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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 26, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models. and each time we use our card, we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® . governor gavin newsom is now one step closer to appearing on the ballot as the secretary of state verifies the nearly 1.5 million signatures needed. we expect to fight. we don't expect the governor to lay down and just take this. he's going to bring together a lot of money. but the great thing is, we're finally having a policy debate in this state, and
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that's good for all californians. recall question could land on the ballot as early as the summer or as late as december? good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. all of this comes as the governor's approval ratings are still above 50% ktvu jana katsuyama here now, too. plan why critics of the governor are demanding a change, jenna. well, they're not happy with the performance that they've seen so far during this past year of the pandemic, frank and so far it sounds like from the secretary of state that the official tally of all the signatures won't happen until june, but it does appear so far that governor newsome will become only the second governor in california history to have a recall petition qualify for a ballot. recall, organizers needed nearly 1.5 million signatures or 12% of the votes cast in the 2018 elections. on monday, the secretary of state announced they had verified more than 1.6
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million signatures enough so far to qualify for the ballot. this was about california volunteers. and over 30% of those who signed weren't republicans. tom double. caro is chairman of rescue calif. dot or gta political action committee that led the effort. organizers say they want to see candidates with solution to the issues that prompted the recall. any candidate needs to focus on jobs. fixing the school system getting kids back in school water delivery, electricity, homelessness, those air all major issues, governor newsome posted a response on twitter, saying, quote this republican recall threatens our values and seeks to undo the important progress we've made from fighting covid to helping struggling families protecting our environment and passing common sense gun violence solutions. he included a video calling the recall a power grab, of course, paid for by the republican napa. no committees instead of helping fight the pandemic. national republicans
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are coming to fight california's stop the republican recall in 2003 during the last recall election of gray davis more than 130. people ended up putting their names on the ballot. a ballot won't be solidified. that is, we won't know who the candidates are on the ballot. potentially there could be hundreds of people on the ballot. we won't know that until the august time frame, and i'm looking forward to you. california republicans hopefully getting behind one candidate, the california republican party. he says in the coming months, they hope to endorse a candidate who can prove they're viable. it's showing the viability in polling, it's showing the viability and being able to raise money and getting endorsements and the support of individuals who have been elected before. the secretary of state, says people who signed the petition will have until june. 8th toe withdraw their signature and frank if this final count stands, then it will be the lieutenant governor who will set the date for the recall election. jana katsuyama live tonight, jenna. thank you. some
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republicans have already announced that they're going to run for governor if newsom is re called. they include businessman john cox, who lost the new cement 2018, also former san diego merit mayor kevin faulkner. is running along with transgender activist kate caitlyn jenner, who just announced her candidacy last week, and there's also former congressman doug oc. so far, no democrats have said that they plan to run. the first numbers from the 2020 census are out and they show the slowest u. s population growth in generations. that is especially true here in california box news. lauren blanchard tells us that california will lose one congressional seat and some of it. influence in washington, the once in a decade. results have been announced. the number of people living in the united states was 331. the 2020 u. s census shows the u. s
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population grew at 7.4% the second lowest rate since the great depression, experts say due to economic uncertainty of the last two decades, couples have waited longer for kids. there's lower immigration and an eight aging population. i assure the president that the census was complete and accurate. this sense is also helps decide how the 435 representative seats in congress are divided states picking up congressional seats. colorado montana, oregon, florida and north carolina old gained one. texas picked up to pennsylvania, west virginia, ohio, illinois and michigan will lose one seat. new york will as well it was 89 people short of avoiding the loss and for the first time in the state's history. california will lose a seat, but it remains the largest state all other 37 states remained the same, some say, taking a census during a pandemic could have led to a lower count 2020 brought unprecedented challenges a global pandemic destructive wildfires, the most
