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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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than 10 hours over the course of two days before reaching their verdict. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. the jury found derek show vin guilty of second degree murder, third degree murder, and said can't degree manslaughter, the maximum sentence would be 40 years in prison, but under state sentencing guidelines, he theoretically could receive just 12.5 years since he has no prior criminal record. three other former minneapolis police officers charged with aiding and abetting murder in floyd's death will stand trial in august. we have live team coverage tonight, ktvu zandra senior will have reaction from here in the bay area. first though, we begin with lauren blanchard. he she. said minneapolis tonight. what's it like there? lauren? hi, frank. well, folks here have been out here for hours, both leading up to that verdict and then marching and demonstrating and really celebrating after those three guilty, guilty, guilty
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verdicts came down. now it seems things are kind of starting to break up. folks are starting to head home now that the sun is starting to go down, but today was really they say about turning over a new leaf. they feel there was a new day for that. them and their community and all of the protest ng that they have been doing over the last year. that was the jury. i understand you have a verdict. former minneapolis police officer derrick show been found guilty on all three counts of second degree and third degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of george floyd moved to have the court revokes the defendant's bail and remanded into custody. bail is revoked, bond is discharged and the defendant is remanded to the custody of the handbrake county sheriff. the jury returning with a verdict tuesday afternoon after roughly a day of deliberations, as he saw in this trial from. the fellow police officers who testified most went men and women who wear the badge serve their communities honorably. but those few who failed to
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meet that standard must be held accountable. and they were today. today you have a cameras all around the world to see and show what happened to my brother. it was the motion picture the world seen his life being extinguished and i could do nothing but watch, especially in that courtroom over and over and over again as my brother was murdered. times. they're getting harder every day. 10 miles away from here, mr right, dante, right? yeah, he should still be here. no way out the always understand it. we have to march. we will have to do this for life. we have to protest because it seems like this is a never ending cycle.
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the verdict comes nearly one year after this video of shoving kneeling on floyd's neck for nearly 9.5 minutes went viral as floyd begged for his life didn't breathe video setting off international protests over racial injustice. and police brutality, over the last three weeks, jurors listened to more than 40 witnesses crucial testimony for the prosecution coming from dr martin tobin, who testified that floyd died from a lack of oxygen due to being pinned down by show of in some defense witnesses maintain show than used reasonable force and that factors like floyd's heart and illegal drug use contributed to his death. so where do we go from here show vin is expected to be sentenced in eight weeks. that's according to the judge. in this case, he does face a maximum sentence of 40 years. it's likely not to be that long, though, when we actually do get that sentence on then, of course, here in minneapolis today, largely peaceful. the
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demonstrators, protesters here celebrating most of the day. obviously though, now that the sun is starting to go down love enforcement and national guard here still on high alert, just in case there is the potential for any. unrest frank well, let's hope that doesn't happen. lauren blanchard live in minneapolis tonight, lauren. thank you. president biden spoke to floyd's family after the verdict, saying he expects to get a lot more done on police reform to get it done. hopefully this is the moment for the george floor, justice and police in that to get past to have you sign a lot of war, dad. thank you, mr president. well, this could be the first shot of dealing with gentlemen systemic racism, people, vice president harris also spoke with the family. she thanked them for their courage and strength and call this a day of justice. for america. oh about
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300 people celebrated outside the courthouse in minneapolis as the verdict was read with hugs and cheers. the city has been on edge for months after george floyd's death, another group gathered outside cut foods were floyd was detained. that area is now known as george floyd square. police departments and city leaders around the bay area prepared for the verdict. ktvu is andre sr joins us now live and andre oakland police say they are ready for any possible demonstrations. well julie police departments across the bay area work on standby today in oakland, the city's top cop went around to local businesses that were recently damaged to reassure them that officers would be at the ready. before derek sharpens verdict came down tuesday afternoon concern of what might happen. let oakland police chief laurent armstrong to visit businesses that were damaged during police demonstrations five days ago. just think it's sad side of
