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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 18, 2021 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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find your favorites with just your voice. there is no fire. it was only a simulation! what?! dwight. manuel wins another one! get live sports on the go. he's stealing my scene. and if you have xfinity internet, flex is included. so your entertainment starts at free. so go on, get really into your shows. you need lotion. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch. support tonight remembers of the sikh community in the south bay there, remembering the lives lost in the shooting rampage at the fedex facility in indianapolis. when the community heard about this event that happened, everybody shocked. and feeling the laws four of the eight people who were shot and killed on
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thursday were members of the sikh community. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener. frank somerville numbers from the san jose area and beyond all came together for vigil tonight at the largest sikh temple in the united states. ktvu is as a smith is here now and as if the people who shut up tonight are worried that what happened in indianapolis could happen anywhere. yes frank, that is the fear a lot of people. praying for peace. dozens of people attended tonight, including san jose's police chief, the shooting reminiscent of one at a sikh temple in wisconsin in 2000 and 12 when six members were killed, this latest shooting the second biggest loss to the community. what he blew. a chance and prayers from secret. waris and jose for indianapolis, some 2000 miles away. no personal ties with the tragedy, but members say they're all part of the same community shocking and
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it feels sometimes you know this could happen anywhere. feelings raw. three days after 19 year old former fed ex employee opened fire at a warehouse gunning down eight people before taking his own life. four of the victims were seek members those air like people, you know regular people who were doing their job at the station and for no reason they've been going down, so it is very sad because those are hard working americans, while motive hasn't been determined, roughly 80% working in that fedex facility are seek members want a thorough investigation. it's more dear and near to our hearts that our communities being attacked. the community is a very, very small community. so minority and how it's the 50% of the eight happened to be sick. san jose's police chief offering condolences it is important for us to join together during things. time of grief. we have bean having he's gonna candle
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visions. two girlfriends too often, all we can do is pray helpless after a string of mass shootings in the us, the deadliest since boulder, colorado less than a month ago. we've lost lives again to gun violence. we've lost lives again. two people that misunderstand each other, a plea to lawmakers on every level for tougher gun legislation and a message from the temple's president for seek and non seek to get rid of hate starts with understanding diverse communities. they should be talking to them. small talk, especially if it's in working environment, you know, talk to your neighbors talk to your co workers, if you don't know about them find out about them. 70% of americans don't even know. who the stakes are, so that's where we need to work. and the san jose temple has reached out to members in indianapolis to offer support both financial and moral
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support. frank as a smith live force tonight as anything qanon manhunt is underway for the suspect in a deadly shooting of three people in austin, texas, today, the suspect is a former sheriff's deputy investigators say 41 year old stephen broad works shot and killed two women and a man this morning. the neighborhood where it happened was locked down and people who live. there said they were stunned as i'm driving. i see cop car after cop car after cop car with the lights on headed towards where i'm coming from, so i looked over the little boys pointing and there's a man laying on the ground, the suspect is still on the loose. police say he knew the victims. what? they didn't elaborate on that. they also said that brodrick resigned from his job as a sheriff's deputy last summer after he'd been arrested for sexual assault against a child. he's been out on bail since that no word on whether those charges are connected to the deadly shooting today.
