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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 22, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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to do with law enforcement and the encounters that have happened nationwide family, andhra police lieutenant ali khan says a crime analyst monitoring social media learned about the initial target for the looters. it was specifically to pay for center, so the mall and both wal mart stores in the city decided to close early. san leandro police sworn bay fair mall and the city warned that it was considering a curfew. the strategy worked. the mall wasn't hit, but the would be looters decided on plan b the chatter on social. media moved from side leandro on began focusing on emeryville and oakland. the best buy story in oakland was targeted by a caravan of 25 cars just after midnight. several people try to break in, but could not, so they turned their sights on the gamestop store down the street and emeryville. they smashed out the glass forced the barrier doors open and looted the store of electron ix, just as emeryville police began arriving. the police arrested an 18 year old man for burglary and conspiracy. there was looting report. throughout oakland,
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including at the hilty hardware store on 98th avenue in east oakland, where thieves cut through the roll up door. they left behind empty boxes of power tools. so clinton emeryville police are collecting surveillance video in hopes of identifying those who are responsible. reporting live henry lee ktvu, fox studios. all right, henry. thank you. were following developing you's pleasant hill. police are searching for this 10 year old girl who is missing. her name is emma and she was last seen your vesting road and geary rode around 12 30 this afternoon witnesses in the neighborhood tell us a police dog and a drone or part of the search and one point, emma is four ft nine inches and weighs about £80. she was last seen wearing gray camouflage jogger pants and a gray long sleeve shirt. if you see here you are asked to call 911. attorneys for the danville police officer who was charged yesterday in the deadly shooting of a mentally ill man
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say they will vigorously defend him. officer andrew hall is facing charges of voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of vladimir arbor, aleta in to arrange his surrender. they also said in a statement that the decision to file charges against hall seems quote, suspect and overtly political. they say that initially holes use of force. was deemed justified in the south bay. someone hacked the valley transportation authority over the weekend, and vita is now hiring a cybersecurity expert to investigate the crime are south bay reporter jesse gary is here now, jessie. what was the point of hacking into the vita and didn't have any impact on writers? frank vt. officials has not been impacted by this hacking, but they are working to see if employees personal information has been accessed in this day
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and age, we all depend on computer systems. so life as we know it comes to sort of a halt, vt. a spokeswoman, stacy hendler, ross says a weekend breach of the authorities. computer system hinders its ability to electronic lee communicate with writers. vt. a bus and light rail continue operating normally, but message boards. it's mobile app and online para transit reservations have been affected. we took immediate action to shut down our systems, which is why they're not operating right now until they could be cleared. make sure everything's okay. officials say an outside cyber expert along with santa clara county sheriff's cyber investigators are trying to see how access was gained to the system breach that you're talking about likely happened through some kind of a fishing. still type of a breach through email or fishing. transit cyber experts, scott belcher says 30% of the u. s transit industry is vulnerable to cyber hacks, underfunding and lack of tech
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resource is our reasons. the vita is the latest victimized by what's believed to be an innocuous email causing a crisis. bart had its website hacked in 2011. the crime followed the shutdown of cell transmitters during protests and, more recently, philadelphia's main transit agencies sought help from the fbi. all right, this after malware crippled real time travel information for riders and put employees personal information in the wrong hands. they can either use those records. for new various reasons or they could hold the transit agency hostage. vita is investigating if and potentially how much personal employee information is impacted by a crime that grows in frequency and popularity. we have experts that know what they're doing, and we're confident that they're going to restore systems. for the time being, vita, officials say, for trying to book a para transit ride. don't go online, use a
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telephone. and if you're using their system don't rely on the message board to find out when your vehicle or train or bus is coming. you want to rely on previously published schedules until they get this all straightened out. we're live in san jose jesse ery ktvu. fox. two news will head back to you. all right, jessie. thank you. on this earth day president joe biden brought together. leaders of 40 countries is part of a global approach and renewed u. s commitment in the fight against climate change. the two day virtual event kicked off with president biden unveiling ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions in half right here in the u. s by the year 2030 and even more down the road. these steps will set america on a path of net zero missions economy by no later than 2050. scientists tell us this is the decisive decade. this is the decade we must make decisions that will avoid the worst consequences of a climate crisis. the summit included the