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stuff for our businesses. what a recovering economy, it's always tough to see businesses continue to suffer around midday tuesday, the chief stopped by to damage businesses on 17th of broadway, a metropcs mobile store and neighboring oakland ish windows to the clothing retailer was shattered as demonstrators moved up broadway last friday during the tour chief armstrong acknowledge the issue of police reform and insisted that change needs to happen. i'm a police chief that is willing to have that conversation about how we as law enforcement. police are our communities in a way that's fair and equitable for all people, no matter what you look like guilty after the shaman verdict came down, we had a chance to speak with oakland's mayor. this verdict of guilty on all counts gave me a profound sense of relief. really be shaft, echoing some other sentiments by chief armstrong that the showman case highlights the need for police reform something chef says is already underway at opd. we are changing the culture of policing toe one of guardianship. and that those
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who are not part of that change will be asked to leave and held accountable for any deviation changes long sought. i mean, a number of nationwide, police involved shootings involving black and minority men, michael stand in a health sciences professor, california state university. east bay. highlights see anxiety among black americans during counters with police. the police are supposed to be. protectors right? sometimes you know these cases, i think for many black americans, they highlight a sense that you know, it's unclear whether black americans can feel that same protection it. oakland police said they had plans to plans in place to keep the community safe prior to the verdict. and while there was a very small, small gathering in front of city hall in response to the verdict, there were no reports of any issues. julie and his good news andre senior reporting live for us tonight, andrei thank you in the past hour, we talked to san francisco police chief bill scott. he says justice has been
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served for george floyd and his family. it was justice for so many people. over such a long period of time who feel that they didn't get justice. and i think that is why you're seeing such jubilation and it crosses many, many lines. i mean, i dare many people in this profession, including myself. that you felt a sense that justice was served in this case, chief scott says. this case started a movement that has never been seen before, and he's hoping that local and federal governments could work together now to create police. warm, joining us to talk more about all of this is a civil rights attorney and dante pointer. first of all, thank you for joining us when you first heard the judge say guilty. what was the first thought that went through your mind? there was just a sense of relief. you know that in this case in this time in this moment that the people who have
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been the most victimized and have been the most impacted either watching that horrific video or sitting and pins and needles, hoping that our justice system would do what it's supposed to do, which is delivered justice to the victims and to the people. it was that relief that this time it was done. but i also know that we're really the test will be what type of sentence is handed out. officer shoulder? yeah, let's talk about that in a moment. first, i wanted to just ask you how important is this verdict? is this a tipping point when it comes to civil rights and policing? i heard one person say that he was a black man say that this is a new day in america. do you agree? i can't make that pronounced. i would like to, but until we see the evidence, you know, i trust but i've verified when i could look around here in the bay area and i see more district attorneys prosecuting police officers for violating the public dressed just as vigorously as they
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would prosecute you and i for a traffic stop or for violating someone's rights or causing harm, then i'll be happy to make that pronouncement. until then. i'm hopeful, but it's guarded optimism. okay, let's go back to the sentencing officer, former officers showman is facing up to 40 years. do you think that the judge will give him the maximum sentence or are you worried that he would reduce the sentence because officers show over in has no criminal record and could theoretically service little is 12.5 years. well, i don't think that he'll get the maximum here, you know, typically given as you mentioned the person who doesn't have a criminal record well, should not receive the maximum, and given that he's a police officer. i'm sure you that will also give some credit towards going in the other direction towards a more lenient sentence. but does he deserve the maximum? yes do i know that people do much? just as much time for non violent crimes. yes, so he should get the maximum, but also i'm very familiar with the way the justice system works and for us