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active hurricane season on record and civil unrest across the country. republicans look at the south and westward trend as a positive movement republicans when this is all said, and done, we'll be in a great spot to take back then. house majority in 2022. as for the district, the census data shows it grew at almost double the national rate and now has a population larger than wyoming and vermont in washington, dc lauren blanchard, fox news tomorrow, the white house and the cdc are expected to announce updated recommendations for wearing masks outside. most data shows that the coronavirus spreads mostly indoors. currently the cdc recommends that masks be worn in all public settings. but. dr anthony fauci said that the cdc will weigh the very low risk for people, especially those who have been vaccinated being outdoors without a mask. obviously the risk is really very low, particularly if you're vaccinated. the new outdoor mass square and
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guidelines could differ from those fully vaccinated and those who are not, as new numbers show nearly 54% of us adults have received at least one vaccine dose. the cdc is reporting a troubling new trend across the country, according to the agency. nearly 8% of the people who have received their first dose of either the visor or moderna vaccines have missed their follow up appointments for the second dose. that's more five million people, and it is more than double the rate of people who were inoculated in the first several weeks of the nationwide vaccine campaign, the reasons for skipping the second shot very from fear of potential side effects to some people thinking one dose is enough, officials say supply problems may have forced other people to cancel appointments. doctors are stressing it is important to get the second dose to make sure you and others are protected. no appointment. no problem for people who want to coronavirus vaccine in santa clara county this week, county health
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officials say most of the coronavirus vaccine sites in the county will start allowing drop ins beginning tomorrow through sunday. there are there are also same day appointments available at levi stadium and the eastridge mall. health officials say they're starting to see a drop off in demand, so they want to make it as easy as possible to get a shot. we have plenty of vaccine, we probably will have enough, probably over 20,000 doses this week of vaccine again. that will be a mixture of people making appointments and also for those that want to just walk up. so again, we want to urge everyone who hasn't already been vaccinated to please come down. anyone 16 and older who lives works or goes to school in the county can get a free vaccine so far more than 30% 37. percent of people age 16 or older living in santa clara county are fully vaccinated. officials at uc san francisco confirmed there now treating a
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man who developed blood clots after getting the johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccine. ucsf says the patient is a bay area man in his thirties, he developed pain in his leg and back 13 days after receiving the shot. he is expected to go home from the hospital in a few days. it is the first case seen in the bay area and the first in a male patient. all 15 earlier cases were in women between the ages of 18 and 49. health experts stress the vaccine is safe, and many people prefer the convenience of the single dose. i think that we should be prince parents and give people a choice, but the risk is vanishing low. it's a safe vaccine and the benefits from many people of the windows regimen might outwait the very, very rare rest, san francisco says the city doses ready to roll out as soon as state provided fact sheets
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are issued and distributed. the family of a woman from oakland who died of complications from the coronavirus is sharing her story. they're hoping that maybe it'll save lives. they say that she got vaccinated, but then made a costly mistake. new attend. ktvu is amberleigh in oakland with what happened, amber frank, the woman's sister tells me the medical staff here at kaiser oakland did everything they could to try to save her life, but that she died one week ago today. she was a great sister holding a cut out of her late sister, heidi. brevin erica breve, it start says she's still in shock over the loss of her only siblingoakland, a's fan contracted the coronavirus during a trip with friends to arizona for spring training. they took what they thought were a lot of safety precautions. she says heidi received her single dose. johnson and johnson shot march 10th a day later, the 61 year old drove to palm springs and then to arizona. heidi returned
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home nine days later and was not feeling well. she had difficulty breathing. her sister drove her to the hospital. she had ups and downs, but was eventually put on a ventilator. heidi died last monday left in a month after she went into the hospital when she was in the hospital, she says that was the worst thing that ever happened to her was getting coronavirus breath. it's scott suspects, heidi contracted the coronavirus from one of the handful of people who were part of her social bubble and attended spring training with her. we're getting immunized for an infection that is active, which means that we can be exposed to this infection if we go out too soon, dr monica gandhi with ucsf says it can take as long as four weeks for the johnson and johnson vaccine to be fully effective. it's not like a medication that works right away. it is a vaccine, which requires your immune system to work to rev up to take time, and it takes time. diehard green and gold faithful fan heidi brevity. way lost
