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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 19, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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in recent weeks. we've been pretty good, you know, there's a little soreness in the arm. the shot didn't hurt us as much as i thought it was. it was easy. feels like a flu shot. to me. it's a pandemic and we have a cure for it now, so let's do it. according to the cdc, 3.2 million vaccine doses a day are being administered here in united states. california is well on the way to administering 26 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, according to the latest data more than 367,000 shots are being given in the state every day and more than 42% of california's population of around 40 million have received at least one dose and nearly 26% are fully vaccinated. santa clara county wants all eligible people to sign up for vaccination. the county says they have enough doses to book appointments in the next week, but other counties in the bay area are struggling with a shortage of vaccine are south, a reporter just a gary as a closer look now at the
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disparity and the impact that's having jesse frank a month ago, there were shortages in this county. now that problem is elsewhere is the bay area faces, feast or famine conditions as it struggles to vaccinate its populace, the lines move briskly at the levi stadium covid vaccination site. santa clara county health officials say their vaccine shortage in march has turned into ample bounty in april enough so that we can keep up with our each of our sites. maximum capacities, which allows us to vaccinate, um ah, most in a day just over 20. 2000 associate chief medical officer, dr jennifer tongue, says 10,000 appointments are available through next weekend is a stark contrast to neighboring san mateo county officials there say their supply has dropped from 20,000 doses weeks ago. now to just over 11,000 per week. with vaccine supply to san mateo county, severely constrained, we continue to
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focus on second those clinics and limited targeted first those clinics in communities of need, the vaccination branch chief says in a statement. so the longer it takes to get a critical mass of people vaccinated, the longer it's going to take to have this be something akin to the influence had influenza about break that we get every year. san matteo officials say they expect supply to increase the last week of april, but they don't have specific numbers down the road in santa clara county officials are looking to the future and the goal of herd immunity. i think we all feel very relieved that, um, that the population has been willing to get vaccinated. that's ah, our operations can now operate at full capacity. um we received one report of a canceled first dose appointment in alameda county, apparently due to a lack of supply that was booked through sutter health center and responded to us this afternoon with an email that reads. in part, sutter is
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not currently canceling any appointments at the alameda county fairgrounds, mass vaccination site, though our vaccine supply remains low and particularly impacted by the j and j pause, end of quotation. additionally we talked to officials with the alameda county movement of health. they say their vaccine supply is flat or steady and that they have not had to make any cancelations due to a lack of supply. where live in san jose this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news will have back to you. okay just say thank you, according to the cdc as of yesterday, 131 million people in the united states or almost 40% of our total population. have now received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, making them partially vaccinated. 25% of the eligible u. s population is fully vaccinated. 3.5 million shots were given out yesterday alone, making it the 12 straight day that three million or more shots were given out in a single day. marin county could
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be the first beary county to ship to the yellow tear as early as tomorrow. ktvu is christian captain joins us now live and christian. there are some obstacles in the way. that's right. marin county is currently teetering between orange and yellow tears, but a recent slight uptick in cases there could mean that they may have to delay shifting to the yellow tear. the bay area and state have learned to watch and wait on tuesdays to learn which counties will be moving when it comes to the color coded tier system. marin county is the on lee bay area county on the verge of going yellow. it's too close to call. you know, we county public health officer, dr matt willis says marin county's infection rate ticked up just a fraction, but that may be just enough to delay. a move to the yellow tear were at 1.7 cases. we need to be less than two as per 100 grand 100,000 residents per day. when i last looked on friday, we're
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about 2.1 cases, so we did a little bit of backsliding, so it's possible we won't love me that criteria on moment. move into the l. a tear. that slight increase, he says, is likely the result of marin county residents relaxing their vigilance. we're seeing cases associated with. his travel people, you know, traveling outside the area coming back being tested and testing positive that's probably the primary contributor to still blacks backsliding saw over the past week. we're seeing more cases associate with indoor social gatherings just across the golden gate. san francisco health leaders say they're hopeful they're trending in the right direction. we're looking very good right now, in terms of our case number staying low, and particularly our hospitalizations being very low throughout. the city since the tier system was initiated. san francisco is the on lee barry county to briefly attain yellow tear last year. health authorities are hoping this week's data will be the first of two weeks that could allow
