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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 19, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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derrick shobin case. now, in the hands of a jury today, jurors deliberated for four hours trying to determine if the former police officer is responsible for the death of george floyd. the accepted jury's going to convict on this, they're gonna have to find that. ah show even knew that he was no longer using force for reasonable reasons, and they're gonna have to find that he intended to harm. floyd
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theo jury is considering three charges against derrick show been second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. the case essentially comes down to two key questions whether derrick show vin caused the death of george floyd and whether his actions were reasonable. infused jana katsuyama is here now and jenna, a skittish nation. is now waiting on the jury, and there is a lot of pressure on that jury. frank it's made up of seven women and five men and they're going to be kept at a hotel overnight every night until they either reach a verdict or until they decide that they cannot reach an agreement. um i did speak with a law expert today about this case and what makes it so difficult? former minneapolis police officer derrick show,
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vince sat quietly through closing arguments charged in the death of george floyd seen around the world in cell phone videos when show vinh tinh floyd to the ground during an arrest for nine minutes and 29 seconds, prosecutors told the jury to focus on the video and witness testimony, including fellow police officers, saying that show been disregarded police training. use your common sense, believe your eyes. what you saw. you saw to a man who is defenseless, who is handcuffed who is not resisting? who is not breathing. the defense argued that floyd died from other causes, including heart disease, and the methamphetamine and fentanyl found in his system. and that show vin was distracted by the crowd. the proper analysis is to take those nine minutes and 29 seconds and put it into the context of the total. lady of the circumstances that a reasonable police officer would know the jury of six white and
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six black and minority jurors are deliberating on three separate charges. second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. you see berkeley criminal law professor jonathan simon explained the different standards for conviction on the second degree murder charge. you're gonna have to find that children knew that he was no longer using force for reasonable reasons, and they're gonna have to find the intended to harm. floyd professor simon says third degree murder charges do not need to show intent, but it has to have exhibited an indifference to human life and on second degree manslaughter, and that basically is causing the death of another person. through conduct that is unreasonable. professor simon says one significant difference in this trial was the number of chopin's former police colleagues who testified that he violated police use of force training. but he says it is possible the jury could find reasonable doubt the idea that he's deliberately trying to harm floyd. may not be proven.
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if the jury thinks well, it could be. we're also could be that he was distracted and simply lost track of how long time and passed. and professor simon says if the jury goes step by step through each piece of evidence and reaches an agreement, there could be a verdict as early as wednesday. the defense did ask for a mistrial today, citing statements by congresswoman maxine waters. saying that people should stay on the streets if show vin is acquitted. the judge denied that motion but did say that it could be the basis for an appeal. frank jenna, i'm wondering. what are the different sentences for the three charges that he's facing? well frank, those could range anywhere from atlas 10 years in prison up to 40 years for the most serious charge, but there is some question as to whether any of that would be served. it could be a lesser time. but certainly this is a unique
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situation right now with a police officer being charged, and i think this is something which, you know. certainly so many people are looking at this on the jury's decision. so you know the sentencing if he is if he is convicted, that will in and of itself be an entirely separate battle. jana katsuyama. life forced tonight, jenna. thank you, demonstrators began gathering at the hennepin county courthouse in minneapolis this afternoon after the jury was handed the case a peaceful crowd carried signs with george floyd's picture. police in tactical gear were posted on the balcony of the court, the court building watching over the crowd. today, minnesota's governor struck a balance tone is that state braces for the verdict? we cannot allow civil%. we must protect life and property. but we also must understand very clearly. if we don't listen, those communities and pain and those people on
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the streets, many of whom were arrested for speaking of fundamental truth that we must change, or we will be right back here again. ok, governor waltz declared a state of emergency in the seven county twin cities metro area. he is also bringing in police backup from ohio and nebraska to help local police and here in the bay area workers begin boarding at buildings in downtown oakland in anticipation of unrest after the verdict, plywood was put up along the first floor windows of several residential and office buildings. a barrier also stands along the perimeter of the oakland police headquarters building. in santa rosa. police are investigating some bizarre vandalism that may be related to the trial. the head of a pig and a lot of blood were left in two locations in santa rosa ktvu. is deborah villalon here now with the testimony that apparently set all of this off, deborah frank. it was an expert witness. who said derek show vin's actions were reasonable.
