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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 22, 2021 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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minnesota during a traffic stop and the calls for justice nationwide plus a growing memorial and alameda as dozens paid tribute to a man who died in police custody. the demand from the family for police body cameras, video to be released and california now has one of the lowest rates of new covid-19 cases in the country will have the latest on the vaccination efforts as the united states hits a major milestone. the news the news starts now. i this'll is ktvu fox two news at new and good afternoon, everyone. i mike mibach i'm gasia mikaelian a new motion all funeral services underway in minneapolis for dante, right? nearly two weeks after he was shot and killed by brooklyn center, police. oh on. oh freedom over me. on and
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hundreds of peopleave joined rights family at th us senator y klobuchar and congresswoman ilhan omar, a police officer who says she mistook her firearm for a taser shot dante right during a traffic stop. the reverend al sharpton is delivering the eulogy he describes 20 year old right, father of one as a young man just at the beginning of life and full of life rights. mother says her son was a proud father. so a that that junior brought to dante's life was truly amazing. he was so happy and so proud, and he always said he couldn't wait to make his son proud. the officer who shot dante right? kim potter is charged with second degree manslaughter. both she and the brooklyn center police chief resigned soon after the shooting new questions this afternoon being raised about how a 26 year old man died in
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the custody of alameda police mario gonzales died monday following what police described as a scuffle with officers. ktvu is elissa harrington. as the story at a candlelight vigil in alameda family members of mario gonzalez demanded answers about how the 26 year old died while in police custody. no no medical problems. 26 year old man, healthy man. how the #### do you die? but he's not an 80 year old man with medical issues. gonzales died monday. alameda police officers were called to the 800 block of oak street for a possible theft with a suspect who appeared to be under the influence. that's where they found gonzales and attempted to arrest him. alameda police say the 26 year old suffered a medical emergency in a press release. this is how investigators described that incident. there was a scuffle as officers attempted to place gonzalez his hands behind his back. officers did not use any weapons a broom in and alameda looks suspicious. fema deal's
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did family members taken solace leaves behind a young son and was a caretaker for his brother who has autism. they're calling for the immediate release of body cam video and for the names of the officers involved in the incident to be made public. the coroner's office has not released the cause of death, experts say the autopsy report will be crucial in filling in the gaps, everyone enforcement officer in the country's trains in proper arrested control. procedures or handcuffing. and so that that's what you have to kind of look at you is how it was done. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. he's paid. democratic assemblyman rob bonta has been confirmed as california's new attorney, general, bata is taking the place of javier becerra, who is now the u. s health and human services secretary, his confirmation by the state legislature comes just one day after he promised to hold police accountable for misconduct. bonta says his
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first priority will beequiring the state's top law enforcement become the first filipino american to serve as the state's top cop when he takes the oath of office tomorrow, according to the cdc. california now has the lowest rate of new covid-19 infections. at 40 cases per 100,000, the lowest in the continental united states. our state is averaging about 2000 new cases per day test positivity is down to 1.5% hospitalizations air down to just over 2100 people. hawaii is the only other state with a lower infection rate. president biden announced that his administration has achieved its target of vaccinating 200 mill of giving 200 million covid vaccinations. before his 1st 100 days in office end. it's happened a week ahead of his deadline, and it's double the president's initial goal off 100 million vaccinations in his 1st 100 days. yesterday.
