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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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these blood clots after getting the j and j shot ucs says the patient here is a bay area man in his early 30. he developed pain in his leg and back 13 days after getting the shot. he's expected to go home from the hospital in the coming days. now, this is the first case of these blood clots here in the bay area and the first in a male patient, all 15 earlier cases were women between 18 and 49. despite the news health experts stress the vaccine is safe. it's very natural for people to have questions to have concerns. there's a lot going on in chatter, rooms and places across the internet and social media, but the real takeaway for folks to know is that really anything can have a bad outcome. the question is how common is it? and this is just simply absolutely rare. that's far and that's really the good news in the single shot change a vaccine. it's not to make the case that there's no such thing as a risk. it's just how rare that risk is. san
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francisco says the city has about seven. j and j doses ready to roll out as soon as state provided faction or issued and distributed with vaccinations of the j and j. vaccination approved now to resume eight bay area counties and the city of berkeley, issued a statement in support of health officials as the vaccines temporary pause was lifted, they say, in part that the counties the johnson and johnson, they concur that the johnson and johnson vaccine is safe. the bay area, health providers should resume its administration. the region's health officers agree that the risk of developing those rare clotting the rare clotting disorder is extremely low. now before giving the new agree light for the j and j vaccine, the cdc did review those 15 blood clot cases where three people did die and a handful of others were hospitalized. malik savage ktvu fox two news, all right, alex. thank you,
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california's new covid cases are still hovering at about 2000 day. they have been at that level for more than a month. now 15 deaths were reported statewide. yesterday here in the bay area, 480 new cases were reported and one death was reported in san mateo county. also today, contra costa county announced it has now administered more than one million doses of coronavirus vaccines. officials say 47% of the county is now fully vaccinated. a troubling trend. millions of americans are not receiving their second doses of the covid-19 vaccine, according to the cdc, nearly 8% of the people who have so far received their first dose of either the moderna or fizer vaccines have missed their follow up appointments to receive the second dose. the reasons fear of potential side effects could be one thing. also some people don't think i think rather that one dose is enough. others could be missing the second appointments because of a lack of vaccine doses, and it is important to note that some people might be receiving
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their two doses at different facilities, making it harder to track doctors are stressing it is important to get the second dose to make sure you are protected. in contra costa county libraries have reopened for the first time in more than a year, and people are also returning to shopping centers and movie theaters. interviews cristina rendon us that some of the stores are reporting that there is busy now as they were before the pandemic. people are cooped up no more. the fact that we can go outside shop, you know, dying, and just enjoy ourselves. it's amazing. the proof is that the veranda and concord where people are coming for fashion, food and fun, it's been one month since the center fully reopened the parking lot at 90% capacity. on saturday. we have several tenants who are reporting pre pandemic creek. covid sales and actually record breaking sales because there's so much built out energy about 3 to 4 of our tenants have actually hit those record numbers. restaurants like super duper burgers, always a hit. definitely definitely a lot
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more pack barking has being fooled, you know, almost every day, so it will feel the difference for sure. movie theaters are drawing crowds to even with limited capacity. a spokesperson for cinemark says this past weekend was the best in the covid era. the release of movies like mortal kombat and demon slayer, bringing in an #### estimated 54 million across north american theaters. for those who prefer a quieter experience monday marked the first time libraries in contra costa county reopened for the first time in more than a year with grab and go service unprecedented. really we've never been closed for more than a day or two at a time. a lot of the coolest parts of libraries the spaces inside and the ability to meet with other people, so it's great to see that happening again at the concord library. the safety measures are in plain sight. customers can linger but not sit computers or spaced out and plexiglass windows the service desks, seeing customers. ah, welcome change after operating
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exclusive online during the pandemic, and then the browsing expiry is just something that can't be replicated online. and i noticed when i come in, that's what i look forward to most businesses hope the crowds keep coming, so i think just everybody so excited to get a little bit of normalcy back cristina rendon ktvu you to use, some middle and high school students went back to their classrooms today in san francisco for the first time in more than a year, 2000 students were turned to campus today. these air students that the school district has identified as having severe difficulties with distance learning. english as a second language students as well as foster youth students in public housing or students who are homeless. students at san francisco international high school will now have four days a week of in person instruction feel connected to the school, to learn a little bit more, because it's not a saint in be all online classes that day in person. there is still no plan
