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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 20, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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but this is what happened is the judge read the verdict. there was obviously an immediate reaction from lots of people overjoyed that officer, former officer show vin was convicted on. all three counts. now this was the scene. let's see. this is minneapolis. there's been a big reaction in minneapolis. the pictures we showed you a moment ago. it was where. derrick show, vin put his knee on george floyd just to kind of bring you up to date here faces 40 years in prison for second degree murder 25 years for third degree barter and 10 years up to 10 years for the manslaughter charge. let's go now to new york city. i want to show you what the reaction is like there again, so many people were really worried about what would happen if derrick show vin was found not guilty instead. he was found
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guilty on are all charges, and you see that so far, all of the protests are peaceful. everyone is happy. everyone is cheering the verdict. the jury came to its verdict within 24 hours of getting the case. fox news. lauren blanchard is in minneapolis, where people poured out into the streets and lauren joins us now live from outside the courthouse. with more on the reaction from today's guilty verdicts. lauren hi, julie. yeah, this crowd, which was growing before the verdict is read continued to grow shortly after they found out about that guilty, guilty, guilty verdict from the jury then went on a march around downtown minneapolis. and now you can see they're back here. outside the county courthouse. there are hundreds of people here now they continue to have speeches chanting as all of them here, say there was both justice and accountability had today. that was the jury. i
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understand you have a verdict. former minneapolis police officer derrick show been found guilty on all three counts of second degree and third degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of george floyd moved to have the court revokes the defendant's bail and remanded into custody. bail is revoked, bond is discharged and the defendant is remanded to the custody of the handbrake county sheriff. the jury returning with a verdict tuesday afternoon after roughly a day of deliberations. the verdict comes nearly one year after this of it. ceo of show been kneeling on floyd's neck for nearly 9.5 minutes went viral, as floyd begged for his life and then breathe video setting off international protests over racial injustice and police brutality. over the last three weeks, jurors listened to more than 40 witnesses, crucial testimony for the prosecution coming from dr martin tobin, who testified that floyd died from a lack of oxygen due to being pinned down by show of in some defense witnesses maintain show than used reasonable. force and that
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factors like floyd's heart and illegal drug use contributed to his death. and show them is expected to face sentencing in about eight weeks. that's according to the judge, hey is facing up to 40 years in prison stemming from that most serious charge, which is the second degree murder. his lawyer is expected. to appeal julie lauren, what can you tell us about president biden and the white house? we heard that president biden reached out to george floyd's family today after the verdict was read. what can you tell us? about that, and his message. to the floyd family. yeah, that's exactly right. so we actually got video of that moment. the boyd family along with their attorney, ben crump, recorded our had the president and vice president on speakerphone. what we heard from the president and vice president is they sent their of course condolences to the floyd family, because, you know, said they were proud of
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them. for sticking through this. it's almost been a year now since george floyd's death, they said they would continue to stand with them. a z. the nation moves forward as congress moves forward with different legislation in george floyd's name, they even said at some point they hope to bring the floyd family out to the white house. so overall, a sympathetic but rejoice full tone from the white house to the floyd family after that verdict came down, lauren, i know you're busy doing live shots. i don't if you had a chance to talk with anyone there in the crowd, there is a large crowd there behind you. what are they telling you are what are you hearing about their plans for later tonight and anything more as to a personal story. ah, personal reaction as to today's verdict yet, julie, we have been trying to talk to folks and in particular, i think some of the most moving reaction that i've gotten from is from father's black fathers in this crowd who brought their sons down to await that verdict, they said.
