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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 23, 2021 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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announcement as the republican tries to unseat governor newsome into potential recall election plus welcoming back fans to the chase center, the changes warriors fans need to know about it the planning to go to chase center to see a game. also taking steps to prevent the spread of covid on college campuses. what will be required for students at the university of california and cal state university this fall. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox. two news that new good afternoon i'm gasia mikaelian beyonce mike mibach caitlyn jenner is running for governor of california, the former olympian and transgender activists making the announcement just this morning and we'll start campaigning, possibly as early as next week. interviews. allie rasmus joins us live t looking o unseat governor newsome in this potential recall election. allie, come this fall. that's right. a recall election that too many political analysts say is very likely to happen this fall. and that's why caitlyn
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jenner, one of the latest republicans, saying that they're going to run to unseat the governor, caitlyn jenner is known to many as a former reality star from the show, keeping up with the kardashians, but she's also a former olympic gold medalist transit. her activist and lifelong republican, caitlyn jenner is joining at least three other republicans to try and unseat democratic governor gavin newsom in a recall election expected to happen in the fall in her first statement as an official candidate, jenner hit on some of the talking points brought up by republicans in favor of the recall. she says. quote small businesses have been devastated because of the lockdown on entire generation of children have lost a year of education and have been prevented from going back to school. she goes on to say this isn't the california we know this is gavin newsom is california where he orders us to stay home but goes out to dinner with his lobbyist friends. dinner describes herself as economically conservative and socially liberal. she is a lifelong republican. anytime we have the celebrities in
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prominent celebrities entering the race, they can help generate media coverage and that could bring some unpredictability in the 2003, california recall election more than 130 candidates ran a crowded field can improve the odds for long shot. candidates only need a plurality of the vote. and so you know, someone with. 40 or even less than that, theoretically, percent of the vote could actually win if there's lots of candidates on the ballot general was an initial supporter of president donald trump, but later criticized him for his anti transgender policies. mr trump's former campaign manager, bread par scale is also working with generous campaign. the lgbt q advocacy organization equality california responded to jenner's candidacy this morning, saying caitlyn jenner spent years telling the lgbtq community to trust donald trump. we saw how that turned out now she wants us to trust her. the tweet goes on to say hard pass, stop the recall. gavin newsom of his whole strategy is really going to try to tie the recall
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to trump supporters and trump advisers and trump himself and so to the extent that he can do that, i think is to his advantage, although donald trump. earned more than six million votes in california. he remains deeply unpopular. now jenner is expected to begin campaigning and traveling across the state on a listening tour to meet with voters next week. reporting live allie rasmus ktvu fox to me that the campaign begin. all right, allie. thank you for that. only nine home games remain for the golden state warriors, and tonight fans can watch them from inside chase center. ktvu james tourist shows us all the protocols in place there got fans to a chase center. i cannot wait. the golden state warriors themselves might be the most excited to bring fans back to chase center had a whole season now where we haven't had any fan, so you kind of sick and looking at the blue tart. you want to see some
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bodies in there and, um. i'm gonna enjoy the atmosphere. tonight the top is gone and bodies are allowed in 6000 fans can catch steph curry and his teammates take on the denver nuggets. that's as long as they have proof of a negative covid-19 test or show they are fully vaccinated the most points ever in warrior franchise history while celebrating every time curry reigns in a three point money, shot of sports management professor at the university of san francisco says, looking at the money coming in is important for the teams and local economy. the team again, even if they're not selling out the arena. it's still revenue that they wouldn't have had otherwise. two years ago, the warriors were the number one revenue earning team in the nba, bringing in about $700 million, according to sport, a co. of business sports publication. the team lost 70% of its revenue from the lack of fans league wide. that number sat at 40% professor nolan aga says
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nearby restaurants and bars might see some foot traffic, but certainly not at the same levels. pre covid from a nick on ammi standpoint, it's going to be a little bit different in the past. we tend to think of people who come to games as showing up early and maybe hanging out in a bar grabbing dinner. that's gonna be a little bit different than in the past. just because our world has changed and it's not quite it's easy to do those sorts of things compared to this time last year, the city of san francisco is down about 18.4% when it comes to foot traffic due to sports, according to do added from the city chamber of commerce, but more importantly to the athletes. they're excited to cash in the momentum. thousands of fans bring to each of their games. we're gonna enjoy the atmosphere. i think i've talked about it before. his death, but noticeable if you have even just 1000 fans, and then the seats, um it makes a huge difference in the atmosphere. and what not at the game. snacks will have to be even at designated concession areas
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expect to wear mask and practice social distancing. tonight's tip off against the nuggets is at seven o'clock our time. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. a cdc advisory panels discussing the fate of the johnson and johnson covid vaccines use here in the united states. the panel's hearing from the public health experts and johnson and johnson. this comes after last. after at least six women developed rare but dangerous blood clots. nearly seven million doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine have been administered. health authorities are leaning toward lifting actions taken by european health regulators and would most likely include a new warning about blood clots. this level of scrutiny really leaves no doubt that vaccine safety is a top priority for the cdc for the fda in our national program, and i know the public will be interested in hearing ongoing updates of what your findings.