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or timeline yet to bring back all middle and high school students in san francisco. elementary students were trying to campuses earlier this month. nationwide the number of coronavirus infections is dropping. despite some lingering hot spots. fox news brian eunice tells us that public health officials are working to convince people who are hesitant to get the vaccine. the number of new covid-19 infections has dropped to around 50,000 per day in the u. s but public health officials warn the caseload is high enough to cause another wave of infections. michigan is now the current hot spot for covid-19 in the u. s with 91 new infections over the last two weeks. the michigan health and hospital association finds hospitals are admitting twice as many patients in their thirties and forties as they did during the fall peak. they you want to get back out, and b is active in their communities. and when that happens, there's risk for spread. michigan
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health officials blamed the surgeon part on vaccine hesitancy on fox news poll finds one in five registered voters will not get the vaccine with the number one fear being development was rushed. some health experts say improved messaging is needed to persuade people to get a shot. we have to go, doctor patient patient to patient and say, look, you got the vaccine. you're protected. now we have need very clear, directmessaging, cdc data shows the daily vaccination rate dropped below three million last week. public health officials say many americans who were eager to get vaccinated have gotten their shots and the goal now is to get hard to reach populations their vaccine. those who are interested in being vaccinated should have access to be get vaccinated. the white house announced on monday that the u. s will release 60 million astrazeneca vaccine doses to other countries in the coming months in brooklyn, new york, brian eunice fox news, the u. s. is pledging more help for
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india, which is being battered by a surge of covid-19 cases, india has set records for five days in a row of more than 350 new cases a day. hospitals air literally turning away people because they don't have enough oxygen beds or ventilator. people in the bay area's indian community are closely following the news coming out of india, concerned about their loved ones in their native homeland. it's also, hard rending to see that they came so far and it so well, just to go back to square one again. the u. s. says help is on the way. federal officials are sending oxygen ventilators, protective gear and coronavirus treatments to india, along with experts from the cdc. an important milestone today in the effort to recall governor newsome today, the secretary of state's office says they verified the necessary number of signatures to hold a recall election later
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on this year. ktvu jana katsuyama following the late developments for tonight, jenna frank. i spoke with the secretary of state's office. and they say that people do have the option to withdraw their signature. so the final official tally won't be until june. but if except seeds, then governor gavin newsom will be only the second governor in california history to have a recall petition succeed and qualified for the ballot. the other day was democrat gray davis back in 2003. the recall. organizers say they needed more than 1.4 million signatures or 12 of the vote cast in the 2018 election. the secretary of state said today there were more than one million verified signatures so far organized say there they were very unhappy with governor newsome's handling of the pandemic restrictions, school openings and keeping the economy on track. back in 2003 during that last recall election of great davis more than 103 people ended up putting their names on
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the ballot and already some republicans, including realities caitlyn jenner have already declared they plan to run the ballot won't be solidified. that is, we won't know who the candidates are on the ballot, and potentially, there could be hundreds of people on the ballot. we won't know that until the august timeframe. governor newsome posted a message on twitter today, saying, quote this republican recall threatens our values and seeks to undo the important progress we've made from fighting covid to helping struggling families protecting our environment and passing common sense gun violence solutions, recall, organizers say they're prepared to fight for change. now we have to put together a comprehensive plan and we already have begun to do that for a full campaign. we expect a big budget and we expect to fight. we don't expect the governor to lay down and just going to bring together a lot of money. but the great thing is'ry debate in this state, and that's good for all californians. once the
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secretary of state gets the final count of signatures in june. it will then go to the department of finance to estimate the cost of the recall election. and then finally, frank, it will be the lieutenant governor who will make the final decision on a date for the recall election. jana katsuyama live tonight, jenna. thank you. california will lose one of its congressional seats that is just one of the big takeaways from the release of the 2020 census numbers coming up at 6 30. what other changes we may see, also delay in retirement. how some people are delaying their retirement because of the coronavirus and the economic problems that followed, and we definitely warmed up a little bit today, but big time warming this week in the five day i'll see you back here with that. also ahead some earthquake activity rattles tahoe over the weekend, coming up the latest weekend, coming up the latest on the quakes
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. year has been difficult, very scary. people over 65 are most likely to suffer complications from the coronavirus, and it's been even more difficult for many bay area seniors who couldn't afford to stop working during the past year. knew it. six tonight ktvu is heather holmes joins us now live with more on the bay area seniors who are now forced to work well into their golden years. heather holmes is the cost of living increases here in california. more and more retirement. eligible seniors are desperate to keep working social security payments, while helpful, just aren't enough to cover anything but basic expenses, especially in the uncertain times brought on by the pandemic. many older adults well into their seventies and eighties have been working low wage jobs throughout the pandemic because they can't afford to retire for them.