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they feel like this is a new day. new leaf is that exact term i kept hearing over and over, they felt they felt justice for their community that they finally felt they that the system was working for them. talkto one year young woman 18 year old woman who continually was doing happy dances throughout the streets, and she said she finally felt that our year of protest ng had meant something and that she was very excited. obviously to see those that verdict come down today, but they all said the fight is not over. it's a new day, but it is the beginning of their fight, all right, lauren blanchard outside the courthouse there first tonight in minneapolis. lauren. thank you. and we want to know too. i should tell you that george george floyd's brother, who gave emotional testimony about his older brother at the trial, said the fight for racial justice is just beginning. i'm gonna put up a fight every day because i'm not
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just fighting for george anymore. i'm fighting for everybody around his world. i get calls. i get the ems people from brazil from ghana from germany. everybody london, italy. they're all saying the same thing. we won't be able to breathe until you're able to breathe. today. we are able to breathe again. the family's attorney called the verdict. quote of victory for those who championed humanity over inhumanity. joining us now to talk more about this is our legal expert, michael cardoza. he's worked as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, michael when you first heard the judge say guilty, guilty. guilty what was the first thought that went through your mind? good they should have brought back three guilty verdicts. the government in this case proved way beyond a reasonable doubt that mr shah
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vin was filthy of most second degree murder of the are third degree murder. excuse me, a second degree murder and the second degree manslaughter. the defense was felt certain facts in this case. i thought they did a commendable job with the facts that they had, but the government with all their power, was able to put this case together and prove it so good. he got convicted of what he should have been committed. michael former officer chauvet now faces 40 years in prison up to 40 years in prison for that second degree murder conviction. 25 years for third degree murder 10 years for manslaughter. do you think in this case, he'll get the maximum also would the sentences be served consecutively or concurrently? in other words, is shoving going to be a very old man, if or when he's ever released? well is he going to be an old guy? when he's released? that would think so. but keep in mind, there's one actor george
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floyd. jury verdict. he was murdered by mr chavez. it was murdered. that's the second degree murder and at least in california, you can not. consecutive that really do the other two guilty verdicts because it's the same act, so it's not 40 45 plus 10. okay, be sentenced up to 40 years. but keep in mind frank that back in minnesota if you don't have any criminal record, the usual time that a first time even though it's murder is about 12.5 years. that's all he would serve. that's why at the beach. inning of this trial, the judge asked mr shopping art. i can point to this jury whether there's aggravating circumstances in this case, that's a jury pleasure unless you want me. judge hale. the decided and shopping and his attorney at that time, said. we
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do not want the jury deciding whether there's aggravation in this space. so if the judge can go find serves aggravation he could give much more time enough before years, mr shopping, and that's why he told the attorney's brief back and then splits it. six weeks or two months. i'm back and i will sentence in that aggravation term will be up to judge cahill. michael what kind of prison will former officer shobin likely serve his time in would he also be in protective custody since he is a former police officer? and what would a typical day like b for him? he's going to be awful for him, frank. he's gonna be in protective past. they probably 20 hours and 24 hours. he will be alone in a cell. they'll let him out for about four hours all by himself to exercise at least in death penalty cases where someone's facing the death, and that's what goes on here in california, especially
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for police officers, they lock you away. it's gonna be horrible time and that's why tonight. believe me, they've got him on suicide watch, and they're watching him very carefully. michael 10 or 20 years from now, when we look back at this case, do you think it will have made a difference in terms of how police operate and in terms of how many black people currently don't trust our justice system? i think that trust is going to have to be earned over the years. it's not going to come. frank somerville burdick. it has to be done through. these departments in how they leave, so when we look back, this will be the first step. is this justice right now? certainly accountability is a lot of people are saying, i'm not sure it's quite justice yet, but it is the first step and that first step has to be carried on. so let's see how the police departments were you have let's see how the community reacts to this. michael, we appreciate