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in the bay area, rouz remember oscar grant and johannes measure, the trial conviction was had, but that officer spent less time behind bars in a person who's a multiple dy offender. let me finish with this one question here for the sake of argument would george floyd's death if it wasn't videotaped? would we still be where we are today? in other words, how important is it that that person put it pulled out their cell phone and videotape what officers show vin did for nine minutes and 29 seconds. it made all the difference in the world. you know, there are so many people whose names we don't hear. don't know who aren't reported upon who died and very similar manners and without the videotape, there was no proof and it was the officer's word against the citizens or, unfortunately they died alone. it was only the officers work, so i think the video and body cameras that makes all the difference in this what we're seeing today, and i like it into the civil rights movement, you know when television brought the dog. was
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the water hoses and the beatings into everyone's home. we could no longer deny what was taking place in the place. we call our country and that we were betraying the promise the oath and the ideals of our country, so i think that this could be a watershed moment to well, let's hope so because there's no denying it when you have it on videotape. dante we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight. thank you so much. thank you for covering this very important issue. and her coverage of the showman verdict continues next, with reaction from the south bay and look at the celebration of justice under way, a significant cool down again today as much as 15 degrees cooler and very brisk winds along the coast. details on
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. minneapolis that found former police officer derrick show vin
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guilty of murder and manslaughter. he is now potentially facing 40 years in prison. these are live pictures that you're looking at right now from a gathering in san francisco at 24th and mission street, everything has been very peaceful. so far the people they're celebrating the verdicts but also saying that their fight for justice isn't over yet. floyd died last may after show. even penned his knee on george floyd's neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds. floyd's family was brought to tears by the decision in court today in san jose, the naacp organized a gathering. it's a small gathering it started right after the guilty verdicts were announced. organizers are calling it a celebration of justice. and this is what local faith leaders are saying today. we've been struck down by the police. violence and concerned and so today we want to have a little time to reflect and to
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enjoy and also memorialized those who still lost their lives. it isn't important at this moment that we stand together as a community red and yellow, black and white because we're all precious in god's sight, and today today, today we can celebrate together. ah great. victory is not a day for justice. this was a day for accountability. buddy back out, now live in san jose. faith leaders say this afternoon's verdict is a great step toward a better country after the celebration here, more somber reflection of the event and the impact of the lives that have been lost over it. grace baptist church on north 11th and san fernando. southern california congresswoman karen bass is among the many political leaders reacting to the verdict, she wrote on twitter quote. 30 years ago, rodney king was brutally beaten by police. the video of the
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assault shocked the world, but not the jury, who let every single police officer responsible roam free. today is different. derrick show venmo murdered george floyd and has been convicted of his crimes. she also called for quote real substantive. police reform former president barack obama released a statement earlier this afternoon, he said in part while today's verdict may have been a necessary step on the road to progress, it was far from a sufficient one. we cannot rest we will need to follow through with concrete reforms that will reduce and ultimately eliminate racial bias in our criminal justice system. those temperatures did drop off today. in breezy too, especially along the coast. just a 35 miles an hour, at times significant wind in the bay area, and that kept temperatures on the down low. pretty much we saw temperatures that were in the seventies as opposed to the eighties and even nineties. as we saw a couple days ago, we had to record in santa rosa little sun
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coming through on the estuary right now, now we haven't seen much sunshine along the coast or any locations inside the bag. or at the coastal sections because it has been cloudy, foggy and breezy. these were the highs from today and again. 73 fairfield. that's up a few degrees from yesterday. 78 indiana daca not bad, but when you get around the bay and at the coast much, much cooler 58 in san francisco 53 in pacifica, downtown san jose. kind of cloudy on and off all day 65 degrees, so current temperatures again and you could see this i pick out the sea breeze using the colors right. the colors represent temperatures and you can see how far the sea breeze that wind is really pushes series all the way up into the sacramento delta, so they're saying they call them delta breezes and their temperatures have come down quite a bit as well. and then you could see up here in this area. you can see the yellows that represents essentially the turning the corner. the cool air didn't turn the corner up towards winters and up towards woodland in those areas. so temperatures and conquered 12 degrees cooler
