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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 22, 2021 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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coronavirus vaccine today. public universities in california announced that they're going to require that all students, faculty and staff get inoculated. lot of us are going to be super excited to just be in person and being vaccinated is like do that. then i think a lot of us are just gonnnd stanford all
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announced plans today to require students to get a coronavirus vaccination if they want to return to campus this fall. get even everyone i'm frank somerville. i'm christina, we're down in tonight for julie. the decisions affect more than one million people. ktvu jana katsuyama is here tonight with. reaction from students and illegal experts explanation about vaccine laws. well, many places already require vaccines in order for people to go to school for other diseases. but in this case, the legal expert says, the policies of their proposed issues for these covid-19 vaccines. at the university of california head back to school next fall, they'll likely need to have a covid vaccination when they step onto campus. i think it's good, i think like if veterans back state is gonna be like a safe return back to campus, you
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see made the announcement thursday along with california state university campuses and stanford university's provost sent out a letter stating they will require full covid-19 vaccination as well. these are the latest in a growing number of universities with new pandemic per calls. some students say they will feel safer. i think it'll be good for everyone. people will feel safer and events can resume like they were lost last year. i don't really think that i would have a problem with it. a song is, you know it's available to everyone. super easily. we require other vaccines and were to come to campus in order to be enrolled. and so this is just another one. many colleges and universities already require vaccinations against chicken pox, meningitis and rubella. you never seas have been mandating vaccines for about the century. you see hastings law professor to read. rice is an expert in vaccine law around the 19 twenties. we've had the smallpox vaccine mandate of the university of california. and
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since 2015 the university of california has mandated for vaccines for his student, rice says the policies allow for medical exemptions to comply with current laws. the americans with disabilities act says that. people with a medical reason not to get vaccinated have to be accommodated and there is an allowance for religious exceptions to the civil rights act of 1964 says that you can't discriminate on religion, which means that if an employee has a sincere religious objection to our workplace rule, you have to accommodate them, the university say enforcement of the mandate will be delayed until at least one covid vaccine receives full fda approval and is widely available. there's legal uncertainty on whether you can mandated vaccine under an emergency use authorization under anyway, it's a new thing. we've never had a new way for the whole population. professor rice says she expects that there might be some legal challenges. but she says that
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last year there was a case against you. seize flu shot requirement that was dismissed. and she says courts in the past have tended to uphold vaccine mandates. jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight, jenna. thank you. it's an francisco city leaders say they are on track to vaccinate every eligible person in the city who wants a shot by the end of june. as of today, two thirds of adults in the city they have received at least one dose of the vaccine that is more than 560,000 people. the san francisco board of supervisors says they're now making calls to residents who have limited access to the internet to help them make a vaccine appointment. continuing to operate a mobile vaccination clinicrdoakland cols now closed to pedestrians. the site initially initially allowed people to take bart or ride their bikes or just walk up to get their shot. but officials say the pedestrian village was underutilized and
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that people seem to prefer going there in their cars. county officials say they will now focus on ramping up mobile papa vaccination sites for people who may not be able to drive to a vaccine clinic. however the pedestrian village at the coliseum will reopen on may 3rd to allow people who walked up to their first dose to get their second dose in the same manner. there's a growing criticism of california's vaccine. a booking website. my turn. the website is supposed to be a one stop shop for californians to book a covid vaccine. but state data shows that appointments booked on my turn account for only 27% of vaccines given in the state. some of the issues include having to refresh multiple times a day to book an appointment or available. appointment's not showing up in the search results. officials say the website has been updated and more vaccine providers are being added, you can find the latest information on the vaccine roll out on our
