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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 23, 2021 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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should still be wearing masks outdoors. why one bay area doctor says it's time to reconsider. plus it is official caitlyn jenner is running for california governor what the former olympians chances are in unseating governor. newsom in a potential recall election from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four and welcome everyone to the four on this friday afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. we have big news on the vaccine front to tell you about just within the past few minutes. u. s health officials have decided to lift the pause. on johnson and johnson's one shot vaccine dose. this comes after a cdc panel recommended today that it is safe to do so ourself has the latest information on this decision. jesseetg you mentionet broke up a little while ago hours of debate, which centered
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on the risk versus the reward of continuing to use the j and j vaccine. i speak today to you with hope and concern friday, the 15 member cdc advisory committee on immunization practices gave hours of testimony online. issue resuming use of johnson and johnson. single dose covid-19 vaccine. this pause has been effective in increasing awareness of the rare and serious defense. april 13th. the federal government ordered a pause in the use of the drug. at that time, six women developed brain blood clots. now a total of 15 cases are under investigation with one person having died so far, there are already two vaccines out there that do not have this problem as far as we know. so i think if this was the only vaccine out there, we would be answering. a very different question would be dealing with something very different. south bay health officials say a lack of the j and j drug has not impacted their overall vaccine supply. we will, of course,
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embrace whatever guidelines and recommendations that a c i p provides to us national experts debated to recomms worrying and explicit warni, saf death is infinite testable compared to the thousands of lives that can be saved by using their vaccine. the vaccine provides access to people who are under served as well, a certain populations that typically face barriers to help your services. i move that we in the end, the committee voted 10 to 4, with one abstention. remove the pause. i am concerned that, um, that the consumers and women in this age group in particular will not be adequately informed. committee members, saying they were relying on the c d. c and the ss to make smen know the they go to get
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covid vaccination. we live in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. jesse do we have a sense that this point about how long it is going to take tea? get those johnson and johnson doses back into service if you will, well, i know during the testimony, they said they wanted to get that fact list out to partner agencies. first it's friday afternoon here. it's already friday evening on the east coast, where these agencies are based, so i'm guessing they'll start this fresh on monday and hopefully have it sometime in the new week. alex. yeah, the sooner the better or it ktvu jesse gary reporting live force. thank you. well according to the cdc, more than 222 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have now been administered here in the united states and 91 million americans have been fully vaccinated now here in california more than 27 million vaccines have been administered. 44% of californians have
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received at least one dose and about 28% are now fully vaccinated. vaccines have now been administered to one million people in santa clara county. the county says it was able to do this through a network of partnerships. county health officer dr sarah cody says, with one million people vaccinated, the county can now see a clear path out of this pandemic. over one million of our county residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine, which is phenomenal, and we need to take a moment and take a deep breath and really celebrate. this is a really big deal. cody says the county will continue to focus on equity to ensure that everyone in the county who wants a vaccine has access and can get a shot. right now. the cdc is considering a revision to its guidelines for mask wearing in response to the growing number of people being vaccinated in this country. cdc director rochelle wolinsky says
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her agency lift its masks at nearly all times when they're outdoorss she agrees wih president biden that the pandemic is far from over. and the white house press secretary says the president does not expect immediate changes in the current mask. guidelines is working and in discussions with our health and medical experts about what we need to do to get the pandemic under control, so i don't have any update on that at this point in time. well, they're certainly, though, is ah growing debate about whether it is still necessary for us to be wearing masks all the time when we're when we're outdoors, and to weigh in now is dr monica gandhi and infectious disease specialist at ucsf. dr gandhi. always good to have you on and good to talk to you. obviously we know the risk low n these outdoor settings. we also have a lot more people who are