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three people are dead and three others are seriously injured after a shooting in kenosha, wisconsin, shooting happened early this morning at a busy tavern that is popular with college students. police arrested the suspect after a manhunt that involved about 100 officers. they say he was a customer who wasn't cooperating with management. please say he then left. the bar returned a short time later and began shooting. police haven't. least the identity of the suspect or the victim's ah, wild chase a deadly shootout involving a car jacking suspect not far from minneapolis. it happened today in the city of burnsville. that's about 15 miles south of minneapolis. it started with police noticing a car with stolen plates. the suspect crashed, got out of the car and another car. police were chasing him when and ran onto ao carjack yet another car, police said. them. they fired back, killing the suspect. his name hasn't been released, but
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it's believed that he's a white man in his twenties, also near minneapolis today marks one week since an officer grabbed her gun instead of her taser and shot and killed 20 year old dante, right in brooklyn center. there have now been seven straight days of protests around the state and in other parts of the country. today, a group gathered at the governor's mansion in st paul calling for change and asking the governor to address police reform. they're also calling from or severe charges against the officer who shot and killed right. they say that second degree manslaughter does not go far enough. closing arguments begin tomorrow in the trial of derrick show bin for the death of george floyd, the former minneapolis police officer is accused of second degree murder and manslaughter. fox news mike tobin tells us how minneapolis is now bracing for the verdict. that's why the city of minneapolis is on edge as it braces for a verdict in the trial of derrick show. vin, the former police officer accused of killing george floyd. after
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three weeks of testimony, closing arguments from both sides are expected to begin on monday. the prosecution will tie together expert testimony, videos and other evidence to prove showman's actions caused george floyd's death. will learn that on may 25th of 2020, mr. derek shaman betrayed this badge when he used excessive and unreasonable force upon the body of mr george floyd. on the other hand, the defense will argue floyd's drug use and underlying health conditions were partially responsible. you will learn that derek sheldon did exactly what he had been trained to do over the course of his 19 year career. the use of force is not attractive. but it is a necessary component of police. tensions in the city and across the country have been compounded by a recent uptick in deadly police shootings, protests against police brutality erupted over the weekend from denver,
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colorado to salt lake city, utah, to brooklyn center, minnesota, where 20 year old dante right, was shot and killed during a traffic stop just miles from where children is on trial for the murder of george floyd. businesses in major cities across the us are boarding up ahead of potential unrest in response to the verdict. if they have to do anything, they should do it peacefully, not to terrorize the businesses of breaking in. it's hard to say one of verdict will come down, but judge peter cahill told the jurors will be sequestered starting monday. they should pack for long deliberations hope for short in brooklyn center minnesota. mike tobin fox news. had incredible quote from the lieutenant governor of minnesota after the death of dante, right and the derrick show vin trial in a long statement posted on twitter, peggy flanagan said in part, minnesota is a place where it is not safe to be black going forward. our moral imperative is t the sets of circumstances ande ,
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right junior and every other child. i would like him. george floyd called out to his mother, dante, right, called his mother. now we are called to act. people gathered in san leandro today to remember steven taylor. the 33 year old was shot and killed by police one year ago today during what family members described as a mental health crisis. the event was held at the san leandro marina park and comes just days after a report by an independent investigator commissioned by the city of san leandro. that report found that officer jason fletcher did not wait for backup and failed to use require de escalation tactics before he shot taylor inside a wal ma 40 seconds into that you didn't wait for back up you. you didn't you didn't do what you were trying to do. so that hurts. the family says it is putting their faith in the
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justice system. officer fletcher is charged with voluntary manslaughter, which carries a maximum sentence of 11 years in state prison, in oakland. thousands more students will return to the classroom this week for the first time in more than a year, but some teachers aren't happy about that. they're wondering if it's too late in the school year for in person learning to make an actual impact. ktvu xem agus here now with more on how the district is handling this pushback. frank the oakland unified school district has brought in a state mediator to facilitate negotiations between the district and teachers who think the hybrid lesson plan needs to be rethought. in oakland, jamie eaters son gave in sixth grade gets to see his friends and teachers in person for four hours starting wednesday from my six gator, he'll go from 9 30 to 1 30 every wednesday two days a week. he does one hour in the afternoons of sports activities, which is optional.
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well, the distance learning the rest of the week. it's been very difficult to not be in school, and, um it's been very sad for him and for all of us as a family, and, um. so, yes, we have mixed feelings about this beginning because we're very happy that he's going to see people, but we don't feel like it's enough. mark air good and oakland middle school special education teacher says at some schools students will be in the classroom twice a week, but just for two hours a day, we're looking at something like 24 hours total it. total face to face between now and the end of the year. makes no sense from an educational state standpoint, according to air good. the district is requiring teachers to be in their classrooms full time, even on days when they're teaching remotely. i think a lot of teachers are going to be fighting very hard to be teaching remotely in this, you know when they're not in front of. students. i think that's
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going to be an ongoing fight. ased a statement saying, in part, the district is always intentle. to that end, we offered and the oakland educators association accepted to ask the public employment relations board to appoint a prion past mediator and the parties began meeting with the mediator friday. now today, the oakland educators association and now it had come to an agreement with the district on full time in classroom learning. starting in the. frank my gosh. life force tonight, emma. thank you. in south san francisco students from t. k through fifth grade will also be going back to campus. starting tomorrow, students will be in class part time with the rest of their schedules. still online families also have the option to stick with distance learning on lee if they don't want their kids to go back to class, get the school district has bought
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30 hospital grade disinfectant machines that use ultraviolet rays to clean classroom. in less than 10 minutes, much more on the coronavirus tonight. coming up after the break. vaccine eligibility is expanded, but supply remains a problem. why one bay area counties. vaccine supply is shrinking this week, also ahead. more than half of the adults in the u. s have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and that number could rise at 10 30 when dr fauci says the johnson and johnson vaccine could be used again. wow. another warm day out there today. temperatures got into the nineties, we had a record set in santa rosa 90 degrees. what happens tomorrow chevy is america's fastest-growing full-line brand. and people are taking it everywhere. taking trailblazer outdoors. confidently taking on new places with equinox. and taking on more with silverado. whatever you do, there's a perfect chevy to take you anywhere.