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leaders of germany, the uk, australia, canada and even us geo political rivals russia and china. the event comes after the u. s was largely absent in the international conversation on global warming under president trump, who pulled out of the landmark paris climate accord. in san francisco. new climate change commitments are being made to celebrate this earth day today. mayor london breed announced that san francisco is aiming to become carbon neutral by the year 2045. she made the announcement in front of the chase center, which is one of the city's newest green businesses. the mayor also hopes to speed up the transition to 100% renewable power f by the year 2025. by 2025. everyone gets every one of our customers get super green, but they don't pay anything extra. now. how significant is that? that is going to change the game for
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clean power in this city. as of 2019 emissions in the city have dropped to 41% below levels in 1991, and that is six years ahead of the city's goal of reaching a 40% reduction by 2025. here in the bay area. earth day was loki. the pandemic pretty much canceled all of the usual events that take place on this day and often, some of those activities included queen up around san francisco. ktvu swell broth. joining us live now after talking with conservationist about the current health of the bay raw. yeah. chrissy napa helps every day should be earth day and conservationists san frs ay area well. the bay area those who make their livings fighting to protect the base, say it's a lot healthier now than when earth they began in the 19 seventies, but it's still not
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as clean as it could be. it's not in a great state right now. cold virtual is a field investigator for san francisco bay keeper, a conservation organization that looks for threats to the bay for still having catastrophic pollution events like chevron oil spill ah broken pipeline caused more than 600 gallons of oil the leak into the bay two months ago until we can mitigate all of those effects and more than the bay won't be clean. like so much of the world. the pandemic has affected the bay on one hand, some conservationists say fewer people driving has meant less pollution from cars. but a lot of personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are getting into the water and on the shore. david lewis's executive director of the organization, save the bay. those gloves and masks are mostly plastic, and they're surviving forever in the environment that poisons fish and wildlife and clogs our wetlands. the pandemic is also made it more difficult to organize large skill, volunteer
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cleanups. baykeeper is encouraging small groups to clean up trash on the shoreline, but conservationists agree the biggest threat to the bay is climate change, especially the rise in sea level, which could increase an estimated 7 to 10 ft. over the next century. communities like alameda may be completely underwater with next 100 years, richmond. and conversation ist, conservationists say we need to do our part not just on earth day, but every day, kristina. robert roth reporting live for us tonight, rob. thank you. alright breaking news right now an update on the developing news we told you about at the beginning of the newscast in pleasant hill. police say this little girl has now been found she was missing in pleasant hill about 12 30 this afternoon. police tell us she is safe and is now on her way home. it's another example that nothing is normal this year coming up
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tonight at 5 30 will show you why even though kids are back in class, it's nothing like it was before, plus dreams of starting or maybe finishing your college career this fall, there's likely to be a new requirement if you want to head back to campus at one of the uc or csu schools. also it's been a year since the tidal wave of unemployment claims started instead of california, and still the state office that pays out those claims is having problems. details about the new issue that people are having with signing up and we're looking at rain back in the bay area forecasts and good news there looks like we'll get a little bit. i'll see you back here with the details and the five day cyst. there going to ree
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coronavirus vaccinations for students, faculty and staff by this fall, joint announcement by the two university systems will affect an estimated one million students and employees across the 33 campuses. students who received an exemption for medical or religious reasons will have to undergo regular coronavirus testing, a csu officials said. the exact timing of the requirement will depend on when the fda gives full author. grizz ation to a vaccine right now. fizer and moderna vaccines are currently being given under an emergency use authorization o announced today that they're going to require all of their 19,000 students to be vaccinated as well. people who are coming up on one year of unemployment claims now have to review with this state. but yet another technical problem with