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the cdc is expected to vote on its recommendation for the jane j vaccin a milestone today in the number of coronavirus vaccinations administered vaccines have now been given to one million people in santa clara county. the county says it was able to do it through a network of partnerships, county health officer dr sarah cody says with one million people vaccinated, the county can now see a clear path out of the pandemic. over one million of our county residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine, which is phenomenal, and we need to take a moment and take a deep breath and really celebrate. this is a really big deal. dr cody says the county will continue to focus on equity to ensure that everyone in the county who wants a vaccine has access. it can get a shot. okay. the university of california and cal state university announced that they're going to require
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vaccinations for all students who do in person learning in the fall as ktvu jenna qazi jana katsuyama report, these are the biggest university groups to make that decision so far. when students at the univ they'll likely need to have a covid vaccination when they step onto campus. i think it's good, i think like if veterans back stand, it's gonna be like a safe return back to campus, you see, made the announcement thursday along with california state university campuses and stanford university's provost sent out a letter stating they will require full covid-19 vaccination as well. these are the latest in a growing number of universities with new pandemic pro calls. some students say they will feel safer. i don't really think that i would have a problem with it. a song is, you know it's available to everyone. super easily. we require other vaccines and were to come to campus in order to be enrolled. and so this is just another one. many colleges and
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universities already require vaccinations against chicken pox, meningitis and rubella. you see hastings law professor to read. rice is an expert in vaccine law around the 19 twenties. we've had. smallpox vaccine mandated the university of california rice says the policies allow for medical exemptions to comply with current laws. the americans with disabilities act says that people with a medical reason not to get vaccinated have to be accommodated. and there is an allowance for religious exceptions to the civil rights act of 1964 says that you can't discriminate on religion, which means that if an employee has a sincere religious objection to our workplace rule, you have to accommodate them. they diversity say enforcement of the mandate will be delayed until at least one covid vaccine receives full fda approval and is widely available. there's legal uncertainty on whether you can mandate the vaccine under an emergency use authorization under anyway, it's a new thing. we've never had any way for the
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whole population. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. there has been a sharp drop in the number of students in public schools in california. the state department of education says the number of students between k through 12 this academic year. california school leaders say they are concerned this will have a long term impact on the financial stability of school district statewide. still to come at noon. more challenges for thousands of california's dealing with the a. d. d now that many are coming up on their one year of benefits will take a look at the challenges they face when it comes to renewing their claims. also a historic launch by, say, spacex in the early morning hours of this day, what made this launch so unique? then have you been outside today? because yes, it's cool, but nothing like what we had yesterday. we do have some rain coming to the bay area and ktvu meteorologists rosemary oroczo has your full sonnier forecast
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for today. coming up turn. jo pog
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lee spoke to bonta about the honor and the work ahead. very excited, overwhelmed, really, but just deeply honored and thankful. for the opportunity to serve the people of california thing. state
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legislature confirmed the east bay assemblyman rob bonta is california attorney general governor newsome nominated the progressive democrat and advocate for criminal justice. reform to finish harvey harvey service term. he's the first filipino american to serve his california's top cop, i say to the asian community. i see you. i value you. i know you're hurting and i am you and i will fight for you. i spoke to bonta shortly after his confirmation. he reiterated his first priority is holding police officers accountable for misconduct. this days after derek showman was found guilty of murdering george floyd, most law enforcement personnel do you want to build and maintai ae trust that is needed? and accountability is very important to building that trust because there's no trucks without accountability in the assembly vaunted champion bill seeking to end cash bail and abolish the death penalty during his confirmation hearing, bonta faced questions from republican lawmakers about his support of gun laws and you being the tough law enforcement officer in the state of california. they're not.