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vaccines make their job safer, but their day to day reality remains difficult. what i know if i don't work. i have no money. that's all i know. susannah 66 year old home care assistant in oakland can't afford to take any breaks, not even for surgery. if i have the surgery, i stopped for a gig, but i needed under the supplemental poverty measure. that's where. california seniors have the highest poverty rate in the nation. patty front. huber is a senior attorney at justice and aging. she says that not only are many older adults too poor to retire, they also faced age discrimination, and that makes it much harder to get and keep a job day by retired. the money is not enough to pay the bills. still i have toe get money from somewhere else, and that's why i still work until my body's. feel able to work because suzanne makes $15 an hour and has been for many years. the
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amount of social security that gets taken out of her paycheck won't be enough to live off of if she stops working. she also needs the income so she could help her son through college, pay the rent and just put food on the table. it's really sad, and you know, sometimes we wanted this one. but we have to think for the other things like the bears, which is coming every month, we saw older workers who could not afford to stop working even if they were a frontline worker who was at risk of getting covid mari a 72 year old nursing assistant, says she's happy to have a job. she's also an artist who loves sharing her craft, but she says she won't be able to afford. to keep living in san francisco if she stops working. i've been here. where i live that i am protected because when control and i'm a senior citizen, so i'm grateful for that. because
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i have would have to have two jobs to live in san francisco, and she's not alone. the average social security benefit for a senior living in san francisco is just $15,000 per year. their benefits aren't enough to pay for the cost of living in today, it's 2021. area. ah, during the pandemic. a survey found that 14% of seniors in san francisco were living on living in severe poverty. and on top of that 30% of seniors in the city live in social ice social isolation there all alone without financial or fat family support. many argue, we need to find ways to support older folks in our community so that they can get through these difficult times. julie yeah, definitely. heather frank, you tahoe area. experienced serious of earthquakes over the past weekend. the largest was a magnitude 3.2, according to the u. s. geological survey. the
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epicenter was located in the middle of lake tahoe. about 5.5 miles southwest of dollar point, people in pollock pines along highway, 50 said they felt the ground shake about 8 30 yesterday morning, the usgs says it was one of three earthquakes that hit the tahoe area over the weekend. pictures were rattling on the walls. and what have you i was sitting with my laptop on my computer in the chair and i almost threw my laptop on the floor and jumped up out of the chair. it scared me and my heart raced five minutes. authorities say there were no reports of any. damage or injuries, already kind of a blustery kind of cool day. today we saw sixties but it was much chili. remember last week we had record heat earlier in last week, and we had a little bit of rain yesterday and 10. she's really took a drop off today a little bit of snow in the mountains, but not not enough to make much of a difference in as we go into the next few days, as you would guess it's going to warm up sun angles higher. it's getting closer to the you know,
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not not that far into tell summer now, and we're looking at temperatures are going to increase this week into the mid eighties. and probably by wednesday and thursday. so if you look outside their san francisco windy and breezy along the coast and at sfo, i've got gus upto 31 miles an hour earlier that step all right now it's gusting to 21 in novato. just pretty breezy for up there. san francisco airports 22 sustained so that's for sure getting gusts up to 30 25 marin hour gusts that hayward that's down sea levels. this is actually in some cases, wind you're up. wind you're down at sea level. it is up high, which is the opposite of what we typically see 56 in berkeley right now. 65 fairfield. these temperatures are trending warmer than yesterday, albeit seemingly cool. it's still warmer than yesterday. the set up for the next few days. you're gonna be the ridge of high pressure and it's going to stay put for a while when as it does, that's gonna allow temperatures to soar. into the seventies and mid seventies tomorrow eighties and low eighties on wednesday, thursday, mid eighties easily
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very warm, so we'll come back. we'll take a look at that for the five day forecast as well. i screamed because i saw someone outside and she's not alone in one oakland neighborhood and intruder comes face to face with his victims coming up the search for the so called balcony burglar plus. president biden is preparing to address a joint session of congress on wednesday, and matthis ofher in washington with more on what he's expected to say you're into your shows, right? the office. now you can be really into your shows with xfinity. find your favorites with just your voice. there is no fire. it was only a simulation! what?! dwight. manuel wins another one! get live sports on the go. he's stealing my scene.