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the state's e d d system has left thousands waiting even longer for checks. ktvu tom vacar joining us live now, with more details on this story, tom yeah. well you know, edie edie says it was just a glitch but wasn't really yet another goal line fumble. as the first anniversary of the tidal wave of claims that hit the e d. d some 180,000 californians found themselves unable to extend their benefits past 52 weeks, as is their right needed. he claims it was another infamous technical glitch now corrected number of technical glitches with the now famous youtuber. jenny silver is a sacramento wedding photographer. ah, former ui recipient, but not an e d d employee, but so frustrated within. innumerable edie edie missteps and failures, silver finds and posts videos for folks unable to get answers out of the e d d let me went to file a new claim the file a new
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clean button was missing. and there you are online home page and they had no way to do so online. we got tweet after post after email about this problem, you need to hit the button, it says file. you claim that left thousands of people stuck waiting for their money while e d d figured out how to fix the glitch, still stinging from previous criticism so much wiser e d d just produced a video on precisely this prickly subject when your original claim expires, you will need to file a new claim you will be or have been informed in three ways with a message on your final check. banner message when you log in online and the benefits starting date on your ui online, paige, don't worry about trying to figure out if you're eligible. just answer the questions and leave the rest to us. people are eligible for benefits beyond 52 weeks. in fact, benefits are extended through the american rescue plan through september. 4th federal law vastly lengthens p
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way claimants relief you now get up to 89 total weeks of benefits, which hopefully will be enough to get you back on your feet but be warned. watch your claim like a hungry hawk for new glitches, mistake's or incompetence. make sure that watch for any notifications in you, why online and respond promptly to any request for additional information. about shortly now, miss silver, says some of her youtube viewers are still having problems with this, and there's a lot more. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. all right, tom. thank you, traveler confidence he is growing, and so is the competition for money from tourists. monterey county, in fact, is investing $2 million to try to attract travelers there. the county says that they lost $1. in visitor spending over the course of the pandemic. monterey county is competing with other tourist destinations right now, in california, like napa, sonoma and santa barbara. that's why monterey county is
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launching an aggressive campaign. and this week they're calling it now is the moment the president of the moderate county visitors bureau says they're already seen travelers driving into monterey, but they have a much bigger goal. we want to think long term and we want to make sure that we're on the mental maps of people who live in the midwest and the east coast, and that's a long term play for growth. not just over this coming summer, but into next fall next winter and beyond. the campaign includes a national television spot digital advertising. and a social media program. already happy earth day out there. we've got some kind of cool, mild weather breezy, too. and if you're at the coast or in san francisco or oakland, and it's cloudy all day temperatures in some places another 5 10 degrees cooler. other places stayed about the same. s so that's how it went, and that's how it's going to go pretty much tomorrow, with more clouds moving in and you kind
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of feel it out there. we are going to get some rain. i mean, right now, the accumulations air sea in question. you never, you know this far out this time of year, but corporate half inch? maybe that is a lot of rain for this time of year and no, it doesn't. help with the drought much at all. it helps. a lot of things helps a lot of things with plants and first stalling fire danger, but it doesn't do much for where we are in terms of water. 36 month our guts out in fairfield, you're going. that's a lot. it's not that a typical for this time of year. that's the delta area and those winds get really howling through there. when you get these patterns, it's a little more than you'd expect. but it's not out of the question. sfo's gusting to 25 is breezy and on those winds when you see a 35 on our wing, just know that it's pushing. higher humidity, humidities and cooler or lower temperature air into those inland valleys. and that's why you see, i love this map right? because there's the sea breeze right. you could see where it's not. you didn't get up over amount, vaca, they're drawn to see over on the other side of aka villa there and winters in those areas, staying
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a little warmer but you see the sea breeze really infiltrating the central valley by using the colors right. the greens and blues represent fifties and even some cooler temperatures. 10 degrees cooler in concord eight degrees cooler. and never more. so what happens well, this happens to that. that's kind of cool. now what you're missing here is and you know this, but if you had if we could tap into some of this, so, maura, this right, there's some subtropical moisture down here, which often sometimes this time of year, you'll start to see tropical storms that would be. really great, but that does not seem to be the case. it's got you can just look at that and go visually visually, it doesn't have a ton of moisture to work with, so it's not the end of the world. it's just not ideal for significant rainfall. so if you look at the fog along the coast tomorrow is the same day except i'd given mork cloud cover different kind of cloud cover a little more high cloud on temperatures a few degrees warmer, but we're splitting hairs as we get into saturday, temperatures come down and we're just living in the