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but the vandalism misfired because that witness isn't connected to santa rosa anymore. it was quite disturbing. i feel really bad for the victim's neighbors are stunned, but not like the people who live in this west. santa rosa home. ah hasty paint job hasn't erased all the blood kind of made me think of the godfather. quite frankly. you know for someone to go to that extreme to make a 0.3 a. m saturday a decapitated pig head and animal blood were thrown on the front porch. it won't resident who called police. they found the front of the house splattered too at home security caught murky images of a group dressed in black running away its potential that they freshly slaughtered a pig to accomplish. this detectives have walked the neighborhood for clues. this crime clearly more. alarming than most vandalism. certainly if i were the resident on victim in this case, i would
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definitely ah, take that as a threatening and it was aimed at this man. very broad. ah use of force expert. i felt that derrick show vin was justified last week, broad testified for the defense. in the killing of george floyd. i felt that officer show bins interactions of mr floyd. we're following his training following current practices and policing and were objectively recently. broad used to live in this house, but moved out of state a few years ago, so vandals angry at him hit the wrong people. whoever did the crime didn't quite do their research, and they went on to strike downtown, covering a sculpture outside a mall. animal blood and leaving a sign reading blink blink. there's a lot going on around this case nationwide and a lot of emotions behind it. santa rosa, like most communities, anticipates public reaction to the verdict. but many people
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hope it's peaceful and addresses the right individuals. he's just an expert witness that is paid to do this. and for people to retaliate against him, i think is a little extreme, the person who really should be held accountable is the police officer that that started all this. because very broad is a former santa rosa police officer, the current chief issued a statement saying broad does not reflect the department's values or beliefs. frank broad left that department almost 20 years ago, got reveal own life force tonight, deb. thank you and a reminder here, stay with ktvu and ktvu .com for the latest on the show, vin murder, trial and verdict when it comes in, police in alameda, say a man died today. in police custody. it happened on oak street near south shore at about 10 45 this morning, police say officers tried to detain the man for possible theft when he had a
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medical emergency during a struggle. the man later died at the hospital, the alameda county sheriff's office and the district attorney's office are now investigating the case. still ahead here, too long time friends who grew up in what many consider ground zero of the civil rights movement coming up a 10 30. we hear from san francisco's police chief and activists, lisa mcnair as they talk about social justice and police reform. a big cool down today after temperatures that were in the nineties yesterday, further cooling as we go forward, and maybe just maybe some rain and that five day i'll see you back here. paul san francisco city officials have declared tomorrow's 42. many celebrations canceled for a second year in a row. but will people stay away? syria i'm sure it'll be like a lot more of turnout because people were just like feeling more comfortable being out. the and. d
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golden gate park because of the pandemic, hippie hill right now is fenced off, and police are telling people not to show up. ktvu zam burley's in golden gate park tonight and amber. some of the folks you talked to today say they're going to go anywhere. that's right, frank, right? robin williams metal
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behind me. you can see the fencing that's gone up now. normally, you would see a stage set up just beyond this fence. no gatherings allowed here, but people tell me they still plan to come to golden gate park and the haight ashbury neighborhood. 16 85 8 street without 4 20 days all day burners on hate. a cannabis dispensary will be celebrating for 20 with extra product, extra staff and extra security. the owner says this area with his counter culture history is a natural magnet. hey, street is hit me hell, so everybody's gonna come just to be out in about prior to the pandemic. large crowds would gather on 4 20 to smoke marijuana on hippie hill in golden gate park. people would spill out into the surrounding neighborhood last year, and this year the city has put up fencing to keep people out of hippie hill, asking them to stay home. too much. traffic is always, you know, gonna lead to more problems, too, you know. people littering and just loitering.