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recently and the oakland a's paid tribute to the longtime season ticket holder, and we are drinking work. cosmo's rabbits thought shared with me this video. she says her sister opened her heart and home to friends. she treated them as her family that heidi leaves a void in the hearts of many. i just want everybody to get the vaccine and then continue to wear a mask and socially distance until this thing has gone completely. heidi sister tells me there is added pain and losing her when the pandemic is nearing its end. they were looking forward to taking a vacation together, frank ember that was really interesting hearing. the doctors say that it could take up to four weeks for the johnson and johnson vaccine toe fully immunize you from coronavirus. i'm just wondering how many people realize that i'm not sure but she was saying that, um. people think it's two
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weeks. two weeks is good, but really, she would advise people to wait four weeks to be safe. alright amberleigh in oakland tonight, amber. thank you. so first i felt hurt. and then after i felt scared, and note with a racial slur was left behind after a south bay restaurant was vandalized. and tonight, the vietnamese owners are speaking out and temperatures a little bit mild out there and cool today, but we warm up this week. i'll show you what i'm talking about in the five day forecast when we see you next, also declaring drought emergencies, the action expected tomorrow by at least two local jurisdictions that would affect. water consumption for people in the north
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on freshly baked bread! so, let's get out there and get those footlongs. now at subway®, buy one footlong in the app, and get one 50% off. subway®. eat fresh. place was vandalized and a disturbing note with a racial slur was left inside. ktvu azenith smith here now, if you're talking to the owners of that restaurant as well, frank, the santa clara county supervisor for sunnyvale tells us he's spoken to the police chief, and an investigation is underway. the owners want to share what happened to let others know is hate toward asians can happen anywhere. the
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window. everything's just shattered right now. on sunday afternoon, co owner charlie tran of laban and sunnyvale discovered his restaurant had been vandalized. the front window smashed. i really thought that delinquent that just came here and just broke our window. he called 911 police told him to look for bullets rock a brick. he found nothing as he was cleaning up the mess. he found a crumpled up piece of paper with a message when i saw the note on the inside, you know that hurt me. seymour as if it was just a random person just breaking our window inside and read handwriting. someone wrote dirty expletive and then a derogatory term for people of asian descent. go back to your home. i can't believe how this could happen in our community for charlie and his fellow co owner, jeffrey knew in home is the bay area, both their second generation vietnamese americans born and raised in the south bay. they opened up a food
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truck, then a brick and mortar 10 years in the business and sunnyvale for the past four years, i can't fathom. i'm stuttering because i i'm speechless. well, i was disgusted when i heard the news today. this is absolutely not tolerable, unacceptable, and this is horror as mortifying to find out this type of incident still happening right here in sunny bell auto lee is santa clara county supervisor and former mayor of san neville. he says he's surprised sending those population is diverse. 40% asian and 15% land. next we will never allow this to happen to any individual. whatever ratio what your age in the african american latino? it's your wife. this is not acceptable. the owners have no idea who would leave such a note. they're urging everyone to stay vigilant. i would never expect that would happen to me or my family. and that
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restaurant is located in a complex with a few other businesses. none of them were vandalized. unfortunately the restaurant's cameras did not capture the culprit there now asking the other businesses for surveillance video, frank. hey you just wonder why someone would do something like that azenith smith life force tonight as the thank you, the 19 year old accused of killing an elderly asian man in san francisco appeared in court today. in today's hearing, antoine watson of daly city was given a new court date for july. 12 he is accused of murdering 84 year old vika proton pack t who died after being shoved to the ground during his morning walk in january, protesters held a demonstration outside during today's hearing, urging the district attorney to prosecute the case to the fullest extent of the law. take a look at the temperatures from today. it did warm up today. three or four degrees and may have noticed it, but maybe not. i mean, it was pretty cool out there yesterday. of course we had those showers. so it was
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cloudy. today we had more sunshine little bit breezy, but temperatures didn't get much out of the middle and low sixties for most of us, so the warm spot would be santa rosa. it's 68 degrees, but most areas were in the low sixties tomorrow will warm up and noticeably, you'll see temperatures tomorrow in the mid seventies and some of the warmest spots. santa rosa who goes 77 degrees. there's no fog along the coast right now. the winds are relatively light. but there's still there's still blowing out there in the delta up to 25 miles an hour but not very windy along the coast tomorrow will settle into a bit of a warming trend. super noticeable about noontime when temperatures get above 65 68 degrees. you kind of search go. it's like spring again and then we move into wednesday thursday when temperatures really start to come up quite a bit into the mid eighties, maybe even a little warmer than that. so when i come back, we'll look at that. we'll go looking for rain, and we'll look at the five day forecast. see you back here a little bit. okay bill will see then. thank you tomorrow. sonoma county supervisors are set to declare a drought emergency. the county is facing what water dis as a
