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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 21, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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manslaughter and assault with a semi automatic weapon from ktvu, fox two news. this is the four and those charges come just one day after former minneapolis police officer derek shobin was convicted of killing george floyd. welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage land. i'm heather holmes the charges against the danville officer stem from the deadly shooting of a man back in 2018, our crime reporter henry lee joins us now live with details on that case, as well as video of another deadly incident involving this same. officer henry. well hello, the d a, says that her decision the final charges against this danville officer had nothing to do with the george floyd case, she says it is very, very possible that there's very rarely do. police officers get charged are on duty killings, but at least in this case, the first shooting he is criminally liable. now there's a warrant out for his arrest. my office
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filed criminal charges against danville police officer andrew hall, contra costa county d a. diana beckton charged officer andrew hall with voluntary manslaughter and assault for fatally shooting lot. omer arbel eta in 2018, or valetta was mentally ill. officer hall used unreasonable and unnecessary force when he responded to the in progress. traffic pursuit are belated, took off in a car after he was spotted acting suspiciously in a neighborhood. as other officers chased our valetta into downtown danville. officer hall intercepted them running to our bed. let his car and opening fire is the man tried to drive past two police cars? mr arboleda was hit nine times police say, are below to try to run the officer over the d a disagree and said halls tactics were flawed and illegal, unnecessary death of mr arboleda underscores the need for law enforcement personnel to better understand those who are suffering from mental.
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illness last month, the same officer shot and killed tyra wilson, who was homeless and mentally ill. the sheriff's office, which polices danville released new videos of that shooting. police say wilson have been throwing rocks at cars on the freeway. they say he was verbally combative with hall while armed with a knife, not police say wilson advance at the officer with the knife. his family says he wasn't a threat. the man's a murderer, and he had no respect for either one of these lives. attorney john burris has filed lawsuits on behalf of the families of both men shot dead by the officer, each one he initiated the contact. he's won. it created the confrontation. if there's one that's not good. police in port police, our hope is that moving forward from this incident we will be able to build a better methodology in handling these issues with our community. now. attorneys for the officers say that the d. a s decision to charge him seems quote overtly political. now, the d a is still deciding whether the charge hall in the most recent
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shooting last month, the officers not in custody, but will be arraigned at a later date reporting live. henry lee ktvu fox. two news again, important to point out. he's being charged in that 2018 shooting. henry lee reporting live force this afternoon, henry. thank you. following the murder conviction in the death of george florid yesterday, policing practices in minneapolis have now become the focus of a justice department investigation as fox is, lauren blanchard tells us this probe will look into whether there is a pattern of unconstitutional policing. the minneapolis police department now faces a civil investigation. one day after the verdict in the trial of former officer derrick show vin good officers do not want to work in systems that allow bad practices. attorney general merrick garland announcing a federal probe into policing practices in minneapolis wednesday. the doj was already investigating whether the
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officers involved in george floyd's death had violated his civil rights. now it will look at the entire department to see if there is a pattern of unconstitutional or unlawful policing the investigation. i am announcing today we'll assess whether the minneapolis police department. engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force, including during protests. the investigation will also assess whether the mpd engages in discriminatory conduct. the announcement comes one day after former officer derrick show vin was convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd. sheldon was booked into a minnesota state prison tuesday where hill awaits sentencing. prosecutors have argued several factors warrant a harsher sentence, including that children were put isn't when the crime was committed and that show been abused his authority as a police officer show vin's attorneys have 60 days to notify the trial court if they plan to appeal tuesday's conviction. i think they knew what was gonna happen in this
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case, probably prepared for it. the doj says it could bring a lawsuit against the minneapolis police department if it finds a pattern of unconstitutional policing in minneapolis. lauren blanchard, fox news. law enforcement agencies here in the bay area are reacting to the derrick shelvin verdict earlier today, during mornings on to the nine we talked with oakland police chief laurent armstrong. about what that conviction means to him. i think yesterday gave us all some hope. it gave us hope that we can believe in the justice system. it gave us hope that we can believe that police officers can be held accountable. it also gave us hope that we as community and law enforcement could come together and agree that change and reform is important and we need to rethink how long enforcement does its job. chief. armstrong says he's taken action in his own department to improve accountability. he created the