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you taking the time to talk with us tonight. we'll leave it at that. for now. i hope you have a great evening. thank you to frank. stay healthy youtube. thank you. we're live in oakland, where people have strong reaction to the all guilty verdict in the derrick shelvin trial coming up. also ahead, we will keep an eye on minneapolis throughout the evening. this is a live look right now at the gathering there tonight, hours after derek shobin was convicted. in the killing of george floyd. it's pretty breezy out there and we had a significant cool down yet again today. what's that mean for tomorrow in the rain chances and the five we're f
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minneapolis, where former police officer derrick show vin was convicted on all three counts today, including second degree murder, he could potentially spend up to 40 years in prison. these are live pictures from san francisco, where you can see some people are out there as a result of the guilty verdict on all three charges. let's see if anybody's talking right now, if we could get yeah. looks like we can't really listen in here. but again, this is. going on right now in berkeley. there. excuse me in san francisco. there are other protests going on in other cities. i shouldn't say protests. i should say gatherings in other cities this afternoon. wanna go live now to ktvu is amber lee. she's in oakland and amber. i imagine a lot of business owners there are breathing a real sigh of relief that the verdict wasn't not guilty because, as we all know that could have led to violent protests. well everyone
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we spoke to dis call this a victory where frank ogawa plaza, a popular spot for protesters, and it's pretty quiet here, but a few people did show up to express the reaction to the all guilty verdict in the trial of derek shelvin. they say this victory is a direct result of the many massive street demonstrations last june after george floyd was killed, i came down here today to say thank you to minneapolis to say thank you to the. thousands millions of people that march across the country and across the world day after day after day after day and had that determination to build a movement that we saw had a huge victory today in finding derrick show been guilty on all three counts. i think the guilty verdicts on all charges against derrick show vin is an absolute victory
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for the movement that took to this. treats here in oakland and in minneapolis and across the country and across the world last summer, we're going to be over the next few hours, we will be speaking to many more folks about their reaction to this verdict and what it means to them. folks are telling me this is historic. they are surprised, but pleasantly surprised. activists are telling me that this is only the beginning and that a lot more work needs to be done, and they'll be keeping a close eye. high on the sentencing back to you, frank, julie and really live in downtown oakland tonight. amber, thank you. and for more reaction now we're joined by san francisco police chief bill scott sheep. scott thanks so much for being with us tonight. when i asked you first off when you first heard today's verdicts, what was your immediate reaction? well my immediate reaction was one of
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thoughts for mr flores family. e i mean, i think out of all of everything that has that's happened. we really have to go back to mr ploy with human being a man with a child, a daughter of family, and so that was my first reaction. it was, i think justice for his family and then secondly, it was justice for so many people. over such a long period of time who feel that they didn't get justice. and i think that is why you're seeing such jubilation and it crosses many, many lines. i mean, i dare many people in this profession, including myself. that you felt a sense that justice was served in this case. is we talked with we talk more about that and people begin to digest today's guilty verdicts in process what they heard coming out of the courthouse there in minneapolis. how do you think that this case will resonate are is resonating now across the country and
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around the world for so many people who saw what played out over the past year, play out on with smart phones and video. and now that we got to today, this point that so many people are calling what may be a very transitional moment in our history. how do you think it's resonating? you know, julia, i totally agree with that. i think it is a transitional moment. this case called the movement that we have never seen before in this country, and i think that energy that's behind this has touched us all and hopefully in a positive way. um and i think it is one of those moments that we have. that we can capture that energy and all move forward. i do think we this is that moment. i know you thought a lot about this. you're someone who has dedicated your life to law enforcement to serve and protect communities. what is your hope? what do you hope happens next? what is our next move? well, i can tell you for
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our city. you know, we have our own work cut out for us, and we have had our share of cases that have caused pain and heard and the many families feel that they didn't get justice. and i think this was a moment for those families as well and i want to acknowledge those families because not only acknowledged, but the commitment to move us forward. hopefully so this so we don't have another incident like this, so we don't have it in our city. we don't have it in any other city in our nation. and that's the hope, and that's why i think the energy of what's going on here can help propel us for two, maybe realize that that they were we see. if not none of these incidents, you know very, very fewer of those, and particularly in terms of the disparities that we see with these incidents happening to african american man and other men of color that we fixed that as well. i mean, that's the work that is cut out for us to here in san francisco, and i
