
12:41 pm
warning for people living in one oakland neighborhood. the scary encounter for several people after a prowler was using brute balconies to get into homes, then let's take it outside right across the bay, san francisco up front the east bay in the distance here, a gorgeous spring day pretty much wherever you are, but what there's a warm up that starts tomorrow. ktvu meteorologists. rosemary oroczo is up next and rosemary oroczo is up next and she has your full need better sleep? try nature's bounty sleep 3 a unique tri layer supplement, that calms you helps you fall a sleep faster and stay a sleep longer. great sleep comes naturally
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out for the first time since viewing police body cam video. julie haener. just a few minutes ago, his family gathered for a rally right outside alameda police headquarters. the alameda police department says gonzalez died last week after suffering a medical emergency during a scuffle with three officers in a park gonzalez, his family says after seeing the video, it's in direct conflict with the police department's account of gonzalez is death. welcome everybody. family is also demanding here to seymour body cam footage from that incident the city of alameda has hired outside investigators here to look into consults his death. the three officers involved are currently on paid administrative leave. people in one oakland neighborhood of reporting a serious of frightening crimes in which intruders show up in the middle of the night, using the victim's balconies to gain
12:45 pm
access to their homes. ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke with some of the victims and police about this troubling trend. then i screamed because i saw someone outside at first sofia at malcolm thought it may have just been a shadow. so she turned on the light in her room. and then i saw someone pick their head out, and i screamed and then i ran to go get our dad. there was no shadow. she and her sister had just interrupted a prowler. it was one of at least six incidents reported over the past month in oakland's adam's point neighborhood. i saw this man. standing right next to me and intruder ended up in pat shoulders bedroom hours after the incident involving the sisters, i screen bloody murder! help! help help! help! and so he evidently had frightened him enough that he went out the front door of my apartment. sisters say they're lucky. the man never got into their apartment. super easy to get to the gate. for me. it's just really freaky because a lot of people are saying maybe he was kind of like stalking people. so then for me that makes me feel kind of scared to go out or walk because i don't know if he's out there, oakland police
12:46 pm
captain robert rosen says the intruder or intruders haven't physically attacked anyone but a somehow managed to end up on balconies. even ones high up. i want you to lock your doors and windows. and remain vigilant ouads.where. what's going onle hopefully we'll be able to make an arrest recent homicin the area, including that of an elderly asian man out for a walk. it's carrie. yeah, there, it seems like there's been a ton of crime in this neighborhood since the pandemic started. i'm never leaving my balcony. open again or the blind or the blinds. i stayed up all night because i was terrified that they very would come back. these women are counting their blessings and hoping that oakland police will soon have a suspect behind bars. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. authorities in santa clara county are searching for vandals who they say attacked a family owned vietnamese restaurant in sunnyvale in a suspected hate crime. the owner of laban in sunnyvale, says he returned to his restaurant sunday afternoon to discover
12:47 pm
the front window had been smashed. now, he says he also found a crumpled up note inside the restaurant that included a racist message targeting asian americans. when i saw the note on the inside, you know that hurt me more as if it was just a random person just breaking our window. the owners of the restaurant said they have no idea who left that racist note in the restaurant security camera. did not capture the crime kind of a cool start to our day this tuesday that rosemary oroczo. it's very pleasant out in the full sunshine. this noontime, isn't it? yes a lot of sunshine. plenty of blue sky and temperatures are warmer than yesterday by several degrees, garcia hello to you, mike and all of you out there. we do have a warming trend underway and this is just the beginning. eventually our inland cities are expected to reach into the eighties is early as tomorrow for some, ah live. look here over the golden gate bridge where folks are on the go this
12:48 pm
afternoon temperatures ranging from about 70 degrees or so in santa rosa at this time to fifties along the coastline, so it feels a little bit like a summer like pattern. given you a view at stormtrooper to where we had that north flow in place, and that will continue getting into the days ahead with a variable wind at the surface, a little bit of a localized onshore breeze will keep temperatures along the coastline. cool too mild. we don't see anything upstream in the way of rain, in fact, expected to be dry over the course of the next several days and through the weekend, so a warmer day underway, sonny nice. an afternoon breeze. we have temperatures again in the fifties along the coastline. here's a look at some of those numbers 55 at half moon bay around the bay low sixties for yu, san francisco, low sixties and hayward. for the inner east bay, though already hitting 70 degrees in areas like walnut creek in brentwood, and in the north base, 70 degrees expected over santa rosa or i should say at this hour, let's go to the north bay where we had a chilly start this morning. but now
12:49 pm
temperatures feeling quite nice, 72 rhona park 72 sebastian pool along the coastline, though, noticed that 56 point reyes 54 over areas of potato bay. so it's really around the bay and inland. we're feeling mild to even warm for the afternoon today. 68 belmont 71. right now it's stanford. and as we go to the inner east bay we have upper sixties toe low seventies here, 70 for clayton 70 reported in dublin, 68. in morada. the forecast calls for several degrees of warming over yesterday, 65 yesterday in santa rosa. they go into 76, which is six degrees or are so above the seasonal norm 58 in san francisco yesterday today going to 62 still relatively cool, too mild, but better than yesterday, and better look at the afternoon highs here for you 74 expected for livermore in the north babel go 74 in napa. and for the south base 73 in morgan hill. temperatures will continue to climb. it'll be all about the numbers moving
12:50 pm
long the coastline. that doesn't really budge thursday, right now looks to be the warmest a mid to upper sixties for pacific and half moon bay. meanwhile around the bay widespread mid upper seventies in our inland cities eighties for you there even a few mid eighties which is really warm for this time of year, anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees above the seasonal average, getting into the business week and closer to the weekend. we've got temperatures beginning to cool off some still relatively mild toe warm and gorgeous weather in the forecast for the weekend upper fifties to about 60 degrees along the coast to seventies around the bay opera seventies to about 80 degrees expected inland back to you, rosemary. thank you. for that state water officials could approve in order for nestle to stop diverting millions of gallons of water from a creek in southern california. ne. the arrowhead label. the u. s. forest service has allowed the water diversion under a permit that expired in 1988. it's been the subject of lawsuits and protests from residents for years now, with new drought concerns, though this issue is
12:51 pm
being raised once again coming up here at noon, increased crowds across the bay area, we'll take a look at how some businesses are recovering as more restrictions are being lifted. plus there really are just a handful of chances left to win. this season play the fox super six masked singer sweepstakes and you could win your share up $250,000 just download the free app and watch the masked singer with us wednesday night at eight o'clock right here on ktvu, fox two.