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congress this week as he wraps up his 1st 100 days in office. box news. madeline rivera is in washington with some of the issues he's expected to address on wednesday evening. as president biden closes out the first chapter of his presidency, several democrats say so far he's delivered on a lot of his campaign promises from addressing climate change to tackling the coronavirus, but as he's expected to mention to congress wednesday, the work is far from over. working with congress to put in place police reform, including doing more to expand access to affordable health care. on the other hand, some say, bite and still lags on key issues like immigration. the latest farm. new survey shows 46% of voters say border security is worse now than it was two years ago. just in three month breach. look how far we've dropped. look at our border, which is totally out of
6:24 pm
control. the president is also expected to unveil the american families plan of the second part of his build back better agenda. 17 senators, including bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, have sent a letter to bite and calling for medicare expansion, but the white house is still working on the final details. he's starting that conversation where he believes its response in place to start putting a plan on the table. however several republicans are slamming. biden's saying he's spending too much without compromising with them. i predict they're going to ram through something with only democrat votes and no republican participation again to the tune of a couple trillion dollars, while typically all 535 members of congress are invited to attend the president's joint address this year due to covid. the guest list is expected to be capped at roughly 200. washington mountain rivera fox news. and you can watch president biden's address to a joint session of congress wednesday at six p.m. right here on ktvu. it will be followed by an all new episode of the mass singer at eight ah
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prime time edition of ktvu fox two news at nine and then the 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock news. joe biden administration is already looking toward the next potential pandemic. vice president kamala harris appeared virtually before the united nations today and she made the case for why now is the time for the u. s and other countries to consider focusing their attention on preparedness the same time that the world works to get through this pandemic. we also know that we must prepare for the next we must be ready, resilient and responsive. first we must get ready. every country must have a strong health system that everyone can access and a work force that can detect and stop unexpected threats to accomplish this. we need to establish a new and sustainable mechanism to finance help security. america harris
6:26 pm
broadly outlined what pandemic preparedness would look like, which includes improving accessibility to healthcare systems. coming up on ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the count has been done. and now it's time to find out what those numbers mean for california up next the census and how it's affecting how our state is represented in congress and coming up later, warriors star steph curry finally meets a nurse who inspired him during the pandemic. her story in sports for me that makes me feel kind of scared to go out or walk, a thief known as the balcony burglar. has hit homes in one east bay neighborhood coming up here from a victim who came
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adam's point neighborhood. this comes after two sisters say they woke up to an intruder looking into their bedroom. authorities say one arm or intruders have been showing up at home in the middle of the night, using victims balconies to get inside. people are now calling them the balcony. burglars you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30, our crime reporter henry lee talked to one woman who came face to face with one of the intruders who came in through her balcony on the fourth floor. i screamed because i saw someone outside
6:30 pm
at first, sofia and malcolm thought it may have just been a shadow. so she turned on the light in her room, and then i saw someone pick their head out, and i screamed and then i ran to go get our dad was no shadow. she and her sister had just interrupted a prowler. it was one of at least six incidents reported over the past month in oakland's adam's point neighborhood. i saw this man. standing right next to me and intruder ended up in pat shoulders bedroom hours after the incident involving the sisters, i screen bloody murder! help help! help! help! and so he, evidently had frightened him enough that he went out the front door of my apartment. sisters say they're lucky. the man never got into their apartment. super easy to get through the gate. for me. it's just really freaky because a lot of people are saying maybe he was kind of like stalking people. so then for me that makes me feel kind of scared to go out or walk because i don't know if he's out there, oakland police captain robert rosen says the intruder or intruders haven't physically attacked anyone but a somehow managed to end up on balconies. even ones high up. i want you to lock your doors and windows and remain vigilant and nowhere was