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they're just going to hurt or restrict la abiding citizens. if you're going to save a life for you know, for a little more regulation, a little more registration of any more minutes. administrative oversight. it's worth it. lawmakers ask bond to how he would differ from his predecessor. some question, but sarah's policies on police misconduct investigations and the state's backlog of seizing firearms from those no longer allowed to own them, bonta said he'll carry out the law as a legislator. i've shared those concerns like reducing. opera headed person system less making sure that we remove guns from the hands of those that we know are not supposed to have that. greg lee ktvu fox two news. today. spacex successfully launched four astronauts heading to the international space station 321. mission and lift off. scott stevens never increase, too. copy one l for falcon nine rocket blasted off from kennedy space center in florida. it's
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the third crew that spacex has lodged in under a year for nasa. this time, they're using a recycled rocket and capsule. the astronauts from the united states, japan and france should get to the international space station tomorrow after 23 hour ride we heard from the astronauts this morning talking from inside the capsule in a live broadcast. hello, earth. it's great to be back in space again after a few years. for me, the asset was incredible. the ride was really smooth that we couldn't have asked for anything better. there may have been some hooten and giggling up here, while all that was going on. we hope you enjoyed the show as well. that's megan mcarthur. she's in the same seat in the same capsule. her husband, who is also an astronaut, flew in last year in the live broadcast. we also saw the french astronaut who showed us around the capsule and the japanese astronaut as well back, you honor. things are brewing out there in the pacific and changes are headed our way as we check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo. it looks for a pretty busy sunday. yes so we are looking
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at a dry mainly dry saturday. let me rephrase and a soggy sunday in addition to bay area rain, sirus no outsider doors at this hour. we're looking at an enjoyable day, a little bit more sunshine out there than yesterday. and of you hear from a ktvu across areas. it looks like jack london square. you could see we still have a little bit of haze and fog out there this morning, so we'll call for partly cloudy skies the folks that are enjoying more sunshine today warmer today as well. 61 degrees right now in nevada. we have mid sixties in brentwood along the east bay shore upper fifties, reported oakland, berkeley, hayward. and then as we head over towards the coast. you've got fifties expected along the coastline, and that is not really expected to change for today fifties for most along pacifica montero half moon bay stretch, but still five degrees warmer than yesterday at this time in the north base, santa rosa, one of the warmer spots by 10 degrees over your noontime number, and as we go towards the inner east bay, very similar weather for you as
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yesterday, the inner east bay had more sunshine than most of us. was a look at strong tracker. two were dry at the moment and again expected to remain dry. for today, things start to change up a little bit tomorrow, really impacting the north bay a later in the day, and then on sunday, we all get the opportunity for some brain. you could see some fog there banked up against the coastline, so we'll call for partly sunny. partly cloudy skies along the coast. and partly cloudy to mostly clear for the rest of us inside the bay and our inland communities. a bit of an onshore breeze. fairfield reporting a 14 mph were common. oakland nevada, you actually haven't easterly went out about eight mph so before today, again, a little bit more sunshine out there. temperatures ranging cool along the coastline two miles inland. some of our inland cities getting about 70 degrees this afternoon. then, as we get into the weekend, things start to change up. here's a look at your future cast model for today that rain well off the coastline. i'm still over the pacific by saturday afternoon that begins to change. it's moving through the pacific northwest washington, oregon
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beginning to clip northern california and then as we get into sunday morning, we are likely to wake up with not only scattered showers, but perhaps some widespread rain. if this remains ride on track with the timing there, we will continue to see rain moved through the bay area and then on its way up to the sierra will transition over to snow looks like by about 5000 ft. for today afternoon highs below average 66 expected in santa rosa, we'll go 54 over areas of san francisco upper fifties and oakland and mid to upper sixties far inland cities, areas like livermore expected to go to 67 san jose, you'll go to 66 a better look at some of these numbers here in the north base 65 for you today, napa for the inner east bay. 68, expected in concord. i'll give you a look here at the extended forecast and getting into what we're looking at all this, actually, not the weekend forecast for when i come back, i'll have look out to the advisory for the sierra. if you do plan on traveling this weekend, and how much rainfall i expect will get here in the bay area back to you, right.