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san francisco to qualify once again as early as april, 28th county officials saying even if san francisco returns to the yellow tear, officials may decide to keep some restrictions in place. so we have taken a conservative approach. and, um it has it has saved lives in san francisco, and it's also been very difficult and we understand that economic, health and recovery. and opening are important as well. the governor has said with the ongoing vaccinations and infections trending downward, he hopes to end the color coded tier system entirely on june 15th. as always, health officials say people need to remain vigilant and to continue to follow. those health guidelines reporting live christien kafton ktvu, fox two news, christian. thank you. ah light earthquake hit in the guy's ear's area today, just before noon, the magnitude of the magnitude four earthquake head along with lake and sonoma county line at 11 50
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this morning. it was not a major earthquake, but it was felt over a wide area, including as far away as san francisco. no damage or injuries were reported, the usgs says. the quake was less than two miles deep. family members are speaking out after a father and daughter or died in an oakland house fire that police say was deliberately set. their deaths are part of a violent crime spree across the city are crime reporter henry lee joins us now. he spoke with relatives today and has more on what happened, henry. yeah julie, the families just absolutely heartbroken by their lost two innocent lives caught up in what looks like to be a gang related crimes. the a. t f are investigating. aaliyah would have turned to next month. she was just beginning to walk and talk. her father is som na g. mostly tried to save her from an arson fire that tour through their home over the weekend and jolted neighbors awake. i just
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heard it incredibly loud boom which woke me up and scared me, father and daughter both died and police say their deaths or homicides and part of a crime spree that includes a shooting death at the liquor store, where mostly work to support us. family we want the police to bring. the cameras to justice. these people, they have emotions or, you know feelings, but they think they're monsters. mohammed osama is a cousin of mostly, he said maslow was working as a cashier at the store it $98 on april 10th when deja woods was shot and killed. the problem happen. it was a scared hearing away. several days later, someone set the store on fire. and then early saturday morning, someone went to moses home and torched it. his family and police say, mostly had no connection to the violence. the try to find anyone related. even, you know, cash here in the store any person just to, you know, take a revenge, mostly worked at the store to help support his family in yemen. escaped from yemen because of the war, and now you
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know the worries here. it's really sad that in our community that someone would do something so heinous as if setting the home on fire in the middle of the night and killing the innocent family. oakland police chief laurent armstrong called mostly hero for running through the flame to try to save his daughter. the two were found together. he sacrificed his life. unfortunately they both pairs on drew leigh. sad safrinha city she is ah, letter in jail on go way love that song, but we also love some more because of earlier. now the store owner's wife was also injured in the fire. she is nine months pregnant and expecting a baby girl. family members tell me she has not been told that her husband has been killed. reporting live. henry lee ktvu, fox. two news. henry. thank you. police say no one was behind the wheel of a tesla that was involved in a
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deadly crash. elon musk and test let's say that's not true. coming up tonight at 5 30, piecing together the evidence of a crash that killed two people. also ahead in east bay teenager killed in a shooting over the weekend in antioch, what we learned about the crime scene today as police search for the suspects. plus a verdict could come in any moment. the prosecution and defense wrapped up their closing arguments today. now the murder case against former minneapolis police officer derek sheldon is in the hands of the jury, and after record heat yesterday, 90 degrees in some places. temperatures have come down quite a bit. we're going to continue with the cooling trend with the sneak peek at the five day that might have some showers in it with have some showers in it with that be nice. i' this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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shobin, is now in the hands of the jury, both the prosecution and the defense made their closing arguments today and handed the case to the jury. late this afternoon. box news lauren blanchard joins us now from minneapolis with the latest on this case, lauren. hi, julie will the trial for former minneapolis police officer derrick show vin has come to a close now the 12 jurors are sequestered away deliberating tonight one of the most severe charges that derrick show and faces could result in a prison sentence of up to 40 years. you can believe your eyes. this wasn't policing. this was murder, state prosecutors argued derek showman's actions on may 25th last year led to george floyd's death. he's charged with second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree
