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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 22, 2021 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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announcement today from the university of california and california state university systems comes as they prepare to welcome back students for in person learning this fall. good evening. i'm cristina rendon for julie, and i'm frank somerville this new vaccination mandate won't take effect immediately. and ktvu salik savages here now to explain why. alex. yeah it's a bit complicated. frank and kristina this announcement today by the two university systems is expected to affect an estimated one million students and staff members at 33 campuses across california, but it is not quite a done deal. just yet. officials say the formal mandate won't come until one or more of the vaccines gets full approval from the fda. right now, as you know the fizer and madonna vaccines are being given out under an emergency use authorization now. in a statement, the university of california said it already strongly encourages students, faculty and staff to get a
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vaccination as soon as they are eligible to cal state said it plans to work with its labor unions as well s the student association and academic requirt into effect. now, i talked today with the ceo of an educational consulting firm called arts bridge about the significance of this announcement. according to our survey, 62% of students and parents had serious doubts about whether they would be comfortable being on a college campus. so i think. it's a great idea. i understand that it's controversial. not everybody wants to get the vaccine, but i can imagine that this will help with the may 1st deadline. and having more students commit to there, you see or cal state. the cal campus in birth day. the students we talked with were uniformly enthusiastic about this idea. they say they're
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looking forward to getting back to in person classes as well as taking part in all of the other campus events that they've been missing out on. as many people as king. you vaccinated as possible. i think i really want to get back to campus, and they start they still have, like some remote options of kids like don't want to come to campus, so i think it's like a win win for everyone. i think that a lot of us are going to be super excited to just be in person and being vaccine is like the way to do that. then i think a lot of us are just gonna be all for it. the university say that students and staff members can receive an exemption for vaccination for medical or religious reasons. but people who do that we'll have to undergo regular covid-19 testing in order to be on campus on along with the uc system and the csu system. stanford university also announced today that they will require all of their 19,000 students to be vaccinated as well. once classes resumed their. in the fall. but
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certainly a big announcement on the hope that you can get back to sort of a more traditional college experience on these campuses. frank all right, alex savage life force tonight, alex. thank you across the state, california public schools are seeing a sharp decline in enrollment amid the pandemic, according to the state department of education data shows that the number of students at k through 12 schools has followed by more than 160,000 this academic year. officials say the biggest decline was. mean among kindergarten through third graders, which declined by 107,000 students this school year and they worry that the drop it enrollment will have a long term impact on the financial stability of school district's across the state students returning to the classroom or finding themselves in much smaller class sizes now, ktvu warren naylor has some of the new numbers from the largest school district in the south bay. those numbers show that in many cases, classes are even smaller than what's mandated. outside willow glen
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middle school in san jose. the sign reads welcome back, but ons chose to return to campus when in person instructions started wednesday on a fully enrolled here. we're right around 1300 students right now for in person instruction were enrolled in about 460 in person. classes are limited to 15 students maximum because of the current health guidelines. but the principal says some classes have his few is four students in them, while the other 26 classmates are at home. san was a unified says while 44% of elementary students went back in person on lee 32% of middle school students and only 20% of high school students returned. we seem to be seeing that in most places that even when schools reopen, some proportion of students are not coming back. the independent, nonpartisan research center pace, which looks at education in california, is looking ahead to fall with concerns about academic social emotional deficits among students. the group is working on guidelines
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to suggest a so called restorative restart for schools understanding that that kid's especially teenagers, adolescents really need those relationships in place to in order to make academic progress. heidi m. birling says her 17 year old daughter, a senior in high school in palo alto, decided to stay home or my daughter. the decision to stay at home was a personal one. she's comfortable with her set up. she has. on internet access, and she really likes accessing the refrigerator. but the director of the social services agency parents, place says returning in person should be a priority for students who have faced additional challenges from depression from anxiety for not being in touch with their peers. and i think for those students these in person experiences. are critical to their mental health center is a unified says its enrollment is down by about 850 students compared to last school year,
