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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 19, 2021 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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unlawful force. the trial of the former minap george floyd is wrapping up with both the defense and the prosecution, making their closing arguments today in just about two hours ago. this case went to the jury welcome everyone to the four on this monday afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. the we now are waiting for a verdict in this closely watched and, of course, highly emotional trial. boxes. lauren blanchard reports from minneapolis with the final arguments made by the prosecution and the defense. the trial for former minneapolis police officer derrick show vin draws to a close, he faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted on the most severe charge. you could believe your eyes. this wasn't policing. this was murder. state prosecutors argued. derrick show bins actions on may 25th last year led.
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second degree manslaughter, they say, kneeling on floyd's neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds cut off oxygen, and that show vin did not show compassion as floyd called out for help, and then breathe, prosecutors told the jury show been betrayed his badge with an excessive use of force. and there's nothing worse for good police than a bad police. who doesn't follow the rules, the defense arguing show then acted as a reasonable officer would have that day. they say it was a mixture of heart disease and drugs and floyd system and an aggravated crowd that led to the death attorney eric nelson, saying the state failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that show vin was responsible. there is absolutely no evidence officer showman intentionally purposely applied on you. unlawful force if there missing any . anyone single element? it is a not guilty verdict as the trial
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winds down the city of minneapolis and other cities across the country, preparing for any bring what what we've seen with this trial. we just are believing a guilty verdict. come back, the jury will be sequestered until a verdict is reached, however long that might take in minneapolis, minnesota. lauren blanchard, fox news. yeah, let's go now. the michael cardoza ktvu legal analyst. so michael, what did you make of today's closing arguments? i want you to start first with the prosecution. all right? i thought they did a very, very good job. you know, it's difficult to criticize other lawyers, especially lawyers of this caliber. the only thing i would make comments about besides, they did a wonderful job. they laid out the evidence theyai i would have liked to have seen a little bit more emotion their case.
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having said that they did a great job. yeah, michael, you mentioned they really took those jurors today back to all of the testimony that they heard from witnesses also, you know, pointing out the video once again and then that that sentence excuse me from the attorney that this was not policing. this was murder effective. very effective because if you watch that video what other conclusion? can you come to the second degree murder is what we call in california felony murder if you commit a felony, even though you don't intend to kill anybody, for example, you walk in a grocery store to rob it, and you don't mean to shoot anybody, but your gun goes off accidentally. the law implies the malice and therefore. second degree murder, and that's what the government's looking for here now. what we have to watch for heather hair is and keep in mind. you know,
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we've talked about hung juries before, and usually that's nine for guilty hypothetically and three for not guilty, tended to 11 to 1. but in this case, you've got a second degree murder, a third degree murder and a manslaughter. that jury could hang on to breed and say, 10 of them say it's a second degree murder. and two of them say it's the second degree manslaughter. that's a hung jury if they can't compromise to a verdict, and the other thing, i would be very cautious because it's happened here in california, where the appellate courts have reversed the case, saying that the jury came back too quickly. how could they invented the evidence in this case, so this jury has to stay at a while. so i would imagine the prosecutors want a quick verdict, but not too fast. yeah, you make a good points there, michael. i want to move to the defense today and it's
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closing arguments you mentioned this idea of raising some doubt. do you think that the defense was able to do that? obviously they laid out this idea of what a reasonable officer would have done in a similar circumstance and also the defense really pointing out that you know you can't take just this nine minutes. that's on video that they wanted. to make the jury, you know, really think about the entire police encounter that day. i thought he made very good points. i thought he did a very good shop and arguing the case. i know when he talked about beyond a reasonable doubt, he said. it's like baking cookies or baking a cake. you've got all the ingredients and if one is left out, you don't have cookies or cake. so therefore you can't convict now that's a very old argument. i was hoping. you could have been a little more creative and talking about reasonable that, but that's an old tried and true analogy to what a reasonable doubt is. so