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manslaughter, they say, kneeling on floyd's neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds cut off oxygen, and that show vin did not show compassion as floyd called out for help, and they breathe. prosecutors told the jury show been betrayed his badge with an excessive use of. force and there's nothing worse for good police than a bad police who doesn't follow the rules. the defense, arguing shobin acted as a reasonable officer would have that day. they say it was a mixture of heart disease and drugs in floyd system and an aggravated crowd that led to the death attorney eric nelson, saying the state failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that show vin was responsible. there is absolutely no evidence, officer show them in. attentional purposely applied on your unlawful force if they're missing any one single element, anyone single element. it is a not guilty verdict as the trial winds down the city
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of minneapolis and other cities across the country, preparing for any potential unrest. the verdict may bring what what we've seen with this trial. we just are believing a guilty verdict! come back. and the jury will be sequestered away while they deliberate a. they are protected pretty high security here outside the county courthouse between layers of fencing with razor wire, and they're expected to deliberate, really, as long as it takes. julie, you said that security measures are in place in minneapolis and other cities bracing for the possibility of any civil civil unrest. can you just kind of describe lauren for us? what kind of security measures are we? talking about, sure. so the governor here in minnesota has already ramped up the number of national guard troops that are in town. just been driving around. you can see their presence. this entire town is basically boarded up, especially here in the downtown area businesses trying to
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protect their windows and. what not doors from those protests and types of protest that we saw last year. tonight there was a protest just steps from where i am right now. it remained totally peaceful. there. currently marching around the city at this moment, of course, the police know and have seen. it's when the sun goes down. that is when it tends to get. a bit more unrest will so we'll be watching to see if that is the case tonight. all right, well that case now in the hands of the jury, lauren blanchard reporting live from minneapolis tonight. thanks, lauren. joining us now is our legal expert michael cardoza has been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney mike. the prosecution said today that this case essentially boils down to one thing. common sense, he said, quote this case is exactly what you thought when you first saw it. this wasn't. policing this was murder. did the prosecution proved their case? absolutely
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they did. now the only question is what degree is this jury going to go to? will it be a second degree murder a third degree for a second degree manslaughter? that's in my mind. the only question that needs to be answered. the defense said that this was unauthorized use of force quote as unattractive as that may be, the defense attorney also said quote. there was absolutely no evidence that officers show vin intentionally applied unlawful force. did the defense in your opinion, create any reasonable doubt they could have depends on the juror in this case, and then you've got 12 of them. and what's interesting, frank? parent? technically you have two alternates. in this case in most cases. the alternates know which ones they are. in this case, the 14 jurors did not know who the alternates were until they were sent in the jury room. but will one of the jurors to three believe
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reasonable doubt here? they might, but i don't think so. the defense also argued for a mistrial because of all the media attention, particularly a comment by democratic u. s representative maxine waters over the weekend, where she said that protesters should get quote mork. confrontational if there is a not guilty verdict, the judge even said today quote i grant you congresswoman waters may have handed you grounds for appeal and the turning. over of this trial, okay? it looks like maybe darn it. that's a shame. it looks like maybe michael cardoza's shot there froze on us. hopefully we can get back to him, perhaps a little bit late. so much to talk about with the derrick show vin trial, but again, the headline right now is that it is now in the hands of the jury, and theoretically, they could come back at any time with a verdict. right now