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but the owner of hate and cold street liquors says no for 20 hippie hill celebration will hurt business before the pandemic. she says she'd have to order three times the normal amount of products to meet demand. thousands of people come from all over the world, and it was always great for business, but i don't think it's gonna be like that this year at the apothecary, um, in the castro, the manager says business has been slow during the pandemic, but started picking up a month ago. whatever some of the products that we're gonna have on sale, which is state flower, or how spread and she expects for 20 to be the busiest day since the pandemic hit is this is back. i think everybody getting vaccinated people feeling healthy. the sun's starting to come out. we've all just spent a year kind of cramped inside some customers. tell me they're buying cannabis to celebrate for 20 at golden gate park. we'll find a way we're just going to go outside with our masks on, of course, and was wherever we wanted show, we'll find a spot with the sun and
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the good weather, and i'm sure people will still be there even though hippie hill might be closed on also hate street like nearby. i think it's like a really cool place to hang out on 4 20. we're going to bars and stuff already, so why not reckon park says the fencing will stay up until wednesday and that police and park rangers will be patrolling. this area. frank amberleigh in golden gate park tonight. thank you. the marine water district is set to impose restrictions on water use under drought conditions. in february, the district asked people to cut back water use voluntarily. water storage levels have dropped to 57% of capacity. now, the chronicle reports. the water district is planning to ask customers to reduce their outdoor watering as well as eliminate activities like car washing. the agency will take up the proposals at its meeting tomorrow, and they would take effect immediately. cal fire crews medicine oh, tonight are working to contain a vegetation fire that's burning southwest of ukiah. the fire broke out
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just before six o'clock last night near highway 2, 53 and boonville road. so far about 200 acres have burned and it's only 20% contained. cal fire says steep, rugged terrain is making the firefight a challenge at this point, though, if there's any good news, it's that no structures are threatened. we are tracking the weather. it cooled off significantly today, temperatures dropped a good 10 to 15 degrees. forget the coast, but it kind of got chewed up. it's out there now, but it's not a real widespread bank. it's really chewed up and kind of in pieces. it'll form reform tonight, but i don't know if it's gonna have that same cohesiveness that had this morning when it was basically everywhere. it's gonna be cooler tomorrow and the reason the fog might have a little trouble is there's a kind of weaker, low pressure center getting close and that disturbs the fog formation. it makes it harder for injection fog toe set up actually makes it harder for all fogs to set up. 76 santa rosa today. that was the high fairfield 80. that's down
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from what 90 yesterday in fairfield 10 degrees santa rosa was 90 yesterday. that was a record yesterday. 77 morgan hill, so temperatures cool and they continue to cool as we go into tomorrow. no. no plateau and then pretty exciting stuff kind of a chance for rain. and what a better chance than we've seen in a while. so i mean, you think guaranteed, but it's a better looking opportunity than we've seen over the last few weeks. i'll show you that when i see you next, bill. thank you. apple announced today it is going to media at parlor on its app store. apple says that parlor has agreed to aggressively patrol what users are posting parlor also plans to adopt new content rules. the social networking service is popular with conservatives but was removed from the app store following the siege on the u. s. capitol on january. 6th. apple says parlor will make its official return when it submits its new app stock started off the week lower today following a drop in tech stocks. the dow
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fell 123 points. nasdaq was dead. 137 and the sp closed 22 points lower former vice president walter mondale died today at the age of 93. mondale was vice president during the carter administration. they lost their reelection to ronald reagan in 1984. years later, mondale was the democratic nominee for president and lost in a landslide to ronald reagan. in fact, he lost every state except his home state of minnesota. but at the same time, mondale. also made history by choosing geraldine ferraro as the first female vice presidential candidate. reset the bar or set the bar is a better way of putting it for women being involved in politics at the various at the very highest levels. which i should have been. today former president jimmy carter wrote. quote i mourn the passing of my dear friend walter mondale, who i consider the best vice president in our country's
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history during our administration, fritz used his political skill and personal integrity to transform the vice presidency into a dynamic, policy driven force. carter spoke with mondale yesterday, as did former president bill clinton and president biden. and in a statement tonight, president biden said mondale commanded universal respect. the president said he not only created a path for himself, he helped others do the same. walter mondale was the first presidential nominee of either party to select a woman as a running mate. and i know how pleased he was to be able to see kamila harris become vice president. still ahead tonight, a deadly crash involving a test love, but police say no one was in the driver's seat. how tesla's ceo elon musk is now weighing in on the strange circumstances. also fact vaccination appointments, so look at the varying difficulty or he's in booking appointments dependent on the county that
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you live in and what's causing the discrepancy. curry. ng. all e
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for a. appoint this comes after santa clara county received enough vaccines to book appointments into next week. but ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us that other counties rather are struggling with a shortage of vaccines. the lines moved briskly at the levi stadium. covid vaccination site, santa clara county health officials say their vaccine shortage in march has turned into ample bounty in april enough so that we can keep up with our each of our sites. maximum capacities which allows us to vaccinate, um ah, most in a day just over 20,000, associate chief medical officer, dr jennifer tongue, says 10,000 appointments are available through next weekend. to stark contrast to neighboring san mateo county officials there