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sixties we get into sunday. we're in the low sixties and it's raining. so there you go. i'll get the computer model all loaded up next time i see you with the five day forecast. when you walked in the room, he lit up the room. he was a brother, jokester. he was loved by so many he's gonna be stole miss saying goodbye to dante reid, family, friends and strangers gathered under the 20 year old man shot and killed by a minnesota police officer. how he's being remembered. next and coming up on ktvu channel two news at six allegations of unequal pay and promotions filed against kaiser permanente by black employees. how much kaiser is going to pay out to settle their class action lawsuit. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪
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serious or life-threatening side effects can occur, including... allergic reactions, lactic acid buildup, and liver problems. if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction,... stop taking dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis b or c,... or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. your doctor may prescribe a different medicine... than dovato if you plan to be pregnant or if pregnancy is confirmed during the first trimester. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control... while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. family, friends and civil rights leaders gathered to pay
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their respects at his funeral thursday, more than one week after he was shot and killed by police. boxes matt finn has more we actually or god that this would not just be a moment in time, but this would be a seed that we will see the ford nous of justice and emotional funeral for 20 rolled dante, right in minneapolis, just days after the city celebrated a guilty verdict in the death of george floyd. it is the right thing to do it is that. right thing to do to stand up for our children. it is the right thing to do to speak up for our children, family, friends and community leaders gathered at the shiloh temple on thursday. just say their goodbyes, also in attendance, relatives of george floyd and other black men killed during police encounters, members of dante writes. family gave emotional remarks. when you walked in the room, you lit up the room. he was a brother. he was loved by so many he's gonna
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be so missed. reverend al sharpton delivered an impassioned eulogy. all the minneapolis is stopped today. jonah the prints off brooklyn center right, was fatally shot april 11th and nearby brooklyn center, minnesota during a traffic stop the fatal shooting, reigniting calls for congress to act on police reform. when you change the law, you create a kind ability. and if you have a new set of accountabilities people behavior ships, the officer who shot and killed dante ride has been charged with second degree manslaughter. she's currently out on bail in minneapolis. matt fit fox news. and a reminder our special program voices for change is going to return this sunday morning. ktvu is greg lee will talk to experts about the derrick show vin verdict and what it means for the future of public safety will be talking about police reform, systemic racism and what real change looks like sense of joy for
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justice. but there's also the feeling that. this is just one case. this is just one tragedy, but there are so many others that deserve the same amount of justice. uh as george floyd and shopping we know there is bias in the system we call criminal justice. and we know some of the ways to change that. why are we still having discussions about what we should do? voices for change here is right here on ktvu at 10 o'clock sunday morning, right after a special anniversary edition of fox news sunday. fully enrolled here. we're right around 1300 students right now for in person instruction were enrolled in about 460. even when kids return to class. it is likely that classrooms are gonna be a lot smaller than they were before. silicon with some education experts say, needs to happen over the next few months to reengage kids in
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school. also california now officially has a new attorney general. we talked to rob bonta just minutes after he was confirmed coming up what he says will be on his priority. list plus he is accused of helping his son moved. christian smarts body, see why a judge lowered his bail, allowing him to walk out late last night. x. who full vaccinatr
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the coronavirus that's almost 1n people more than 20% have gotten one dose of a two dose vaccine it all close to 27 million shots have been administered, and the state has a 16 day inventory of close to six million doses on hand. in san francisco. the percentages are even higher. two thirds of those eligible have now gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. that's more than. 506,000 people at number includes 326,000 people who are fully vaccinated. that's 42% of residents in the city, 16 and older. that's in francisco board of supervisors held a hearing today to talk about the city's covid-19 vaccination distribution. the board went over several resource is they're using to get vaccines into the arms of residents that includes a call center that's now making calls to people who have limited access to internet