6:31 pm
going on around, he says. investigators are following up on leads. hopefully we'll be able to make an arrest soon in the in the cases. residents have been on edge after recent homicides in the area, including that of an elderly asian man out for a walk. it's scary. yeah, there, it seems like there's been a ton of crime in this neighborhood since the pandemic started. i'm never leaving my balcony, open and den or the blind or the blinds. i stayed up all night. i was terrified that they value would come back. these women are counting their blessings and hoping that oakland police will soon have a suspect behind bars. henry lee ktvu fox two news, san francisco police say a man who is accused of killing a seven month old baby boy was arrested twice for domestic violence this year and then released, but now he is back in custody. the district attorney's office is charged 26 year old joseph williams with murder, the d a, says the baby suffered blunt force trauma to his head while in the care of william's. it happened last tuesday. williams is not
6:32 pm
related to the baby. what was what. watching him on that day and brought the baby to the hospital after he was injured, according to the d, a in williams two prior domestic violence arrest charges were not filed because the victim refused to cooperate with prosecutors. the political climate in california is being shaken up by the census. federal officials released their first findings of the 2020 cents is today and ktvu tom vacar tells us that results confirm that the state of california is going to lose a seat in the house of robbery. sedatives while two very republican states are going to gain seats as the nation grows more quickly in other states for the first time, california is looking at losing one of its 53 congressional seats per the constitution. these counts determine the apportionment of seats in the u. s. house of representatives. the new official population of the u. s is now 331. that's the sex.
6:33 pm
slows 10 years growth in census history even though the western states overall grew by 9.2% southern states grew at 10.2% part of the reason that california while not losing population, nonetheless lost to congressional seat now. well, some of this, maybe californians moving elsewhere in the west. there is no doubt that some people are not moving here do the crowding high living in housing costs and frequent disasters. texas gained two seats in florida. also expecting to gained only one complete and accurate census count census information is used for countless purposes around the nation used the data to decide how many teachers we need in our schools. how much funding we need for public housing programs where to locate a business or a health clinic where to build new roads after redistricting takes place. each house seat will go from representing 711,000 constituents to 761. 1000
6:34 pm
redistricting data comes out no later than september. the 30th that said, expect a title wave of lawsuits against both the trump and biden administrations over the accuracy of the results. we'll know census is perfect. we're confident that today is 2020. census results meet our high data quality standards, we would not be releasing them to you otherwise who's not counted, the 690,000 residents of the district columbia are not included in the apportionment. population population greater than either the states of vermont and wyoming that also get two senators each. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. as more and more businesses are reopening from the pandemic. some are having a hard time finding suitable candidates to fill job openings. ktvu is rob roth tells us that is especially true among wineries and restaurants in
6:35 pm
sonoma county, despite this beautiful spring day kibble stats sellers in one garden in sonoma was closed monday and the owner says it's not by choice. we were playing to be open seven days a week by this time of year. had the winery in a restaurant is open just four days a week. we can't find enough staff and especially qualified staff. jordan kibble stat says he's hired 12 people in the past six weeks. he still needs a dozen more, but is having trouble filling a variety of open positions right now. i just don't know where the experienced people are. we can't even seem to find them working others in sonoma county's huge hospitality industry, fairmont hotels, which runs the sonoma mission, in is also struggling to fill positions not only here, but throughout the bay area, so the resorts have to make do if normally we could accommodate 40 massages were able to only accommodate 30th this time. california employment tracking numbers show that since the lockdown last year, the state
6:36 pm
