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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 21, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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convicted on all charges. that we have to deal with accountability. we have to deal with justice and that we have to reform law enforcement. it's long overdue. that's right. on the heels of the derrick show been guilty verdicts, the country and the bay area continue to search for a balance between public safety and police. accountability hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. this comes as the contra costa county district attorney announced his criminal charges against a police officer in danville stemming from a deadly shooting three years ago. our crime reporter henry lee here now with the charges that were announced today, henry well, frankly. d a. says her decision to charge this daniel officer has nothing to do with the george floyd case, she says. this officer is criminally liable for released the first of two shootings that he's been involved in. and tonight there is a warrant out for his arrest. my office filed criminal charges against
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danville police officer andrew hall, contra costa county d a. diana beckton charged officer andrew hall with voluntary manslaughter and assault for fatally shooting lot. omer arbel eta in 2018 are valetta was mentally ill. officer hall used unreasonable and unnecessary force when he responded to the in progress. traffic pursuit are belated, took off in a car after he was spotted acting suspiciously in a neighborhood. as other officers chased our valetta into downtown danville. officer hall intercepted them running to our bed. let his car and opening fire is the man tried to drive past two police cars? mr arboleda was hit nine times police say, are below to try to run the officer over the d a disagree and said halls tactics were flawed and illegal, unnecessary death of mr arboleda. underscores the need for law enforcement personnel to better understand those who are suffering from mental illness. last month, the same officer shot and killed tyra wilson, who was homeless and
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mentally ill. the sheriff's office, which polices danville released new videos of that shooting. police say wilson have been throwing rocks at cars on the freeway. they say he was verbally combative with hall while armed with a knife. police say wilson advance at the officer with the knife. his family says he wasn't a threat. the man's a murderer, and he had no respect for either one of these lives. attorney john burris has filed lawsuits on behalf of the families of both men shot dead by the officer. each one he initiated the contact. he's the one who created the confrontation. if there's one that's not good police in port police, our hope is that moving forward from this incident we will be able to build a better methodology in handling these issues with our community. yeah it turns for the officers say the d. a's decision to charge him seems quote overtly political and that they will vigorously defended, but he has not decided whether charge the same officer with this most recent shooting from last month again. he is not in custody, but he's going to be a rain at a later
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date. reporting live in martinez, henry lee ktvu fox two news. alright, henry. thank you. the death of a man in police custody this week is raising questions now in alameda. investigators say the suspect had some kind of medical condition, but his ktvu is just a gary tells us family members say mario gonzales was healthy before he came into contact with officers. he is indispensable to my family. he had raised me too, you know, geraldo gonzales says his older brother, mario, was smart, kind, helpful and committed to the family monday. the 26 year old died during an attempted arrest by alameda city police. it's all sounds familiar, and if we go back through the history of policing in america. we'll see cases like this over and over again, police officials say gonzalez was being arrested in connection with a possible theft in the 800 block of oak street, a police press statement says there was a scuffle as officers attempted to place gonzalez hands behind
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his back. officers did not use any weapons, every law enforcement officer in the country trains in proper arrested control. procedures or handcuffing. and so that that's what you have to kind of look at to his house done, policing expert lisa daddio says the county coroner's autopsy will be crucial in filling gaps in information, family and friends say gonzalez was healthy before three alameda police officers arrested him, but police say he suffered a medical emergency and died at an area hospital. it's painful, it's zhar it for to hear this. just the lack of transparency think that's also what's adding more damage to this already painful circumstance. the gonzalez family calls for an immediate release of officer warned body camera video and a third party autopsy to determine how a family's linchpin died in police custody. we're here to fight for justice and. make sure that my brothers my brother gets just that he