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being vaccinated right now. what do you think? what is the argument for not requiring people to wear masks when they're outdoors? you know, i think they're two arguments. one is that exactly what you just said that the risk of outdoor transmission is extremely low. we have actually now for really great studies. one was 7224 people in wuhan, china, where they did very strict contact tracing one of the infection's was traced to outside 232,000 people in a irish study. and the risk of outside transmission is one in 1000. and then i review here from you see a seven also another one from university of canterbury. showing outside transmission is extremely well, that's one argument that our risk for outdoor transmission is very low. the second, i think is to restore trust in public health messaging. it makes sense to update guidelines. when you have science that shows you that the risk is so much lower and with such high rates of vaccination that you just advertised on
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they're going around around the united states. this seems like the time. get us that kind of extra hope to lift our outdoor mass mandates. and then we can think about the indoor once and we're all vaccinated. who wants to be vaccinated? do you think part of the reason that that health officials on the federal level the state level the local level are hesitant to lift these mask mandates is because maybe they're concerned that that some of these sort of nuanced approach is when it comes to mask wearing are just sort of more difficult for people to kind of wrap their heads around. and what about the concern that it it's sort of a slippery slope? if you will? where if you if you don't require mask wearing outdoors, people tend to let their guard down and then they don't take precaution. even when they're in more risky settings. you know, this is something i've actually been arguing in away from the beginning as an hiv doctor that we understand the public understands nuance and tiered messaging. if x, then x
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if why, then why, and so what that would mean is we actually all is human beings. no one we're outside. versus inside, and so the recommendation we have that mass candy. absolutely where, when you go , exercising passing people on the street unless your outdoor packed rallies yelling to not wear a mask, we will be able t understand this. the american public, i think is very nuanced. and i think your messaging to be honest increases trust in public health officials. all right. so let's talk about what are the most important factors that that someone should consider. you know, you mandates aside, you know, just for you know every person out there who's listening to this. what what should i consider when i want to decide whether to wear a mask outdoors or not? what are the factors that that i should weigh? you know, this is how it see it from the data so again, actually, there was another study that showed that just
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that breeze outside, you know, sort of the ventilation outside just versus the viral particles extremely quickly. so especially if you're exercising your standing around and small group, you're walking around. you're outside, you know, going from place to place. there is not any science that would say that we have to wear a mask. at that point where i would still have our mask wearing very intact is any endorse face absolutely any inverse face on ben when we get back to you, and we're not doing this right now, but if their rallies if there is something that you've decided to go to a rally, and there's. tightly packed people together, yelling. that's when i would advise mask wearing based on the data. okay. you're speaking of data did do you think that there should be specific threst that's vaccinated that that should lead to the lifting of outdoor mask wearing mandates? well, i
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think this is a great question. i mean, one thing is the w h o has never recommended mask wearing outside and this was on lee. if you can't distant three ft from each other so for the rest of the world that isn't the recommendation for the w h o. on the other hand, there are places in this country where the prevalence is still where we don't want it to be. the prevalence is worse, very low for covid-19 in california, with the lowest case counselor. any state in the country right now, so. you can think about, okay, let's not do anything to mess up anything in places where case they're still circulating, and maybe it's the places like california where the cases are so low where we say, you know, this gives people an extra impetus to get their vaccine on guy would also, i would also add this said, places that have a 40% 1st dose rate, which, of course, were much higher in california. all right, well, we will wait and see if the cdc changes its guidance here when it comes to outdoor mask wearing ah,
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quickly. dr gandhi. i wanna sort of shift, you know, shift gears a little bit here and talk about the big news that i'm sure you heard late today. just a short time ago, a federal health officials have decided to lift the paws on the. what were some of the considerations led to this deci, so i think some of the considerations to not eliminate this vaccine in our country is certainly homeless populations for difficult, reaps reach populations and also for kind of populations were in and out and the one dose strategy works. this has been in a very important advancement to have the johnson and johnson back seat. there are now that they've adjudicated further plots among women. it looks like that there were a few more so essentially like you just reported 15 thoughts. in women across eight million doses.