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including homeless people and those with disabilities that can't make a vaccine appointment on their own gettins to their second vaccine appointments. city says it's on track to vaccinate every eligible person in the city who wants a shot by the end of june, students returning to the classroom of finding themselves in much smaller class sizes. ktvu maureen naylor's here now with some of the new numbers from the states, or the rather that south based largest school district that marines show in many cases, classes or even smaller than what's mandated, frank, a big change. santa's a unified started resume there in person classes yesterday and older student in particular may notice a lot fewer classmates on campus, in fact, at the high school level on lee outside willow glen middle school in san jose. the sign reads welcome back, but only one third of students chose to
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return to campus when in person instructions started wednesday on a fully enrolled here. we're right around 1300 students right now for in person instruction were enrolled in about 460 in person. classes are limited to 15 students maximum because of the current health guidelines. but the principal says some classes have his few is four students in them, while the other 26 classmates are at home. san was a unified says well, 44% of elementary students went back in person on lee 32% of middle school students and only 20% of high school students returned. we seem to be seeing that in most places that even when schools reopen, some proportion of students are not coming back. the independent, nonpartisan research center pace, which looks at education in california, is looking ahead to fall with concerns about academic social emotional deficits among students. the group is working on guidelines to suggest a so called restorative restart for schools understanding that that kid's
5:32 pm
especially teenagers, adolescents really need those relationships in place to in order to make academic progress. heidi m. birling says her 17 year old daughter, a senior in high school in palo alto, decided to stay home or my daughter. the decision to stay at home was a personal one. she's comfortable with her set up. she has. strong internet access, and she really likes accessing the refrigerator. but the director of the social services agency parents, place says returning in person should be a priority for students who have faced additional challenges from depression from anxiety for not being in touch with their peers. and i think for those students these in person experiences. are critical to their mental health. san was a unified's enrollment dropped by about 850 students from last year. the district cites a drop and kinder's and tk enrollment but
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say it was also students leaving to go to schools and other states throughout california and also to private school. frank maureen naylor live force tonight, maureen. thank you. with vaccine rates increasing in the number of daily cases dropping. some doctors are beginning to raise the question of whether it's ok to lift mascot mandates for people when they are outside, doctor say, transmission risk is low outside, which is why they've always said outdoor meetings or safer than indoors. some states have already started to drop mask mandates. just today, minnesota's high school league said that. student athletes would not have to wear masks when playing a sport. of course. experts also warned that the situation you're in plays a big role on whether or not you should have a mask on outside. joining us out to talk more about this is dr peter chin hung, infectious disease specialist at ucsf and peter. we always appreciate you coming on the show, and this is a very interesting question. i want to know your thoughts. when is it okay to start dropping the mask mandate outside. well, chrissy and i
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think it goes back down to something you just said, which is that context is everything. so it's not really binary like indoor outdoors and suddenly from running and going a park on ocean beach on a horse farm and then acenas no on the streets and nobody else is around. you know, masking isn't probably that important as opposed to, uh. waiting in line to get in somewhere, and it's really popular or being, you know, in a mosh pit at coachella, that's all doors, but it's highly risky when you bring lots of news is and models together. so it's all about context. whether not you call it a mask. mandate or not. they're certainly certain times when you're outdoors when it's more prudent to wear masks. and certain times when it's not prudent to wear a mask, so we're already starting to see some states dropping the outdoor mask mandate. what factors should this decision be based on once more city start to come out and say, ok, you can go ahead and stop wearing
5:35 pm
your mask outdoors, but keep it on indoors. yes. so i think some of the metrics that have been proposed include vaccination rates. of course on then the usual ones. people think about like number of new cases today, um, test positively rate, etcetera. but i think ultimately it's about how many visitors there are. how big the sides of the crowd is, um. etcetera so even in although setting and even if we get to june 15th and have some more guidance about nuances of went to wear masks and when not to wear a mask at the end of the day, i think hopefully people will realize that you know, they're sittin in north session, sex sections or sessions that might be less risky as well. so you could make that sonny? a vaccination status, okay, so we're making progress here in the u. s. vaccinations are
5:36 pm
