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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:59pm PDT

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the debate centering on the risks versus the benefits of continuing to use the j and j vaccine. speak today to you with hope and concern. friday the 15 member cdc advisory committee on immunization practices gave hours of testimony online. the issue resuming use of johnson and johnson single dose covid-19 vaccine. this pause has been effective in increasing awareness of the rare and serious defense. april 13th, the federal government ordered a pause in the use of the drug. at that time, six women developed brain blood clots now a total of 15 cases are under investigation, with one person having died so far, there are already two vaccines out there that do not have this problem as far as we know. so i think if this was the only vaccine out there, we would be answering. a very different question would be dealing with something very different. south bay health officials say a lack of the j has not
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impacted their overallof course, embrace whatever guidelines and recommendations, the s e e i p provides to us national experts debated to recommendations worrying and explicit warning would scare away potential takers. johnson, johnson's medical chief says the risk of death is infinite testable compared to the thousands of lives that can be saved by using their vaccine. the vaccine provides access to people who are under served as well, a certain populations that typically face barriers to help your services. i move that we in the end, the committee voted 10 to 4, with one abstention. remove the pause. i am concerned that, um, that the consumers and women in this age group in particular will not be adequately informed. committee members say they're depending on the c, d. c and f d a to jointly come up with a fact sheet that they can provide to member agencies to help them
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explain to women precisely the risk they're facing before they get the covid vaccination. hopefully, that'll come along. in short order. we're live in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news will head back to you, jesse. thank you. california has now administered more than 27 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, according to the latest data, there are now over 365,000 shots a day being given out in the state and 44% of california's population of around 40 million has received at least one dose and about 28% are now fully vaccinated. santa clara county has hit a vaccine milestone over one million people in the county have now been vaccinated. santa clara county says it was able to do this through a network of partnerships, county health officer dr sarah cody says this is a really big deal because with one million people vaccinated, the county can now see a clear path out of the pandemic. and while santa clara
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county officials say this milestone is worth celebrating the also recognize that they're still ah, lot more work to do ktvu the and ruben joining us now and really those who wanted to be vaccinated already are those who are not probably still need some more convincing, yes, but officials say they have a plan. it involves more outreach, education and expanded hours at some of those vaccination sites. wait and no problems. randy han couldn't believe how simple it was to get vaccinated it over felt high school in san jose. all today is the like, just like a breeze. it's very easy plenty of parking space, in fact, all over santa clara county. there's plenty of vaccine and for the first time officials are seeing appointment. go unused. we have enough vaccines to not only make sure that those big sites or taking care of but. every site in our community has appointments right now, at a
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news conference, the county mark tamayo, i'll stone one million residents have received at least one dose, but officials recognize it gets harder from here. as we always say the first million is easy. and the next 500,000 is going to be a little tough, so they're making changes expanding night and weekend hours at some vaccination sites. and focusing on education and underserved areas. we're doing lots and lots of outreach, including going door to door to see whether there's anyone in the home that hasn't been vaccinated that would like to be vaccinated. they're not alone. marin county is doing outreach to and so is contra costa county, where they've been using social media, bulk text messages and a spanish language campaign to let people know about available appointments, gardner health services says we have to do something we went from having you know, i show up at the plaza like you know, 7 30 in the morning ande would have 600 people waiting waiting.
