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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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crowd limited know his his son. fiance not his. he doesn't have a wife and feel okay, i was there. i was, like half of both beyonce did not. it was his sons. that would be funny. yeah. good catch, though, joe was like thinking hard on that one. joe. frank you all right? next at 11. teachers are overall overwhelmingly, very unhappy with the whole plan. frustration tonight among teachers in oakland as more students prepare to return to school for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now tonight, many teachers are questioning the point of going back to the classroom this late in the school year. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville. and i'm julie julie haener, teachers say. in addition to the late start the actual time
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inside a classroom will end up on lee being a few hours of instruction a week ktvu emma goss's joins us now live with how the district is handling the pushback, emma. julie the oakland unified school district has brought in a state mediator to help facilitate negotiations between the district and teachers who think the hybrid lesson plan it needs to be rethought. in oakland, jamie eaters son gave in sixth grade gets to see his friends and teachers in person for four hours starting wednesday from my six gator, he'll go from 9 30 to 1 30 every wednesday and two days a week. he does one ur afternoons of sports activities, which is optional. kill the distance learning the rest of the week. it's been very difficult to not be in school, and, um it's been very sad for him and for all of us as a family, and, um. so, yes, we have mixed feelings
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about this beginning because we're very happy that he's going to see people, but we don't feel like it's enough. mark air good and oakland middle school special education teacher says at some schools students will be in the classroom twice a week, but just for two hours a day, we're looking at something like 24 hours total it. total face to face between. now and the end of the year. it makes no.
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blood. clot. sir. days after getting the shot, health officials stress that the risk remains extremely low. more than seven million americans have been injected with one shot vaccine. doctor fauci also said today that americans should know by this fall whether they'll need to get a third coronavirus vaccine. doctor fauci said it would depend on when immunity would wane, which could be determined as early as this summer. last
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week, pfizer's ceo suggested that people who have received the van scene will likely need a third dose within 6 to 12 months after being fully vaccinated. moderna and johnson and johnson also suggested that another shot would be needed. getting the coronavirus vaccine is about to get more difficult in san mateo county, as ktvu is, greg liggins explains now the county's vaccine supply will see a sharp drop this week. for anyone looking to get their first dose of the covid vaccine, and sam matteo county this week. the odds are not a needle in a haystack. very very diffi allocm the state have been dropping from a high of last week and sly less for the week ahead manager recently addressed in a virtual meeting. it's certainly a point of frustration from many people who now eligible yet we this
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week and probably next week, we'll see less supply them has seen for several months now. one residents has frustration is an understatement. a retiree and caregiver for two homebound people, including her 96 year old mom, sylvia says she has struggled to secure appointment emotionally. it's. very overwhelming as a caregiver can on lee understand what they have to do for their people there taking care of with anemic supply, the county no longer has a mass vaccination site like the one that levi stadium in neighboring santa clara county, which broke a state vaccination record thursday, putting shots in the arms of 12,000 people. in one day. that's slightly more than the entire allocation. salmon tail will get this week. officials can't answer exactly why their allocations are declining. but supervisorunty hd been making excellent vaccinationng is on a decision g
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level at the state. i hope they're not saying because sama te'o county has done so well. they don't need vaccines. despite the county's reputation for wealth, canopus as there are still many working class and people of color who need the vaccine when it comes to getting it, sylvia is determined. you never give up on what you need to do. will be persistent until it's resolved. but. patients is pretty limited. now. no one knows for sure when the allocations will reverse and start to go up again, but what is known is that when the j and j vaccine was taken out of circulation, it exacerbated the problem. but it appears that situation could be reversing soon. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. and you can find the latest on the vaccine roll out on our website ktvu dot com just click on the covid-19 tab right on our home page, an emotional vigil
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tonight the sikh community in san jose gathered to pay tribute to the victims from that mass shooting last week at a fedex facility in indianapolis. you'll recall four of the eight people who were killed or seek more now from kate views as a smith. she's here now with what the event was like tonight. well frank more than 50 people attended, including san jose's police chief, the last tragedy to hit the sikh community back in 2000 and 12 at a temple in wisconsin, when six members were killed this shooting the second biggest loss to the community. what he blew. a chance and prayers from secret. waris and jose for indianapolis, some 2000 miles away. no personal ties with the tragedy, but members say they're all part of the same community. shocking feels sometimes you know this could happen anywhere. feelings raw. three
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days after 19 year old former friend ex employee opened fire at a warehouse gunning down eight people before taking his own life. four of the victims were seek members those air like people, you know regular people who were doing their job at the station and for no reason they've been going down, so it is very sad because those are hard working americans while motive hasn't been determined, roughly 80% working in that fedex facility are seek members want a thorough investigation. it's more dear and near to our hearts that our community being attacked. the community is a very, very small community. minority and how it's the 50% of the eight happened to be sick. san jose's police chief offering condolences it is important for us to join together during this thing's time of grief. we've bean having he's gonna candle visions to girlfriends too