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doesn't die in vain. the family is hopeful a candlelight vigil wednesday night will become a show of solidarity from the community, pressuring police to release more information. meanwhile alameda police say the body camera video from officers that night could be released by the end of next week in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. the u. s department of justice is opening an investigation into the minneapolis police department in the wake of the murder of george floyd. attorney general merritt garland made the announcement today. he says the department will take an in depth look at policies and practices in the minneapolis police department and try to examine whether there was a pattern of discriminatory conduct. it will assess the effectiveness of the mpd s current systems of accountability and whether other mechanisms are needed to ensure constitutional. and lawful policing. garland says the justice department has
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begun reaching out to community groups and the public to learn about their experiences with the minneapolis police department. he also says police officers will be questioned about the training and the support that they get within the department tonight. former officer derrick show vin is in solitary confinement at a maximum security prison as he waits to be sentenced a new booking photo of shoven was released this morning. he's being held. old in oak park heights, which is minnesota's on lee. level five maximum security prison. he's being kept isolated there for his own protection. this is the new booking photo, he'll spend 23 hours a day inside his cell. hell on lee, get out for one hour to exercise by himself under the eyes, the watchful eyes of correctional officers. they're shoving his facing a maximum of 40 years in prison when he sentenced it, jim. the younger brother of george floyd said the guilty verdict provided some relief. after weeks of gut wrenching
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testimony in that trial, the onus, floyd wrote in the washington post that on lee with the passage of time will we know if the trial will truly change america, he said. the verdict is also for the other victims of police brutality, who never had their day in court, floyd added. quote this week, our family received a measure of justice because regular citizens and those in authority took the most bqe. sick human action. they did the right thing. we also talked to members of the black community here in the bay area to get their thoughts on the verdict and what it might mean going forward. we are in a fight to make sure that stuff like george floyd does not happen again, because yes, there has been justice, but george boyd is still dead for me as a black young man is very uplifting in is very exciting because now we know that the system is trying to actually do right by us. justice has been served, and we
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still have a lot of more work to do. if you look at the ratio of justice versus injustice. the scales are way tipped in favor of injustice. and just the way this country has been way know that it's just a matter of time before the next incident will happen. many people said that they wouldn't go as far as to call the show vin verdict of victory, but they say that it does appear to be progress in their opinions. the future of police reform is on many people's minds, and his ktvu is christian captain tells us. a federal effort is already underway aimed change and it bears the name of george floyd. all right for the jury for communities across the country, the guilty verdicts and a derrick show vin trial or a time to rethink how policing should work. east representative eric swalwell co authored the george floyd justice and policing act. the aim, he says, is increasing accountability and reducing discriminatory policing. the
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george for justice and policing act. it gets rid of the chokehold is a tactic that police can use. it has a national registry for bad police officers. it gets rid of some of the immunity that police officers have had. dr tommy tucson is a former police chief in the central valley and criminal justice professor at bakersfield college, he says there's little doubt that police reform is needed. but he says police agencies need to be included in the conversation and that there's a danger that reforms could go too far. from what? i'm hearing bits and pieces. we just got to be careful. we want to protect the community and our citizens at all costs. we also do not want to tie the hands the law enforcement san francisco's police officers association agrees that law enforcement voices need to be included in any efforts to reform union president tony montoya says when it comes to reforms, the george floyd justice and policing act doesn't go far enough. he says he'd like to
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see national standards in place for policing. the intent of the bill is good. we understand that, but we just don't feel like it goes far enough. it seems like there's a lot of forming this committee make recommendations, but you know they needed an act something across the bay. oakland's police chief says reform is already part of their plan moving forward talking about law enforcement accountability. the department has a strong accountability process that includes not only an internal, uh, administrative investigation component, but it includes our. this commission at the house passed the george floyd justice and policing act last month, and it is now in the hands of the senate and president biden was among those calling on the senate to pass it just hours after the verdict came in. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news coming up, governor newsome declares a drought emergency what that means for water consumption throughout the state, and we