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bureau of risk management to increase auditing, ensuring consistent use of body worn cameras and challenging officers to be more present in the communities they serve. and the police unions in san jose, san francisco and los angeles all agree the guilty verdict against shobin was just. in a joint statement, those groups said quote, although the verdict will not bring george floyd back, this tragedy provides all of us in law enforcement and opportunity to improve how our nation is policed and our three police unions are committed to enacting reforms that will keep all americans safe. now the outcome of the show venmo murder trial is a first step in efforts toe bring about broader change many of the reforms that advocates air pushing are included in the george floyd justice in policing act of that bill. what among other things ban choke, holds and qualified immunity for officers require body cameras and create a national police misconduct registry joining us now to
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discuss what's next for police reform is david ball, law professor and santa claus. university thank you so much. david for being here. i want to start first with chokeholds. now many agencies, including here in the bay area, already prohibit thies neck restraints. so how effective would this be? so that's actually the key point that i wanted to raise. so new york city, for example, band choke holds and 1993. and yet eric garner died as a result of a chokehold, so it's one thing to say that you're going to ban choke holds, and it's another thing to talk about what happens when an officer uses a chokehold or how you're going. to enforce that van, okay, so there are some questions surrounding this. let's move on to the next issue, which the issue of qualified immunity. explain to viewers exactly what this is and why it was put in place. sure so qualified immunity is only relevant when someone is
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suing an officer on by extension, their department and their municipality for civil damages, so this would be a wrongful death suit in the case of somebody who was killed by police officers or someone who was damaged by them could sue them for towards just like you would sue someone if you slipped and fell enough in a grocery store or something like that. and qualified immunity is a judicially created doctrine. it's about 30 years old. that says on lee, if a police officer or an officer of the law it should you know it applies to more than just police, but only if an officer of the law clearly violated the violated clear rights or clearly established rites of which a reasonable person would have known. and so what that means is we can concede that somebody's rights were violated, but we can also then say, but the officer is not liable because it wasn't clearly established that those rights were violated. and so what this amounts to is that often times somebody who is the first person to make a claim on a given set of facts will lose because it hasn't yet been
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established already that what the police officer did clearly violated their civil rights. but again, it's important to remember. this is on lee for civil damages. this does not apply. qualified immunity is not. applicable in case where someone is being criminally charged for the actions that they took a zoo police officer okay, so you explained what it is. why do critics wanted eliminate it? well i think two reasons. so first of all, is that part of the theory behind our our system of civil damages or tort claims is that you should be compensated for the damage is that have been done to you? so when you lose a loved one, of course, there's a criminal component of it. where we as a society say you should be proud. just for that, and we want to express you know, a sort of outrage at that. ortio take you off the streets. but then there's also the fact that you've you've suffered emotional harms and you've lost their earning potential and all other kinds of things for which you could be compensated. similarly if you have your leg broken or you need to get medical treatment, you should
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be able to see the officer in order to recover those damages from medical treatment and well qualified immunity does is it prevents people from actually becoming made whole? the second issue with qualified immunity is really. one that is symbolic. oftentimes people will seek civil damages when they feel like they wanted a court somewhere to say that what happened to them was wrong and that you know the other person owes them something and so qualified immunity as the as the doctrine itself suggests, means that you cannot have your day in court against the police officer and say, you know, at least in the civil case that what you did harmed me and i deserve to be compensated for that. so it's two things really one is that you do want to make people whole and that the money you know, is a form of compensating for that, and the other thing is the important symbolic action that says you're going to be held to account for what you did, if not criminally, at least civilly, okay, so let's move on to the final component here that we're going to talk about today, and that is more oversight, including that
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national police misconduct database. one information would be collected and how would it be used? so one thing that's important to sort of start off with is that california is actually behind almost every other state when it comes to the information that is available on officer misconduct, so we have what's known as the sort of pitches, you know law that that means that it's. police personnel records are very. the access to them is very restrained in california, unlike other kinds of personnel records, and we don't have a very robust statewide de certification program for officers who are accused of misconduct, so that's one thing is that we could even start at the state level to fix that, but a nationwide database would allow, you know, would greater facilitate, you know, police officers not being able to sort of move away from their problems, right? so when an officer is fired for miss khan duct on, then moves across state lines. it's often difficult to find out why that