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right now. 40 degrees cooler and liver. marcel today was cooler tomorrow is going to be a little warmer or the same, and as we go towards the bay area weekend, we're looking at a weather system that looks like based on the way the models are kind of coming together. it looks like it could deliver us a little something in the way of rain and even snow in the mountains and perhaps even more than just a one day deal. again it's hardly will fix that issues with water we're having right now. no way, but it's something and it looks like it's slated for sunday into monday, so we come back. we'll look specifically at that when the five day forecast will see you back here, okay, bill will see then alright. knew it. six here and incredible story about a student at oakland tech. it's the first time in the school's history that a black student there has been named valedictorian and listen to this. he has a 5.0 g p a. i didn't even know that was possible. he's been accepted to pretty much every top school in the country. and he plays on the varsity basketball team today. talked with ktvu is rob roth about all of his
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accomplishments. was. oh ace. answer oakland. the atomic number of here 51 no. at 18 years old ahmed mohammed is already an entrepreneur straight a student and varsity basketball player. now he can add to the list valedictorian at oakland technical high school class of 2021. it feels amazing. you know, a lot of ah lot of hard work throughout these years, but mohammed holds another distinction. he's the first african american male to become valedictorian in the school's history that's showing. all the younger kids and the next generations that they could do the same thing. and much more. mohammed is carrying a 5.0 grade point average this year in a 4.73 g p a overall and he's a key member of the school's basketball team. will hammond has applied to 11 colleges that has been accepted by all of them, but he's not sure which one he'll choose is down the stanford, harvard, princeton columbia. well, how many's quick to credit his parents, teachers and fellow
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students for his achievements. i'm not competing with my classroom. dates with other people from other schools. i'm really competing against myself. that's how i like to see it. how can i improve on myself each and every day? who's advanced placement physics teacher says he's taught many students gifted in science, but mohammed stands out relief sells it everything he does. that's what i think really makes him an impressive person outside of class. mohammed started his own company called kits cubed last year. it provides fun and easily acceptable science experiments and idea he started to get his younger niece and nephew interested in science. we distributed a couple 1000 science kits in the open, unified school district. we have some plants toe ramp that up a lot more, and we also sell our kids on our website. we'll have it would like some day to become an engineer, but in the field of urban planning. we asked him for any words of advice he'd give to younger students striving to be the best version of yourself that you possibly can and everything that you do if you do all that,
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and you lay that foundation, then you're you accomplished. i believe you accomplish your dreams and much more. rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. what an incredible young man a 5.0 g p s. i was saying in the lead. i didn't even know you could get a 5.0 and then to pick between stanford, harvard, princeton or columbia. that's a pretty impressive choice level of the same i know, and he was accepted to all the 11 colleges that he applied for it. i love how he said he's not competing with his classmates or other students. he just really wants to compete with himself and be the best that he could be. i mean, you could go on and on about him. he's just amazing. a student athlete. valedictorian the first at the school. i can't wait to see what he does next. that mean think that sky is wide open and what an inspiration to not only young people but adults a swell amazing it really is on diz. parents must be so darn proud. just i love stories like that,
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because they just really can inspire you to do more. yeah, look at us. we're going on and on. so, mohammad, congratulations. keep going. can't wait to see what you do next. you still have a lot more to come tonight. coming up next here on the news. police are investigating a deadly shooting at a busy new york grocery store. why police say it may store. why police say it may have been an altercation when a truck hit my car, storethe insurance company y have been wasn't fair.on i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ you're into your shows, right? ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ the office. now you can be really into your shows with xfinity. find your favorites with just your voice.
