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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 20, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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show vin, the former police officer charged with the murder of george floyd. a verdict could be handed down at any moment. how cities across the country are preparing for the aftermath, plus 4 20 celebrations canceled at san francisco's golden gate park. the warning for anyone who plans to try to gather today and tough water restrictions could becoming a marin county. what's up for debate tonight and the fines people could face if approved. the news at noon starts now, this is ktvu fox. two news that new and good afternoon everyone. i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian the fate of former minneapolis police officer derrick show vin is now in the hands of a 12 person jury. the today is the first full day of deliberations after closing arguments by the defense and prosecution yesterday. we'll get more now from reporter caroline shyly. jurors in the trial of former police officer derek shobin are back at it today, while the city of minneapolis remains on edge awaiting a verdict. it's
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the first full day of jury deliberations and derrick show van's trial. jurors spent roughly four hours on the task yesterday. the case is in your hands is judges of the facts. they were handed the case after nearly six hours of closing arguments, prosecutors spending their time arguing show vince actions directly led to two torch floyd's death last may calling the idea common sense. the child did understand it when the nine year old girl said, get off of him. that's how simple it was. get off of him. common sense, the defense says showman acted like a reasonable officer, and that factors like floyd's heart condition and illegal drug use contributed to his death. no single factor one over the other, played any more of a result. dew point any more of a role resulting in mr floyd stuff. judge peter cahill later denied the defense's request for a mistrial, based in part on comments made by congresswoman maxine waters,
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who urged protesters to quote get more confrontational. if show vin is not convicted, the judge saying her words could be grounds for the defense to appeal a verdict. i wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch in our function. many businesses have also been boarded up ahead of any potential protests more than 3000. national guard members have also been activated in minneapolis. caroline shaw, lively ktvu, fox two news. that certainly here in the bay area. many business owners have already started boarding up their storefronts you can see in oakland ply was already up on the first floor windows of several downtown office buildings. some apartment buildings have also started to prepare for potential violence is also a barrier set up outside the opd headquarters. lease in santa rosa are now investigating an act of vandalism that could be connected to the. the head of ad large amounts of blood were left at a santa rosa home over this past weekend.
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investigators say the intended target was apparently berry broad, the use of force expert who testified at the show in trial for the defense last week. broad used to live at the home in santa rosa, but then moved out of state just a few years ago. home security camera. did catch some murky images of a group dressed in black run away from that house. kind of made me think of the godfather. quite frankly. you know for someone to go to that extreme to make a point. broad is a former santa rosa police officer who left the department nearly 20 years ago, the chief of the department issued a statement saying bron does not reflect the department's values or beliefs. today is april 20th 4 20. typically san francisco holds a mass gathering and hippie hill and golden gate park. but for the second straight year that will not be the case. ktvu james tourist shows us what local law enforcement officers are saying hothere to gather in a crowd. in years past, golden gate park was the place to light up on 4 20. today, this kind of crowd
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is a public health nightmare. this is for our own health and public safety. so instead of crowds at golden gate park, you'll see silver gates preventing anyone from gathering at hippie hill. some say those still find a way with the sun and the good weather and i'm sure people will still be there even though hippie hill might be closed on also hate street like nearby. i think it's like a really cool place to hang out on 4 20 city. leaders say don't even try. the park will be totally inaccessible and a buzz kill for anyone looking for a party. nearby shops expecting to experience a burnout. thousands of people come from all over the world, and it was always great for business, but i don't think it's gonna be like that. this year, the city's rex and park manager does encourage people to celebrate responsibility, even suggesting to visit other city parks. just make sure you avoid crowds. we understand that it's been a really long mew. here and people are excited to socialize and gather, but we just
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continue to encourage people to follow public health guidance. park rangers at golden gate park will be patrolling the area, they say anyone who breaks the rules will face the risk of being issued a citation. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. the bay area will have to wait a little bit longer for any of its counties to move into that least restrictive yellow tear. marin county did come the closest to making that jump, but it's not entering the tear just yet. ktvu is allie rasmus joins us live this afternoon. with more on this story, aly. good afternoon. good afternoon. mike marin county's public health officer says it can't move into that yellow tear just yet, and that's because of a slight uptick in covid cases in mid april. way slid back a little bit, and we've been talking about that is being a risk all the way along. marin county's public health officer says the county was on track to qualify for the yellow tear and told the week of april 10th when countywide. there were some new cases of covid-19 tied to
