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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 20, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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guilty verdicts. former minneapolis police officer derek chauvet was convicted today on all counts in the death of george boy. as the verdict was read inside the court. juror. number two are these your true and correct outside the courthouse, there were cheers, tears and hugs. many saying that justice was served for george floyd and the community and former police officer derek shobin was led out of the courtroom and taken to jail to await center drink. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. heather holmes. and i'm alex savage, minneapolis and the nation watching closely today as the verdict was read in this emotional case that has touched off protests across the country and prompted a push for social justice and police reform after only 10 hours of deliberating, the jury found derek show been guilty of second degree murder,
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third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. ktvu is lauren blanchard. joining us now from live live outside of the courthouse in minneapolis. with more on how this. verdict came down today, lauren hi, alex here, so i'm outside the courthouse where there was just very large, not protest rather more of a celebration. let me show you kind of now. at this hour. what is left a few hours after the verdict came down. they have this george floyd memorial car that they were live painting just moments ago. these guilty signs spring. did out ready to go a soon as that verdict came down. you can see the crowd has started to thin now, ah few hours later, but still people are out at this time talking with each other going over there. you know how they feel after this, otherwise just demonstrating in the streets, obviously, ah, very different feeling tonight in minneapolis than we have seen so many nights before. members
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of the jury. i understand you have a verdict. former minneapolis police officer derrick show been found guilty on all three counts of second degree and third degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of george floyd moved to have the court revokes the defendant's bail and remanded into custody. bail is revoked, bond is discharged and the defendant is remanded to the custody of the handbrake county sheriff, the jury returning with a verdict tuesday afternoon after roughly a day of deliberations, the verdict comes nearly one year after this video of show been kneeling on floyd's neck for nearly 9.5 minutes went viral as floyd begged for his life and then breathe video setting off international protests over racial injustice and police brutality. over the last three weeks, jurors listened to more than 40 witnesses crucial testimony for the prosecution coming from dr martin tobin, who testified that floyd died from a lack of oxygen due to being pinned down by show of in some defense witnesses maintain show than used reasonable force
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and that factors like floyd's heart and illegal drug use contributed to his death. beyonce tonight show vin is behind bars. the judge in this case says he will do the sentencing in about eight weeks, but very much tonight. there is a feeling of celebration here. downtown minneapolis. alex yeah, i could imagine a sense of relief for a lot of folks who gathered there in downtown minneapolis to hear the verdict. lord we also understand that today after the verdict was announced that president biden and vice president kamala harris. reached out to members of the floyd family. can you give us ah little bit of insight about what the message was that they had for the family? yeah, basically, so we are actually got to see the moment that this phone call came into the floyd family. the attorney ben crump. also there, they put it on speaker phone. you could hear them talking. do the family we heard obviously from president biden shortg he s case to be overwhelming was the
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right verdict would come down. hey said, you know, he understood in this phone call. after that this would be very emotional for the family that this would not bring george floyd back, but that this at least they could move forward from this place with some sort of accountability, some sense of justice. lord, before i let you go. we obviously heard from from prosecutors after the verdict was read, and obviously they were celebrating the decision from that jury. have we heard anything thus far from the defense? well we knew we already know they are likely to appeal this case. we got a sense of that yesterday during closing arguments when the. defense tried to have the case declared a mistrial over some comments from congresswoman maxine waters. we are expecting probably that will come up where they will bring this up and say that you know, before the jury went into deliberations, they were prejudice with those comments from congresswoman waters will have to see closer down the
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line. whether or not that appeal comes through. and then, of course, once they do appeal it if they try to use those comments, and if, in case as the judge had warned, it could be a basis for the trial entire case. overturned. yeah still a long way to go in the legal process here even after we get the verdict, lauren blanchard on the ground in minneapolis for us tonight. thank you, lauren. we appreciate it, george floyd's younger brother said that he had faith and derek shobin would be convicted. today you have a cameras all around the world to see his show. what happened to my brother? it was a motion picture. the world seen his life being extinguished and i could do nothing but watch, especially in that courtroom over and over and over again as my brother was murdered. times.