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happened last night inside an apartment in sandra fell on canal street, police say a 46 year old woman and her 12 year old daughter were attacked by their roommate or media ds. they say the mother suffered major lacerations and lost parts of her fingers, and she shielded her daughter. the girl's suffered a major injury to her eye and knows the suspect was arrested and then booked on the syriza of charges, including attempted homicide. he is now being held without. fail in new york city. a man is in custody following a deadly shooting at a grocery store in long island. the shooting happened inside a manager's office upstairs from where customers were shopping at the stop and shop store in the town of west hempstead. police say the person killed was a 49 year old employee. authorities say the suspect is now in custody. and they also say that he worked at that store. when he showed up to work today, he went straight down to an office
6:27 pm
on the second floor. at that time, he shot a male and a female victim. those both of those victims are recovering now at a local hospital, and then he went down to a second office where he shot and killed one of the managers of the building. cell phone video shows customers being let out of the grocery store, a swat team arrested the suspect. after getting 911 calls about his location. today marks 22 years since the mass shooting at columbine columbine high school in colorado, two students opened fire on campus, killing 12 students and one teacher and wounding 24, others. the shooters eric harris and dylan klebold, then turn the guns on themselves at the time. it was the deadliest school shooting in u. s history. there are typically ceremonies on this day to remember the victims. but this year students staff and the community were asked to perform public service in honor of the victims. coming up on ktvu channel two news at
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6 30. we continue to monitor the latest in the derrick show vin trial jury convicted the former minneapolis police officer today for the murder of george floyd. is there live pictures from brooklyn at this hour and coming up a little later in sports. matt olsen delivers the big hit is the red hot a's look for their ninth straight wind, also ahead of bay area family on edge after a man keeps showing up to their homes. exposing himself why the victim says the police
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derrick show ben was found guilty today on three counts of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd last may. the jury deliberated about 10 hours before reaching its decision this afternoon, prosecutors told the jurors to believe their eyes as they played the video showing derek show been kneeling on floyd's neck for 9.5 minutes as floyd struggle to breathe, george. floyd's family reacted to the verdict. i'm gonna put up a fight every day because i'm not just fighting for george anymore. i'm fighting for everybody around his world. yeah, i get calls. i get the ems people from brazil from ghana from germany, everybody london, italy. they're all saying the same thing. we won't
6:32 pm
be able to breathe. until you're able to breathe. today. we're able to breathe again. the family's attorney called the verdict quote a victory for those who champion humanity over in humanity, right now we want to take a live. look this is brooklyn, new york, where you could see a crowd has gathered there essentially cheering the fact that former minneapolis police officer derrick show vin. was found guilty on all three charges that he faced today. that would be second degree murder, third degree murder and manslaughter if and when he is sentenced, he could face up to 40 years in prison, or he could be that sentence could be reduced down to 12.5 years since he has never been in trouble with the law before. there are also rallies going on right now, obviously in minneapolis that was where the verdict was handed down and there was a rally. in san francisco earlier
6:33 pm
as well, but everyone really taking a sigh of relief here because there was a lot of concern that there could be violent protests. if george if derrick show vin was found not guilty of george floyd's murder, but again, he came back. the jury did with three guilty verdicts, and now we have peaceful protest tonight, people peaceful demonstrations as folks celebrate the verdict against former officer derek chauvet. you're watching. ktvu fox two news at 6, 30, president biden and vice president harris spoke from the white house. they following the verdict. that's right, the president said. it is a giant step forward toward justice. ktvu evan sernoffsky is here now live with more on that part of the story, evan, right, julie, the president said that convictions like these are far too rare. and in order for this verdict to even happen, it required an extraordinary convergence of fact. orders,
6:34 pm
seems like it took a unique and extraordinary convergence of factors. a brave young woman, the smartphone camera, a crowd that was traumatized. traumatized witnesses, a murder that last almost 10 minutes in broad daylight problem, maybe the whole world to see officers, standing up and testifying against a fellow officer instead of just closing ranks, which should be commended. a jury who heard the evidence carried out their civic duty in the midst of extraordinary moment. under extraordinary pressure for so many, it feels like it took all of that for the judicial system to deliver a just just basic accountability. now a lot of
6:35 pm