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gardner runs the walk up clinic at san jose's mexican heritage plaza. they say they're working hard to get the word out about safety and convenience. but they say, convincing, those still on the fence won't be easy. so now we need to reach the rest of the people that are not sure. you know they're they're kind of borderline. they're waiting to see what happens. you know those we want to reach them now. against santa clara county is already expanding weekend hours at some locations and in the near future they planned on extending into evening hours in some cases as late as nine pm christina and ruben reporting live for us tonight, and thank you. all right, joining us now to talk more about the challenges rollout moving forward as well as the big announcement today that the johnson and johnson vaccine will now be put back into use in this country after a short pause, doctor vanilla sing professor at stanford school of medicine and former chief medical officer with the
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department of health and human services, doctor saying, always great to have you want here. so this cdc advisory panel in essence decided that the benefits of the j and j one dose vaccine. outweighed the risks here when it comes to these very serious blood clots. how did these experts reached this conclusion? and do you think it's the right call? yeah. get afternoon, alex. yeah i actually think this was a very important and the right call to make when it comes to the johnson and johnson vaccine, the fda and cdc chose to pause be ht because when you look at the number of vaccinations given by this one shot vaccine. close to eight million. the 15 incidences or so of the blood clot in the brain really actually paled in comparison. and, of course, it's still a concern. it is something that
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will be continued to watch. but all in all, this was a new, important recommendation at this time. yes. so the j and j shot is now going to come with a warning. as you said, warning women under 50 about that the slight risk of those blood clots. the women who have become a sick in these cases were between the ages of 30 and 39. that's the group at greatest risk here of developing these blood clots here, what would you say? t someone who who is in that group? would you recommend that they try to get a dose of a different vaccine. that's right. that would be really the next question about women who are b and 48 againmight be very concernedt the truth is, it is considered to be a minimal risk. the 15% advisory committee looked into all of that and all the incidences that have been reported. it is,
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of course concerning when you think about it in comparison, birth control pills, for example, something that's taken much more open and commonly, historically, also, as an example of something that can increase the risk of blood clots, so we know that. even common medications and have risks that are out there. but of course, you know the key thing is, is that women monitor their symptoms if they have any additional risk of clot or a pressed deep vein thrombosis to talk to their doctor, but all in all, really the take home message. or women is that it is generally considered to be very safe that the minimal rare risk is something that really shouldn't impact their decision and really the benefit of having a one shot vaccine still greatly outweighs. risk of this, this readable a spine sinus from bos is that we've seen these blood clots. all right,
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moving on from the from the j and j news, and i want to ask you about the vaccine rollout and where we sort of stand in this country. obviously we saw that strong early push as the biden administration took over millions of people have received their doses all across the country. but it does seem as though we are plateau in here where there is more supply than there is demand in a lot of places a lot of available appointments that that i've been hearing about, especially here in the bay area. how concerned should we be about the lack of interest at this point, and what are going to be? the challenge is moving forward in this next phase of the vaccine rollout. yes. so here a couple of key concerns or that those folks who have still not been vaccinated, many of them may still have a deeper concerns about having the vaccine. it may not be a simple issue of just having gone and not have the chance yet to get it, so there has to be a greater concerted effort. i
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think people need to know that most everybody who's gotten the vaccine have had generally very smooth course. the efficacy of this vaccine is not only important for the covid-19 disease as we know it, but even these emerging variants that we're hearing about that are the cause of second surges in michigan or even in oregon, for example, are because there are these variants, but those people who are vaccinated, they're still protected against severe disease, so it's really important that folks know. that the vaccines are safe and they're efficacious and that the very ends and the current covid issues are still very real. andre the efforts are gonna have to be doubled. we heard from santa clara county that they know that the next half a million or so backs they're gonna have to be something that they really go after. yeah, this is going to be a challenging effort for sure moving forward here to reach herd immunity, dr videla saying always appreciate your time. thank you. thank you,
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alex. yeah. all right, coming up for us here at five o'clock for the first time in more than a year, fans air headed back to chase center in san francisco tonight at 5 30. we'll have a look at the excitement and the challenges of welcoming crowds indoors during a pandemic, and a political novice with a huge celebrity. following now running for office, we have heard that before today, caitlyn jenner announced she is running to unseat governor newsome. coming up next. does she have a chance? we're going to talk to a political expert. next senator warmer weather over the bay area this afternoon, but i do see changes in time for the weekend. the mostly cloudy one expected for your bay area saturday, your bay area saturday, followed by the potential ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health,
