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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 26, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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screamed because i saw someone outside at first, sofia and malcolm thought it may have just been a shadow. so she turned on the light in her room, and then i saw someone pick their head out, and i screamed and then i ran to go get our dad. there was no shadow. she and her sister had just interrupted. prowler. it was one of at least six incidents reported over the past month in oakland's adam's point neighborhood. i saw this man standing right next to me and intruder ended up in pat shoulders bedroom hours after the incident involving the sisters, i screen bloody murder! help! help help! help! and so he evidently had frightened him enough that he went out the front door of my apartment. sisters say they're lucky. the man never got into their apartment. super easy to get to the gate. for me. it's just really freaky because a lot of people are saying maybe he was kind of like stalking people. so then for me that makes me feel kind of scared to go out or walk because i don't know if he's out there, oakland police captain robert rosen says the intruder or intruders haven't physically attacked anyone but a somehow managed to end up on balconies. even ones high up. i want you to lock your doors and windows and
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remain vigilant and nowhere was going on around, he says. investigators are following up on leads. hopefully we'll be able to make an arrest soon in the in the cases. residents have been on edge after recent homicides in the area, including that of an elderly asian man out for a walk. it's scary. yeah, there, it seems like there's been a ton of crime in this neighborhood since the pandemic started. i'm never leaving my balcony, open again or the blind or the blinds. i stayed up all night. i was terrified that they value would come back. yeah, these women are counting their blessings and hoping that oakland police will soon have a suspect behind bars. reporting live henry lee ktvu, fox. two news, alright, henry. thank you. the effort to recall governor gavin newsom has received the necessary number of verified signatures. toe hold a recall election later on this year, the secretary of state said today that the campaign collected more than 1.6 million verified signatures maura than
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the roughly 1.5 million signatures that were required earlier on the four political science professor david mccue and talked about concerns that governor may have moving forward, you worry about a celebrity and in the race now, obviously caitlyn jenner getting on friday was big news that day. but you worry about subsequent celebrities and what that looks like the ballot won't be solidified. that is, we won't know who the candidates are on the ballot, and potentially there could be hundreds of people on the ballot. we won't know that until the august timeframe. the secretary of state, says there's now a 30 business day period in which voters can request to remove their names from the recall petition, but experts say it appears organizer's have gathered enough signatures to overcome t. s is pledging help for india, which is being battered by a surge of coronavirus cases. in fact, india has set records five days in a row of more than 350,000 new cases per day. this is just one emergency room
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you're looking at here in new delhi hospitals are literally turning away people because they don't have enough oxygen beds or ventilators. the u. s says. help is on the way they're going to send oxygen ventilators, protective gear and treatments to india. and people in the bay area indian community are also working to help there, you know, looking to help as best as they can through fundraising efforts through sourcing supplies. you know the oxygen concentrates. some people have found sources and europe. that can be sent are also here in the u. s canada today, the white house said that they're going to make available sources of raw materials needed in india to manufacture the astrazeneca vaccine. epidemiologists from the centers for disease control and prevention are also expected to head to india to help with the response. they're here in the bay area seniors lined up today in brentwood for coronavirus vaccinations, a drive thru event. hosted by the
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east county senior coalition was held at the brentwood senior activity center. seniors and caregivers were given johnson and johnson vaccines. the brentwood recreation department also provided them with health and fitness kids, along with safety and emergency preparedness supplies. the event had a circus theme as a lighthearted sign of hope. yes, there are serious issues that we're dealing with in this pandemic, but we also wanted to bring people together to say, look, there's light at the end of the tunnel. there's vaccines were hoping to welcome everyone back to the senior center soon, so we just thought it was a fun way to bring some joy to the event today, the east county senior coalition will co host to more vaccine events. the next one will be held on may 17th in pittsburg, california has now administered more than 28 million doses of coronavirus vaccine. according to the latest data, there are now more than 344,000 shots a day being given out in this state more