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president biden also announced the availability of tax credits to employers who give their workers paid leave to get a vaccine. i'm calling on every employer, large and small and every state to give employees that time off, they need with pay to get vaccinated and anytime they need with pay to recover if they're feeling under the weather after the shot. according to the cdc. half of american adults have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. nearly 33% are fully vaccinated. san francisco board of supervisors committee is holding a hearing on the city's covid-19 vaccination efforts. this hearing comes days after the expanded eligibility for vaccines to everyone. 16 years old and up. the syrian is a follow up to a january hearing, also on san francisco's vaccination distribution and really strategies for mass vaccination, the city says it's on track to vaccinate ever
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three eligible person in the city who wants a shot by the end of june, and we've really built this system and we continue to build it where we're seeing gaps. but as long as the supply continues, and there is not any major other issues that come up with the vaccine, i think we will have the ability to say by you know the end of june. 16 has reached a place where everybody who wants it should have been able to get our being offered one, according to recent data about 31% of people, 18 and older and 61% of people 65 older in san francisco, have been fully vaccinated. the number of americans filing for unemployment claims dropped again last week to the lowest point since the start of the pandemic. the labor department says there were 547,000 claims, which is down 39,000 from the week before, but. right here in california claims actually slightly rose last week. at least 72,000 claims were filed in the state up about 3000 from the week before. today. his
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earth day the white house is hosting a virtual earth day summit with world leaders to discuss ways to fight climate change. let's bring in ktvu allie rasmus as you're following developments today, including some of the new climate goals just outlined by president biden in a speech earlier today, president biden said that climate change is the existential crisis of our time, and he spoke before the start of a climate summit hosted by the white house. welcoming well world leaders to talk about the issue. yeah. this is the decisive decade. this is the decade we must make decisions that will avoid the worst consequences of a climate crisis. leaders from around the world from china, russia, india, germany, canada, mexico and brazil have been invited by the white house to discuss thats they're willing to take to stop it. president biden says the u. s will half from their 2005 levels over the nextgreenhouse gas emie
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year 2050.n of electric vehicles. electrician's installing nationwide for 500,000 charging stations along our highways. the president also announced the creation of a climate finance plan to help less developed nations investing clean tech, the vulnerable countries. the people who just don't have the fight, and so the technology or the ability to do this. so far today's summit. both russia and china have agreed to cap greenhouse gas emissions trying to will clean it share, but it will do so for its own reasons. that regime is definitely afraid of its own people who are demanding clean air after taking office in january, president biden had the u. s rejoined the paris climate accord. i move applauded by allies. i'm delighted to see that the united states is back is back to work together with us in climate politics because that can be no doubt about the world needing your contribution if we really wan and this
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week's virtual summit comes a few months before a larger u. n climate summit that's said to happen in scotland in november, and at that point, the u. s and other world leaders will give some updates on their progress, reaching those climate goals and outlined future goals and plans for the years ahead. reporting live. allie rasmus ktvu, fox two news. alley thank you promises being made here at home, as well as in san francisco. new climate change commitments are being made to celebrate this earth day. just a short time ago. mayor london breed announced that san francisco was aiming to become carbon neutral by the year 2045. you made this announcement in front of chase center, which is one of san francisco's newest green businesses. the mayor said she also hoped to speed up the transition to 100% renewable electricity for all residential customers by the year. 2025 by 2025. everyone gets every one of our customers get super green, but they don't pay anything extra. now. how significant is that? that isingr
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clean power. our future tome or sustainable, environmentally friendly city that sets an example for other places to follow. as of 2019. san francisco's emissions have dropped to 41% below 1991 levels that six years ahead of the city's goal of reaching a 40% reduction by 2025 still become his new time preparing for a long and dangerous wildfire season. the big investment some counties are making in an effort to prepare residents plus the california department of public health is now releasing new guidelines for theme parks and other entertainment venues. why those activities are now expanding to people from out of state, and it was an overcast start for many. posed to the bay in coast, including those working out at the marine mammal center. look at that light picture right there. in fact, mark tamayo.
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our meteorologist is on the road this thursday. he's going to join us live from right there at the marine mammal center, but that full forecast center, but that full forecast coming up ♪ ♪ proof of less joint pain and cleaarthritis... ...with humira. humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage and clear skin in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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if you can't afford your medicine, fire season extremely treacherous. ktvu cristina rendon shows us how napa county is making a big investment in fire preparedness
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to help people living in danger zones. preparing for fire season in april. absolutely gets a monumental project and tasked to make us all safer here in circle logs, the danger always top of mind in the circle looks, community of rural napa county. roughly 200 homes sit behind atlas peak surrounded by overgrown vegetation. wildfires prompted evacuations in 2017, and during last year's ellen, you complex fire. i've been here for four years didn't know what i was getting you. too when i first moved out here, i don't think anything prepares you ever for the possibility that your home may burn completely down, crews are removing hazardous brush around the subdivision. we're leaving the bulk of the mature trees and we're taking all the fuels out around them, so it makes the fire behavior less intense work is thanks to a $6.4 million investment approved by napa county officials to help the napa fire
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wise program in the county fire department. it's a start of a five year for $32 million vegetation management plan for the entire county. this is a great investment in our community and our residences who've had to face fired director repeatedly. neighboring sonoma county is adding six fire spotting cameras to its arsenal department also working on evacuation drills and fire prone areas and sending evac packs to residents, whether it's creating defensible space or having a go bag ready, officials say. start the work now, you know wildfire becomes a continuous preparation mentality in that he always have to have things packed the time to prepare for fire season is before fire season gets here, cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news all right time now to check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. he's joining us live on this thursday afternoon from the marine mammal center out there in the marin headlands and son doesn't often pop out there. mark i can tell another overcast day out in fort cronkite. yeah, that's
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right. my cool cloudy even address a lot of action behind me. as you can see here. this is the busy time at the marine mammal center. we are here for earth day and what you're looking at right here. we actually have some elephant seal pups that are in the center. this is in fact have about 100 of them that that are being treated right now and hopefully they'll get a lot of food in them and get healthy and actually go back out to the to the ocean out to the pacific in the future, but as you mentioned it is a cool cloudy day. ross, a good portion of the bay area and looks like it feels like it's june or july. now what about rain? we have been awaiting for the rainfall and as you can see, if the graphics here we have to wait a little bit longer, but this is our sunday deal. we're actually tracking a system. i'm steady rainfall for the second half of the weekend and maurad see those numbers adding up into sunday. most areas as you can see over 1/10 of an inch, maybe over a half an inch could be approaching three quarters of b.