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hiv medicine is one part of it. activist caitlyn jenner announced today that she will be running for governor of california jenner, who is 71 years old has never run for office before, reporter cristina gonzalez tells us gender may be best known in the growing field of republicans hoping to replace governor newsome if there's a recall. this is one of the more again predictable celebrity candidacy is that we're going to see in this recall weighing in on caitlyn jenner's tweet announcing that yes, she is in candidate for governor of california if the recall against gavin newsom gets enough signatures, which many political analysts seem to think is a given. this is the moment where republicans are going to try and clear the field. they're not gonna wait until. the recall officially
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qualifies for the ballot. they're going to try and get the support now they're going to try and get the media now, the fact that you and i are talking about caitlyn jenner's candidacy is a win for her candidacy. it means that she's getting free media and jenner is the topic of conversation. former governor brown with our alex michaelson on fox elevens political show the issue is at the end of the day. will come down to how people are feeling about the state and the stewardship of governor newsome. so that's the big issue and there'll be a subside dramas. but i don't think that caitlyn jenner will a substantial night and i don't think she'll affect the outcome. kidding jenner is being described as the first major trance candidate for governor in america by log cabin republicans who work with the republican party advocating for the l g. ridicu community. she really does change the narrative that you don't have to be a leftist democrat to be
5:16 pm
in the lgbt community and to be politically active, and she shares so many of those common belief that conservatives do you can see her campaign is already getting funding online. but will that be enough? do i think republican has a chance? no do i think, a celebrity republican has a chance? no. with this caveat if things really turn for the worst when it comes to the virus when it comes to the vaccine roll out when it comes to the economy when it comes to keeping kids in schools. could that change things? yes cristina gonzalez. fox news, and joining us now to talk more about generous announcement is sonoma state political science professor and chair david mcewen. david great to see you today. i saw caitlin suite this morning. i'm in and, you know, i just want to know whether or not your she's a political newcomer. right. she's a political newcomer who also hasn't voted
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or participated at a higher rate. we don't know her positions. this is the high water mark of her campaign is today. this is some place between folly and novelty. that's probably for polity in terms of where she's at. she won't be the only. candidate who's going to come in as a celebrity? there will be others. the bar is not hard to enter, and because the bar is not hard because it's not a very high bar to get in. there's gonna be lots of people. we had 135 people run in 2000 and three on that that means that you're going to have in the era of social media with the bar. that's basically the same. you're gonna have potentially hundreds of candidates. so buckle up because this is about to get pretty wild, especially as the secretary of state begins to certify the signatures by their deadline of next week. right, considering the fact that not only do voters have to recall newsome, then the person of the choice has to have 50% of the vote, and i'm assuming that's going to be unlikely, given the fact that field of candidates is so crowded. i'm curious, though, whether or not she has any type
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of shot on lee, because what history has shown us is that we have seen former governor arnold schwarzenegger. we've seen jesse ventura even. president trump went right and so the politics of kind of tilting at windmills is one thing. the politics of trying to run the fifth or sixth largest economy in the state, are in the world rather and trying to run that large economy in the midst of a pandemic is going to take more than a novelty or the folly of celebrity. it's going to take some seriousness about policy positions. gavin newsom was elected. at the highest rate of the modern democratic governor that we have seen in california, right? he got 62% of the vote. that's a big number. his popularity has come down. there are a number of people that are going to enter this race. but the politics of celebrity that you point out there, whether that's donald trump or arnold schwarzenegger, that is a component to a recall. it can be a wild animal, but we don't know what that's gonna look like in terms of the final celebrities that might get involved until sometime in august. because of that. this
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is the first moment where we see that, but you're potentially going to see four or 500 candidates house a candidate going to get oxygen. well, they're gonna need a plurality of the vote, and it cost $4000 to get on the ballot for 7000 signatures. and that means a lot of people are going to think about this silicon valley zillionaires. celebrities be celebrity. see celebrities. everyone is going to think about getting in. that will be a challenge for gavin newsom and his team because they also want to keep out if you will, any potential democratic rivalries that also want to get in. sure, and i'm just considering the fact that he must be somewhat worried about the state of this recall effort, given the fact that his campaign sent out fundraising efforts in an email just hours after caitlin announced she was running, saying he wanted to keep up with her wealth. what do you think about that? well, they want to keep up, they'll be able to raise money and they're going to take every opportunity to go on the offensive. one thing the watch here is the degree to which someone say, like donald trump gets involved in this race.