has lost almost 600,000 leisure and hospitality jobs about 40,000 of those jobs returned last month. a lot of people that did move out of this area to somewhere that cost a little bit less. during the covid shutdowns. second there were some people that moved out of the hospitality industry and found jobs in industries that had more consistent work. but one place that says it's having no problems. finding workers is six flags discovery kingdom in valeo and its sister attraction, hurricane harbor and conquered. six flags has begun looking to fill some 2300 summer jobs that the two sites between now and may 2nd. we're actually seeing a lot more adults than we're used to seeing. we use the, um have almost higher exclusively. folks between the ages of 15, you know, 19. we're actually seeing a lot more adults now. but back in neighboring sonoma county restaurants are so desperate they're considering sharing employees. no, i don't think that's a bad idea. all i think at this point a lot of creativity is going to be involved. the restaurant's
6:37 pm
wineries in hotels are expecting the hiring shortages to eventually ease up, but no one is predicting when rob rock ktvu, fox two news. coming up here calls for transparency, the family of a man who was shot and killed by police in north carolina are furious because they were on lee allowed to see 20 seconds of body camera video from that day, plus more officer involved shootings and justice department investigations now has lawmakers taking another look at police reform legislation on lauren blanchard on capitol hill. why there might be a little bit more room
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allowed to see 20 seconds of body camera video from when he was killed by deputies last week. last wednesday, andrew brown jr was shot and killed while sheriff's deputies were attempting to serve drug related search and arrest warrants on brown in elizabeth city. several deputies fired at brown, now the north carolina state bureau of investigations, is looking into the shooting and the brown family is demanding that all of the body camera video be released to the public. time but transparency and accountability to take place today. today they are trying to hide something. they don't want us to see everything. city leaders in
6:41 pm
elizabeth city have declared a state of emergency ahead of the possible public release. of the body camera video and again that state of emergency is now in effect in elizabeth city because of concern about potential violent protests. there is renewed urgency to pass police reform legislation following a syriza of deadly shootings involving law enforcement, while democrats and republicans. each have their own policing legislation boxes. lauren blanchard tells us, it seems there is more willingness to negotiate on one of the biggest sticking points qualified immunity. attorney general merrick garland, announcing the justice department will begin a pattern or practice investigation into the louisville, kentucky government and police department after the 2020 shooting death of rianna taylor. investigation will include comprehensive review of the louisville police department's policies and training. this investigation comes on the heels of a similar one into the minneapolis police department.
6:42 pm
we will follow the facts and the law wherever they lead after more officer involved shootings in the last week from ohio to north carolina on captain hill lawmakers are once again debating police reform. there's the house democrat backed george floyd justice and policing act and republican senator tim scott's bill that was filibustered last year for not going far enough. now, it seems there is more willingness to negotiate on one of the biggest sticking points. qualified immunity. senator scott and lindsey graham say they're willing to move the burden of responsibility from individual officers to police departments. if you want to destroy policing in america, make sure that every cop can be sued there. was a way to find qualified immunity reform. take the cop out of it. still democrats want to make sure officers can be held responsible for their actions. this has been going on for just decades and officers right now we're not really held accountable, but one place republicans refused to budge. this defined the police. i just want to say it in one word. it's called betrayal. senator
6:43 pm
scott will likely make republican priorities on police reform front and center in his rebuttal to president biden's speech to congress on wednesday in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. temperatures today did warm a little bit, but it's really gonna warm up towards the middle end of this week. i'll have the five day forecast next right now we go toe ktvu heather holmes with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus well, frank coming up tonight live in seven. the supreme court today, agreeing to take up a key gun rights issue how it could affect gun laws right here in california, also the san francisco symphony announcing when live concerts will return the new rules in place for attendees and the special nod to healthcare workers. it's all coming up live in just a few minutes on the seven over on ktvu plus alex tonight, but first after the break, the san jose sharks set to welcome back fans at the asap center for the
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shows a few those clouds were little straightest. today we tell some cumulus clouds today even some serious as that weather system that brought the minuscule amount of rain yesterday somewhere. i've been red county gotta happen to bring but very light rain for most of his 10th of an inch or under snow in the mountains, maybe five or six inches at best, so under delivering for sure, but that system. so kind of lingering and that's why it's a little breezy. that's why it was a little chilly today to not chilly but highs today we're in the low sixties highs tomorrow will be in the