increasing our covid cases are decreasing. at least here where we are in california, but i'm just curious. you know your thoughts on what's happening in india because they set a record for the most coronavirus cases in a single day. just recently, and i'm curious to know whether or not you feel like we should be caring about what's happening over there overseas compared to what we're seeing here. i am so worried about what's happening in the rest of the world. cristina rendon. says that we've had a record number of cases in a week ever in the pandemic and india's driving most of what's going on brazil to sit next send as well and what's comin with both of these places is the rise of the variance. kind of like rise of planet apes. you know, it's these variants again. we don't have as much evidence for india but certainly the indian double mutation in the state that's having the hardest hit time. which is my rastra ondo cases they have skyrocketed. why is this important? this iso in thea
5:37 pm
have a free economy that requires you gonna move back and forth and you know, you talk about my smile needs, etcetera if we're having mixing of different risk pools, um, you know that may introduce a higher level of risk, okay. dr peter chan hung with ucsf. appreciate you coming on the show. thank you. ex cristina rendon suspected of killing kristin smart has been released from jail after a judge lowered his bail. this is new video from station k. e y. t in san luis obisbo. it shows 80 year old reuben floors when he was released late last night after he posted $50,000 bail. he's charged with accessory after the fact for allegedly helping his son here, paul ramirez, conceal smarts body paul floors. excuse me. all fours is accused of killing smart when the two were college
5:38 pm
students back in 1996. he's currently being held without bail. at a hearing yesterday, reuben floors attorney said his client doesn't pose a threat that he has a medical condition and that he's on a limited income and couldn't afford $250,000 in bail. the judge agreed and lowered his bail to $50,000. it is a monumental day for east bay congress, east bay assemblyman bob bonta today he was officially confirmed as california's new attorney general, are political reporter greg lied, spoke to bonta about the work ahead. very excited, overwhelmed, really, but just deeply honored and thankful for the opportunity to serve the people of california thing. state legislature confirmed the east bay assemblyman rob bonta as california attorney general governor newsome nominated the progressive democrat and advocate for criminal justice. reform to finish harvey harvey service term. he's the first
5:39 pm
filipino american to serve his california's top cop, i say to the asian community. i see you. i value you. i know you're hurting and i am you and i will fight for you. i spoke to bonta shortly after his confirmation. he reiterated his first priority is holding police officers accountable for misconduct this days after derek chau van was found guilty of murdering george floyd, most law enforcement personnel do you want to build and maintain and foster cultivate the trust that is needed? and accountability is very important to building that trust because there's no trucks without accountability in the assembly bonta champion bill seeking to end cash bail and abolish the death penalty during his confirmation hearing, bonta faced questions from republican lawmakers about his support of gun laws and you being the top law enforcement officer in the state of california. they're not. they're just going to hurt or restrict la abiding citizens. if you're going to save a life for you know, for a little more regulation, a little more registration, little more minutes. administrative oversight. it's worth it.
5:40 pm
lawmakers ask bond to how he would differ from his predecessor. some question, but sarah's policies on police misconduct investigations and the state's backlog of seizing firearms from those no longer allowed to own them, boches said he'll carry out the law as a legislator. i've shared those concerns like reducing. opera headed person system less making sure that we remove guns from the hands of those that we know are not supposed to have that volunteer will be sworn in on friday. this current term ends in 2022 when he plans to run for a full term. greg lee ktvu fox two news, you saw the vehicle down in there, and i saw movement in the vehicle. and the first thing. i thought is i can't get down there to him. but he did get down to him a retired navy seal of the right places. right time to help save the driver of this suv after the car flew
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this week and suv plunged off a road in southern california down to the beach below. you see the suv there on its side, with the driver still in it, but what are the chances that a retired navy seal and his wife just happened to be driving on the same stretch of road and saw the suv go over? fox news? actually jacob shows us how he quickly went to work to help save a stranger's life. retired navy seal williams. solberg and his wife, grace. we're driving along the shore when they saw a white subaru forester fly off the cliff. they pulled over called 911 and ran to the edge. you saw the vehicle down in there, and i saw movement in the vehicle. and the first thing i thought is i can't get down there to him. but he found a way and his wife caught it on camera as shoal. berg and another woman walking on the beach began their rescue. i got
5:44 pm
the window pushed down far enough where she was able to try and unlock the door. we unlock the door. i still can't get the door open. you get down that way, but he knew he had to hurry as the suv was drifting farther out. the water was coming in up to the guy's chest and everything about that time schulberg climbed on top of the suv still trying to pull the victim out. and that's when carlsbad police showed up, but we all reached in there and pull the guy out and i got him up on the shore. we did, and that's why did a preliminary exam of his injuries and everything and stabilized the wounds and injuries as best as i could. once i saw they had the scene and hannah marked away. schulberg says the man was at least in his sixties and had pelvic rib neck and head injuries. and a state parks. a spokesperson confirms the man is hospitalized while first responders, investigators and witnesses are calling shoal berg, a hero, he says he was just in the right place at the right time. those guys, they're the heroes. i just wasn't innocent person being there. schulberg spent a year is doing