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need to think act with a sense of urgency. think differently. and the action that one beria county is already taken, and we are tracking rain back in the bay area forecast. we'll see you back here with that. was a coalition of bay area officials and immigration leaders traveling to the southern border as they braced for the possibility of more migrant children coming north and taking a live look at road conditions. this is highway 24 in lafayette. looks like it's going kind of slow in that area. ktvu channel two news at six will be right back. hello. a dayf
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stanley, where police are considering a possible curfew tonight due to what they call credible threats of looting at the bay fair center. some of the entrances are now being boarded up. police say they are calling in more officers and
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we'll have a heavy presence there tonight. they're asking people to stay home and to stay safe, and they say that they will update the public on that possible curfew. later tonight, today, governor newsome declared a drought emergency for two counties in northern california. ktvu tom vacar tells us what the governor ordered and the restrictions that are actually already in place for one county here in the bay area. the governor deliberately choose men to sena county. i usually went and well rained on county, but not this year or last. and i'm standing currently 40 ft underwater or should be standing 40 ft. underwater he declared a drought emergency from end acenas sonoma counties. but note this no prohibitions as yet there's no mandates. today on water consumption. there's just the encouragement and now more support and resource is for those efforts to continue the support and resource is gives other state agencies the authority and funding needed to react quickly, including
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mandates wherever needed statewide, as well as severe water rights restrictions. marin water, the state's oldest municipal water district, is not waiting. it's seven reservoirs typically hold about a two year supply. it is lower than i've ever seen it. i've seen it another drought years, but this is really low, but part of it is because they've pumped it up to bon tempe. that is to minimize evaporation. but this the second driest year in the district in the last 90 years has resulted in lonely 50% of normal rest of or capacity. so that's not where you wanna be at the end of the rainy season. typically we're closer to 90% capacity. as of now, no home car washing, no power washing of homes or businesses and no flooding of gutters are what are you? sufficiency is our largest reservoir of opportunity. if they're also our cheapest, most affordable source of water supply, also including public agencies, no watering of public medians. no dust control with
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water. no sewer, flushing or street cleaning. the home gardens may be watered as needed. specifics of home landscaping, residential pools as well as golf courses will be considered on may the 20th we use about 50% of our potable drinking water outside. we don't need to be doing that the rules allow for hardship, health and safety exemptions. without that the first violation results in a written warning and the second a $25 fine, subsequent violations $250 each but the most effective enforcement will come from peer pressure. you know, what i have seen is that in prior drugs, the community steps up, the governor says today. california is still using 16% less water than before the five year drought that ended in 2017 tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. oh all righty. yeah, we definitely are hoping for some rain this weekend. we have a really good shot for rain on sunday and it
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looks better and better with each passing day is the model sort of come together and there's lots of models we look at and so you kind of look at them. the majority the models with you're in agreement, and the majority or many of them are in a grisly agreement that that's going to be fairly wet on sunday, maybe a quarter inch to a half inch of rain. s o. this high pressure stays with us tomorrow. tomorrow's a lot like today. it was kind of breezy kind of spring like and then things break down and that low comes in a zoo we get into saturday, you'll notice big cloud cover on saturday and then sunday's probably some showers, some rain and maybe a little into monday to the take away here is. it doesn't matter at this point in terms. it's great. we need rain is helps delay fire season knox pollen's out there, but in terms of is this going toe? even think drops five inches of rain. it's not going to help us. it's not. i mean, it helps, but it's you know, we're two years deficient here in rainfall, so yeah, just this is how it's going to be this year. no way around it. we just gotta hope next year's not bad friday. there's the clouds
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coming in. showers north here saturday. mostly cloudy in their sunday with the rain. so that's the plan. the long range plan. in the meantime, more of the same kind of breezy at the coast mild inland mid seventies in the mid to upper sixties, right around the bay. i'll see you back here. we'll look into the five day bill will see then. thank you. tomorrow is earth day, and president biden is expected to set a major goal on tackling climate change. the president is set to make the announcement at a virtual summit with world leaders. hosted by the white house. the president will unveil an updated target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by the next decade. that goal is nearly double the country's previous commitment and would require dramatic changes in the energy and transportation sectors. on wall street. today, stocks were higher with tech companies and banks leading the way the dow was up 316. the nasdaq was up 163 and the s and p was up 38.