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think in many other parts of the country, and it's just reaffirms my commitment. i think our department its commitment to try to fix our own problems but also be a leader. uh and help move this this word for word. chief scott. one more question before we let you go. there's been a lot of talk in washington about police reform, but so far there really hasn't been a lot of action. as you looked at our president and our elected leaders. what would you like to see happen? well, i think we're getting that from our president, and the first thing is leadership leaders lead and people have to be brought together on both sides of the aisle for the good of the whole and a, lot of the thing with law enforcement, there's over 18,000 departments and so much of police reform and changing police for the better rest with the local. jurisdictions in the local elected its and the local constituency, but we all also
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have to be brought together and i think our president and vice president are committed to that, i think are governors committed to that in the state, and i know our mayor's community that because i've had many conversations, so are police commission and i know that the people are committed to that so we can work in the same direction. not that we're always gonna agree, but we have to keep moving forward, and i think we're going to get that leadership from from our administration. and just one more thing when final thought you call this with many people are calling this a transitional moment. so many young people so many children have to process what happened here as a parent, perhaps as a teacher telling your students in class what is the one message you would like young people and children to learn from this moment? well i would like people to learn people take the young people that, um everyone there is a such thing is justice and it doesn't always seem that way. and i definitely from for africa. american people in this
5:22 pm
country men, particularly, it hasn't seen that way in his history, but we are moving forward. i think we have to look at this from the lands of history as i tell my son, things are better for you than they were for me things. better for me than they were from my parents and things are definitely better for my parents that it was for their grand parents. so there is progress that's being made here, but we have so much more to do in the young people get engaged, you know, s o. many young people were part of this movement and that was i think for people like me it was it was very encouraging, and it gave us all hope. and stay engaged. staying farm, stay engaged and be a part of change. that's a good message chief scott with the san francisco police department. thanks so much for your time tonight. we appreciate it. thank you all coming up more reaction to the guilty verdict today in minneapolis. a live picture right now from minneapolis, where derrick show vin is now
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batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit gathering right after today's guilty verdicts were announced in the derrick shobin trial organizer's air, calling it a celebration of justice ktvu. quarter. jessie barry joins us now he's at san jose city hall with a look at what's happening. jesse julie. good evening to you and the naacp here in san jose silicon valley, along with five other groups kind of sponsored this celebration here in the plaza at city hall. you could hear and see behind me. they're playing some blues music, a of justice, a music dancing expresses relief and elation as people here say. finally, this. you got the right outcome, but
5:26 pm
also a day of mixed emotions, because no matter how long derek, seven sits in prison, george floyd is still dead for that reason. later this evening, the reverend george oliver of grace baptist church here in san jose says will be a much more somber setting of reflection over it for the floyd family and all other families who have been touched by police violence. we've been struck down by the police violence and concerned. so today we want to have a little time to reflect and to enjoy and also memorialized those who still lost their lives. it isn't important at this moment that we stand together as a community red and yellow, black and white because we're all precious in god's sight, and today today, today we can celebrate together. ah great. victory is not a day for justice. this was a day for accountability. i faith leaders
5:27 pm
say this afternoon's verdict is a great step towards a much better country. but there is much were much more work to do ahead. one of the reform they're calling for than end for unqualified immunity for police officers, which protect them from lawsuits. and they want to see that and again after the celebration here at san jose city hall, much more of a summer reflective tone for those victims and the families. who've been lost to gun to police violence throughout the country. not just here in the south bay. that's gonna happen over grace baptist church here in san jose, north 11th and san fernando to continue right now they're playing blues music out on the plaza at city hall celebration if they feel a system got it, right, we're alive at san jose city hall, jesse gary ktvu fox studios right back to you, all right, jesse. thank you. coming up here. more live coverage from
5:28 pm
minneapolis. this is what's known as floyd's corner. there's a memorial to him. this is where officers show been murdered. george fluid, our coverage continues right after the break.