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say their supply has dropped from 20,000 doses weeks ago now to just over 11,000 per week with vaccine supply to san mateo county, severely constrained, we continue to focus on second dose clinics and limited targeted first those clinics in communities of need, the vaccination branch chief says in a statement. the longer it takes to get a critical mass of people vaccinated. the longer it's going to take the have this be something akin to the influence have had influenza about break that we get every year. san matteo officials say they expect supply to increase the last week of april, but they don't have specific numbers down the road in santa clara county officials are looking to the future and the goal of herd immunity. i think we all feel very relieved that, um, that the population has been willing to get vaccinated. that's ah, our operations can now operate at. full capacity. we received one report of a canceled first dose appointment in alameda
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county, apparently due to a lack of supply. that appointment was booked through sutter health center responded with an email which reads in part, sutter is not currently canceling any appointments at the alameda county fairgrounds. mass vaccination site, though our vaccine supply remains low, and particularly impacted by the j and j pause, alameda county officials also say that their supply the vaccine is steady or flat, and that they have not had to cancel. the appointment's due to a lack of supply in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, marin county might move into the least restrictive yellow tear in the states coronavirus blueprint as early as tomorrow. but health officials say the county's infection rate has ticked up just enough to potentially delay the move. they say the slight increase is likely the result of marin county residents relaxing their guard traveling outside the area and then coming back with the virus. way are at 1.7 cases.
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we need to be less than 200 grand 100,000 residents per day. when i last looked on friday, we're about 2.1 cases, so we did a little bit of backsliding, so it's possible we won't love me that criteria on moment move into the l. a tear. san francisco health authorities say they're hoping that the city can qualify for the yellow tears early is april 28th that would allow bars to reopen indoors and permit larger outdoor gatherings. after the break of powerful interview with san francisco police chief bill scott as he discusses police reform and social justice. we as a profession have caused pain and we've called home and we have to acknowledge that you don't acknowledge those things. you can't move forward. how he says his childhood shaped his outlook on civil rights and why he believes that derek shobin, try is a critical moment in our
10:26 pm
nation's history, also coming up later. sports a player on the sharks made history tonight he broke a record that a lot of people thought would never be broken at a car explosion in a santa rosa parking lot today sent one man to the hospital what polic six. that's the day tt
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members of the kkk bombed the 16th street baptist church in birmingham, alabama, for young black girls were killed in that explosion. it's considered to be a turning point in the civil rights movement. it's also forever shaped the lives of lisa mcnair and san francisco police chief bill scott. they're good friends and new attend ktvu is greatly talk to them about how that tragedy greg affected their fight for
10:29 pm
change. frank and evening. lisa mcnair in chief. scott took this vicious crime in their hometown and turned it to a driving force in their respective careers as the nation grapples with issues of police brutality and systemic racism. they recently came together to work towards change. to understand the intertwining of the lives of bill scott and lisa mcnair. you have to go back to birmingham, alabama in the 19 sixties, mcnair in the san francisco police chief both grew up in what was considered ground zero for the civil rights movement in my mind, callous war the following years sweeping civil rights legislation, the voting rights act all had it not been for those things i probably wouldn't be here months before scott was born four members of the kkk used dynamite to bomb the 16th street baptist church in birmingham. the blast killed
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four young black girls, including 11 year old denise mcnair, lisa's older sister. i think, because people might have thought that this part of that history was over and gone, um, but it reared its ugly head in the last few years, and so now. this. these stories need to be shared in told so that history will not repeat itself. scott mcnair grew up watching videos and hearing firsthand accounts from family and friends who protest id segregation. peaceful demonstrations meant with high power fire hoses and police dogs, despite what she witnessed and what was taken from her family. mcnair's parents made it clear. there was no room for hate in their home. mom and dad just said, you know, when i was little, and i asked them, um should i hate white people, and they were like, no, you shouldn't hate anyone. he should take each person as individual and love them like christ. love us shaped by their collective history. chief, scott entered a
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career in law enforcement and lisa devoted her life to sharing a message of reconciliation and social justice with the world. i understand it moved a lot of people. understandably can you tell us a little bit about what you said to the command staff? sfpd just human stories to help people understand that we are all human. we all bleed. we all have sorrow. we all have joy bend. it doesn't have a color and we've got to keep that humanity in our forefront. really the core of her lesson to us was we're all humans, you know, rev in amos. brown spoke yesterday. we're all humans. we all have the red blood and the heart and souls and minds. chief scott invited mcnair to speak to sfpd is command staff as p and reform focusing on community interaction, particularly the african american community.