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saying the majority were from drops in tk and kindred roll mint but say it was also students leaving to go to school out of state elsewhere in california or it private school. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. walt disney family museum in the presidio, san francisco reopened its doors today for the first time in more than a year, the museum along with its world war two, and veterans, voice, exhibits are now open thursday through sunday from 10 a.m. to five p.m. masks are required, and tickets must be pre purchased on the museum's website. they're available in limited blocks to ensure social distancing. recently revised state guidelines will now allow people from out of state to come into california for quote activities and events as long as they're fully vaccinated. state health officials say this activities could include theme parks sea world in san diego's already changed its rules to allow for out of state visitors. but disneyland says for now, it is only allowing california residents to buy tickets to the
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park. over all, the state is still discouraging people to travel here. today is earthay as we've mentioned biden and to battle climate change. president biden also announced an ambitious plan to cut emissions here in the united states. but fox news gillian turner tells us some lawmakers say that would hurt the economy. president binding kicked off the two day virtual summit on this earth day, unveiling ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions in the u. s by half and just nine years. even more in the decades ahead of these steps will set america on a path of net zero missions economy by no later than 2050. it's the driving force behind his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. but critics say that plan and it's higher taxes along with pressure now on banks to scale back fossil fuel financing could really stifle a national economy that is still dealing from the pandemic. take
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a listen to congressman andy barr. that's gonna threaten jobs is going to threaten the u. s. competitiveness and bottom line is it's going to seed competitiveness to china. there were plenty of ideas and a lot of proposals. we can build bad. better from this pandemic by building back greener, but critics say countries are only held to the honor system. the hollow commitment these countries made back in 2015 curry. no serious means for enforcement activists now insists the time for talking is up. many scientists to say extreme weather events like floods and mudslides and blizzards are becoming more frequent. judy human influence on the climate. the two day summit is putting us rivals like russia and china on the wreck. heard as well. but on day one both were short on specifics and big on calls for cooperation in washington. gillian turner fox news. gavin newsom is reportedly announced reportedly about to
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announce a ban on new fracking permits in california. politico says that the announcement could come today or tomorrow. last week, a senate bill that would have banned in new hydraulic frack fracturing or fracking permits failed to pass by just one vote in a committee hearing energy companies opposed the bill. fracking uses water and chemicals at high pressure to extract oil and natural gas from the ground in san francisco. new climate change commitments are being made to celebrate this earth day today. mayor london breed announced that san francisco is aiming to become carbon neutral by the year. 2045 made the announcement in front of chase center, which is one of san francisco's newest green. the mo hopes to speed up the transition to 100% renewable power. for all residential customers by the year. 2025 by 2025. everyone gets every one of our customers get super green, but they don't pay
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anything extra. now. how significant is that? that is going to change the game for clean power in this city. as of 2019. san francisco's emissions have dropped to 41% below 1991 levels, and that's six years ahead of the city's goal of reaching a 40% reduction by 2025, city officials and hayward tonight will consider whether to ban the use of gas powered leaf blowers on residential properties. this proposal all stems from noise complaints from residents and a push to reduce carbon emissions in the city. in addition to the proposed ban, the planning commission will also consider shortening the hours during which power tools for landscaping can be used in the city. if the commission doesn't prove the changes, they'll go to the city council for consideration. birthday events were low key today around the bay area. the pandemic affected
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many large public activities that typically take place. some of those include cleaning up around san francisco bay. get to be his rob roth talked with some conservationists today about the current health of our bay, san francisco bay. it's what makes the bay area well. the bay area those who make their livings fighting to protect the base say it's a lot healthier now than when earth they began in the night. 18 seventies, but it's still not as clean as it could be. it's not in a great state right now. cold virtual is a field investigator for san francisco bay keeper, a conservation organization that looks for threats to the bay for still having catastrophic oil spill. ah broken pipeline caused more than 600 gallons of oil the leak into the bay two months ago until we can mitigate all of those effects and more than the bay won't be clean, like so much of the world. the pandemic has affected the bay on one hand, some conservationists say fewer