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if you are less than 50, that ri and then over 50. it's very it's lower. still about one in a million, so, adding a commentary to the vaccine. i think it's prudent because that's what we do for other drugs. if there's a rare side effect for any drug and in vaccine, we added to the label and it looks like women again. women who were younger, most of this is for this very bear fox, all right, well, we always appreciate your time and your insight as well. dr monica gandhi, infectious disease specialist at ucsf. thank you so much. have a nice weekend. thank you. yeah. new video this afternoon at the back of a police officer, throwing a team to the ground while responding to a call about an assault. the family says the team has autism coming up next we'll hear from police and a neighbor who saw it all happen. also big day for
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punching him. the confrontation was caught on a neighbor's camera are com reporter henry lee joins us now and henry. the family says that this team has autism was the officer who responded aware of that. heather the department says that the officer did not know of the time that the team who was an assault suspect has autism. and so the boy's family now this upset at the officer's conduct. this is video showing a vacaville police officer
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throwing a 17 year old boy with autism and a dhd to the ground after the team tried to run away, theo officer then punches him. the struggle continues. big mirror. it was a very poor decision professionally from that officer. the confrontation was caught on josh bartholomew's ring cameras on wednesday. he knows the teenager in this family who live around the corner opposite er had an opportunity to de escalate and he used the discretion. to escalate the situation. and it turned out how it was. we completely understand that the video show on social media is extremely difficulty to watch back of hill police sergeant katie cardona says the teenager was a suspect in an assault with a pipe that left a 16 year old boy hurt. police say the officer's responsibility was to find the suspect and that the teen resisted. i'm not gonna tell you again. arresting officer did not have prior knowledge that the subject was special needs individual. but ktvu has obtained back of ill
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police audio showing that another officer not on scene did know after consulting with dispatch has a special contract. yeah that's amazing. but by then the officer was already struggling with the team. one part adam, but it was as they say he was he was resisting, which i know in the video, it appears that he was resisting. um at the end of the day he was, he's just an autistic kid. you know the officer's actions are under investigation by back of ill police now the team was cited for assault with a deadly weapon and release his father today declined to be interviewed, but did right on facebook. i am pro police, but i am not pro abuse reporting live henry lee ktvu, fox two news. alright, henry. thank you. well today, fremont police released new video showing a deadly shooting by officers there. earlier this month, the chief says the detectives from their gun violence reduction team. we're trying to mind
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steven moseley at the hyatt place hotel back on april 1st. he was wanted on multiple outstanding felony warrants, including auto theft and drugs. they say he took off running when he spotted undercover officers after a canine took him down. police say detective saw gun in moseley's hand. they shouted at him to put the gun down. when that didn't happen to detectives fired their guns, killing him. ah fully loaded 25 caliber handgun was located near mostly. alameda county d. a. is investigating the shooting scenic highway one in big sur is now back open once again after being closed for three months, caltrans reopened the highway at noon today. governor newsome attended the reopening crews work nonstop washed out by rocks and mud back in january. favorable weather since then has helped the project finished two months ahead of schedule and on
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budget. we are truly blessed by this coast of dreams. and today we're blessed to be back and to see this iconic highway up and operational and back on its feet. just as this state is getting back on its feet. caltrans says some construction work will continue in that area. over the next few months. it will include the installation of permanent guard rail and erosion control measures on both sides of the roadway. here is what we playing in san francisco tonight, and it will be for the first time in more than a year that fans will be allowed inside chase center to watch now under the city's health guidelines, 6000 fans are allowed to be in the stands tonight they'll have to show proof of a negative covid-19 test or show that they are fully vaccinated. the warriors say, no matter how many people are allowed back inside chase center, and they'll be happy to see fans at their games. we're gonna enjoy the atmosphere. i
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think i've thought about it before. it's his death, but noticeable if you have even just 1000 fans, and then the seats, um. it makes a huge difference in the atmosphere and whatnot. we got fans to a chase center. i cannot wait, wait. the warriors have nine regular season home games left there a chase center tonight's tip off against the denver nuggets is at seven o'clock. well around the bay area this afternoon, more sunshine, and with that temperatures came up by several degrees cloudy one expected for tomorrow. a rainy one on sunday. how about outsider doors right now? giving you a look there at sfo were along the coastline in over areas on near sfo. tough day again of well, partial clearing will call it we've got partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies from that vantage point, just a little bit of blue. at the top. but for the most temperatures feeling quite nice,