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spring break travel. we had a few days we had 20 new cases. just a couple days with 20 new cases really brings us above that to level in a presentation this morning to the marin county board of supervisors, dr matt willis says the good news is that since april, 10th cases are trending down again, missing six single digit cases again most days of the over the past week. the earliest we would now move to the yellow tear would be made for 75% of marin county residents have had at least one dose of the covid vaccine, but until a majority of the county is fully vaccinated, there is a chance cases can go back up. i'm really excited and proud to live in a county that's taking this seriously. people are practicing vaccinations wearingo show that that life can return to somewhat normal. i think we need to get busy. this is, you know, opened up again. i think we need to get people back to work. go about my normal life
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like i've been dreaming about the last year. well, it may take a little longer to reach that goal. the expectation among public health and medical experts is that the more people who get fully vaccinated, the sooner covid cases will drop. june, 15th governor gavin newsom says the state health department will be able to eliminate the color coded tier system altogether and reopen the state completely. san francisco is the only other county in the bay area that could come close in the near future to shifting to that yellow tear, but that wouldn't happen until next tuesday at the earliest. reporting live, allie rasmus ktvu fox. two news came in that orange here for now, but at least we're not talking about that purple tear alley. thank you. for that. there is a new effort in marin to vaccinate people in the county's most vulnerable communities. the marin county health department is teaming up with the ritter center. health center based in the city of sandra fell, the two agencies will work together to deliver vaccine doses to low income neighborhoods, the homeless and other underserved communities.
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this partnership comes amid and expected boost in marin county's vaccination supply from the federal government. later today, the marine municipal water system is expected to vote on new mandatory water conservation measures. the san francisco chronicle reports that outdoor watering could be limited to one day a week. this move comes after the lowest rainfall total we've seen in 90 years, the water district asked for voluntary cutbacks in february. if this measure is approved, the minuto re cutbacks would start immediately finds of up to $250 could be imposed. starting may 1st. the genie says that new safety measures could lead to an increase in power shut off, says the utility assesses the risk of trees falling onto power lines in a virtual cpuc workshop yesterday, pgd said it plans to consider tree density size health and distance from power lines when it comes to determining how large a ps ps event might have to be or if a tree falling or over strike risk is likely, the utility says of the 7.3 million trees near their power lines. 5.3
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million are close enough for a potential over strike. we're able to assess the over strike potential of individual trees itself. so think about how the tree the distance that it falls and then that remaining distance of the point of contact of the tree to the overhead line. the top of the height of the tree is what's deemed as the tree over strike exposure potential. today's workshop is in response to a proposed condition and p jeannie's criminal probation stemming from its involvement in the deadly 2010 san bruno gas pipeline explosion, the sonoma county sheriff's office says it is asking residents to take one simple step to help authorities during wildfires during floods and other emergencies. the sheriff's office has given away red and white tags first responders know everyone is safely off the propertylooking e already gone. acts will be available next month. everyone who lives in unincorporated
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parts of sonoma county as wells in the cities of windsor and sonoma, still to comment moon, causing all sports tryouts for at least 48 hours investigation into three positive covid cases at berkeley high school that more more people are booking vacations nationwide, even around the world will tell you about a warning from the state department about international travel. even a wasted restrictions are loosening up. also it's a cool and breezy day for much of the bay area. there is some sun out there, though, and boy you can tell there's a wind as well. ktvu meteorologists rosemary oroczo has your full forecast and she's coming up. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years,
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ island new york, the person killed was a 49 year old employees, police say, ah, person of interest in the shooting had worked at the store and remains at large. this afternoon. the shooting happened inside the manager's office, which was above where customers were shopping. police say there were a couple 100 people inside the store at the time. it has been 22 years since two students carried out an attack at columbine high school in littleton, colorado. they killed 12 students and a teacher before taking their own lives. it was the deadliest school shooting at the time, the man who was columbine's principal, then says he's concerned the country has become desensitized to gun violence. usually every year.