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historic drought in the making. the declaration would come after governor newsome declared drought emergencies in sonoma and medicine. oh counties last week. the local action would allow the county to ask residents to make voluntary cuts in water use. it would also streamline government funding and reimbursement for drought role. i did projects, officials say the county reservoirs are among the lowest they've been ever in history for this time of year, east bay mud's board of directors will also be voting tomorrow on whether to declare a stage one drought under drought declaration, customers could be asked to conserve water by 10% east bay, but could also buy supplemental water supplies from the bureau of reclamation. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera has been tapped by the mayor to lead us these public utilities commission, herrera was the first elected or rather was first elected to city attorney in 2001. he would replace harlan kelly, who resigned as general manager
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back in november after the fbi charged him with accepting bribes. herrera's office is continuing to investigate the corruption scandal if the puc commission approves herrera's appointment, the new city attorney would be appointed by the mayor. still ahead a neighborhood in oakland on edge after several residents come face to face with an intruder inside their homes how people think he's gaining access i scream bloody murder! help! help help! help! and so he, evidently and frightened him enough that he went out the front door of my apartment. police believe
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was also hospitalized and is now reportedly in stable condition. police have not said if they made any arrests. people who live in another neighborhood in oakland are reporting a serious of frightening crimes where intruders show up in the middle of the night using the victim's balconies to get in. it's happening in the adam's point neighborhood, located on the northern side of lake merritt, our crime reporter henry lee talked to some of the victims who say they were terrified. then i screamed because i saw someone outside at first sofia at malcolm thought it may have just been a shadow. so she turned on the light in her room. and then i saw someone pick their head out, and i screamed and then i ran to go get our dad. there was no shadow. she and her sister had just interrupted a prowler. it was one of at least six incidents reported over the past month in oakland's adam's point neighborhood. i saw this man. standing right next to me and intruder ended up in pat shoulders bedroom hours after the incident involving the sisters, i screen bloody murder! help help! help! help! and so he, evidently had
10:25 pm
frightened him enough that he went out the front door of my apartment. sisters say they're lucky. the man never got into their apartment. super easy to get to the gate. for me. it's just really freaky because a lot of people are saying maybe he was kind of like stalking people. so then for me that makes me feel kind of scared to go out or walk because i don't know if he's out there, oakland police captain robert rosen says the intruder or intruders haven't physically attacked anyone but a somehow manage to end up on balconies. even ones high up. i want you to lock your doors and windows and remain vigilant and nowhere was going on around, he says. investigators are following up on leads. hopefully we'll be able to make an arrest soon in the in the cases. residents have been on edge after recent homicides in the area, including that of an elderly asian for a walk. it's scary. yeah, there, it seems like there's been a ton of crime in this neighborhood since the pandemic started. i'm never leaving my balcony, open again or the blind or the blinds. i stayed up all night. i was terrified that they value would come back. these women are counting their blessings and hoping that oakland police
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will soon have a suspect behind bars. and really ktvu, fox two news, a rent a police are investigating a syriza burglaries involving four businesses in downtown aranda. the burglaries occurred yesterday between midnight and two a.m. on iraq away and brookwood road, police say in each case, the suspect entered the business after breaking the glass front door, a man who appeared to be the same suspect in all four cases left after taking some cash. the investigation is ongoing. still ahead, restrictions easy and more businesses reopening, and that means crowds are returning to places like shopping centers and movie theaters, plus financial hardship made worse by the pandemic. and now many people 65 older are finding it more difficult to retire. also had the a's like to get back on the winning track, but they had to do it without their manager, bob melvin, who was ejected. we'll tell you why a little
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. county reopened for the first time in more than a year, and this past weekend saw crowds. it's a myspace shopping centers and movie theaters. ktvu cristina rendon tells us some businesses say they're now selling at pre pandemic levels. people are cooped up no more. the fact that we can go outside shop, you know, dying, just enjoy ourselves. it's amazing. the proof is that the veranda and concord where people are coming for fashion, food and fun. it's been one month since the center fully reopened the