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but we're just trying to kind of highlight this weekend. we are tracking the rain, and it could be a pretty good event, not an extreme storm, but still some some moderate to possibly heavy downpours into sunday. right now, though, the fog is winning out. you could see the local clouds and fog right near the immediate coastline out toward pacifica out toward half moon bay, san francisco and even out towards portions of the east bay, berkeley, richmond. we have some stubborn, overcast and the north bay so not a lot of sunshine for napa or santa rosa right now, some stubborn overcast out there, and that is also having a big impact on temperature of santa rosa right now, 51 napa 53 degrees where it's sunny. we have some more sixties out toward conquered and fairfield san jose 62 san francisco 50 look at half they only in the upper forties for this afternoon. we'll kind of have the low cloud cover. stick around partly sunny skies well, inland, we'll keep those temperatures chili for san francisco holding the fifties santa rosa 61 in san jose in
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the upper sixties. here's look ahead, your five day forecast and fog to start out your friday morning. minimal change, but the weekend will usher in those changes. increasing clouds on saturday and then we are tracking that rain cloud into sunday with the chance of a shower into monday. little up. wait here while these come back live these elephant seals that are being treated good news. they're actually four that were released this morning and heading back out to sea. so that is a nice development for earth day in our next weather segment will be talking to the medical director to learn more ab the health of this wildlife and also the health of our ocean will have that with your full forecast in a little bit. look forward to it. they do great work out there. right mark alcs soon still to come this moon time, bart ridership numbers still taking a huge hit, but the transit agency is preparing for more passengers as companies start to bring employees back to the office up next, the plans being discussed
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ is, it welcomes back more writers and continues to struggle, though during the pandemic recovery, one option discussed it. the bart board directors meeting this morning was delaine planned fare increase. now this would be pushed to july of next year. bart is also considering adding 26 trains to its weekday service running trains, every 15 minutes and extending service until midnight, as opposed to the current nine. p.m.e itself. we need to do
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everything we can to incentivize those writers, but t you back and this is what's going to keep the region moving. i think what art can do that other transit agencies will also benefit. what other latest ridership numbers well, ridership on bart was just under 59,000 people yesterday. that's 86% below pre pandemic daily ridership numbers. san francisco's mew knee has approved some new hiv lanes on city streets that double the state highways starting a soon as next month. elaine's will be marked on part of highway one right where across his golden gate park and lombard street between line and van ness. goal is to help busses and taxis get through traffic, faster. personal vehicles with two or more people could also use the age of the lanes. according to the chronicle. these lanes would be enforced on weekdays from five a.m. to eight. p.m. environmental health experts say that a cooler, safer world depends demands far less atmospheric pollution, but farm
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animals worldwide contribute a huge amount of earth warming greenhouse gasses now is ktvu rouz tom vacar reports. the technology we have is changing the future of meat and its impact on the environment.. the, appearance, fat aroma and most of all its taste, but you and scientists calculate that livestock accounts for about 15% of annual human caused greenhouse gas emissions. two thirds of that. coming from producing meat and milk, livestock produce methane a greenhouse gas 30 times more capable of trapping atmospheric heat than ceo to the main greenhouse gas 45% of the non frozen land mass is actually used to raise those cattle biochemist john york is the chief scientist. at redwood city, oakland based impossible leader in plant based meatless
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meat production. we use science and our understanding of the processes. of why humans like me and then use everything from plants to reconstruct the chemistry and using science to make a. product that tastes just like me. the magic comes from him a molecule that's in almost all plants and animals. heem has iron in it and helps plant material take on the look. feel and flavor of meat, especially hamburger. it mimics the chemistry of what happens when you cook a piece of meat. how is this good for humanity's home planet? on essentially the same acreage currently needed to raise cattle. it's 87% last greenhouse gas emissions, which is absolutely staggering. already burger king carl's junior white castle, taco bell del taco, starbucks and subway