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california continue to move in the right direction. the seven day positivity rate has seen a steady decline over the past few days and is now at 1.5 so far statewide 31.6 million vaccine doses have been given that's out of a population of about 40,000,020 of residents are now partially vaccinated more than 31% are fully vaccinated in san matteo county. they're prepared and for a sharp drop in their vaccine allocation this week. the county wants to get vaccines to anyone 16 and older. the problem, they say, is that the supply just isn't there
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ktvu is greg liggins with maura on the possible reason why. for anyoneoo to get their first dose of the covid vaccine and san matteo county this week. the odds are not good. it's like finding a needle in a haystack. very very difficult, extraordinarily difficult. that's because allocations from the state have been dropping from a high of over 20,000 doses a week months ago to 11,650 last week and slightly less for the week ahead and issue, the county manager recently addressed in a virtual meeting. it's certainly a point of frustration from many people who are now eligible yet we this week and probably next week. we'll see has seen for sel months now. one residents has understatement. a retiree and caregiver for two homebound people, including her 96 year old mom, sylvia says she has struggled to secure appointment emotionally. it's. very overwhelming as a caregiver can
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on lee understand what they have to do for their people there taking care of with anemic supply, the county no longer has a mass vaccination site like the one that levi stadium in neighboring santa clara county, which broke a state vaccination record thursday, putting shots in the arms of 12,000 people in one day. that's slightly more than the entire allocation salmon tail will get this week. officials can't answer exactly why their allocation sins are declining. but supervisor david canopus says the county had been making excellent vaccination progress. what i'm hoping is on a decision making level at the state. i hope they're not saying because sama te'o county has done so well, they don't need vaccines. despite the county's reputation for wealth, canopus as there are still many working class and people of color who need the vaccine when it comes to getting it, sylvia is determined. you never give up on what you need to do. i will be persistent until it's resolved. but. patients is
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pretty limited. now. no one knows for sure when the allocations will reverse and star is known is that when the j and j vaccine was taken out of circulation, it exacerbated the problem. but it appears that situation could be reversing soon. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. the oakland a's game tomorrow has now been postponed. they were scheduled to play against the minnesota twins, but the twins are dealing with some covid issues. the a same or testing and contact tracing needs to be done with members of the twins organization and depending on the results, the game may be rescheduled as a doubleheader on tuesday, single game ticket holders will get an autore marin county may move into the yellow tear this week if county metrics continue to improve. the yellow cheer is the least restrictive tier of the state's reopening system so far, no bay area
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counties have moved out of the orange tear into the yellow, but san francisco county may also enter the yellow thira. soon as this week, city officials say they're closely monitoring cases. and if all goes well, they could move out of the orange tear on tuesday. now to our weather. and an unseasonably warm spring day today with some inland areas well into the eighties, people flocked oakland's lake merritt to enjoy this sunny weather. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now with a look at just how warm it got in some barrier locations today. i bill hi, julie. yeah it really did heat up today we had 90 degrees and santa rosa. that was a record for the day. everybody else well above the average is you mentioned we had 90 in fairfield. we had 92 actually in vaca ville today in 89 in antioch, so well above the average temperatures. these temperatures is warmers are going to be for the next week. so this is the warmest day really of the last two weeks of the season. essentially when you get into those nineties cooler the next couple of days
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more of an onshore push kind of a week. weather system comes kind of wobbling in here pretty much tomorrow and little into tuesday's gonna bring some clouds, not this market the coat and they'll be fog pushing out over the bay tomorrow morning when you get going the current temperatures and conquered 71 right now in brentwood 76. so that tells you you still have the sea breeze being kind of restricted to the right. all right, obviously right on the coast. we get your 50. so you see it over the east bay hills. these guys over the space hills there's still staying in the seventies and sixties, so we're still seeing some pretty significant warmth. their temperature and conquered is three degrees warmer than yesterday. at this time, fairfield four degrees warmer, so that makes sense. you would think, okay, you look at this, but when it's warmer now than it was last night this time, therefore, tomorrow will be warmer. but that's that that sometimes it's how it goes. but that's not how it's going to go this time. we've got a little with the weather system out here. you see it spinning that kind of swirl that comes in
