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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 22, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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this is the four welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage information about that overnight, looting it several online katie's henry lee joins us live and henry officers in one city were able to prevent destruction there. but then these criminals just went elsewhere. heather it all started family, andrew were police ray able to stop looters from targeting a popular mall. now officers. also learned of a possible motive. looters converged on nokelainen, emeryville early thursday morning, apparently upset by police misconduct. a day after derek sheldon was convicted of murdering george floyd. large number of chatter that said to loot until justice is served on dweeb believe it has to do with law enforcement and the encounters that have happened nationwide. sam leandro police lieutenant ali khan, says a
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crime analyst monitoring social media learned about the initial target for the looters. it was specifically to pay for center, so the mall and both wal mart stores in the city decided to close early. sam leandro police warn bei fairmount and the city warned that it was considering a curfew. the strategy worked. the mall wasn't hit, but the would be looters decided on plan b. the chatter on social media moved from side leandro on began focusing on emeryville and oakland. the best buy story in oakland was targeted by a caravan of 25 cars just after midnight. several people try to break in, but could not, so they turned their sights on the gamestop store down the street and emeryville. they smashed out the glass forced the barrier doors open and looted the store of electron ix, just as emeryville police began to write. getting the looters took off, but police arrested an 18 year old man for burglary and conspiracy. there was looting reported throughout oakland, including at the hilty hardware store on 98th avenue in east oakland, where thieves cut through the roll up door. they left behind empty boxes of power tools. now oakland and
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emeryville. police are collecting surveillance video in hopes of identifying who was part of these robing caravans reporting live. henry lee ktvu, fox two news and, ray. thank you were following some developing news this afternoon. pleasant hill. police are looking for help in locating a 10 year old girl who's missing. i want to show you now. her picture emma was last seen near vesting road and gary road around 12 30 this afternoon. she is 49. new ways of £80. she was last seen wearing great camouflage jogger pants and a gray long sleeve shirt, the circumstances of her disappearance are still unclear. in minneapolis. funeral services were held today for dante. right, right was the 20 year old man who was shot and killed by a poli officer who claims she for a tad fan has more on how family friends and civil rights leaders all paid their respects. acts nor god that
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this would not just be a moment in time, but this would be a seed that we will see the ford nous of justice and emotional funeral for 20 rolled dante right in minneapolis just days after the city celebrated a guilty verdict in the death of george floyd. it is the right thing to do. it is the right thing to do to stand up for our children. it is the right thing to do to speak up for our children, family, friends and community. leaders gathered with shilo temple on thursday. just say their goodbyes. also in attendance. relatives of george floyd and other black men killed during police encounters, members of dante writes. family gave emotional remarks. when you walked in the room, you lit up the room. look, brother, a jokester. he was loved by so many he's gonna be so missed. reverend al sharpton delivered an impassioned eulogy. all the
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minneapolis is stopped the day jonathan prince of brooklyn center, right, was fatally shot april 11th and nearby brooklyn center, minnesota during a traffic stop the fatal shooting, reigniting calls for congress to act on police reform. when you change the law, you create a kind of building. if you have a new set of accountabilities people, behaviors, the officer who shot and killed dante ride has been charged with second degree manslaughter. she's currently out on bail in minneapolis. matt fit fox news back here in the bay area in the north bay officials in the town of windsor are now considering eliminating the position of elected mayor as the current mir faces sexual assault allegations. the town council last night discussed exploring a new town model that would remove the mayor's position before the november 2022 election. now, the plan would also divide windsor into five district's instead of four. the council was also considering giving itself more
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control over removing elected officials from office dominic ti refuses their demand to resign. the father of the man suspected of killing kristin smart has been released from jail aftere t to show you now new video of eight year old ruben flores. that's when he was released from the san luis obispo jail late last night after posting $50,000 bail. now he's charged with accessory after the fact for allegedly helping his son concealed smarts body paul flores is accused of killing smart when the two were college students in 1996 and is being held without bail. at a hearing yesterday, the father's lawyer said his client didn't pose a threat as a medical kit has a medical condition and is on a limited income and could not afford the. $250,000 the judge agreed and lowered it to $50,000. it is earth day and president biden along with the leaders of dozens of nations or