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person was fired, and it's difficult to track that. and so a nationwide officer database would just serve to make sure that if somebody you know was fired for cause from their previous job, and it's not the kind of person that we want continuing to work in law enforcement that they can't just move on down the road and start a new and create those same kinds of problems now again, as with the other issues that we've talked about, it's really all about enforcement. some of these measure similar to these have been proposed before, like in the 1994 crime bill, you know there was a proposal to its law toe to collect data about excessive police use of force, but we haven't really seen the reports that were supposed to have seen from the department of justice, even though that that laws now 17 years old, all right, professor ball really appreciate you coming on this afternoon to explain the various aspect of this legislation that again president biden is urging the senate to pass. yes, thank you, professor qanon up for us here
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on the four it was back to school day in san jose after more than a year of remote learning, but we'll tell you why a majority of students in the district are choosing to stay at home and california once again facing a drowned. and one bay area county is already taking action. what residents are no longer able. to do or risk getting fine, atteberry weather are quiet pattern continues starting out today, with some fog clearing back near the coastline, but we're actually tracking a good chance of some rain on the long range weather maps and that could impact your weekend plans will have won your forecast will have won your forecast coming up. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. dangerously dry conditions. here's a look at where we stand right now, and you can see parts of northern california, including napa and solano counties, is in red, which means extreme drought and
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around the mojave desert down south. we're even seeing some areas that are exceptionally dry right now. and with conditions expected to get even worse today, governor news team declared a drought emergency ktvu tom vacar joining us now live to talk about exactly what it is that the governor ordered and also to let us know about one county already putting restrictions in place starting today, tom well, here's the self analysis of my own backyard. now what you have here is a lot of drought resistant landscaping. very little grass. that's good. a small garden box. that's also good. but there's that big swimming pool, and that's not good, because that evaporates a lot of water and remember, this is the second year now of a true california drought that no one knows when it will end. more acute. the governor deliberately choose men to sena county. i'll usually went and well rained on county, but not this year or last, and i'm standing currently 40 ft underwater or should be
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standing 40 ft. underwater he declared a drought emergency from end acenas sonoma counties. but note this no prohibitions as yet there's no mandates. today on water consumption. there's just the encouragement and now more support and resource is for those efforts to continue the support and resource is gives other state agencies the authority and funding needed to react quickly, including mandates wherever needed statewide, as well as severe water rights restrictions. marin water, the state's oldest municipal water district is not waiting. it's seven reservoirs typically hold about a two year supply. it is lower than i've ever seen it. i've seen it another drought years. but this is really low, but part of it is because they've pumped it up to bon tempe that is to minimize evaporation. but this the second driest year in the district in the last 90 years has resulted in lonely 50% of normal rest of or capacity. so that's not where you want to be
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at the end of the rainy season. typically we're closer to 90% capacity. as of now, no home car washing. no power washing of homes or businesses and no flooding. of gutters are what are you? sufficiency is our largest reservoir of opportunity. it's also our cheapest, most affordable source of water supply, also including public agencies, no watering of public medians. no dust control with water, no sewer, flushing or street cleaning. the home gardens may be watered as needed. specifics of home landscaping, residential pools, as well as golf courses will be considered on may the 20th we use about 50% of our potable drinking water outside we don't need to be doing that. and the rules allow for hardship, health and safety exemptions. without that the first violation results in a written warning and the second a $25 fine, subsequent violations $250 each but the most effective enforcement will come from peer pressure. what i
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have seen is that in prior drugs, the community steps up. now, the governor says even today, californians are still using 16% water then they were using before the five year drought that ended in 2017. we're gonna have to work even harder now reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox two news, tom. thank you. why don't we head into this pattern, of course by april, kind of typically know what you have in terms of water supplies. so now we know we have. we could have to manage our way through these a drier years. and as you know, it's basically here we have to prepare for a drought conditions as we head into the next few months and into the summer, taking a look at to the overall throughout to monitor map. of course, this changes quickly quite a bit, and this will probably change even as early as tomorrow. as you can see, taking a look at the maps right now, and you will noticed
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this. there's one little sliver of california not to colored here it all and that is the coastline of portions of humble county and down north county, so as you can see, it's becoming closer to the bay area. we have extreme drought closer to with napa in solano counties, even for lake and yolo, severe proportions of the east bay, then moderate levels closer to the south bay, but these conditions can change rapidly. is tom talked about in marin county? this picture was snapped at phoenix lake yesterday to see how low those levels are with. not much in the way about rainfall this winter. now i am talking about some rain chances, though. in fact, a fairly good chance a nice welcome change as we head into the weekend, but all in all will not really impact our water supply for his rightful as a percentage of average everybody well below average around 35 to 39% of average. here's the satellite today, a typical summertime pattern out there, in fact, that we had low clouds and fog near the coast near the bay, gradually clearing back to a near the shoreline. so if you're near the coast half moon bay pacifica closer to san