5:20 pm
perhaps he makes a plea for money. maybe he doesn't show up in california, but maybe he makes an attempt to raise money. kevin mccarthy does this for republicans. donald trump is not very popular in california. he is someone who can join if you will and nationalize this race, nationalizing this race is hugely important because joe biden and kamala harris will also play a role. that means the recall of governor newsome. if that moves forward, it looks like it will will be deep political story of the year. so this is just the beginning. hence, buckle up because here we go. very interesting to watch, considering caitlin considers herself part of the lgbtq community, and we've already seen some groups come out and say they won't be supporting her just because of her ties now with president trump's campaign and team course interesting all the way around. what an announcement today david mccue, and we're gonna have to leave it at that at that. thank you so much for joining us today. thank you very much for having me. well after more than a month of dry weather. we do have rain in the
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forecast, and it looks like it'll hit us in time for sunday. all senators at this hour we do have partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies alive. look here at the golden gate bridge where we do have clouds and fog overhead is you look in the distance a towards areas over the north bay. we've got a little bit of blue sky back in there so partly cloudy skies around the bay and inland we've got mostly clear and inland brentwood 74 degrees 60. six and conquered, get a little bit closer to the bay. it's a cooler day, upper fifties and oakland 53 in san francisco right now and cool at half moon bay 50 degrees, but as i show you the 24 hour temperature change, you'll notice most of us are warmer than yesterday. at this time in most of us this afternoon, several degrees warmer with more sunshine as we move through the afternoon yesterday, many of us were sort of sucked in, and under that cloud cover the entire day storm tanker to here showing you that we do have robe. clouds against the coastline and moving back into the north bay. windsor's got some mid and high level cloud
5:22 pm
cover going on there, and the winds are onshore. fairfield reporting augusta 31 mph sustained in oakland at 15 and nevada, a southerly breeze and dust about 18 mph. so here's a look at what we do expect getting into tonight we will remain with the mostly cloudy conditions. tomorrow morning, perhaps just a little bit of drizzle. but tomorrow is expected to be a mainly dry day. mostly cloudy day little bit cooler day. there's a look at tomorrow night. sunday looks to be the wet weather day temperatures tomorrow morning with the clouds in place. a cool start, but not too bad. ah widespread forties out the gate 41 in santa rosa, 48, san francisco and in the south bay 48 over san jose. afternoon highs for tomorrow. coming down. increasing cloud cover will begin to thicken isncisco 66 foe inner east bay of concord and low sixties expected in napa when i come back better details on the storm of the timeline and snow for the sierra in just a bit. oh, that police officer
5:23 pm
respng to an assault forces artd and punches him coming up next year and five. police say that team was a suspect in the crime, and the officer didn't know he had special needs. and coming up on ktvu news at six. it would be the most expensive private development of the country. just how much the oakland a's proposed ballpark it howard terminal will cause we'll hear from team president dave cavil and how oakland's mayor is responding plus after 75 years at sutter's out debates summit medical center in berkeley. one east bay woman is finally retiring. coming up. we'll introduce you to the 95 tr
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try'em today. teenager to the ground and punching him. the confrontation caught on a neighbor's camera. our crime reporter henry lee is joining us now in henry, the teen's family says he has autism. that's right, christina. the department says that officer did not know at the time that the team who was an assault suspect has special needs and the boy's family is upset at the officer's condom. yeah. this is video showing of aka bill police officer throwing a 17 year old boy with autism and a dhd to the ground after the team tried to run away. theo officer, then punches him. the struggle continues. here it was a very py from that on josh bartholomew's ring candles on wednesday. he knows the teenager in this family who live around the corner. the officer had an opportunity to de escalate and he used the discretion. to escalate the situation. and it turned out
5:27 pm
how it was. we completely understand that the video show on social media is extremely difficult to watch. vacaville police sergeant katie cardona says the teenager was a suspect in an assault with a pipe that left a 16 year old boy hurt. police say the officer's responsibility was to find the suspect and that the teen resisted. arresting officer did not have prior knowledge that the subject was special needs individual, but ktvu has obtained back of ill police audio showing that another officer not on scene did know after consulting with dispatch has special needs contact. i got fascinated him, but by then the officer was already struggling with the team won five, adam, but it was a z a say he was she was resisting. um which i know in the video, it appears that he was resisting. um at the end of the day he was he's in justin. autistic kid. now. this
5:28 pm
incident is under investigation by vac ville police. the teen was cited for assault with a deadly weapon and released. his father did not want to comment in an interview, but did post on facebook. i am pro police, but i am not pro abuse reporting live. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. all right. for the first time in more than 400 days, warriors fans are back. these are live pictures here from san francisco and coming up. we are going ahead, live out to chase center to find out what it is like to get into. a game in the middle of a pandemic, in california's unemployed were supposed to get some financial relief by last weekend. today, we're told hundreds of thousands are still waiting details about the latest miss deadline.