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often, all we can do is pray helpless after a string of mass shootings in the us, the deadliest since boulder, colorado less than a month ago. we've lost lives again to gun violence. we've lost lives again. two people that misunderstand each other a play to lawmakers on every level for tougher gun legislation and a message from the temple's president for seek and non seek to get rid of hate starts with understanding diverse communities. they should be talking to them. small talk, especially if it's in working environment, you know, talk to your neighbors talk to your co workers, if you don't know about them find out about them 70% of americans don't even know who the stakes are, so that's where we need to work. and the temple in san jose has reached out to members in indianapolis toe offer both financial and moral support, frank azenith smith life force tonight as nathan q. a manhunt
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is underway for the suspect in a deadly shooting of three people that happened in austin, texas, and the suspect is a former sheriff's deputy. investigators say 41 rolls stephen broderick shot and killed two women and a man this morning. police say he knew the victims, but they wouldn't elaborate. they also said that brodrick resigned from his job as a sheriff's deputy last summer after he'd been arrested for sexual assault against the child. he's been out on bail since then. no word on whether those charges are connected to today's deadly shooting, a father and son accused in the killing of a cal poly student in 1996, or scheduled you enter a plea tomorrow. investigators in san luis obispo county say paul flores killed kristen smart during an attempted rape. his father is accused of helping hide her body, which still hasn't been found. their arrest last week followed a 25 year investigation. kristin smart, vanished while walking home door college dorm room
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after attending a memorial day party. closing arguments to begin on monday and the derrick show been murder trial. i'm mike tobin in the twin cities, details on how the region is bracing for the impact coming up, really warm. today we had a 90 degree record in santa rosa. will he continue tomorrow and is a rain in the five day i'll have that when i return, plus way tomorrow marks a major out. r
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minneapolis. it happened today in the city of burns bill about 15 miles south of minneapolis. it started when police noticed a car was stolen plates. the suspect crashed and then got out of the car and car another car. police were chasing him when he jumped out of the car and ran onto a highway where he tried to carjack yet another car, police say the suspect began shooting at officers. they fired back, killing the man. his name's still hasn't been released, but it is leaved. he was a white man in his begin tomorrow in the trial of derrick accused of second degree murder and manslaughter. fox's mike tobin tells us how minneapolis is bracing for the verdict. that's why the city of minneapolis is on edge as it braces for a verdict in the trial of derrick show, vin, the former police officer accused of killing george floyd. after
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three weeks of testimony, closing arguments from both sides are expected to begin on monday. the prosecution will tie together expert testimony, videos and other evidence to prove showman's actions caused george floyd's death. will learn that on may 25th of 2020, mr. derek shaman betrayed this badge when he used excessive and unreasonable force upon the body of mr george floyd. on the other hand, the defense will argue floyd's drug use and underlying health conditions were partially responsible. and you will learn that derek sheldon did exactly what he had been trained to do over the course of his 19 year career. the use of force is not attractive. but it is a necessary component of police tensions in the city and across the country have been compounded by a recent uptick in deadly police shootings, protests against police brutality erupted over the
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weekend from denver, colorado to salt lake city, utah, to brooklyn center, minnesota, where 20 year old dante right, was shot and killed during a traffic stop just miles from where children is on trial for the murder of george floyd. businesses in major cities across the us are boarding up. i had a potential unrest in response to the verdict. they have to do anything they should do it peacefully, not to terrorize the businesses of breaking in. it's hard to say one of verdict will come down, but judge peter cahill told the jurors will be sequestered starting monday. they should pack for long deliberations hope for short in brooklyn center minnesota. mike tobin fox news. tomorrow is another milestone in the effort to recall governor newsome, april 19th is the last day for county election officials to verify signatures that were collected through the petition process and to certify their results to the secretary of state recall needs roughly a million and a half valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, and political experts say that threshold could be reached
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tomorrow. the u. s and china are now vowing to put their past differences behind them and worked. other to fight climate change. president biden's international climate change on boy john kerry and his chinese counterpart made that announcement at the end of carries four day trip to asia carries trip comes ahead of a white house international summit on climate change, which gets underway later this week. carrie says climate change is a global crisis that can no longer be ignored, even if we did everything that we set out to do in the paris agreement, the earth's temperature is going to increase a very significant amount. perhaps as much as 3.7 degrees or more. the agreement marks a major step forward in the battle against climate change. the united states and china are the world's two biggest carbon polluters. oh all right here as we move into today's temperatures, you can see we had numbers well above the average. we had a record in santa rosa at 90 degrees, fairfield was 90 degrees at a
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92 in back of il 85 redwood city, 87. morgan hill. that's pretty warm for this time of year. and of course, we need rain. and with numbers like this, you're like we're not getting rain, right? because that high pressure is so dominant right now. it will weaken a little bit tomorrow and weekends. we'll see more of an onshore flow. we're not going to see rain, we might see a few clouds a little bit of fog along the coast, a little bit more fog along the coast in a little bit more cooling inland. you may have noticed this evening right around 78 o'clock pens. we were but the sea breeze really kicked in, and he just felt that the humidity increased right in the cooler air, and that's what we're gonna be tomorrow with some cooler air. so instead of 90 in a place like santa rosa 85 something like that, so we're going to drop down into the mid and low eighties. not a big cool down the cooler on this is the system here. that little swirly area is the system that's going to increase the onshore flow. that swirly area if this was two months ago, could possibly have brought some rain. but this time of year, it's really hard when you have even when you have a disturbance like that to get whether coming in from that