people are sharing this press release that minneapolis police released shortly after george floyd's death. what is now a murder was called the medical incident during a police interaction. it also says floyd was resisting officers. it said nothing about show van's neon floyd's neck people on social media media are also thinking darnell a. fraser, the 17 year old who recorded that awful video, now the president. went on in his address, to say more needs to be done in our country to address racial injustice and racial disparities in our criminal justice system reporting live. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. all right, evan. thank you. ah, fremont woman asked police for help after man showed up outside her apartment and exposed himself. our crime reporter henry lee tells us authorities found out that the man is that woman's next door neighbor. this is ring video showing a 26 year
6:36 pm
old mentally ill man outside of fremont woman's apartment late one night in march. he kept knocking chanel lemar woke up, as did her 12 year old daughter, and she's scared. she's like, mom. who is that mom? who is that? so i tell her i only go and hide in my room. lamar was worried. i thought that he was going to break in. and then this happened, and then he starts to unzip his pants on ben. he starts fondling himself. tomorrow, grabbed a knife and called out to him through ring like for my birthday. wait my door he left. she called 911 to report the intruder whom she had never met. but the next day, fremont police gave her some shocking news. you live right next door to me, um, we share a wall. the suspect and lamar were neighbors of the apartment complex on fremont boulevard near thornton. he admitted to police that it was him on the video and said he knew what he did wasn't right. lamar got a temporary restraining order against him. he was formally charged with indecent exposure and engaging in a lewd conduct but was never physically arrested because the crimes or misdemeanors, and then last
6:37 pm
week he came back closer to home. he shows up at my door. completely naked. he also asked for assistance for his mental illness. he does need help. that's you know, it is what it is. but lamar says he's frustrated with the justice system, and it's just continue continuing continuing. and for how long? were they waiting for him to do? i do have sympathy and that aspect but i can't have somebody paid for, you know. the crime that was committed, and i'm a mother. first she tells me she's not waiting for him to come back yet again. she and her daughter have already moved out. henry lee ktvu fox two news. coming up. the bay area will have to wait a little longer for any of their counties to move into the least restrictive yellow tear. we'll have the latest coming up, also had millions of californians could soon be receiving hundreds of dollars in state stimulus money, moron who's getting a payment double. s
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providers are averaging well over three million shots a day. so far, 264 million doses have been given to eligible us residents with the expansion of eligibility, though this week shortages are being reported in some areas. however the white house says they have more than enough doses heading into the summer. people may have some period of time where they need to wait. we do believe that
6:41 pm
there is adequate vaccine supply for everybody to get vaccinated. the johnson and johnson vaccine could soon be back in rotation. the cdc advisory committee is scheduled to meet friday to vote on that matter. here in california more than 26 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have now been administered. according to the latest data, there are now more than 370,000 shots a day being given out in this state more than 42% of california's population of around 40 million have now received at least one dose and nearly 26% are fully vaccinated. up to 5.7 million low income californians could soon be receiving a $600 stimulus payment from the government. the money comes from a bill that governor newsome signed into law in february. now to qualify, you have to file your 2020 tax return by october. 15th you also have to have lived in california for more than half of last year, and you have to
6:42 pm
live in the state when the payment is issued. also you can't be eligible to be claimed as a dependent and you. have to be either a california earned income tax recipient or an i t i n filer who made $75,000 or less marin county will have to wait a little longer to move into the least restrictive yellow tier of the state's reopening plan. the county was on a path to become the first bay area county to move into that yellow tear because of a decline in covid-19 infections. but marin county's health officer says there was a slight uptick in cases last week. week we slid back a little bit, and we've been talking about that is being a risk all the way along. we had a few days we had 20 new cases just a couple days with 20 new cases really brings us above that to level the numbers and then getting health officer also says since april 10th the number of cases is trending down again to single digits. the earliest marin
6:43 pm
county can now move into the yellow tear would be may 4th. pretty breezy out there today. temperatures cooled way off. they're gonna warm up a little bit this week. but then there's rain in the five days i'll see you back here with that right now we go to ktvu salik savage with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus, frank. thank you. our coverage of the derrick show been guilty verdicts continues over on ktvu plus tonight. where we will talk live with bay area civil rights attorney john burris, who weighs in on the jury's decision today, and talks about where we go from here. also knew tonight. some doctors are saying it's best not to travel if you haven't gotten a covid-19 vaccine, what you should know. before you pack your bags. we'll have those stories and a lot more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus, but first after the break, san francisco is hippie hill closed, a city leaders urged against people. gathering for 4 20. we'll have more on the