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. will take on the denver nuggets and for the first time in more than a year, there will be fans in the stands cheering on the dubs. imagine that there are, however, going to be quite a few safety measures in place because we are still in the midst of a pandemic. ktvu christian captain, joining us now live from chase center in san francisco with more on this big night pretty exciting where we're gonna have a crowd back in that arena, absolutely, and a very excited crowd at that. if you take a look out here, you can see that there might be
5:32 pm
fewer fans. but that doesn't mean that there's any less enthusiasm there was in the years past. you can see fans right here, throwing up those signs for the dubs. you could hear playing out here. so a lot of excitemnts take on s at 6 45. so that means it's a big night for two of the city's home teams. san francisco's mission bay is buzzing as the giants and warriors prepare for games and golden state welcomes fans. back inside. chase center. you can feel it in the building were ready for doug nation, the energy is just unreal. we're so excited to welcome everybody back this evening, fans will have to prove their covid negative before they can watch the dubs. take on the nuggets. we are requiring cope negative covid test results taken within 48 hours of tip off tonight, if that's not an option, we are also taking proof of full vaccinations. and that's two weeks after your final or second dub nation saying it's been a long wait and there ready to take whatever steps necessary to root on the
5:33 pm
warriors. just super excited, was able to go to a padres game a couple weeks ago. but you know, there's nothing like a hometown field crews work to clean and prepare chase center for the influx of fans. state regulations limit the number of fans inside instead of a pact. 18,000 there's going to be closer to 2000 and the lower bold there's no eating in the seats. instead fans will have to make their way to designated dining areas just 15 minutes before the warriors tip off, the giant will comm pans back for game two of a four game syria's against the marlins after best in miami on thursday night with an estimated 4580 fans in attendance, even with lower numbers of fans in the seats than pre covid games, surrounding businesses, like mission rock resort are happy to see anyone return for this evening with the giants and the warriors plane at the same time, you know, we're hopeful that the neighborhood is busy and we look forward to welcoming all of our friends back at mission rock. on as
5:34 pm
always getting to and from the game. public transit may be your best option. mew knee is going to be running at 50% capacity and, of course, covid protocols, including facemasks are still required. one more live. look out here. you can see had so much excitement. there is how many fans are already out here and we still have a couple hours until the game tips off guys a lot of excitement out here for now. we're gonna send it back to you. yeah fewer fans in the stands, but but christian, i imagine the warriors fans who who are going to be on hand to chase center. they're going to make it feel like a full house. yeah that's you know, there's really electricity about that enthusiasm. those fans that we talked to in the piece you saw just a moment ago. they were here at about noon. so they were here hours before the game got underway. they said they want to get that covid test out of the way so you could tell that the dub nation definitely ready to be here in person tonight. yeah of course, the warriors players ready to welcome back some fans to have all that excitement there. alright christian captain life force outside chase center. san francisco. thank you, christian. major stretch of
5:35 pm
highway one. no one is back open again in the south bay after a big rig crash shut it down for hours earlier today, chp says that speed was likely the cause of the crash on one of one instead of, say, the driver lost control of that fully loaded truck around 7 5 this morning after coming off the 8 80 connector, the big rib flipped onto its side and blocked all south bound lanes. any little increases in speed or anything you know, over what is suggested recommended as a safe cautionary speed has the potential to cause these trailers to have a shift in weight. this driver lost control. this vehicle tried overcorrect, causing the vehicle rollover. no side, the driver was able to get out and was taken to the hospital after lanes of traffic. we're open about 30 minutes later. scenic
5:36 pm
highway one in big sur is now back open after it was closed for three months for major repair work. caltrans reopen the highway at noon today. governor newsome was on hand for the reopening ceremony. crews worked nonstop to repair a 150 ft section of the roadway at rat creek, which was washed out by rocks and mud back in january. favorable weather since then help the project finished two months ahead of schedule and under budget. we are truly blessed by this coast of dreams. and today we're blessed to be back and to see this iconic highway up and operational and back on its feet. just as this state is getting back on its feet. caltrans says some construction work will be continuing in that area over the next few months that will include the installation of permanent guard rail and erosion control measures on both sides of the roadway. california's
5:37 pm
unemployment office still has a backlog of hundreds of thousands of cases that have still yet to be paid out. the troubled agency said. they get people their money earlier than expected, but then blew right past their own deadline, ktvu tom vacar explains. federal ppe you see, pandemic emergency unemployment compensation is a program to help unemployed americans keep receiving money until this pandemic is reasonably under control. it was initially extended to go through march. the 14th then re extended under the biden administration to september. the sixth, provided the recipients re certify their eligibility. many are still waiting. initially e d d promised to process all extensions for all of those with zero back. bones in their puc accounts by april, the 30th but then shorten the wait regarding cream is receiving the p e s. c extension from the american rescue plan by 4 17 that was their promised date.