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people don't believe in us when they don't trust us. that's the problem and that that was one of the takeaways. i think for everybody in the room. so what are some of the things that you've seen in terms of hesitancy to have this conversation about reconciliation? we as a profession have caused pain and we've caused harm, and we have to acknowledge that if you don't acknowledge those things, you can't move forward, and that has been very difficult for many in this profession. that end, he says there's still work to do on his own department. committing to change is highlighted in a 2016 federal report it found in part officers disproportionately stopped black drivers. the chief points the recent changes to use of force detainment and other policies as progress, but again says they must do better when you look at it, i don't care how you look at a demographically is still out of proportion. it all says the same thing. we have to understand what our role in that is that our policies is that art. thinking is that our
10:33 pm
culture it comes is the nation watches the trial of the ex minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd for scott and mcnair? it's another historical moment as society grapples with racial inequality and police brutality. it woke up people, but the grief of it was, why does someone have to die so brutally for us to get it? but definitely i think the police need to do a lot of homework all over the country to show that they are here to protect and serve rather than to harm when there are miscarriages of justice by police officers. is there accountability? is there justice for society and the people that have been aggrieved and victimized, and i think this trial eyes important. to answer that question. we don't know how it's gonna turn out leading to a challenge is mcnair wrapped up her bay area
10:34 pm
visit, telling the command staff when policing keep the community center focus. i think they think they should do is to continue on as they're doing with that work and be consistent. um and be mindful of. all human beings, and i think they are doing that. let's not let us be the department who has to be forced to change. let's be the leaders. that's why we brought it here so we can touch those hearts and those minds. powerful words and commitment. there. you can see an extended version of this interview on this weekend's edition of voices for change reporting live. greg lee ktvu fox two news that was just such a fascinating interview and listening to them talk and you think about lisa losing her sister in that bombing and would have every reason in the world to have hate for white people. and yet, her parents said, no, you shouldn't hate white people. you should always treat people with respect and
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look at them individually and just think about how her parents by saying that changed the course the direction of her life. that's right, frank, and it has really been the prevailing message of lisa mcnair. throughout her life. she's continued to visit different organizations to share that message of reconciliation and encouraging everyone to treat everyone else. with respect. i've always thought were all pieces of the same puzzle. we all believe red. that's what i like. got gregg. thank you, the white house is still weighing how it will respond to the derrick shobin verdict. when it happens, a white house source tells the associated press. the president may address the nation after the announcement, but so far no final decision has been made. white house press secretary jen psaki says more information will be announced after the verdict. some large cities around the country are deploying the national guard ahead of the derrick show. vin verdict. national guard troops have been deployed to minneapolis. some are already
10:36 pm
out on patrol. residents of the twin cities area have mixed feelings about their presence there being a lot of big men with guns around is just not a good feeling to constantly see when you're just trying to go about your day harm here to harm anyone. they're here to help our city. that's what means a lot to me. the mayor of chicago has requested 125 troops for that city and washington d c. has requested 250 troops. after the break a deadly house fire that claimed the lives of a father and his young daughter now believed to be deliberately set and relatives are pleading for the public's help. a significant cool down today it will continue to cool tomorrow and in the five day the chance for some rain, we'll see you back here.
