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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 25, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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now returning to the rotation of vaccines being offered in california, and they're hiring, but few are applying how the restaurant industry is struggling to find workers as it expands capacity, this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville. we'll get to those stories in a moment first, though, we begin tonight. was so much needed rain finally moving through the bay area. this is a live picture outside from our roof camera looking out onto the oakland estuary. it wasn't as much as many people hope, but every bit counts. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin is
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here now, with a look at the latest conditions, bill. how's it looking out there? yeah. actually right now is about as nice as it's been all day and much of the bay area. we're looking back at oakland from emeryville. now the sun is popping out. the front has gone through in the mountains or still a winter storm warning. in effect, we got rain. somewhere. he's got significant like mount tam got a half inch of rain over a half inch of rain. that's a nice amount of rain. but in san francisco 16 hundreds, berkeley, just three tents and then santa rosa, right, which would typically you would see that's where you see your big totals. 30.6 607 inch most bay area cities like san jose and south san francisco in areas like hayward, they were 6070.10 point 1 0/10 of an inch or less. so not a lot of rain for a lot of folks in the bay area. it's still sprinkling out there in some places in the mountains. i mentioned that winter storm warning that stays in effect. i think they're going to drop it sooner than later. but i think that thing stays in effect officially until tomorrow morning at 11, but right now it
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is kind of getting going up there so i wouldn't be surprised to see chain concerns on 50 and 80. and then you see the current radar showing where the rain is and where it's not most of the rain is out towards hayward and livermore. it's light stuff. it's light stuff. it helps, like julie said. every little bit helps, and this helps, you know quite a bit for one thing, it forestalls fire season a little bit kind of sold it off a little bit. gets a little wet moisture in the fuels grass valley right now getting some strong showers and then snow showing up on 50 and 80. so yeah, brush with wetness and it zawa and done. i mean, i think we're as we move forward here, we're going to start to warm up rapidly, and in the five day i'm going to show you mid eighties. so and i don't see any rain after that, for a little while. so enjoy. i hope you enjoyed today. i'll show the rest of the forecast. when i see it a little bit it all right. we'll check in check in with you in a bit. thank you. bill nine health officers from across the bay area released a statement today supporting the decision to lift the paws on the johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccine. the cdc
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and the fda accepted the recommendation of an advisory committee on friday. they gave the go ahead to resume the one shot vaccine for all adults. johnson and johnson vaccine was put on hold two weeks ago after blood clots were reported in at least six women. in today's statement, the health officers from alameda contra costa marin, napa, san francisco, santa clara, santa cruz and solano counties, as well as the city of berkeley, said the vaccine is safe and the risk of developing blood clots is extremely low. here's a look now at the latest numbers, the seven day positivity rate has dropped to 1.3% in california more than 28 million vaccination. ones have now been given right now. 36% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated and about 20% is partially vaccinated. in india. it's just the opposite. they're averaging more than 300,000 new coronavirus cases per day and more than 2000 deaths per day.
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hospitals are full ambulances are being turned away. fox news laura ingle with more on that, and also the situation here in the united states. the effort to get americans vaccinated seems to be hitting a snag. daily vaccination rates are falling even as cases and hospitalizations continue to rise. experts say the slowdown is likely because most people who wanted a shot have already gotten one. and now the challenge is to reach those who are hesitant to get one or those who can't easily travel to a vaccination site. anybody who maybe was frustrated by the online appointment, hustle or didn't want to have to wait in really long lines and thought, you know what? i'll just wait until that's not a thing anymore. now is the time overseas india is battling a deadly new wave of infections for the fourth day in a row. on sunday, the country set a world record for the highest number of daily cases since the pandemic started, hospitals are turning away patients as they
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run out of beds, oxygen tanks and other life saving supplies about the nobel. nothing nothing like that. no girls, not again. no bed where we can do there, we can go as the pandemic ravages india. us is facing increasing pressure to send aid doctor anthony fauci says the biden administration is considering ways to help india deal with the devastating surge, including sending oxygen covid tests and ppe but stopped short of promising vaccines. it's a terrible situation that's going on in india and other low and middle income countries, and there is more we can do. president biden has said he hopes to provide vaccines to struggling countries but will not do so until the us has an adequate supply for itself in new york. laura ingle fox news now to iraq and a tragic story out of baghdad, at least 82 people were killed, 110 injured when a hospital caught fire last night, rescuers pulled dozens of
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survivors out of the burning rubble and rushed them to other medical facilities. early reports indicate that the fire started after an oxygen tank exploded. at least 28 of the people who died were on ventilators battling the coronavirus, the country's prime minister has declared a three day period of mourning for the iraqi people back here in the bay area as more businesses trying to regain profits that were lost during the pandemic. one industry that is struggling to survive is now facing a new challenge. many restaurants are having trouble hiring ktvu is greg liggins joins us now with more on how this is affecting both the industry and consumers. greg? yeah, julie restaurants, of course, have been chomping at the bit to get back to full business. plenty are now operating at 50% capacity, but a key ingredient to making a successful comeback is having enough employees and for some, that's a problem. restaurants
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are not only working to fill tables they're working to fill positions, the pandemic sliced jobs in the industry. and now many restaurants trying to make a covid comeback are dealing with a lack of employees. just because of the things happen with a pandemic. you know what? we have to shut down and be close for a whole year, i decided to go in different industries all left the state right like leaving the bay area. on door decided that they didn't want to work in the restaurant industry anymore. and i've heard that over and over again, industry insiders say beefed up and extended unemployment checks or giving some laid off workers extra time to marinate on their menu of options. the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association also owns two small san francisco restaurants, rose's cafe and tears. oh she says, recent help wanted ads only got a small fraction of interest, and she's boosted wages to give existing workers incentive to stay. we