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people driving his meant less pollution from cars. but a lot of personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, or getting into the water and on the shore. david lewis's executive director of the organization, save the bay. those gloves and masks are mostly plastic, and they're surviving forever in the environment that poisons fish and wildlife and clogs our wetlands. the pandemic has also made it more difficult to organize. skill volunteer cleanups. baykeeper is encouraging small groups to clean up trash on the shoreline. but conservationists agree the biggest threat to the bay is climate change, especially the rise in sea level, which could increase in estimated 7 to 10 ft to experience catastrophic levels of sea level rise. what we need to do is. we need to prepare for this, but there is also hope for san francisco bay. you
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know the fact that we have saved the bay over the last several decades from almost dying should really be an inspiration. you know, especially we in the bay area. we can take action to reduce climate change and actually save our region and save the bay. conservation is say everyone needs to do their part not just on earth day. but every day, rob rob ktvu, fox two news. yeah coming out the allegations of unequal pay and promotions filed against kaiser permanente by black employees. how the healthcare giant is settling the class action lawsuit for millions of dollars and the senate resoundingly passes a bill to fight hate crimes against asian americans will tell you, which senator cast the lone vote opposing it. buttigieg on the mild side again today, but we do have rain back in the forecast for this weekend. we'll look at that. when i see next on the
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bart board of directors considers more service options now that more and more riders are coming back as coronavirus restrictions are easy, we'll tell you some of the proposals they're looking at and taking a live. look at the conditions now on this salmon tail bridge, ktvu channel two news at six we'll be right back asked. be tof
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violence and harassment against asian americans and pacific islanders. the bill would expedite the justice department's review of hate crimes against the a p i community and would establish an online hate crime reporting system. it would also give support to local law enforcement investigating thousands of reported hate incidents in the past year. the bill received overwhelming bipartisan support with the approval from 94 senators. on lee. one senator voted against
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it. that was missouri senator josh hawley, senator alex padilla of california today should statement saying the passage of the bill sends a loud and clear message he went on to say, quote california is home to nearly a third of all asian americans, and our strength lies in our diversity. i'll continue working to ensure that everyone regardless of their background, is treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. funeral services were held for dante ride in minneapolis today, right is a 20 year old med, who was shot and killed by a police officer who says she mistook her gun for a taser. fox's met. finn has more on how family friends and civil rights leaders honored him today. acts nor god that this would not just be a moment in time, but this would be a seed that we will see the ford nous of justice and emotional funeral for 20 rolled dante right in minneapolis just days after the city celebrated a guilty verdict in the death of george
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floyd. it is the right thing to do. it is the right thing to do to stand up for our children. it is there. thing to do to speak up for our children, family, friends and community leaders gathered with shilo temple on thursday to say their goodbyes. also in attendance. relatives of george floyd and other black men killed during police encounters, members of dante writes. family gave emotional remarks. when you walked in the room, you lit up the room. brother, a jokester. he was loved by so many he's gonna be so missed. the reverend al sharpton delivered an impassioned eulogy. all the minneapolis is stopped today. jonah the prints off bro center right, was fatallytraffi, reigniting calls for congress to act on police reform. when you change the law, you create accountability at. and if you
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have a new set of accountabilities people behavior ships, the officer who shot and killed dante ride has been charged with second degree manslaughter. she's currently out on bail in minneapolis match fit fox news. our monthly program. voices for change returns this sunday morning. ktvu is greg lee will talk to experts about the derrick show vin verdict and what that could mean for the future of public safety will be discussing police reform, systemic racism and what real change. change looks like a sense of joy for justice. but there's also the feeling that this is just one case. this is just one tragedy. but there are so many others that deserve the same amount of justice. azenith smith lied and shopping. we know. there is bias in the system we call criminal justice, and we know some of the ways to change that.