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shares of netflix were down more than 7% today after new subscriptions came in below expectations. some san francisco supervisors air speaking out about the crisis at the us mexico border supervisors shaman walton, hillary ronin and matt haney visited the border over the weekend to see firsthand what's happening with the thousands of unaccompanied children who are being detained there. you say they made the trip to show their support and to demand that those children be reunited with their families or sponsors. after the break. president biden's nationwide vaccination goal achieved a week ahead of schedule. how many americans have been vaccinated so far, and the tax credit that was announced today, plus the south bay's largest school district welcomes back some students for in person learning why teachers what brother, teachers say is the biggest
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. and johnson covid-19 vaccine was dirty, didn't follow procedures and had poorly trained staff. that's what the fda wrote in its 13 page report released today. this is the same facility that had to toss 15 million j and j shots due to contamination. it's also important to note the vaccines made at that baltimore plant were never distributed. the eight million jane j. shots
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administered in the u. s came from europe. president biden today announced that americans have received 200 million coronavirus vaccinations since he first took office and that it happened a week ahead of his deadline. it's also double the president's initial goal of 100 million vaccinations during his 1st 100 days in office. president biden also announced today the availability of tax credits to employers who give their workers paid leave to go and get a shot. i'm calling on every employer, large and small and every state to give employees that time off, they need with pay to get vaccinated and any time they need with pay to recover if they're feeling under the weather after the shot, according to the cdc, half of american adults have now received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine and nearly 33% are fully vaccinated. today. san
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francisco expanded access to coronavirus vaccines in the city's hard hit visitation valley neighborhood. the health department officially launched a new expanded neighborhood vaccine site this morning on sunnydale avenue. it is the city's fifth neighborhood vaccination site, health director dr grant colfax and supervisor sherman walton were at the site when it opened. this vaccine site here in the 9th 4134 zip code is very important for us to make sure that our folks and visitation valley have opportunity to get vaccinated and keep themselves and their families safe. vaccines are available there for people 18 and over by appointment or by dropping monday through wednesday. it was back to their classrooms today for students in the largest school district in the south bay. it's the first time they've been back in over a year. however, the majority of students decided to stay home and continue with distance learning gave use maureen
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naylor now with how the day went for some of the students at shallenburger elementary school in san jose's willow glen neighborhood, gets a recently. did you play on the playground? you played on the back. it was a novelty for this kindergartner tow walk. to school instead of logging in something hayley martin has never done before he lives. really son. i got to say half of my class. it was like a new day. a new dawn a new day for parents like haley's mother, who said she was delighted to do drop off and pick up. it was so great to see her be able to meet her friends in person to see your friends and person and just to get the sense of what school is really like and to be back on campus. it's fantastic, with welcome signs and sanitizing stations. about 10,000 sandals that unified students return to their classrooms on this sunny wednesday in april for the first time since march, 2020 we talked about how it's been over 400 days since they've actually been on campus. didi sha kon.
6:26 pm
it teaches social studies that herbert hoover middle school, the educator placed a dopey doll, a skeleton and her giants fan cut out in the front row to help enforce social distancing. i am really excited to see my kids. i got to meet some of them for the first time on lee, about a third of sandals, a unified families chose to return to in person instruction for five full days in the classroom. the rest chose to stay in distance learning and educators air now teaching to both groups simultaneously, which connotes said has been the biggest adjustment. parents. please be patient with us. as we're trying to deal with in person as well as virtual, the district says willow glen. schools have some of the highest rates of students coming back. while those in downtown settles, they have the lowest rates of students returning, adding some students are continuing online from across the country or even from mexico. in some cases, we know we have students that no longer live in the bay area, but because we've been doing this since learning they've stayed enrolled in the school. s o. we expect to see some of