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there are ceremonies to remember the victims, but this year once again due to the pandemic, students, staff and community are being asked to perform public service in their honor. federal safety agencies could soon consider new regulations for autopilot system's after a fiery car crash near houston, where no one was behind the wheel when man was in the passenger seat of the tesla model s the other was in the back seat. both were killed in saturday's crash. evidence shows the car was speeding and ran off the road at a curve, then hit a tree. tesla's ceo elon musk says so far, data logs show the car was not in autopilot. experts say that feature can be deceiving. calling a system full self driving or calling a system autopilot is lulling people into a false sense of security. i don't care how many warnings you have on the car, the ones that around the market right now are designed for continuous supervision by the driver. the driver is supposed to be paying
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attention all the time. tesler repeatedly warns drivers they should always be at the controls. authorities are still investigating whether tesla's autopilot was activated during the crash, more than half of all americans ages 16 and up have been vaccinated against covid-19. but health officials are still urging caution as coronavirus case numbers are continuing to increase. david lee miller brings us the latest developments from new york. we remain in a complicated stage, doctors are still scrambling to contain a new surge of covid cases. his vaccinations accelerate more than 132 million americans. over half the adult population have gotten at least one shot. and the white house says they're now distributing 28 million doses to the states every week, but we're still seeing big increases and infections and hospitalizations, especially among younger americans, who haven't yet been vaccinated, and health officials are pleading with the public to keep wearing masks and social distancing. for now, these vaccines work extraordinarily
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well as prevention interventions. however they take some time to kick in, so we need to continue to keep the prevention measures up. it is a new search intensifies the state department. updating its travel guidance, putting approximately 80% of the world on his level four do not travel list, writing in a statement quote the covid-19 pandemic continues to pose unprecedented risks to travelers. in light of those risks. the department of state strongly recommends us citizens reconsider all travel abroad. but domestically a number of governors are encouraging travel as they work to restart tourism in their states, including alaska, which is now offering free covid vaccines for all. out of state visitors will have things set up at the airport, and we'll help you out. so that's probably another good reason to come to the state of alaska in the summer. the t s a says it is processing more than a million air travelers every day. that's up from about 100,000 this time last year in new york, david lee miller, ktvu fox two news time now to
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check in on that forecast and say hello to rose. mary, how you doing? rosemary and doing fine. thank you, mike. hello to you and gaussian toe. all of you out there. it's a cooler day for most and a breezy one. even the possibility of maybe a stray shower coming our way, although it doesn't look likely i will have a look at that in just a moment. let's start out with a look at sfo where we do have gray skies here. overhead partly cloudy over parts of the bay area in santa rosa actually enjoying the sunshine that happening early on and because of the santa rosa is actually one of the spots, former today. 68 degrees right now at this lunch hour in santa rosa. meanwhile san francisco 54 for you, oakland, livermore and san jose in the low sixties. ah look at the 24 hour temperature change our inland cities inland east bay, definitely a cooler day down by about five degrees of sober again. you look towards santa rosa. we're up by four. oakland also up by four had a little bit of clearing earlier on with a more sunshine,
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and that has helped the area of oakland as well. oakland reporting an onshore breeze at 13 mph fairfield that gust at 28. nevada reporting augusta 16 conquered sustained at 18. so as we've been talking about, yes, a breezy day out there, checking in on a few more areas with sfor reporting a windows to 33 half moon bay, 26. livermore reporting 24. so what cooler day for most a breezy day for most a partly cloudy day, especially the further south, you go take a look over areas like santa cruz. little bit fog along the coastline as well. we have a system that is working through areas of the pacific northwest, as well as northern california that could even trigger a few thunderstorms for the sacramento valley. but i want to show you what goes on here is we get into the afternoon notice right around five o'clock or so some of the higher elevations, the sierras well as over towards the coastal range, we've got the yellows and the oranges and the reds popping up. that will be the risk of some thunderstorms by about dinner time or six o'clock. we'll call it it.