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using this occasion to come up with creative solutions to fight climate change. none of this, however, is, of course, ig to want to say fox is gillian turner has more now on the climate crisis from washington. president. binding kicked off the two day virtual summit on this earth day, unveiling ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions in the u. s by half and just nine years and even more in the decades ahead. these steps. set america on a path of net zero missions economy by no later than 2050. it's the driving force behind his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. but critics say that plan and it's higher taxes along with pressure now on banks to scale back fossil fuel financing could really stifle a national economy that is still dealing from the pandemic. take a listen to congressman andy barr. that's going to threaten jobs is going to threaten the u. s competitiveness. and bottom line is ng to
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seed competitiveness to china. there were plenty of ideas and a lot of proposals we can build back better from this pandemic by building back greener, but critics say countries are only held to the honor system. the hollow commitment these countries made back in 2015 curry, no serious means for enforcement activists now insists the time for talking is up. many scientists to say extremelyds and mudslides and blizzards are becoming more frequent duty human influence on the climate. the two day summit is putting us rivals like russia and china on the record as well. but on day one both were short on specifics and big on calls for cooperation in washington. gillian turner fox news. in san francisco. new climate change commitments are being made to celebrate earth day today. mayor london breed announced that san francisco is aiming to become carbon neutral by the year 2045. she made the
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announcement in front of chase center, which is one of san francisco's newest green businesses. the mayor also hopes to speed up the transition to 100% renewable electricity for all residential customers by the year by 2025. everyone gets every one of our customers get super green, but they don't pay anything extra. now. how significant is that? that is going to change the game for clean power in this city. as of 2019. san francisco's emissions have dropped to 41% below 1991 levels, which is six years ahead of the city's goal of reaching a 40% reduction by 2025. the bay area's rob bonta officially confirmed today as california's attorney general. coming up next here, his first order of business in his new
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it is a monumental day for east bay assemblyman rob bonta, the state legislature officially confirmed the progressive lawmak reporter greg lee spoke to bonta about the honor and the work ahead, greg heather. good afternoon, bonds had told hey, it's been a bit of a world wind as you can imagine, but told me he's excited to get to work, he told the state assembly. he is clear eyed about the challenges ahead. very excited, overwhelmed, really? but just deeply honored and thankful for the opportunity to serve the people of california thing the state legislature confirmed the east bay assemblyman rob bonta is california attorney general governor newsome nominated the progressive democrat and advocate for criminal justice. reform to finish harvey harvey service term. he's the first filipino american to serve his california's top cop, i say to the asian community. i see you. i value you. i know you're hurting and i am you and i will
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fight for you. i spoke to bonta shortly after his confirmation. he reiterated his first priority is holding police officers accountable for misconduct. this days after derek showman was found guilty of murdering george floyd, most law enforcement personnel do you want to build and maintain and foster and cultivate the trust that is needed? and accountability is very important to building that trust because there's no trust without accountability in the assembly bonta champion bill seeking to end cash bail and abolish the death penalty during his confirmation hearing, bonta faced questions from republican lawmakers about his support of gun laws and you being the tough law enforcement officer in the state of california. they're not. they're just gonna hurt or restrict la biting citizens. if you're going to save a life for you know, for a little more regulation, a little more registration, little more minutes administrative oversight. it's worth it. lawmakers ask bond to how he would differ from his predecessor. some question, but sarah's policies on police misconduct investigations and the state's backlog of seizing
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firearms from those no longer allowed to own them, boches said he'll carry out the law as a legislator. i've shared those concerns like reducing. opera headed person system less making sure that we remove guns from the hands of those that we know are not supposed to have that. bonta will be sworn in on friday. this current term ends in 2022 when he plans to run again for a full term reporting live. greg lee ktvu fox two news, heather, right, all right, greg. thank you. on capitol hill. today the senate passed a bill to combat the rising tide of violence and harassment against asian americans and pacific islanders. the covid-19 hate crimes act would expedite the justice department's review of hate crimes against the a p i community and it would seek to establish an online hate crime reporting system. the bill would also provide support for local law enforcement event investigating thousands of