6:44 pm
celebration and how differently it looks this tie. too assess tf
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6:46 pm
building the oakland a's proposed ballpark it howard terminal. the coalition includes east bay housing organizations and faith groups. they say they have concerns regarding the community and the environmental impact of the proposed ballpark project. they also say that the city's current draft of the environmental impact report does not address the need for affordable housing and the significant environmental and community impacts. the oakland planning commission is set the whole the public hearing tomorrow on the environmental impact report. there was a one
6:47 pm
of a kind for 20 event today in the south bay involving former nfl playe native marshawn lynch. he was a guest bud. tender it sanders days. airfield supply company. the dispensary launched lynch's cannabis brand, dodie blunts went, says he invested in the cannabis industry because it has the ability to raise up black and brown communities. and he says he wants to help lift up his many people as he can. marchand's focus on community his desire to just make the world a better place to make the bay area better place was something that really is always think up for us from the beginning of this idea, you know the statements for marshawn were always how do we do this in the best way? how do we get it to the most people? how do we make sure that people have access to that? the body. lynch's cannabis brand also launched it up to two dozen other select dispensaries around the bay area. today's date 4 20 is a day of celebration for the cannabis community, but official gatherings were canceled today because of the pandemic in
6:48 pm
years past huge crowds like you see here would gather it hippie hill in golden gate park to light up in unison. but this year, the city has closed that part of the park until tomorrow. the mayor said today that the pandemic is simple. too dangerous for a large group of people together. we don't want a super spreader event cause thea other thing people do puff puff pass. so what we don't want is really, really haven't event like that, with that many people coming together. in addition to the fencing around hippie hill, there were also rangers deployed in parks throughout the city to try to discourage any large social gatherings. and i suspect the weather kept people away as well as real breezy out in the park and really cool with lots of cloud cover, so i might not have been the ideal situation for the folks want to go out there. this model shows long range seven days out. this is the pattern as we go through the next few days dry, dry dry wednesday. thursday friday
6:49 pm
watching, looking for range what we're doing, right? so here's friday saturday kind of close saturday afternoon looks at the weekends cloudy that doesn't and then you get into this deal. and then kind of rainy on sunday afternoon, a little break and then kind of another way of kind of slights by that super. it's not very granular because it's a long range model, and when you get along with more like that's real rough, so the grid sizes or large, so what happens on that is you just get an idea and the idea i get when i see that as you look at the highest from today, he said, that jet stream and this will probably verify the jet stream is going to be a lot further south over the next few days. we're already seeing those showers up around the napa area. um and we're seeing this. the jet stream lowering down so that's very encouraging for the chances of rain on sunday and monday, perhaps cooler than yesterday by 14 degrees right now and livermore. there are the winds we had, gus. i picked up some dust earlier. i think when mark tamayo was on earlier today, we saw some gusts of the
6:50 pm
50 out of s f felt that is significant. i got a 48 mile now. august now so is really windy out there the sands blowing out of the great highway. we got thunderstorms up around. spargo and winners. they've died down now and if i back it up a little bit, you'll see that you'll see him kind of going. you should see thunder, bsc the strokes right in there. so around 5, 36, and then the sun angle changes. it gets lower lower in these storms start to lose their pop looks like a little something trying to show up in fairfield in the way of a sprinkle, but that it should be dying down pretty quick, but an indication of the instability that is. taking place and that is slowly roading that high so that by this weekend we're back in the clouds and we're back into the chances for some rain. that's great. there's the five day forecast the weekends it's like of you wash out, but it's going to be kind of cloudy, especially on saturday afternoon into sunday, and hopefully into monday as well. there's the five day forecast. i'll see you all back here tonight at 10 and 11. all
6:51 pm
right. bill will see then. thank you coming up sports director market baniyas does his best to make sense of steph curry's mind boggling display of excellence the past three weeks and coming up in prime time on fox and all new episode of the resident at eight, followed by prodigal son at nine and then we hope you'll join us for the 10 o'clock and the 11 o'clock news. all right here on ktvu tonight dur