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inland upper sixties to mid seventies from livermore conquered over towards brentwood in the north bay. santa rosa. you're a 64 a cool 52 at half moon bay, as well as 53 in san francisco opera fifties along the east bay shore and a san jose right now, 69 san jose, six degrees former than yesterday in the north bay, nevada europe by seven. for the east bay up by seven and livermore and even though it's really cool out at happen, bay still two degrees warmer. thin yesterday, giving you a view here. storm tracker to not tracking any rain just yet. we do have a little bit of cloud cover there you could see banked up against the coastline. your pacifica half moon bay stretching down along the san mateo county coastline looks like stinson in bodega. a little bit of sunshine out for you this afternoon. and the winds are onshore and breezy in some areas. fairfield reporting a wind gust to 28 mph. oakland reporting 21 napa reporting 20 getting into the evening hours. we will remain partly cloudy, turning mostly cloudy. here's a look at the future cast. for tonight and then into tomorrow
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morning. guess we couldn't rule out a little bit of drizzle out there, but the storm that's going to bring us at least a good amount of rain going to await. until sunday. there's a look at saturday night. ah view of what we do expect come sunday as far as bay area rainfall up to an inch of rain for our weather locations. i'll show you where that is expected to be and for the sierra snow. we're talking about a foot, maybe even a foot and a half of the higher peaks. better details on this system, plus an advisory for the sierra, plus your temperatures for the weekend coming up. historic lift off here at the kennedy space center. i'm jonathan serrie in cape canaveral woman. n
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fracking in california by 2024. eventually all oil extraction statewide. the governor directed the state geological energy management division to stop issuing new permits for
4:25 pm
fracking. he also asked the air resource is bored to look into ways to phase out all oil production by 2045. fracking uses water and chemicals at high pressure to extract oil and natural gas from shale rock deep underground govern. newsome said. the goal is to address climate change and move beyond oil. well a space x spacecraft is now orbiting earth with four astronauts on board after successfully lifting off from cape canaveral in florida, and the launch made history on several fronts. today fox's jonathan serrie reports now from the kennedy space center. and lift off. god seated, never agree to. it was a spectacular predawn lift off as a spacex falcon nine rocket propelled four astronauts from three countries into space from nasa's kennedy space center in florida friday morning year, and the first time the company has re used a capsule and rocket to launch astronauts.
4:26 pm
for nasa. the asset was incredible. the ride was really smooth that we couldn't have asked for anything better. head of their flight shortly after midnight. the four crew members to americans, one french and one japanese astronaut, arrived at kennedy space center, where they were greeted by spacex and tesla founder elon musk. from there, they climbed into their white gold wing, tesla's and headed to the launch path, even in the wee hours of the morning, space fans gathered outside to watch the historic lift off. i thought it was good. outstanding i mean, you know, to see this in person was exper. spacex crew dragon spacecraft, now traveling thousands of mph is expected to dock at the international space station saturday morning, where the crew is expected to spend the next six months. i feel very well protected. everything is great spacex founder elon musk says rockets should be reused like aircraft to reduce the cost of space travel. this rocket was last used. spacex
4:27 pm
mission back in november at the kennedy space center in florida. jonathan serrie fox news, still ahead today, here on the four former olympian and reality star caitlyn jenner is running for california governor here how members of the transgender community and former governor jerry brown are reacting to the news and coming up a little bit later, more legal trouble for one of the men charged in the disappearance of cal poly student christian smart, my student christian smart, my smart. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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announcement earlier today, and she says she will start campaigning next week. ktvu allie rasmus has more now on the republican who is looking to unseat governor newsome in a potential recall election in the fall. caitlyn jenner is joining at least three other democratic governor gavin newsom in a recall election expected to happen in the fall in her first statement as an official candidate, jenner hit on some of the talking points brought up by republicans in favor of the recall. she says, quote small businesses have been devastated because of the lockdown on entire generation of children have lost a year of education and have been prevented from going back to school. she goes on to say this isn't the california we know this is gavin newsom is california where he orders us to stay home but goes out to dinner with his lobbyist friends. julie haener describes herself as economically conservative and socially liberal. she is a lifelong epublican. any time we have the celebrities in
4:31 pm