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offer plant based meat on their menus. plant meat contains no cholesterol, no animal hormones or antibiotics. consumers will decide besides the environmental and personal health issues. many folks pick plant based meets on a moral basis to reduce the slaughter of animals for food. the animal place has a to farm animal sanctuary in vacaville and grass valley. united states alone we kill 10 billion land animals for people to eat. that's every single year, and it has a huge and negative impact on our environment as we know, and impossible foods has lots of competition, the plant based food association has gone from 22 member companies five years ago to 157 today. pointing to a rapidly changing future of meat, just like the real beef impossible foods test that we did on the barbecue. we found the same thing at burger king, given the wide range of
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burger flavors. the difference is essentially imperceptible. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. winning mega million's ticket worth $1.8 million was sold in the city of san francisco. this ticket was purchased at the richmond new may mob supermarket on clemente in the city's richmond district and match the first five numbers and tuesday nights. mega millions drawing but did not have that mega number. the winning numbers in case you're looking for him, 6 23 43 49 52. the mega number was five. there were no jackpot winners in the drawing, meaning the mega millions jackpot for friday's drawing is now worth and estimated 277 million, still becoming new. several electronic stores targeted by looters overnight. the investigation now under way in oakland, and then reveal plus the u. s reaches a vaccination milestone, but covid-19 continues to spread. i'm dav
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its highly active peroxide droplets swipe on in seconds. better. faster. 100% whiter teeth. coronavirus vaccines administered. there is concern that it doesn't seem to be having much of an effect on case numbers. david lee miller has the story from new york city. 200 million shots. it's a
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major milestone that came earlier than expected. more than three million americans are getting a covid vaccine every day, but there's almost no change in the rapid spread of the virus. they were almost 65,000 new cases reported wednesday, though deaths, a lagging indicator are down to about 700 per day, president biden says all at also now eligible for the vaccine, and he wants younger americans to start stepping up. now is the time for everyone over 16 years of age to get vaccinated. too many younger americans may still think they don't need to get vaccinated as access expands, states are finding new ways to make it easier for folks to get vaccinated here in new york. all senior citizens can now get their shots at state run vaccination sites without an appointment. you don't have to go on the internet. you don't have to make a phone call. you don't have to do anything, just show up at the vaccination side. if you're 60 plus you a vaccine sp. we're also getting new incentives this weekend, the los angeles dodgers will become the latest team to introduce a
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fully vaccinated section at their home games. by the my star called a verification out for us fans will need to show proof of vaccination, but mostly it's a small price to pay to avoid social distancing rules. it's encouraging people to get vaccinated, right. like if you wanna have fun in the city. you gotta go get vaccinated baseball stadiums in los angeles. and here in new york, are currently operating at 20% capacity in new york. david lee miller, ktvu fox two news, california health officials have revised state guidelines to allow people from out of state to come into california for activities and events as long as they're fully vaccinated. now, those activities could include theme parks. sea world in san diego has already changed its rules to allow for out of state visitors. but disneyland says for now, it is only allowing california residents to buy tickets to the park. over all, the state is still discouraging people to travel here. it was a unanimous vote by the fremont
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unified school district to bring students back to the classroom for the next academic year. school board says that families will still have an option to continue distance learning in the fall. this comes after the district and teachers union failed to reach an agreement for teachers to return this semester. some parents have threatened to file a lawsuit against fremont school district if officials don't begin in person instruction by next week across the bay of san francisco schools reopen some students will be in a class with their teachers still at home. according to the chronicle, close to 500 teachers and aides have received medical exemptions, allowing them to teach remotely a substitute or another staffer would supervise the children in class. have it say they're frustrated by what they're calling the zoom in a room approach all of san francisco's elementary school students are said to return to the classroom by the end of this month. stanford university will have in person commencement ceremonies this june after going all virtual last year, the university says it'll hold two ceremonies at stanford stadium. june 12th.