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. having some fun, you know, they always say all good things got to come to a head but do not tell the oakland a's that first game of a doubleheader. they make it nine consecutive wins. remember that distant memory? the one in seven start, we get the first of a day night doubleheader at the oakland coliseum fans and join it. remember it seven innings and mitch moreland really officially welcomes himself is an oakland a with his. first mr wright field home run is in oakland, a later hit one again and the a's get up to a quick to nothing lead against the minnesota twins in the second, any schattman ia excellent on the mound, he goes to full
6:55 pm
seven innings she gets byron buxton, the twins up strikes. he went seven innings, a complete game. i guess you'd call it six cents. no runs, seven strikeouts and, oh, there's more bases loaded for matt olsen, and he will not. violate this pitch. but is it fair down the right field lied. it hit the fair pull and watch him do the moment. um thing with the body. kind of like carlton fisk. way back when the lean, stay fair, stay fair and that it does. seven nothing and the eight will play. the second game of the doubleheader, looking for the sweep in their 10th in a row in a few minutes from now that one will start. san francisco giants back in philadelphia they to having some long ball fun, although it got off to kind of a rocky start, and they are, as they say, still in progress. you talk about the phillies. you've got to talk about the fanatic the best. mascot in baseball. but the giants first pitch of
6:56 pm
the game against the former giant zack wheeler, tommy less stella hammers it but watch mickey mony ac, just the maniacal catch up there to rob x or bases of the stele. you figure that's the way it's gonna goes. the phillies got out to a 41 lead, but tommy lost ella in his next at bat. no maniacal happenings here. that's a long god two run shot. and the giants close it to within 43 against wheeler and the phillies and philadelphia. it's a two run homer, so they lead 63 buster posey. buster ballgames. what he's looking like again. this is his second home run of the game, and it makes it 64, and that's his first multi home run game in five years. giants not done top of the eighth inning 21 for alex dickerson. thank you for a ride, deep right center field, and that thing is outta here,
6:57 pm
and that's what we're going with right now. eighth inning giants looking to take the first two games of the syriza. they're leading the phillies 76. we got some basketball to talk about whenyou're talking about basketball around here. it's the basketball revolutionary. that's what they're called him. steph curry. i've run out of adjectives. what i'm just gonna calm is. the most entertaining basketball player i personally have ever seen what a month he's put together. allergy 40 points a game for the month of april up against his brother seth last night, and they would beat the sixers. here's some of the stats 11 straight games with 30 or more points. no one his age has ever done that. 20 points in five minutes 37 seconds last night to close up the game 10 or more threes and four of his last five games to put that in perspective, clay thompson, great shooter in his own right, has only five career games when he said 10 threes is
6:58 pm
the nba scoring leader, and he has the pure admiration of everybody who sees him, including last night's opposing coach, doc rivers. i don't know if i've ever seen anything like the run that he's been on, but it's been art watching him play of late. it's just been a beautiful thing to watch. just utter amazement at this guys. skill level heart. mind focus. obviously nobody's ever shot the ball like this in the history of the game. i'm having a blast out there just playing basketball. i've been blessed with a certain skill set and. approach it again that i've worked on year after year after year. it's obviously working. it's absolutely dizzy. check this out. steph and this young lady. lady. dizzy, miss lizzy
6:59 pm
hey, you guys ready to order? uh, sure. okay, priya? uh, i'll have the shepherd's pie. you want to split that with me? oh, no, no, no, he doesn't. why not? well, you have milk in the taters, milk in the gravy, parmesan crust. your lactose-intolerant boyfriend will turn into a gas-filled macy's day balloon. (all laugh) not quite accurate. the macy's balloons are filled with helium, whereas leonard produces copious amounts of methane. (all laugh) (goofy snicker) so, no, on the shepherd's pie. can we move on? yeah, a little tip: he says he can eat frozen yogurt. do not believe it. sea bass! i'll have the sea bass! you gotta like this, the girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend bonding over your rooty-tooty stinky booty. (all laugh) kill me. it wouldn't help. the human body is capable of being flatulent for hours after death. (snickers) guys, sorry i'm late. i have amazing news.
7:00 pm
bernadette, before you change the subject, does anyone have any final comments on leonard's faulty digestive system? so, what's your news, bernadette? the thesis committee accepted my doctoral dissertation. i'm getting my phd! wow! oh, congratulations. wow, so that means you're a doctor, you're a doctor, you're a doctor, you're a doctor, and howard, you know a lot of doctors. (chuckling) congratulations, honey. thank you. so, howard, tell us, how's it feel knowing that when you two get married, you'll be referred to as mr. and dr. wolowitz? unless he takes bernadette's last name. and considering her advanced status, that could open some doors for him. please, this isn't about me. i'm proud of you. well, you'll really be proud of this. i was headhunted by a big pharmaceutical company. they're gonna pay me a buttload of money! what?


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