prominent celebrities entering the race, they can help generate media coverage and that could bring some unpredictability and the 2003 california recall election more than 130 candidates ran a crowded field can improve the odds for long shot candidates. we only need a plurality of the vote, so you know someone with. you know, 40, or even less than that, theoretically, percent of the vote could actually win if there's lots of candidates on the ballot general was an initial supporter of president donald trump, but later criticized him for his anti transgender policies. mr trump's former campaign manager, bread par scale is also working with generous campaign, the lgbt q advocacy organization equality california responded to jenner's candidacy this morning, saying caitlyn jenner spent years telling the lgbtq community to trust donald trump. we saw how that tur her. the tweet goes on to say hard pass, stop the recall. gavin newsom of his whole strategy is really going to try
4:32 pm
to tie the recall to trump supporters and trump advisers ae extent that he can do that, i think is to his advantage, although donald trump. and more than six million votes in california. he remains deeply unpopular, generous expected to begin campaigning and travel across the state on a listening tour to meet with voters next week, allie rasmus ktvu fox two news. joining us now to talk more about this is lisa middleton, prop mayor pro tem of palm springs and the first openly transgender person elected to office here in california. thank you so much for being here. so how do you feel about generous announcement? i'm happy any time that someone in the transgender community steps forward and takes the leadership role, but i must say. being a host of a television program and doing social media post does not qualify you to lead the most complex and
4:33 pm
demanding state in the nation. so tell me some of the other reasons that you are not supporting gender. you mentioned her lack of experience. one other issues are you concerned about ex in the world.h a pandemic the likes of which none of us have seen in our lifetime. last year, we were dealing with wildfires that we had never seen before. in california. it's never a question of if we're going. have an emergency in our state. it's when and how that when that happens, we need someone who's experienced the government who knows who to call and knows how to take and get something done. she promises to be a candidate of solutions and to quote turned around this stage, wants to focus on helping small businesses hit hard during the pandemic. also addressing the learning loss by school closures during the pandemic, or are those issues that you can get behind? you know, there's sound an awful lot like another celebrity candidate
4:34 pm
that ran for office in 2016. we all know how that turned out. you ca so when you look at this recall effort, you mentioned that this does in fact, bring some notoriety if you will to the lgbt q community, but for you, it's just not enough. it is not enough. you need to be able to demonstrate over time that you condone elif for our community. it doesn't work to support donald trump on monday. condemn him for attacks on transgender children on tuesday and then hires adviser son wednesday and lisa. i want to go back to the recall effort. do you expect to see ah lotrt. how many people de have the last time? something like 203 100 people that got into the race? yes the republicans. they're trying to steal an election. you know, and enough here that they could
4:35 pm
never win straight upme has govd the state especially hard time. you're not gonna make friends with everyone he's had to make tough decisions. want somebody in a leadership position. who's willing to make those chuck for this decisions and take responsibility for them. lisa middleton really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. thank you. former california governor jerry brown is now weighing in on generous run for office and efforts to recall his predecessor alex michaelson. this host of the issue is which airs right here on ktvu and alex had a chance to ask a former governor brown whether he thinks this recall effort will be successful. alex joining us now live with more on what brown had to say, alex. good to see. good to see you,
4:36 pm
alex. i think the governor should hire lisa middleton. that was the best surrogate i think i've ever seen for him. souto talked with governor brown, who of course, knows the job of governor better than just about one who served four s as californiar running. here's what he had to say. whatever you have a recall of a governor, which is really unique in my life, and it's only happened once everybody and their brother is going to jump in when gray davis face a recall over 120 candidates jumped in, they all think. because this is an exciting moment. they're going to get some exposure. no, they won't for most part. hey, caitlin. general get some. but at the end of the day will come down to how people are feeling about the state and the stewardship of. governor newsome. so that's the big issue, and they'll be
4:37 pm
subside dramas, but i don't think that caitlyn jenner will a substantial night and i don't think she'll affect the outcome. the issues of big, were democratic state publics are almost not half the size and they're a lot of independence. so i think people gonna think about how their lives were going what they think. about the governor and my hutch at this point is that the governor has a very strong probability of being not recalled the fact that we're here just after closure, and of course, if in the recall election 50% of californians need to vote that the government's debris recalled if they don't question number two, which is who you would replace him with doesn't really matter. so the most important quest. should, of course, is, the governor recalled, and governor brown certainly thinks that his successor will not be alex.