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than 36% of california's population of around 40 million is fully vaccinated and 20% is partially vaccinated. medical professionals nationwide say that johnson and johnson vaccine is still safe. despite some rare cases of blood clotting. vaccinations using that drug have now been approved to resume here in the bay area, and ktvu is james tourist tells us the only question now is when. after a more than two week pause, bay area health officials say the johnson and johnson vaccine is safe enough to use confidence in the vaccine is still high. but if that was what was offered to me, i would take it. local health agencies are still figuring out an exact day the one dose vaccine will be offered once again, san francisco says the city has about 700 doses ready to roll out as soon as state provided fact sheets are issued and distributed in some of the areas. hardest neighborhoods. some are waiting for. j and j. really spoke to me about how
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important it is for this population to have the east. they have the windows to not have to worry about the side effects twice or coming back a second time at the same time, you see san francisconow reporting a man in his thirties being treated by its doctors for developing blood clots after receiving a johnson and johnson vaccine. it's the first case in the bay area and first experienced by a male patient. despite this case, doctors say, the risks of the rare clots are not a reason to worry. we can now say, you know, we take this very seriously. we've looked at it. now let's get back and get people vaccinated and that's what we're gonna be doing. get as many people vaccinated as we possibly can as quickly as we can, because we have a very, very effective vaccine before given the new green light for the j and j vaccines, the cdc reviewed 15 cases where three women died and a handful of others were hospitalized. some people we spoke to say they believe the benefits outweigh the risks and hope that jj vaccine becomes a help and
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reaching herd immunity. i think if they checked him out, and it z, something that's tolerable and working out, okay, the more than marry her as far as getting vaccinated. in my opinion, i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. the patient at ucsf is the 16th person to experience blood clots out of nearly eight million people who've received the j and j vaccine in a statement, ucsf said, quote the patient is making a good recovery and is expected to be discharged within a few days. we strongly recommend that everyone age 16 and over received the vaccine. to prevent severe or long term side effects from the virus and joining us now for more on all of this is dr john schwartzberg. he's an infectious disease and vaccine expert at u c. berkeley dr sports berg. we just heard the report on the j and j vaccine resuming here in the bay area. do you agree? is this a safe shot to get? sure z? it depends how people to find safe
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if. if you're worried about something that occurs in a less than a handful out of a million people, i'd consider that very safe. you know, there's nothing in life that's 100% safe. but this is a very good and very safe, xing. for those who do sign up to get a j and j shot vaccine. is there anything they can do? would you recommend or would it be possible to take a blood thinner if you wanted to be extra cautious in preventing blood clots? well in regards to the latter point? absolutely not. do not take anything that would thin your blood like aspirin. you don't want to do that, because this is not just a clotting problem, but it's a problem with what he cells in our bodies called platelets. he's yourselves that are involved in clotting. so there's a great irony here. we have a drop in our play to the plant count, which would make us think we would bleed. but yet we have clotting. so definitely don't take any kind
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of blood thinner before before or after you get this jane j vaccine in terms of what you can do is you have to be aware of what the signs might be of this. frankly if anything, feels untie ord to you beyond what are the typical side effects from the vaccine that air well listed when you when you get it? you should contact your doctor in particular a very bad headache. very bad. abdominal pain, pain in your leg or swelling in your legs. these are things that should promptly called to your doctor. again these are very, very rare occurrences. humans have a very tough time gauging risk. i certainly do. but a few. a few cases in a million. seems to me to be very, very rare, okay, let's talk about the dire situation right now in india more than 350,000 new covid cases in just the past 24 hours, and it seems like the situation there is getting worse by the day. why are we seeing this explosion? this outbreak so
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severe in india right now? well, you're right. a dired. situation is one. we describe it. terrible tragedy is certainly another. you know, the numbers were getting out of india probably reflect a lot lower than actually what are happening both in terms of cases and deaths. this is a real tragedy pictures you shows tell people without adequate oxygen without adequate treatment without adequate beds and hospitals. it's just a horrible situation. imagine december and january here for us and multiply that by quite a quite a number. so why did this occur now? it's really unclear. the india as a subcontinent has actually done incredibly well. during this pandemic. unusually well as a matter of fact, people in india were starting to think maybe there's something about being in that except continent that is protecting them because they've done so well through but this