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rolls very close to the north bay again, not expecting a lot little bit of drizzle, maybe over the coastline, but it's there, so we have to mention it. most of us won't even know or see any type of rain or thunderstorm. but the slight risk is there, especially for the north bay late in the afternoon. even you have you hear of the temperatures for today? send roses 73 sent rosa, one of the only spot still above average for this time of year, san francisco's fallen below, as well as oakland, a livermore and san jose 68 expected for you there, i'll give you a look at some of those afternoon highs around the region along the peninsula for today. 66 in bed with city 70 degrees and liver more. we've got 75 antioch, antioch was 90 degrees just two days ago. so a big difference going on there? we do have the possibility some rain entering the bay area looks like by the back end of the weekend. better details coming in the extended forecast in just a bit, rosemary. thank you still to come in nude. all eyes were on apple today. up next, we'll discuss the latest technology
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just unveiled and event people. e
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president walter mondale, who died yesterday at the age of 93. he entered politics at the age of 26, helping to manage the u. s. senate campaign of hubert humphrey. condo later filled humphrey senate seat when humphrey was elected vice president, then in 1976. mondale became jimmy carter's
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vice president. people get a chance to spend all those years in that kind of work serving the greatest democracy in the world can't beat that. 1984 mondale was the democratic presidential nominee. the convention that year was a san francisco's mosconi center. mondo made history choosing a woman for his running mate, geraldine ferraro, the first female vice presidential candidate on a major party ticket on their lost to ronald reagan, who won a second term. a coalition of oakland groups are demanding more time to assess the effect of building the oakland a's proposed ballpark at howard terminal. the coalition includes east bay housing organizations and faith groups. they say they have concerns regarding the community and environmental impact of the proposed ballpark, adding that the city's current draft of the environmental impact report does not address the need for affordable housing and the significant environmental and community impacts. if this project is
12:24 pm
approved, it will inevitably have significant and unavoidable impacts both during the construction faith and during the ongoing operations throughout the life of the project. these impacts film from vehicles, mobile sources producing harmel harmful air pollutants. the coalition is hoping to bring their concern to the attention of the oakland planning commission. it's said to hold a public hearing tomorrow on the environmental impact report for the proposed ballpark. in fremont. frustrated parents continued to push their school district to reopen for in person learning. yesterday afternoon, they gathered and wait signs along part of passe o padre parkway. they want the school district to prove having some kind of in person instruction by next monday and created a concrete plan for full in person learning to return to the classroom in the fall. the world is opening up. it's my understanding that 14 or 15 school districts in alameda county already open or are planning to open soon. so why
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not free money? some of the parents raised money to hire a lawyer to help push the fremont school district after the district failed to negotiate a deal with teachers to come back to classrooms this semester across the bay, hundreds of students and san mateo county will get the gift of a free college education. county leaders announced they're now accepting applications for this new program. it comes from a $2 million grant from san mateo county. it will allow 500 students to attend college in the community college district. this includes money for tuition, books and transportation for up to three years. well apple is holding its first product launch event of the year, and it includes the introduction of a lot of new products. vent, called spring loaded was held virtually from apple park there in cupertino, apple ceo tim cook announced new products, including a new redesigned i'm i i'm ac with an m one processor. and a new air tag, which helped you find lost items. there are also improvements for apple tv, four k and a new color for the iphone. 12 we're so excited to
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introduce a new, gorgeous purple. it looks stunning with the precision milled back glass and new design. it has elements of sophistication and brightness with the color matched aluminum edges. it's absolutely beautiful purple joins the new purple iphone will be available for preorder on friday and will be available at stores on april 30th. it'll come at noon here in surrounding decisions made by governor newsome during the covid-19 state of emergency. the claims that the shutdown she ordered were a violation of the u. s constitution. then we continue to follow the latest in the derrick shobin trial when a jury could have a verdict in this case and the preparations nationwide for preparations nationwide for possible protests
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bring. on. spring. with calculators that can help you color. videos that get to the point... and keep your projects on point. and a store that rings your doorbell any time you need it. this is doing like never before. this is today's home depot. how doers get more done.
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venmo murder trial, which is in its first full day of deliberations. the jury was handed the case yesterday after nearly six hours of closing arguments. how this jury has deliberated in its entirety for about 10 hours up to this point. and the city of minneapolis is on edge as it awaits that verdict. the city has asked for police mutual aid in the national guard has been activated in case there is violent opposition to the jury's decision. president biden says he hopes if there are demonstrations that they will be peaceful, he spoke to