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see soon, rosemary. thank you still to come this noontime president biden pledging aggressive action on climate changes that could be headed
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down a major jose. we had this s breaking news for you today on mornings on to the driver lost control the fully loaded truck around 7 45 after coming off
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the 8 80 connector, the big rig flipped onto its side and blocked as you can see here all south bound lanes. the driver was able to get out and was transported to the hospital after complaining about feeling some pain. the truck eventually was upright in around 10 o'clock this morning and all lanes of traffic. we're open just about 30 minutes later. scenic highway one in big sur that was closed for three months is now back open again. caltrans reopen that highway just minutes ago, governor newsome attended the reopening crews worked nonstop to repair that 150 ft section of road at rat creek, which was washed out by rocks and mud in january. favorable weather since then, helped this project finished two months ahead of schedule and on budget. we are truly blessed by this coast of dreams. and today we're blessed to be back and to see this iconic highway up and operational and back on its feet. just as this state is getting back on its feet. beltran says some
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construction work will continue in the area over the next few months. this includes the installation of a permanent guard, rail and erosion control measures on both sides of the roadway knew we knew in california governor gavin newsom says he wants to ban new fracking permits in the state by 2024 completely halt all oil extraction by the year 2045 of rocking band failed to pass the state legislature last week. writing is short for hydraulic fracturing and is a process for extracting oil embedded in rock deep underground environmental advocates oppose it side in its arm to the environment and public health. california would be the largest oil producing state to ban fracking. today. world leaders are taking part in a day of a virtual climate summit hosted by the united nations. the conversation continued with the push by president biden, saying that world leaders need to invest in cleaner energy now to protect the future. republicans though, say this pledge will cause america's economy to suffer. reporter lauren blanchard
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brings us up to date. today. america is once again stepping into the leadership role on the second and final day of president biden's climate change summit. his focus was on creating renewable energy industry jobs. this is a moment for all of us. bill. better economies for our children, our grandchildren and all of us to thrive. america's energy secretary called on the other leaders to focus on technologies that puigdemont energy. we all can remake our economies and we can build new businesses and put millions and millions of people to work that was echoed by the other world leaders already using nontraditional energy sources, almost 50. off denmark's electricity is powered by wind business titans like bill gates and mike bloomberg weighed in. the good news is clean energy is increasingly cheaper than cold. on the first day of the climate summit, president biden pledged to reduce us carbon
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emissions by between 50 to 52% by 2030 to reduce coal consumption and help developing nations pay for their own ways to address climate change, but republicans say the president's push away from traditional energy sources will hang kneecap u. s businesses and in turn american workers. the u. s is the second worst world polluter, the first china which is not pledged the same amount of reductions the only country that's likely to comply with its commitment will be the united states of america. they will take us for patsies. this is not the only climate focused meeting this year, the united nations will host its own summit. it's november in glasgow in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news still become his noon time. it has been one year, but there arl technical problems. the new issue facing the e d d plus commutes, crowns and events slowly coming back to the bay area, but not quite everyone is happy about it. the anxiety summer feeling about life after covid there. in. me a decision cd
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be made the regarding the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine, david lee miller as the latest from new york, including the new study about pregnant women who get the shot. it could be a make or
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break day for johnson and johnson, the cdc independent advisory committee meeting on friday to review new information on the company's vaccine after early data link it to rare blood clots in at least six women. federal regulators are now investigating a number of other cases that could have been caused by the vaccine, including one woman in oregon, who died several weeks after getting the shot. the symptoms were consistent with all the cases so far her symptoms did present within two weeks of vaccination, so it's consistent with the cases observed before hers. health officials say the point hasn't caused a major increase in vaccine hesitancy, but a growing number of people who got the johnson and johnson shot say they're worried they could the chance is less than one in a million ever since i've had that shot just. my bones don't feel right, my muscles and my bones. they clearly know it's women between the ages of 18 and 46 with something find why.