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francisco's ocean beach. it's been foggy all day long, and the satellite is picking up on some that cloud cover this afternoon. we'll check out to some of the current wind speeds. it is breezy, not as windy is yesterday, but still wind her up there. they owe the windy spots run 15 to 20 miles an hour, sfo sustained wind about 21 miles an hour current numbers. it is cool in san francisco and temperatures in the fifties. it is war. and with those neighborhoods in the upper sixties too low to mid seventies, here's a live camera looking out toward a cloudy sfo this afternoon, so keeping it cool and we are still tracking two more fog as we head into tonight and first thing tomorrow morning, so partly cloudy skies still some areas of fog blanketing the coast and right around the bay shoreline first thing tomorrow morning. our forecast model is picking up on that theme, and then into the afternoon hours, the clouds will clear back to a near the coastline, so essentially an identical forecast compared to what we had today, mid fifties to the mid seventies. if you want the warm temperatures,
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head inland, the cool, too mild conditions, coast side and just the cool conditions right to write down towards san francisco, half moon bay and pacific up, but as i mentioned, we're excited about a rain chance. in fact, a fairly good rain chances we head into the weekend. we'll talk more about the timing with your full forecast in a few minutes, all right, thanks, mark. well some students in the san jose unified school district returned to the classroom today for the. first time in more than a year. welcome back signs greeted students coming to pioneer high school in san jose. it's one of the district's 41 school campuses across all grades that are now reopened about 30% of the students in this district chose to come back for in person learning full time. five days a week. i'm just super glad there's an option for students and families, toe. have them be in school full day. i know it's difficult for our staff members and our teachers, but you know they're willing to step up. give this a try super excited for my daughter. she's been missing all of her friends and her teachers, and i just think
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it's gonna be great for her to be back with the kids and the teachers and get a really good education this way. about 70% of the district students decided to continue with distance learning for the remaining six weeks of the school here. president biden announces a vaccine milestone and more incentives for americans to get their shots. i'm david lee miller in new york. the details coming up and there are only a handful of chances left to win this season. you can play the fox super six mass singer sweepstakes and potentially win your share of $250,000 download the free app and, of course, watch the mass singer tonight at eight o'clock right here on ktvu.
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even more incentives for americans toe get their shots. as fox's david lee miller tells
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us this afternoon. that milestone is being reached about a week ahead of the deadline set by the white house. it was a target that seemed impossible at first after developing covid vaccines in record time. the u. s is now on track to administer its 200 million shot on thursday. significantly ahead of the 100 day goals set by the white house. and now president biden wants to make it even easier for americans to get vaccinated, calling on all employers to provide paid time off for workers to get their shots. no working american should lose a single dollar from her paycheck because they chose to fulfill their patriotic duty of getting vaccinated. as the program expands. it's still unclear if the johnson and johnson vaccine will be an option. it remains on hold in the us while regulators investigate a syriza of rare blood clots, but a growing number of doctors are calling on the c, d. c and f d a to reverse that decision, pointing out the chance of getting a blood clot related to the vaccine is less than one in
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a million. i think it was a good idea and the ethically right thing to do deposit temporarily. the fda does this every single day. make a decision. get it back on the market. it's an important tool. there's also a big push to combat vaccine hesitancy and younger people as a new surgeon. cases intensifies. some teams say they're looking forward to getting the shot, while others say they'll wait until their parents give the green light. i'm just happy to get in with everyone else. my mom listens to the good things and she listened to the bad things. and then at the end of the day, she leans towards the bad things. president biden today announced a tax credit for small businesses to cover the cost of paid leave for vaccinations. in new york. david lee miller, fox news. police in columbus, ohio, shooting killed a 16 year old girl armed with the knife. now the department is vowing transparency and releasing the body camera video and sanctions sleeping sites for every
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welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity hiv medicine is one part of it. turns into the scent of home. where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits. officer shot and killed 16 year old mukai a bryant that shooting, prompting protests as it happened right around the same time that former police officer derek sheldon was convicted in george floyd's death yesterday. fox is garrett tenney has the details that we do want to warn you. the video you're about to see is
4:31 pm
disturbing. al rage over the police killing of makai a. bryant the 16 year old girl shot by a columbus, ohio, officer after she charged it to people with a knife in her aunt. the entire incident, which was caught on body camera happened minutes before the derrick show vin verdict was delivered. authorities on wednesday released video from multiple officers body cameras in an effort for full transparency, while also saying it's important to wait for the fax under any circumstances. that is a heretic. this tragedy, but the video shows that there is more to this. and though it's not easy, wait for the facts as determined by an independent investigation. columbus is mayor agrees fax will determine the outcome. bc i will determine if the officer involved was wrong and if he was, we will hold him accountable. police were dispatched to a home tuesday