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george floyd's family yesterday after the jury was sequestered. they're calling for peace, tranquility, no matter what. that verdict is praying. the verdict is the right verdict, which is it's overwhelming and like you. i wouldn't say that. but the jury was sequestered. now hear me say that. the white house says the president will make remarks after the jury reaches its verdict. the judge in the trial criticized southern california congresswoman maxine waters for what she said to protesters in minnesota. here is just a small part of what she said. and you've got to take the power. the congresswoman who represents part of los angeles, urge protesters to vote and also called for more confrontations on the street. now, critics describe that as they call the violence, the judge in the derrick show vin trial, called the comments irresponsible. wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in
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a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch. judge cahill suggested that congresswoman waters mays are calling for waters to be censured, but house speaker nancy pelosi says waters does not need to apologize, saying the congresswoman was talking about confrontation in the manner of the civil rights movement. berkeley high school is pausing all sports tryouts for at least 48 hours following three positive coronavirus tests, the district says it learned about the first positive test among students who participated in the boy's basketball program. on friday. the district confirmed yesterday that most students didn't wear masks that to outdoor practices and one indoor work out last week. this possible effect indoor and outdoor tryouts as officials review the school's covid safety protocols. very health officials are telling people to sign up to get vaccinated. they haven't done so already. santa clara county. they haven't a vaccine doses this week to handle the demand is ktvu jesse
12:32 pm
gary reports, though this may not be the case in other parts of the bay area, the lines move briskly at the levi stadium covid vaccination site. santa clara county healt in march has turned into ample bounty in april enough so that we can keep up with our each of our sites. maximum capacities which allows us to vaccinate, um ah, most in a day just over 20,000, associate chief medical officer, dr jennifer tongue, says 10,000 appointments are available through next weekend. it's a stark contrast to neighboring san mateo county officials there say their supply has dropped from 20,000 doses weeks ago now to just over 11,000 per week with vaccine supply to san mateo county, severely constrained, we continue to focus on second those clinics and limited. targeted first, those clinics in communities of need, the vaccination branch chief says in a statement, so the longer it takes to get a critical mass
12:33 pm
of people vaccinated, the longer it's gonna take to have this be something akin to the influence have had influenza about break that we get every year. san matteo officials say they expect supply to increase the last week of april, but they don't have specific numbers down the road in santa clara county officials are looking to the future and the goal of herd immunity. i think we all feel very relieved that, um, that the population has been willing to get vaccinated. that's ah, our operations can now operate at. capacity we received one report of a canceled first dose appointment in alameda county, apparently due to a lack of supply. that appointment was booked through sutter health center responded with an email which reads in part, sutter is not currently canceling any appointments at the alameda county fairgrounds. mass vaccination site, though our vaccine supply remains low and particularly impacted by the j and j pause, alameda county officials also say that their supply the vaccine is
12:34 pm
steady or flat, and that they have not had to cancel. the appointment's due to a lack of supply in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. why do we have some breaking news? just crossing the wires here. we have just learned that the jury has reached a verdict in the derrick show vin trial. we understand that it will be read sometime this afternoon, according to local reports there in minnesota, that decision will be read around 1 30, possibly two o'clock pacific time. they are a couple hours ahead of us. the jury did start deliberations yesterday. they went for about four hours went to the hotel. then they came back today to once again begin to liberations, and that started around eight o'clock their time. and at this point, the jury has indeed reached a verdict in this trial. so as soon as we get the word, of course, we will bring that to you, but just emphasize the verdict is in and everyone will start gathering at the courthouse once again from both sides, the prosecution and the defense. and once everyone gets
12:35 pm
settled and the judge will be handed that and the verdict will be read. us. health regulators are collecting info the side effects of the johnson and johnson covid vaccine. cdc will meet on friday to review these reports. regulators put a hold on giving the jane j vaccine after six women under the age of 50 developed blood clots in their brains shortly after getting their shots, they won't have clear guidelines and give medical professionals information on how to recognize and treat the condition. governor gavin newsom is attempting to overturn a court ruling alleging he abused his emergency powers during the covid-19. state of emergency. aural arguments are taking place today at the court of appeal in sacramento. the case involves a lawsuit filed last year by two republican assembly members from the sacramento area. james gallagher of yuba city and kevin kiley of rocklin claimed the governor's shut down orders during the pandemic violated the u. s constitution. clarify what your position is
12:36 pm