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meanwhile a new study is giving pregnant women more incentive to get their shots. the cdc reporting pregnancy could make women more vulnerable to coronavirus. they can protect themselves by getting vaccinated and there are no negative effects associated with the pfizer things look verd for the association and protectg pregnant women from adverse outcomes from themselves and their fetus. that new study also shows that anti bodies from covid vaccines are being passed from mother to child during pregnancy in new york, david lee miller, ktvu fox two news. the california department of public health, joined with immigrants rights groups to encourage immigrant workers and their families to get vaccinated against the coronavirus at an event in los angeles this morning, speakers said they wanted the immigrant workers to know they are eligible to be vaccinated, regardless of their immigration status. we are will not turn away. a one. no matter their
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immigratn important to understad families insurance or no insurance documentation. or no documentation. speakers encouraged immigrant workers and their families to get vaccinated to help increase immunity in some of the hardest hit communities. people were coming up on one year of unemployment claims now have to renew with the state, but his ktvu tom vacar tells us yet another technical problem has left thousands of people waiting even longer for their unemployment checks. as the first anniversary of the tidal wave of claims that hit the e d. d some 180,000 californians found themselves unable to extend their benefits past 52 weeks, as is their right needed. he claims it was another infamous technical glitch now corrected. there's
12:33 pm
been a number of technical glitches with the now famous youtuber. jenny silver is a sacramento wedding photographer. ah, former ui recipient, but not an e d d employee, but so frustrated within missteps and , silver finds and posts videos for folks unable to get answers out of the e d d when they went to file a new claim the file a new clean button was missing. and there you are online home page and they had no way to do so online. we got tweet after post after email about this problem, you need to hit the button, it says file. new claim that left thousands of people stuck waiting for their money while e d d figured out how to fix the glitch, still stinging from previous criticism so much wiser edie edie just produced a video on precisely this prickly subject when your original claim expires, you will need to file a new claim you will be or have been informed in three ways with a message on your final check. banner message
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when you log in online and the benefits starting date on your ui online, paige, don't worry about trying to fire out if you're eligible. just answer the es are eligible for benefits beyond 52 weeks. in fact, benefits are extended through the american rescue plan through september. 4th federal law vastly lengthens p way claimants relief you now get up to 89 total weeks of benefits, which hopefully will be enough to get you back on your feet but be warned. watch your claim like a hungry hawk for new glitches. mistake's or incompetence. make sure that watch for any notifications in you, why online and respond promptly to any request for additional information, miss silver says. some of her youtube viewers are still having problems with this. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. mental health experts are noticing a new trend. anxiety about life after covid as things shift back to normal for
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some, it may not feel so normal anymore. ktvu deborah villalon takes a closer look at why a gradual approach could be the before covid annie, but not she's life was hectic two jobs, family and friends, little downtime, and it wasn't okay for me to sit and read a book that was sort of a lazy, decadent thing to do. that's how i would feel, but now it's like, you know, that's an important part of my life, and she's determined to hang on to it even as life picks up pace. vaccines are booming. covid cases dropping on people are getting together in ways they couldn't for so long. not comfortable. i've lost. i've lost a bit of my comfort and crowds. not everyone will jump back in solitary may feel better than population. that's y it is. it feels normal. it feels good. it feels. very good. the word normal is almost a
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joke, because we are all changed. we live in a different world. now, mental health experts are seeing anxiety from patients who dread the thought of commuting again and spending all day in the workplace with others. it will be very stressful to go back all at once. we're more sensitive now. we haven't been around groups of people all day and having that level of stimulation and it's natural to be uneasy. after a year of worry and caution, i don't think i'm quite there yet. i mean, obviously there's variance out there and i still we don't know who's vaccinated. who's not vaccinated, experts say start small, maybe a movie. it's only like another two or three people in the movie theater, and there were. way way far away from us, then something bigger, like a stadium event or taking an airline flight. we are entering this new phase with ah lot of fatigue and grief. and we have losses. dr