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we go over to our chief meteorologist bill martin, bill. another beautiful day out there. is there any sign of rain anywhere? well yeah. ironically enough, there is there's a nice looking weather system. we talked about it last night. models were kind of coming together a little incentive. maybe sunday. maybe monday. we get ourselves into a little bit of rain. it looks it looks better. it's one of our best chance is we've seen the last couple weeks anyway. so that but it's not tomorrow or the next time. this is not. it's really the very early part of next week. that's how desperate we are for rain. the temperatures today wow, they really cooled off temperatures today, which is 15 degrees cooler in some places because it just the robust sea breeze and yesterday if you remember we had record warmth. we had 90 degrees in santa rosa 92 in vacaville. warmer stays the year in those areas. tomorrow will be a little bit cooler than today. that's sort of the trend will see a few more clouds tomorrow, too. and this whole weeks. just gonna be kind of. ah an easy run of seventies and mid seventies with that
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opportunity coming late in the weekend. so i know it's weird to be here on monday, talking about sunday and the chance of rain, but when you're desperate as we are to be nice and again, is that what it couldn't be enough rain? no it could not really be enough to knock some tree pollens out and, you know, maybe get a little snow in the mountains. but it's we're way we're beyond fixing right now. sadly i mean, it would take a lot to get this right, so they're san francisco, obviously beautiful day in the city. there's the sea breeze and green. there's the breeze and oranges 77 in fairfield. where's yesterday? this time fairfield was 90 89 90 degrees, so big drop off in temperatures. there is mary back, there's 12 degrees cooler in fairfield right now, 15 degrees cooler, napa 11 degrees cooler in here, so that is the trend, right? this big cool down as we push into the evening hours. the winds, the classic sea breeze. conditions sets up on the delta. it's blowing pretty significantly 22 miles an hour out in fairfield guster stronger than that out towards rio vista salmon. cisco airport
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33 miles an hour, so the sea breeze is doing its thing. the temperatures have cooled off and now we're waiting on the rain, which does look like a better shot than we've seen. and sometimes when we come back, we'll show you the long range model. take a peek at it again. it's you know, you get that far out. it's really hard to dial it and say, oh, yes. gonna raid at noon on sunday. it's just not that this isn't how that goes. it's just a pattern shift that looks favorable for rain this coming sunday. i'll see you back here a little bit with the five day in and that model. okay, bill will shoot that a new place for low income seniors and families to call home and it's located
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♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. yesterday, is now in custody. police in the city of manner released this footage it shows 41 year old stephen broderick being detained this morning, officers had received a call about a suspicious person that matched his description. manor,
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texas is about 12 miles north east of austin. police say broderick shot and killed three people in northwest austin yesterday morning when officers arrived. they located three people who were injured. and ultimately have been pronounced deceased. the victims were identified today is broderick's ex wife, his teenage stepdaughter and the teens. boyfriend broderick had been arrested for sexual assault of a child last summer and was out on bond, apple said today that they're going to reinstate the social media app parlor on their app store. apple says parlor has agreed to aggressively patrol what users are posting parlor also plans to adopt new content rules parlor is popular with conservatives, but it was removed from the. app store following the seizure on the u. s. capitol on january 6th. apple says parlor will make it official there returned. that is when it submits its new app.
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facebook says it is ramping at monitoring of post that mentioned the derrick shobin trial or george floyd, the head content moderation for facebook says it will remove any content that quotes, praises, celebrates or mocks george floyd's death or any severe attacks on derrick show. vin facebook, says the mini apple this area has been deemed a high risk location, and that means facebook will remove calls to bring weapons to events. oakland has a new, affordable housing development for seniors and families, mayor libby shaft and city council president nicky fortunato bus were at the opening today for vista, estero and per sale. estero the affordable housing communities were built at what's called brooklyn basin. it's south of jack london square. the basin was once home to an industrial site on oakland. waterfront but now they're literally turning into a ah, whole new neighborhood that includes retail at over 370 housing units, 211 of which are affordable housing. it
5:26 pm
takes so much to make projects like this happened. this is a complex project. this is a mixed use project, and it's a successful project because of the commitment of the community development is right next to 8 80. it includes a grocery store of fitness center parks and views of the san francisco bay. authorities say no one was behind the wheel when a tesla crashed into a tree and caught fire, killing two people inside how elon musk is responding to that also ahead. she disappeared 25 years ago today, the suspects accused of killing and hiding kristen smarts body made their first court appearance. loss back to school at least partially. why the first day back in one school district probably felt