that says during a state of emergency, the governor shall to the extent beatings necessary, outcome complete authority over all agencies and you've touched on that point. and the right to exercise within the area designated. all police power vested in the state. governor newsome's executive order last year changed several statutory laws overnight. a second campaign has been launched to recall san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin organizers of san franciscans for public safety coalition say they are angry with voting's progressive policies. they say he's contributing to the city's growing rate of property and drug crimes. the first recall campaign began collecting signatures last month. that campaign has led by former republn francisco judge dismissed the case against man who attacked police with a bottle in december of 2019, jamaica. hampton was shot by two officers. one of those officers was indicted in the
12:37 pm
case. hampton face multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. on friday, a judge dismissed the case over a procedural error with identifying hampton during the grand jury proceeding. the district attorney's office said it will re file the charges. family members are speaking out about a father and his baby girl who were killed in an oakland house fire that police say was deliberately set. police say their deaths are part of a larger crime spree. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us, the family says the victims didn't have any ties to criminals or violence. polio would have turned to next month. she was just beginning to walk and talk. her father is some nagi mostly try to save her from an arson fire that tour through their home over the weekend and jilted neighbors awake. i just heard it incredibly loud boom. which woke me up and scared me. father and daughter. both died and police say their deaths or homicides and part of a crime spree that includes a shooting death at the liquor store, where mostly work to support his family. we want the police to ring. the criminals to
12:38 pm
justice. these people, they have emotions or, you know feelings, but they think they're monsters. mohammed osama is a cousin of muslim, he said maslow was working as a cashier at the store it $98 on april 10th when deja woods was shot and killed. the problem happen. it was a scared hearing away. several days later, someone said, the store on fire and then early saturday morning, someone went to moses home and torched it. his family and police say, mostly had no connection to the violence. the. try to find anyone related. even, you know, cash here in the store any person just to, you know, take a revenge, mostly worked at the store to help support his family in yemen. escaped from yemen because of the war. and now you know the worries here. it's really sad that in our community that someone would do something so heinous as if setting the home on fire in the middle of the night and killing
12:39 pm
the innocent family. oakland police chief laurent armstrong called mostly hero for running through tme to try to save his daughter. the two were found together. he sacrificed his life. unfortunately they both pairs on drew the sad, safrinha city she is ah, letter in jail on go way love a song, but we also love somewhere because of earlier that mother who survived who's the store owner's wife is nine months pregnant and expecting a baby girl. family members tell me she hasn't been told that her husband has died. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. police could release more information soon in the case of a pittsburgh 16 year old who was shot and killed while sitting in a garage last saturday. investigators say the garage in antioch had been set up as an unlicensed to unlicensed tattoo parlor. say two people went inside one pulled out a gun and started shooting. rashaan sippy on was killed. he was not getting a tattoo, say investigators, police are trying to figure out why he was
12:40 pm
there. the kids, they've been good kids. we've seen them for years. they know they've not been problem. you know, that's why this probably came from somebody from the outside of them becausey're usually pretty respectful. the victim's mother came to the house was very emotional, according to witnesses. she was confrontational with police and at one point pulled out a gun found the members help detainer and she was booked into county jail officials haven't said. what, if any, charges she's facing an investigation in alameda continues after a man who's struggled with police officers later died. this happened yesterday morning on oak street, right near south shore, officials say the police officers tried to detain the unidentified man for possible theft, and during this. physical altercation. he suffered a medical emergency. earlier police say they received two separate reports that the man appeared to be under the influence of some unknown substance and he later died in the hospital, the alameda county sheriff's office and the district attorney's office are now investigating two longtime who grew
12:41 pm
up in what many consider ground zero of the civil rights movement. we'll hear from san francisco's police chief and activist lisa mcnair, as they discuss social justice and police reforms. also it's a cooler day for most of us here in the bay area. ktvu meteorologists rosemary oroc hare
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
learned the jury has reached a verdict in the case, and it will be read sometime between 1
12:44 pm
32 o'clock this afternoon, pacific time sheldon is charged with second degree murder, second degree manslaughter and third degree murder in the death ofarges were to be considd by the jury separately. so the former officer, in essence could be convicted of all of them, some of them or none of them. the jury did start these deliberations yesterday. they. lasted for about four hours. pick them up once again. eight o'clock this morning, minnesota time, and now that jury has reached a verdict state to indicate ktvu for the latest information on aron online and, of course, at ktvu dot com and on the ktvu news at on september 15th of 1963 members of the kkk bomb the 16th street baptist church in birmingham, alabama, four young black girls work it. forever shaped the lives of lisa mcnair and san francisco's police chief bill scott. ktvu greg lee talk with both of them about how that tragedy affected their fight for change. to understand the
12:45 pm