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they're getting harder every day. 10 miles away from here, mr right, dante, right? yeah. he should still be. yeah, way off the always understand it. we have to march. we will have to do this for life. we have to protest because it seems like this is a never ending cycle. well, his family said that they will continue to fight for racial justice. joining us once again this afternoon is michael cardoza, ktvu legal analyst, michael guilty on all three counts today. you surprised it all. not at all. as we talked before, there were certainly enough proof and up evidence in this case beyond a reasonable doubt to convict mr shah been way more than enough to convict him. the defense was handed certain set of facts they have
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to defend. i thought they did a good job doing that, not withstanding. they didn't have the horsepower the government had nor the evidence the government had to bring in this verdict, michael yesterday we talked about deliberations and how long the jury might be out discussing this case. you're talking about weeks of testimony. the jury ended that deliberating for about 10 hours, right, a respectable amount of time. remember yesterday i said there was a case in california where jury came back rather quickly. i think it was under a half hour and the appellate court reversed vacation, said you didn't have enough time to vet or go through the evidence in this case, so we're going to make you do it again. another jury in this case. they were out a respectable amount of time and brought back the great guilty verdict. children's bond was revoked and he was, you
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know, putting handcuffs removed from the courtroom that was expected. absolutely expected after almost any murder trial that i've ever participated in either as a prosecutor, or as a defense attorney, if the defendant is convicted, they're putting cops and they're taking in the custody for sentencing because the situation changes now you're convicted. now you're more like that was. michael cardoza cannot take away the pain, a measure of justice. isn't the same as equal justice. this verdict brings us a step closer. and the fact is, we still have work to do. we still must reform the system. last summer, together with senator cory booker and
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representative karen bass, i introduced the george floyd justice and policing act. this bill would hold law enforcement accountable. and help build trust between law enforcement and our communities. this bill is part of george floyd's legacy. the president and i will continue to urge the senate to pass this legislation. not as a panacea for every problem, but as a start. this work is long overdue. america has a long history of systemic racism, black americans and black men, in particular, have been treated throughout the course of our history as less than human. black men, our fathers and brothers and sons and uncles and grandfathers and friends and neighbors. their
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lives must be valued in our education system in our health care system in our housing system in our economic system in our criminal justice system in our nation full stop. because of smartphones. so many americans have now seen the racial injustice that black americans have known for generations. the racial injustice that we have fought for generations that my parents protested in the 19 sixties. that millions of us americans of every race protested last summer. here's the truth about racial injustice. it is not just a black america problem or a people of color problem. it
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is a problem for every american. it is keeping us from fulfilling the promise of liberty and justice for all and it is holding our nation back from realizing. our full potential. we are all a part of george floyd's legacy. into our job now is to honor it and to honor him. thank you. and now it is my great honor to introduce the president of the united states. joe biden. yeah.a
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found former minneapolis police officer derrick show guilty on all counts in the murder of george floyd's last name. it was a murder in the full light of day and ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism. the vice president chester her do that was systemic. grayson's is this stain on our nation's soul. the knee on the neck of justice for black americans, profound fear and trauma. the pain exhaustion on black and brown americans experience every single day. the murder george floyd launched the summer of protest. we hadn't seen since the civil rights here in the sixties pro. test that unified people of every race and generation in peace and with purpose to say
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enough enough enough of this senseless killings today. today's verdict is a step forward. i just spoke to the governor of minnesota. thank me for the close work with his team. i also spoke with george floyd's family again, remarkable family of extraordinary courage. nothing can ever bring their brother their father back. but this could be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in america. let's also be clear. such a verdict is also much too rare for so many people seems like it took a unique and extraordinary convergence of factors, a brave young woman,
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the smartphone camera, a crowd that was traumatized, traumatized witnesses, a murder that last almost 10 minutes in broad daylight for all the money, the whole. world to see officers standing up and testifying against a fellow officer instead of just closing ranks, which should be commended a jury who heard the evidence carried out their civic duty in the midst of extraordinary moment. under extraordinary pressure for so many, it feels like it took all of that for the judicial system to deliver a just just basic accountability. we saw how dramatic and exhausting just watching the trial was for so many people think about those you're listening. think about