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crash involving a tesla. the police say that no one was in the driver's seat when the car crashed and caught fire. they also say it took several hours for firefighters to put out the flames. ktvu is tom vacar here now, with a look at the strange circumstances. tom rouz is still very much an investigation and we don't know all the facts, but it appears the two passengers and that tesla model s seemed to have taken the term self driving. to
5:30 pm
a deadly extreme. officials say there's strong evidence that no one was sitting in the driver's seat when the tesla left the road, smashed into a tree and caught on fire there 100% certain that no one was in the past the driver seat driving that vehicle at the time of impact woman was found in the passenger seat. the other was in the back seat, and both were killed. evidence shows that the 2019 model s was traveling at a high rate of speed failed to round a curve ran off the roadway. hit a tree and burst into flames. normally when the fire department arrives, they have ah vehicle fire under control in minutes, but this went on for close to four hours over 30,000 gallons of water was used, tesler repeatedly warns that its autopilot system requires that the real pilot the driver be in the driver's seat at the controls. the technology is definitely not there. duke university
5:31 pm
electrical, mechanical and computer engineer and former navy fighter pilot. but professor missy cummings is an expert in so called autonomous vehicles, calling a system full self driving or calling a system autopilot is lulling people into a false sense of security. i don't care how many warnings you have on the car even is major safety investigations were only beginning, tesla's ceo elon musk tweeted that the fatal car's autopilot was not engaged. there are lots of youtube videos of people doing exactly this. i mean, you could go on youtube right now and see people riding in the back see riding in the passenger seat. over the more than a decade, i've covered self driving technology. the warnings and timetables have always been clear the ones that around the market right now are designed for continuous supervision by the driver. the driver is supposed to be paying attention. all the time. i think we're these 20 years off till we see that on a widespread manner. in fact, 20
5:32 pm
years, maybe just a bit optimistic. maybe 30, so eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. tom vacar ktvu fox to tom. i've got two quick questions. one is why was the car going at a high rate of speed when it's in its autonomous mode, wouldn't it? keep track of how fast it was going? and also is there better self driving system out there than tesla's? well if the system was hacked? it depends on how you hacked the system. you have lot of sophisticated technology or abilities, you might be able to make the thing to a trip that you wouldn't want to do, driving much more quickly over roads that would be like curvy and that you could go off of that's one possibility. the other possibility is. that muskie is right. and this thing was really not being handled in that way now as to whether or not there is a better system for than the test was. the answer is yes, and it comes from no less than general motors corporation, which has
5:33 pm
cameras on this story, calling that look at you. and if you're i start doing things in your body starts doing things that it shouldn't be doing commensurate with not paying attention to the road. then what it will do is tell you that it's turning that self autopilot system off and then you cannot restart it until you pull off to the side. the road, so it's a better system, and eventually all cars will have a very similar system simply because the ones that work best are the ones that tend to float to the top. just incredible where this technology is taking us, tom. thank you, father and son charged in the murder of a cal poly student 25 years ago entered not guilty pleas today in san luis obispo county, prosecutors say paul flores killed kristen smart during an attempted rape back in 1996. he's charged with first degree murder. the judge ordered paul flores held without bail. his father, 80 year old ruben flores, is accused of helping hide her body which still has not been found. he could be released on bail next week,
5:34 pm
kristen smart, vanished while walking home door college dorm after attending a memorial day party 25 years ago in antioch. police are looking for suspects in the death of a 16 year old boy from pittsburgh. authorities say he was shot and killed in a garage that had been set up as a makeshift tattoo parlor. ktvu cristina rendon is here now with more on what happened, cristina. hovering. police are looking for at least two suspects who were last seen running away from that house. the motive tonight still unclear. shannon deal street in an janka, typically quiet neighborhood turned into a crime scene saturday as a teenager was gunned down in the garage of a home where a makeshift tattoo parlor was set up. he's been identified as 16 year old were sawn sippy on of pittsburgh. i was sitting in my living room and just all that once, um, i heard pop pop. pop any of police say two people went into the garage. one of them opened fire on sippy on before they ran off. the team
5:35 pm