6:27 pm
those drop for next year's enrollment and feel like it's august. is this the first day of school and i can't wait till they can all come back to class and be on campus. as for concerns about making the new school day equitable for those in person and at home, a spokeswoman says the district expectation is all students will have the same support and attention, but they say it will take a few days to transition with now, six weeks left in the school year. maureen naylor ktvu fox two news. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30, improving phone connectivity and speed. five g cellular transmitter is being installed in the south bay. why neighbors are not happy and are taking legal action plus aiming to get beauty busses through traffic faster. the plan to create a chobe lanes on some streets in san francisco and later in sports and unbelievable game at the coliseum as the aids invent new ways to win and keep their winning streak alive.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit with voluntary manslaughter. it's in connection with the 2018 shooting death of lattimer. ah ba lida, who suffered from mental illness, the d a, says deputy andrew hall fired nine shots at him during a slow speed chase in danville. after yesterdays verdicts in the murder trial of derrick show
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band. the future of police reform is now in the minds of many. spare representative eric swalwell co sponsored the george floyd justice in policing act, it's amy is to increase accountability and produced discriminatory policing. law enforcement officials point out that their voices need to be included in the reform effort. governor newsome declared a drought emergency for sonoma and mendocino counties. the order will give state agencies more resource is to respond, but there are no required cuts to water consumption. however in marin county, the water destroy there is taking measures already to conserve by asking residents not to wash their cars at home or power. wash the outside of buildings. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. small cellular sites are being put up all over the city of san jose to improve connectivity and speed. but sometimes those sites are just feet from homes and bedrooms. i wanted to be removed. i didn't
6:32 pm
want it to be installed. we fought as hard as we could, but we got ran over by the city. yeah, there has a that has a group of neighbors upset and blasting the city, our investigative reporter brooks jarocz found some residents never even asked for these five g cells to go up on their streets. another poll on another street on another san jose morning, i said, oh, my god! they already started. you know, a surprise to some neighbors as a new five g cellular transmitter is put up just feet from their homes to increase phone data speeds. this tower is completely unnecessary. our cell phones work fine. still 80 anti picked this spot applying for a city permit for a small cell site. anyhow, closest thing is too close for comfort. you know, my kids are young. they sleep right, you know, in the room that's facing the street. it's literally five ft from their
6:33 pm
bedrooms. that's despite city law stating mounted antennas must be at least 20 ft. away from a person's property. they don't care. they don't care this couple is taking on a legal fight, accusing san jose of not following or enforcing its own rules and being left in the dark. we had not been notified properly. we have not been given the chance to raise our concerns before the city approved the permits citywide. we found each of these purple dots represents an approved small cell permit. 1800 issued so far each antenna attached to a city like pole we own and control all of those streetlights and so they're in the public right of way. that right of way. the deputy city manager says exempt sending distance requirement. he says the goal is to fix san jose's historically bad cellular coverage of any major city in the nation. this is the central and almost everybody, even our own house residents depend on connectivity and their cell
6:34 pm
phone to get around. but some of those residents say, stop it. stop it in the residential area. dude is a lot of areas in city, which is far away from the bedrooms, research from the federal government in the world health organization say there's no link between radiation from base stations and cancer or other illnesses, but the american cancer society says it could be many more years before we know the long term effects. i'm not willing to take the risk to put my kids health in danger, not knowing what the implications are, you know, years down the roads the city says he can't deny permits based on health concerns or complaints. it also doesn't get to decide where the five g cells get to go, 80. auntie told us they're put in high traffic areas based on customer needs and the availability of a suitable structure. it seems to me right night canty's taking their easiest path, not the safest path, a tnt and other carriers air leasing these like bulls. saying the city $750 a
6:35 pm