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what? i thought he did a good job. he had to work with the facts as presented to him. the one big thing he did hammer and i thought he should have. emphasized it is that he wasn't trying to assault him. he didn't that under didn't do that underlying felony that you need for a second degree murder. in other words, he didn't walk into the store to rob it, so therefore somebody got shot. they didn't prove that under lying felony and he did hit upon that. but all that being said he had a long road to go. and you mentioned he acted as a reasonable police officer. what flash and the they said that heather looking all the place often service that testified, including the chief of police that said he wasn't reasonable and that's what the jury's going to listen to him. you and michael. we did. we don't have a whole lot of time. but i do want to bring up something else. that came after the jury received the case. the judge today expressing some
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frustration with elected officials, including's maxine we was speaking to some protesters in minnesota. and she basically said that if there is a not guilty verdict in this case, we'll let me read what she said. she said. we're going to stay on the street. we get more active. we've got to get more confrontational. we've got to make sure that they know that we mean business. obviously michael, this is inciting viole. she was i mean, look at what she said. and i don't blame judge. cahill the first thing that happens is that $27 million verdict gets announced when they could have kept that under wrapped and what miss letters is doing is saying to the jury, hoping they'll hear this if you don't bring back a verdict, so she's trying to subvert justice. in that sense, you better bring back a verse or we're going to riot. that's not the way it works. justice
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is what the verdict is that jury this jury brings back and you're not supposed to fuss with them. in any way, so can he hold? eric campbell? probably not. but it is frightening that people do things like that. i understand the emotion. i understand the frustration, but let justice works don't threaten that type of thing because yeah, as i mentioned the judge really expressing frustrati the jury, e hear it ktvu will be following it. so b you and ktvu calm for e very latest on this show been murder trial as well as the upcoming verdict. family members are speaking out after a father and daughter died in an oakland house fire that police say was intentionally set. their deaths are part of a violent crime spree across the city. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joining us now live after
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speaking today with relatives and henry joins us with more on what they had to say. well, alex. there's absolutely heartbroken over their. lost two innocent lives caught up in a possible gang related crime spree that's now under investigation by oakland police and fire and the a. t. f. polio would have turned to next month. she was just beginning to walk and talk. her father is some nagi mostly try to save her from an arson fire that tour through their home over the weekend and jilted neighbors awake. i just heard m. father and daughter. both died and police say their deaths or homicides and part of a crime spree that includes a shooting death at the liquor store, where mostly work to support his family. we want the police to ring. the criminals to justice. these people, they have emotions or, you know feelings, but they think they're monsters. mohammed osama is a cousin of muslim, he said maslow was working as a cashier at the store it $98 on april 10th when deja woods was
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shot and killed. the problem happened. it was a scared hearing away. several days later, someone said, the store on fire and then, someone went s home and torched it. his family and police say, mostly had no connection to the violence. the i tried to find anyone related. even, you know, cash here in the store any person just to, you know, take a revenge, mostly worked at the store to help support his family in yemen. escaped from yemen because of the war. and now you know the worries here. it's really sad that in our sothg so heinous as if would do setting the home on fire in the middle of the night and killing the innocent family, oakland police chief laurent armstrong called mostly hero for running through the flame to try to save his daughter. the two were found together. he sacrificed his life. unfortunately they both pairs on drew the sad, safrinha city she is ah, letter
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in jail on go way love that song. but we also love somewhere because of earlier. now that mother who died who's the store owner's wife is nine months pregnant and is expecting a baby girl and family members. tell me she hasn't been told that her husband has died reporting live henry lee ktvu fox to new year's just absolutely heartbreaking. henry did do you have any sense of whether police have solid leads. on who might have set this fire? not yet, alex, but they do have a suspect who surrendered in connection with the. shooting death at the liquor store. but of course other eople involved,d we're trying to figure out how all that is connected. obviously talking to them trying to figure out more more details and whatever they could learn. all right, henry lee, i. know you'll stay on top of this