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pandemic given it that it's the second largest country in the world, and maybe that complacency is part of the problem. you know, recently there have been some very large religious festivals large is really something here in the united states. we wouldn't understand. but millions of people congregating together without proper masking distancing s. oh they've done all the things that are ingredients for a big outbreak, and that's certainly playing a role. there's a new variant there. in india. people are dubbing it the double variant. we don't know how important that is. frankly s o the bottom line to your question about why india and why now? we can postulate some reasons, but frankly, we don't know why it's exploding there right now. it is just a sad situation over there, and hopefully it'll get better before it gets worse. but i know help is on the way. dr schwartzberg will let that be the last word. thanks so
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much for your time tonight. we approve. shade it you're welcome. thank you. the fact that stanford's commitment to carly jacks legs for the synchro team was not fulfilled was heartbreaking. they are fresh off a national championship now, their program maybe cut and they're not alone tonight at 5 30, the effort to save as many as 11 sports at stanford, also ahead. tonight we learned today which states will be gaining or losing seats in the u. s. house of representatives still to come will show you which side california fell on. and man, i'm loving this after a year, a plane in an empty arena fans are being allowed back in tow. watch the sharks in action. how many are being allowed in? and are there any requirements will answer those questions after the break kind of a cool, blustery day out there today. temperatures didn't warm a little over yesterday, but still kind of cool. there's a still kind of cool. there's a warm up coming ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. live picture of s a p arena, where a limited number of people are being allowed into the game today. ktvu rouz jesse gary is here, jesse. we've seen fans now a giant today's games, warriors and earthquakes. now finally the sharks. how many fans are they gonna let inside? and do they have to prove that they have been vaccinated or te frank and evening to you, and i'm glad youl ed number of fans. 500 to 1000 to start but that will grow up to 25% of capacity. and yes, you'll have to prove something to get in. it seems like a way
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of life now, before it was you had to wear masks to get in. increasingly it's becoming, let's see a negative test or proof of vaccination. if we haven't let's take a look at our pictures that frank had just shown you out of s a p center as fans get ready to enter the s a p. center they that's the first time that they're allowing fans in and over a year but to enter means dealing with the real the world trying to get rid of a pandemic. outside san jose's s ap center covid test results just as crucial as tickets to get a seat inside, getting all the testing and all that stuff, it's a household, but whatever we gotta do to be getting back in their short season ticket holder eric heckman got tested saturday for monday's game. his wife is taking a covid test now for wednesday's game. really exciting after not having then for over a year, so called shark tank has been empty since march. 2020 that's when santa clara county enacted covid
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protocols prohibiting large gatherings such as fans inside arenas and stadiums after 14 months. we're welcoming fans back to the greatest sports on earth. sharps president jonathan becker says. in addition to covid tests or proof of vaccination, digital tickets only, and no food can be eaten at the seats on lian designated stations on the concourse is so tonight will be somewhere between 500 1000 people and then on wednesday night will open up a little bit more, and then we'll slowly get to 25% capacity, experts say. of all the major sports, the nhl is in the biggest hurry to return to almost see the league's overall value dropped. 2% the past year, the sharks are intertwined with with the bay area and specifically sent jose economics. so there are many different stakeholders who are keeping a very watchful eye. team executives say upwards of 1500 part time jobs ticket
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takers to concession staff rely on money made during home games, so the sharks on home ice isn't just an advantage for the players. but for those who watch and win whenever team teal takes the ice, it'll be nice to get in there. i hope they had at least start wedding. i just got here to its you years bqe. can hope they get on their winning ways. maybe a change of atmosphere inside will help that happen. pop drop 7 30 tonight, remember, no paper tickets on your mobile device. you need a proof of either negative test or proof of vaccination. and this isn't just four season ticket holders so wide range of fans from season ticket holders, corporate sponsors all the way down to everyday fans set up a nosebleed seats like me, and then those who are up against the glass like frank. let's go sharks just happen to know someone who has those, and he sells them to me, all right? best seat in the house. i have to admit. okay destiny wouldn't
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happen to know. of course. see you later, all right. a four month runway improvement project that began today at sfo could cause some delays for travelers. that project was originally scheduled for next year, but was moved up to take advantage of reduced flight schedules. runway 28 is the longest at san francisco international, and it will be closed from today until september. airport officials say they expect some delays during the pro object, especially on flights scheduled between five and eight p.m. already had a pretty nice day out there a pretty blustery in spots, especially at sfo. the airport's blowing up over 30 miles an hour got little rain yesterday, but very little, unfortunately, wasn't much at all. cool morning start. let's look at the long range model just to take that. put it into perspective for the next chance of rain. so this is this gonna take us 37 days, so there's tuesday. there's wednesday.