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why are we still having discussions about what we should do? voices for change airs here on ktvu at 10 o'clock on sunday morning, right after a special anniversary edition of fox news sunday. kaiser will pay $11.5 million to settle a lawsuit filed by black employees for current and former employees filed the suit on behalf of more than 2200 black workers in the administrative supporting consulting services department, according to the san francisco chronicle. the complaint says kaiser played black employees less and did not promote them compared to non black workers, despite similar performance reviews, kaiser was settled a similar lawsuit later this week on behalf. of latino workers taking a look at the temperatures from today is a little cooler out there for sure, boy, just clouds and breezy conditions and you can feel the weather changing back. i mean, last few weeks last month, we've been kind of warm,
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kind of dry, and now the atmosphere is getting a little bit moisture. we're seeing temperatures more reasonable for this time. you're not the records that we saw just a few days ago. not that long. we had 90 degree readings. if you remember right now we're cooling off. and with that in this cooling in advance off that weather system that comes in on saturday and sunday, mainly on sunday, but it's gonna be good. it looks like it's gonna drop. maybe a quarter to a half inch. that's the look outside. that's why all that creek you see little son that's mount diablo off in the distance. you could see the breeze in the trees you that gus 35 38 miles an hour up in the delta area sama, cisco airport's been around 25 lets you got 37 miles now we're up in fairfield. so that's on the gus. so this was significant winds, and that's again. not that a typical now in altamont pass, you've got gusts up to 35 miles an hour right now, with living more downtown at about 25 miles an hour sustained. there's the sea breeze, blues and greens, and it's not just you see it xlat off this area pierce yet that area's not that's that's kind of by
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berryessa. so that hills that's a pretty high ridge line, so the cool air is not getting in. but the cool air spilling right up in through the delta, which is low lying and cooling off the end of a valley. so i come back. we'll look at the rain and the five day forecast. here in a few minutes, nearly revised map shows the widespread drought conditions plaguing much of this state. the map by the u. s drought monitor shows a good portion of california falls under the category of severe to extreme drought. those of the areas in the red and the orange. but look at the maroon their parts of the eastern, central and eastern southern regions again. those are the ones in maroon are facing exceptional drought conditions yesterday, governor newsome. there's a drought emergency and both men casino and sonoma counties, but he said that a broader drought declaration could come as conditions change. still ahead. looters take aim it stores in the east bay, which ones they targeted and the damage they
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left behind. and in the wake of sexual assault allegations against the mayor of windsor, the town council now considering eliminating pudding.e
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east bay as we first reported, police learned of the organized effort on line, they were able to stop it from happening in one city. but then those
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looters just move their target elsewhere. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has more on what happened. looters converged on oakland in emeryville early thursday morning, a by police mt of chatter that said to loot until justice is served. on dweeb believe it has to do with law enforcement and the encounters that have happened nationwide family. andhra police lieutenant ali khan says a crime analyst monitoring social media learned about the initial target for the looters. it was specifically to pay for center, so the mall and both wal mart stores in the city decided to close early. sam leandro police, sworn bay fair mall and the city warned that it was considering a curfew. the strategy worked. the mall wasn't hit, but the would be looters decided on plan b. the chatter on social media moved from side leandro on began focusing on emeryville and oakland. the best buy story in oakland was targeted by a caravan of 25 cars just after