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website ktvu calm. just click on the covid-19 tab right there on our home page. new attend. family members said goodbye today to a young man who would have celebrated his 19th birthday today. police say a stray bullet killed him earlier this month. the gunfire happened on april 10th at 68th avenue and international boulevard in oakland. ktvu sam really is outside, okay, employees headquarters after talking amber to both the family and friends of the young man, frank family and friends told me they are in disbelief that this well up young man lost. life this way they want justice and the violence to stop. it. when i saw him laying there in the casket, it just brought tears to my eyes and i couldn't stop crying even though i was officiating on thursday morning, joseph cotten junior officiated over the funeral of the young man he meant toward. dimitrius roosevelt fleming davis of
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oakland, 5 to 600 people attended the service at acs full gospel church where dimitrius sang in the youth choir and attended services regularly with his family. his smile and you wanted and you wanted to let him get away with anything he wanted, because his charm and he was so smart, but the college student's life was suddenly cut short on april 10th around 6 30 in the evening in the area of 68th avenue and international boulevard in oakland. demitrius was sitting in a truck with friends going to get something to eat. investigators say a stray bullet struck and killed him. i'm not eating, right? i'm not sleeping right? because the person who murdered my cousin around free and my cousin is dead people out there shooting guns, just like the wild. wild west bishop bob jackson of ax full gospel church says he's known dimitrius since he was a young boy, a prankster and a natural leader who loved to help other young people and children. he wasn't it. any gangs or any stuff like the
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drugs and all that just wasn't that kind of kid. it's just unbelievable unimaginable. whoever did it, you know who you are. and god knows who you are. and that day is coming that you don't have to answer the guy what 23. dogs were released at the end of the funeral, dimitrius would have turned 19 years old today. friends describe them as being super smart and a computer with they plan to hold a memorial service for him saturday at berkeley youth alternatives, a non conflict where he was an intern. frank julie, just don't even know what to say. i just feel so horrible for the family. amber do they have the police? that is, do they have any leads on this shooting or know who these people were shooting at the base of the people in the
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car, including the reaches? we're not the target. it was a stray bullet, and they're asking the public for help. sure, hope that they catch the course and who was responsible amberleigh? in oakland tonight. thank you. also in oakland police were investigating a man's threat to kill people with an assault style rifle. police responded to calls on tuesday around 8 30 at night in the area of 54th avenue and east eighth street, the victim's told police a man was pointed a rifle at them and threatening to kill them. they said that they heard gunshots as they left. police arrived and found the suspect hiding under a car armed with a stolen assault style rifle that you see here on this. brain. police arrested the suspect on the spot. east bay stores early this morning, smashing windows and stealing electronics. this is seemed to be an organized, coordinated effort that happened online, but it's katie's crime reporter henry lee reports. it seems one local city was able to steer them in
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a different direction. looters converged on oakland in emeryville early thursday morning, apparently upset by police misconduct a day after derek's children was convicted of murdering george floyd. there's a large number of chatter that said to loot until justice is served. on dweeb believe it has to do with law enforcement and the encounters that have happened nationwide family. andhra police lieutenant ali khan says a crime analyst monitoring social media learned about the initial target for the looters. it was specifically to pay for center, so the mall and both wal mart stores in the city decided to close early. san leandro police sworn bay fair mall and the city warned that it was considering a curfew. the strategy worked. the mall wasn't hit, but the would be looters decided on plan b. the chatter on social media moved from side leandro on began focusing on emeryville and oakland. the best buy story in oakland was targeted by a caravan of 25 cars just after midnight. several people try to break in, but could not, so
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they turned their sights on the gamestop store down the street and emeryville. they smashed out the glass forced the barrier doors open and looted the store of electron ix, just as emeryville police began to write. getting the looters took off. the police arrested an 18 year old man for burglary and conspiracy. there was looting reported throughout oakland, including at the hilty hardware store on 98th avenue in east oakland, where thieves cut through the roll up door. they left behind empty boxes of power tools. oakland and emeryville. police are collecting surveillance video in hopes of identifying those were part of these roving caravans. and really ktvu, fox two news. we've learned that the danville poise officer who was charged yesterday in a deadly shooting was booked and released on bail tonight, officer andrew hall faces charges of voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of lattimer ob. alito in 2018 ob. alito's family says that he suff the officer's atto, michael raines, says that they will vigorously defend him.