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made wage adjustments. this past monday. proactively because i don't want to lose anybody. the wall street journal reports in addition to raising wages, other incentives being served up by popular nationwide chains include things like signing bonuses, paid family leave and free college tuition. bucking the trend locally, scott seafood and oakland says it had little problem getting employees back. the general manager says it's likely because the business remained in contact with workers and helped some pay bills. we stuck together and that through this difficult times we help them with different needs that they had on when i call them to come back to work. everyone was here in the near term. industry experts say many restaurants may need to run leaner and cross trained workers to do various jobs. as for customers, you might need to exercise patients and expect to help pay the check for some of those newly added incentives. you
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might see an empty table and say, well, why can i sit there? and it might be because you don't have ah, waiter to serve that table. we might ask you to wait a little bit longer. you certainly will see some price increases. i would imagine. solano what running leaner and cross training is something that's temporary or permanent. that's unknown right now. as for the hiring issue, though, thomas says, when those unemployment benefits begin to run out in a few months will you will likely start to see at least some of those workers coming back to the industry. julie yeah, we had to learn to adapt during covid. now we have to learn to adapt coming out of covid. gregg thank you. students in. richmond were treated to a special spring celebration today, complete with a petting zoo and music. they also got to dress up and they were given a new outfit for school, the nonprofit francis in the school's hosted the celebration for kids and their families who attend the caliber beta academy in
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richmond. many of these families have been severely impacted by the coronavirus and organizer's wanted to give them and their families a chance for some fun today. you're a caliber. we recognize that during shelter and place, it's more than we're more than a school about academics were school about community and today's all about building community with our families and welcoming them to this festive atmosphere, regardless of the weather, children were able to pet a variety of animals, including a llama rabbits, a cow and a donkey. and they were also given a gift bag that included snacks, treats toys. and a new spring outfit. coming up. a man is fatally stabbed on the peninsula. what we know from investigators and the arrest police made hours later and new job approval. polls are out for president biden details on what the numbers show also how mr biden plans to mark his 1st 100 days in office.
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happened just before nine o'clock on state route 84 near val acenas road, the alameda county fire department reports that at least one person was trapped in a car and another caught on fire. one person is
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now hospitalized in critical condition. the other two were admitted to the hospital with moderate injuries. the cause of the crash is still under investigation, police in san mateo have arrested a suspect in connection with the deadly stabbing of a 21 year. old man last night. the stabbing was reported at about 11 p.m. at the intersection of cyprus avenue and north bayshore boulevard near highway one. a one officers say they found the victim stabbed in the upper chest. he was taken to a trauma center but died of his injuries. his name still has not been released. detective say it appears the victim and suspect knew each other. police say they found the suspect, 26 year old karlis. carlos ramirez of san matteo hiding nearby and arrested him on suspicion of homicide. tomorrow more students in the san francisco school district will return to their classrooms, some middle and high schools will reopen for a certain group of students, many of whom have struggled during the pandemic. some of
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the students being allowed back in class or dealing with homelessness, or they're in foster care or they live in public housing. in marin county of school district will decide next month which school to shut down because of fallen enrollment. ktvu is james torrez tells us that parents that each school are pleading to keep their campus open. we were thrilled. lydia kaye is the mother of two children at lynwood elementary emotion is to remove lynwood from consideration. the school just spared from closure by the nevada school district. this committee is tasked with selecting an elementary school to shut down due to falling enrollment. they're also looking to be more cost efficient, but we're actually reaching out to different um, that pt groups at both schools that are still in in question whether they would close or not, and we are offering translation help any additional support that they might want this past week the committee met to discuss the schools at risk now
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are rancho elementary and loose sudden elementary. parents from both appealed to the committee to keep their respective schools opens. blue satin makes the least sense too close. financial already offers a welcoming school, linwood kept its curriculum in place despite being the most expensive school per student out of the three. it's saving grace was the school's new dual immersion program. that means students learn english and spanish. at the same time, it's the only dual immersion program in the county to dismantle the program. would not work for these students. the committee will meet again this wednesday. it's not certain they'll make a final decision then, but the topic is expected to be center stage. the fight's not it's not over who are still working and. and helping out this is it's a hard decision, whatever they decide to do, it's hard for the kids, you know, changing. you know all the changes and new school new teachers, new friends and just everything that comes along with that. it's very difficult. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news
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president biden is set to deliver a speech during a joint session of congress on wednesday. marking 100 days in office. fox news david spot tells us that this comes amid a flurry of new approval polls on the president that were just released this weekend. president biden will mark his 100 days in office later this week. the 1st 100 days for any president of the united states. significant as it sets the agenda and sets the tone. for the rest of the time in office, according to our new fox news poll. it shows president biden's numbers when it comes to handling the pandemic are high. i want to read some of these numbers to you. 58% of the people approve of how president biden has handled covid-19 34% disapproved the lowest number 34% approve of immigration. where is 52% disapprove of immigration with a 46 to 15% margin voters say.