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look for blues and greens over us there's thursday friday, little cloud cover the same friday and saturday, little cooler right because the clouds and then not much, so it looks like a dry week ahead again. i'm not that can change. but you know, you know we need the rain where cause we're looking for rain. that's sort of the lead story is the fact that we have had no rain, and if this pattern looks like it's going to continue in that way, with basically dry conditions and mild conditions as well, so with that in mind, we can move forward into the next couple of next couple of days and expect temperatures generally in the sixties. in seventies reaching tomorrow into the mid seventies and then by wednesday and thursday, we're gonna be back into the mid 80, especially on wednesday when she's going to be the warmest day of the week, and that will start a cooling trend after that, actually, the clouds coming in my computer jammed up a little on me here. that's why i'm kind of vamping, but i'll see if i get some. that's the rain from last
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night. you could see it there. we did have a few showers. it was really light stuff, for the most part, and that z. really unfortunate too, because we definitely needed some significant rain is you look at it. see our oakland you see some cumulus clouds off in the distance. still some cool. they're lingering. so the plan tomorrow is really pretty much what we had today, but a little bit warmer, notably warmer, so it's mid sixties toe voted mid seventies. but then by wednesday, they really ramp up. we're going back in the mid eighties quickly. it's gonna feel very warm very fast. so when i come back, we'll have it all put together. we look at the five day forecast and the forecast temperatures you can expect for tomorrow and beyond that, we'll see then thank you. the population is counted. the results are released every 10 years and today we learned that california is one of several california is one of several states losing a seat
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this commercial is now over. logo. decline, along with the golden state, michigan, new york,
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pennsylvania, ohio, illinois and west virginia are also each losing one seat in the house of representatives. 66 days rather, meantime, will be gaining seats. texas is getting two seats, it added four million new residents, including many from california, oregon, colorado, montana, north carolina, and florida, will add one seat each, thanks to their growing populations. those congressional gains and losses are tied to the 2020 census. federal officials released the results of the once in a decade. population count today, ktvu tom vacar is here now with look at how lot more than just congressional seats gets get decided. tom based on the census, we should clear one thing up, though it's not the california's population is shrinking. that hasn't happened in the entire 170 years we've been around. it's just that it is slowed way way down, and that's what the situation is. the reason we have a census is that the constitution requires that states such as california
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share the number of house congressional seats fairly. as the nation grows more quickly in other states for the first time, california is looking at losing one of its 53 congressional seats per the constitution. these counts determine the apportionment of seats in the u. s. house of representatives, the new official population of the u. s. is now 331. that's the second slows 10 years growth in census history even though the western states over. we're all grew by 9.2% southern states grew at 10.2% part of the reason that california while not losing population, nonetheless lost a congressional seat now. well, some of this, maybe californians moving elsewhere in the west. there is no doubt that some people are not moving here do the crowding high living in housing costs and frequent disasters. texas gained two seats in florida,
5:26 pm
also expecting to gained only one complete and accurate census count. census information is used for countless purposes around the nation used the data to decide how many teachers we need in our schools. how much funding we need for public housing programs where to locate a business or a health clinic where to build new roads after redistricting takes place, each house seat will go from representing 711,000 constituents to 761. redistricting data comes out no later than september. the 30th that said, expect a tidal wave of lawsuits against both the trump and by the administration's over the accuracy of the results. we'll know census is perfect. we're confident that today is 2020. census results meet our high data quality standards, we would not be releasing them to you otherwise. so who's not counted? well, the 690,000 residents of the district of
5:27 pm
columbia are not included in the apportionment population. they have no vote in congress and bill even though it has a population of greater than two states, vermont and wyoming, who also get two senators along with those seats, tom vacar ktvu fox to me. tom. i'm wondering, how do they decide which seat in california to eliminate? well, what they will do is the same thing that they've done in other redistrict things. but back in 2000 and eight we set a special 14 member commission. those 14 members who are picked by a very, very complex kind of thing that we don't want to get into now, but it is a bipartisan commission and basically what it will do is it will go through, it will really literally redistrict all the district's so that they match up with what the representation needs to be in each of those districts of that will happen by this commission. and that will happen on lee after these numbers come out, so they know really what they have to do. tom vacar la force tonight, tom. thank you. tonight