4:32 pm
afternoon following this 911 phone call. you're gonna bite us stabbed is gonna clear and going. ran. gave her now. the boy. camera video shows officers arriving to a commotion in the driveway when bryant started swinging what appears to be a knife at another girl who falls down. bryant then charges another woman at the scene, putting her against a car and raising her hand with a knife in it stepped out just out. bryant fell to the ground, a black handled knife similar to a kitchen knife was on the ground near her. she was taken to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead at independent investigation into the officer's use of deadly force is now underway in chicago. i'm garrett tenney, fox news. san francisco city leaders are considering a new and controversial plan to address a surgeon homelessness, it would turn public spaces in the city sanctioned homeless encampments. now the legislation called a place for all had its first
4:33 pm
committee hearing today and joining me this afternoon is supervisor raphael man delman, author of this proposal supervisor. thank you so much for being here this afternoon. this would allow for sites for hundreds of tents who would be offered it. tent. and where would these sites be located? yes so taking a step back? this is actually not a tense for all proposal. it's a shelter for all proposal that could be using safe sleeping sites, but could also be traditional shelter, navigation centers or even sip hotels. so what the legislation would require, is that san francisco make available to any un house person willing to come in off of the sidewalk or out of the plaza of the park, a safe place to be. it's does establish a minimum standards for the safe sleeping sites. if that you just accept that we were relying on those, but really this for the first time, would it would not exactly established a right to shelter, but it would establish a policy that san francisco is going to try to have shelter for all and that's a commitment. other
4:34 pm
cities make new york make. said. boston makes it it's a commitment san francisco does not make and i think some of what we have on our streets reflects that. how long would people be allowed to stay at these sites? so these air intended to be, you know, temporary shelter should be a temporary path to some other exit from homelessness. on did so the hope is that folks would not be there for long. we have a tremendous shortage of permanent supportive housing. i think we have seen during the pandemic. we've seen an explosion of unsanctioned and cameron's, which are dangerous for the folks who live in them and terrible for the neighborhoods where they're located. we've also explored some regulate city regulated and managed encampments. and i think that we've seen that those can be part of our solution. at least. two ending street homelessness. i think we need to try to end street homelessness in san francisco, even if we can't get every announced person home now, you
4:35 pm
mentioned that these will be sanctioned encampments, but again, where exactly would they be located with they beyond on public parks, would they be in every neighborhood across san francisco? so this is just the very earliest step in this process. there's a policy statement that would say that we're gonna try to have some kind of shelter for everyone and would include would save sleep sites. is that a z part of that? but then we would ask our department of homelessness and supportive housing to take four months and identify potential sites for safe sleeping sites or for other temporary shelter on dta also give us a cost analysis right now, we don't really know how much full implementation of this policy would cost and so before we move forward with it, of course, we would need to have that implementation plan back for the board of supervisors to consider on decide whether we're going to move forward with a shelter for all implementation of actual shelter for all, yeah, supervisor. you can understand, though it's difficult for
4:36 pm
people to get on board with this plan if we don't know the cost, be if they don't know where these sites are going to be. we're already hearing from homeless advocates that this does not address the root of the problem, which is permanent, affordable, permanent housing. what do you say? tol bliss advocates who don't really like this proposal? yeah they've expressed a lot of concern. they believe that we i need to. we need to move people to permanent supportive housing, and i agree that we should doom or in the way of permits. supportive housing, but really over the last 2030 years, san francisco has spent billions of dollars on moving people from the street into permanent supportive housing and other exits from homelessness without measurably appreciated a ble impacting and improving conditions on the street. we need to have an exit from the sidewalk for every person willing to take it, and i don't think it's an either, or i think we need to invest in those kind of shelter. alternatives directly impact what's going on in the street even as we try to make our
4:37 pm
contribution to the more permanent solutions. almost this is a regional statewide national problem. san francisco is not gonna be able on its own toe to house everyone, house person and if we don't deal with our street conditions until we've reached that utopian point we're going to keep having what we got. which is unacceptable, all right, supervisor mandolin really appreciate you coming on the show today and we'll be following the progress of your plan. thanks again. all right. thank you. coming up here on the four accepted to college. but now what? up next? we'll have a look at what high school seniors should keep in mind. during this very uncertain time on barry weather, almost like a summer like pattern out there with lots of fog in the morning, clearing back to near the coastline. i know we've been looking for the rain wind factor tracking a fairly good chance as we head into the chance as we head into the weekend, we'll have the is your family ready for an emergency?