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reported hate crimes in the past year. measure one overwhelming bipartisan approval with a 94 to 1 vote. it still does need to pass the house in order to reach president biden's desk. our special program, voices for change returns this sunday. ktvu is greg lee will be speaking with experts about the derrick show vin guilty verdict. and what this means for the future of public safety in this country, he'll be discussing police reform, systemic racism and what real change looks like sense of joy for justice. but there's also the feeling that this is just one case. this is just one tragedy. but there are so many others that deserve the same amount of justice aziz, george floyd and shopping. we. no, there is bias in the system we call criminal justice, and we know some of the ways to change that. why are we still having discussions about what we should do? for change
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airs right here on ktvu at 10 o'clock sunday morning, right after a special anniversary edition of fox news sunday. had a burial, whether some stubborn cloud cover today with today, of course, being earth day or 2021 with that we are talking about. of course, you want to do things to help the earth and healthy environment. so here's actually satellite images because spinning around closer to the west coast closer to california, and most of the stormy clouds remain offshore, but we're actually talking about some rain chances as we head into the weekend. here's a satellite right now. lots of fog hanging out toward our coastline and still some stuff. marin patches near the coast and right around the bay is you can't see up in the north bay and out toward the east bay closer to richmond and berkeley. solid overcast here over the bay bridge over san francisco, so not much in the way of sunshine for these neighborhoods this afternoon
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without the fog, carter and that is having a big impact on temperatures right now. it is only 52 degrees in san francisco. some sixties, though, in the sunshine out toward conquered in livermore and san jose, checking in 63 degrees, here's a live camera looking out toward sfo, where we do have the over. cast guys, so the cloud cover. it's already aroused. gonna ramp up in coverage once again overnight into your friday morning forecast models picking up on that idea first thing tomorrow morning and then we could have a few high clouds drifting throughout the afternoon hours. it is somewhat of a cool forecast coast side in the neighborhoods should be a little bit warmer than today. the warm spots will be approaching the seventies, so it's rather chilly, cool or miles. we're not talking about any heat in the forecast for tomorrow for your friday it is dry tomorrow. in fact, we're excited to talk about those rain chances and we do bring in the chance of some rain as we head into a sunday and we'll have the update coming up, all right, mark. thank you. and international math competition and a team from right here in
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the bay area is among the finalists coming up next. we're going to talk live with one of the math whizzes about the real world pandemic problem that he and
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gives damaged hair the strength it needs. even with repeated combing hair treated with dove shows 97% less breakage. strong hair with new dove breakage remedy. the finals in a prestigious international math competition, and they got there by tackling a problem that has faced so many people during the pandemic. ah lack of connectivity for more on this. we're joined by elliot chin, a senior at the nuwave, a school in san matteo. elliot wonderful to have you on here today. so the first two rounds in what is called the math works, math modeling challenge it's put on by the system. body of industrial and applied mathematics s o, you're headed to the finals here and essentially the challenge for you and the team was to defeat the digital divide. you tried to figure out a way to get more
4:21 pm
people internet access. what was the solution? you came up with. that's right. so the challenge of the math works math modeling challenge this year was about talking with the digital divide and specifically about assessing how internet prices. will evolve over the next decade, as well as looking at how different demographics used the internet on well, we found was that when you look at how internet prices will evolve as technology evolves and in the coming years. uhcities likee i'm at right now will experience the great growth in technology. um that will come with technological improvements but more rural areas without as much infrastructure politics your experience that same boom. at the same time, something that's very relevant right now with covid was everybody is going online, whether it be for work or for school for just hanging out with friends is that oftentimes internet right
4:22 pm
now it doesn't have the capacity to keep up for many households of which is why it's very important that we enact policy that allows for equitable distribution of internet. not just among those who can afford it and in industrialized areas, but in rural areas as well in areas without this much infrastructure and for people who may they're on their schools. maybe we are not ready yet to go back. its zaveri important that we still provide you net equitably to everybody. stressful yes, certainly. i made a sense of urgency. it seems like for you and your team to try to address this issue that you know so many of your fellow students across the country have have had to deal with here. it seems like a competition like this is really a reminder of how important mathematics are to solving real world issues here. models that you and your team used to come up with a solution to this problem. that's right. and i'd say it's a testament both to
4:23 pm