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stanford is set to decide if it will go ahead with its plan to cut 11 sports in its athletic department how hundreds of student athletes are now fighting to save their sports, plus that we can go outside shop, you know, dine on, just enjoy ourselves. it's amazing if you've left your house over the last few weekends, it's clear people are ready to get out and see other people. and now some stores that were talking that we talked to today are reporting creek covid left level sales. what. way can't find enough staff and especially qualified staff. they have been cleared to reopen seven days a week, but can't find workers to make that happen. why bay area businesses are running into problems the sts
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after those programs were slated to be dropped by the university. ktvu is christian captain joins us now live and christian, some student athletes gathered on campus today to say they want to keep playing. yeah that's right, julie i. the school announced last summer that it was going to be dropping those 11 sports is part of a cost cutting measure. and now those student athletes are hoping for a last minute buzzer beater by the board of trustees to save their sports. got a student athletes and their supporters gathered on the stanford campus, hoping to save the sports currently
5:32 pm
set to be dropped at the end of this academic year, students say stanford university's board of trustees and set to meet monday night to discuss the future of some of the sports played by student athletes. the university announced last july that 11 sports including wrestling and synchronized swimming, would end after this academic year due to budget issues made worse by the covid-19 pandemic. over the course of the year, the synchronized swimming team win on to win a national championship. and while one swimmer said she's proud of that achievement, she still remembers the devastation of learning. this may be the last year she swims for her school. the fact that stanford's commitment to cally jack legs for the synchro team was not fulfilled was heartbreaking in all the cuts will impact about 240 students and nearly two dozen coaches and staff. ressler said. the decision to cut their sport feels like a broken promise. they kind of sold us on that. we're gonna be building a really big thing for stanford wrestling. and then on
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july eight, when we got that phone call, i was devastated. very very shocked and advocacy group made up of students and alumni say they're hoping the board of trustees will reconsider and look for alternative ways to fund all of the school's sports programs, seeing stanford synchro when their national title in men's gymnastics win the national title and conference titles. it's. it proves that we don't need the finances that they're saying that we need in order to be competitively. excellent. i like this afternoon, we received a statement from stanford. reading quote stanford is following its process for matters that come before the university's board of trustees as previously stated. the board is meeting to consider the petition and provide input to stanford management. the final decision will be rendered by the president and provost in the coming weeks, reporting live christien kafton ktvu fox two news, alright, christian. thank you during a rally this afternoon, some student athletes used to wash triple choc to spray messages on the building where the stanford
5:34 pm
university president's office is located. the messages included statements like you can't cut me. another slogans. we're told that student athletes who were not involved in today's rally went back and helped clean up all of the messages. santa clara county health officials are trying to get more seniors and disabled people vaccinated. the county is providing free round trip vi ta paratransit rides to coronavirus vaccination clinics, officials say they want more seniors and disabled residents to be aware of the program and to use the 10 para transit vans to get their shots. they say they'll take riders to the vaccination clinics of their choice. this is an opportunity for us to get the word out because we know there are a lot of people who would like to use this service. they really helped us a lot, bringing my father as well. he's disabled and i'm hoping that i'll do people that would need this. help should try tonto, get a ride from them. passengers have to have
5:35 pm
vaccination appointments and be referred to the paratransit service by the county. now to contra costa county and the latest bay area county to hit a vaccine milestone is contra costa health agencies are reporting. more than a million shots have now been given to people who live in contra costa county. the mark was hit over the weekend, which is a full month earlier than expected. contra costa county is the third bay area county to hit a million vaccinations behind santa clara and alameda counties. also in contra costa county library's reopened for the first time in more than a year it comes his crowds in the east bay or back at shopping centers, movie theaters and more. ktvu is cristina rendon tells us that some stores are now seeing pre pandemic sales numbers. people are cooped up no more. the fact that we can go outside shop, you know, dying and just enjoy ourselves. it's amazing. the proof is that the veranda and concord where people are coming for fashion, food and fun, it's been one
5:36 pm