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keeping his knee on his neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds. you could see a crowd has gathered there. presumably everyone in the crowd overjoyed that officers show vin was convicted on all three counts. second degree murder. third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. the jurors till operated for just over 10 hours before coming to their decision that could potentially send chauvet to prison for up to 40 years. we want to go now. i believe we have some pictures from new york city, where there is a march again. if you think about what might have happened if children was found not guilty, the massive protests that would have been staged all across the country instead. what we have are peaceful protests and again, this one going on right now. in new york city. we should also tell you that right after the vote. it was red show of its bail was revoked. he was put in handcuffs. he's going to be sentenced two months from now. he could potentially face up to
5:32 pm
40 years in prison afterward, george floyd's family attorney talked about the verdict today, way framed this moment for all of us, not just for george floor. this is a victory for those who championed humanity off inhumanity. those who champion justice over injustice. those who champion morrow's over immorality, the floyd family also pledged to continue to fight for equal justice for all americans of every race. there's a strong sense of relief in the bay area's black community following today's guilty verdicts, ktvu is out. savage joins us now live with more on the impact of the jury's decision and what it means for the push toward police reform. alex yeah, those are a lot of the questions being pondered right now following today's verdict, of course, culminated what has been an emotional and traumatizing trial for so many
5:33 pm
black americans earlier today during the four here on ktvu. i had the chance to talk with the head of a bay area organization called 100, black men of the bay area, and he told me that he is hopeful today's decision may signal a shift when it comes to how this country views, race and policing. i'm optimistic that this is a transformational event. that will create a different mindset for those that aren't necessarily affected by this directly, right? i think this is something that's so egregious that so loud people are hearing everyone scream. that it hits you emotionally. as a human being right. i think that's what's different. and you know that the first video that went viral is in 2009 by oscar grant. right right here in our backyard milk one, right on new year's day that was the first viral video, but this has happened since 1967. huey
5:34 pm
newton, bobby seale, the black panther founders. they were protesting the police when ah young man in north richmond got shot. so this is something that has continued its just now teat. but now we're looking at 10 years of that. 10 years. and so i think this is a turning point, because when you look at someone. you know, being being in a person that is handcuffed, that is helpless for nine minutes and 29 seconds. it dies. a slow death by the hands of the people supposed to protect us that hit you. and that's chuck baker, the ceo of the bay area. nonprofit 100 black men of the bay area. the organization mentors. young black commanded works to advance their social and economic progress, and baker said to me that the next steps he believer for people to continue this push for meaningful reforms to policing in the criminal justice system to ensure that black people are treated fairly and their lives
5:35 pm
are valued. baker told me that watching this trial unfold has been exhausting for him personally, he is satisfied with the verdict, but also ah, saddened by the place our country is in but hopeful that this will all lead to some change. julie alex. thank you. about an hour ago. both the president and the vice president spoke to the floyd family by phone. and then shortly after that, both of them spoke to the country from the white house. among other things, the president said that the trial ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism in our country, and he ended by saying that this is going to be a turning point when it comes to racism. ktvu evan sernoffsky here now, with more on all of the seven. that's right, frank, right after the verdict came down the president and vice president called the floyd family to offer their condolences and support in the future. and then, about an hour ago, the president addressed
5:36 pm
the american people saying there needs to be more racial justice. nothing can ever bring their brother their father back. but this could be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in america. then former president obama tweeted this quote today, a jury did the right thing but true justice requires much more. michelle and i send our prayers to the floyd family, and we stand with all those who are committed to guaranteeing every american the full measure of justice that george and so many others have been denied. now frank today the president went on to say convictions like the one that happened today are way too rare and more needs to be done to confront racial injustice and disparity in the criminal justice system. he also said that nobody is above
5:37 pm
the law reporting live evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. all right, evan, thank you. still to come. san francisco tried to keep people from gathering on 4 20, but people still found other ways to celebrate the this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created.