how important math modeling is in our increasingly complex world as well as writing, so the models were used. we used what's called monte carlo simulations. now montecarlo simulation is a simulation where you simulate some of that so in our case, the event was how internet prices will change over time. and then you simulated 1000 more times they with slightly change variables to get a sense at the whole range of what will happen on what this allows us to do is even if we can't predict exactly what will happen in the future, because we've simulated it so many times in so many different ways. it allows us to get a revenge in the perspective on what the different possibilities. for internet in the future. are s o. that's that's really a testament to the importance of math modeling because in our world where everything is so complex and unexpected on, i'm, which are increasingly important nowadays, there's all sorts of applications for math
4:24 pm
modeling to decode our our world because otherwise it's very hard to predict the trajectory of things like internet. or covid infections in the future, all right s a let's talk about what? what happens with the work that you and your your fellow high school students that have put in here on this competition. i mean, obviously you want to you want to win the competition, and there's a lot of scholarship money that zaun the line here, but is your hope also that the hard work that you've put in here? can be applied in a real way to try to address this problem down the road. yeah, i mean, it would be great if some of the work that we do, as well as the many other math works, many other teams competing in this math works complication did if it could be applied because the foreman of this competition is actually it's a 14 hour sprint during which we address the address the problem challenge and then we write a 20 page paper on it. so the depth of
4:25 pm
the research in the math modeling is not necessarily to a point where we could immediately apply it. but when you have so many talented high schoolers from across the nation w which are applicable to the real world, and with just perhaps a little bit more work. they could definitely be applied to increase internet equity on bandwidth for the future. all right, so you've made it past the first two rounds. you and your team have here. one final hurdle to clear and that comes this monday. i understand when a panel of professional mathematicians. they're going to review all of your work and then ultimately make a decision on who the champion is in this competition, and there is quite a bit of scholarship money on the line. you feeling about this? what one of the models say about your likelihood of winning. well we're feeling pretty great to be honest, we
4:26 pm
think one it was just a great experience, no matter how it how it goes in the files. getting together and beinghat wo the real world was just we had a really fantastic time doing, you is the fact that we think our model is very unique and how it models internet prices in the future, as well as one of the other questions, which was distributing a cell towers over a certain geography. we think that we have we have created a model that does does a really great job of that. and between the time when we competed in the first round in this upcoming round on monday, we've also been able to refine our model a little bit. tackle a few of its weaknesses and make it even more accurate tour. we're excited to present on monday. so what i hear is you got a good shot at taking this thing. i'm wishing wishing you and your team the best of luck come monday. really appreciate you coming on to talk about the work you've been doing, elliot change a senior with a new way of a ol in san matteo elliot.
4:27 pm
thank you so much. appreciate it. thanks for having me. all right, okay. smart kid with amazing ideas, all right, we'll still had an effort to get younger people vaccinated, the incentives being rolled out. just stop the spread of the virus. and it's more people here in the bay area head back to work. will they choose to hop on bart up next? we'll talk with the bard official about how the agency is planning to get riders to return. chevy is america's fastest-growing full-line brand. and people are taking it everywhere. taking trailblazer outdoors. confidently taking on new places with equinox. and taking on more with silverado. whatever you do, there's a perfect chevy to take you anywhere. find your perfect chevy and get up to 17% of msrp
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. states will now the focus is shifting on young people as fox's david lee miller explains. this comes as a new covid-19 surge is accelerating in several states about 135 million americans have gotten at least one covid vaccine dose, and the program is still expanding. we hit our 200 million shot this week and 80% of seniors, teachers and health care workers are at least partially vaccinated. now the focus turns to young people thought to be the main drivers of a new spike in cases in many areas. health care officials are winding down operations at big vaccination sites in favor of more targeted outreach. we are going to potentially downsized them because while we're trying to shift towards is vaccines in the community that we're also doing at home, it vaccinations. they were offp motivate the public, including special vaccine only sections of some major league ballparks. the los angeles dodgers are
4:31 pm
introducing the program at their home game this weekend and vaccinated fans say they're looking forward to enjoying the game. without social distancing. they want to get everybody vaccinated. you know, they want to get back to real opening everything you know, and we basically just want to get back to normal. but there are still concerns about supply. the johnson and johnson vaccine remains on hold in the u. s as investigators look into a series of rare blood clots but oversees the vaccine is being rolled out quickly after european regulators. gave the green light. it should not have a major impact on the vaccine pushed. they are relatively easy vaccines to use, and for that reason they will be used worldwide cdc advisory committee is scheduled to meet on friday for a vote on the johnson and johnson vaccine in new york. david lee miller, ktvu fox two news now, according to the now has the lot rate 30 cases per 100,000