6:47 pm
mid upper sixties with some low seventies so it's going to be warmer tomorrow. noticeably warmer on it's going to be a lot of sunshine, and we're dry for a while. right now there's nothing in the forecast indicate. any real chance of some showers. current temperatures, we could go these temperatures current this hour. we're in the seventies and eighties and today we're 65 in fairfield, so definitely on the cool side out there. 54 in nevada 62 liver mourn with that said tomorrow's temperatures are going to come up pretty significantly at least 10 degrees in some places, so that's a good good shot. there are the. departures from yesterday. so you see, it's a little bit warmer than today. certainly tomorrow, and that's that's a good thing. and as you look at that system kind of lingering out over the mirror mountain region, right, it's really right over the great basement basin. that system is. what brought us the snow showers in the rain showers and so it's still lingering and kind of see, it's just some cool air, some instability, but it's out of here and by
6:48 pm
tomorrow as we head into tomorrow we're basically set up with a plan where we're gonna be seeing temperatures increasing by quite a bit, and that's going to be mid seventies. some showers lingering up around like tahoe, even some snow flurries around here. clouds breezy out of the airport. we had 30 mile an hour gusts. overnight lows tonight are going to be on the cool side, and that's because of the lighter winds and the cool air that came in with that cold front because it was a cold front and so tomorrow is the beginning of the warming and then as we head into wednesday. thursday really warms up by by thursday. i think we're looking at mid eighties. so these air tomorrow's number still nice, san francisco tomorrow caps out at 60 to oakland in the mid sixties low sixties. 67 hayward 75, anya, big increasing temperatures and fairfield 79 degrees. we will be looking at a warming trend really, for the next. 72 hours, so get ready for that. the five day forecast shows that warm, especially on thursday. thursday's your your big, warm day. i'll see you all back here tonight at 10 and 11
6:49 pm
bill will see then for the first time in over a year, sharks fans will be allowed inside the s a p center. for tonight's game. the change comes as many counties continue loosening coronavirus restrictions are south, they reported. just gary tells us how many people will be there tonight and what they have to show in order to get in to see the game outside san jose's s ap center covid test results just as crucial as tickets to get a seat inside, getting all the testing and all that stuff, it's a household, but whatever we gotta do to be getting back in there. shark season ticket holder eric heckman got tested saturday for monday's game. his wife is taking a covid test now for wednesday's game it zraly exciting after not having been for over a year, so called shark tank has been empty since march. 2020 that's when santa clara county enacted covid protocols prohibiting large gatherings such as fans inside arenas and stadiums after 14 months. we're welcoming fans
6:50 pm
back to the greatest sports on earth, sharks president jonathan becker says. in addition to covid tests or proof of vaccination, digital tickets only, and no food can be eaten at the seats on lian designated stations on the concourse is so tonight will be somewhere between 500 1000 people and then on wednesday night will open up a little bit more, and then we'll slowly get to 25% capacity, experts say. of all the major sports, the nhl is in the biggest hurry to return to almost see the league's overall value dropped 2% the past year, the sharks are intertwined with with the bay area and specifically sent jose economics so there are many different stakeholders who are keeping a bird for i team executives say upwards of 1500, part time jobs ticket takers to concession staff. rely on money made during home games. so the sharks on home ice isn't just
6:51 pm
an advantage for the players. but for those who watch and win whenever team teal takes the ice, it'll be nice to get in there. i hope they had at least start wedding. like other professional sports clubs that sharks are going with tickets on your mobile device no longer using paper tickets, a negative covid test or proof of covid vaccination to get inside. we'll also doing rapid testing out of the arena. but there's a separate charge for that in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. 49ers prepare for a major decision ahead of thursday's nfl draft. we will hear from the team next in
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
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when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. you know, even when it's not the number three pick in the entire draft with the future of the franchise in the balance when they have their predraft press conference coaches and general managers, they'll answer every question. all right, but they will tell you nothing as you'd expected. today's. predraft press conference with the 49ers. no exception to that the brain trust john lynch and kyle shanahan seem maybe a bit more