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parking lot at 90% capacity on saturday. we have several tenants who are reporting pre pandemic pre covid sales and actually record breaking sales because there's so much built out energy about 3 to 4 of our tenants have actually hit those record numbers. restaurants like super duper burgers, always a hit. definitely definitely a lot more pack parking as being fooled. you know, almost every day so you will feel the difference for sure movie theaters or drawing crowds to even with limited keep cassidy, a spokesperson for cinemark says this past weekend was the best in the covid era. the release of movies like mortal kombat and demon slayer, bringing in an estimated $54 million across north american theaters. for those who prefer a quieter experience, monday marked the first time libraries in contra costa county reopened for the first time in more than a year with grabbing go service. unprecedented really, we've never been closed for more than a day or two at a time. a lot of the coolest parts of libra these are the spaces inside and
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the ability to meet with other people. and so it's great to see that happening again at the concord library, the safety measures air in plain sight, customers can linger but not sit computers or spaced out and plucks a glass windows surround the service desks, seeing customers. ah welcome change after operating exclusively online during the pandemic, and then the browsing experience is just something that can't be replicated online. and i noticed when i come in. that's what i look forward to. most businesses hope the crowds keep coming, so i think just everybody so excited to get a little bit of normalcy back cristina rendon ktvu fox two news american tourists who've been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus will be allowed to visit europe their summer, officials in brussels say the european union is working on a new policy to allow transatlantic travel, which was restricted more than a year ago to limit the spread of the coronavirus. under the plan, countries in the. would launch covid travel passes. those
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passes would apply to people who've been vaccinated against the virus recovered from an infection or who have tested negative for many older adults. the isolation of the past year has been a tough reality, but it's been even more difficult for many bay area seniors, seniors who couldn't afford to stop working as ktvu is heather holmes shows us now the high cost of living keeps many people from retiring. many older adults well into their seventies and eighties have been working low wage jobs throughout the pandemic because they can't afford to retire for them. vaccines make their job safer, but their day to day reality remains difficult. what i know if i don't work. i have no money. that's all i know. susannah 66 year old home care assistant in oakland can't afford to take any breaks, not even for surgery. if i have the surgery, i stopped for a gig, but i needed under the supplemental poverty measure. that's where. california
10:33 pm
seniors have the highest poverty rate in the nation. patty front. huber is a senior attorney at justice and aging. she says that not only are many older adults too poor to retire, they also faced age discrimination, and that makes it much harder to get and keep a job. they by retired. the money is not enough to pay the bills. still i have toe get money from somewhere else, and that's why i still work until my body's. feel able to work because suzanne makes $15 an hour and has been for many years. the amount of social security that gets taken out of her paycheck won't be enough to live off of if she stops working. she also needs the income so she could help her and just put food on the table. it's really sad then you know, sometimes we wanted this one. but we have to think for the other things like the bears, which is coming every month. we saw older workers who, um, could not afford to
10:34 pm
stop working. even if they were a frontline worker who was at risk of getting covid mari, a 72 year old nursing assistant, says she's happy to have a job. she's also an artist who loves sharing her craft, but she says she won't be able to afford to keep living in san francisco if she stops working. i've been carrying. where i live that i am protected because when control and i'm a senior citizen, so i'm grateful for that. because i have would have to have two jobs to live in san francisco, and she's not alone. the average social security benefit for a senior living in san francisco is just $15,000 per year. their benefits aren't enough to pay for the cost of living in today, it's 2021. area heather holmes ktvu, fox two news. the u. s is pledging
10:35 pm
more help for india, which is being battered by a massive surge in coronavirus cases. india has set records five days in a row now of more than 350 new cases per day. hospitals are literally turning away people because they don't have enough oxygen beds or ventilators. people in the bay area's indian community are closely following the news. concerned about loved ones in their native homeland. it's also a heart rending to see that they came so far, and it's so well just to go back to square one again. the u. s says help is on the way federal officials are sending oxygen ventilators, protective gear and coronavirus treatments to india, along with experts from the cdc. still ahead a rally to save 11 sports that are facing the chopping block it stanford university. the meeting held
10:36 pm
tonight and when a final decision could be made in kind of a cool night out there tonight, winds have died down. it's gonna be warmer tomorrow. you knew that will let you know how warm and some mid eighties show up in the five day forecast back after the break. also coming up outrage in north carolina over the police shooting of a man as officers were serving a search warrant how family members. described 20 seconds of police, body camera video, and they are furious because that was this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. it's a better kind of business insurance. it's only three pages. straightforward. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for "spokesperson?" that's me.