5:45 pm
search and rescue in the navy and the retired clearly relied on that training. he says he hopes the victim makes a full recovery. i spoke with california state parks, and they want to remind you to be cautious, the fence is still broken, as well as part of the guard rail reporting in carlsbad, ashley jacob fox five news. on this earth. they were at the marine mammal center during feeding time for young seal pups coming up next, though, how your everyday covid protection, including wearing masks could end up being dangerous for sea life. plus, we'll talk to the chair of the local chapter of surf rider and find out how the pandemic has impacted. their cleanups on beaches and rain back in the bay area forecast. that's some good news for a change will talk about. the timing on it. how much we could see and certainly what birthday. just coa
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
year. their passion their job to protect the environment is an everyday thing. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo spent time this afternoon at the marine mammal center, with more from from there for earth day. we're at the marine mammal center and sauce lido to learn more about marine life and the health of the ocean behind me. we're looking at about 100 patients. most are elephant seal pups that were born early this year. we were able to watch the feeding earlier this morning. these young seals were separated for mom a bit too early and need extra help this hospital rescues and treats these animals. every patient that is here could also be a key indicator of what is happening in the ocean, whether it's changing ocean conditions and fish populations or the presence of things like trash, and these were some of the hazards, netting, fishing line and plastic packing straps and now dispose will face masks and
5:49 pm
gloves could be a new threat. when the cold fog disappears. the sun can draw thousands of visitors to the beaches, the trash that the crowds leave behind could lead to problems down the road. whether it is in a yard whether it's on the street, whether it's on the beach can eventually make its way out to the ocean. just do our watershed. so everywhere we go making. we're reducing our use of plastics responsibly disposing of those as well can make sure that animals don't get caught in that trash if you see an animal in distress, keep your distance and call the center's hotline for 1528. nine seal in sauce alito mark tamayo ktvu, fox two news joining us out on this earth day to talk more about this is holding hardcastle. he's the chairman of san francisco surfrider their goal to protect our beaches and oceans from pollution. thank you for joining us. are you seeing more waste at beaches because of the pandemic, especially masks, and also you rely on donations and volunteers. has the pandemic affected that as well. um what
5:50 pm
we have seen more waste on our beaches and in our neighborhoods, but it's an increase across the board. cigarette butts and plastic food. wait plastic food where's continue to be the primary items that people are picking up off the beaches, ondas far as what we're doing? what have we seen an impact? like many other organizations, we at the beginning of covid-19. we paused to rethink how we're operating. we would virtually events were doing movie screenings, but panels to keep our members engaged. but as covid has spread, and as we've come to know more about it, we've encouraged individuals and small groups to do b y o b or bring your own bucket cleanups on as we begin to open. we are talking with local, state and federal agencies to ensure safe gatheringssy to loof oceans and think. hey, they
5:51 pm
look fine to me, but i've seen pictures of some of those debris fields. how much pollution is out there in our oceans, and is it getting any better or worse, i would say it's getting worse, but the awareness is growing, so it's getting better and as we begin to change the way that we're thinking about our everyday lives and the plastic that we're using, and where it's ending up, things are getting better. is it mainly plastic? you mentioned cigarette butts. but is it is it mainly plastic, and, for example, let's say you go to the beach and you having a picnic on the beach. it might be one of those cases where you bring real silverware, as opposed to plastic silverware that you could just throw out. even that still ends up back in the oceans or in landfills. and so if you're gonna bring anything to the beach or anywhere with you, you should take it out with you wherever you are, but plastic is the biggest polluter. the biggest problem we could, and it's not
5:52 pm
on lee, where plastic ends up, but plastic also is a problem. come from the distributors and the manufacturers, but that feels like a bigger issue to talk about. well hold on. you guys do great work. thank you for talking with us tonight and filling us in. it's so important again what you do for oceans and our beaches. appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight. thank you very much. and one of the things that you could do to this lot of things you could do, obviously, but one of these you could do is cut. it's taken on at the beach a lot more ocean beach. let folks when you go out to the beach. and you see something people just leave the beach and i'll see garb. just pick something up. walk back to any time you're leaving, which was used to walk to your car. just grab whatever you see, maybe even grab a little bit garbage bag or something. just pick stuff up makes a ton of difference, and i have to tell you a lot of people do that, like it's sort of a thing. surfers do that a lot. they'll pay bring in garbage. just you out there every day. just bring it makes a difference one or two items