5:38 pm
since that was more than a week ago, it appears to be yet another broken. promise i have a large number of claimants who are reporting that they still have not received that jenny silver has become a hero youtuber to legions of california jobless workers. by getting answers to perplexing questions. her viewers cannot get out of the e d. d she's not a needy employees in any way, but our youtube channel is viewed by upwards of a million viewers a month. she asked edie, these public affairs department to explain why her viewers are not getting paid. the e g d doesn't respond to me and my media requests, even though she's really trying to help he did he explain itself. they don't reply. this assistance is critical to many, if not most of 1.5. million still unemployed californians who will have real trouble finding jobs that were lost forever, especially in small businesses. no significant re openings, the number of openings are way way down over 38% since the start of the pandemic and. small business
5:39 pm
revenues. the edie descend ktvu a statement that the puc rollout was completed on april 10th. but that seems to be news to a lot of people. we'll stay on it tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. ah father and his nearly two year old daughter remembered today at a vigil in oakland, his hero, you know, he saved my end and his wife and then he go back. coming up next, the family left to wonder why someone would set that deadly house fire and hope that someone comes forward with information in the case.
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little girl and her father, who were killed in an arson inside their home in the east oakland last week. the mother and wife of the victim is in the hospital due to give birth at any time. ktvu is rob roth spoke with relatives today about the family's difficult ordeal. this is home video of not quite two year old aaliyah musleh two days before she died, she was saying bye to students at nearby bishop of down high school in east oakland near where she lived. she always say height and, yeah, she was saying goodbye. what we didn't you know, realize that until their fire the fire. police say it was arson. aaliyah was killed just before her second birthday, along with her father, 37 year old s o, mostly who died trying to save her moments earlier, mosley had gotten his wife, who was nine months pregnant and her mother out of the flaming house. his hero, you know, he saved my ent
5:43 pm
and his wife, and then he go back. i saw the fire. it was like the sun. i'm going to try to hold it together from the afternoon more than 100, family, friends, neighbors and community members gathered for a vigil in front of the burnout home on stern's avenue in east oakland. they came to remember the brave, hardworking dad and the young girl. the family called their little angel. they want those responsible arrested. this is not just on a deliberate arson, it'sa a terrorist attack, police said. the arson may be connected to a shooting death of an earlier arson at the liquor store were mostly worked. relatives say mostly had no involvement in any criminal activity. he just worked at the store. what did we do to them? at least if there is a reason we can understand, but this is for no reason most his wife is still in the hospital, recovering from burns and is about to give birth. her. this family member e from memphis, tennessee, to try to make sense out of the senseless wish is a
5:44 pm
dream he's holding it. us burned in the fire that belong toe. aaliyah there's the close. when i get my hand, that's what we have left from earlier. oken crimestoppers is offering a $15,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. rob roth ktvu fox two news. the parents of kristen smart are suing the father of the man who is charged with killing their daughter. this lawsuit accuses 80 year old ruben flores of hiding the body of the 19 year old after she disappeared 25 years ago. that suit was filed yesterday, one day after ruben flores was released on bail in san luis obispo county. his son paul flores, remains behind bars. he's pleaded not guilt smart afa college party in 1996. when they were both students at cal poly both sides of a sexual
5:45 pm
assault case against nfl quarterback to shawn watson are now accusing each other of destroying evidence. six of watson's 22 accusers appeared in civil court yesterday for a status conference in houston, texas. the women are accusing the houston, texas quarterback of sexual harassment and assault during massage sessions. watson was not in court. his attorney says that some of the plaintiffs have been destroying altering evidence. their attorney denies that and says watson is destroying evidence watson's layer also said his legal team is still unable to obtain the identities of four of the accusers. i ever experienced where six weeks after the lawsuits abroad, we still don't know who although tomorrow so that that sense it's unusual. shawn watson has has unsent a lot of this direct messages instantly and we raise that issue before we'll deal with it. when time comes. wants insulate has requested an emergency hearing next week to
5:46 pm