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5:40 pm
sure enough at 4 20. we heard a cheer go up and small puffs of smoke go up in the air. 4 20 april 20th is here a day historically when those who enjoy cannabis partake together at 4 20 in the afternoon, but this year things are a little different. i plan on just kind of taking my time going on my solo journey. just tow. you know, i experienced the plant myself. i love her so much in years past, huge crowds would gather it hippie hill in golden gate park and light up in unison. this year, the smoke has been replaced with chain link fences. the city closing off this part of the park until wednesday, san francisco mayor london breed reminding people that with the pandemic, it's simply too dangerous for a large crowd to gather. we don't want a super spreader event because thea other thing people do. puff puff pass. so what we don't want is really, really haven't event like that, with that many people coming together at the apothecary on market street, the manager said. what had been a slow year is. picking up? absolutely i
5:41 pm
mean, the line beat me here this morning. they were already waiting when i showed up, tom, lock the doors. this is exciting. it feels like 4 20 years back, she says the market is shifting so that those who enjoy cannabis can do so even while social distancing my new favorite product that is becoming very popular over the last few months, our little dog walker joints personal safe serves single size, so you kind of get this little itty bitty it. it's just for you and you can get a pack in chair mall with your friends, so you're not kind of crossing those boundaries. those looking to celebrate said they're doing so the same way they've weathered covid-19 and socially distant pods safely. well it's social distancing in the park. actually i guess we're just going to go hang out, catch some sun and smoke some weed. all right. this is those fences that we told you about that are up in golden gate park. we can also tell you that the city sent out law enforcement and rangers to some of the city's parks. try to make sure there weren't any large gatherings reporting live in san francisco christien kafton ktvu fox two
5:42 pm
news, and i learned something new dog walker joints hadn't heard of that before. christian. thanks. and there was a one of a kind 4 20 event today in the south bay involving former nfl star and oakland native marshawn lynch. he was a guest bud tender at san jose's airfield supply company at dispensary helped launch marshawn lynch cannabis brand called dodie blunts. link says he's invested in the cannabis industry because it has the ability to raise up black and brown communities and because he wants to help lift up his many people as he can. marchand's focus on community in his desire to just make the world a better place to make the bay area better place was something that really is always think up for us from the beginning of this idea, you know the statements from marshawn were always how do we do this in the best way? how do we get it to the most people? how do we make sure that people have access to that? lynch cannabis rand also launched it up to two dozen others select
5:43 pm
dispensaries around the bay area now to new york, where a man is in custody in a deadly shooting at a grocery store in long island. and the shooting happened inside a manager's off. when he showed up to work today, he went straight down to an office on the second floor. at that time, he shot a male and a female victim. those both of those victims are recovering now at a local hospital, and then he went down to a second office where he shot and killed one of the managers of the building. that manager was 49 years old. a cell phone video shows customers being led out of that grocery store. a swat team arrested the suspect after getting 911 calls about his location. it was supposed to be moving day for at least one bay area county into a less restrictive yellow tear, but it didn't happen, and now they'll. have to wait at least another week. for a second straight day. temperatures have plummeted. it's breezy out
5:44 pm
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doses of coronavirus vaccines, according to the latest data, there are now over 370,000 shots being given every day in california and over 42% of california's population of about 40 million have received at least one dose. nearly 26% of our population, california are fully vaccinated. one bay area county was hoping to be the first county here in the bay area to move into the less restrictive yellow tear. ktvu seller, allie rasmus tells us marin county came the closest to making that move, but it's not entering the yellow tear just yet. we slipped back a little bit, and we've been talking about that is being a risk all the way along. marin county's public health officer says the county was on track to
5:47 pm
qualify for the yellow tear. until the week of april. 10th when countywide. there were some new cases of covid-19 tied to spring break travel. we had a few days we had 20 new cases. just a couple days with 20 new cases really brings us above that to level in a presentation this morning to the marin county board of supervisors, dr matt willis says. the good news is that since april 10th cases are trending down again, missing six single digit cases again most days. of over the past week, but the earliest we would now move to the yellow tear would be made for 75% of marin county residents have had at least one dose of the covid vaccine, but until a majority of the county is fully vaccinated, there is a chance cases can go back up. i'm really excited and proud to live in a county that's taking this seriously. people are practicing, um, vaccinations and mask wearing and its ability to show that that life. can return to somewhat normal.