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they also said in a statement that the decision by the contra costa d, a to file charges against hall seems quote suspect and overtly political. they also say that initially halls use of force was deemed to be justified. new attend. the justice department says that santa rita jail in alameda county is violating the rights of mentally ill inmates by holding them in isolation for too long. the doj reports that when investigators visited the jail, they found 75 prisoners in isolation who had been there for more than 90 days. the report also found that mentally ill inmates are denied access to services and programs available to the general population. the sheriff says about 40% of the jail population are mentally ill. t about 960. people think it's just the city is gonna lift our fans. it's gonna put our players fans back in the stands in san jose, what
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fans won't need in order to watch the earthquakes. and temperatures today on the cool side. we've got rain in the forecast for the weekend. we'll talk about that when i see you next, and president biden marks earth day with 40 other world leaders is ambitious proposal leaders is ambitious proposal to cut this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense. it's one policy that covers everything you need... ♪ ♪ leaving those old policies in the dust. ♪ ♪
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weekend for the first time in more than a year and no proof of vaccination or negative coronavirus. testing is needed to get in. ktvu is azenith smith here now, with the changes that fans can expect this season as it well, frank for the team's home opener at paypal park capacity will be limited to 3600 fans. pods created till getting prohibited all measures to welcome back fans safely. we are so excited for this game on saturday. you know, it's been a long year at the home of the center of the earthquakes and newfield installed and sign ege. the stadium is now paypal park after a new naming rights deal down four at a steady rate, for sure on this rainy day march, 7th 2020 was the last game with fans inside, some allowed to watch games from their cars on a big screen during the pandemic, which was different.
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have the energy back here and paypal park. it's gonna be an incredible experience. capacity counted 20% to adhere to social distancing protocols master required fancy did in pods of up to six people. ticketing contact lists done on mobile phones. one thing fans won't have to worry about showing proof of vaccination, so state guidance doesn't require that you have a negative covid test or vaccination in the orange here s were falling all the state and county health official guidance. the venue is outdoors with an open air concourse. we're definitely missing. the mls sn across the street, the smoking pig bbq restaurant is staffing up and hiring before the pandemic. it was packed with fans, pre gaming. we're anxious to see what what the limited capacity brings us. i am so excited. earthquakes are such a great amenity for the city centers is
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director of economic development says the city's landscape is not the same without life sports. the stadium reopening as acenas, a sharks are set to welcome back fans to the s a p center on monday to come back and experience the game together. is a source of hope i'm thrill about. i mean, finally, we can go back to the park. this fan says it's been way too long. he can't wait to root for his team in person. people need to go out and feel normal again. so i feel like this will be a step forward to be normal. yeah. and if you're planning to buy tickets, well, you're out of luck. saturday's matchup against fc dallas is sold t to season ticket holders. thek t stadium once it's such a great stadium, but it's interesting to me as that's how the teams have different requirements for the a's no requirement to have a test for the giants. you have to show that you've had a test or the vaccine for the earthquakes you don't have to do either. what about for the
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sharks? what are they going to require for fans to do? well, the sharks they're going to require a negative covid test as well as or actually say a proof of a covid, you know, vaccination card on opening day is on monday, but, yeah, it is interesting that all these teams have different requirements again. the sharks do you require a negative covid test or a vaccination card, and i also read that they're offering complimentary code. the testing for ticketed fans ahead of the game on game day. you can actually have a covert task it'll cost $50 azenith smithw night, warrior fans will return francisco for e first time in more than a year y 6300 fans, pods of seats will be spaced throughout both levels of the arena fans will have to be fully vaccine. dated
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or show proof of a negative coronavirus test within 48 hours of the game, food and drinks can be bought through the warriors chase center app. but fans will have to eat in designated areas not in their seats. and as you might imagine, everyone is required to wear a face mask. a newly revised map shows the widespread drought conditions plaguing much of the state. this map by the u. s drought monitor shows a good portion of california falls under the category of severe to extreme drought. those are the areas that are red and orange. just yesterday, gavin newsom declared a drought. but he said that a broader drought declaration could come as conditions change. chief meteorologist bill martin joining us now, bill good to see you tonight. obviously some rando is in our forecast. yeah, we do have rain, but it's not gonna do much. christina for the for the drought and the concerns and yet all the restrictions you were talking