pole per year, bringing in millions. the bottom line is that the city's air profiting from them while having no concern for the residents of neighbors feeling sold out and not going quietly. it's gonna be hard there long fight despite the city, promising widespread, high speed service, i'm all for five dea as long as they don't you know that they're not as close to homes as. this case right now, 850 of these air working the city says the money it receives from pole rentals goes into a digital inclusion fund. $10 million set aside for the 95,000 residents, it says are not connected. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news, san francisco immunity has approved creating a chobe lanes on some city streets that double as state highway starting as soon as next month. the lanes will be marked on part of highway one where
6:36 pm
across his golden gate park and on lombard street between lion and van ness. the goal is to help busses and taxis get through traffic, faster. private cars with two or more people could also use them. chronicle reports they would be enforced on weekdays from five a.m. to eight. p.m. right now. a committee of the nevada unified school district, his meeting to talk about closing an elementary school in the district because of declining enrollment. the meeting began about an hour ago at 5 30 comes a month after the committee narrowed down the potential school closer options to three schools sudden linwood and rancho earlier today, ktvu is james torrez talked to a parent who's two daughters. go toe linwood elementary, and she says, closing that school would be a hardship. for a lot of families. ah lot of the parents don't drive. you know, they don't own a car. um. so shutting the school down,
6:37 pm
transferring it to another. it would make it so difficult for ah lot of the students to get to school committee could recommend to the school district, which school to close by the end of next month. the school board those says the actual closure of the selected school wouldn't happen until august of next year. coming out. columbus police vowing to be transparent in the wake of the deadly shooting of a 16 year old girl armed with a knife. the body camera video released and the latest on the investigation. also george ford's brother responds to a controversial tweet that was set out by the las vegas raiders. what he is saying about the team's decision not to delete it. fault. aft. a offid
6:38 pm
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6:40 pm
killed a 16 year old girl who was holding a knife and threatening to stab another young girl. fox news garrett tenney with details tonight, and we need to warn you that some of the video is disturbing. al rage over the police killing of makai a. bryant the 16 year old girl shot by a columbus, ohio, officer after she charged it to people with a knife in her aunt. the entire incident, which was caught on body camera happened minutes before the derrick show vin verdict was delivered. authorities on wednesday released video from multiple officers body cameras in an effort for full transparency,
6:41 pm
whilile also saying it's important to wait for the fax under any circumstances. that is a heretic. this tragedy, but the video shows that there is more to this. and though it's not easy, wait for the facts as determined by an independent investigation. columbus is mayor agrees fax will determine the outcome. pc i will determine if the officer involved was wrong and if he was, we will hold him accountable. police were dispatched to a home tuesday afternoon following this 911 phone call. you're bike has been stabbed is gonna play. it. and going. gave her now. the boy. cam video shows officers arriving to a commotion in the driveway when bryant started swinging what appears to be a knife at another girl who falls down. bryant then charges another woman at the scene, putting her against a car and raising her hand with a knife in it stepped out just out.
6:42 pm
bryant fell to the ground, a black handled knife similar to a kitchen knife was on the ground near her. she was taken to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead at independent investigation into the officer's use of deadly force is now underway in chicago. i'm garrett tenney, fox news. the family of george floyd offered support for the las vegas raiders after the team's controversial tweet following the announcement of yesterday's verdict in the derrick show been murder trial. this is the tweet from the team's official account. it says. i can breathe. people describe that tweet as tone deaf, floyd's brothers said, though in a statement. they're grateful to the team for their support of their family and for the nation's pursuit of justice and equality for all. right. we're looking forward to some potential rain this weekend. we'll take a look at that. in the five day forecast in just a few minutes. right now we go to ktvu is heather holmes with look at some of the stories
6:43 pm
we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus, frank coming up new tonight, a cvc report looks at pregnancy and the covid-19 vaccine. the preliminary results that could help to reassure expectant moms. also popular clothing brand, lulu lemon, launching a new program that allows you to cash in on your old items will explain how it all works coming up in just a few minutes on the seven over on ktvu plus, but first after the break a community in the north bay that knows the dangers of wildfires all too well, now getting some help to prepare for what could be a