5:48 pm
i think we need to get businesses you know, opened up again. i think we need to get people back to work. go about my normal life like i've been dreaming about the last year. well, it may take a little longer to reach that goal. the expectation among public health and medical experts is that the more people who get fully vaccinated, the sooner covid cases will drop. june, 15th governor gavin newsom says the state health department will be able to eliminate the color coded tier system altogether and reopen the state completely. allie rasmus ktvu. box two news. there have now been more than 3.6 million cases of coronavirus here in california since the pandemic began, including more than 1600 new cases reported in the last 24 hours, nearly 59,000 people have died in our state that includes 32 deaths since yesterday. and the state's 14 day test positivity rate is now just 1.3% which is down 0.3%
5:49 pm
from two weeks ago. with everyone 16 and over now eligible for a vaccine in the u. s providers are averaging well over three million shots a day in total 264 million doses have now been given two eligible us residents. almost 40% of had at least one dose. 85 million people or 25.7% are now fully vaccinated up to 5.7 million low income californians could soon be receiving a $600 stimulus payment from the from the state. the money comes from a bill that governor newsome signed into law in february. to qualify, you have to file your 2020 tax return by october. 15th also, you have to have lived in california for more than half of last year, and you have to still live in the state when the payment his issue. you also have to not be eligible to be claimed as a dependent and be either a california earned income tax recipient or an i t i n filer who made $75,000 or
5:50 pm
less, san francisco announced today that libraries will begin to reopen next month. city officials say that the main public library on larkin street will reopen may 3rd for limited indoor service on the first floor. the chinatown and mission bay branches will reopen the week of may 17th reopening libraries will offer a so called brows and bounce service where people will be able to browse books and access computers for 50 minutes at a time, really want to thank the community, everyone for all your patience and support you've hung in there, and i just really appreciate all your patients. as we phase this reopening. in the coming weeks and months ahead of the main library and other branches will open. again when they have enough staff. all branches are expected to be opened by the fall. already things really cooled off again today. remember, yesterday was a big cool down. today's another big,
5:51 pm
cool down temperatures as much as 15 degrees cooler, and it's because we got a lot of fog, a lot of low clouds and a lot of wind. we've had wind gusts at sfo up to 50 miles an hour or san jose, and it's been cloudy on and off all day. that's unusual right usually gets clouds in the morning. they burn off and come back at night, but it's been on and off clouds all day. the coast has been fogged in solid all day. the temperatures outside you can see the sea breeze just look at the green. oh and you could see where it's not because he's made it all the way up into the delta. so we got sea breezes going up into up into the davis area up in the sacramento. those temperatures were just in the seventies in sacramento, 14 degrees cooler right now in concord. how about livermore 21 degrees cooler, so you didn't get yesterday was significant. cool down today, even more now it's gonna level off a little warmer tomorrow. perhaps less wind. certainly 29 months. our wind, right? if you look at oakland that sustain that means it's just blowing 29 miles an hour. sfo is that 45 on the guts? that's that little white number that will never air so
5:52 pm
it's 37 sustained. he's blown constant and in 45 gusting, but we did see gus earlier up to 50 miles an hour and got a little rain up north of us and weather system, dropping some thunder shower activity down on santa lena moving into parts of northern napa county. now this is going to die down certainly is the afternoon in the sun angle changes and gets lower. but i wouldn't be surprised if napa got in on a little something. there may be a few showers. widely scattered showers s. oh that's what's up north. we do have rain in our forecast. it's not. immediately but some of the models are suggesting by sunday and monday. we're gonna see rain and certainly much cooler daytime highs. speaking to that they're the forecast highs for tomorrow, slightly warmer tomorrow but still mild compared to the records we saw two days ago here on the forecast highs for tomorrow. specifically so 78 fairfield 78 million yacht and the five day forecast. it's going to be a nice one. just mild weather with that opportunity for some showers on sunday, and it's
5:53 pm
looking better better each model. and so that's good news. i'll see you back here at six o'clock with updates. yeah the hills are so green. it would be nice to get some rain to keep him green a little bit longer, bill. thanks we'll see in a little bit later, apple is holding its first product launch event of the year and includes the introduction of a lot of new gadgets. the annual event called spring loaded was held virtually from apple park in cupertino, apple ceo tim cook announced new products and environmental initiatives. the products he announced include and new redesigned. i'm back with an m one. processor new air tag, which helps you find lost items. they're also improvements for apple tv for k and a new color for the iphone. 12 we're so excited to introduce a new, gorgeous purple. it looks stunning with the precision milled back glass and new design. it has elements of sophistication and brightness with the color matched aluminum edges. it's absolutely beautiful purple joins the iphone 12 line up.