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about potentially going to place they will go into place. this is a really this is two years of really deficit. rainfall significant desk, deficit and rainfall so things will happen. we will be rationing and it's just gonna you could feel it already, right? i always say, let's just get used to it. and we should roll this way anyway. we really should be just these droughts or a thing in california. you've been here any amount of time. this is not our first rodeo. i mean, we this happens a lot. um, it happens a lot, and it can happen for more than two years can happen for five years. it could happen for 10 years. it's happened in the past 50 years, 60 year droughts and before before europeans got here, significant droughts possibility, okay. enough of that these the highest from today? very cool out there, considering you know temperatures below the average for the most part cool eventh, g cool downgonna be a lot of low clouds in the morning, sonny but then he goes cloudy in the
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afternoon after lunchtime, and then it's cloudy straight through sunday morning, when we have rain chances and the rain chances on sunday look real good. like saturday night into sunday, we could see half inch core ribbon inch. maybe an inch in some places in the mountains of probably see a winter storm warning, so that's good. it doesn't do much for the drought. it really doesn't. it helps a lot of things, but not the drop. i'll see you back here in a little bit with the five day forecast, right, bill. thank you. president biden marked earth day by hosting a virtual climate change summit with more than 40 world leaders. the president says he plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions and half in just nine years. the goal is part of the paris climate agreement, which the president rejoined after taking office. biden said that investing in the environment will create good paying jobs. see line workers plane thousands of miles of transmission lines for a clean, modern, resilient grade. i see workers, capping hundreds of
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thousands of banned in oil and gas wells that need to be cleaned up an abandonedoa that , divided administration is also planning to boost the use of electric cars with a $50 billion investment. the goal is to build 500,000 you evey charging stations by 2030. cockers target of bay area transit system how the vita is addressing the data breach and what may have been affected and commutes, crowds and events all creeping back and not everyone is happy about it. at 10 30, the anxiety summer feeling about life after the pandemic.
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n. i didn't know how much mom was struggling. i love caring for him. but i can't do it alone anymore. home care with an entire support team. with thekey, mom won't have to move. they'd play her favorite music, cook her favorite foods... his days will be filled with joyful moments. she'd have her dignity and i wouldn't have to do this by myself.
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transptaon authority over the weekend as ktvu south, the reporter jesse gary, tells us that has left the transit agency system in disarray for days now. in this day and age. we all depend on computer
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systems. so life as we know it comes to sort of a halt, vt. a spokeswoman, stacy hendler, ross says a weekend breach of the authorities computer system hinders its ability to elektronik. lee communicate with writers vt. a bus is light rail. continue operating normally, but message boards. it's mobile app and online para transit reservations have been affected. we took immediate action to shut down our systems, which is why they're not operating right now until they could be cleared. make sure everything's okay, officials say. an outside cyber expert along with santa clara county sheriff's cyber investigators are trying to see how access was gained to the system breach that you're talking about likely happened through some kind of a fishing. still type of a breach through email or fishing. transit cyber experts, scott belcher says 30% of the u. s transit industry is vulnerable to cyber hacks, underfunding and lack of tech resource is our reasons. the
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vita is the latest victimized by what's believed to be an innocuous email causing a crisis. bart had its website hacked in 2011. the crime followed the shutdown of cell transmitters during protests and, more recently, philadelphia's main transit agencies sought help from the fbi. all right, this after malware crippled real time travel information for riders and put employees personal information in the wrong hands. they can either use those records. for new various reasons or they could hold the transit agency hostage. vita is investigating information is impacted by a crime that grows in frequency and popularity. we have experts that know what they're doing, and we're confident that they're going to restore systems jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. the parents of kristen smart are suing the father of the man charged with killing their daughter, 80 year