address the identities of the accuser's deadly crash in texas, and investigators say no one was behind the wheel when that test look crashed coming up next, consumer advocates show how they trick their own. tesla's into driving without somebody sitting in the driver's seat. they blasted off from earth early this morning with an arrival at the international space station scheduled for tomorrow. coming up next. what makes this flight unique compared to so many others? mostly sunny, warmer weather felt around the bay area. i am tracking what changes in time for the weekend
5:47 pm
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i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) and nutrients to support immune health! tesla into driving with no one behind the wheel. this test was conducted just a few days after a tesla crashed in texas, killing two men inside the car. authorities say n,
5:49 pm
consumer reports says engineers ran sevests on a close track, and they found the model why that was used automatically steered along painted lines, without noting that there was no one behind the wheel. a space axis spacecraft is now orbiting earth successfully with four astronauts on board after successfully lifting off from cape canaveral in florida. the launch made history on several different fronts. fox's jonathan siri has more from the kennedy space center. and lift off. got seated never agree to. it was a spectacular predawn lift off as a spacex falcon nine rocket propelled four astronauts from three countries into space from nasa's kennedy space center in florida friday morning. this launch marks spacex his third crew flight in less than a year, and the first time the company has re used a capsule and rocket to launch astronauts. for nasa. the asset
5:50 pm
was incredible. the ride was really smooth that we couldn't have asked for anything better. head of their flight shortly after midnight. the four crew members to americans, one french and one japanese astronaut arrived at kennedy space center, where they were greeted by spacex and tesla founder elon musk. from there, they climbed into their white gold wing, tesla's and headed to the launch path, even in the wee hours of the morning, space fans gathered outside to watch the historic lift off. i thought it was outstanding. i mean, you know, to see this in person was a whole different variants. spacex crew dragon spacecraft, now traveling thousands of mph is expected to dock at the international space station saturday morning, where the crew is expected to spend the next six months. i feel very well protected. everything is great, spacex founder elon musk says rockets should be reused like aircraft to reduce the cost of space travel. this rocket was last used. spacex mission back in november at the
5:51 pm
kennedy space center in florida. jonathan. serrie fox news around the break area fairly nice day at temperatures fell a little bit below average, but warmer than yesterday. we are going to take a turn with cooler weather in the forecast and wet weather by sunday. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. we do have the cloud cover overhead in areas over along the coastline. we've got the cloud cover, and it's a cool one. san francisco reporting 50 degrees 61 right now in santa rosa upper fifties and oakland low sixties livermore mid sixties over san jose. here's a view of storm zachary to so in addition to the low clouds right up against the coastline, mid and high level clouds drifting over the north bay. i think as we get into tomorrow, you will begin to notice the increase in cloud cover. we're looking at a partly sunny to mostly cloudy day. here's a look at to the rainfall amounts expected with this next system anywhere from a quarter inch over areas of the south bay to half inch expected over the central bay and three quarters of an
5:52 pm
interest so expected for some of our north bay locations. the coastal range may pick up a decent amount, and the sirah is going to get some snow starting saturday night lasting in the monday morning, so if you're thinking about heading up tonight you're okay. most of tomorrow. you're okay. but by tomorrow night, things start to change. hazardous conditions expected the slick roadways possibility of road closures sometimes when they have to clear out the snow. that's all the way down to about blue canyon. maybe even a little bit below that, so please take note. there's a look at the future cast. there's a look at tonight we are mostly cloudy. perhaps a little bit of drizzle tomorrow morning, but that's really about it. it's really on sunday. when we begin to see that rain move in, and it looks like it'll start early in the day and last most of the day, if not the entirorrow morning under mostly cloudy skies, mainly dry conditions, widespread forties in the forecast low forties for santa rosa upper forties in san francisco, and then into the afternoon cooler than today. 59 for san francisco low sixties and hayward 65 for the east bay
5:53 pm