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u. s border security is worse today than it was two years ago, according to that latest fox news survey. as far as the president's handling of covid when it comes to parties going on party lines 94% of democrats approved. 24% of republicans approve of the president's handling that is based on party line. now some issues that are important to americans. the economy, 78% tops the list, followed by gun laws at 74% then that's followed by health care infrastructure, illegal immigration, racism, but lowest on the list, according to our polling. 57% of people polled believe that climate change is extremely or very concerning to them. but climate change is important for this administration, the president and other top officials just held two days of talks with world leaders about the climate in washington. david spun fox news. the rain around parts of
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the bay area today comes as california is once again dealing with drought conditions. the board of directors of the east based largest water district will meet tuesday to decide whether their customers will be required to conserve water for the rest of the year. east bay mud staff members recently found that the district's current water supply is not enough to meet customer demands. that's following one of the driest winters on record in the east bay. east bay. mud provides drinking water for more than one four million customers in alameda and contra costa counties. now to our weather, and the rain moved through the bay area today. this is what it looked like. in san francisco this afternoon. our chief meteorologist, bill martin, is here now. bill how bad is the situation in california when it comes to rain and lack of water? bad i'll just say it's bad. it's a two years in a row now well below average rainfall. last year was a bad year. this is snow is being followed by yet another bad year, and many
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cases. 50% i'm just roughing out the numbers, but the numbers are way down from where they need to be. and if davis storm had dumped five inches of rain, we'd still be in a bad situation. so get ready for it. it's common. the rationing the things that we need to do, torto conserve water this summer. there's no wayaround it. there just isn't plus population's grown agricultural interests yada yada yada, so we definitely are in it. okay so with that gloomy tone, this is what looks like outside their santos a few clouds out there for the most part of sprinkles sounds, they got very little in the way of precipitation. meltem a pious got almost oh, just over a half inch of right. that's good. san francisco 16 hundreds on the bed and then what? a berkeley hills about 3/10 of an inch so in most of us got lesson that much less than most of us got. maybe. five hundreds to 1/10 of an inch. that was kind of the right that you know in the low lying elevations, so and the mountains we're getting snow. they may get a half foot to a
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foot of snow. those numbers have been revised down. there is a winter storm warning up in lake tahoe area and you could see where there were. showers are right now they're still lingering on the livermore valley. but you know that we never really had the heavy rainfall, right? it was just this heavy, almost heavy mist that produced the accumulations. and so that's that's not ideal set up to get to get big counts. scratch valley right now, getting a few scattered showers like tall getting some snow flurries that'll last for the next 6 to 12 hours, and then we're clearing out marin fact parts of the north bay and central bay about his nice is it's been all day tomorrow morning will be kind of cool because of the weather system went through the few lesser clouds mid thirties santa rosa tomorrow morning. that's chili for you're not used to that up in santa rosa 38 napa. that's chilly, forties low forties in parts of sand around the babe. this sandwich, cisco tomorrow morning. some clouds some fog and then clearing in the afternoon. so tomorrow afternoon turns out to be a pretty nice day. and as you would expect this time of year,
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temperatures start to go up and that's what's happening as we head into tomorrow. it's a slow warm up the highs today were generally in the sixties highs tomorrow we'll get up into potentially the mid sixties, a place like conquered as it clears out, but as we get into tuesday wednesday. thursday friday, saturday sunday, we're going to get back into the mid eighties. very very rapidly s. oh that's going to dry things out pretty quickly. it's gonna bring back that grass pollens, which are now trending high tree pollens are still in the game. but grass pollens are trending high five day forecast. looks like it's gonna be a nice looking weekend ahead a few clouds in such but the weekend at the next weekend coming, but overall, that was it for the rain dog gone it not enough. you see all back here tonight. that's carl ups guy when i get back here. tonight i'll see you guys eternal love it you all right? yeah. carl agrees with you. all right, bill. thanks. we'll see you later tonight. officials in san francisco have not said yet whether they will remove a dead whale that washed