month since the center fully reopened the parking lot at 90% capacity on saturday. we have several tenants who are reporting pre pandemic pre covid sales and actually record breaking sales because there's so much built out energy about 3 to 4 of our tenants have actually hit those record numbers. restaurants like super duper burgers, always a hit. definitely definitely a lot more pack parking as being fooled. you know, almost every day, so you will feel the difference for sure. movie theaters, a drawing crowds to even with limited capacity. a spokesperson for cinemark says this past weekend was the best in the covid era. there was least of movies like mortal kombat and demon slayer, bringing in an estimated $54 million across north american theaters. for those who prefer a quieter experience, monday marked the first time libraries in contra costa county reopened for the first time in more than a year with grab and go service. unprecedented really, we've never been closed for more than a day or two at a time. a lot of the coolest parts of libraries are the spaces inside
5:37 pm
and the ability to meet with other people. and so it's great to see that happening again at the concord library. the safety measures air in plain sight. customers can linger but not sit computers or spaced out and plexiglass window surround the service desks, seeing customers. ah welcome change after operating exclusively online during the pandemic, and then the browsing experience is just something that can't be replicated online. and i noticed when i come in, that's what i look forward to. most businesses hope the crowds keep coming, so i think just everybody soaks. cited to get a little bit of normalcy back cristina rendon ktvu fox two news some middle and high school students went back to their classrooms today in san francisco for the first time in more than a year, 2000 students were turned to campus today, their students the school district has identified as having severe difficulties with distance learning english as a second language students as well as foster youth students
5:38 pm
in public housing or students who are homeless. students at san francisco international high school will now have four days a week of in person instruction feel connected to the school to learn a little bit more because it's not a fainting toby elaine online classes that vein in person. there is still no plan or timeline yet to bring back all middle and high school students in san francisco elementary school start students return to their classrooms earlier this month. american tourists, tourists rather who have been fully vaccinated against covid-19 will be allowed to visit europe this summer. officials in brussels say the european union is now working on a new policy to allow transatlantic travel, which was restricted more than a year ago to limit the spread of the coronavirus. under this plan, countries in the you would launch covid travel passes, those passes would apply to people who have been vaccinated against the virus recovered from an infection or have
5:39 pm
tested negative. he was convicted of killing his wife and his unborn son and was sentenced to death at san quentin. this week. scott peterson could learn if he's going to get a retrial of his sentencing, plus apple pledges billions of dollars and thousands of american jobs over the next few years. details
5:40 pm
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remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. his trial. peterson will appear via zoom from san quentin for the penalty retrial tomorrow morning in 2005, a jury sentenced him to death for the murder of his wife, lacey and their unborn son. but last august, california supreme court cited serious errors in the jury selection process. and the high court ordered to send matteo county judge to re
5:42 pm
examine whether peterson should be given a new trial. apple has plans announced plans to open a new campus in north carolina. the tech giant will spend more than a billion dollars on the campus. it will be home to 3000 employees. the announcement is part of a plan to make new contributions of more than $430 billion and add 20,000 new jobs across the country over the next five years. this morning, north carroll in a governor roy cooper, touted the benefits of apple expanding to rollie. what's this campus is up and running. it's expected to generate more than $1.5 billion a year and economic impact to our state, and i'm also pleased to announce that apple plans to create a $100 million fund to support north carolina schools and community initiatives across our state. apple also plans to operate the site on 100% renewable energy, the raleigh campuses in addition to
5:43 pm
another billion dollar location, set to open in austin next year. job openings listed, but no one to fill them coming up next. the industries here in the bay area that are struggling to reopen full time following the pandemic lockdown plus for the fifth time in the past month, a dead whale has washed ashore in the bay area coming up. we talk to an expert about why this is happening and warm up coming our way did warm a little today but significant warming this week i'll have th
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having an unusually hard time finding suitable candidates to fill job openings. ktvu rob roth tells us that is especially true among the wineries and restaurants. in sonoma county, despite this beautiful spring day kibble stats sellers in one garden in sonoma was closed monday and
5:46 pm
the owner says it's not by choice. we were playing to be open seven days a week. by this time of year, instead, the winery in a restaurant is open. four days a week. we can't find enough staff and especially qualified staff. jordan kibble stat says he's hired 12 people in the past six weeks. he still needs a dozen more, but is having trouble filling a variety of open positions right now. i just don't know where the experienced people are. we can't even seem to find them working others in sonoma county's huge hospitality industry, fairmont hotels, which runs the sonoma mission in is also struggling to fill positions not only here but throughout the bay area, so the resorts have to make do if normally we could accommodate 40 massages were able to only accommodate 30th this time. california employment tracking numbers show that since the lockdown last year, the state has lost almost 600,000 leisure and hospitality jobs about 40,000 of those jobs returned last month. a lot of people