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case. thank you, are the father and son charged in the murder of a cal poly student 25 years ago today entered pleas of not guilty and san luis obispo county prosecutors. that paul flores killed christian smart during an attempted rape in 1996. he's charged with first degree murder. now the judge ordered paul flores to be held without bail. his father, 80 year old ruben flores, is accused of helping hide her body, which still has not been found. he could be released on bail next week, kristen smart, vanished while walking home to her college dorm after attending a memorial day party 25 years ago. inconsistent supply coming up next on the four. look at why one bay area county has extra vaccines, while a neighboring county is struggling to get shots into people's arms. and did you feel it? four point earthquake rattling parts of the bay area today where was centered and just how widely it was felt? and we did have that marine
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the age of 16 is now eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine, the cdc says more than half of all adults in the u. s have now received at least one dose, and almost a third of people are fully vaccinated. this comes his doctors are reporting a decrease in vaccine hesitancy in recent weeks, but health officials warn the pandemic it's still is raging with cases and hospitalizations on the rise in some states. were people in the united states or being vaccinated every single day at an accelerated pace. on the other hand cases and hospitalizations are increasing in some areas of the country and cases among younger people who have not yet been vaccinated are also increasing. new data shows
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worldwide. more people were diagnosed with covid-19 last week than any other week since the start of the pandemic. the fda is halting production of the johnson and johnson vaccine at the baltimore manufacturing plant where millions of doses were ruined last month, it will be shut down as the agency investigates exactly what happened there. at least six people out of the 6.8 million who took the j and j vaccine developed rare but serious blood clots, johnson and johnson says it's too early to know the potential impact the stoppage will have on vaccine deliveries. once the government's pause on the vaccine is lifted, the cdc will present its reports on its investigation to an fda advisory panel this friday. health officials in the south bay are encouraging all residents to sign up for vaccinations. now this comes after santa clara county received enough vaccine to book appointments into next week,
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but other counties while they're still struggling with a shortage of vaccine, get yourself a reporter. jesse gary joins us live. he has a closer look at the disparity and also its impact. jesse heather a month ago there was a vaccine shortages in this county. now that problem is else. where as the bay area faces feast or famine conditions of its struggles to inoculate its populace. the lines move briskly at the levi stadium. covid vaccination s. santa clara county health officials say their vaccine shortage in march has turned into ample bounty in april enough so that we can keep up with our each of our sites. maximum capacities which allows us to vaccinate um ah, most in a day, just over 20,000 associate chief. medical officer, dr jennifer tongue, says 10,000 appointments are available through next weekend. it's a stark contrast to neighboring san mateo county officials there say their supply has dropped from 20,000
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doses weeks ago. now to just over 11,000 per week. with vaccine supply to san mateo county, severely constrained, we continue to focus on second those clinics and limited targeted first those clinics in communities of need. the vaccination branch chief says in a statement. so the longer it takes to get a critical mass of people vaccinated, the longer it's going to take to have this be something akin to the influenza had influenza about break that we get every year. san matteo. officials say they expect supply to increase the last week of april, but they don't have specific numbers down the road in santa clara county officials are looking to the future and the goal of herd immunity. i think we all feel very relieved populs been willing to get vaccinated. that's ah full capacity. we received one report of a canceled first dose appointment
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in alameda county, apparently due to a lack of supply was booked through sutter health and sort of health responded just about half hour ago with this following statement. it says sutter is not currently canceling any appointments at the alameda county fairgrounds, mass vaccination site, though our vaccine supply remains low, particularly impacted by the j and j pause, so it's not clear exactly where this email originated from, but just wanna let you know. that that is out there. additionally alameda county officials say that their vaccine levels have remained steady and that the county has not had to cancel any appointments due to a shortage of vaccine. we're live in san jose this afternoon, jesse gary ktvu fox two news will get back to you. yeah, something's running a little bit smoother in some counties than others. all right. thanks so much, jessie appreciate it. well california is now well on the way to administering 26 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, according to the latest data more than 367,000 shots are now