5:54 pm
the new purple iphone will be available for preorder on friday and will be available at stores on april 30th. coming out the oakland a's are moving full steam ahead in their push for a new ballpark at howard terminal. now, several community groups say they need more time and a better review before construction begins. i'm coming up tonight at six. we're following developments after the conviction of derrick show vin for the murder of george floyd, this is a live picture here from minneapolis. people have been gathering at different spots in minneapolis, including where george floyd was murdered after the reaction, that's all act. excuse me. that's all reaction after the verdict was read a live report rhys. of tree. for or
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
lines in a virtual cpuc workshop today, pg and e said that they plan to consider tree density size health and distance from power lines when it comes to determining how large of power shut off might have to be in the event that a tree falls and hits a power line. the utility also says that the 7.3 million trees near their power lines 5.3 million are old close enough for a potential over strike. we're able to assess the over strike potential of individual trees itself. so think about how the tree the distance that it falls and then that remaining distance of the point of contact of the tree to the overhead line. the top of the height of the tree is what's deemed as the tree over strike exposure potential. today's
5:58 pm
workshop was in response to propose conditions in p. jeannie's criminal criminal probation stemming from their involvement in the deadly 2010 san bruno gas pipeline explosion. a coalition of oakland groups is demanding more time to assess the impacts of building the oakland a's proposed ballpark at howard terminal. the coalition includes east bay housing organizations and faith groups. they say they have concerns regarding the community and environmental impacts of the proposed ball park project. they say the city's current draft environmental impact report does not address the need for affordable housing and the significant environmental and community impacts. if this project is approved, it will inevitably. have significant and unavoidable impacts both during the construction phase and doing the ongoing operations throughout the life of the project. these impacts them from vehicles, mobile sources producing harmel harmful air pollutants.
5:59 pm
coalition members air hoping to bring their concerns to the attention of the oakland planning commission. it is set to hold a public hearing tomorrow on the environmental impact report for that proposed ballpark. this'll is ktvu fox two news at six way the jury in the above entitled manner as to count one unintentional second degree murder while committing a felony. find the defendant guilty. guilty on all charges. the jury hands down its verdict for former minneapolis police officer derrick show been in the murder of george floyd last may show bin was then escorted. out in handcuffs. outside the courtroom crowd started to gather acenas. it was announced the jury had reached a verdict. those who gathered were peaceful and when the guilty verdicts were read, people honked horns and hugged. others cried tears of joy. it was a quick decision. the jurors
6:00 pm
deliberated for a little more than 10 hours over the course of two days before reaching their verdict. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. the jury found derek show vin guilty of second degree murder, third degree murder, and said can't degree manslaughter, the maximum sentence would be 40 years in prison, but under state sentencing guidelines, he theoretically could receive just 12.5 years since he has no prior criminal record. three other former minneapolis police officers charged with aiding and abetting murder in floyd's death will stand trial in august. we have live team coverage tonight, ktvu zandra senior will have reaction from here in the bay area. first though, we begin with lauren blanchard. he she. said minneapolis tonight. what's it like there? lauren? hi, frank. well, folks here have been out here for hours, both leading up to that verdict and then marching and demonstrating and really celebrating after those three guilty


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