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how traumatic was for you. you weren't there. you didn't know any of the people. it was difficult, especially for the witness. who had to relive that day. it's a trauma on top of the fear so many people of color live with every day when they go to sleep at night and pray for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. again as he saw in this trial from the fellow police officers who testified most went men and women who wear the those few who failed to meet that standard. no one should be above the law, and today's verdict sends that message. but it's not enough. we can't stop here in order to
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live a real change and reform we can and we must do more to reduce the likelihood that tragedies like this w ever happen and occur again, to ensure the black and brown people or anyone, so they don't fear the interactions of law enforcement. they don't have to wake up, knowing that they can lose the very life in the course of just living their life. they don't have to worry about whether their sons or daughters will come home after grocery store run, just walking down the street or driving their car playing in the park or just sleeping at home, and this takes acknowledging and confronting. head on systemic racism and the racial disparities that exist in policing and in our criminal justice system. more broadly, you know, state, local government and law enforcement needs to step up. but so does
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the federal government. that's why i've appointed the leadership of the justice department that i have that is fully committed to restoring trust between law enforcement and community. they are. weren't to serve and protect. i have complete confidence in the attorney general general garlands, leadership and commitment. i've also nominated two key justice department nominees benita gupta and kristen clarke or eminently qualified, highly respected lawyers who have spent their entire careers fighting to advance racial equity and justice. benita and kristen have the experience and the skill. necessary to advance our administration's priorities. our criminal justice system, and they deserve. we also need congress to act. george floyd was murdered
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almost a year ago. there's meaningful police reform legislation in his name. you just heard the vice president speak of it. she helped write it. legislation to tell michael systemic misconduct and police departments to restore trust between law enforcement and the people there entrusted to serve and protect, but it shouldn't take a whole year to get this done, my conversations with the floyd family i spoke to him again today. i sure that we're going to continue to fight for the passage that george florrie justice and police in act. so i can sign the law as quickly as possible. there's more to do. finally it's the work we do every day to change hearts and minds as well as laws and policies. that's the work we have to do on lee. then we'll full justice and full equality be delivered all americans. and that's what i just discussed with the floyd family guilty
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verdict does not bring back george. but through the family's pain, they're finding purpose. so george george's legacy will not be just about his death. but about what we must do in his memory. i also spoke to john and george loves jorge's young daughter again. when i met her last year. i've said this before george's general. told about brave. i thought she wasps and i sort of melt down hold her hand should daddy's looking down on you so proud, he said to me that i'll never forget it. daddy changed the world. i told her this afternoon, daddy did change the worldcy, a piece, not violence and justice, peaceful
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expression. that legacy are inevitable inappropriate, but violent protest is not and there are those who will seek to exploit the raw emotions in the moment, agitators and extremists who have no interest in social justice who seek to carry out violence, destroy property fan the flames of hate and division will do everything in their power to stop this country's march toward racial justice. we can't let them succeed. this is a time for this country to come together to unite as americans. that can never be any safe harbor. for hate in america said it many times the battle for seoul. this nation has been a constant push and pull for more than 240 years. a tug of war between the american ideal that we're all created equal in the harsh
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reality. racism is long tortoise apart at our best, the american ideal wins out, so we can't leave this moment. look away thinking our work is done. we have to look at it. we have to weave look as we did for those nine minutes and 29 seconds. we have to listen. i can't breathe. i can't breathe. those with george floors. last words, we can't let those words die with him. we have to keep hearing those words we have a cn to change directory. in this country. it's my hope and prayer, that we live up to the legacy. may god bless you. may
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god bless the george, florida this family. thank you for taking the time to be here. this could be a moment of significant change. thank you. president biden calling this pivotal moment in our country as he and vice president kamala harris addressed the nation following today's guilty verdict in the derrick sheldon trial in minneapolis, minnesota, the former officer found guilty on all of the charges for the killing of george floyd last year, something that president biden referred to moments ago as a murder in the light of day. in the president a short time ago, saying that the jury g back that guilty verdict is a step forward for this country. yeah, president biden and vice president harris talking about where the conversation goes next, and that is on the work that needs to be done. in fact, they both pushing for the
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passage of the george boyd justice in policing act. it would, among other things, ban choke holds and also alter so called call qualified immunity for law enforcement. that is, um thing that lawmakers on capitol hill will begin to consider once again we're going to continue to follow reaction to the derrick showman murder trial verdicts will be sure to stay right here with ktvu politicians and local leaders, all weighing in this afternoon, coming up next here on the four. our coverage of the show and verdict continues with reaction from the south bay. as well as mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls.