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midnight. several people try to break in, but could not, so they turned their sights on the gamestop store down the street and emeryville. they smashed out the glass forced the barrier doors open and looted the store of electron ix, just as emeryville police began to write. getting the looters took off. the police arrested an 18 year old man for burglary and conspiracy. there was looting reported throughout oakland, including at the hilty hardware store on 98th avenue in east oakland, where thieves cut through the roll up door. they left behind empty boxes of power tools. oakland and emeryville. police are collecting surveillance video in hopes of identifying those were part of these roving caravans. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. and windsor town officials and now considering eliminating the position of mayor because of sexual assault allegations against the current mayor, the town council last night discussed exploring a new town model that would remove the mayor's position before the november 2022 election. the plan would also divide windsor into five districts instead of
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four. the council is also considering giving itself mork control over removing elected officials from office as current mayor down. look for. poli refuses their demand to step down. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 eastern assemblyman rob bonta officially confirmed as the state's new attorney general. what he says his first priority will be and coming up later in sports the nfl draft now a week away, we'll preview who the 49ers might select. remember, they moved up to the third pick, and all eyes are on a couple of different quarterbacks that their problem aleph. or and co. y
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that they're going to require coronavirus vaccinations for students, faculty and staff. by this fall, students who received an exemption for medical or religious reasons will have to undergo regular coronavirus testing. the u. s. senate has passed legislation to review hate crimes and support local enforcement in finding a rise in such cases, the house is expected to consider a similar bill in the coming weeks. during the coronavirus pandemic. police have seen a noted uptick in hate crimes against asian americans and pacific islanders. and on this earth day, president biden unveiled plans to cut carbon emissions in half in the united states by the year. 2030 the president spoke during a virtual climate summit
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with other world leaders today. he says that the u. s will also increase money, too vulnerable countries to help them fight climate change. the plan is a complete reversal of the trump administration policies. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. it was a monumental day for a long time. east basically men rob bonta. he was officially confirmed as california's newest attorney general by the california state legislature are political reporter greg lee talked to bonta about the work ahead? very excited, overwhelmed, really, but just deeply honored and thankful. for the opportunity to serve the people of california thing. the state legislature confirmed the east bay assemblyman rob bonta, as california attorney general governor newsome nominated the progressive democrat and advocate for criminal justice. reform to finish harvey harvey service term. he's the first filipino american to serve his california's top cop, i say to the asian community. i see you.
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i value you. i know you're hurting and i am you and i will fight for you. i spoke to bond to shortly after his confirmation. he reiterated his first priority is holding police officers accountable for misconduct this days after derek showman was found guilty of murdering george floyd, most law enforcement personnel do you want to build and maintain and foster and cultivate the trust that is needed? and accountability is very important to building that trust because there's no trust without accountability in the assembly bonta champion bill seeking to end cash bail and abolish the death penalty during his confirmation hearing, bonta faced questions from republican lawmakers about his support of gun laws and you being the top law enforcement officer in the state of california. they're not. they're just gonna hurt or restrict la biting citizens. if you're going to save a life for you know, for a little more regulation, a little more registration, little more minutes administrative oversight. it's worth it. lawmakers ask bond to how he would differ from his
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predecessor. some question, but sarah's policies on police misconduct investigations and the state's backlog of seizing firearms from those no longer allowed to own them, boches said he'll carry out the law as a legislator. i've shared those concerns like reducing. opera headed person system less making sure that we remove guns from the hands of those that we know are not supposed to have that vonta will be sworn in on friday. this current term ends in 2022 when he plans to run for a full term. greg lee ktvu box two news in the south, babe, someone hacked the valley transportation authority over the weekend. ktvu reporter greg. excuse me. jessie carrie tells us that the vita has now hired a cybersecurity expert to investigate the crime. in this day and age. we all depend on computer systems. so life as we know it comes to sort of a halt, vt. a spokeswoman, stacy hendler, ross says a weekend breach of the authorities computer system hinders its