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being given in the state every day. and more than 42% of california's population of around 40 million has now received at least one dose and nearly 26% is fully vaccinated. cvs pharmacy is now offering over the counter covid-19 tests. customers can choose from three different options. two of them are rapid antigen test that can deliver results in 15 minutes. the third is a kit that can give results in 1 to 2 days, the test will be sold online and in select stores at first, and then we'll be available throughout most cvs pharmacy locations by the end of next rocked parts of the north bay earlier today was it was struckd just about 10 minutes before noon today, people in napa santa rosa, fairfield nevado and as far away as san francisco reported feeling to shaking, no injuries or damage have been reported. the usgs
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says this quake struck about 1.7 miles deep near the kala wami fault zone. all right. i did not feel that earthquake and i'm trying with that. okay let's talk weather, shall we? we've got our micro climates just fully on display today. with temperatures cool. the coast kind of milder on the bay and then warm inland. let's start off with a live look. we did start off a little cloudy this morning, but beautiful out there right now, if you take a live look at the oakland estuary, you see some beautiful high clouds out there a little boat kind of role in the estuary. of course. san francisco in the background san francisco right now. 56 degrees oakland 61. you could see those clouds. hanging around a little bit more ahe sun really came out in full force 74 degrees right now. 75 livermore in 67 in san jose, so the wind has got a little breezy. we have onshore flow happening now, and that is courtesy of a low pressure system that's actually up in the gulf of alaska. that's helping to drive some of the cooler air that's going to be coming our way in the next 24 hours, so it's
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gonna be a little gusty, particularly at the coast. as we take a look here and the cloud cover you can see and i want to zoom in in particular. to those of you. they're kind of on the peninsula coast that have just been socked in with clouds. you know, yesterday and then today you could see finally clearing out this afternoon. so catching a bit of a break there that i know many of you probably are happy to see a little that sunshine. so there's that low pressure system i was talking about. it's kind of nudging our high pressure out of the way. unfortunately it's not gonna bring us rain, but it is going to drop temperatures down so tonight. pretty mild 50 degrees in san francisco 44 in santa rosa will be mid forties in places like morgan hill, upper fifties i'm sorry, upper forties around the bay and a little bit cloudy and then tomorrow notice lot more oranges and reds oryou don' highs inland. we'll be dropping down into the seventies. now the one thing that we have to talk about is the fact that our last rainstorm was march 18th. that i i finally
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have a chance of rain and your extended forecast now have that coming up, guys. thank you. yeah. all right. thank you. guy lab. well, another bay area school district returns to class today. why students though? and west contra costa county may not 100. of stew. andy
4:24 pm
4:25 pm
or getting the gift of a free college education, county officials announced applications for this new scholarship program that they're now open, and they did so in a news conference this morning, the $2 million grant from san mateo county will allow 500 students to attend college in the community college district, and that includes skyline college college of san matteo and kenyatta college in redwood city, tuition, books and fees are all covered. some students in the west contra costa county school district to return to their classrooms earlier today,
4:26 pm
ktvu sally rasmus spoke with parents and district representatives and has the details on their reopening plan. at lupine elementary and hercules students lined up outside the gates to have their temperatures taken before setting foot in the classroom for the first time in 13 months, but many of these students won't be seeing their teacher in person. today it is a voluntary plan, so teachers aren't forced to come in on lee 51% of west contra costa teachers volunteered to come back. the other half will contin who come back are taking part in supervised learning hubs. that means they're sitting in a classroom with their fellow students, while a sort of i'd substitute supervises and their teacher teaches the class remotely from home. but there is a shortage of subs. we have been tapping into other networks we've been contacting subs are retirees to come and help staff some of these hubs. it's going to be an ongoing process when they initially released the plan, they made it sound like everyone would have some option to go back. um, but then it zlata actually happened.