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old reuben floors walked out of jail last night after his bail was lowered to $50,000. he's charged with accessory after the fact his son, paul flores, is accused of killing smart when the two were college students back in 1996. he is currently being held without bail in the new lawsuit. smarts family says rubin floors intentionally caused them a more she'll distress they're accusing him of moving her body to cover up the killing. both the father and son have pleaded not guilty. younger students are back on campus in san jose, but it is nothing like before. t how few students opted for in person learning, and after a year of working from home and social distancing, returning to normal is feeling unnatural for some, the heightened anxiety psychologists are seeing and coming up in later and coming up later in sports giants fan steals the spotlight after she
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brought her rabbit to the gang will tell you why this isn't just a wild bear story. and rob bonta was officially confirmed today is the new attorney general in california. what he told us about nude anxiety aboutr
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covid as things shift back to normal, some people say that it may not feel so normal after all, ktvu is deborah villalon is here tonight with why a gradual approach may be the best one. yeah christina, smalls recommend because change even positive change. ring stress. before covid annie, but not she's life was hectic. two jobs,
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family and friends, little downtime, and it wasn't okay for me to sit and read a book that was sort of a lazy, decadent thing to do. that's how i would feel, but now it's like, you know, that's an important part of my life, and she's determined to hang on to it even as life picks up pace. vaccines are booming. covid cases dropping on people are getting together in ways they couldn't for so long. not comfortable. i've lost. i've lost a bit of my comfort and crowds. not everyone will jump back in being solitary may feel better than being social for me, and probably a segment of the population. that's the way it is. it feels normal. it feels good. it feels. very good. the word normal is almost a joke, because we are all changed. we live in a different world. now, mental health experts are seeing anxiety from patients who dread the thought of commuting again and spending all day in the workplace with
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others. it will be very stressful to go back all at once. we're more sensitive now. we haven't been around groups of people all day and having that level of stimulation and it's natural to be uneasy. after a year of worry and caution. no i don't think i'm quite there yet. i mean, obviously there's variance out there and i still we don't know who's vaccinated. who's not vaccinated, experts say. start small, maybe a movie? no, cut it at all. it's only like another 23 people in the movie theater, and there were way way far away from us, then something bigger, like a stadium event. or taking an airline flight. we are entering this new phase with a lot of fatigue and grief, and we have losses. dr apple says sadness is also natural reopening. thiss a tender moment. this is complex. i love you, but not she now works only one job dog
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walking so she could be outdoors. she's aiming for balance, a blend of old life and new just not rushing. i hope we can hold on to that to enjoying life in that rushing, doctor. apple suggests be patient and others. it's okay t kids and teens, she says. especially need compassion as they catch up. on social skills. kristina yeah, i just think it's so interesting and i don't even know how we're going to feel what you and i both leave our homes and head back into the studio. davy alone life for us tonight, ted. thank you. well growing number of health care workers are contemplating leaving their jobs, according to a washington post in kaiser family foundation poll. three and 10 healthcare workers have thought about leaving their profession following the pandemic. more than half of the polls responded said they were burnt out and six in 10 said the pandemic had harmed their mental health. across the state,
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california public schools are seeing a sharp decline in enrollment because of the pandemic, according to the state department of education data shows that the number of students at k through 12 schools has fallen by more than 160,000 during this academic year, officials say the biggest decline was seen among kindergarten through third grade, which declined by 107,000 students this school year and they're worried that the drop in enrollment will have a long term impact on the financial stability. school districts across the state. some students returning to classrooms are finding themselves in much smaller classes, and they're used to ktvu is mori. naylor has more on the new numbers from the largest school district in the south bay, and it shows that some classes have issues. four students inside. outside willow glen middle school in san jose. the sign reads welcome back, but only one third of students chose to return to campus when in person instructions started
10:35 pm
wednesday on a fully enrolled here. we're right around 1300 students right now for in person instruction were enrolled in about 460 in person. classes are limited to 15 students maximum because of the current health guidelines. but the principal says some classes have his few is four students in them, while the other 26 classmates aren't my son was a unified says well, 44% of elementary students went back in person on lee 32% of middle school students and only 20% of high school students returned. we seem to be seen that in most places that even when schools reopen, some proportion of students are not coming back. the independent, nonpartisan research center pace, which looks at education in california, is looking ahead to fall with concerns about academic social emotional deficits among students. the group. is working on guidelines to suggest a so called restorative restart for schools understanding that kids, especially teenagers,