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of the head and after being allowed to see just 20 seconds of body camera video. family members describe it as an execution tonight, protesters
10:39 pm
marched through elizabeth city, calling for the full release of that video. andrew brown jr was killed last wednesday while sheriff's deputies attempted to serve drug related search and arrest warrants. today brown's family and attorney privately beauty short portion of body camera video and said after that, he appeared to have it. hands on his car's steering wheel. when deputies opened fire, they criticized the limited video release. they determined what was pertinent. what can the family see all of the video executed? it ain't right. it ain't right at all. city leaders in elizabeth city have now declared a state of emergency ahead of the possible public release of that body. camera video. there is renewed urgency to pass police reform legislation following a string of deadly police shootings. fox news lauren blanchard tells us that there may be some willingness among democrats and republicans to negotiate on
10:40 pm
what's known as qualified immunity for officers. attorney general merrick garland, announcing the justice department will begin a pattern or practice investigation into the louisville, kentucky government and police department after the 2020 shooting death of rianna taylor. investigation will include a comprehensive review of the louisville police department's policies and training. this investigation comes on the heels of a similar one into the minneapolis police department. we will follow the facts and the law wherever they lead after more officer involved shootings in the last week from ohio to north carolina on captain hill lawmakers are once again debating police reform. there's the house democrat backed george floyd justice and policing act and republican senator tim scott's bill that was filibustered last year for not going far enough. now, it seems there is more willingness to negotiate on one of the biggest sticking points. qualified immunity. senator scott and lindsey graham say they're willing to move the burden of responsibility from individual officers to police
10:41 pm
departments. if you want to destroy placing in america, make sure that every cop can be sued there. is a way to find qualified immunity reform. take the cop out of it. still democrats want to make sure officers can be held responsible for their actions. this has been going on for just decades and officers right now we're not really held accountable, but one place republicans refused to budge. this defined the police. i just want to say it in one word. it's called betrayal. senator scott will likely make republican priorities on police reform front and center in his rebuttal to president biden's speech to congress on wednesday in washington, lauren blanchard. fox news. the department of homeland security will undergo an internal review to root out white supremacy and extremism within its ranks. the new york times reports it's part of a larger effort to combat extremist ideology in the federal government, president biden says identifying extremists throughout the nation and specifically in government agencies is a priority, especially after a
10:42 pm
pro trump mob stormed the u. s capitol on january. 6th authorities have said many of the writers were found to be men. firs of extremist groups still ahead here. the effort to recall the mayor of windsor is moving forward. the action taken today by a group of town residents and taking a live look outside at the supermoon this monday night. while it's beautiful, we'll check in with our chief meteorologist, bill martin for the complete bay area forecast.
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the town clerk. the group of residents turned in and notice of intent to recall dominic for poli recall effort started after six women accused him of sexual assault during alleged crimes dating back to 2003 for poli has denied the accusations and has refused to resign. but he has stepped back from his duties as mayor. the mayor of the chance to respond if he chooses doesn't have to andre. we could begin the process of getting our petitions approved so we won't see petitions printed and on the street until mid may, but we're ready to do it, and we have a lot of volunteers were asking how they can help. the sonoma county sheriff's department is investigating the sexual assault allegations. the state will soon be releasing more
10:46 pm
data on gun violence to researchers with the university of california attorney general rob bond has said he wants to provide the firearm violence research center uc davis with the information they need to help strengthen gun laws. bonta also announced a review of all data released by the state department of justice to look at ways to make that more accessible to the public as well. sacramento county district attorney announced today. she will run for state attorney general in the election next year, and marie schubert says she's running as an independent. she previously was a registered republican, schubert was elected as sacramento d a in 2014. she has handled a number of high profile cases, including the golden state killer case and the police shooting of stefan clark. she says she is running as an advocate for victims of crime. just looking at the temperatures from today again, just to give you a feel for how it goes tomorrow, warmer by good. some places. they're gonna warm up 10 degrees like anya could go 10 degrees warmer