intertwining of the lives of bill scott and lisa mcnair. you have to go back to birmingham, alabama in the 19 sixties, mcnair in the san francisco police chief both grew up in what was considered ground zero for the civil rights movement in my mind, callous war the following years sweeping civil rights legislation, the voting rights act all those things that that sperm from that movement during that time had it not been for those things i probably wouldn't be here. months before scott was born. four members of the kkk used dynamite to bomb the 16th street baptist church in birmingham. the blast killed four young black girls, including 11 year old denise mcnair, lisa's older sister. i think because people might have thought that this part about history was over and gone, um, but it reared its ugly head in the last few years, and so now this these stories need to be
12:46 pm
shared and told. all that history will not repeat itself. scott mcnair grew up watching videos and hearing firsthand accounts from family and friends who protest id segregation. peaceful demonstrations met with high power fire hoses and police dogs, despite what she witnessed and what was taken from her family. mcnair's parents made it clear. there was no room for hate in their home. mom and dad just said, you know, when i was little, and i asked them, um should i hate white people, and they were like, no, you shouldn't hate anyone. he should take each person as individual and love them like christ. love us shaped by their collective history. chief scott entered a career in law enforcement and lisa devoted her life to sharing a message of reconciliation and social justice with the world. i understand it moved. a lot of people. understandably can you tell us a little bit about what you said to the command staff, sfpd just human stories to help
12:47 pm
people understand that we are all human. we all lied. we all have sorrow. we all have joy bend. it doesn't have a color and we've got to keep that humanity in our forefront. really the core of her lesson to us was we're all humans. you know, wherever name is brown spoke yesterday. we're all humans. we all have the red blood and the heart and souls and minds. chief scott invited mcnair to speak to sfpd is command staff as police departments across the country are being challenged to evaluate and reform focusing on community interaction, particularly the african american community. people don't believe in us when they don't trust us. that's the problem and that that was one of the takeaways. i think for everybody in the room. so what are some of the things that you've seen in terms of hesitancy to have this conversation about reconciliation? we as a profession have caused pain and
12:48 pm
we've called home and we have to acknowledge that if you don't acknowledge those things, you can't move forward, and that has been very difficult for many in this profession. that end, he says there's still work to do on his own department. committing to change is highlighted in a 2016 federal report it found in part officers disproportionately stopped black drivers. the chief points the recent changes to use of force detainment and other policies as progress, but again says they must do better when you look at it, i don't care how you look at a demographically is still out of proportion. it all says the same thing. we have to understand what our role in that is that our policies is that our thinking is that our culture it comes is the nation watchesofficer accused of killing george floyd for scott and mcnair? it's another historical moment as society grapples with racial inequality and police brutality. it woke up people, but the
12:49 pm
grief of it was, why does someone have to die so brutally for us to get it? but definitely i think the police need to do a lot of homework all over the country to show that they are here to protect and serve rather than to harm when there are miscarriages of justice by police officers. is there accountability? is there justice for society and the people that have been aggrieved and victimized, and i think this trial eisen. or did it to answer that question. we don't know how it's gonna turn out. leading to a challenge is mcnair wrapped up her bay area visit, telling the command staff when policing keep the community center focus. i think they think they should do is to continue on as they're doing with that work and be consistent. um and be mindful of. all human beings, and i
12:50 pm
think there are doing that. let's not let us be the department who has to be forced to change. let's be the leaders. that's why we brought you here so we can touch those hearts and those minds. greg lee ktvu fox two news, you can see an extended version of greg leagues. interview on ktvu dot com, as well as the ktvu news app right back to rosemary ago and look at that forecast on this tuesday afternoon. some people looking forward to maybe the chance of a little rain down the way. yes hard to believe that just a couple days ago we were, you know, basking in the sun, and it was felt like summer in many areas, 90 degree, whether on sunday today, temperatures below average and by the weekend a chance for some brain giving you a look here and tell what's happening around the bay area, at least at sfo, where the fog is still hanging on along the coastline and just inside the bay for still seeing some gray skies out there. partly cloudy for a many parts of the bay area and inland we've even have a little bit of sunshine giving
12:51 pm
you a look here. it stormtrooper, too, as i talked about in the last half hour, we do have a weak storm moving through the pacific northwest, bringing some unsettled weather to a northern california we are not likely to see any of that. but by the second part of the afternoon, especially over the north bay may see some build up over the hills may actually get a sprinkle or two. so we'll go. partly cloudy and mild for most of the week here, mainly dry, with exception to what i just said a moment ago. the better chance for some rain. widespread brain will come in on sunday. here's a look at your future cast rolling you through today and you'll notice a little bit of blue just kind of dancing around the state of california. but i really want to take you all the way into the weekend where we have sundayre now, and we are looking at scattered showers not only for pacific northwest beginning to move into the bay area's well into the afternoon, perhaps mork coming our way and then into the evening hours, is slowly pulling out. got sierra snow a possibility with this system when it comes to how much rainfall we may see. well