4:32 pm
people. now the state is averaging about 2000 new cases each day test positivity is down to 1.5% and hospitalizations or down to just over 2100 people. hawaii is the only state with a lower in fact. back now to that developing news that we told you about at the top of the newscast. pleasant hill police now searching for a 10 year old girl who's been missing. emma was last seen near vesting road and gary road around 12 30 this afternoon and as we take a live picture of that neighborhood here, this is where we're being told that police are searching for the little girl. she is four ft nine and weighs £80. she was last seen wearing great camouflage jogger pants had a great long sleep shirt. again. we're being told that police in pleasant hill searching an area for a little girl 10 years old. her name is emma, who has now been reported missing. as we take a look at these live pictures. you can see a few
4:33 pm
police vehicles in this neighborhood again where this little girl has been reported missing. will continue to stay on top of this story and bring you any developments as they become available. well, bart passengers are slowly returning to the system, but ridership is still down more than eight. the 5% from where it was before the pandemic. today bart's board met to discuss the financial future of the transit agency with a focus on safety and ramping up service for more. we're joined now by bart board member janice li jen. it's good to have you on today. appreciate your time. obviously an important meeting held today, but you know you, you obviously understand. they're they're still our ah lot of people who might be hesitant about about using bart once again. even folks who used to regularly in the past. so what is the agency doing to try to convince people to use the system? once again? it convinced them that it's safe to ride. absolutely thank you
4:34 pm
so much for having me here today s o at today's bart board meeting. we had an update around our budget as we get ready to pass our next year's budget. numbers in the rough, you know, we were just presented with numbers that show that starting fiscal year 2020 and over that, you know these three years we're coming to a one billion under revenue loss based on pre covid numbers, so the last was really huge, but we know that our writers want to come back. i hear so much from so many people how much they miss bart and how is part of people's normal routine? and we know that we need to bring our writers back ? we have been doing a really great job. our frontline workers have been doing such a great job in the future. our system is safe for writers return. we're running really good, high quality service so that there's not room for people socially distance. and the numbers, you know, come to bear. right? we've we've had zero covid does and only about 150 positive cases amongst our employees, and we're using the
4:35 pm
best the you know the top level science to make sure our system is safer. you are writers are employees and the general public. all right, so as we slowly emerged from the pandemic, you know, i understand that bart is going to want to look to increase service put potentially by by later on this year in the fall, you want to get some more trains back out there. what are some of the options for increasing service that the board is considering? yeah. great question. so at our last bark word beating, we received a presentation about future service scenarios. the great news is levels of service where we're coming upon almost 100% service restoration. will you be back to our 15 minute headways? that pete commute time. we're gonna be running more transferring the weekends s o. whether you're you know, going back to work a couple days a week or you're trying to catch his game. bart is going
4:36 pm
to be there for you. and we want you back and we've got great service for you. all right. you know you you just talked about bart's budget, and despite that, that steep drop in ridership that obviously you experienced during the pandemic, you've been able to balance the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. thanks of course, in large part to the stimulus funds from from the federal government that have come down, but but what happens if not enough, bart riders returned to using the system and you don't get that that revenue from those writers. yeah. so you know, even up until now, bart has been been doing a lot to really be thoughtful about taxpayer dollars, right? like we are public. good we're public service, where public transit agency. so we've been really aggressive our cost cutting measures. we had a hiring freeze rightd less fall,a retirement incentive program. this is allowing bar to save millions of dollars in expenses without having to push for any layoffs. on dis is important so
4:37 pm
that we can run service to bring a writer's back s o were really, you know, betting big that running good service and running. more training is going to bring our riders back. um and we know that we are being boosted by a lot of federal dollars. they're coming in to allow us to balance our budget. we obviously have to make really tough choices ahead if we're not able to bring back that ridership, but i know that people are getting vaccinated. we just heard those numbers. we know that people are eager to spend time and go to ball games and go events to spend time with her family and their friends. on. we want bart to be there for you on. we want you to come back to ride. well, yeah, it certainly you're seeing a lot more traffic on the freeway so that you know that's one way that folks folks decide. maybe they want to get on get on bart instead to get where they need to go. finally here before i let you go. i know that bart had a fare hike scheduled to take effect does have a fare hike that's scheduled to take effect in january of next year in 2022.