12:33 pm
stanford's president, says that guests only limited anyone traveling from out of state must be fully vaccinated. the plans could change, of course, if the state issues new public health order. san jose state and uc berkeley have already announced they'll hold virtual ceremonies again this year. oakland and emeryville police are investigating cases of looting at some electronic stores overnight. the windows were smashed at the best buy on mandela parkway and the gamestop in emeryville. police responded to the gamestop just after midnight in several people ran off all the one arrest was made, officers say more than 25 vehicles arrived at the best buy in oakland, and several people exited the vehicles and tried to enter businesses. oakland police were also out at a hardware store on 98th avenue, which was also damaged. now this all happened after police in nearby san leandro, we're preparing for possible looting, they said they had credibl about the bay fair center mall being targeted in the end, the mall was not hit, but many stores boarded up their windows. just as a precaution, the contra costa county district
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attorney has filed charges against a danville police officer and the deadly shooting of a man with mental health problems nearly three years ago as ktvu is henry lee report. it's the same officer shot and killed another man just last month. my office filed criminal charges against danville police officer andrew hall, contra costa county d a. diana beckton charged officer andrew hall with voluntary manslaughter and assault for fatally shooting lot. omer arbel eta in 2018, or valetta was mentally ill. officer hall used unreasonable and unnecessary force when he responded to the in progress. traffic pursuit are belated, took off in a car after he was spotted acting suspiciously in a neighborhood as other office. was chased our valetta into downtown danville. officer hall intercepted them running to our bed. let his car and opening fire is the man tried to drive past two police cars, mr. arboleda was hit nine times. police say, our valetta try to run the officer over the d a disagree and said halls,
12:35 pm
tactics were flawed and illegal. the unnecessary death of mr arboleda underscores the need for law enforcement personnel to better understand those who are suffering from mental illness. last month, the same officer shot and killed tyra wilson, who was homeless and mentally ill. the sheriff's office, which polices danville released new videos of that shooting. police say wilson have been throwing rocks at cars on the freeway. they say he was verbally combative with hall while armed with a knife, not police say wilson advance at the officer with the knife. his family says he wasn't a threat. the man's a murderer, and he had no respect for either one of these lives. attorney john burris has filed lawsuits on behalf of the families of both men shot dead by the officer, each one he initiated the contact. he's the one who created the confrontation. if there's one that's not good policing for police. our hope is that moving forward from this incident we will be able to build a better methodology in handling these issues with our community.
12:36 pm
attorneys for the officers say the decision to charge him seems quote overtly political, but that they will vigorously defend him. the d a has not decided whether charge him in the second case, he is in custody, but will be arraigned at a later date. henry leewoewss in ohio are continuing to protest the deadly police shooting of a teenage girl who police say was armed with a knife as she charged another woman. hundreds of people marched right through ohio state university yesterday to protest the death of 16 year old mukai a bryant. the demonstration occurred as police released more body cam video of the confrontation now, police say an officer arrived on scene just as brian attacked one girl and was about to stab another against a car. under any circumstances, that is a horrendous tragedy. but the video shows that there is more
12:37 pm
to this. police have identified the officer who fired the shots as nicholas, reared in it was hired in december of 2019. the officer has been taken off street duty pending the investigation. the outcome in the derrick show vin trial has many law enforcement officers asking, how will the guilty verdict affect current patrol officers? terence campbell, the san jose police officer, has been on the force for two years. he was part of the police response to last summer's george floyd. protests in the south bay says he tried to de escalate the tension with protesters. he says the job was more dangerous than before, but adds t verdict in the showman. try eliza step in the right direction for you know, no matter what position you are in life, no matter what world you play in life that you will be held accountable for, you know, for your actions, civilians are nervous and scared because you know, they see what's going on on social media is he was going on in the news, and then officers are nervous. too scared as well. because you know you're you're just trying
12:38 pm
to do a job. you're just trying to, you know, protect the third. legal experts fear some criminals may try to take advantage of some officers. as for police culture, they say it will change but not overnight. the officers that air going into the academy now are are in the academy now will be trained differently. local officers we spoke with said accountability and transparency is what gives people hope and say they encourage people to pull out their phones during encounters with police. democratic lawmakers said they want to see a police reform bill reach president biden's desk on may 25th to mark a year since the death of george floyd. he spake congressman eric swalwell, one of the sponsors of the george boyd justice in policing act. it passed the house of representatives last month or remains in the u. s senate. the bill bans choke hold no knock warrants. federal cases and also ends qualified immunity for law enforcement. and there's the legal protection for police officers against
12:39 pm