4:38 pm
yeah, it seems like you have to look at the shifting dynamics of the pandemic here in california. you know when, when this recall effort started, we were. we were obviously ah, hotbed for cases, and california now has the lowest infection rate in the country that that is going to play a huge role in how this recall election plays out. yeah well, when the recall effort started, we weren't even in the pandemic. you know, the official process began before there was a pandemic and because there was a pandemic, the judge actually gave those getting signatures extra time to get those signatures, which some in the newsome camp think helped contribute to getting this on the ballot in the first place. on dsa so yes, very different situation than we were in in what we're in in january in october, november when we're likely going to have a recall election, most likely the entire state is going to be open. very good chance. we may
4:39 pm
not even be in mass anymore schools. they're gonna be back open and so the anger that we saw in december and january when so much was closed. will that dissipate as the financial situation? wait, wait and see how it plays up, but certainly jenner, throwing her hat into the ring here. all right. alex michaelson, host of the issue is right here on ktvu. always a pleasure. have a nice weekend. i will remind everybody you can catch alex's interview with former governor jerry brown. it's coming up this weekend on the issue is which airs at 5:30 a.m. sunday morning, right here on ktvu. questions about college during the pandemic. we talk with an expert about the upcoming fall semester and how students. can navigate the changes nice day around the bay area. more sunshine this afternoon temperatures came up over yesterday. but now we're going to see a turn for cooler
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acceptance letters and trying to plan out the future but because of the pandemic, ah lot of families are carefully considering whether to pay for a four year university whether kids might not get the traditional college experience. earlier i had a chance to talk with holly scheffler, the ceo and founder of arts, bridge and educational consulting firm. and i asked her if going to college right now is worth it. we recently surveyed students, parents and educators about this question this issue so first we spoke to high school students and their parents, two thirds of the high school students and 50% of the parents. do not feel like it's worth it to go to college from your bedroom or your dorm room.
4:43 pm
but college freshmen. we surveyed them as well. and they felt like 50 50. was worth it. and then we went back after the fact and said two college freshmen. what do you think? and four out of five said they would definitely do it again. would so you know you pay the high cost of a four year zanotti necessarily the same as what you would get in the past. but has that done anything to the number of high school seniors who are applying t universities across the country? it's such a great question. fascinating it's actually the opposite. application numbers are sky high with the. lack of the requirement to take the a c t or the s, a t and many students getting past fail grades. students are feeling like what that i must will apply everywhere. so as a result, the
4:44 pm
application numbers are huge. . there is not a reduction in the tuition price for going to school online. so as you can imagine, we are all hoping and praying that everybody will be back on campus full time in september. yeah and that's the thing is that it's yeah, there we were in seeing those reductions, intuition, so you got to figure out if it's. if it's worth it for you. okay, so let's say you, you have a college bound high school senior on day have a few schools. they've been accepted to what one of the most important considerations it's for deciding which school might be right. and do you consider different factors in this current climate in the middle of the pandemic? so such a great question, so first of all, don't let the rankingsing to go to school and don't let your parents necessarily influence you because there is one college or university that
4:45 pm