4:38 pm
what's the likelihood that that is going to get pushed back? yes o. r is already playing on postponing any kind of fare hike. um these fair high expectations that we've already decided as part of an inflation based fare increases but recognizing the situation, you know the fact that folks are really trying to save every dollar they can. we know that transportation costs are part of that. we want to be very writer centered art, and so we're looking at postponing that fare hike on dwyer. also looking at, you know, doing some promotional discounts, another things to really bring our writers back. and you know, on the bar chord. that's something that i absolutely and pushing for, because we want you to come back to bar and we know we have to incentivize that. yeah absolutely have to entice folks to come back, but certainly it's a great way to get around the bay area really appreciate you coming on and having the conversation that's bart board member janice lee. thanks for doing it. thank you so much. sonoma. these and
4:39 pm
other pollinators are in trouble. a look at the declining populations in ways that you can help this dwindling resource. it's all coming up, but are giving day drive on this earth day, and bury whether we will be tracking another round of fog tonight. it's um mild temperatures cooled a mild temperatures in your friday forecast, but the weekend finally, some rain. we'll have more on those rain chances coming up.
4:40 pm
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at the home depot. how doers get more done. at the home depot. we're highlighting an organization that helps to protect the environment. joining us now is kelly roark, director of programs and operations at san francisco based pollinator partnership. thank you so much kelly for being here so first all share what your organization's
4:42 pm
mission is. yes thanks for having me so pollinator partnerships mission is to promote the health of pollinators who are critical to food and ecosystems. and we do this through conservation, education and research. talk a little bit about who you work with. i mean, are you going after farmers or you going after you know the backyard gardeners? who were you trying to reach? we're trying to reach everyone. so we're a science based organization and we worked to influence policy and best management practices, primarily for land use and agriculture. definitely but we also worked with lots of scientists. you work with, you know, backyard beekeepers, home gardeners, really? anyone that has the chance to impact landscapes positively for pollinators. we want to interact with them. we've done a lot of stories kelly recently about the dwindling populations of pollinators explained a little bit about what we're seeing what it comes to. for
4:43 pm
example bees. yes so unfortunately, there's a lot of assaults on and threats against pollinators right now, bees and other pollinators the bird bats. butterflies uh, even flies that bring us one out of every three bites of food we eat and what we're seeing are their populations and the rangers are declining, and this is primarily due to diseases, parasites, nutritional stress or loss of habitat, pesticide misuse and definitely climate changes. well, so we're seeing honeybee colonies that are declining and health. we're seeing severe declines in bumble bee species, and more recently, that's getting a lot of attention are the decline of the western monarch population as well? yes so, kelly, what do we do to reverse this trend? so the easiest thing that. people can do really anyone can do is to plant habitat. so whether you have a garden of your own, or you work in a community
4:44 pm
garden or even have just a small window box, you know, in your apartment building, you can plant flowers that are rich and pollen and nectar that will support different pollinator species. you can also support local farmers and beekeepers on drily doing anything to reduce your carbon footprint like biking to work things that will come back climate change, that's all gonna help pollinators. and definitely supporting conservation organizations like pollinate our partnership. our websites pollinator got or we have tons of free resource is in ways that you can get involved as well. yes oh, for folks who might be looking tol their home garden. what are some things that they they could do that they should consider, so definitely i would encourage people to go to our website pollinated or we actually have planting guides where you can put in your zip code. and then you. you directed that's specific to
4:45 pm
you can go there get tons of resource is, you know anything that vibrant, you know, colorful. you want diversity? you want species that will bloom throughout the season as well. system plants that are gonna bloom in the spring and then in the late fall, that's all going to be really great for pollinators. alright, we're kelly. really? issue coming on this afternoon and bringing us making us a little more aware of the situation, and hopefully some folks will head to your website, especially if they are planning to like i said, spruce up their home gardens. thanks again. kelly really appreciate it and a reminder for you folks at home. if you would like to participate in this week's giving day drive again specifically on this earth day to support pollinator partnership. i just had to our website it ktvu .com slash giving day. we'll bury a weather as we head into the weekend. we're actually track. it's a real rain chances here, especially right now we're
4:46 pm
targeting sunday morning. we could be tracking two pretty good, steady downpours out there. at least for today. we have ah, cool the mild day. the neighbors, the kids were having a lot of fun. the next door the trampoline, so that's some of the noise. you're hearing right now. but if we can to show you this, the forecast model this is sunday. we're showing you some green on the barrier radar, the future radar and also some snow in the sierra. so they this is a nice welcome change as we head into sunday. here you can see the forecast model. we're not just talking about a few sprinkles here. we're talking about some pretty good downpours, especially up in the north bay. so up in the north bay. we could be talking about amounts, maybe for the coastal hills approaching one inch. here's a satellite, the low clouds and fog hanging out near the immediate coastline and also right around the bay. in fact, that's the key difference today, some stubborn, overcast having a huge impact on temperatures keeping san francisco barely keeping oakland, berkeley, richmond chili, as well as he backed out the maps right now is 66