was not getting a tattoo at the time of the shooting, and investigators are trying to figure out why he was there. the homicide a shock to neighbors, the kids, they've been good kids. we've seen them for years. they you know, they have not been problem. you know, that's why this probably came from somebody from the outside of them because they're usually pretty respectful. police say about 10. people were at the house when officers arrived, but the crowd grew to 20 plus as word spread of the shooting. pittsburgh pd, brentwood pd and the county sheriff's office were called in for backup to help with crowd control. it was an extremely chaotic scene with lots of people. at one point, there was a physical fight between those on scene. police say two men were trying to get back into the home after the shooting. one threw a punch at an officer. they were detained, showed up to the scene. a most you know, upset and became confrontational with officers. at one point, police say she pulled out a gun with the help of family members. she was detained and booked into county jail, but police did not release details on charges
5:36 pm
right now with what's going on. i cannot live here no more, i wouldn't be able to live here no more. it's really sad to see this happen here on our block into their family on. i'm sorry to see that happen is just too much gun violence. way did try to learn more information about the mother who was booked into county jail. police say they may be releasing more information in the coming days. frank cristina rendon live for us tonight, christina. thank you. it's happened again. someone died during a parachute jump from a northern california parachute center. details
5:37 pm
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has now been identified, authorities say. 57 year old sabrina call of watson bill died in the lodi parachute center saturday afternoon, the
5:39 pm
owner of the center says call was an experienced parachutist, who had jumped more than 2000 times. she had two parachutes out the entangled with each other, and we're fully inflated and pointed towards the ground in a very rapid speed. the accident comes one month after the lodi parachute center was ordered to pay $40 million to the family of tyler turner, the 18 year old was killed back in 2016 after his parachute failed to open. it was later determined that his instructor was not properly certified. there have been 22 deaths at the center since it opened back in 1981. tonight on the 10 o'clock news, a special sit down interview with the police chief in san francisco and his longtime family friend and how she's connected to one of the most infamous moments in the civil rights movement. back in the sixties, ktvu is greatly here now, with a preview of
5:40 pm
this powerful story, greg frank. good evening when we first recorded this interview, the trial of derek shaaban was just about to get underway. and now as we've been reporting it to the hands of the jury. this conversation, particularly important right now, as the nation has seen a number of police shootings across the country, and as we await that critical verdict in this case, san francisco police chief bill scott and lisa mcnair both grew up in birmingham, alabama, in the 19 sixties, forever linked by the 16th street baptist church bombing by the kkk make their sister denise, was among the four victims killed in the blast. scott mcnair grew up in what many kans sittard ground zero of the civil rights movement chief scott recently invited lisa to share her message of reconciliation and social justice with the department's command staff as law enforcement across the country are being challenged to evaluate and to reform,
5:41 pm
especially when it comes to interacting with the black community. i think, because people might have thought that this part of our history was over and gone. um but it reared its ugly head in the last few years, and so now, this these stories need to be shared and told so that history will not repeat itself. what is our role in all of this acknowledgement? you know, we as a profession have caused pain and we've caused harm and we have to acknowledge that if you don't acknowledge those things you can't move forward, and that has been very difficult for many in this profession. it. it was a very powerful joint interview, having the two of them sitting next to each other and having this conversation again, we'll have much more of it tonight on the 10. o'clock news, including why chief and mcnair believed that the trial of derek shaban is a crucial point in american history
5:42 pm
reporting live greg lee ktvu fox two news frank somerville e interesting comments that greg, i also understand that, in addition to where he grew up, the chief had some experiences earlier on in his career that shaped how he thinks. can you tell us about that? yeah frank going back to 1991. many in california. remember that the beating of rodney king by four white lapd officers that was caught on video and shown to the world well, chief, scott was then officer scott, a rookie police officer with the lapd at that time as he watched that video in horror as well. and then he was on duty in 1992 when those officers were acquitted. he calls it a formative experience as well as the moment that has shaped the police officer and the leader that he is today, he said. it is an example that case is 1992 of rodney king off what happens when a community loses faith in the criminal justice system.
5:43 pm
and again that report coming up on the 10 o'clock news tonight. i for one am really looking forward to hearing what else they have to say, greg. thank you. kids are back in class, at least some of them anyway, but so far in one various school district, nearly half of the teachers are not coming back. it is a voluntary plan, so teachers aren't forced to come in. coming up next house. some families have dueling emotions about today's first day back on campus. and we are tracking a cool down. you notice in a big time out there today. it's tii'm morgan, and there's more gonna beto me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable.