10:47 pm
fairfield in the rest of us, 5 to 8 degrees. so warmer day tomorrow today was kind of cool for the most part. and as we look at the live camera in san francisco, there's no fog along the coast right now. the winds are blowing that hard. it's kind of a nice little evening out there, but will be chilly tonight that has to do with a lack of winds and very little cloud cover and a cold front that went through yesterday that brought not enough rain, but it brought a lot of cool there, and that's why temperatures will be chilly tonight. why is it chilly like mid number thirties in the north bay, so that's pretty significant. chill s o. you be ready for that? we are looking at winds out there that are pretty mild. for this time of the evening, you could easily this time of night scene winds into the into the twenties and 30 marin our ranges and they're not. they're kind of down around the teens so tomorrow well to the sfo 22. so tomorrow we are. going to be looking at warmer day and with warmer weather in the forecast is going to trend upward right through thursday and thursday ends up being chill with my clicker thursday and that being
10:48 pm
the warmest day of the week with temperatures potentially into the mid eighties, which is pretty warm, considering where we came from today, the departure from last night at this time about the same really two degrees warmer two degrees cooler. not a big difference in this morning was pretty pretty cool. pretty chilly. so if you look at the satellite map, you see this big, clear area out here, the high pressure and then you see a few showers lingering on the west slope of the sierra nevada. they don't get much in the way of snow 3 to 5 inches. maybe there might be some places got more. i didn't see anything more than that. the fog will we turn patchy to the coast. but right now it's kind of clear those just mostly some high clouds out there. this is the overnight lows like i say. 36 santa rosa 44 in centerville, 42 in valet help. i mean, that's those temperatures. that's pretty chilly when you're going toe work or to school in the morning, so yeah, i wish i was ready to talk about what we're talking about. in general warming trend here. so tomorrow is you look at the forecast for san francisco. you can rule oakland into that. and sandra fell and, um. castro
10:49 pm
valley. it's going to be mostly sunny for all of us tomorrow by lunchtime and by the end of the day, san francisco ends up that 62 degrees, 79 degrees in fairfield, 75 in antioch and most of us upper mid sixties to low seventies and then the temperatures come up again on wednesday, and they complicate on thursday, so it's a dry forecast. it's cool overnights for the next couple of nights and then temperatures warm gradually right into thursday, and then the weekend. we'll get a few more clouds in here, and that'll kind of cool things down a little bit. but still just a really nice bay area. whether spring pattern, frank bill, thank you. stanford university trustees met tonight to reconsider reinstating 11 sports that are scheduled to be dropped from the athletics program. students held a rally on campus ahead of tonight's meeting. the 11 sports include rustling men's volleyball and synchronized swimming, which are all scheduled to end after this academic year because of budget issues, the cuts would affect roughly 204. students
10:50 pm
and more than 20 coaches and staff. they kind of sold us on that we're gonna be building a really big thing for stanford wrestling. and then on july eight, when we got that phone call, i was devastated. very, very shocked. you know, statement, stanford said the objective of tonight's meeting was to consider the petition to reinstate the 11 sports and provide input to stanford management. the final decision will be made by the president. stanford and provost in the coming weeks long before the puck dropped for tonight. sharks game at the s a p center in san jose. the excitement was building outside the arena. thanks. tonight was the night team teal fans have been waiting for more than a year. now, the opening up to fans comes as california loosens many covid-19 restrictions in addition to a digital ticket,
10:51 pm
the escapee center required evidence of a negative covid test or proof of vaccination to get in the door. angie and darryl barney came from watson bill for tonight's game, and we're proud to be first in line after months of watching the team on tv. are you all right? i'm glad to be getting almost a normal head. feels better, you know, to get out and do something like this and said it was watching on tv and you know, nice to come out here seeing a person again and be with the fans and then see the faces of the players keep on safe attendance was limited food and drinks were on lee served in a desert me designated area and mass and social distancing were required. coming up. next. the giants crush the rockies for 12 runs our sports director marco bonnie is up next with all the highlights that's next in sports. then on the 11 o'clock news. many berry businesses trying to reopen now have a new problem. trouble finding enough qualified staff will tell you why.