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ability to elektronik. lee communicate with writers vt. a bus is light rail. continue operating normally, but message boards. it's mobile app and online para transit reservations have been affected. we took immediate action to shut down our systems, which is why they're not operating right now until they could be cleared. make sure everything's okay. officials say an outside cyber expert along with santa clara county sheriff's cyber investigators are trying to see how access was gained to the system breach that you're talking about likely happened through some kind of a fishing. still type of a breach through email or fishing. transit cyber experts, scott belcher says 30% of the u. s transit industry is vulnerable to cyber hacks, underfunding and lack of tech resource is our reasons. the vita is the latest victimized by what's believed to be an innocuous email causing a crisis. bart had its website hacked in 2011. the crime followed the shutdown of cell
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transmitters during protests and, more recently, philadelphia's main transit agencies sought help from the fbi. all right, this after malware crippled real time travel information for riders and put employees personal information in the wrong hands. they can either use those records. for new various reasons or they could hold the transit agency hostage. vita is investigating if and potentially how much personal employee information is impacted by a crime that grows in frequency and popularity. we have experts that know what they're doing, and we're confident that they're going to restore systems jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. now that more and more riders are coming back as coronavirusre on the tad nasa's ingenuity helicopter makes its second flight on mars
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will explain what was accomplished during this aerial exploration. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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president biden will propose a sharp increase in the capital gains tax for people earning $1 million or more. the down fell. 321 points that as jack was down 131 and the s and p lost
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38 points. stocks have rallied in recent weeks over encouraging economic news. americans filing for unemployment claims dropped again last week with lowest point since the beginning of the pandemic. the labor department says that there were 547th claims, which is down 39,000 from the week before, but here in california, claims actually rose slightly last week, nearly 72,000 new claims were filed in the state. that's up about 3000 compared to the week before. bar is considering a number of budget options for its next fiscal year as it welcomes back more riders and struggles during its pandemic recovery. today the board talked about at the board of directors meeting ways in which they can delay a planned fare increase. it would be pushed to july of next year. bart is also considering adding 26 trains to its weekday service. running trains every 15 minutes and extending service until
6:41 pm
midnight beyond just increasing the service itself. we need to do everything we can to incentivize those writers to say. hey, look, not only do we have great service, but we want you back and this is what's going to keep the region moving. i think what bart can do that other transit agencies. will also benefit 1000 people yesterday. that's 86% below pre pandemic daily ridership numbers. way are checking into the weather. we've got some cool today. right now we go to ktvu salik savage with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news ktvu plus, frank. thank you knew tonight another round of stimulus checks being sent out to americans. the additional payments included in
6:42 pm
this latest batch for people who recently filed their taxes. plus, the cdc is looking into whether we still need to be wearing masks outdoors to slow the spread of covid-19. tonight we will talk live with the bay area infectious disease specialist about this issue. in our covid conversation. we'll have those stories and a lot more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus, but first after the break, another reason to cut meat from your diet up next. a look at how you can help save the planet by going vegetarian. bird. to say ir
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and safer world immense, far
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less atmospheric pollution. the farm animals worldwide contribute a huge amount of earth warming greenhouse gasses. yeah, but ktvu tom vacar tells us that technology is changing the future of meat and the impact on the environment. make no mistake the over overwhelming majority of humans eat meat. they like its texture, appearance, fat aroma and most of all its taste, but you and scientists calculate that livestock accounts for about 15% of annual human caused greenhouse gas emissions. two thirds of that. coming from producing meat and milk, livestock produce methane a greenhouse gas 30 times more capable of trapping atmospheric heat than ceo to the main greenhouse gas 45% of the non frozen land mass is actually used to raise those cattle biochemist john york is the chief scientist. at redwood city, oakland based impossible foods, arguably the world