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died in a house fire that oakland police say was deliberately set a psalm nagi most lead, died trying to rescue his nearly two year old daughter, ally, a from the flames mostly was working as a cashier at a liquor store it 90th and olive, where a man was shot and killed on april 10th. several days later, someone set the store on fire. early saturday morning, someone burned most liz home, his family and police say, mostly has no connection to the violence. they try to find anyone related. even you know, cash here in the store any person just to, you know, take a revenge. theo oakland police department is now offering a $40,000 reward for an arrest. in this case, the father and son charged in the murder of a cal poly student 25 years ago, entered pleas of not guilty
10:40 pm
today in san luis obispo county, prosecutors say paul floors killed kristen smart during an attempted rape in 1996. he is charged with first degree murder, the judge ordered paul floors held without bail. his father, 80, year old reuben, floors. accused of helping hide her body, which still hasn't been found. he could be released on bail next week. kristen smart, vanished while walking home to her college dorm after attending a memorial day party 25 years ago. we're learning more about how the 19 year old who shot and killed eight people in indianapolis was able to buy guns despite having a rifle removed from his possession last year, county prosecutors say they decided not to bring brandon hall before a judge. under the red flag law after his mother called police to say her son might commit suicide by cop. prosecutors say they were concerned at the time that if they lost the case that would have had to return his gun howell used to legally
10:41 pm
purchased assault style rifles to open fire at a fedex facility last thursday before killing himself. ah former sheriff's deputy suspected in a triple murder in texas yesterday, is now in custody. police in the city of manner released this footage showing 40 one year old stephen broderick being detained this morning, officers had received a call about a suspicious person that matched his description. police say broderick shot and killed three people in northwest austin yesterday. the victims were identified today as broader ex ex wife his teenage stepdaughter and the teenagers boyfriend. still to come here on tesla crashes and bursts into flames. and now, police say no one was behind the wheel at the time. strange crash that has tesla's ceo elon musk, weighing in at our chief meteorologist, bill martin, back with his complete bay area forecast, and it does include a forecast, and it does include a chance of rain. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you
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killed two men. police say that no one was in the driver's seat when the car crashed and burst into flames. but elon musk has come in and said that the car's autopilot was not activated. ktvu is tom vacar has a closer look now at the strange circumstances. officials say
10:45 pm
there's strong evidence that no one was sitting in the driver's seat. when the test will i left the road smashed into a tree and caught on fire there. 100% certain that no one was in the past the driver seat driving that vehicle at the time of impact woman was found in the passenger seat. the other was in the back seat, and both were killed. evidence shows that the 2019 model s was traveling at a high rate of speed failed to round a curve ran off the roadway. hit a tree and burst into flames. normally when the fire department arrives, they have ah vehicle fire under control in minutes, but this went on for close to four hours over 30,000 gallons of water was used tesler repeatedly warns that its autopilot system requires that the real pilot the driver be in the driver's seat. at the controls. the technology is definitely not there. duke university electrical, mechanical and computer engineer and former navy fighter pilot professor
10:46 pm
missy cummings is an expert in so called autonomous vehicles calling a system full self driving or calling a system autopilot is lulling people into a false sense of security. i don't care how many warnings you have on the car, even his major safety investigations were only beginning. tesla's ceo elon musk tweet. did that the fatal car's autopilot was not engaged. there are lots of youtube videos of people doing exactly this. i mean, you could go on youtube right now and see people riding in the backseat riding in the passenger seat over the more than a decade, i've covered self driving technology. the warnings on timetables have always been clear the one set around the market right now are designed for continuous supervision by the driver. the driver is supposed to be paying attention. all the time. i think we're these 20 years off till we see that on a widespread manner, 20 years when they'd actually be a bit optimistic. so eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news.