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apple says sadness is also natural amid the happiness of reopening. this is a tender moment. this is complex. i love you, but not she now works only one job dog walking so she could be outdoors. she's aiming for balance, a blend of old life and new just not rushing. i hope we can hold on to that. to enjoying life in that rushing deborah villalon ktvu fox two news, the family in oakland is mourning the death of a loved one who was killed by a stray bullet. this happened two weeks ago with the corner of 68th avenue and international boulevard. demetrious fleming davis was shot and killed while sitting in a truck with friends. they were going out to get something to eat a bishop at act full gospel church has known davis since he was a young boy who attended services with this family. he said. davis was considered a prankster and natural leader who enjoyed helping everyone around him. he wasn't into any gangs or any
12:38 pm
stuff like the drugs and all that. it just wasn't that kind of kid. it's just unbelievable. it's unimaginable. i'm not eating, right. i'm not sleeping right because the person who murdered my cousin is still out there walking around free and my cousin is dead. the shooter remains at large. davis would've turned 19 yesterday, friends planned to hold a memorial service for him tomorrow. but danville police officer charged with felony voluntary manslaughter is now out of jail after posting bail in 2018 officer andrew hall shot and killed lattimer are valetta while on duty, the officer's lawyer says the decision by the contra costa county district attorney to file charges against all seems suspect and overtly political. a new audit of the city of berkeley is raising new questions about racial bias in policing five years of data released by the police department shows people of color are stopped at significantly higher rates than their representation within the population. according to that data, black drivers are more
12:39 pm
than six times as likely as white drivers to be pulled over and black and latino individuals were searched at higher rates than whites and asians. the united states senate passed a bill to battle the rising tide of violence and harassment against asian americans and pacific islanders. the bill have signed into law would expedite the justice department's review of hate crimes against the a p. i community and what establishing online hate crime reporting system. it would also give support to local law enforcement investigating thousands of reported hate incidents in the past year. the bill received overwhelming bipartisan support with the approval from 94 u. s senators. senator alex padilla did issue a statement saying the passage of the bill does send a loud and a very clear message. he went on to say california is home to nearly a third of all asian americans, and our strength lies in our diversity. i'll continue working to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background is treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. ktvu monthly
12:40 pm
program. voices for change returns this sunday morning at 10 o'clock ktvu is greg lee will talk with experts about the derrick shobin verdict and what it means for public safety in the future. he'll focus on police reform, systemic racism and what real change looks like sense of joy for justice. but there's also. the feeling that this is just one case. this is just one tragedy, but there are so many others that deserve the same amount of justice aziz, george floyd and shopping. we know there is bias in the system we call criminal justice. and we know some of the ways to change that. why are we still having discussions about what we should do? voices for change airs right here on ktvu at 10. o'clock sunday morning, right after a special anniversary edition of fox news
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sunday still become this new time. one big goal for a lot of people in life is to retire at the age of 65. we're gonna introduce. she kept working well into t nineties, plus change is coming for the weather this weekend. we're gonna get back to rosemary. he's gonna have that full force full forecast for you coming up in just now. much rain
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frank mallicoat about her remarkable run at an east bay hospital. way go. just try and keep up with horrendous olynyk griffey. good luck. you'll need it. i keep saying i should've worked one more year but 75 songs. that's a good that's a good a good number. that's right for 75 years, this 95 year old dynamo has walked the halls at sutter's al tomate summit medical center in berkeley. my first day of work was april 10th 1946. her uniform's a perfectly pressed lab coat and stylish heels. her secretary skills were unrivaled in the hospitals, labs and burn unit, but it's her passion and smile that brings such joy. and now 27,000 plus days later,
12:45 pm
she's finally saying goodbye to a job she dearly loves. i couldn't wait to get to work every day. i couldn't wait to get there. i took vacations because i can't had to. when you enjoy what you're doing, and you think you feel like you're doing something for somebody and. it's just it gives you such joy always been.i used to do in 8 18 minute mile now i do a 20 minute mile elinda secret. find your passion. she stays fit on a treadmill and find solace in her elaborate chameleon garden, loves her dog, peggy and adores her 30, plus nephews and nieces. now two generations strong, but that's not all. in other one, darling, kiss me this soon to be retiree was head of the frank sinatra fan club in the forties, and she's still a member. she owns every single sinatra album, autographed