of livermore and low sixties expected in napa. there's a look at your extended forecast a mix of sun and clouds just art tomorrow and then we'll see mostly cloudy skies by the end of the day. sunday looks to be a soggy day. we do dry out by monday, tuesday and wednesday, a warmup coming our way and by wednesday seventies in the forecast for bayside communities, upper seventies inland back to you. all right. where's my thank you? nasa's ingenuity helicopter is scheduled to take to the skies of mars again on sunday. yesterday the chopper completed its second flight it reaching altitude of 16 ft were hovered for a bit before moving sideways seven ft ingenuity is slated to take three more test flights, each one increasing a difficulty. scientists say there are a lot of challenges including the atmosphere on mars being just 1% of earth's. marin blanchard in washington, president biden continues. his push on congress to pass his american jobs plan, while
5:54 pm
republicans say it does little for what they see as infrastructure and coming up on the ktvu news at six o'clock tonight, historic moment at the state capitol today as east bay assemblyman ron ponta is officially sworn in as california's new attorney general. and the oakland a's. our terminal ballpark plan has now reached a $12 billion price tag we're gonna hear from the team's president, and how the mayor
5:55 pm
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♪one more bite.♪ ♪just give me one more bite.♪ ♪cause i can't wait forever.♪ mac & cheese, now in a tasty bite. part of my new $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box. part of my new $4 mini munchies. administration on infrastructure bill. many democrats want more clean energy items. the republicans
5:57 pm
say the bill is already bloated. fox's lauren blanchard has more from washington. when we invest in climate, resilience and infrastructure, we create opportunities for everyone. that that's the heart of my jobs plan that i've proposed here in the united states, well, talking about the climate with world leaders, president biden made another push for his american jobs plan. a $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill, which also includes money for items like green energy and expanding care for the elderly. it would also raise taxes for the wealthy and corporations. group of republicans have countered with their own 568 billion infrastructure, bill, you matched it. apples to apples were not nearly as far apart as it might seem. it's only a fraction of what president biden has pitched. however, it hasn't been outright dismissed by the white house. this is a good start, and we look forward to having the conversation moving forward. the gop plan focuses on traditional infrastructure items like roads and bridges, broadband public transit airports. rail waterways and
5:58 pm
safety, i think good physical core infrastructure is what the american people want us to do and want us to work together, and i think we can get there. they argue the democratic backed items and president biden's plan should be part of another bill not attached to the future of the nation's infrastructure. some democrats immediately called the republican bill too small quote. it's just a quarter of what president biden has proposed, and it's not a serious effort. to do anything at all about the climate crisis. president biden will mark his 1/100 day in office next week with a trip to georgia. his focus will be promoting the american jobs plan in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. this'll is ktvu fox two news at six. it has been 409 days since fans were allowed inside and right now, one san francisco neighborhood is coming back to life as the golden state warriors begin welcoming back fans to chase center. just excited to be able
5:59 pm
to watch sports again in person. we're super excited to welcome people back in the neighborhood. postgame rushes popular time for us after the game. the area around san francisco's mission bay is buzzing once again. we are now less than one hour away from warriors tip off and giants first pitch it oracle park. good evening. i'm cristina rendon and i'm alex savage in tonight for entree. certainly a busy night in the city. it has been more than a year since fans have been allowed inside chase center and for the team at a lot of businesses in that area see ktvs now live outside and christian.w the fans you've been talking to. they are pumped up to be back in that arena. yeah let's give you that live. look here at thrive city right in front of chasing her. you can see lots of fans making their way into the area tip off seven
6:00 pm
o'clock tonight. ah, lot of very excited fans out here tonight to remember the giants taking on the marlins at 6 45. so it is a very big night for two of the city's home team. si san francisco's mission bay is buzzing as the giants and warriors prepare for games and golden state welcomes fans back inside chase center. you can feel it in the building were ready for detonation. the energy is just unreal. we're so excited to welcome everybody back this evening, fans will have to prove their covid negative before they can watch the dubs. take on the nuggets. we are requiring. hope negative covid test results taken within 48 hours of tip off tonight. if that's not an option, we are also taking full proof of full vaccinations. and that's two weeks after your final or second dose dub nation saying it's been a long wait and they're ready to take whatever steps necessary to root on the warriors in person to a padres game a couple weeks a


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