4:27 pm
kari hop showman, has a kindergartner and a second grader in the district. her younger child got to go back today, but her second grader couldn't because the school couldn't find the supervisor for his learning hub. it's really hard because we're so excited for our kindergartner to have her first wielding of school, but we can't we kind of have to not be excited because my son is so sad that he doesn't get to go back. so we've told our daughter like, don't talk about it too much. we understand the frustration. ourop that at least gives us a runway for a big summer planning and fall planning where we fully expect to be back fully in person in the fall. in addition to the learning hubs, the district's identified a group of about 1500 students, which it defines us being high needs, and those students will get in person instruction two hours a day. five days a week, but those 1500 students make up just 5% of the entire west contra costa student body, allie, rasmus ktvu. box two news. there has
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been a troubling surgeon deadly shootings this year across the country, including a number of mass killings up next we'll hear from an er doctor who is working to address the problem. why he believes gun violence should be treated as a public health issue, as opposed to a political issue, and officials say the u. s capitol police officer who passed away after the capitol takeover. died of natural causes. details of the medical mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? i'm driving her to the doctor,
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killed eight people in indianapolis was able to buy guns despite having a rival removed from his possession. last year. marion county prosecutors say that they decided not to bring brandon hold before a judge under the red flag law after his mother called police to say her son might commit suicide by cop. prosecutors say they were concerned at the time that if they lost the case they would have had to return his gun. the red flag law lets police or courts seize guns or and the purchase of a gun by people who show warning signs of violence whole used to legally purchased assault style rifles to open fire at a fedex facility last thursday he would do. in san jose, a vigil was held at the nation's largest sikh temple in san jose to remember the eight people killed in that mass shooting there in indianapolis for the eight people killed in the
4:32 pm
shooting war seek all the motive hasn't been determined about 80% of the workers in that facility are seeking community members are asking for a thorough investigation. we've lost lives again to gun violence. we've lost lives candk front. too often, all we can do is pray. as we mentioned that 19 year old was a former fedex employee. he opened fire at the warehouse and then took his own life. of course, after every mass shooting in this country, politicians debate the need for tougher gun control laws. but my next guest says the gun violence epidemic in the u. s is a public health crisis more e treated as such. after christopher bar sati is the ceo of the nonprofit affirm that's the american foundation for firearm injury reduction in medicine doctor varsity really good to have you on here today?
4:33 pm
why do you believe medical professionals like yourself are uniquely positioned to help reduce gun violence in the u. s. first off. thank you for having me here. so as emergency visions we don't take care of just the gunshot wound and we are uniquely poised to see this problem, both upstream the precursors of me to violence. and then the ripple effects that happened after the injuries and how these report facts, move through our communities and lead to other violence. so we really have the vantage point of seeing the entire crisis. the full arc of this of this injury pattern. how do you think that that that health care workers should try to intervene when you have victims of gun violence and their families who find themselves in that hospital setting? what what does that intervention look like? t try to stop the cycle of violence. so there is a variety of different interventions that we need to develop and trial because there are different
4:34 pm
kinds, different domains of injury and firing violence. how we treat address suicide. it's gonna be different than how we treat interpersonal ones or into the part of balance or homicide. what we're doing with an infirm is critic, health based solutions to decrease farm risk at every opportunity. and when i'm talking about risk and talk about health behaviors and health conditions that lead to violence. there are many, many known conditions and behaviors that we know, lead to violence, and we have opportunities throughout the health care system to intervene in optimize safety and build resilience and help these people. at the time when they need it. you know, you brought up suicides and you know, i don't have to tell you that most of the gun deaths in this country are a result of suicide while you know just just a fraction 1% or so of the gun deaths in this country are the result of mass shootings yet of course, you know, we as a country we tend to fixate on these mass killings. when they happen. is there too much focus
4:35 pm
on mass shootings and the types of weapons that are used in those instances? you think. i think that we're looking at this problem is incomplete. um we're looking at people wh who d injured and the problem is actually much bigger than that. because we see how the injury then leads to other injuries has infected qualities. we see how one gunshot wound lead to retaliation. we see how a gunshot wound or injury leads to the suffering of fame members that leads to future suicide attempts. um. we have to actually measure that burden of the collateral damage that happens from a gunshot wound. so yes, the number of people killed by firearms. these is the highest numbers by suicide y small number overall, it's a terrible problem creates fear. and if so, what drives us to want to purchase fired to protect ourselves? finally here is we as we wrap up, doctor, you know, in terms of trying to