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit
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you. a little cell that produced the thunderstorms and portions of the north bay. we have been a dry across the entire region since last march, basically, march 18th our last storm, we finally have a real chance of some rain. hope it happens as we head into the weekend. right now we're targeting the kind of the sunday forecast, so we are expecting some changes over the next few days. take a look at the forecast maps or forecast model, which has been kind of showing the same pattern each and every day. that's a dry pattern for us. that is finally changing around and by sunday, we will bump up those rain chances here in the bay area and possibly some snowfall. we're not just talking about a few sprinkles is you can't see saturday. we're gonna increase the clouds. maybe a sprinkler, too. but look what happens into the afternoon hours on sunday or basically, by sunday morning into sunday afternoon, we will be watching the rain clouds drift in from the north. at least for today. we have this
4:41 pm
lots of low clouds and fog have been faint. it's ah, summer like pattern with the clouds in the morning, clearing back to a near coastline. here is a look at this satellite and those onshore winds still a big factor not as strong as yesterday. but still some breezy conditions and solid overcast out towards san francisco out toward the richmond district, golden gate bridge and right around the marin headlands as he back out, the maps will show you what the current wind and right now the winds as i mentioned not as strong as yesterday, but it is still breezy with winds from around 10 to 20 miles an hour across most of the region, so we're holding onto the breezy conditions temperatures right now. was cool near the coast around the bay still pretty chilly as well. but as you do work your way inland, you could see a few seventies out toward conquered and out toward fairfield. here's a live camera looking out toward sfo has been cloudy at least mostly cloudy for a good portion of the day, so we already have some clouds to work with for this afternoon into tonight, so we'll start off with some gray first thing tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours, the clouds
4:42 pm
will clear back to near the coastline and temperatures. it's chilly once again for the coast mid fifties, the warm spots will be approaching the seventies, so we actually have a front to what track out here in the pacific. not just yet, though not in the short term, the syrian high pressure wants to build in so for tomorrow some morning clouds fair skies, but then into the weekend, we will definitely see those changes with cooler temperatures. some clouds on saturday with the slight chance of a sprinkle, and then on sunday, we will be bumping up those rain chances. take a look at the forecast ties for tomorrow. mid seventies inland. it's cool near the coast and right around the bay. lots of sixties with sky's becoming partly sunny, more sunshine for places like conquer livermore in antioch, and look ahead your five day pretty quiet in the friday but then those changes into the weekend more clouds on saturday and rain likely into sunday so they could be dodging those rain clouds. if you have any outdoor plans on sunday, or maybe even embracing those rain clouds because it is nice to at least track at least some rain back in the berry forecast.
4:43 pm
thanks mark, a southern california beach property taken from a black couple how a city is trying now to rectify the injustice that happened nearly 100 years ago. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month.