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we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated. home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on my family too and be secure in knowing that she's happily looked after. he could keep doing his vegetable garden, and get really good, specialized care. and i could just be her daughter again.
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show vin murder trial, and here are some live picture hovering e minneapolis area where a crowd of people has now gathered to react to the derrick show. vin murder trial guilty verdicts again. the former minneapolis police officer was found guilty on all three counts earlier
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today in the death of george floyd. a lot of people now talking about what happens next. obviously the death of george floyd bought brought about a movement to push for social justice. and as we heard just a few moments ago from president biden and vice president kamila harris, that push will continue. that movement will continue, and that's what we're hearing from a lot of people on the streets there in minneapolis. who were celebrating today's verdict, but also recognizing that there is more work to be done more police reforms that need to be enacted and more more concrete initiatives when it comes to social justice. we're going to continue to monitor the situation they're in minneapolis again, where a large crowd has gathered right now celebrating today's outcome in the derrick show open murder trial. the police departments and city leaders around the bay area prepared for today's verdict. right now there is a crowd gathering at franco gobble plaza in oakland to celebrate the showman verdict.
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getting these andre sr joins us now live this afternoon, and andre oakland police say they are ready for any demonstrations. they certainly are an earlier today the police chief went out to visit businesses that were vandalized about five days ago during protests last week on friday, now chief iran armstrong says he's invested in all aspects of this case from george ford's death to the work to the verdict that was read earlier today to part being a police officer as well. and today he wanted the businesses that were damaged during demonstrations last week to know that it is not okay with him who's not okay with him. take a look. i just wanted to come by myself personally said no. last friday was a challenge for all of us. well, this is a chief armstrong as the metropcs mobile store on 17th of broadway downtown, that businessng clothing store outlandish well, they were vandalized windows broken. not helpful for merchants like this or other
4:28 pm
businesses to be forced to replace windows to be forced to lose merchandise, fauci what a little farther off the road to the target of 26th and broadway that store vandalized friday, just like it was during protests last year, and during today's torchy armstrong acknowledge the issue of police reform and insisted that change needs to happen. i stand before you have the man that's also concerned about what i'm seeing on. i want to see justice for myself for my family for my community. now we have received reports from the city of oakland that there was a gathering that was set to take place at four o'clock effect gala plaza. we have been monitoring the situation and we have not seen that materialize just yet, but we'll keep monitoring that for you are also getting reaction. other city leaders, including oakland, merrily be chef, and we'll have that interview for you. a little later on in our newscast coming up at six o'clock back to you, heather. all right,
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andre appreciate it that wants to send it back to you. today's verdict. yeah, absolutely appreciated andre. the verdict in the derrick shelvin murder trial is sparking action all across the bay area. there is a celebration of justice that is underway right now in the south bay ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary joining us live now from city hall in san jose with more on that jesse alex. the crowd is just starting to arrive and gather behind me here in the plaza at san jose city hall. calling this more of a celebration and reverence. the celebration is here. the plaza at san jose city hall where they're going to set up a dj stand, and cem cem drums are being wheeled in just off to the right of the camera on just a second. you see them well. they'll also have speakers, etcetera, and then later this evening around 5 30 over it. grace baptist church here in san jose. they're gonna have more of ah, reverent ceremony for people who are. all family
4:30 pm
of victims of violence. police violence here in san jose s o. they can like handles and much more of a reserve ceremony over grace baptist church. this was this'll scene you see here was set up by reverend ah, jethro. more of the naacp here in san jose day of mixed emotions as people held the verdict, but also as a sign of the proper legal outcome, but also say george floyd is still dead, no matter how long his killer sits in reason, reverend george oliver of grace baptist church here in san jose, says this afternoon's verdict is a great step toward a better country, he says. it's important for all communities stand together in this day of accountability writes out of our nation, and most specifically, the black community have rarely seen white male police officers held accountable for killing black people today, justice was served. this verdict demonstrates that a badge is never a she field for