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lifts the marine layer pushes more fog inland and cools temperatures tomorrow. it's a beautiful day. it's just not record setting heat like we saw today. i'll be back here in a few minutes, while the fire day forecast. we'll look at that slight chance of some rain, which fingers crossed on that. i'll see you back in a little bit, all right. we'll see you then. bill. thank you. the founders of the animal rescue foundation in walnut creek or are far pulling out of that organization. elaine larussa is the wife of former oakland a's manager and co founder tony larussa. she says she and her husband will no longer be part of the rescue organization. they established 30 years ago. she says they're resigning from their positions on the board of directors, elaine larussa posted this message on social media reading in part until we see significant change. we're stepping away from our and will dedicate our passion, time and resource is date other animal welfare organizations. we remain hopeful that with meaningful changes are can return to the mission and ideas
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upon which our family founded it 30 years ago. the statement, though, did not elaborate on what type of changes are needed. coming up later in sports, the giants and marlins battle in a low scoring thriller, joe's up with all the highlights up next, though, for the first time since he took office. president biden is using a key word when it comes to the situation at the border, plus another deadly skydiving accident at the lodi parachute center. it's the 22nd death there since theeighties what happened?
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but it was president biden yesterday after a round of golf who used the word crisis for the first time, at least publicly. listen, thanks. had this problem. awas that's the refugees i was working on tracing kevin's up on the border with donkey principal stickley's that one. that now. we're going in. amount. of the prey. at eh? the refugee cap for this fiscal year. late last week, he signed an emergency determination which would put a cap in that trump era level of 15,000. but there was immediate pushback sudden february. that he was going to lift the refugee cap, and i believe that he needs to do that right now. following that pushback, white house officials came out and said, wait a minute. 15,000 is not the final number. here's national security advisor jake sullivan with chris wallace on fox news sunday. the president wanted to go with this in two steps. the first step was to change the allocation so that
10:26 pm
people in africa could literally get on planes this week, and the second would be to raise the cap is we were fixing the system in its prime. insisting he took the first step this past week, he will take the second step in the weeks ahead. the president originally planned the refugee cap. it's 62,500 this fiscal year. 125,000 next fiscal year. so when he signed the paperwork for 15,000, many democrats were not happy when refugees come to this country, it's a different situation than what we're seeing on the southern border. refugees are vetted and their own countries, then given the clearance to come to the united states. as opposed to what we're seeing on the southern border when people are showing up unannounced, seeking asylum in wilmington, delaware, traveling with the president david spun fox news. i new attend tonight. authorities in san joaquin county say a skydiver died over the weekend after her parachute got tangled. the skydiver has not been identified, but was said to
10:27 pm
have been very experienced. authorities say the skydivers parachute got tangled yesterday afternoon at the sky dive lodi parachute center, both the sheriff's office and the federal aviation administration are investigating the cause. 22 people have died parachuting at the lodi parachute center since it. opened back in the early eighties. just last month, a family one of $40 million lawsuit against that facility after their 18 year old son died during a jump. we stand strong, proud and together, and that's what the people of san francisco did in 1906. when we rebuilt this city, it's been 115 years since the 19 oh, six earthquake hit san francisco. today's memorial to mark the anniversary that disaster to the coronavirus pandemic. also ahead. what dr fauci is saying today about the johnson and johnson vaccine and what it might be back in rotation at a country in europe will soon allow. american travelers to
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visit but will explain while the y you'll need more than just
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cook her favorite foods... his days will be filled with joyful moments. she'd have her dignity and i wouldn't have to do this by myself. half of all adults have now had at least one dose of the vaccine just over 50% of the population 18 and over have had at least one shot. that's 130 million people and almost 84 million adults or about 32.5% of the population have been fully vaccinated should continue to be administered here in the u. s cn tells us that health officials are expected to recommend resuming use of that vaccine with some restrictions. the johnson and johnson vaccine might not be in limbo for much