10:52 pm
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but if the dodgers lose tonight, and they're down to the final couple of outs against the reds say hello to the first place, san francisco giants. that's kind of fun. got a nice ring to it, and once in a blue moon giants will explode offensively like they did tonight is actually a big, beautiful already up towards it with the second evan longoria stroking nicely into the gap left center field, got himself a double. gloria's and slater scoring right hamstring jizz on longoria left the proceedings. frame continues. bases loaded, maurice skill to bond deeps better and everybody's gonna
10:55 pm
score a three run. double. do bonds back finally starting to wake up this night, nothing more than enough for anthony disco. see me delph disco. funny sorry, trevor story, right field down the line, darren. rough with a nice catch down there on the desk. joe fonzi had plenty to work with. believe me, but just to be sure, buster posey swinging free and easy these days ticket to ride two run shot matter fact, buster had four it's tonight and just go funny goes. the distance is 100 pitch right there. we'll put it into a three masterpiece and nine strikeouts to go with it, 12 nothing. the final 13 consecutive wins for the a's. they lives. no problem with stud another win streak and that they did down in tampa, although it came with the instant replay problem, that really would have been a huge
10:56 pm
problem had they not been able to pull the game out against the temp. berets a's fans traveling well out of the truck this evening, third inning on 12 outboard great defense this time and right field. stephen piscotty saves at least one run robbing manual, margo schattman. i'll very happy about that he win his 3rd 4th inning, one on four shot murphy deep and. god his second home run of the year came up. lefty rich hill, former oakland a former dodger 2 to 1 lead. here's that instant replay i was talking about. i don't know about this tony camp little pop up joey window, it's just missed judges and falls between three raising elvis andrus to the plate running with two outs. he looks safe. mike zunino the tag to the replay. i think he stuck his right hand in there just ahead of the tag they review. it and they still call him out.
10:57 pm
bob melvin is calm as they come, and that even riled him up. he earns an ejection. he's out of there, but the a's do hang on to win. it blew trevino, the save and the a's have won 14 out of the last 15. now here's a street that definitely had the end. i mean, the sharks have too much talent, distinct it up for eight in a row, and as julie told me a couple minutes ago, fans back in to take tonight. i think the sharks players happy that they wanted to see him the way they've been going that they were quickly rewarded. 17 seconds in coyote turnover deep in their own and no aggregor with the loose puck. open net one, nothing and on the replay. you see the goalie darcy kemper and had jason amir's kind of botched that one sharks up, 3 19 evander kane sense up erik karlsson. ish. you've been wondering where he's been at one time or from the point for nothing. phoenix hated very
10:58 pm
interesting late, but six for the final cane with a nice, empty netter to put it away. all right, draft day coming up, and you know what happens in these predraft press conferences, the general managers there the coaches there. will answer all the questions and tell you nothing. who could blame him? right 49ers huge pick coming up on thursday, john lynch and kyle shanahan on hand to meet with the media. they wouldn't tell you who they were gonna draft, of course, but they did kind of make it clear that they want to get somebody who's a little more reliable with regard to not getting hurt it quarterback than jimmy garoppolo. so if things go as planned, drafty number three, the board figures to look like that as. available back jobs for bama justin fields from ohio state. trey lance, of course, the north dakota which one will the niners pick? do they even know? do we know exactly who we want?
10:59 pm
maybe probably, but maybe not. right i don't feel like i don't feel like we need to say that. you know, i would love to make everyone happy and i do go to restaurants. i do go to my kid's soccer games. um every single person whether it's ah ref, an umpire. um another parent, everyone has a strong opinion on and then most people let me know. yeah, that they do. don't listen to the fans. you wind up sitting with him in the stands. all right, california living you do need to check this out. everybody's gone surfin. it seems like it. diego sent over. a man is two year old daughter. that's just classic right there. yes yeah, right. catch a wave and they're sitting on top of the world. frank did that that was that jan and dean. i think so. i'm gonna go. with that beach boys, jan and dean, one of those one of those cruise right? it definitely captures your california lifestyle. that's
11:00 pm
the sporting life. giants today is both the lick it real good, but it's certainly back to you. all right, mark. frank you hmm. and next at 11 when i saw that, no, i was like that hurt me more. and that made me even more scared. a disturbing note left at a vietnamese restaurant. out there tonight. the act of vandalism that has one family now living in fear. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. the family that owns the restaurant is speaking up after their restaurant was vandalized over the weekend. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. they say they found the broken glass and a note containing a racial slur. ktvu is azenith smith is here and after speaking with the owners. has napa. well, julia, those owners sharing what happened to alert others saying these crimes can happen anywher


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