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photos litter her walls and lots and lots of memorabilia. she even metal blue eyes and stepped a photo with the crooner years ago. yes frank is her guy, frank sewn words. you gotta love live. on baby because dying is a pain in the ass, delinah is a straight shooter with a big heart who can teach us all a lesson or two. you just. get up and get out of bed, go to work and see what you can do. frank malik oh ktvu, fox, two news and crying. congratulations on such a love it. newly revised map shows widespread drought conditions throughout much of california. the map by the u. s. drought monitor does show a good portion of california fallen under the categories of severe to extreme drought. those of the areas here and red and orange on wednesday, governor newsome did declare a drought emergency specifically in may. casino in sonoma counties. but
12:47 pm
he did say that a broader drought declaration could come as conditions change an awful lot of orange on that map as we look ahead to the weekend, rosemary oroczo is here to really tune in how much rain we expect on sunday and really, how far that'll go on helping us. yes calcium michael. oh, toot hello to all of you. it is like you said, coming in on sunday and anywhere from half inch of rainfall to perhaps an inch of rainfall for some of our weather. spots, so that's some good news, especially this time of year. we're looking at sierra snow in addition to the bay area, rain alive, look at what's happening outside our doors that at this hour we do have another slow clearing day along the coastline, but for the rest of us a little bit more sunshine than what we saw yesterday, and as a result, i showed you a little while ago that temperatures are up in most places. in fact, santa rosa 10 degrees warmer right now than yesterday at this time, 61 degrees for you their fifties in and around san francisco. we have upper fifties in oakland, livermore in san jose, checking in in the
12:48 pm
low sixties under partly cloudy skies. here's a view of strong character to and again not tracking any rain at the moment that will begin to change saturday night into sunday. right now, it looks like just a little bit of fog there still banked up against the coastline, the san mateo county coastline areas stretching a little bit over towards santa cruz. here's a look at the future cast and i'll roll you through the weekend. we'll take a look at this system. it will come back and take a look the afternoon highs for today, but there's a look at saturday. saturday looks to be dry. we will see an increase in cloud cover and by saturday evening, perhaps a few scattered showers in the forecast as we get into a sunday it's on northern california is falling into the bay area all the way down about monterey. menace. we roll through your sunday afternoon. scattered showers and rain continuing as it works its way a little bit east and into the tahoe area will move over to snow, and there's a winter storm warning that we need to talk about. but first, here's a look at the rainfall amounts again anywhere from hopefully up to a quarter inch for south bay locations in and
12:49 pm
around the central bay half inch. and then if you get into the north bay anywhere from half inch to an inch possible, perhaps more on the coastal range, so we'll see how that all shakes out in the and meanwhile for the winter storm, warning this starts saturday night and will remain in place until monday morning. so if you are thinking about heading up today, most of tomorrow, definitely the better choice. but saturday night in the monday morning, you can expect the slick conditions that houses conditions, perhaps even white out conditions. all right, let's get back to the afternoon for today because we've got some sunshine out there little bit of a breeze and cool along the coast. 54 pacifica 50 for the afternoon high san francisco sixties around bay 70 degrees inland. as i pointed out in the last half hour temperatures are a bit below average for this time of year. getting into the weekend. that doesn't change, in fact, sunday, going to be an even cooler day with widespread fifties in the forecast, and those soggy conditions. perhaps a few scattered showers. come monday morning before we dry out monday afternoon into tuesday. back to you. thank you,
12:50 pm
rosemary still to come at noon, the san jose earthquakes are welcoming best fans this weekend. the preparations underway in with fans. j. did isf
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
inmates who are mentally ill by holding them in isolation for too long, the doj report says, when investigators went to the jail, they found 75 people in isolation who had been there for more than 90 days. the report also found that mentally ill inmates are denied servicess available. the south bay are trying to determine who hacked right into the valley transportation authority computer system. the breach last weekend affected message boards. the vt, a passenger app in online paratransit reservations. it
12:54 pm
did not affect bus or light rail trains. we took immediate action to shut down our systems, which is why they're not operating right now until they could be cleared. make sure everything's okay. cyber hacking expert says the breach likely occurred through email or fishing, he says 30% of the nation's transit industry is vulnerable to digital hacks because of underfunding and a lack of tech resources and expertise. the cdc is now considering revising its guidelines to involve masking in response to the growing number of vaccinations. cdc director dr rochelle will lansky says the agency may soon lift its recommendation that people wear masks that nearly all times when they're outdoors. however, dr wilensky says that she agrees with president biden that the pandemic is far from over. the white house press secretary says the president does not expect immediate changes in the current mask guidelines. researchers at ucsf found less than 10% of covid transmissions happen outdoors, and they say