10:47 pm
and here's maura. villain must tweet about the crash, quote, data logs recovered so far show autopilot was not enabled, and this car did not purchase full self driving. moreover standard auto pilot would require lane lines to turn on which this street did not have, police say equipment used to make hash oil likely caused a car explosion today in santa rosa. it happened this afternoon at a shopping center on one still lane and range avenue. officers say they found butane canisters used to process hash oilmethamp. several other cars were damaged, police say michael crawford of santa rosa was sent to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. he was then arrested on suspicion of vandalism and possession of methamphetamine. present of sonoma county are encouraged to pick up free evacuation tags aimed at helping authorities
10:48 pm
during an emergency sheriff's department is giving them away to people in the unincorporated part of the county, as well as people who live in the cities of sonoma and windsor residents are instructed to tie the tag to a visible spot on their property to help authorities identify which homes have been evacuated during wildfires and other disasters. the tags can be picked up at several draw. through distribution sites throughout the county. beginning next. month, all right, here's the headline the weather in terms of climate heads our way this end of this week early next week, so here's a long range model. here's tuesday's gonna roll through it, but you could see no rain. rain's gonna be green or blue. more the chance of it, so you seek some clouds. she's some clouds could be cooler. a milder all this week, certainly wilder than yesterday. somewhere around saturday, the clouds thicken up saturday afternoon and saturday night into sunday morning. that looks kind of good sunday afternoon.
10:49 pm
and then on and on. so that's in the sunday afternoon. i think we could get ourselves into monday, too, and i have to say, looks better each model run and then this guy, the one that's sitting out there is in a good position to that it could bring something again. it's kind of these models are way out, but we've got to cling to something and that that zal weighs a good it's always a good look. when the models keep kind of coming up with the same solution. in other words, coming up with that lower latitude jet stream that will potentially and it'll be right. the jetstream will be low. it's just a matter with the moisture be there. um in the dynamics be there to bring us some rain. see all this has to come together. but the basic idea that model looks pretty good for potential for some showers, at least will it save us this winter or this spring or some? no, we're done in terms of water. we're two years behind in water last year was low this year is less than 50% in many places, so there's no way we catch up. i mean, i hate to be that way. but we're just not quite so now we look forward as
10:50 pm
we look at the winds. we look forward to what we need to do. going into the summer, and that's going to be careful water here lawns or maybe don't washing your car. all those things, making sure your pipes are broken. you're leaking water flushing toilets. it's gonna be one of those years. it's just starting to come out now, but there's almost no way around it. so yeah. it's not. it's if you live in california for any amount time you get it. i mean, this is this is not an unusual occurrence. this is pretty normal. a zoo look at the fog offshore. it's kind of fractured up a little bit. that fog will be around tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow a lot like today, which would be kind of mild not it's not cold. it was just much cooler today than the nineties that we saw yesterday. in many places, so tomorrow is gonna be a little cooler than today. mid seventies low seventies yellows, and its most spots that be a couple low eighties, but europe church sacramento out towards modesto in stockton. try and yak maybe 75 75 conquered 69 out. no livermore valley and then the five day forecast something like this nice
10:51 pm
pattern, but then you'll see it starts to break down on saturday and then sunday actually put raindrops in because i'm excited. this could be this could be good, so we'll root it on. it's a long, long way away. i'll see you back here at 11 bill will see that. thank you. hundreds of students in cemetery county will get a free college education county official. will say that they're now accepting applications for a new scholarship program. the $2 million grant from san matteo county will allow 500 students to attend college in the community college district that includes skyline college, the college of san matteo kenyatta college in redwood city. be history also coming up in sports. steph curry scores 49 points for the warriors, but wasn't enough for the depth to pick up their fifth win in the last six games that on the 11 o'clock news, a new approach to tackle a citywide problem. the proposal for $10,000 on illegal
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
if you wanna be a winner then get a turkey footlong from subway®. that's oven roasted turkey. piled high with crisp veggies. on freshly baked bread! so, let's get out there and get those footlongs. now at subway®, buy one footlong in the app, and get one 50% off. subway®. eat fresh.