6:46 pm
leader in plant based meatless meat production. we use science and our understanding of the processes. of why humans like meat and then use everything from plants to reconstruct the chemistry and using science to make a. product that tastes just like me. the magic comes from him a molecule that's in almost all plants and animals. heem has iron in it and helps plant material take on the look. feel and flavor of meat, especially hamburger. it mimics the chemistry of what happens when you cook a piece of meat. how is this good for humanity's home planet? the same acreage currently needed to raise cattle. it's 87% less water, and it's 89% last greenhouse gas emissions, which is absolutely staggering. already burger king carl's junior white castle, taco bell del taco, starbucks and subway
6:47 pm
offer plant based meat on their menus. point meat contains no cholesterol, no animal hormones or antibiotics. consumers will decide besides the environmental and personal health issues many folks pick plant based meets on a moral basis to reduce the slaughter of animals for food. the animal place has a to farm animal sanctuary in vacaville and grass valley and the united states alone. we. kill 10 billion land animals for people to eat. that's every single year, and it has a huge and negative impact on our environment, as we know and impossible foods has lots of competition. the plant based food association has gone from 22 member companies five years ago to 157 today. pointing to a rapidly changing future of meat, just like the real beef impossible foods test that we did on the barbecue. we found the same thing at burger king,
6:48 pm
given the wide range of burger flavors. the difference is essentially imperceptible. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. well in the landscape is gonna look a lot different in the next 10 to 15 to 20 years. based on that story, tom just did the hardships on the environment. the ethical concerns all of that. so it zeroing in the right direction for sure. so i think about that a lot in terms of how hard we are on the planet by on the meat that we raise. okay, so here's the model. as you look at the day tomorrow. here we go. friday right? few clouds starts . then saturday gets kind of really saturday morningd then here comes sunday, right about. their sunday morning through sunday afternoon and then well but bound by noon that fronts through so sunday looks like not a bad day after
6:49 pm
lunch time, so that's the model. that's the idea anyway. and as we go into today, we had temperatures like these. we're going to see temperatures tomorrow that are generally vic should be a little warmer than that. because it was really chilly today as you can see in that live camera shot of gold gate bridge just one of those days and we've got it made a big jump this week in terms of the record highs of a few days ago, we had 90 degree readings, not that long ago and a couple of records or santa rosa, that record 90 degrees and so. temperatures of really cooled off this week, and they're going to continue to cool off as we head into the weekend a lot it has to do with this robust sea breeze, which is cooking inland, just pushing all that moisture up into the delta up into the sacramento valley. you see that yellows up there? that's up around kind of winters and the davis area and that area is a little harder to cool because of the, but when you get out towards the livermore valley and out george modesto, there's a kind of not a low lying coastal plain, but it's low and so the moisture gets in. there is the weather system. it doesn't have
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a ton of moisture to work with, but we could see a quarter to a half inch of rain on saturday night into sunday to be great. the forecast for tomorrow. in the meantime, we'll be just like today. 73 antioch, 73 fairfield and in the five day forecast, so there it is, and sunday it's gonna rain is now as a matter of how much we're going to get quarter into a half inch or 10th of an inch. either way, it's great to have it good for the plants good for the first stalling fire danger, but certainly not going to end the concerns for what this summer. i will see you back here tonight at 10 and 11. alright bill will see then thank you. nasa's ingenuity helicopter took to the skies over mars again today it successfully completed a second flight on mars. the miniature helicopter flew for almost 52 seconds, this time climbing about 16 ft into the martian atmosphere, according to a napa statement from nasa. that's six ft higher than its first flight on monday. ingenuity sent back this black and white image.
6:51 pm
from its second flight, showing the shadow of the helicopter on the mars surface like this is coming up next warrior star stephon curry raise in on the vp debate what curry had to say about whether he's deserving or not reba. move. is we you. in vo.