civil lawsuits for misconduct. george for justice and policing act, it gets rid of the chokehold is a tactic that police can use. it has a national registry for bad police officers. it gets rid of some of the immunity that police officers have had. it seems like there's a lot of forming this committee make recommendations. you know they needed an act something, san francisco police union says law enforcement needs to be included in discussions for any reform efforts. the father of the man suspected of killing kristin smart has been released from jail after a judge lowered bail. we have new video to share from katie whitey in san luis obispo. 80 year old ruben flores was released late last night after posing, posting $50,000 bail. he is charged with accessory after the fact for allegedly helping his son paul, conceal smarts body. calls accused of killing smart when the two were college students in 1996. he is being held without bail. at the
12:40 pm
hearing yesterday, rubens lawyer s pose a threat has a medical condition and is on a limited income couldn't afford the $250,000 bail. the judge agreed and lowered it to $50,000 in sunnyvale. police are investigating a death after a body was found in the balance park area tuesday afternoon. they say, a bicyclist reported seeing what could have been a body when officers arrived, they found the remains and soft mud embankments near a small creek. police say the body's too decomposed to identify and so far there are no signs of criminal activity. but officers say this is an active investigation, and they still don't know how the person died. today marks one year since the disappearance and murder of vanessa again before the 20 year old army specialist went missing g and told family and friends that she was being sexually harassed. her remains were found two months later, the soldiers suspected in her case took his own life as police and u. s marshals closed in on him. gaines friends and family have been honoring her all week. this morning, her family held a moment of silence
12:41 pm
in washington, d c and demanded justice. men and woman and our service are getting sexually harassed, committing suicide getting military sexual trauma. and others are getting murdered. simply because a woman has changed. his family's been pushing for change in the military since her death, congresswoman jackie spear is reintroducing the i am venice again act, which would revamp how the military addresses sexual assault and harassment in its ranks still to come in noon, we continue to follow the latest surrounding what's happening at the us mexico border. the three san francisco supervisors who are able to travel to the border to see the conditions and taking a look outside on this thursday afternoon, a lot of chatter about rain headed our way this weekend. another live picture out at the marine mammal center. we're going to check back in with meteorologist mark tamayo who's out there? fort cronkite. he's got a great interview coming up, and he's also gonna tell us a little bit more about when to expect the rain and just how mu bye. for whh
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thousands of migrant children who are being held their supervisors shaman walton, hillary ronin and matt haney joined other activists over the weekend to demand the children be reunited with their families or sponsors. some states along the border with mexico are now taking action to deal with the crisis involving unaccompanied minors crossing into the united states each day. arizona's
12:45 pm
governor has declared it an emergency and sent in the national guard. we're willing to pay for this out of our own budget. even though this is a federal responsibility. i just hope that this isn't one of another. another governor, doug ducey, trump tactics that at the end of the day or costly, ineffective and really a distraction to the voters. the president of mexico is pledging to help, he says mexico will build 17 shelters along its southern border with guatemala to shelter migrant children in hopes of reducing the number of children entering the united states. kind of check in with our ktvu, meteorologist mark tamayo on special assignment today at the marine mammal center up in south salido gray skies where you are, mark, yeah. still lots of clouds and fog, your gossip, some drizzle, but, yeah, we are here to remember center and sauce lido for earth day to learn. maura about the ocean's health and also the marine life out there as well. we also want to a check in right now with the medical director, dr kara field. it is a busy time of
12:46 pm
year for you guys. is that right thing this time? here it is. indeed springtime is pops season. so with that we have ah, lot of animals here on site almost 100, different marine mammal patients on site right now, and so there's a lot of ways. tol of try to describe the environment and climate change something like that. but we'll talk. earlier with these these c line elephant seals, they're impacted by climate change directly. that's what you're seeing. your concern is you are consumer is quite high for elephant seals and other seal patients that but because they pop on beaches and as the sea levels arrive in climate change causes very severe weather. we can lose really critical popping beaches for these animals, so we have many on hand right now, and that's pretty consistent over the years, but in future we're very concerned about what that would mean for the population and i know there's a lot of research that takes place here and you were mentioning earlier that you're kind of looking into the
12:47 pm
connection with cancer and some the pollutants that air actually fairly old. well way below but still having an impact on some of the marine life. exactly so what we found by doing research with the sea lions that strand is that one in four adult california sea lions that washes a sword that comes in here has cancer, and it is devastating to those animals. there's no way to treat them and what we found for doing this research for over 40 years, collecting samples and really, for seriously studying it, that it's associate id with pollution, specifically with ddt and pcbs that stay in the environment for years and years, so that's a huge concern, obviously for the sea lions, but also for us because we share that environment and often eat the same kinds of food as they do. that's that's very impressive, invaluable information that is coming from the center in this hospital. i said i should also ask you, you know, just it's such a cloudy and foggy day here. there's not a lot of people at the coast.