4:36 pm
find solutions, it means that you and your colleagues you need funding. the problem for decades, the cdc was banned from using its research funds toe look into ways of reducing gun deaths in this country. where we at right now, is there enough federal funding being put toward researching this problem? no we're just starting to get back into the funding cycles when you compared to how much we have invested each year, adjusting the opiate crisis. we're spending billions every year on addressing opiates. and last year we invested 25 million. so we're just on the front end of investing in the science of firearm injury prevention in america, one of the most important things that we have to consider in the spaces that. we? we can't work in asylum medicine. we have to include stakeholders in who are firing experts fired trainers as welt we can do when we are a politicalcreate the best educatn
4:37 pm
communication strategies to identify those people who are at risk and then help them and help their families helps him. yeah, looking at the issue through through a different lens as a public health issue more than anything really appreciate your time. dr christopher bar sati, the ceo of the nonprofit affirm thanks for coming on really appreciate your time. very much. the u. s capitol police officer who died after the capitol siege back in january died from natural causes, according to the coroner's office, the medical examiner says that brian signature suffered a stroke caused by a medical condition. two men have been charged with assaulting sick. nick prosecutors had argued that the men sprayed sick nick with a chemical substance, which may have led to his death. so far. there's no comment from the defendant's attorneys or prosecutors on the coroner's ruling. well within you starting to reopen the wedding industry is making a comeback up next here on the four we'll hear from a wedding planner
4:38 pm
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ask your doctor about dovato—i did. during the ongoing pandemic businesses associated with helping couples on their big day continued to be affected by the changing rules and regulations. but there is a few sign there are a few signs of the industry is starting to bounce back here today with us
4:41 pm
his wedding planner katherine kala, focus. thank you so much, katherine for being here. ah, lot of people obviously had to, you know, put off their wedding due to the coronavirus are people now moving forward with the their plans. obviously, in a different way, yes. ah, lot of weddings are starting to move forward. obviously some things are different people have had to addressed cocktail receptions. things like that. that would, you know, inhibit people mingling and being ah, little too close but definitely make moving forward and then the ones that really want the large big weddings. they're pushing out till next year. h s o. what are some of the changes that engaged couples are doing to their wedding plans, if they are, in fact now choosing to move forward with them, um things like food service he mindful about how food is going
4:42 pm
to be served, how beverages are going to be served things like dancing. some couples are for going dancing to make everyone feel safer. obviously, this is. all fluid to so as things start to open up, maybe even later , things might be a little bit dfe are making. summer. um making custom mask to have for their guests so that everyone feels like it's uniformed that everyone's wearing the mask and also makes it a little bit nicer in the photos that they have a custom. ask for everybody. yeah. are you also find that couples are. downsizing their events. definitely even with the new guidelines, it's still little bit restrictive for some of the weddings that were larger and some just feel more comfortable having a smaller wedding at this time, . yeah
4:43 pm
but even even that, catherine, though, is obviously progress. slow progress right into getting the wedding industry back to what itwas before the pandemic. how significant. had the financial loss has been for this sector. it's been catastrophic. i can't explain it better than that, unfortunately, but we're all smiling again because we get to do what we love again and hopefully safely and that things continue to get better. our industry is going to come roaring back and we're all very excited to be hosting weddings. um you know, a few weeks ago, we could only do three households, so this is a big step for us and a big big boost to our industry. yes, so let's talk really quickly. catherine about some of the changes that couples can expect if they are, in fact going to have a wedding in the in the next few months. what are some of the things they should keep in mind? my
4:44 pm
number one tip is to be ready to adapt. things can change any any day. so you might have, um today where you could have 150 guest indoors, too. you know if things killed the wrong way, it could go backwards. so people just have to be ready to adapt to that and be prepared with a backup plan for that. um and you really need to make sure you're discussing this with your venue. what your venue, comfortable with doing even though the guidelines might say that they could have 300 outdoors, maybe they don't feel comfortable doing that. so it's something a conversation needs to happen with all your venues and vendors to make sure everything's everyone's on the same page. yeah, and katherine, yoom mask. you also say. you still need to keep in mind and account for those folks who aren't physically going to come to the wedding, right? i mean,
4:45 pm