10:31 pm
longer. doctor anthony fauci says he expects a decision on how to move forward with the one and done shot on friday when the centers for disease control and prevention panel is scheduled to meet fauci says it's likely the u. s will resume use of the vaccine, possibly with some restrictions or health warnings. my estimate is that we will continue to use it in some form. i doubt very seriously if they just cancel it. i don't think that's gonna happen. the parts came after at least six women developed rare blood clots after receiving the vaccine. health officials stress the risk remains extremely low as more than beennjected with the,ns have forcing vaccination sites across the country to quickly switch to fizer and moderna, which require people to come back for a second dose. having a one dose allows us to have those folks come in one time to receive that vaccination without having the pressure of coming back for another vaccination. despite the setbacks, the vaccine campaign
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is still well underway. cdc data shows roughly half of all u. s adults have received at least one vaccine dose and about 30% are fully vaccinated. still global death from covid-19 continued to climb, surpassing three million people on saturday. according to johns hopkins university data. that's the equivalent of the pope. populations of philadelphia and dallas combined, the u. s has reported the most covid-19 deaths of any country so far with more than 560,000, followed by brazil and mexico in los angeles. the french government has announced that americans can visit france this summer if they have a so called vaccine passport. france is scheduled to begin lifting restrictions on international travel starting at the beginning of next month. gradually admitting travelers from the u. s and eu nations. the vaccine passport would include vaccine status or
10:33 pm
results of a recent coronavirus test. this will be the first time in more than a year that americans will be allowed to enter france. frances also implemented a mandatory quarantine for travelers coming from certain high risk countries starting next week. brazil argentina, chile and south africa are among those countries. france has also reintroduced partial lockdown restrictions in many parts of the country. events are starting to welcome in person visitors once again today, the sheraton grand hotel sacramento hosted the international wedding show. dozens of vendors say they were happy to talk with brad. aids and grooms to be face to face isles were wider and every other i'll was for display only to help keep visitors socially distanced. vendors that are here are so excited about revitalizing our industry and with meeting with couples and the couple's they're here with us today. they're getting their questions answered. they're having so much fun. they've stepped into photo booths. they're finding their dresses talking with djs.
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entertainment is really key here. the number of people inside the festival was. also limited to help with social distancing. today marks 115 years since one of the most infamous days in the history of san francisco. the 06 earthquake and massive fires that followed 3000 people died on that day. 60,000 buildings were destroyed. the annual memorial took place at exactly 5 12 this morning. that's the time when the quake devastated the city. more tonight from ktvu is james taurus. an estimated eight point earthquake reshaped san francisco in 1906 estimated because the richter scale didn't exist yet who at the time the clock struck, the city began to fall apart. the time was 5 12 in the morning on april 18th tens of thousands of buildings collapsed. dozens of
10:35 pm
fires burned for days and thousands of lives lost was a very, very. special breed of people who in 1906 actually started the process of the resurrection of san francisco. former mayor willie brown met with a small crowd at lot of stout in one of the only structures said to have survived the quake. it was known as a meeting place for families separated by the disaster, holding a commemorative ceremony here with a wreath has been tradition since about 1915 current mayor, london breed often. compared the resiliency of the people, then to the people now dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. we're san franciscans. we go through earthquakes. we go through pandemics. we go through things. when the time comes, and we need to rise up like the phoenix we are we stand strong, proud and together, and that's what the people of san francisco did in 1906. when we
10:36 pm
rebuilt this city after a minute of silence about the duration of the earthquake itself. beyonce blared honoring the first responders of that day in san francisco open your golden gate will let no strangers wait outside your door and as they continued, more than 100 year old tradition, singing of san francisco finished a day of remembrance. no one knows the actual death toll of the quake, but in the early 2000 supervisors voted to officiallye deadliest natural disaster in california history. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news, police in antioch are investigating the shooting death of a 16 year old boy. the
10:37 pm