12:48 pm
but you know what's the clouds clear? this crowds tend to come to the coast and people just very basic. small actions could have a huge impact on basically on the health of the ocean and all these guys, absolutely. our patients are here because they have ah, need. there's something wrong there, malnourished or sick or have been undergone, too. rama. so we want people to enjoy the beaches and enjoy the animals, hopefully from a bit of a distance, they're very charismatic. but what we do has an impact every day. so what we bring to the beach what we leave behind, especially in heaven impact on not just on the beaches but anywhere, so we encourage people to make good decisions about their trash reducing use of plastics and just kind of reduced our impact on the earth in general. and of course, if you see an animal that looks like it's in distressed to call us or or your local wildlife rehabilitation center. that can help. well great. thank you so much for your great work here or are you did you tired of all this fog? you want more sunshine, actually unfairly not
12:49 pm
exposed to this spring, but yeah, it's these animals are incredible, and unfortunately, we're still closed to the public right now, but we hope that people can enjoy them here and now in the wild, and if people want to help if they want to be a part of change, they can help us here by texting ocean to four. 1444 or get involved locally with other organizations that are supporting all these incredible studies and environmental and animal health. perfect well, thank you so much for your time today. absolutely talk a little bit about this foggy weather right now. yeah we start some claws, clouds in the fog and drizzle in the headlines right now, but yeah, we're still talking about some rain chances this weekend fact a fairly good chance as we head towards sunday. you could see the forecast model. there we are sunday. we're actually tracking a system that will produce him pretty steady down. for us here in. these numbers have been changed around quite a bit. but as you can see, we're not just talking about a few sprinkles most areas over a quarter to over a half an inch of rain, especially up in the north bay,
12:50 pm
so that will be on sunday. today though, we have the cloud cover lots of fog in places becoming closer. and if you can hear me with all the all the craziness behind me with all those elephant seals, but here, you can't see the fog the other coast out towards san francisco even up in the north bay, santa rosa napa still some overcast to deal with, so that's having a huge impact. act on temperatures right now fifties for san francisco, sixties inland out toward walnut creek and conquered for today, we'll either have partly cloudy skies inland, mostly cloudy skies near the coast and near the bay and temperatures for afternoon highs in the fifties and the sixties. here's look ahead your five day minimal change for your friday well, thinking up the clouds into saturday. it's nice to have that rain cloud back in the forecast in the sunday which is the chance of a shower into monday, but mike and garcia great to be out here once again the marine mammal center for earth day. mentioned earlier that i came out here for the fifth grade field trip, but back in the day, so always some special memories. it's always impressive with a great work here. it is a gem. thank
12:51 pm
you so much. mark frank, you want to come here? it knew we have research to share surrounding the covid-19 vaccine and pregnant women, but researchers and covered when it comes to the visor and moderna vaccines nex no. day. from the sd
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
covid vaccine appears to be safe for pregnant women. ktvu jana katsuyama has more on these findings and how doctors a study by the centers for disease control published wednesday in the new england journal of medicine, found the fizer and madonna vaccines quote do not indicate any obvious safety signals with respect to pregnancy. the cdc collected data from more than 35,000 pregnant women through it's vey safe, voluntary smartphone system, tracking their health after they got the fizer or maternal shots.