6:55 pm
defensive than usual. probably sick of hearing about everything from their neighbors and whatnot, the entire process, but they made it clear they needed to do this. take this big risk because they just plainly can't count on jimmy garoppolo to stay healthy, but then you're twice. have all goes as planned. drafted number three. those of the three quarterbacks that should be available mag jones out obama justin fields from ohio state and trey lands from north dakota, which one the 49ers gonna pick. do they even know. do we know exactly who we want? maybe probably, but maybe not. right? i don't feel like i don't feel like we need to say that, and that's not just for our case, but like, you know, lots of stuff happens between now and the draft and i don't you don't want the whole league no one exactly what you're set on four days before the draft. you know, i would love to make everyone happy. i do go to restaurants. i do go to my kid's soccer games. every single person, whether it's ah
6:56 pm
ref and empire another parent, everyone has a strong opinion on and then most people let me know. um every one of my friends trust me. they're mostly just text my wife now because they know they don't get a response back. yeah trust me. they know exactly who they want. i think it's kind of skewing toward mack jones, which is gonna be interesting to see how the fans react. all right, talking about basketball steph curry the last couple of weeks i've heard of described as an alien. basketball revolutionary and even the james bond of the nba a as in a licensed tiktok, ilya. whatever the description, he continues to do the untested ended things that men just unreal even after step was held the 18 against washington last week. she's back to doing the 30 plus efforts in the last couple of games. in fact, he broke james harden's nba record for most threes in a month last night.
6:57 pm
went over sacramento 85 for the month. she let him go the other way. it's gonna be easier for mold. when you're shooting like this. you don't really. think about like, uh, games past is kind of a wood. every new game is just ah, reset and a. another chance of showing your confidence and the rhythm that you and miss you already think about it in my #### ktvu. whatever it is this game, it's just kind of keep shooting. so i'm gonna stick with it. see him in court. yeah that's what were your fans wantto hear? keep shooting day that shall be delaney and icu nurse, its summit medical center in oakland. remember her last year, keeping in touch with steph curry? she wears his jersey underneath her scrubs. last night. she got courtside seats and steph nice enough after the game to sign a jersey core step curry. pretty much does great stuff like that every day on
6:58 pm
and off the court. we have reached that point of the show where we must. check this out. this is a perfect example of california living surfs up here for diego santos and his two year old daughter, you know, they say, frank, catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world, right now, is that perfect example of california 11 love this perseverance is the key here. this is diego makato. he was born without a right leg. and with the help of marine jose luis sanchez, who was also injured in combat, they're working out together, and i'll tell you what nothing disabled about that. they look very able. that is just a very dutiful story there. yeah, that's the sporting life at this hour. you guys. mark will see a tank julie cia time showing us, right, everyone. showing us, right, everyone. yeah can i get everybody "the entrance to the dungeon is a moss-covered door.
6:59 pm
"you manage to open it, only to find yourself "face-to-face with a hideous, foul-smelling, moss-covered ogre." what do you do? i say, "hey, ma, what's for dinner?" seventeen. the ogre is amused by your joke and allows you to pass. by the by, i liked it, too. how go the wedding plans, howard? great. we spent five hours last night at macy's registering for gifts. looks like i'm finally going to have that darling little earthenware asparagus dish i've always wanted. see, this is the good thing about having a girlfriend 9,000 miles away. i can spend my nights doing whatever i want. you mean like playing nerd games with us and then taking a suspiciously long shower? maybe. we enter the dungeon. you see a dragon.
7:00 pm
really? so we're playing dungeons & dragons and we walk into a dungeon and see a dragon? isn't that a little on the nose? when you play chutes and ladders, do you complain about all the chutes and all the ladders? are you gonna eat that whole pie? maybe. why not? who do i have in my life to watch my figure for? oh, god, did you watch bridget jones again? no, it's just that everybody's got someone. sheldon's with amy, howard's getting married, you're dating my sister. now that howard's getting married, maybe he'll inflate one of his old girlfriends for you. you know who i blame for my loneliness? the united states of america. your movies and your tv shows promised streets paved with beautiful blonde women with big bazongas. eat another pie, you'll have your own bazongas. that's cruel. you know it goes straight to my hips.


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