you're even if you are allowed to have what your original guess count was, there's going to be people that just don't feel comfortable going to a large event. or they simply can't travel because of travel restrictions. so having a live stream of your wedding, where your guests feel included, and it's professionally done so they can feel and be a part of it is, it's going to really make those guests that can't be there in person. i really feel like they're participating, sending them a little gift box. maybe a food box. with maybe signature cocktails from the wedding. ah charcuterie board thin take home item that they can keep almost like a favor think will really add the touches to those guests. that can't be there in person. yeah, and your final bit of advice is something that you mentioned just a few minutes ago. and that is just go with the flow, right? yes you
4:46 pm
just have tonto. you gotta have your back. got plans, but you also have to know that things could just change and we just have to be ready for that, and it could change for the better. it could change in terms of capacities. we just have to be ready for that and our couples that are ready for it. they're moving forward and the ones that aren't feeling comfortable with that. definitely recommend may be looking at a different date, all right. thank you so much. really appreciate you coming on the show today. wedding planner katherine keller. focus. thank you so much. no problem. thank you. all right, and now we turn our attention to the weather. we could start a funky today we've got some beautiful sunshine all across the bay. temperatures set to roll back even further as we head into tomorrow and then i've got some very good news that we have a chance. it is just a chance, not a 100% chance, but a chance of some rain. it are extended forecast. let's start off with a live
4:47 pm
look outside. at the bay. beautiful out there. we're taking a look. i think this is for emeryville cameracisco a lie in the background. all right. so hling with, right. our last miserable rain was march 18th. that takes us all the way2 dry day, so i want to get right to this because this is my bigger news. let's go through future cast. i'll show you what's happening here. so we have a low pressure system. now that's helping the coolest down. it's going to try and bring a few sprinkles into the north bay. i don't think that's gonna really be much of anything. that's tuesday afternoon that rolls through and we end up you know, no rain again. now this system that you see on the left side of your screen friday afternoon. it's a low pressure system. you start to see that counterclockwise circulation is going to try and spin a little rain into california. so they take you into that kind of sunday. timeframe we get into sunday afternoon and evening of particular into monday. that's what it looks like. we have a chance of showers. now we're still a little far out from this to lock it in and say, hey, this is definitely happening. here's how much rain
4:48 pm
you're gonna get. but it's been a while since we've seen anything, so it's a good sign. now. this low pressure system you see in the gulf of alaska right now, that's not the one that's gonna potentially bring us rain. that's the one that's going to cool us down a little bit more. and that certainly started to happen today and it will continue as you go into tomorrow stormtrooper to showing you that we finally got rid of those clouds of the coast, then they got some sunshine out there, too. temperatures right now. so little chilly, though out of half moon bay 55 degrees 56 in san francisco, but you move inland, where it's 74 in santa rosa 79 conquered icy and 80 and fairfield inn in 84 in front would wow and 67 in san jose. right now, tonight we'll have a little onshore wind. we will have a little fog in the overnight hours. that marine layer does move in again. temperatures mild, so we're talking forties too low fifties tonight. and then as we roll into tomorrow, that high pressure that's been keeping us kind of warm and sending its going to relent. a little bit is low pressure moves in and again. this is the one that will lower temperatures, but not really bring us anything significant is for his reign is
4:49 pm
concerned, but it will help to drive that marine layer in the mornings. so tomorrow we're gonna call it temporary tuesday because we're rolling back to more seasonal temperatures where we will see fifties at the coast sixties around the bay and then some seventies inland and again as i mentioned, we will have that onshore flow. so here your highs for tomorrow 62 in sanford. cisco 77 in santa rosa 67. oakland you could see fremont about 65 69 livermore 71 in morgan hill. so get a little bit closer is kind of where we should be this time of year. so your extended forecast shows that we cool down. you know, tomorrow significantly between like five and 10 degrees maura than we did today, and then we kind of stay there. you know, we kind of rolled through that thursday friday. by saturday. the clouds come in. and on sunday, we do have that chance of rain in the forecast, and i have to mention the thursday is also earth day. by the way as a meteorologist, that's always a fun day. i always love to celebrate our beautiful planet. so that's coming on thursday, but i'm real happy to see that rain in the forecast. i'll expect to you. all right. i'll get just a
4:50 pm
little bit excited about that. rain chance, kyla. thank you. san francisco's annual pot party in golden gate park has been officially canceled for the second year in a row. and today the city made sure to keep people from gathering there. you can see here. video taken by sky fox fencing has been put up around hippie hill, where the event is usually held. in a typical year, the 4 20 celebration is held on april 20th tomorrow. usually it attracts thousands of people in a celebration of all things marijuana. police are now being assigned to patrol the area, and they say citations could be given out to those who show up and don't comply with city orders. well coming up. pel aton takes a hit the ball out after warnings about one of the company's popular chevy is america's fastest-growing full-line brand. and people are taking it everywhere. taking trailblazer outdoors. confidently taking on new places with equinox. and taking on more with silverado.