teenager was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside the garage of a home on shannon dale, drive their country hills drive around six o'clock last night. police say two people entered the garage and at least one of them began shooting at the teen before running away. police say the officers were confronted by a crowd of people when they arrived at the home and were assaulted while they tried to get to victim. at least two people were arrested for resisting delaying, obstructing and assaulting public safety officers. well the water is receded in all the way back. there's a lot more beach. the water level is really low at folsom lake later tonight, the statewide drought concerns and how governor newsome is prepared to address the water shortage way had record warm today as i mentioned in santa rosa is second by a swarm tomorrow we've got clouds. moving in more of an onshore flow. in the five day forecast, there's a chance for small chance for some rain will look at that as well. i'll see you back here a
10:38 pm
bit. first. it's been only three days since the u. s levied sanctions on russia the latest kill. and more than 100 we
10:39 pm
10:40 pm
her in egypt today, when a train derailed it happened north of cairo on a train heading to the city of mansoura. authorities say four of the cars left the tracks. they say most of the injuries were minor or moderate. a few were critical. more than 50. ambulances were dispatched to the scene. the cause of that accident is under investigation. raging wildfire is burning in cape town, south africa, the fire has spread now to the university of cape town. it's burned the campus library and forced students to evacuate. other university buildings also caught fire at a historic windmill. nearby burned
10:41 pm
firefighters are working from the ground and from the air to try and put out the flames. tensions with russia could increase once again today, the u. s national security advisor said. there will be consequences if russian. opposition leader alexei navalny dies during a prison hunger strike, fox news training's tells us the warning comments just days after president biden levy dozens of sanctions against russia. doctors who visited navalny last week said he had elevated potassium and creatinine levels that could lead to cardiac arrest. he's been on a hunger strike since march, 31st in a message delivered by his lawyers, and posted to instagram navalny said he was threatened with force feeding as his health continues to do it. area rate. navalny was arrested after traveling to russia in mid january and has remained in jail ever since. his return followed a months long recovery process in germany after being poisoned last year protest in support of the jailed russian critic are
10:42 pm
scheduled to take place nationwide on wednesday. over the weekend, president biden called navalny's arrest totally unfair and inappropriate. the international pressure russia faces over the detention of navalny comes amid new sanctions levied by the united states. it's on thursday. the targeted 16 entities, 16 individuals and led to the explosion of 10, russian diplomats. those actions were in response to russian interference in the 2020 elections on moscow linked cyber attack and russian annexation of crimea. this all comes as thousands of russian troops have amassed on the border with ukraine. analysts worry amid broader tension with west russia could launch an invasion into ukraine, ultimately bringing. bfine. yeay friendship between a ups driver and a six year old girl there heartwarming story after the break pause. it felt like summer today, but the real
10:43 pm
question on everyone's mind. are we going to get some rain at some point here? our chief meteorol
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floor and decor, now open in pleasant hill for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. spotting sonoma county. it was ravaged by the fire back in 2019, sonoma county regional parks foundation received a half million dollar grant from kaiser to renovate the park. the money will allow the parks agency to redesign the 211 acre park with climate adaptive features to make it more resilient to future wildfires. this year's dry weather is prompting major water supply concerns in california reporter emily maha tells us that california's drought monitor says that right now about 90% of the state is experiencing drought conditions. well the
10:46 pm
water is receded. you know all the way back. there's a lot more beach, the walk to the water is longer this year. you gotta walk about, i would say what 200 ft to get to the water. on a good year. this spot would be covered by water. this year. that's not the case at the shore. the athletics makato softball team isn't afraid to dive right in. we did practice together and we worked on hitting and fielding, and then we started doing diving in the lake, so our coach would throw the ball would have to go dive out and get the ball. but even between practice and team bonding, the girls after two drs in a row with little rain and snow drought is a threat. last week, governor gavin newsom said he has executive orders already drafted and ready to sign, if needed. we're just hoping that the snowmelt will fill it up again, and it'll be all right, well, some late
10:47 pm