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weekend businesses in contra costa county, salsameda retty bigro cristina rendon tells us that some businesses are selling at pre pandemic levels. what other people are cooped up no more. the fact that we can go aside
12:55 pm
shop, you know, dying, um, just enjoy ourselves. it's amazing. the proof is that the veranda and concord where people are coming for fashion, food and fun. it's been one month since the center fully reopened the parking lot at 90% capacity on saturday. we have several tenants who are reporting pre pandemic pre covid sales and actually record breaking sales because there's so much built out energy about 3 to 4 of our tenants have actually hit his record numbers must it's like super duper burgers. always a hit. definitely definitely a lot more practice. parking has being fooled. you know, almost every day, so it will feel the difference for sure. movie theaters are drawing crowds to even with limited capacity, a spokesperson for cinemark says this past weekend was the best in the covid era, the release of movies like mortal kombat and demon slayer, bringing in an estimated $54 million across north american theaters. for those who prefer a quieter experience monday marked the first time libraries in contra costa county reopened for the first time in more than
12:56 pm
a year with grab and go service. unprecedented really, we've never been closed for more than a day or two at a time, a lot of the coolest parts of libraries are the spaces inside and the ability to meet with other people, so it's great to see that happening again at the concord library, the safety measures air in plain sight. customers can linger but not sit. computers or spaced out and plexiglass window surround the service desks, seeing customers. ah, welcome change after operating exclusively online during the pandemic, and then the browsing experience is just something that can't be replicated online. and i noticed when i come in, that's what i look forward to. most businesses hope the crowds keep coming, so i think just everybody so excited to get a little bit of normalcy back cristina rendon ktvu bucks to use. the nfl draft is two days away, and the san francisco 49ers have a very, very important selection coming up here in the first round, the 49ers gave up several draft
12:57 pm
picks in order to move up to the number three overall selection. that pick will hopefully turn into the quarterback of the future for the organization. but who will they choose? well some nfl analyst said they expect trevor laurence from clemson and byu quarterback zach wilson to go 12 right out of the game. that leaves these three in the 14. manners with their pick of the remaining top cubes. do we know exactly who we want? maybe? probably, but maybe not. i don't feel like i don't feel like we need to say that. you know, i would love to make everyone happy. i do go to restaurants. i do go to my kid's soccer games. um every single person whether it's ah ref, an umpire, another parent, everyone has a strong opinion on and then most people let me know. so things going. of course change come draft night, but the quarterbacks expected to be there on the board when the finer 49ers pick or these three justin field from ohio state, alabama's back jones and trade lands from north dakota
12:58 pm
state at stanford university. the president and provost are debating whether or not to reinstate 11 sports programs that are said to be eliminated. some of the programs said to be cut include wrestling, men's volleyball and synchronized swimming. students held a rally ahead of a meeting of university trustees just yesterday. day. the proposed cuts would affect about 240 students and nearly two dozen coaches and staff. they kind of sold us on that we're gonna be building early, big thing for stanford wrestling. and then on july eight, when we got that phone call, i was devastated, very, very shocked. stanford released a statement saying the goal of last night's board meeting was to consider the petition to reinstate the 11 programs and give input to stanford management. for the first time in 13 months. the san is a shark's played a home game in front of fans, people who bought the 520 available. tickets lined up early sharks are following tight restrictions. there are limited online ticket sales fans have
12:59 pm
to show evidence of a negative covid test or proof of a coronavirus vaccine before they can come inside. i'm glad to be getting almost a normal head. feels better, you know, to get out and do something like this and said it was watching on tv and, you know nice to come out here seeing a person again and be with the fans and then see the faces of the players, sharks 164. we're learning more details about this year's outside lands festival in san francisco. single tickets go on sale thursday. 10 o'clock in the morning, the festival being held halloween weekend starting on friday, october 29th the strokes the headliner is saturday, liz oh, and on sunday the headliners came in paula, the event will be held at golden gate park. organizers say they're working with local and state officials, too. create a safe experience for those who attempt just saying it's on halloween weekend. that's that's a party. garcia you bet it is. thank you so much for joining us at new news is always on ktvu dot com. and
1:00 pm
of course the ktvu news up, we'll see you right back here for next newscast and four. dr. oz: coming up next -- . horrific, heart-stopping, unbelievable and amazing rescues caught on tape. one man's harrowing 70-foot fall. why do you think you survived that day? and emotional reunion with his rescuers. >> thank you so much. dr. oz: then -- >> how actress and author justin bateman is taking on critics of natural aging ♪ ♪ dr. oz: unbelievable and amazing rescues caught on tape from a death-defying 70-foot fall from a highway overpass to a neighbor saving a life right on their


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