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they are? say best ability is availability say this. nobody has been more ready to play big time hockey over the past 23 years in the shark zone, patty barlow and tonight he eclipses none other than mr hockey himself. gordie howe dad in las vegas. sharks forward patrick marleau has played in his 1000. nhl regular season game surpassing hockey hall of famer gordie howe and is now the nhl's all time leader in games
10:55 pm
play. p a announcement coming in the first period to recognize patty marlo's amazing achievement everybody into it. too bad a bigger crowd couldn't be down there to see it is for the game itself to two final seconds, the night's william karlsson shot on goal. look at this martin jones. he does not know where the puck is. it's right behind him. fortunately the sharks mario ferraro clears it with 13 seconds left. they go to the shootout, alex. we'll win it for the golden knights right there. nothing for the sharks in the shoot out, and they go on to their sixth consecutive defeat because of it, but kind of cool to see the golden knights every last one of them wanted to shake patty marlo's hand, very emotional, keeping it positive. marlowe afterwards with tv analyst true remember that? what keeps you coming to the rink? i just love it. good night, vegas. mm hmm.
10:56 pm
there's nothing else like it. who could blame him a little choked up there at the end. i'll tell you this. i did it. i've run out of superlatives to describe steph curry. but i'll tell you this definitely behind his name should come. m v p and the true definitions. he is that guy and his brother step facing up with each other. slow start down a dozen early. a scratch back final picks in the first quarter step streams of three and his brother's face right at the buzzer. too tired, fast forward. fourth quarter down three again curry yet another and you could make it 11 consecutive games with 30 or more points. nobody two minutes remain. joel embiid with a turnover watch dream on into the forecourt the vision to find andrew wiggins who goes in for the land, wigan said 16
10:57 pm
points but there's no question about it. this was kept curry show in philadelphia. another three coming up from deep and the barrage will continue from the outer limits. he hit 10 threes. tonight was 49 point, shaving. mr free throw in the final few seconds one. oh 7 96 the important thing that warriors get the victory, and there you are on social beating with none other than magic johnson staff, it makes no doubt who the real mvps. with this 49ers points and the warriors are victorious to give the wisdom from world's last week and then this this streak. i'm obviously aware, but it z. you don't put too much pressure on yourself. you just play basketball kind of letting the game come to you. for me. that looks that looks a certain type of way. but i'm having a blast out there just playing basketball and obviously work. he's making a blast for all of us to watch. hey you know what
10:58 pm
the san francisco giants were also in philadelphia tonight, a little bit of a rarity and taylor's stef hit more than they did, but it doesn't matter because the giants are pictured like mad right now. the philly fanatic couldn't even mess with their heads. austin taps later this rare, not austin powers. third inning, two out. evan longoria doubled and then brandon belt, one of the few giants, who is getting a ticket to ride a two run, shot his third to nothing and watch the over zealous billy fam right here. he winds up on his behind doesn't even come away with the baseball either. like i said, giants, just pitching like crazy right now, kevin gossman out of a jam early with routine grounder to third two. we're on in scoring position at the time, airtight pitching from gossman. six innings of scoreless ball, the bullpen picks him up that whistler here it's nice from austin later, its center field and the giants, who won one
10:59 pm
nothing yesterday in miami, take it to today. by the way, the a's will play a double header in minnesota tomorrow. let's talk about one of the class acts in all of sports. another one to talk about tonight. alex smith, end of the line for him. one time number one draft choice of the 49ers other fields to conquer, you might say after 16 years in the nfl, and, of course, well known for that great comeback he made last year 17 legs surgeries after breaking his leg and obviously. comeback player of the year, but he is like a say on to some new challenges. alex smith true class act and we had a lot of tonight to talk about marlo curry and alex smith. amongst others. that's the sporting life. get it back to you at 11 o'clock. julian frank? yeah he was such a hard worker and never got involved in politics. just always did. his job was refreshing to see
11:00 pm
that guy, mark. thank you. next at 11. i'm sure that they would feel infuriated if somebody did that in front of their house, cracking down on illegal dumping in san jose, as city leaders consider steep fines for violators, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. proposal is underway to drastically increase fines for illegal dumping to as much as $10,000 for a first defense. hello again, everyone i'm frank somerville. and i'm julie julie haener. supporters say blight and cleanliness are among the top concerns in san jose. nude 11 tonight ktvu is azenith smith is here now and as it the hope is that hefty fines will make people think twice. yes julie, the idea is still being fought out at research. city leaders hope it will act as a deterrent, but no enforcement will be a challenge.


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