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prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium, serious infections, which could need hospitalization, skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. don't wait for a break, call your doctor today, and ask about prolia®. prepare for wildfire season in some areas, emergency service workers are teaching people what to do to prevent and respond to wildfires. christy grosz shows us how to alameda county is becoming a fire wise community. one year after year after year. 12 make county is no stranger to wildfires definitely in the last couple of years, we've seen an increase in welfare and catastrophic wildfire at times flames, forcing tiger. communities to evacuate to
4:46 pm
alameda county office of emergency response coordinator dorie beat says it's something all homeowners in neighborhoods need to be prepared for long. gone are the times where we're waiting for everybody else to come. save us. we have a roll every one of us individually. that's why she's pushing to expand the number of fire wise communities in the county. whether it's you know the campfire, the butte fire paradise, any of those communities that have been hard hit by wildfires. we've been learning from that fire wise is a national and international program that provides a framework for neighbors to take action and wildfire prevention and be designated as a fire wise community. any geographical area that we can get home owners to come together build that defensible. space, beefier wise, be smart and be prepared, the better. we're gonna be off both in response as well as recovery. should we be hit by a wildfire again from identifying evacuation routes to preparing go bags and phone trees to help the most vulnerable neighbors. beat says being fire wise is crucial to survival fire season i was no longer a very short
4:47 pm
time frame. it is now almost year round. and so we're having to prepare year round. we're having to have these conversations over and over again year round, and it's better going toe to do that. s so that we can prepare and be resilient from any welfare beat says it's up to everyone in the community to do their part, including visitors. whenever you go to another county, you have to understand where you're at. you have to understand that any given time there could be a while for so you need to know what that system is. you need to be aware and have that opportunity to help save yourself into all of my county. christy grosz fox news. oakland now has a new fire chief, and he's from the east coast. the city has selected reginal friedman to serve as oakland's next fire chief. he most recently served as the fire chief, and hartford, connecticut. for the last five years, freeman will take over for deputy chief melinda drayton, who has held the position in an interim role since last april. oakland city administrator says that she,
4:48 pm
freeman brings a high level of professional experience as a leader, he'll take over the department effective may 17th. a landmark decision in southern california will return of valuable parcel of manhattan beach property to the descendants of the original landowners. the los angeles county board of supervisors voted unanimously yesterday to return bruce is beach to the family of willow and charles bruce. the black couple bought that property in 1912 and operated a successful beach resort catering to black families. 1924 the city condemned the property and seized it through eminent domain. the resort was forced out of business and the bruces lost their land in 1929. it sends the message that if you stand up for the right thing, that eventually you're gonna win, you know, and that if you're on the wrong side of history, and you're standing up for the wrong thing, racism and institutional racism you're going to lose because now the tide has turned. at this time.
4:49 pm
it's unclear what the family is going to do with the property once they reclaim ownership. currently an l. a county lifeguard training facility is on that land. a new covid-19 testing facility opened at terminal three at san francisco international airport. the express check pop up facility is before the pre security gates right near the baggage claim area inside the united terminal. there will be nine separate tasting testing rooms and health experts will administer more than 500 tests each day. various tests cost various amounts. there was another on site testing option for customers traveling from esa foto, help them meet the entry requirements to their final destination. some tests being offered will have results while you wait. the state of hawaii is easing up on inter island travel rules, people who are fully vaccinated can now skip pre travel testing and quarantine requirements. but. only for flights between
4:50 pm
islands. for now, the rule only applies to people who were vaccinated in hawaii for all other visitors traveling to the state. a covid test is still required. the u. s and canada have now agreed to extend a ban on non essential travel between the two countries. it extends canada's mandatory three day hotel quarantine for international travelers following testing at airports. the rule will stay in effect until at least may, 21st just gather is not vaccinating its population as quickly as the u. s and is currently fighting a third wave. well, if you're planning to travel any time soon, expect to see full flights. delta is the last major airline to keep those middle seats open body will start selling those seats next month, a cdc study shows the policy against selling the middle seats was a good one, especially during the early faces of the pandemic. researchers say it may have reduced the risk of infection
4:51 pm
on planes by as much as 57% however, experts say things have changed since the start of that study, and other precautions are now more important model people sitting on the airplanes without wearing masks. and, of course, everybody who was flying right now will be wearing a mask. so i think that makes a huge difference. the study also didn't account for people getting vaccinations. current cdc guidelines recommend against traveling if you are not vaccinated, san francisco is expanding access to coronavirus vaccines in the city's hard hit visitation valley neighborhood. the health department officially launched a newly expanded neighborhood vaccine side earlier today on sunnydale avenue. it's the city's fifth neighborhood vaccination site, help director dr grant colfax and supervisors shaman walton were at that site. would it opened? vaccines are available there for people 18 and over by appointment or by drop in monday through
4:52 pm
wednesday. this vaccine site here in the 9th 4134 zip code is very important for us to make sure that our folks and visitation valley have opportunity to get vaccinated and keep themselves in their families safe. the visitation valley neighborhood also has a second vaccination site open two days a week at the sunnydale community wellness center. how about getting paid to move up next year on the four will talk with one of the founders of a new website that's connecting remote workers with new opportunities elsewhere in the country. today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow. but you can work out anything with comcast business. get fast internet on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. flexible tools — like wi-fi you control. voice solutions that connect you from anywhere. and expert advice here, here, or even here. be fast. be flexible. bounce forward with comcast business. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month.
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plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. switch today.