goers are optimistic. latest snow survey by the california department of water resource is less than positive. sierra snowpack where the state gets much of its water when it melts in the spring and summer is well below normal for this time of year, leaving even some of the lakes youngest swimmers noticing the change. it's very low. i remember i used to jump off a lot of the rocks around here, and now those rocks the real far away, huh? so you could tell it really low. emily ma ha casey, our race renewed. icu there's no question this is a drought year. last year was bad if you can remember that far back, and this year's worse, so not hard hitting california listen, the state of california there's records of 50 year droughts, right we're talking about maybe two years or so this place has the ability to go dry for a very, very long time. so we need to get our ducks in order in terms of conservation and how we manage
10:48 pm
water. i've say, say it every night. okay so as we go outside to look at the highs from the day we had record highs, ironically enough, 90 in santa rosa was the record at 92 in vacaville. we do have a few clouds want to move in. sunday monday next week that looks like maybe it could sprinkle a little bit, but that's we even if things lit up right now, we're not catching up. you know, we just started. this is this is a month now with no rain. are very little rain and very little snow in the mountains. we have had snow in the mountains, but not enough to do anything. so it's just the nature. this place is always going to be subject to water concerns. it's just that it's been that way since the spanish were here. i mean it, zef innately wet or dry place, and right now we're driving. okay fog along the coast. it's out there to mostly be another nice day. it's not going to be his warmers today because we're going to see a few more clouds and more of an onshore push of air. so more more more sea breeze not windy, but just more
10:49 pm
of a sea breeze, a cooler breeze moving and you probably noticed it tonight. temperatures really cooled rapidly around sunset as that westerly winds. southwesterly winds begin to kick up. tomorrow in san francisco and in oakland and san jose, we're going to see temperatures generally in the sixties, the forecast highs tomorrow. if you look at this map, it's going to show yellows those their seventies. that's where most of us will be in the mid seventies toe low eighties. not thea paredes, not the low nineties, but mid seventies to, um low to mid eighties. this is the forecast tizer there 84 in antioch. 84 unfair for those to be the hot spots and then right by the coast. it's a little bit mild or 64 in pacifica, 66 in san francisco. so nice day. starts off. cloudy ends up mostly sunny and then the five day forecast and this is the problem. march. 18th was the last time we had significant rain. we're now deep into april, getting deep into april, and we've got no rain in these five day period this saturday. sunday maybe something goes goes on. but these are
10:50 pm
traditionally wet march could be very what and april the first half of april can be really wet. and it hasn't happened. so that's that's probably a lot of the problem here. so when we come back, we'll look at the updates. i have a long range model, and i'll show you what the satellite's going to do with the clouds are going to do in the rain potential is for the next 10 days. i'll see you back here, all right, bill. thank you. well, a ups driver and a little girl are delivering a powerful message about positivity and perseverance. a million jones tells us their friendship started with a delivery stop and is now blossomed into a bond that will last forever. thing sound six year old wow. knows it means her friend kevin is here. ups driver kevin key. we get stopped by the sender house two years ago, molly answered the door and from there a bond slowly formed because we're friends. okay hasn't yes. yep. yeah, jenny, everyone just
10:51 pm
rolled with it. he's down to earth. he's realistic. he's kind. he's humble. he's he's molly's one of her best friends, as best friends. do the two are there for each other. kevin recently had shoulder surgery. you tell me e don't be scared exactly. is everything will be alright, right? yeah and you're right. molly was diagnosed with congenital hijo syphilis when her mom was 20 weeks pregnant when molly was just 20 days old. she had her first two brain surgeries. when i see you that i'm like, wow, little girl's done all that and look at you. so smart, happy all the time. she's something she's she's everything that we were told that she would never be. she's taught me that her capacity to love and to teach and to show is not measured by her capabilities in honor of the friendship that ups donated $10,000 to children's wisconsin in molly's name. it brought us
10:52 pm
to tears that it's such a big gift, much like the gift of true friendship. it's so, uh oh, elbows up, she just brightens my day and i mean everything that she's been through in her life. i mean, when i'm having a tough day, it's and everything's daca manuel and i know i'm coming by and like this is gonna you know, it just makes my day so much better, and i make her better day. better too, right? yeah these two showing that when people hear, uh they should open the door. i hope they live like kevin and i hope they love like molly. the world needs more of these to amelia jones, fox news. and today's pressure. next in sports. the red hot oakland a's with another walk off winner as they make it eight wins in a row. we will hear from the team after the break, then on the 11 o'clock news with dr fauci said today about when we'll know if we'll need a third
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:55 pm