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your rheumatologist about humira. go to to see proof in action. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. turns into the scent of home. if you can't afford your medicine, where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and fami is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits. county sheriff's deputies say a
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woman died on saturday afternoon after a jump at the sky dive lodi parachute center investigators are now trying to figure out what happened how this happened, and they say the woman was an experienced skydiver. the sheriff's office says the parachute failed to fully open that she was coming down and it got tangled around her. the faa is now launching its own investigation. it would be the ones to investigate exactly if there was wrongdoing on the if the parachute actually malfunctioned if the person didn't put it on properly if the actual parachute center is following guidelines before you're inspecting before they let people go out and jump out. this accident comes one month after center was ordered to pay $40 million in connection with a deadly jump there five years ago, an 18 year old was killed in 2016 after his parachute didn't open. it was later determined his instructor was not properly certified. the center is connected to more
4:54 pm
than a dozen other deadly jumps since 1999 shares a pallet on dropped today following a warning from the u. s consumer product safety commission. stop using the company's treadmill if you have children or pets, palate on stock closed down almost 9% today. safety regulators are urging those who own a tread plus pellet on treadmill to stop using it immediately after receiving several reports of children becoming in trapped, pinned and pulled under pel aton is calling the warning quote, inaccurate and misleading and is refusing to issue a recall.fx smith is retiring after 16 seasons in the nfl, the number one the former number one overall pick from the 2005 draft, announced on instagram. he is walking away from the game. smith spent the first half of his career with the 49ers. he recently won the comeback player of the year award while playing for the washington football team. he
4:55 pm
worked his way back from a devastating leg injury in 2018 that nearly took his life. yeah it took less than a minute this morning for nasa to make history on mars. i'm william la jeunesse in los angeles today. f,
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
nasa flew a helicopter on another planet boxes. william la jeunesse shows us the video of the memorable moment on the red planet. confirmed that ingenuity has performed his first life. the first life of a powered aircraft. another planet, a breakthrough rivaling the wright brothers. nasa successfully launching an experimental helicopter from the surface of mars on monday, marking the first controlled flight on another planet. the
4:58 pm
vehicle ah £4 mini helicopter named ingenuity has been in development for more than six years and cost around $85 million and nasa's. says today's flight was considered ah high risk maneuver. i totally believe it's alright brothers moment itdimension and. the historic flight lasted only 39 seconds. but all mission objectives were accomplished. ingenuity hovered for about a half a minute, 10 ft. off the ground and transmitted data back to nasa through the perseverance mars rover. no small feat because of the thin air. the rotor blades had to spend five times faster than they would on earth. that's like on earth being elevation three times the height of himalayas, so the air is very thin and ingenuity had to be really light small, the stage now said flights on the red planet, and engineers say it could have a big implication back here on earth as well. that's the kind
4:59 pm
of partnership to kind of push of technology and pull of science that we are now seem to be very productive within now. said. nasa says it's planning five more flights for ingenuity with increasing difficulty, possibly laying the groundwork for a fleet of martian drones in los angeles. we margin s fox news, ktvu. fox two news at five starts. now it's the day that millions of americans have been waiting for every single person 16 and older can get the vaccine. and they're now eligible to sign up for an appointment in the united states. this comes about two weeks before the president's may 1st deadline to open vaccinations to everyone. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener beginning today, everybody in the united states over the age of 16 is now eligible for coronavirus vaccines. the cdc says. more than half of all adults in the u. s have now received at least one dose and almost a third are fully vaccinated. this comes.
5:00 pm
doctors are reporting a decrease in vaccine hesitancy in recent weeks. we've been pretty good, you know, there's a little soreness in the arm. the shot didn't hurt us as much as i thought it was. it was easy. feels like a flu shot. to me. it's a pandemic and we have a cure for it now, so let's do it. according to the cdc, 3.2 million vaccine doses a day are being administered here in united states. california is well on the way to administering 26 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, according to the latest data more than 367,000 shots are being given in the state every day and more than 42% of california's population of around 40 million have received at least one dose and nearly 26% are fully vaccinated. santa clara county wants all eligible people to sign up for vaccination. the county says they have enough doses to book appointments in the next week, but other counties in the bay area are struggling with a shortage of vaccine are south, a reporter just a gary as a
5:01 pm
closer look now at


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