10:36 pm
adolescents really need those relationships in place to in order to make academic progress. heidi m. birling says her 17 year old daughter, a senior in high school in palo alto, decided to stay home or my daughter. the decision to stay at home was a personal one. she's comfortable with her set up. she has. um, strong internet access, and she really likes accessing the refrigerator. but the director of the social services agency parents, place says returning in person should be a priority for students who have faced additional challenges from depression from anxiety for not being in touch with their peers. and i think for those students these in person experiences are critical to their mental health sins. a unified says its enrollment is down by about 850 students compared to last. school year, saying the majority were from drops in tk and kindred roll mint but say it was also students leaving to go to school out of state elsewhere in california or it
10:37 pm
private school. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. a battle over landscaping in the east had want the city to ban those gas leaf blowers. we've got rain back in the bay area forecast. finally we'll talk about how it will impact your weekend. see you back here after the break, and dante right, was laid to rest today after being shot and killed during a struggle. with the police officer who pulled out her gun instead of her taser after the break more east.s
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10:39 pm
california's new attorney general. he is the first filipino american to serve as
10:40 pm
the top law enforcement officer in this state in the assembly bought a champion bill seeking to end cash bail and abolished the death penalty. he told ktvu is greg lied today that his first priority is holding police officers accountable for misconduct. most law enforcement personnel. do you want to build and maintain and foster cultivate the trust that is needed. on. our monthly program. voices for change returns this sunday. ktvu greg lee talks with experts about the derrick show good verdict and what it means for the future of public safety, will discuss police reform, systemic racism and what real change looks like. a sense of joy for
10:41 pm
justice. but there's also the feeling one tragedy, but there are so many others that deserve the same amount of justice. azenith smith lied and shopping. we know. there is bias in the system we call criminal justice, and we know some of the ways to change that. why are we still having discussions about what we should do? voices for change gears right here on ktvu at 10 o'clock sunday morning, right after a special anniversary edition of fox news sunday. very emotional funeral was held today for 20 roll, dante, right. he was shot and killed by police in a suburb of minneapolis family, friends and community leaders gathered at the shiloh temple to say their goodbyes, also in attendance. relatives of george floyd and other black men killed during police encounters. members of
10:42 pm
dante writes. family were very emotional. when you walked in the room, you lit up the room. he was a brother, at jokester. he was loved by so many he's gonna be so missed. right, was shot and killed on april 11th in nearby brooklyn center of minnesota during a struggle following a traffic stop. the officer says that she accidentally pulled out her gun instead of her taser and shot and killed him. she has since been charged with second degree manslaughter and is currently out on bail. birthday events were a lot smaller this year, but people still got out to clean up the environment coming up how activists say the pandemic has had a negative impact on their efforts. still not as clean as it could be. it's not in a great state right now, and here's a time lapse video of the clouds rolling in over alameda this afternoon, chief meteorologist bill martin tells us where we can expect tells us where we can expect cloudy skies and
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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activities a typically take place on this day like cleaning up around the san francisco bay ktvu is rob ross spoke with conservationists about the current health of the bay. san
10:46 pm
francisco bay. it's what makes the bay area well. the bay area those who make their livings fighting to protect the base, say it's a lot healthier now than when earth they began in the 19 seventies, but it's still not as clean as it could be. it's not in a great state right now. cold virtual is a field investigator for san francisco bay keeper, a conservation organization that looks for threats to the bay for still having catastrophic pollution events like. chevron oil spill ah broken pipeline caused more than 600 gallons of oil the leak into the bay two months ago until we can mitigate all of those effects and more than the bay won't be clean. like so much of the world. the pandemic has affected the bay. on one hand, some conservationists say fewer people driving has meant less pollution from cars. but a lot of personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are getting into the water and on the shore. david lewis's executive director of the organization, save the bay.