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ask your doctor about dovato—i did. hiv medicine is one part of it. afternoon. they lined a section of the seo padre parkway waving signs at the passing traffic. parents say they want the district to approve a plan to return to some form of in person instruction by april 26th and to come up with a
5:46 pm
concrete plan for a full return to campus for the fall. the world is opening up. it's my understanding that 14 or 15 school district's in alameda county, already open or are planning to open soon. so why not fremont? some of the parents have now hired an attorney to help push the fremont school district to reopen the district failed to reach an agreement with its teachers union for a return this semester. they say, classes will be in person five days a week next august. some students in the west contra costa county school district return to their classrooms today gave use allie rasmus talked with some parents and representatives from the school district and has details on their reopening plan. at lupine elementary and hercules students lined up outside the gates to have their temperatures taken before setting foot in the classroom for the first time in 13 months, but many of these students won't be seeing their teacher in person. today it is a voluntary plan, so teachers
5:47 pm
aren't forced to come in on lee 51% of west contra costa teachers volunteered to come back. the other half will continue to teach classes remotely. students who come back are taking part in supervised learning hubs. that means they're sitting in a classroom with their fellow students, while a sort of i'd substitute supervises and their teacher teaches the class remotely from home. but there is a shortage of subs. we have been tapping into other networks we've been contacting subs are retirees to come and help staff some of these hubs. it's going to be an ongoing process when they. initially released the plan. they made it sound like everyone would have some option to go back. but then it zlata actually happened. kari hop showman has a kindergartner and a second grader in the district. her younger child got to go back today, but her second grader couldn't because the school couldn't find the supervisor for his learning hub. it's really hard because we're so excited for our kindergartner to have her first wielding of school, but we can't we kind of have to not be excited because my son is so sad that he
5:48 pm
doesn't get to go back. so we've told our daughter like, don't talk about it too much. we understand the frustration, uh, our hope is that the least gives us a runway for a big summer planning and a fall planning where we fully expect to be back fully in person in the fall, in addition to the learning hubs, the district's identified a group of about 1500 students, which it defines us being high needs and those students will get in person. instruct. in two hours a day, five days a week. but those 1500 students make up just 5% of the entire west contra costa student body, allie rasmus ktvu. box two news as more oakland students return to the classroom today, the oakland unified school district and its teachers union have reached a tentative agreement on fully opening schools in the next year, according to the agreement, the 2021 2022 school year will start on august 9th for in person and erection. the tentative agreement must be ratified by the teachers and the school board. on friday.
5:49 pm
the union declared it in past with the district over reopening schools for the current school year. they say they're at odds over several issues, including teacher workloads and accommodations for child care and leave time for teachers whose families are at risk for contracting covid-19. santa clara county supervisors will be considering a proposal to reverse broadband in equities for families and school children. the problem has been highlighted during this pandemic. supervisor cindy chavez is introducing a proposal tomorrow that she says will insure santa clara counties. eligibility for federal and state funding. it'll be used the money will for increasing broadband access and maximizing the effectiveness of future funding for broadband infrastructure projects. chavez says too many kids right now have difficulties distance learning because of the limited or. no internet access, okay, taking a
5:50 pm
look at what? what's kind of exciting even though it's seven days away, that long range model and it's going to show a few clouds or coastal clouds tomorrow. now we're into tuesday. now we're into wednesday. to thursday. it's almost the weekend even though today's monday and it's coming into friday, okay, look at this. kind of cool right friday. saturday gonna rain, right? maybe for sunday saturday into sunday and i think was more encouraging. here is again. this is a long range model, so lots changes but the position of that jet is pretty good in terms of its lunch of latitude and look what's right behind it, so the potential for more than one maybe exists. a long way out. i mean, i wouldn't something's gonna happen. it's certainly gonna be cooler. there might be some drizzle. i think you can almost state that for sure. but in terms of real rain and precipitation hard to say at this point, but it does look encouraging. i will say that there are the current temperatures and they're running way behind where they were. last night. at this time,
5:51 pm
i got 15 degrees cooler and napa compared to last night, 12 degrees cooler in fairfield. and if you remember yesterday, we had temperatures in the nineties. we had that record in santa rosa. we had 92 back to bill. so temperatures really come down. that's in response to the sea breeze that's written response partially to this weather systems were just showing up north. they're going to kind of come in, and they just tweak on the high and kind of weaken it, and so the onshore flow becomes more robust. but by saturday and sunday, it'll become robust enough that perhaps we get some rain. every night. i mean again. i think i said this earlier. nothing's gonna fix this. i mean, we are. we're in it for not getting enough rain, mainly because of last year if last year has been a good year. but this year to year zero, we're gonna have water concerns, certainly, and we should always think this way too. right always water ration. always think about the state because it x'ed dry states. mediterranean climate wet winter dry summer and sometimes we could go dry in the winter to the forecast for tomorrow morning. just like today. low clouds and fog. mork clouds around tomorrow that we had today. i either map and then