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freeman to become the new chief. he most recently has served as the fire chief in hartford, connecticut. for the last five years. freeman will take over for deputy chief melinda drayton, who has held the position on an interim basis since last april. oakland city administrator says chief freedmen branch eef freeman brings a high level of professional experience as a leader, he'll take over the department effective as of may 17th. there are concerns that drought conditions will make this year's fire season another destructive one. ktvu is cristina rendon reports that napa county is making a big investment in fire preparedness to help communities in danger zones. preparing for fire season in april. absolutely gets a monumental project and tasked to make us all safer here in circle logs, the danger always top of mind in the circle looks community of rural napa county roughly. 100 homes
6:47 pm
sit behind atlas peak surrounded by overgrown vegetation. wildfires prompted evacuations in 2017, and during last year's ellen, you complex fire. i've been here for four years didn't know what i was getting into. when i first moved out here. i don't think anything prepares you ever for the possibility that your home may burn completely down. rouz are removing castro his brush around the subdivision. we're leaving the bulk of the mature trees, and we're taking all the fuels out around them. so it makes the fire behavior. less intense work is thanks to a $6.4 million investment approved by napa county officials to help the napa fire wise program in the county fire department. it's the start of a five year $42 million vegetation management plan for the entire county. this is a great investment in argentina. bqe are residences who had to face fired director repeatedly. neighboring sonoma county is adding six fire spotting cameras to its arsenal
6:48 pm
department also working on evacuation drills in fire prone areas and sending evac packs to residents, whether it's creating defensible space or having a go bag ready, officials say. start the work now. you know, wild fire becomes a continuous preparation mentality in that he always have to have things packed the time to prepare for fire season is before fire season gets here, cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. oh yes, farley at the airport right now it's been foggy along the coast most of the day. santa cruz is well, the fog asada in response to this little pressure. that's just a well the responsibility to stop. but there's a little pressure to the north. that's been weakening the high a little bit. so we're seeing ah, good onshore breeze. we're going to see an erosion of that high, which sets us up with mild to cool temperatures by the weekend. that's actually slight, very cool and that chance of showers on sunday which he looks better in bed. i
6:49 pm
might add 78 today in antioch 75 fairfield along the coast. it was cool. there's a 56 and then look at oakland just 58 today, so yeah, it was cool writer. a good sea breeze. good flow of moist marine air inland and you could see the green that the current temperatures, but of course that shows you where the sea breeze is reaching and where it's not seven degrees cooler napa, but check this. it's six degrees warmer and livermore. five degrees warmer and san jose 14 degrees cooler in santa rosa, so the winds are doing it. they're bringing cool air in tomorrow's temperatures will be a lot like today. for the most part was going pretty nice day tomorrow, and we're gonna flatline right through, saturday well into friday afternoon, the clouds will start increasing on friday. saturdays mostly cloudy and it's going to feel like rain, maybe even get a little drizzle at that point, and then we get into sunday and then this system. kind of rolls in and it's not a bad looking system. for this time of year, you got the dynamics of strongest dynamics back here. that's the
6:50 pm
parent low right there. and it zoe some snow to the mountains. i think snow elevations will be you know, 5800 ft. 5500 ft. they could get half a foot of snow foot of snow. see be nice and we may get a half inch of rain. it doesn't it doesn't save us. this is this is just good to get rain. anything we get is good, but it's not going to save us in any way, shape or form. we were set for a drought year. there's no way around it. i've been saying that for we've known that really almost this last year, and this year would've had to been pretty great because last year was well behind as well. so with that said, we go to tomorrow, which would be a very nice day, oranges or eighties we'll see some low eighties and those warmest inland spots. you'll see plenty of fog along the coast and your thursday ends up a lot like today. your friday we'll see more clouds and then your saturday and sunday it's jacket, whether on the weekend, you'll see that in the five day forecast and was got an opportunity for umbrella weather on sunday, so i hope that all pans out if you are
6:51 pm
traveling around sunday in the mountains would be a little sketchy for sure they could have some chain requirements in the higher elevations. see you back here tonight. 10, coming up here. steph curry tries to keep his 30 point scoring streak alive as the warriors and the wizards go right down to the wire. mark
6:52 pm
let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits.