5:53 pm
at a time. so it's yeah, we're sharing the planet so we should all take care of it. okay so here's some rain coming here is tomorrow. morning kind of not cloudy. yeah, but then super cloudy in the afternoon. here comes saturday kind of drizzly kind of cool that saturday saturday morning, saturday afternoon. and then here comes the rain sunday, so i'm. i'm starting with the lead, which is rain right there. seven am wet all day till 10 11 12, and that's a pretty good looking little weather system based on that that model run there. get ourselves some rainfall. we got little wind out there as well. and we will. we'll get some. we're gonna get some room. like i said, it's going to be, um, how much we get maybe quarter inch. maybe a half inch. i'm not sure. maura i think i showed you earlier. i'll show you again that satellite loop showing the weather system and sort of the measly amount of moisture with it. there's moisture but shall narrow that tap is going back into the goes back to the to the. wine island,
5:54 pm
but it's not a huge plume. it's not bad, but it's just you want to see what who's big. that's the fuel. so when you see a big plug of tropical moisture getting pulled into one of those, that's when you get going. but we still happen to rain this time. you're pretty good fog along the coast tomorrow we have showed you that right then the closet gonna increase saturday's cloudy all day sundays cloudy most of the day. certainly talk about one or two o'clock and it's raining in the morning hours on sundays this overnight saturday into sunday morning, this is your tomorrow temperatures generally for most of us mid sixties. the mid 70 73 fremont 73. anya another cool kind of a day, the five day forecast, hey says with a smile on his face has rain in it for the first time. well since march, 18th so well over a month, and we need it we're going to get it isn't gonna fix it. note but it zagat thing. i'll see you all back here at six. a decades long push to reshape america's political map
5:55 pm
crosses its first hurdle. i'm chad program on capitol hill, i'll explain coming up and coming up on ktvu channel two news at six. the part board of directors is considering more service options to accommodate returning writers as pandemic restrictions. easa. some of the proposals that are on the table and a sharp decline in public school enrollment across california how many students have left the public school system you're into your shows, right? the office.
5:56 pm
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and get up to 17% of msrp cash back on select 2021 models. that's over fifty-four hundred dollars cash back on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. on this equinox. the house passed a bill to make washington d c a state. and while this is the first step in the process, fox is chad pegram shows us getting it over the
5:58 pm
finish line could be another hill battle. the bill is passed the effort to reshape america move forward is the house approved a bill to elevate washington d c into statehood, the 216 to 208 vote fell along party lines. the house considered such a measure for the second time in less than a year, now the senate but it's doubtful the bill has the votes to pass there and looming even larger is the possibility of a filibuster. congress has a choice. it can continue to exclude d c. residents from the democratic process, forcing them to watch from the sidelines as congress votes someone federal and d. c laws. the legislation aims to transition most of d c into the 51st state to be called washington douglas. its name for abolitionist frederick douglass, a new state would also mean representation for its citizens. one house member and two senators. democrats say it's a move to give dc's more than 700,000
5:59 pm
residents. ah voice, but republicans suspect something else. make no mistake. hr 51 is just democrats latest attempt for a power grab. while democrats are trying to control the lives of the american people by force republicans are working on showing that we have the right policies to effectively govern president biden supports the motion. president biden strongly supports d c. statehood our administration will work with congress to get it passed if the d c bill stalls in the senate democrats could use a potential filibuster as a wedge to gin up support to change senate filibuster provisions. on capitol hill chad program fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. required coronavirus vaccinations for students, faculty and staff. that is the plan announced today by two of the nation's largest university systems right here in california. we require other vaccines and were to come to campus in order to be enrolled. and so this is just another one. joint
6:00 pm
announcement today from the university of california and california state university systems comes as they prepare to welcome back students for in person learning this fall. good evening. i'm cristina rendon for julie, and i'm frank somerville this new vaccination mandate won't take effect immediately. and ktvu salik savages here now to explain why. alex. yeah it's a bit complicated. frank and kristina this announcement today by the two university systems is expected to affect an estimated one million students and staff members at 33 campuses across california, but it is not quite a done deal. just yet. officials say the formal mandate won't come until one or more of the vaccines gets full approval from the fda. right now, as you know the fizer and madonna vaccines are being given out under an emergency use authorization now. in a statement, the university of california said it already


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