just has a bigger name. you have to look the factors. you have to look at social factors. you have to look at academic. and the all important financial there are so many great schools out there. there's no one school that will do everything for you. it's kind of like being in a relationship. if it's 75% of what you want. go for it on d. i would also say, making a pros and cons list of everything do you like where the school is? you have enough to do outside of class? if you like to go to restaurants sometimes does the town or city have it? or do you not care about that? do you want to be in a remote location? but as long as you think about what you want and what you need and what you can study does the college offer your major and extracurricular things as well? you will be fine. and again, that was hallie scheffler, the ceo and founder of arts bridge,
4:46 pm
and she also told me that it's okay for college bound students to take a gap year if they feel that's the right thing to do as long as they stay productive in that time. newly revised map shows widespread drought conditions throughout much of california. the map by the u. s. drought monitor shows ah, good portion of california falls under the categories of severe to extreme drought. those of the areas that you see here in red and orange now. on wednesday, governor newsome declared a drought emergency in mendocino and sonoma counties. but he said that a broader drought declaration could come as conditions change. no well, we do have a little bit of rain in the forecast after more than a month of being dry. it will come on sunday, but have a transition tomorrow but expected to remain mainly dry outsider doors at this hour way more sunshine in most spots today, there's a look at it. the diablo area mount tian blow or temperatures again are up
4:47 pm
the inner east bay temperatures very similar to yesterday because you had sunshine. meanwhile, around the bay and in the north bay temperature. those are definitely warmer 64 degrees right now in santa froze, so we have a cool 50 degrees in san francisco, where we have a little bit cloud cover and fog, their upper fifties oakland upper sixties in livermore as well, a san jose so mild one even a little bit below average for this time of year. strong tracker to hear you could see the onshore breeze. you could see the cloud cover right up against the coastline. come tomorrow of where you will see an increase in the cloud cover and likely to be a partly sunny mostly cloudy day. here's a look at the future cast. tomorrow morning, we wake up the pacific northwest already receiving some wet weather. washington oregon clipping northern california but for us, maybe a bit of drizzle. that's all we'll call for tomorrow. sunday morning. looks to be a different story. early on, it looks like the rain wants to move in, and then may stick of the afternoon before finally begins to taper off s
4:48 pm
should be about it. in addition to bay area rain, we're going to get some sierra snow. that's some great news. it's far as rainfall amounts anywhere from half inch or i should say quarter inch to a half inch expected over the central bay. the north bay could see a little bit more. the coastal range could see a little bit more. and when it comes to the sierra, anywhere, from ah, foot to a foot and a half expected at the higher peaks, there's a winter storm warning all the way down to about 4,505,000 ft. it begins tomorrow night. so if you're thinking about heading up tonight, you're okay most of tomorrow. you're okay. it's tomorrow night, and then it will leave. anger in the monday morning, so be prepared on your way back. you may find slick roads, hazardous conditions. you know, sometimes they have to close the road. sometimes you have white out conditions, all of the above. meanwhile, outsider doors at this hour we have winds onshore and as a full reporting 28 mile per hour gust sustained wind. hayward reporting 20 so livid breeze out there. again. temperatures
4:49 pm
are in the low fifties to low sixties around the bay, a few inland areas that brent was still holding on to 75 overnight. tomorrow under mostly cloudy skies will go in san francisco. and then for the afternoon. going to be a cool, two mile day, upper fifties for san francisco low sixties around the bay, mid upper sixties inland, the extended forecast temperatures are going to be even cooler on sunday, most of us will struggle in the fifties were talking about mid to upper fifties even for warm response, rainy conditions showery conditions for the second part of the day chance on monday. we do begin to warm up, though. take a look at wednesday upper seventies in the forecast for inland cities under mostly sunny skies back to you. thank you. rosemary were coming up here on the 46 women accusing quarterback to shawn watson of sexual assault appeared in court today their claims coi'm morgan, and there's more against to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,...