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direction when the jet stream is in this season because adjusting weakens as the days get longer, and the temperatures get warmer, the gesturing weekends and receipts to the north s o. it's not. it's most strength, and that's why that system is just gonna kind of be a drive by system. the forecast for tomorrowoon. wf with some clouds, most. that's tomorrow morning, some fog on the coast and then the yellows those your seventies oranges are your yellows or seventies oranges or eighties and you do see nineties still up in the sacramento area, but i think those are well out of our district. so the warm spots will be the mid eighties and those inland valleys. for the most part, there's the five day forecast. and yes, yes, i get there's no rain in this five day there are some clouds. i put changes on sunday with the supreme hope that maybe something will change. there are some clouds in that in that period, maybe something will happen, but we are getting late in the season. i will see you all back here tomorrow night at five o'clock, all right. we'll
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see you that bill. thank you. coming up in 11 30 on sports wrap joe fonzi and jason appelbaum take a look at steph curry's historic pace and how the warriors star has joined kobe bryant in a very rare staff. first though, after the break is show of support for a north bay soccer coach and his daughter, who is battling brain cancer. how the team he coaches is using bracelets to help their cause. she is the strongest little girl. she she's gone through girl. she she's gone through all of this with a smile welcome to jack in the box. hey, jack, i heard your chicken- who told you that? it was jimmy wasn't it? no, i heard your chicken comes with classic and spicy in the same box, so i don't have to choose. ah yes. best of both worlds. my 50/50 popcorn chicken. only at jack in the box.
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only at jack in the box. fountain in san francisco today to honor the first responders of the 06 earthquake and fire. the annual memorial took place at 5 12 this morning, which is the exact moment that the quake devastated the city. it remains the deadliest natural disaster in california history, at least 3000 people died that day and 60,000 buildings were destroyed. it was a very, very special breed of people who in 1906 actually started the process. of the resurrection of san francisco. the ceremony at lotta's fountain has been a tradition since about 1915. the fountain was one of the on lee structures said to have
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survived the quake and was known as for families thatted during the dis. and north bay family is fighting long odds and finding help where they least expect. ktvu is deborah villalon shows us how teenagers on a soccer team are helping their coach and his, yeah. daughter who is battling cancer. yeah good firm passes after the ball. good at sport. yes, workaround. chris daly coaches, a few soccer teams but admits to a favorite 16 year old girls he's guided for three years. we'll have you girls for another year and finish them off until they go off to college. and for us long is the players have known chris. his daughter. blake has battled brain cancer, her first tumor removed before she turned one. then four years of treatments. hope setbacks. blake had reba. pounds, but they didn't last tumors returned. and that was the news. the heard again this spring. we all came to practice
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and chris had just gotten the call that blakes cancer came back right then and there and weigh all kind of experienced it. they launched bracelets for blake at $5 each. they swiftly sold 300 with a new shipment of 400 just arrived. able to hand the dailies $1500 so far for their needs at a support research. into childhood cancer beast. yeah you're gonna think talks, blake will soon start another trial medication. her parents frustrated that only 4% of research funding is geared to kids with cancer, as well as other cancers are so rare and so aggressive that that they're just they're difficult to figure out there need to be more. research to have better treatment options because treatment options that are there are often not working or are just too hard for them. blake likes videos and singing
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along and despite being robbed of so much her positive spirit shines through. she's the strongest little girl she. she's gone through all of this with like a smile, and she never complains. these teenagers feel that same admiration and they've also made t shirts embroidered with the words our daily inspiration and surprised coach daily by hiding them under their uniforms. it only from its ears. they almost had me in tears, that's for sure. as the family continues its journey with blake, the team wants them to know they're not alone. they feel that a family, not just soccer club when you have that much support behind you like it really helps you get through the hardest of times in petaluma, deborah villalon ktvu. fox two news. foundation created by steph curry and his wife, aisha has reached an impressive milestone. eight learn play has served 16 million meals to children and
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families in oakland o started tr foundation they'd hoped hoped to help some 10,000 children. about oakland, the foundation was started just a year and a half ago. great work there by steph curry and his wife. are you sure? and that'll do it for us. see you later, everyone. now they continue to do so much for the community. thanks for joining us everyone. sports wrap with joe and jason upset. good night. huh? team in basebalt
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hotter for the aids. walk it off for their eighth consecutive win. how the a's haven't flipped the script on an o in six starts way feel pretty good about the way we're playing right now. alex would made his first start today for the giants and got plenty of help from his friends. any time they're zeroes on the board. matter how you get there, you know that's always positive how the giants beat the marlins without scoring a single earned run steps on a scoring spree unmatched over his 12 year career. have supreme confidence. is it possibleen better at age s just at the peak of his power. or trap way never s


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