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accountability. other members of the naacp down here and phantoms, they express themselves this way, way have a lot of mixed emotions. i'm really happy that, um, we're emitting what happened, which was a murder. but this by no means is justice because he's not going to be alive. he's not gonna hug his parents, and i'm not gonna stop until we get justice and. till san jose until america realizes that black lives matter. i'm not going to stop and i'm not going to stop fighting for justice. and pa naacp is calling for an end for unqualified immunity for police officers. so they say they will continue with that goal. this is a step and obviously they're happy about the verdict, but there's much more work to do is, reverend moore says, calling for an end unqualified immunity
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for police officers again. this is more of a celebratory seen here outside city hall as they start to set up and then 5 36 o'clock tonight will be over it, grace. that this church lighting candles at federal have more coverage for you coming up in the next hour. we're live outside san jose city hall. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you, okay, we will look forward to continuing coverage on that event. jessie. thank you. former president barack obama weighed in on the verdict today, releasing a statement this afternoon and he said in part, while today's verdict may have been a necessary step on the road to progress. it was far from a sufficient one. we cannot rest we will need to follow through with the concrete reforms reduce and ultimately eliminate racial bias in our criminal justice system. yeah, and our live coverage of the sylvan verdict continues coming up. next we'll have more reaction from political leaders and also a conversation about what today's verdict means for the
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as you can see a crowd of people taking to the streets they're marching and chanting as people all across this country reacts to the verdict this afternoon in the murder trial of derek shobin, that trial of course, unfolding in minneapolis. some of the crowd here many as they reacted to the verdict today, people cheer there were celebrations. others cried full of emotion, obviously, is this decision came down and the jury finding
4:36 pm
former minneapolis police officer derek shelving guilty on all of the counts against him and again. this is a live pictures here from march that is happening in new york city that we will continue to monitor. the jury today deliberated. i should say they deliberated about 10 hours before finally reaching their decision. it was announced this afternoon and the former police officer derek sheldon, found guilty on all three counts of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd last may, prosecutors told the jury to believe their eyes as they played that cell phone video. showing shelvin kneeling on floyd's neck for 9.5 minutes as floyd struggled to breathe, the state attorney general praise those who stopped to try to help floyd that day. they stpe and raise their voices, and they even challenged humanity. they stopped and whatg
4:37 pm
was wrong. they didn't need to be medical professionals or experts in the use of force. they knew it was wrong, and they were right. these community members this bo o k of humanity, did it again in this trial they perform. simple yet profound acts of courage. the most serious charge carries up to 40 years in prison. derek sheldon's sentencing will happen about eight weeks from now. three other former minneapolis police officers charged with aiding and abetting murder in floyd's death will stand trial in august. elected officials here in the bay area and around the country have been taking to social media this afternoon to react to today's verdict. ktvu evan sernoffsky has been following along and joins us now live with some of the reaction. evan sernoffsky. around the nation have been weighing in on this momentous verdict, but they're not just
4:38 pm
talking about what the jury decided. many are talking about this as an opportunity to address racial justice and police. accountability and we have video of vice president kamila harris in a phone call with george floyd's family just moments after the verdict came down. i really do believe that your leadership and the president that we have in the white house, we're gonna make something good. come out of this trash here. now is harris was addressing the family. california governor gavin newsom sent this tweet, saying george floyd would still be alive if he looked like me. that must change. no conviction can repair the harm done to the floyd family. but today's verdict provides accountability. now we must continue our work to root out the racial injustice that haunts our society. san francisco mayor london breed issued this statement. this verdict does
4:39 pm
not bring back the life of george floyd. it can't replace the years of his life that were robbed from him nor the life experiences that would have been made with his friends and family. what this verdict does reflect is that the tide is turning in this country, although still too slowly toward accountability and justice. now is this reaction continues to pour in one theme stands out. it's no longer just about what happened in the courtroom. but what will happen in this country going forward? heather? yeah, then that's something that we heard from president biden and just a short time ago, he too, saying that today's verdict doesn't bring george boy back, but it does give the family purpose and a lot of other people here in the country a sense of purpose as well. evan sernoffsky will be following along with more reaction. appreciate it. thank you. members of the bay area's black community weighing in on today's guilty verdict in the derrick shelvin trial, and certainly there is a tremendous sense of relief for more. we're