12:55 pm
the odds of spreading the coronavirus indoors was 19 times higher. public confidence is growing, and so too is the competition for tourists. dollars monterey county is investing $2 million in the campaign meant to attract visitors. the county says it lost $1.5 billion in visitor spending during the pandemic. monterey though, has some stiff competition here in california places like napa sonoma santa barbara. that's why moderate, launched a campaign this week called now is the moment. it includes a national television spot digital advertising and, of course, social media. out to the south bay, where fans of the san jose sharks will be allowed back in the stands tomorrow for the first time in more than a year. ktvu xas emmitt smith has more on the changes fans should expect. we are so excited for this game on saturday. you know, it's been a long year at the home of the center of the earthquakes and newfield installed and sign ege. the stadium is now paypal park after a new naming rights deal
12:56 pm
downpour at a steady rate for sure on this rainy day march 7th 2020 was the last to watch games from their cars on a big screen during the pandemic, which was different. have the energy back here and paypal park. it's gonna be an incredible experience. capacity counted 20% to adhere to social distancing protocols master required fan seated in pods of up to six people. ticketing contact lists done on mobile phones. one thing fans won't have to worry about showing proof of vaccination, so state guidance doesn't require that you have a negative covid test or vaccination in the orange here s were falling all the state and county health official guidance. the venue is outdoors with an open air concourse. or definitely missing. ah the mls season across the street, the smoking pig bbq restaurant is staffing up and hiring before the pandemic. it was packed with
12:57 pm
fans, pre gaming. we're anxious to see what what the limited capacity brings us. i am so excited. earthquakes are such a great amenity for the city sent jose's director of economic development, says the city's landscape is not the same without life sports. the stadium reopening as acenas, a sharks are set to welcome back fans to the s a p center on monday to come back and experience the game together is a source of hope. i'm through the body. i mean, finally, we can go back to the park. this fan says it's been way too long. he can't wait to root for his team in person. people need to go out and feel normal again. so i feel like this will be a step forward to be normal. azenith smith ktvu fox two news, but we're getting a better idea of how much is gonna actually cost the oakland a's to build a new waterfront ballpark right there at howard terminal releasd just today, the proposed 35,000o
12:58 pm
cost at least $12 billion to build. the project includes 3000 housing units and more than one and a half million square feet of office and retail space if the project is approved and eventually built, is expected to inject nearly a billion dollars in oakland's general fund. the figures were released as part of an agreement between the a's and the city of oakland. ah, boy and stocked in battling leukemia is getting his wish granted becoming a ups driver, six year old matteo enjoys watching delivery drivers drop off packages at his house. the make a wish foundation brought his family to a macy's store where a ups worker drove up and headed. the day was very own uniforms and toy ups truck. matteo then went into macy's, where he shop for gifts for his family, which he will deliver to them and just a couple of weeks. the gifts i pick out with a blanket for my grandma, and, um, a big parent for chicken for my mama to make ups
12:59 pm
technicians are building him a special delivery truck, which you can drive around stockton. matteo has battled leukemia for more than three years, and his family says, despite painful chemotherapy and other treatments, he never lost his positive attitude and spirit. for life, the oakland zoo is welcoming to new tall attractions. the zoo posted video on social media of a four year old somali giraffe, arriving from fresno 10 month old draft also arrived from the san diego zoo. animal experts say they fear giraffes in africa are actually on the brink of extinction. the zoo says giraffes are highly social and having a herd that's about the same size as in the wild is very critical to the well being and social structure of giraffes. i love those spindly legs wonderful yet another reason to go to the beautiful oakland zoo. you haven't been outside yet today, mike. let's do it. it's gorgeous out there. sunshine is greeting us on this friday afternoon. our next newscast is coming up in four of news is always on ktvu common. the ktvu knew exactly
1:00 pm
leave you with a look at the gorgeous oakland estuary. my great doctor office o. from the freezer aisle to the o. microwave. an oz investigation into frozen chicken. what is really in the most popular chicken meals that makes them so delicious. plus the frozen chicken hack that will change your life come on now. how do you beat this? >> we were feeling really trapped. >> that was a ticking time bomb. dr. oz: three red flags your relationship could be headed toward the pandemic breakup. ♪ dr. oz: today on oz, an investigation into frozen chicken. not just nuggets or frozen chicken strips, the freezer aisle is full of all kinds of precooked chicken you


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