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or deciding to move to other cities or states that might be more affordable, and a new website is now helping to connect those remote workers
4:55 pm
with communities across the country that are paying people to move there. earlier today, i talked with the co founder of a website called make my move dot com about where those remote workers are headed the perks they're being offered and what this trend means for silicon valley. remote workers there suddenly free to choose the place that best suits their needs are finding folks with maybe places with a better cost of living. better quality of life may be closer to family or closer to amenities. so you know, leaving like it was like new york, boston san francisco going to places like tulsa, oklahoma. indianapolis, indiana where we're from, um, and tried to nuke a tennessee. what are some of the perks that that some of these cities across the country are offering people to move that? what we're finding is that the city's air retooling programs that traditionally maybe have been toe recruit companies and two
4:56 pm
regions s. oh there, repurpose seeing a lot of those economic development dollars and giving them straight to the remote worker, and so it comes in a lot of forms, some communities offered cash on to pekka azi mentioned offers $10,000 in cash plus $1000 of jimmy john sandwiches today. having a little bit of fun with it on a southwest michigan is offering $15,000 towards a new home, so they're doing mortgage reimbursements and plus a bunch of perks on so there's cash. there's loan forgiveness. there's free membership to local amenities, all kinds of things that are available to remote workers willing to make a move. all right. so what? what if what if i'm a person who's working remotely here? well i mean, i am obviously as you can see, but let's let's say i'm working remotely, and i want to, you know, move somewhere else other than other than the bay area on i have sort of a dream destination in mind. can your website helped to arrange some sort of incentive package for me to move to a particular city?
4:57 pm
yeah, absolutely. so you know, i make my move is it's an online marketplace. so we host dozens of existing community offers. and so that you can shot for the existing communities that are offering relocation and sentence. but if you don't see something. that suits your fancy. we have a design your own move feature, so you can tell us what you're looking for. you know, in terms of a region or a set of amenities that you'd like to be close to and we'll match you to a community and help you negotiate an incentive to make that. all right. so let's talk about how how your pay might be adjusted. if you move out of somewhere with the high cost of living like the bay area, there are going to be some companies that may adjust your salary if you move to somewhere that that's more affordable toe live, but how often are you seeing that when folks are a relocated through your site? yeah you know, it's really early in this a sort of new world and to know
4:58 pm
what will happen in the long run. and in the early days we are seeing some companies will make regional adjustments to salary, but, you know, ultimately, these companies are competing for talents and that they'll only get away with adjusting that salary as long as they're able to find the talent we expect in the long run. that you know a sales for us to respond. if ira twitter is gonna pay top dollar for top talent, no matter where those that talent reside. yeah. and the website's co founder, evan hock, told me he believes a lot of people, especially tech workers, will continue to work remotely even after the pandemic is over, because they like the freedom and the flexibility while on the other hand, employers like being able to draw from a global talent pool. the website make my move dot com is free for remote workers to use if they are thinking about leaving town. ktvu fox two news at five starts now graphic body camera
4:59 pm
video released today of a deadly police shooting in danville. today the contra costa county district attorney filed charges against the same officer for another deadly shooting that happened three years ago. at officer is already on administrative leave following the most recent shooting now and arrest warrant has been issued for the shooting that happened back in 2018. good evening, everyone i'm. frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. those charges come one day after former minneapolis police officer derek shobin was convicted of killing george floyd are crime reporter henry lee joins us now, with the details on the charges and video of another deadly incident involving that same officer, henry well, julie the d a, says her decision to file charges against its danville officer has nothing to do with the george floyd case. she says that this officer is criminally liable, at least for this first homicide and there is now. a warrant out for his arrest. my office filed criminal charges
5:00 pm
against danville police officer andrew hall, contra costa county d a. diana beckton charged officer andrew hall with voluntary manslaughter and assault for fatally shooting lot. omer arbel eta in 2018 are valetta was mentally ill. officer hall used unreasonable and unnecessary force when he responded to the in progress. traffic pursuit are belated, took off in a car after he was spotted acting sister. viciously in a neighborhood as other officers chased our valetta into downtown danville. officer hall intercepted them running to our bed. let his car and opening fire is the man tried to drive past two police cars. mr arboleda was hit nine times police say, are below to try to run the officer over the d a disagree and said halls, tactics were flawed and illegal. the unnecessary death of mr arboleda underscores the need for law enforcement personnel to better understand those who are. suffering from mental illness. last month, the same officer shot k


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