4:47 pm
fairfield. we have san jose 63, oakland, 56 in san francisco in the lower fifties. here is our live camera, looking out toward sfo with mostly cloudy skies and this camera scene, so we will definitely thinking up the clouds overnight into into europe friday morning. and temperatures to start out the day. tomorrow will be the forties too, right around 50 degrees, so here's the setup, the forecast model showing you some of the clouds and then the difference. we could actually have a few high clouds approaching by the afternoon hours, and that's actually high cloud cover that could be linked up with the next system that will deliver some rain to the bay area. in fact, you could see that weekend system is getting its act together in the pacific as we coming closer. we still have a pretty good onshore breeze tomorrow. some morning fog, partly sunny skies with the marine. layer a little bit thin, a little kind of the decrease the overall depth of that marine layer. we could actually have slightly warmer temperatures in your friday forecast, but definitely cooler temperatures this weekend saturday clouds and then rainfall increasing on sunday
4:48 pm
for tomorrow temperatures. lots of cloud cover sky's becoming partly sunny. the warm spot will be in the lower seventies out toward fairfield in antioch, oakland, 60 san francisco 58 degrees and finally, we're talking about the rain cloud here. it's been quite some time. increasing clouds on saturday. there's that rain cloud on sunday. there is a slight chance of his shower early monday morning, but basically it's a one day deal, especially sunday morning, and that looks like we'll have a bit of a warming trend into next week, so not not the system that's going to end the drought. anything like that. but i just like to say, i guess it's better to have the rain than to not have the rain and that it looks like we have a comeba with that system as we head into sunday, all right, it's gonna care to see it, mark. thank you. new information on the mass shooting at a colorado supermarket. the new charges filed against the suspected gunman and the new revelations about the weapon he's accused of using also, an suv flies off the southern california road
4:49 pm
and plunges onto the beach below. now, taking a look at this video. it's hard to believe that anyone would have survived, but they did thanks to a retired navy seal who just happened to be driving by also a south bay mass transit. just impact while the vt. eight tries to find out who's responsible. it's also working to make sure that riders are not affected. we'll have these stories in a lot more all stories in a lot more all coming up next at fine. if you have... ...moderate to severe psoriasis, ... ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. ...can become your big moment. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. it may cause severe diarrhea,... ...nausea or vomiting. depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and...
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...headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. it was when she started forgetting things. i didn't know how much mom was struggling. when i pictured us growing old together. i didn't envision this. i did think of it, but i also thought of her happiness, and i would never put my mom into a facility. i love caring for him. we've been together for so many years, he's my best friend. but i can't do it alone anymore. if he's at home, getting the best care... mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. thekey would be the perfect solution. they'd play her favorite music, and walk everyday, safely! his days will be filled with joyful moments. she'd have her dignity and
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i wouldn't have to do myself. found in the balance park area tuesday afternoon. police say a bicyclist reported seeing what could have been a body and when officers arrived, they found the remains in the soft mud and basement near a small creek. police say the body is too decomposed to identify and so far there are no signs of criminal activity. but officers say this is an active investigation as they still don't know how that victim died. dozens of new criminal
4:52 pm
charges have now been filed against the man accused in the mass shooting at a colorado supermarket last month that left 10 people dead, including a police officer. ah mod elissa now faces 54 counts, which include the original 11th degree murder charges. prosecutors filed an amended complaint this week with new charges, including additional counts of attempted murder and 10 counts of using a prohibited large capacity magazine while committing a crime. prosecutors say elissa armed himself with 10, high capacity ammunition magazines, those devices were banned in colorado in 2013, following the mass shootings at a movie theater near denver and at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. a bill to make washington d. c. the 51st state passed the house today. the house voted along party lines to transition most of d c into a state it would be called washington douglas commonwealth named. after abolitionist frederick douglass. democrats
4:53 pm
say this would give dc's more than 700,000 residents of voice by giving them one house member and two senators. but republicans think this is a power move. president biden supports the measure. the bill is headed to the senate, where it is expected to stall. another reason to cut meat out of your diet up next to look at how you can help to save
4:54 pm
this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense. welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity leaving those old policies turns into the scent of home. where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits.