10:47 pm
those gloves and masks are mostly plastic, and they're surviving forever in the environment that poisons fish and wildlife and clogs our wetlands. the pandemic is also made it more difficult to organize large skill, volunteer cleanups. baykeeper is encouraging small groups to clean up trash on the shoreline, but conservationists agree the biggest threat to the bay is climate change, especially the rise in sea level, which could increase an estimated 7 to 10 ft. over the next century. communities like alameda may be completely underwater with next 100 years, richmond's oakland berkeley are also going to experience catastrophic levels of sea level rise. what we need to do is we need to prepare for this, but there is also hope for san francisco bay. you know the fact that we have saved the bay over the last several decadn in, especially we in the bay area, we can take action to reduce
10:48 pm
climate change and actually save our region and save the bay. conservation is say everyone needs to do their part not just on earth day. but every day, rob rob ktvu, fox two news. the hayward planning commission tonight approved a ban on gas powered leaf blowers, sending it to the full city council. the planning commission voted 4 to 3 tonight's meeting. the proposal stems from noise complaints from residents at a push to reduce carbon emissions in the city. however commercial properties would be exempt from the band and commissioners who voted against it said that it would hurt small business owners. i think about the people who do yard work in a residential neighborhoods. they're typically smaller businesses. they're typically mom and pop shops there. typically those who are living on the verge of poverty already. and nose, in my view are going to be the most impacted by a saying you can no longer use your tools. go find a way to go
10:49 pm
buy more and buy more expensive stuff. the city council will now consider whether to implement the ban. if it passes, it wouldn't take effect until 2024. already just think about rob ross story about the bay and it's true it could definitely be cleaner, but i have to tell you the late 18 hundreds early 19 hundreds 19 thirties forties and fifties, the bay was way dirtier than it is now. s o, that there is sort of encouraging and at least it's better and it's going that way. but just don't be fooled by the gold rush days andg wars, especially the world were to there lot of lot of pollutants going into that day, so it's i think it's gotten a lot better just in the last 50 years. even okay, so as you look outside, there's the fog tomorrow is going to be morning fog and then partly sunny tomorrow is a lot like today. but perhaps a couple of degrees warmer on, then we get the rain. there it is. let's take a look at on the forecast model and
10:50 pm
you can see there's tomorrow. and then they her sad look at saudi lot of clouds of saturday's really cloudy and then sunday watch the front roll in here. come saturday night. here comes some. you can see it right. that's nicely good weather system. but look at the back edge, right? so here you are lunchtime. and you're starting to see clearing so your sunday afternoon is going to rain pretty pretty pretty well. pretty good overnight on saturday into sunday morning, it's just gonna looks like it's gonna clear out right after that, after about noontime, so these were the highest from today. i'm just thinking in terms of your weekend cause the weekend right now. pretty cloudy sardis of doable day. it's just gonna be cloudy is not gonna be this amazing saturdays that we've had, really, for the last month and a half. outside we go. we got clouds. the winds die down a little bit. the winds were really halyna time today out the delta while they're still going. fairfield's going 37 miles an hour on the gus. so it's still pretty breezy up there, which is not a typical for this time of year, so it smells a lot like today. friday we'll see more clouds from this
10:51 pm
approaching system or tomorrow afternoon, and then saturday, it'll be all about clouds. maybe a little drizzle right along the coast and then saturday night into sunday. it's about rain, so in good rate and in the mountains, probably a winter storm warning and around here, a niche possible i an inch. some of the better locations, half of an inch and extreme locations. an inch in the mountains. let me c 18 inches of snow, so that's really great stuff, and you certainly don't want to, you know, be on. it's just it's not gonna fix the drought is what i'm for getting out, but it's still great. there's a great time of year to get rain for the gardens and the flowers. so tomorrow 73 in fairfield, 73. antioch a little warmer than today, but not a heck of a lot more warmer. and then the five day forecast, you'll see temperatures generally in the sixties and seventies and trending down. through sunday and into monday. we'll see you back here at 11 coming up in sports and other great segment of check this out, including
10:52 pm
the reds fan who let's just say he paid the price here. oh to try to get a souvenir. is that on the 11 o'clock news, a massive settlement from kaiser why the health care provider will pay more than $11
10:53 pm
it was when she started forgetting things. i didn't know how much mom was struggling. i love caring for him. but i can't do it alone anymore. home care with an entire support team.