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rouz. i guess. you know the cool down was inevitable. but what a magic carpet right. stephan curry took everyone who loves baseball or basketball, too. in the world of the last month or so incredible, but the 30 points or more streak ended at 11 games last night in the last two the wizards but, man, i mean, you know, you just got to say this guy's been such a pleasure to watch as he it comes back to earth in last night's loss is he actually was tw 18 points that we spoiled would yet he has entered the evp conversation, and he's pretty. duggan confident himself about winning that award against all odds. rex chapman's podcast was the topic
6:55 pm
where he was asked about that. quick. are you then mvp this year? i mean, i gotta be. i gotta be okay. all right, i'll probably get it but i don't know what a career marks of guys, you know, 33 over over who haven't done what i'm doing right now, like it's why it's not something i was trying to do is just you know, such a confidence in my game that you're trying to start in the paper new expectation of what it means, tonto drive at this age and whatnot. love the confidence. meantime one week from tonight, we will know who the 49ers picked in the nfl draft. but in the meantime, probably the most important pick for them, and i would say more than a decade. it remains a mystery. we know it's going to be a quarterback. let's see if joe fonzi as a clue as to floor to us to who it might be, as a matter of fact. way can
6:56 pm
safely say this with the first pick in the 2021 nfl draft, the jacksonville jaguars will take clemson quarterback trevor laurence. it all gets fuzzy. after that most nfl draft watchers expect brigham young's zach wilson to be taken next by the new york jets. in this quarterback rich draft that would leave justin fields of ohio state, mac jones of alabama and trey lance of north dakota state all on the board when it's the 49ers turned to pick, i mean to move up to three. we had to feel good that there's three guys we'd be comfortable with leading our team for a long time if showing up in a player's pro day and having a very open chat is any indication, the 49ers are leaning toward fields, but some draft watchers have him going number two, the whole pot. aspect of taking a quarterback early is a roll of the dice at best. the most famous example is the 1998 draft, when the choice between peyton manning number one and ryan leaf number two was said to be a flip of
6:57 pm
the coin. one is a hall of famer. the other was gone after three seasons, more evidence of the pressure to get it right. quarterback bill walsh was able to get joe montana in the third round, the most famous late round steel is, of course, tom brady taken by the patriots and round six. good evening and welcome to the nfl draft. this will be just the third nfl draft in which quarterbacks went 123 1971 saw jim plunkett, archie manning and dan pastorini taken with mixed results. in 1999. it was. tim couch, donovan mcnabb. achille smith, one of those guys made it to a super bowl develop is as an understudy aaron rodgers to brett farve. pat mahomes to alex smith. you just have to be sure you picked the right guy to be the backup. the 49ers future hinges on the ability of lynch and shanahan
6:58 pm
to get it right. joe fonzi ktvu fox two. you know, play by play announcers must always stay alert, even if they become part of the action. you need to check this out. pitch. coming right back at us. yeah. with a bare heads leg. you know what? texas naked answer. jeff paxton last friday. totally cool, making the bear and snag, right? they're you gotta love that. it's pretty cool. check this out. all right. we have fans back in the stands a u. n eels suarez with home run, but again, the fan a little overzealous the that's right here. there go the nachos here. there go the nachos again. yeah. over blank.
6:59 pm
what are you doing? oh, uh, priya's calling in a few minutes on skype, and we are gonna have a dinner date. it's 8:00 in the morning in mumbai. how can she have dinner? fine, whatever. priya will be having breakfast. all right, so technically, it's not a dinner date. i suppose you could call it a, uh, dinfast date. but if you did, you'd open yourself to peer-based mocking, such as, "hey, leonard, how was your dinfast with priya last night?" that doesn't sound like mocking. you didn't let me finish. dinfast. are those soy-based candles? i don't know. why? paraffin candles may contain carcinogens. unless lung cancer is the ambiance you were going for at your dinfast. dinfast. listen, i don't want to be rude, but priya's gonna be calling any minute, so... oh, yes, priya. leonard, you know i make a point of
7:00 pm
never interfering in your personal affairs. yes, i've always admired that about you. as well you should. but i'm going to make an exception here. oh, good. priya has moved back to india to pursue her law career. instead of desperately trying to keep this intercontinental relationship alive, you could use that time to take up a hobby. a hobby? yes. i read recently about a fellow in kansas with an enormous ball of twine. i bet you could give him a run for his money. you know, some people might say that it's great that we're trying to make things work long distance. they'd say things like, "love is stronger than the miles between you." when i rise to power, those people will be sterilized. you video-chat with amy all the time.


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