5:52 pm
the ice in terms of colors coming underneath, and that represents the forecast high temperatures roughing them out. so yellows are sixties or seventies and greens are sixties. don't see any oranges even up in sacramento. you don't see any oranges so pretty significant cooling again tomorrow and then we're gonna ride this pattern pretty much into the weekend in the. friday night into saturday and sunday when temperatures drop out such marla says that's not cold, right. it's a little cooler than today, but it's not cool. that's just mild and the five day forecast as i mentioned you could see that temperature sort of hover. in the mid seventies upper seventies on wednesday, saturday and sunday, then temperatures cool off pretty quickly and boy got the fingers crossed on that. and plus, i'm a big big fan of rain in you know, after it's been dry for a while, especially this late in the season. great for the flowers. we get the pulling out of the trees, good for everybody, so we'll keep our fingers crossed. i'll see you back here at six. we'll see you then. bill thank you. former 49ers quarterback alex smith is
5:53 pm
retiring after 16 seasons in the nfl. the niners selected smith with the number one overall pick in the 2005 draft. he spent the first half of his career with the 49ers until he was traded to the kansas city chiefs in 2013. smith, recently one comeback player of the year award while playing for the washington football team. he won that award after working his way back from a devastating leg injury. in 2018 that nearly took his life. he announced his retirement this morning on instagram. i want to say thank you for believing in me and thank you for helping me believe in myself and in the impossible and here we go. wow, folks, alex smith for the first time, because even though i've got plenty of snaps left in me after 16 years of giving this game, everything i've got. i can't wait to see what else is possible. s by the washington football team last month. he says he re
5:54 pm
debated signing with the jacksonville jaguars, but was already weighing retirement. we have some breaking news. it's a sad development tonight, former vice president and presidential candidate walter mondale has died at 93. i just want to read something that i'm looking at on the internet here, and it says that walter mondale spoke by phone last night with president biden and former presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton, as well as vice president harris, and he said that his family believed that his death was imminent, but that he perked up after that call, he also put out a final goodbye email to 320 staffers spanning 40 years, mondale told his staffers how much they meant to him, adding that he knew that they'd keep up the good fight and that joe in the white house certainly helps. mondale ran for president in 1984 against president reagan.
5:55 pm
and as i recall, he only won one state in that election, and that was his home state of minnesota again. the headline right now former vice president walter mondale has died at the age of 93. history was made in just 39 seconds. the video of the historic flight on mars that's being no. flow. helicoptey
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
helicopter on mars. it was a short flight lasted less than a minute, but it was nonetheless groundbreaking. fox news william la jeunesse shows us the video of the memorable moment. confirm that ingenuity
5:58 pm
and performed his first life. first life of a powered aircraft. another planet, a breakthrough rivaling the wright brothers. nasa successfully launching an experimental helicopter from the surface of mars on monday, marking the first controlled flight on another planet. the vehicle off £4 mini helicopter named ingenuity has been in development for more than six years and cost around $85 million and nasa said. today's flight was considered ah high risk maneuver. i totally billy. if it's alright, brothers moment it is it is at the heart of kind of opening up a new dimension, the aerial dimension in the mars exploration. the historic flight lasted only 39 seconds. but all mission objectives were accomplished. ingenuity hovered for about a half a minute, 10 ft. off the ground and transmitted data back to nasa through the perseverance. mars rover no small feat because of the thin air. the rotor blades had spend
5:59 pm
five times faster than they would on earth that's like on earth being elevation three times the height of himalayas, so the air is very thin and ingenuity had to be really light. small the stage now set for more advanced flights on the red planet. an engineer say it could have a big implication back here on earth as well. that's the kind of partnership to kind of push of technology and pull of science that we're now seeing to be very productive within nasa. nasa says it's planning five more flights for ingenuity with increasing difficulty, possibly laying the groundwork for a fleet of martian drones in los angeles. we malaysian s fox news. this'll is ktvu fox two news at six, and arson investigation is underway tonight after a fire rips through an east bay home, killing a father and his young daughter. we want the police to bring. the criminals to justice. these people, they have emotions or, you know feelings,
6:00 pm
but we think they're monsters. family members are heartbroken and speaking out after a father and daughter died in an oakland house fire that police say was deliberately set. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville police in oakland say their deaths are part of a violent crime spree across the city. the department is now offering a $40,000 reward for an arrest. in the case are crime of water. henry lee talked with the victim's family and has the latest now on the investigation. aaliyah would have turned to next month. she was just beginning to walk and talk. her father is some nagi mostly try to save her from an arson fire that tour through their home over the weekend and jilted neighbors awake. i just heard it incredibly loud boom which woke me up and scared me. father and daughter both died and police say their deaths or homicides and part of a crime spree that includes a shooting death at the liquor store, where mostly work to support his family. please ring


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