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room. to remember? yeah. the a's the whole double header against the twins. their staff did not allow a single run today, they allowed 12 to minnesota. but when you're living right, they still win that make up 11 consecutive victories, just like the old days. right sitting out of the ball yard, the sun having a little fun, third inning, one on for the a's for three twins, though. matt olsen goes el centro home runs for him today, and this was going to turn into a wild one. trust me riding the wave that nelson cruz had a couple home runs to the twins, 10 9. they lead it and olson next time rob beautiful catch by pirate bunched in that would
6:55 pm
have driven in a run. olson seems to be taking it well, the a's dugout, appreciating buxton's work we take into the temp 12 10, minnesota a's down. bases loaded, two out kinda for the grounder. travis blankenhorn, total boot and that allows the a's to stay alive now, 12 11 still loaded for ramon, larry and on the third, louise arenas with an airmail throw down the right field line. two runs are gonna score the a's they're gonna walk it up courtesy of terrible defense by minnesota two errors when they could have won the game, 13. well, ace first team in history to lose their first six games of the season and have an 11 game win streak and any other point, all right? it was windy. it was rainy. it was cold in philadelphia, quite literally. the phillies cool off the san francisco giants, downright campbell stickin out there and fill. in fact, they had about a 40 minute rain
6:56 pm
delay before they picked it up in the second and see how brisket is out there rookie by the name of mickey mony ac looking like mickey man. well, here is first big league homer. it's a three run shot. what's a little kid? dad so proud of them, and later that kid dressed the throat ball back heads like, don't do that kid, you know valuable. those are 41 phillies in the seventh 21, darren rough, it's one deep and gun. a long ball. the three run homer again for the giants, and they tie this thing up and the kid this time he doesn't want to give it away. wants to eat the ball. get that kid on doug don't eat the ball and the continued clutch hitting continues yesterday hit a three run homer today, the r b i single up the bed of alex dickerson, clutch it yet three of them is a matter of fact. giants lead the ball game 54, but it was not to be the comeback win two out the seventh bryce. harper playing
6:57 pm
like a superstar today hits the rookie camilo do balls pitch long gone, and we've got a 55 game going to the bottom of the night to 11 out juan de peralta on for the giants and andrew navigation, shoots one down the left field line. harper will come to the play watching closely kind of weirdly swipes the plate with his gloved hand took a look at it on the replay touched it. phillies win it, 6533 road trip for the. i can't stay break, even. all right. we have proved tonight that steph curry is human. after all, and when he plays humanly the rest of the warriors need to step up. they couldn't quite get it. that league's leading scorer bradley beal, of the wizards is number two second quarter down. five dream on, we'll get it up top for kelly. you brave stepped up yet 18 in the first half 24 for the game, he helped keep a minute. third quarter. get this. this is. steps first
6:58 pm
three of the game is two for 14 wound up with for him anyway. only 18 points. it was tied into the fourth quarter. jordan pool who really came on strong dreams of three and he had him up 11 with seven minutes left. he had 22 today and bradley beal works the rim. he's fouled. it counts the wizards all the way back from the deficit. 22 points. four. bradley beal. warriors have a chance with steph driving for the lay up and watch this up the inbounds pass the warriors take advantage of the turnover. gettinto andrew wiggins misses a tough lay up and the warriors wind up falling free throws down the stretch. wrap it up for the wizards that is the sporting life, but you busy early, right? see you later early, right? see you later going tonight. previously on the big bang theory:
6:59 pm
what's going on? (laughs) it's-it's not what it looks like. what does it look like? it's not what it looks like. it's not what it looks like. what are you grinding about? penny's brain teaser this morning. she and koothrappali emerge from your bedroom. she is disheveled, and raj is dressed only in a sheet. the sole clue: "it's not what it looks like." just let it go, sheldon. if i could, i would, but i can't, so i shan't. now, knowing penny, the obvious answer is, they engaged in coitus. but... since that's what it looked like, we can rule that out.
7:00 pm
let's put on our thinking cap, shall we? raj is from india, a tropical country. third world hygiene. parasitic infections are common, such as pinworms. mm-hmm. the procedure for diagnosing pinworms is to wait until the subject is asleep, and the worms crawl out of the rectum for air. yes, just like that. penny could have been inspecting raj's anal region for parasites. oh, boy. that's a true blue friend. they slept together, sherlock. no, you weren't listening. she said it's not what it looks like. she lied. oh. don't i look silly sitting here wearing this?


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