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ashore over the weekend at fort funston. people were out this morning taking a look at that juvenile fin whale researchers from the marine mammal center, the california academy of sciences and uc santa cruz determined that the whale died after being hit by a passing ship for funston is a popular dog walking spot, but a surfer we spoke with today said it's best right now to keep your dog away from that area. they have a couple of poles, but it's not really blocked off. and a lot of people walking by s o. i'd keep my dog close when you go by it and have a mask. or something that smells really bad. this is the fifth dead whale to wash ashore in the bay area in just the last month. the other whales that washed ashore we're all great whales. up next in sports. why madison bumgarner's no hitter today won't count in the record books and see if the a's were able to extend their winning streak. joe's up next with sports and coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news, get your passports ready the new
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cold, dark cave in southwestern france after taking part in a scientific experiment on isolation. they spent 40 days inside that cave without any lights, clocks or any sense of time, and there was a big surprise in that experiment. researchers say the cave dwellers thought they had been in isolation far less than 40 days, and now they're trying to figure out why. good evening, everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports. it felt like it, but the a's were not going to go the rest of the season without losing the third longest winning streak in franchise history came to an end today in baltimore, never too early to start becoming a baseball fan. hey soos, elizardo on the mound for the eighth today, and it was the orioles austin jesus put the first run on the board in the second inning. hayes first homer the year made it a one nothing game, the a's answered right back in the fourth. ramon laurie. donna puts one in the west, about the same spot off the orioles. john means number
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three on the year for laureano, and they're all even the orioles didn't take the earliest long to jump back in front. and it was hes doing the damage once again. this time, there's a runner aboard as he takes luzardo deep the other way. orioles in front 3 to 1. still not about having for luzardo, who goes six and two thirds, allowing just the three runs still 3 to 1 in the eighth when the orioles put it away to scale franco against the oldest gara, and that one's going out the third homer, the game for the orioles. they go on to score five runs in the inning and went 8 to 1. the a's winning streak ended at 13 games, giant fans equipped for whatever weather would come their way today in the finale of a four game series against the marlins, john started logan web in the second inning, saying who needs the d h. webbed rives one in the gap in right center of miami's paul campbell, while the ball rolls to the wall, tommy, let's challenge maurice. you're the bone both score webex, hugging into third with the triple his first career extra base hit web
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gave way to matt whistler in the eighth and jesus avelar made the shutout disappear with two outs and a runner on idol are puts one of the left field seats. giants lead cut in half to 42. the marlins didn't go quietly in the ninth one runnin trying run its second with tyler rogers got jazz chisholm ground out to la stella. it's second. rogers gets his second save. web gets his first win, the giants made it three out of four of them. marley's hanging on 4 to 3 and madison bumgarner dealing for the diamondbacks today in atlanta. that's a whip for freddie freeman in the first marcello zuna can't pull the trigger in the same inning. baumgartner still had not allowed a hit in the seventh ozuna. it's a line drive to right. it'll be snagged by josh rohaas. bumgarner gets the seven nothing shut out in the braves go hitless, but because this was half of a double header and just a seven inning game, bumgarner does not get. reddit foreign official. no hitter, so, yes, baseball's new rules get used to him. yeah we
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are, i guess. alright, bomber for bumgarner. very good. hey for bumgarner. very good. hey julie, not b okay, in avatar, when they have sex on pandora, they hook up their ponytails, so we know their ponytails are like their junk. yeah... so? so, when they ride horses and fly on the birds, they also use their ponytails. what's your point? my point is, if i were a horse or a bird, i'd be very nervous around james cameron. it amazes me how you constantly obsess over fictional details when there are more important things in the real world to worry about. for example, why wasn't william shatner in the new star trek movie? hey, sheldon. i was up in the administration office, and i happened to overhear the name of the winner of this year's chancellor's award for science. and you want to rub my nose in the fact that my contributions are being overlooked again? i am the william shatner of theoretical physics. all right, i'll play. what self-important, preening fraud are they honoring this year?


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