12:55 pm
between december 2020 and late february. data showed those who were vaccinated did not appear to have any greater risk of pregnancy complications. that's very encouraging gives me a lot more compliments and talking to patients and saying no women who never even had this vaccine have about the same stillbirth raid. he's saying miscarriage rate is sayingtions. doctor bill eisenberg is chief quality and safety officer for satyr health and an expert in obstetrics and gynecology. he says there are three reasons why he recommends pregnant women get the covid vaccine. first pregnant women have lowered immune systems to begin with, and covid-19 attacks their respiratory system the only way that the baby is getting oxygen is from the mom breathing effectively. so any condition that would compromise her ability to breathe like covid? no monje. is problematic, dr eisenberg says. secondly treating covid-19 in a pregnant woman is more difficult. there
12:56 pm
is very difficult to assess it with the woman who's pregnant, especially has a large abdomen, which presses on the lungs and makes reading that much more difficult and third, the doctor says vaccines can provide protection for the baby we usually recommend waiting to go into the second trimester. almost vaccinations. some women say that was a key factor in their decision. you know? honestly i was kind of on the fence about it. i said to myself, you know what it's for me and for the baby, so i did it. the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists says additional research is needed. but meantime, covid-19 vaccines should not be withheld from pregnant women. and it says that all pregnant women should maintain masking and social distancing, regardless of whether they've had the covid-19 vaccine. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news. the oakland a's are the hottest team in baseball. 11 wins in a row. yesterday's game against those twins, a slug
12:57 pm
fast the team's traded lead throughout the game and had to go to extra innings. the a's were actually down by two runs in the bottom of the 10th. but then they had a couple of walks filed by a couple back to back ares, and that was it. the a's would win this 1 13 to 12 oakland off today, and we'll take that 11 game win streak here is that final playing yesterday's game. they take that 11 game win streak, too. baltimore for a three game syria's starting tomorrow. the giants are back after a three and three road trip at home tonight against the marlins. yesterday, they wrapped up a syriza against those fillies. they were looking for the sweep. giants were down early when they're all of a sudden was a rain delay when the game resume. giants were tied up here in the seventh of the big three run homer from darren rough, and then alex dickerson would give the giants the lead with an r b. i single. however the scoring stop there, and the phillies would win this one in a walk off 6 to 5. it's a sin. it's 45 1st pitch tonight against the marlins at oracle park, the golden state warriors
12:58 pm
back in the bay area after a long road trip, preparing to play their first home game in front of fans tomorrow night last night, they ran into a pretty hot washington wizards team and fell behind big early. stefan curry's ron and 30 points in games ended as the wizard's kind of pestered, and throughout the evening, he did put up 18 points, but the team would lose 1 18 14 tomorrow's game against the nuggets tips off it's seven o'clock. reservations are open for day passes to you, somebody national park. the park is requiring passes for day visitors during the peak summer season to limit the number of visitors to allow proper social distancing. each day use reservation is valid for one vehicle for three days, people going to burning man in nevada may face some strict new rules if it happens this summer, organizers say everyone at burning man may soon be required to prove they've been vaccinated against the coronavirus. their organizers also say they won't decide for sure until the end of this month if the event even take place. nasa is making history again and just converted carbon dioxide from mars's atmosphere
12:59 pm
in the oxygenade this possible. the state of the art instrument on the rover called moxie collected the carbon dioxide molecules and successfully converted them into five g of oxygen or the equivalent of 10 minutes of breathing. belair nasa officials of this will pave the way in providing oxygen for astronauts and rockets in future missions to mars. hey, brit animal control officer used some creative thinking to help save 11 ducklings from a storm drain. the birds fell into the drain will walking across the campus of chabot college yesterday when maintenance crews came to remove the great the ducks went even farther down the pipes. but when the animal control officer arrived, she played mother duck. sounds on her cell phone help coax the birds out and safely rescued each little duckling. all right, thanks for watching everyone hope the rest of your day is filled with some rest and relax asian. i think some of the part time residents out of the marine mammal center doing just that. as we leave you with this live picture, maybe even a little cuddle in out there in the marin
1:00 pm
headlands on some love that the marine mammal center. it's nice to see you have a great afternoon, everyone.t oz. dr. oz: he was convicted of the room. the savage murder of young mom kelsey berreth shocked the country. how did the killer's mistress get away with cleaning up the crime scene and walking free? shocking developments in case of serial killer john wayne gacy. he was ultimately convicted of 33 murders, but could there be more? ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. today, new updates in a


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