12:52 pm
it doesn't look too bad anywhere from 1/10 of an inch toe, half inch or so. but of course, we have to talk about that possibility that this could back off. and we still have several days for this to occur. so between now and then we're just going to hold onto some hope that will have some wet weather in the forecast for the end of the weekend. meanwhile i'll saturdays at this hour and mix of sun and clouds and really breezy in some spots. sfo reporting a wind gust of 33 half moon bay reporting 28 farther over the water. i'm seeing winds to 30 and 40 mph livermore reporting 24 temperatures at this hour ranging from 54 degrees at half moon bay to upper sixties and santa rosa, as well as the inner east bay 60. seven degrees over brentwood afternoon highs for today. 58 san francisco 65. oakland just a smidge below the seasonal average, one of the warmer spots in the north bay for today 73 santa rosa, that's actually a little bit above the seasonal norm. and for the inner east bay 73 for conquered 75 in antioch. the extended forecast here we've got mild
12:53 pm
weather expected for your bay area wednesday, a little bit of cooling as we get to the back end of the weekend, or i should say, business week upper sixties to low seventies and then in the weekend. scattered showers at least right now for sunday back to you still to come. it's noon time we are following that breaking news. the verdict is in in the derrick show vin trial and it could be read here in just about 45 minutes, plus a warning from east bay regional parks, the rattle say concerns is the weather begins to heat up, and there's only a handful of chances left to win this season play the fox super six massing a sweepstakes and you could win your share. $250,000 download the free app and watch the mass singer wednesday nights at eight o'clock right here
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this is the home depot. $600 golden state stimulus payments. the money comes from a bill that governor nuisance signed into law in february. eligibility will be determined after you file your 2020 tax return. some people are already getting the payments. people file their taxes after this friday will be issued their payment within 45 days for direct deposit 60 days for paper checks now to qualify for the golden state stimulus. you have to follow your 2020 tax return by october, 15th. you must have lived in california for at least half of last year. still live in our state when the payment is issued, not be eligible to be claimed as a dependent and be either a california earned income tax recipient or an idea and filer making $75,000 or idea and filers who are also callie eitc. rip ian's recipients will get $1200 instead of 600. we're learning that one of the side effects of the covid-19 vaccine could possibly interfere with a mammogram. doctors say they're seeing some patients with swollen lymph nodes after being
12:58 pm
vaccinated. scientists say they've seen this side effect in both men and women, and that the reaction is usually stronger on the side where the shot was received. dr. stress that well, it can lead to some confusion, they say the vaccine will not lead to breast cancer. so far in the early observations. we think this is about 15% of women can have enlargement of their lymph nodes. doctors encourage patients to schedule mammograms before being vaccinated. if possible, otherwise they suggest waiting 4 to 6 weeks after completing the vaccine schedule, caltrans will reopen part of highway one in big sur on friday after being closed for three months, crews have been working nonstop to repair the 150 ft section of roadway at rat creek, which was washed out by debris flow in january. better weather is helping the project finished two months ahead of schedule. caltrans will reopen the roadway noontime on friday. as the weather gets warmer. keep your eyes open for possible rattlesnakes out there. the east bay regional parks district says you should always
12:59 pm
be alert when hiking and open spaces in general snakes will try to avoid people if it all possible. the park district says the best way to not come in contact with the rattlesnake is to stay on. official trails. don't take shortcuts through tall grass or brush that you're just joining us here. breaking news in the derrick show vin trial, the jury has reached a verdict in this case, and it will be read sometime this afternoon at the specific charges. open is charged with second degree murder, second degree manslaughter and third degree murder in the death of george floyd. the charges were to be considered separate so the former officer could be convicted of all those charges. some or none of them. the jury did start deliberations yesterday. they went for about four hours. they kicked up once again, adm. today in all, they deliberated for about 10 hours and gaseous. the decision is in right, a lot of people waiting. i know stores are boarded up here in oakland. we're going to follow this for you right now. we will send you to live coverage here from news now to give you the very latest on the derrick show. vin verdict. thank you for joining us. our
1:00 pm
next newscast is at four o'clock, particularly brooklyn center. erick nelson was awfully worried about this jury r community right now. you'd like to think no, because the ideal juror would be able to overweight that pressure and not let that creep in, but they're human beings, right? the spotlight is here. we can all feel the way to this thing on our shoulders. everybody's watching. we're all on edge. these jurors know it when they left the courthouse friday. what did they rolled by personal vehicles aren't a ar fifteen's with national guard members all over downtown here? they come into the trial on monday morning. what do they see? and then? in the meantime, of course they've got shooting in brooklyn center. we got the guy that shot a


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