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. demands far less atmospheric pollution, but farm animals worldwide generate a huge amount of earth warming greenhouse gasses now is ktvu tom vacar reports. technology is changing the future of meat and its impact on the environment. make no mistake the over overwhelming majority
4:56 pm
of humans eat meat. they like its texture, appearance, fat aroma and most of all its taste, but you and scientists calculate that livestock accounts for about 15% of annual human caused greenhouse gas emissions. two thirds of that. coming from producing meat and milk, livestock produce methane a greenhouse gas 30 times more capable of trapping atmospheric heat than ceo to the main greenhouse gas 45% of the non frozen land mass is actually used to raise those cattle biochemist john york is the chief scientist. at redwood city, oakland based impossible foods, arguably the world leader in plant based meatless meat production. we use science and our understanding of the processes. of why humans like me and then use everything from plants to reconstruct the chemistry and using science to
4:57 pm
make a. product that tastes just like me. the magic comes from him a molecule that's in almost all plants and animals. heem has iron in it and helps plant material take on the look. feel and flavor of meat, especially hamburger. it mimics the chemistry of what happens when you cook a piece of meat. how is this good for humanity's home planet? on essentially the same acreage currently needed to raise cattle. it's 87% less water, and it's 89% last greenhouse gas emissions, which is absolutely staggering. already burger king carl's junior white castle, taco bell del taco, starbucks and subway offer plant based meaon their menus. point meat contains no cholesterol, no animal hormones or antibiotics. consumers will decide besides the environmental and personal health issues many folks pick plant based meets on a moral basis to reduce the slaughter
4:58 pm
of animals for food. the animal place has a to farm animal sanctuary in vacaville and grass valley in the united states alone. we kill 10 billion land animals for people to eat. that's every single year, and it has a huge and negative impact on our environment as we know and impossible foods has lots of competition. the plant based food association has gone from 22 member companies five years ago to 157 today. pointing to a rapidly changing future of meat, just like the real beef impossible foods test that we did on the barbecue. we at burg, given the wide range of burger flavors. the difference is essentially imperceptible. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now plans to loot east
4:59 pm
bay shopping centers target. but hours later, dozens of people and cars hit stores in emeryville and oakland. good evening. i'm cristina rendon in tonight for julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville police learned about that organized effort to loot the stores online officers in san leandro were able to protect the stores there. so as. kristina just said the thieves went to oakland in emeryville instead. ktvu is henry lee is here now. and henry, we're talking about a caravan of what 25 cars taking part in all of this. yeah frankie's were roving caravans all across the east to stop looters from targeting a popular mall. but then. they went elsewhere, looters converged on oakland in emeryville early thursday morning, apparently upset by police misconduct a day after derek children was convicted of murdering george floyd. there's a large number of chatter that said to loot until justice is served. on dweeb believe it has
5:00 pm
to do with law enforcement and the encounters that have happened nationwide family, andhra police lieutenant ali khan says a crime analyst monitoring social media learned about the initial target for the looters. it was specifically to pay for center, so the mall and both wal mart stores in the city decided to close early. san leandro police sworn bay fair mall and the city warned that it was considering a curfew. the strategy worked. the mall wasn't hit, but the would be looters decided on plan b the chatter on social. media moved from side leandro on began focusing on emeryville and oakland. the best buy story in oakland was targeted by a caravan of 25 cars just after midnight. several people try to break in, but could not, so they turned their sights on the gamestop store down the street and emeryville. they smashed out the glass forced the barrier doors open and looted the store of electron ix, just as emeryville police began arriving. the police arrested an 18 year old man for burglary and conspiracy. there was looting report.


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