♪ sports. the a's continue to make the first six games of the season seems like a distant memory, always bright and sunny again today, the oakland coliseum for multiple reasons he's got the scoring started against the tigers and matthew boyd in the bottom of the fourth. mark canha single the head of this drive off the bat of ramon laureano, victor reyes can't catch up to the ball. it goes off the wall and rolls can it comes in to score to make it one nothing and r b i triple for laureano still just the one night. the game in the sixth when the tigers got a big two out hit by harold aikins throw that scores heimer candelario from third willie castor from second. that was one of only five hits chris bassett allowed in six innings. boyd still
10:56 pm
pitching for the tigers and did. his first homer of the year carries over the center field fence. the game tied it to his boyd left after seven and a third still 2 to 1 models and came to the plate with one out, and the bases empty in the ninth, also hits a pop. up into the high sky and shallow center raise never sees the ball. it falls for double for olson. then with two outs, mitch moreland hit a ground ball to third that candelario couldn't handle that goes through the left. olsen's prints home from second and scores the winning run. he is went 3 to 2 on a walk off error. they'll take it. it's a sweep of the tigers in the eighth straight win for the a's, who had nine and seven have now moved to within a game of first place. morland got the usual walk off treatment in his postgame interview. obviously not not going against the lefty to start with, but pinch hitting right there against him, you know, throwing it in there, huh? that was colder than last time. after their
10:57 pm
heartbreak in miami last night, the giants needed a win today to avoid a sweep, and they would have to do without the services of buster posey was sat this one out after getting hit by a pitch in the lost yesterday. third any kept alive for the giants by two out error. and then alex dickerson. made the marlins pay with a base it has scored. tommy lost ella alex would made his first started this season was up to preserving that one run lead. he gets him nice defensive help from austin slater in the bottom of the third, slater flattens out to take a hit away from the marlins pitcher pablo lopez. and more good d in the fifth, adam devol smashed here. dunder one skeleton stays with the ball against it to first on a bang bang play would went five shutout innings, allowing justom four relievers to each allowing another hit i felt really good. you know,
10:58 pm
they're everything i felt like i've really been throwing the ball. well um, coming to the ball both sides of the plate. i thought my side he was really good today. you know, anytime there zeroes on the board. no matter how you get there, you know that's always always a positive in the bullpen locked down, so it's a great day. good to get out here with the win and hopefully take some this momentum and to feel like. the warriors had their win streak stopped at four games last night in boston, sitting number nine in the west will travel to get another one going to my night. they'll try at least in philadelphia against the team with the best record in the east, kevin durant and the nets . durant though, played just four minutes he drives to the hoop. he stopped by trevor rees a durant. brewster's by on the place stayed in the game, but left a couple of minutes later and did not return. he's day to day and he's already missed 33 games this season, this one down to the final seconds of the game as bam out of bio waits for one last shot, and he hits it at the buzzer. 21 points. 15 rebounds for auto bio as the heat wins one of
10:59 pm
917, and that's. number two in the east miami is number seven golfs heritage tournament wrapped up to that hilton head, south carolina. you play there, and the hazards are more than bunkers and bodies of water 47 year old stewart cink began the day with a five stroke lead, never opened the door for anyone else with his son carrying his bag sink made one of just two birdies on the day here at 17 sink also had his wife, another son and his fiancee in his rooting section. when sink part out at 18. he had been. just an unspectacular but effective round of 70. they gave him a four stroke win and his second of the year sync had gone 12 years and look between wins before winning this year's safely open at silverado. how cool to have your son be the caddy? that's awesome. that's the advantage to playing in your older years. you can have your kids grow up and join you. jack nicklaus had his son caddying for him for a time there, so you're absolutely right. right? i'm confused. you
11:00 pm
say he had his wife and his fiance there? yeah, they were there. that you remember that crowd limited know his his son. fiance not his. he doesn't have a wife and feel okay, i was there. i was, like half of both beyonce did not. it was his sons. that would be funny. yeah. good catch, though, joe was like thinking hard on that one. joe. frank you all right? next at 11. teachers are overall overwhelmingly, very unhappy with the whole plan. frustration tonight among teachers in oakland as more students prepare to return to school for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now tonight, many teachers are questioning the point of going back to the classroom this late in the school year. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville. and i'm julie julie haener, teachers say. in addition to the


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