10:54 pm
they'd play her favorite music, cook her favorite foods... his days will be filled with joyful moments. she'd have her dignity and i wouldn't have to do this by myself. know. what the sam francis giants kind of quietly created an atmosphere that expectation for winning that i don't really think anybody saw coming out of spring training. i don't think anybody dared to after last season, but you know what? good crowd out of san francisco's willie mays ball 24,580, the comfort buddy named alex young lady lost her restaurant during the pandemic therapy, robert
10:55 pm
and you know whatever rough up e marlins and the, the left. that's going to go for an r b. i double and mike strip ski well, come on in to score. the next man up is the catcher buster's back up, kurt, can sally he ropes one the left. he's been struggling with the bad devin longoria and rougher in and it's a three nothing lead for the giants, and so concludes the offensive portion of the program. it's all about pitching starter aaron sanchez sharp five innings, gave up only two hits, struck out a couple. mauricio du bon handling the grounder, their relief pitching air tight major league debut for gregory santos. he's only 21 strikes up the first couple of guys he fixed into the major leagues and finishes his perfect inning by inducing a ground ball out and a couple of 98 mile an hour pitch is along the way required emitted tray. made from a
10:56 pm
boston a couple years ago. real story those busted back up just sally catching his fifth consecutive shutout on lee. five catchers since 1900 have done that jake three, not the fi happy to be a giant. so congratulations. we have strong bench right now. and you know those guys including myself, we're gonna have to step up. and if we want to keep this thing going, but we feel pretty good about ourselves. i mean top to bottom from from a pitching standpoint, i don't think you know we could have imagined pitching this well right now, and we're gonna ride that. but the offenses coming just just stay tuned. showcase game of the night of the nationally walker bueller for l. a trip. grisham of the padres likes what he sees. he takes him way deep into the pavilion potteries out to a quick to nothing lead in the eighth. it says 32 lead dodgers load the bases. sheldon noisy former a
10:57 pm
scalds 100, jake cronin, words starts a scintillating double play, and the padres hang on to nudge l a 32. they are two and two face. in each other so far, the two favorites in the west and i guess don't forget about the san francisco giants. okay? the come down was inevitable that man was in a great magic carpet ride that stephan curry took all basketball fans on for the last few weeks, man. no player 33 years of age or older had ever done what he did. 11 consecutive games with 30 or more points, however, kind of a thug in a loss to the wizards last night. he was just two for 14 from three a mere 18 points. we ever spoiled would watch and steph curry these days he enters the most valuable player conversation, and he's got a lot of confidence with regard to that award is he speaks up, rex chapman's podcast real
10:58 pm
quick, are you the m v p this year? i mean, i gotta be. i gotta be okay. all right, i'll probably get it, but i get whatever career marks of guys you know, 33 over over who haven't done what i'm doing right now, like his wild it's not something i was trying to do is just you know, such a confidence in my game that you're trying to start in the paper new expectation of what it means, tonto drive at this age and whatnot. a magic, johnson said. he's the f b t. i'm not gonna argue with urban johnson. all right, you know what play by play. announcers in all sports have to be ready to call all the action even if they become part of it. you need to check this out. pitch coming right back at us. yeah. with a bare heads leg. that's pretty cool. that's a texas tech and out to college
10:59 pm
baseball. jeff paxton. totally cool, calm and collected with the bare hands. snag right there didn't miss a beat. alright fans back in the stands as you know. hey, you! hey, neo suarez of the reds goes deep and you will have to check out the over zealous fan. he forgets his old lady. it is has he stumbles over the seat, but i'll tell you when you watch the replay here, watch the replay and his son actually a select bador hug it out. guys were kids and then this. i don't know this just left me breathless. you gotta check this out. this is stephanie mill, inger. she's a jim nist. this is just a mind blowing beautiful sight right there. obviously she has a lot of confidence. in her abilities that i read breathtaking rice. what did jim this diet is
11:00 pm
incredible. yeah, yeah, pretty amazing stuff. that is the sporting life of this hour will have warned about 25 minutes about 11 o'clock. turn it back to you, christina. frank. a mark will see then coming up next here at 11. i'm not eating, right? i'm not sleeping right? because the person who bernard, my cousin is still out there walking around free and my cousin is dead today. family members said goodbye. a young man killed by a stray bullet in oakland. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. he was laid to rest on what would have been his 19th birthday. hello again. i'm cristina rendon in tonight for julie. and i'm frank somerville. the shooting happened on april 10th at 68th avenue and international b in downtown oakland tonight, amber. it was just gut wrenching. watching that funeral, absolutely heartbreaking


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