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the civil lawsuit accuses 80 year old ruben flores of hiding the body of the cal poly student immediately after she disappeared 25 years ago. the suit was filed yesterday. that's the day after ruben flores was freed on bail in san luis obisbo. now his son, paul flores, remains behind bars accused of killing smart when the two were college students back in 1996. we'll both sides in the sexual assault lawsuit involving nfl quarterback to shawn watson. are now accusing each other of destroying evidence. six of watson's 22 accusers appeared in civil court yesterday for a status conference there in houston, texas. the women are accusing the texans quarterback of sexual harassment and assault during massage sessions. watson was not in court. his attorney says that some of the plaintiffs have been destroying or altering evidence. their attorney denies that and says that watson is destroying
4:53 pm
evidence. watson's lawyer also said that his legal team is still in a able to obtain the identities of four of the accuser's every experience where six weeks after the lawsuit, we still don't know tomorrow so that that sense, it's unusual. shawn watson has has unsent a lot of this direct messages on instagram. we raise that issue before we'll deal with it. when time comes. watson's lawyer has requested an emergency hearing next week to address the identities of the accuser's. we now have a better idea of how much it's going to cost the oakland a's to build a new waterfront ballpark and howard terminal, according to documents released today. the proposed 35,000 seat ballpark, and it's mixed use development is expected to cost at least $12 billion to build. the project includes 3000 housing units and more than half a million square feet of office and retail. space if the project is approved and built, it's expected to inject nearly
4:54 pm
$1 billion into oakland's general fund. the figures were released as part of an agreement between the a's and the city of oakland. i'm crazy stare with her. she says it was her evil eye that helped her coming up. next how about five year old managed to scare off a bobcat let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits.
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4:56 pm
on social media of a four year old somali giraffe arriving from president a 10 month old giraffe also arrived from the san diego zoo. animal experts say they fear the drafts and africa are on the brink of extinction. the zoo says giraffes are highly social and having heard that's about the same size as in the wild is critical to the well being and social structure of giraffes.
4:57 pm
well a little girl in colorado came face to face with a bobcat right in her backyard. but she didn't flinch and ultimately it was the cat who finally back down. it was all caught on camera boxes kicking harsha has the story when you live in the suburbs, the backyard is bliss a sanctuary in a safe place for the kids to play. no decent sized backyards. everybody likes come over around around, but on saturday, i was terrified watching it. the woodard's backyard look more like a zoo. exactly when a bobcat hopped the fence hot on the trail of a rabbit named dinner, those pretty it was pretty scary, huh? five year old ryan hit the brakes on her big wheel and gave that big cat the evil i create the scared like this. one second past and then another. they locked eyes, man and just kind of just stared at one another. for a while. i stare down. it seems like an hour straight out of hollywood. that's just, you know, kind of the old wild west.
4:58 pm
good, bad and the ugly, you know, you got that music going on in the background and after 22 long seconds, the feline finally flinched. and ryan ran inside boasting of her backyard bravery. there was no alarm whatsoever of any panic for parents were convinced the alleged bobcat was more than likely and neighborhood, kitty. i kind of thought she was maybe being a little bit dramatic that it was a cat, but skepticism gave way to reality. after begrudgingly watching their backyard doorbell footage was kind of terrified for her proof, but not only to imaginations run wild in the backyard. she thinks she's there. bobcat whisper now, so do the wildlife. ktvu fox two news at five starts now, the vote is 10 in favor for opposed and one abstention. and with that vote, a cdc panel today
4:59 pm
decided to once again approved the johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine for use in everyone who was here in the u. s. and following that vote, us health officials did in fact, lift and 11 day pause on j and j vaccines. welcome everyone to the five o'clock news here on ktvu. malik savage. frank is off tonight, i beg your pardon, signor, rundown. andre is off tonight, alex. thank you. the fda pause johnson and johnson vaccines earlier this year after several rare blood clots and people developed in the days after their vaccinations, remember, this vaccine is expected to play a very important role in getting people vaccinated in rural hard to reach areas just because it's simply is a one shot dose. ktvu is jesse gary joining us. have now with more on why this agency decided to resume its use, jesse well, the decision came after hours of debate,
5:00 pm
which ended just this afternoon. the debate centering on the risks versus the benefits of continuing to use the j and j vaccine. speak today to you with hope and concern. friday the 15 member cdc advisory committee on immunization practices gave hours of testimony online. the issue resuming use of johnson and johnson single dose covid-19 vaccine. this pause has been effective in increasing awareness of the rare and serious defense. april 13th, the federal government ordered a pause in the use of the drug. at that time, six women developed brain blood clots now a total of 15 cases are under investigation, with one person having died so far, there are already two vaccines out there that do not have this problem as far as we know. so i think if this was the only vaccine out there, we would be answering. a very different question would be dealing with


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