5:47 pm
that did move out of this area to somewhere that cost a little bit less. during the covid shutdowns. second there were some people that moved out of the hospitality industry and found jobs in industries that had more consistent work. but one place that says it's having no problems. finding workers is six flags discovery kingdom in valeo and its sister attraction, hurricane harbor and conquered. six flags has begun looking to fill some 2300 summer jobs at the two sites between now and may 2nd. we're actually seeing a lot more adults than we're used to seeing. we use the, um have almost higher exclusively. folks between the ages of 15, you know, 19. we're actually seeing a lot more adults now. but back in neighboring sonoma county restaurants are so desperate they're considering sharing employees. no, i don't think that's a bad idea. all i think at this point a lot of creativity is going to be involved. the restaurant's wineries and hotels are expecting the hiring shortages to eventually ease up, but no one is predicting when rob rock
5:48 pm
ktvu fox two news officials in san francisco haven't said, when they plan to remove a dead whale that washed ashore this weekend. at fort funston people were out yesterday morning looking at the young fin whale researchers from the marine mammal center, the california academy of sciences and uc santa cruz have determined that the whale died after being hit by a ship. the fin whale is listed as endangered. it's also the fifth dead whale toe wash ashore in the bay area in just the past month. the other four whales that washed ashore were gray whales. joining us now to talk more about all of this is mo flattery from the california academy of sciences, mo. thanks for joining us. this is the time when whales migrate north. how concerned are you? that five have washed ashore this month. and how would that compare to say a normal april? so you're right. this is the time of year that whales air migrating through and coming to the area to feed. so the four
5:49 pm
gray whales that washed up earlier in the month they have been under what's called an unusual mortality event for the last three years. so we have seen the high numbers of gray whales washing up between mexico and alaska for the last three years. so it's not surprising that they would be washing up in the bay area, especially during their migration from mexico to alaska. it's just ah lot of work when they all happen in one week, the fin whale, which happened over the weekend at fort funston is also not surprising because large aggregates of fin whales and blue wills will feed off of the feral on islands this time of year. so this is ah, good time of year for people to slow down on the water and to keep their eyes out for whales, at least three of the whales died after being hit by a ship. i'm just wondering how does that happen? whales? they're smart, is it that they're not afraid to swim near ships or is it because they're also curious about
5:50 pm
ships by nature? we think for the most part, it's really just a matter of bad timing that the whales don't sense the ship's enough not to come up for air right as the ship is coming by. and unfortunately the really large cargo container ships and other big ships coming into san francisco bay can't slow down and stop if they see a whale, so it's. it's just an unfortunate accident that occurs although ships are encouraged to slow down as they travel into san francisco bay in the shipping lanes, you mentioned that gray whales have been dying off for the last three years. what is causing that, so that's an investigation that noah has has started in 2019. and our team from the california academy of sciences in the marine mammal center are part of this large multinational investigation, which is why we go out and respond and conduct me crop sees, which is an animal autopsy. on these animals. currently there are several
5:51 pm
different causes of death. i have shown up in the gray whales. some are starvation. some have been blunt force trauma, such a ship strike and others. we just don't know the cause of death, but we haven't yet ruled out things like disease or infection, and so the investigation is ongoing. i know that fin whales are endangered. but what about gray whales is their population healthy if you will. so great whales or nine endangered species on a recent population status assessment done by southwest fishery science center did find that their numbers have reduced about 24% over the last several years. so from 2016 numbers down to today, it's been a reduction of about 24. although we did see a similar reduction about 20% in the gray will population back in 29 to i'm sorry, 1999 and 2000 when they under wit
5:52 pm
earlier unusual mortality event, so there's some hypothesis that this might be a #### edell suit sequence that happens with gray whales, but currently their population is still doing very well right around 20,000 whales. all right, mo flattery from the california academy of sciences. we're going leave it there. thank you. that was a very interesting conversation. your answers were very interesting. thank. you. thank you. thank you. yeah, i was just gonna say that frank. that's really interesting. i learned a whole lot of stuff about whales that i didn't notice. i always wondered about them getting hit by ships. and like the question, you asked, was spot on. it's like because they're pretty bright animals are really so what's going on and yeah, i thought that was really yeah. that was really good that i learned a lot. i thought i knew a lot about whales. um okay. so you got you got some clouds out there now. those clouds or leftover up here? that's high high clouds, some middle class it mostly high clouds right there. that's from that system that came through yesterday did very little of anything. unfortunately we do have a
5:53 pm