4:40 pm
joined by chuck baker, chairman of the organization, 100 black men of the bay area, chuck, it is great to have you want here today. i want to start by asking you about some of the emotions you felt as this verdict came down today. what what does this decision mean to you personally? first i'd like to thank you for having me on the program and on behalf of the 100 black area, unlike to think, the jurors the prosecution, the witnesses, the courageous bystanders eiji ellison and the great city of minneapolis for bringing justice to the nation, you know, but when i reflect on everything over the past 11 months, the pain. think about how it almost took everything out of us to get to this point. and it saddens me, actually, although this is a verdict that gives me hope it's sands may the world was shocked by that video, but unfortunately is black men, including many of the brothers of the 100 back 100 black men. we were not shocked. because we've seen
4:41 pm
this play out over and over again across america. black person gets killed. protest break out it goes quiet. nothing's really done, and then bam! it happens all over again. so perhaps this verdict represents a new direction that will actually break the cycle that changes a culture of the police and changes the way the country thanks because justice for black people is justice for everyone, and i do have hope that this verdict will set the framework for reform mayor is london breed and libby shaft have community policing proposals. that's a start, but but like any wound. and not only takes time to heal. it takes oxygen. it takes resource is a technical nutrients takes compassion, you know on dsa, we need to think about mental support. this'll is a highly traumatic time i encourage everyone to reach out to their brothers and sisters, your loved ones, regardless of race. tell them that you're thinking about employers. please give your employees space. we're all exhausted. so those are my
4:42 pm
initial thoughts. and you know where i'm looking at social media. there is, there's a lot of different emotions across the spectrum. yeah, it certainly met mixed emotions, no doubt about it to this verdict here. you know, you touched on it a little bit, but i think that you're part of the debate now is does this decision in this closely watched high profile trial? does this actually signal a turning point in this country and suggest that we will have a justice system that will value black lives or is this just one case where the video evidence was was just so overwhelming that a jury had to convict this police officer. i'm optimistic that this is a transformational event that will create. a different mindset for those that aren't necessarily affected by this directly, right? i think this is something that's so egregious that so loud and people are hearing everyone scream. that
4:43 pm
it hits you emotionally as a human being right? i think that's what's different. and you know the first video that went viral is in 2009 by oscar grant. right right here in our backyard. no, clint right on new year's day. that was the first viral video. but this has happened since 1967. huey newton, bobby seale, the black panther founders. they were protest the police when ah young man in north richmond got shot, so this is something that is continued its just now teat. but now we're looking at 10 years of that. 10 years and so i think this is a turning point, because when you look at someone. you know, being being in a person that is handcuffed that is helpless for nine minutes and 29 seconds that dies a slow death by the hands of the people supposed to protect us that hits you, and now we have the verdict. thank you for the system in minneapolis. thank god. that was the right city. the right
4:44 pm
eggy the right jury. the right prosecutor, right? because it didn't. it doesn't always go that way. and then you think about the witnesses. sure where the where the witnesses testified against their own. that's something that hasn't really happened. so i think that is going to create some transformation terms of our minds and hopefully the policies. obviously your organization you you worked to try to lift up young black men. um when? when you talk to some of those young black men here in the bay area? what? what is it? you think they should should take away from today's decision? we have over 130 caring profession. africa, american men for all walks of life, you know, folks of the head of their body shop all the way to doctors and lawyers, right? we've got all walks of life. and we care. and so we do. mentoring every weekend. we do week weaken mentoring. we do week day study sessions, led by officer robert smith and bishop bob jackson. it's called the
4:45 pm
okay program, which we think mayor libby shop for continuing to fund. it's a community policing program that covers six title. one schools in oakland unified school district and deals with over 350 young black males, and we're seeing the results were seeing their gps. rise. we're seeing zero police incidents, right? we're seeing all types of results. we're seeing them go to college going to trade school getting internships. so when you love these boys, and it's and it's from african american men loving african american boys were trying to take care of our own. right. you see them thrive. and so, yes, that is happening. that's one of three other pillars that we focus on which is health and wellness education we provide over 100,000 scholarships every year to men and women. right? and also we do economic empowerment. we do financial, health training and other coaching, so we just formed 100 mental health committee by one of our board members to shannon
4:46 pm
williamson, who's a licensed clinical, social worker. and really, we just did this because our communities hurting and there's a stigma around mental health. we're all hurting right now. there's trauma. so we need to bring resource is tools and awareness to address the middle and behavior. health black men, black people in the community at large. yeah. this trial was was very difficult for so many people to go through an experience really appreciate your time in the conversation. chuck baker, chairman of 100, black men of the bay area, thank you so much for coming on today. appreciate it. thank you. we were. absolutely you as well and we will be bringing you more reaction and analysis of today's verdict in the derrick sheldon trial throughout our shows here on ktvu. you could, of course, also get the latest information on our website. ktvu calm as well as on the ktvu news app. well, today's data 4 20 is a day of celebration for the cannabis community. but just like last year, the pandemic
4:47 pm
has canceled the public celebration in san francisco. a jewish christian captain. his life force now a dolores park there in the city and officials christian want people to stay home to prevent the spread of covid-19. yeah, that's right, heather ordinarily on 4 20 would be over in golden gate park. as you said, maybe over at hippie hill. but this year, the city is cracking down. so instead we decided to come here to delores park. and sure enough, we found a nice group of people out here and when the clock clicked over to 4 20 we heard a cheer go up and small puffs of smoke go up in the air. 4 20 april 20th is here a day historically, when those who enjoy cannabis partake together at 4 20 in the afternoon, but this year things are a little different. i plan on just kind of taking my time going on my solo journey. just tow. you know, i experienced the plant myself. i love her so much in years past, huge crowds would gather it hippie hill in golden gate park and light up in unison. this year. the smoke has been replaced with chain
4:48 pm
link fences. the city closing off this part of the park until wednesday. san francisco mayor london breed reminding people that with the pandemic it's simply too dangerous for a large crowd to gather. we don't want a super spreader event because thea other thing people do. puff puff pass. so what we don't want is really the two really haven't event like that, with that many people coming together at the apothecary on market street, the manager said. what had been a slow year is picking up absolutely. mean the line beat me here this morning. they were already waiting when i showed up to unlock the doors. this is exciting. it feels like 4 20 years back, she says the market is shifting so that those who enjoy cannabis conduce so even while social distancing my new favorite product that is becoming very popular over the last few months, our little dog walker joints personal safe serves single size, so you kind of get this little itty bitty it. it's just for you and you can get a pack in chair mall with your friends, so you're not kind of crossing those boundaries. those looking to celebrate said there. doing so the same way they've weathered covid-19 and
4:49 pm
socially distant pods safely. well it's social distancing in the park. actually i guess we're just going to go hang out, catch some sun and smoke some weed. marin addition to those fences that we told you about that were put up in golden gate park. we've also that the city has a crew of rangers going around the parks, making sure that there aren't any big congregations looking to celebrate for 20 reporting live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news. yeah christian and by the looks of things, it appears as though people have gathered there. delores park, but it seems as though they're spread out and not a huge crowd there right now. yeah. every one more. look at it. and i think you hit the nail on the head is that you know, we see a sizable group of people they are by and large, fairly well spaced out. we can't guarantee of course, that everybody is not from the same household. but it does seem that groups are relatively isolated from one another, and i can also tell you it's very windy out. here s o. i think
4:50 pm
people are relying on being outdoors and all over that distance, try to maintain some safety, even though a zoe said vaccinations are still ongoing and we're seeing are infection rates trend downward, but still people. trying to take it as safely as they can. yeah, the last thing we want to do is to see that moment. um swing the other way. all right, christian captain life force. this afternoon there in the city. thank you, christian. cristian was right on about the wind. some gusty winds out there. sfo with four o'clock, reported a gust of 52 miles an hour so bit blustery this afternoon for your tuesday afternoon. what about rainfall? of course, that we're kind of getting excited. i wanna get too excited cause i want this chance. to fade away, but there's a chance we could be talking about some rainfall as we head into the weekend. we're showing you the rainfall forecast model of the most of the action, the highest rainfall chance that'll come in on sunday, possibly into monday of next week, not the biggest storm, but as you know, we're on this dry stretch it to be nice to attracts of rain