little bit of wind out there. check out sfo. i think they're blowing pretty significant media rep over 30. yeah, they're gusting to 31 step. oh, so pretty typical. weather pattern for right now, but we are warming up. so we went from the showers and now we're going into kind of a high pressure pattern. the temperature's warmed a little bit today, although it was pretty cool today, for the most part, and you know, just compared to what we've been saying, but it was warmer by six degrees in concord and warmer by five degrees and live more of these in the current temperatures. so you see all this green and clouds? that's just a low pressure area in there kind of off into the great basin. i guess school earlier right here. that's all kind of unstable wear. and so you're going to see snow showers out in idaho and out of utah, montana, wyoming as that system moves through, in some severe weather possible is that system rules into the plains and we're winding down, although there have been a few showers up in the north bay or far north bay. scattered snow flurries in the mountains. some showers and we even had thunderstorms and city today, but there were
5:54 pm
thunderstorms last night up around close a and paradise and orville in those areas. here's this current set up with cloud cover. no real fungus speak of just a little bit of patchy stuff overnight lows tonight i'll be kind of chilly, no wind or light wind and clear skies. so in san francisco tomorrow and in oakland, and sandra felt looks like this, we beautiful day slightly warmer tomorrow. well, significantly warmer about like five or six degrees, and that's like it's a significant and then as we get into wednesday, further warming by wednesday, we're looking to sit in the five day we're looking at temperatures potentially into the. mid eighties, so that's pretty warm. so wednesday is going to end up being pretty warm and thursday looks like the warmest day of the week with mid eighties there and the in time y area. weekend, more officer involved shootings and justice department investigations now has lawmakers taking another look at police reform legislation on lauren blanchard on capitol hill. why there might be a law. an inch. in the n
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
louisville, kentucky. it's the second in less than a week. fox news, lauren blanchard tells us it comes as lawmakers in washington d. c our debating whether to pass police reform legislation. attorney general merrick garland, announcing the justice department will begin a pattern or practice investigation into the louisville, kentucky government and police department after the 2020 shooting death of rianna taylor. investigation will include comprehensive review of the louisville police departments policies and training this investigation comes on the heels of a similar one into the minneapolis police department. we will follow the facts and the law wherever they
5:58 pm
lead after more officer involved shootings in the last week from ohio to north carolina on captain hill lawmakers are once again debating police reform. there's the house democrats george floyd, justice and policing act and republican senator tim scott's bill that was filibustered last year for not going far enough. now it seems there is more willingness to negotiate on one of the biggest sticking points qualified immunity, senator scott and lindsey graham say they're willing to move the burden of responsibility from individual officers to police departments. if you want to destroy placing in america, make sure that every cop can be sued there. is a way to find immunity reform. take the cop out of it. still, democrats want to make sure officers can be held responsible for their actions. this has been going on for just decades and officers right now we're not really held accountable, but one place republicans refused to budge. this defined the police. i just want to say it. in one word it's called betrayal. senator scott will likely make republican priorities on police
5:59 pm
reform front and center in his rebuttal to president biden's speech to congress on wednesday in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. i this'll is ktvu fox two news at six. a new case of the rare blood clots link to the johnson and johnson covid vaccine, and this time it's a bay area man. but medical experts tell us it is farm dangerous not to get the vaccine. in this latest case, it is a man who is being treated for the blood clot up until this point, it has been reported that only women have experienced the dangerous clots. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville kate. views alex savages here now to look at the potential danger and also give us a reality. check on just how rare these cases are. alex frank johnson and johnson's vaccine does have an extremely low risk of serious side effects were talking about 16 cases out of about eight million doses that have been administered. u c san francisco. they'll they are
6:00 pm
treating a man who did develop these blood clots after getting the j and j shot ucs says the patient here is a bay area man in his early 30. he developed pain in his leg and back 13 days after getting the shot. he's expected to go home from the hospital in the coming days. now, this is the first case of these blood clots here in the bay area and the first in a male patient, all 15 earlier cases were women between 18 and 49. despite the news health experts stress the vaccine is safe. it's very natural for people to have questions to have concerns. there's a lot going on in chatter, rooms and places across the internet and social media, but the real takeaway for folks to know is that really anything can have a bad outcome. the question is how common is it? and this is just simply absolutely rare. that's far and that's really the good news in the single shot change a vaccine. it's not to make the case that there's no such thing as a risk. it's just how rare that risk is.


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