4:51 pm
showers as we head into the weekend now it's very interesting right now look up to our north of toward lake county, we actually have some showers and thunderstorms developing right around clear lake right now, so parts of the region at least death scene, so those big cloud buildups and there is the chance we could be tracking at least a few. well, he's a slight chance of a thunderstorm approaching portions of napa county this evening is if this continues to hold together, in fact, right now, there's some of the activity closer to clear like up in lake county and a new law, lightning strike to report as well, so looks like we have some pretty active weather for that, too portion of the bay area now for the rest of the region. we're talking about clear skies except some areas of fog, coast side and some gusty winds. fairfield right now gusting to 28 miles. in our some more reports for you. there is at sfo winds sustained at 32 or 36 gusting to 52 miles an hour. car numbers in the fifties words cool sixties a closer to the bay for the inland spots in the warm locations, the warmest locations in the seventies. right now, here's a live camera
4:52 pm
looking out toward sfo, where you can see some of the cloud cover and some gusty winds out tomorrow morning in the forties and the fifties to start out to your wednesday morning. some cloud cover and then they clouds will clear back to near the immediate coastline and you could see temperatures on track to reach the fifties sixties and seventies. so here's this area of low pressure this producing the gusty winds today the chance of the showers and thunderstorms moving into portions of the north base of slight chance, but then into tomorrow, clearing skies and warmer temperatures, the warmest locations will be in the upper seventies san francisco 61 degrees, so keep it on the radar. for tonight. it is a cooler pattern by friday, and this weekend we could actually be tracking some rain chances here in the bay area, in fact, a fairly good chance so that is a nice welcome change in our in our forecast. yes, we certainly do. welcome that, mark. thank you coa
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
little bit longer to move into the least restrictive yellow tier of the state's reopening plan. the county was on a path to become the first bay area county to move into the yellow tear because of a decline in covid-19 infections. but marin county's health officer says there was a slight uptick in cases last week. sandra feldman is under arrest accused of attacking his roommates with an ax center fell. police say the suspect, or media o d, as attacked a woman and her 12 year old daughter yesterday in their apartment on canal street. the woman suffered major stab wounds and cuts and lost parts of her fingers as she shielded her daughter. the girl had major cuts to her. i know's arm andation. police say diaz was arrested without incident and is now being held without bail.
4:56 pm
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try'em today. only at jack in the box. overturn a court ruling alleging he abused his emergency powers during the covid-19 state of emergency. aural arguments took place today at the court of appeals in sacramento. now this case involves a lawsuit filed last year by two republican assembly members from the sacramento area. they claim the governor shut down orders during the onset of the pandemic were illegal. the state attorney general's office is representing the administration. it argued that under the state's emergency services exact the governor has thea bility to create quasi signed legislation. clarify what your position is, it says during a state of emergency, the governor shall. to the extent beatings necessary, outcome complete authority over all agencies and you've touched on that point. and the right
4:59 pm
exercise within the area designated. all police power vested in the state. now. it is not clear when the appeals court will issue a ruling. ktvu fox two news at five starts now, three charges above entitled matters to count three second degree manslaughter, culpable negligence, creating an unreasonable risk. find the defendant guilty, three charges. three guilty verdicts. former minneapolis police officer derek chauvet was convicted on all accounts today for murdering george fraud. and within moments, he was put in handcuffs and led away to jail. sheldon is now facing years and years in prison w now. good evening. everyone i'm frank somerville. well we're having some issues with julie.
5:00 pm
but this is what happened is the judge read the verdict. there was obviously an immediate reaction from lots of people overjoyed that officer, former officer show vin was convicted on. all three counts. now this was the scene. let's see. this is minneapolis. there's been a big reaction in minneapolis. the pictures we showed you a moment ago. it was where. derrick show, vin put his knee on george floyd just to kind of bring you up to date here faces 40 years in prison for second degree murder 25 years for third degree barter and 10 years up to 10 years for the manslaughter charge. let's go now to new york city. i want to show you what the reaction is like there again, so many people were really worried about what would happen if derrick show vin was found not guilty instead.


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