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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 18, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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it's expected to get even worse this week, and we could know this week if health officials will allow the johnson and johnson vaccine to be used again in the united states. this is ktvu fox two news at six and we begin tonight with sam, a tail county seeing a sharp drop in vaccine allocation. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener, despite the county's efforts to get ability rather andhe vaccine 16 and older who wantseg ligginh more on what's happening and the possible reason why, greg? yeah julie, the official wise
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that the county's allocation from the state has been declining, but it goes much deeper than that. and at least one county official says that's because it appears the cuts and their allocation peers of the deeper then in some other bay area counties, and it's a situation they say, is severely slowing their progress for anyone looking to get their first dose of the covid vaccine and san matteo county this week. the odds are not good. it's like finding a needle in a haystack. very very difficult, extraordinarily difficult. that's because allocations from the state have been dropping from a high of over 20,000 to 11,650 last week and slightly less. for the week ahead and issue the county manager recently addressed in a virtual meeting. it's certainly a point of frustration from many people who are now eligible yet we this week and probably next week. we'll see less supply
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that we've seen for several months. now one resident says frustration is an understatement. a retiree and caregiver for two homebound people, including her 96 year old mom, sylvia says she has struggled to secure appointments emotionally. it's. very overwhelming as a caregiver can on lee understand what they have to do for their people there taking care of with anemic supply, the county no longer has a mass vaccination site like the one that levi stadium in neighboring santa clara county, which broke a state vaccination record thursday, putting shots in the arms of 12,000 people. in one day. that's slightly more than the entire allocation. salmon tail will get this week. officials can't answer exactly why their allocations are declining. but supervisor david canopus says the county had been making excellent vaccination progress. what i'm hoping is on a decision making level at the state. i hope they're not saying because sam matteo county has done so well,
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they don't need vaccines. despite the county's reputation for wealth, canopus as there are still many working class and people of color who need the vaccine when it comes to getting it. sylvia is determined. you never give up on what you need to do. i will be persistent until it's resolved. but. patients is pretty limited now. now no one knows for sure when the allocation situation is going to reverse and start to rise again, but what is known is that when the j and j vaccine was taken out of circulation well, that exacerbated the problem, but it appears it appears that situation could be changing soon. greg liggins, ktvu fox two news, all right, greg. thank you. the u. s has now reached a male major milestone with their vaccine roll out half of all adults in the u. s have now had at least
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one dose of the vaccine just over 50% of the population 18 and over have had at least one shot. that's 130 million people and almost 84 million adults or about 32. a half percent of the population have been. fully vaccinated. the cdc is expected to decide this week whether the johnson and johnson vaccine should continue to be administered here in the u. s box news. christina coleman tells us that health health officials are expected to recommend resuming use of that vaccine with some restrictions. johnson and johnson vaccine might not be in limbo for much longer. doctor anthony fauci says he expects a decision on how to move forward with the one and done shot on friday when the centers for disease control and prevention panel is scheduled to meet fauci says it's likely the u. s will resume use of the vaccine, possibly with some restrictions or health warnings. my estimate is that we will continue to use it in some form, i doubt very
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seriously if they just cancel it. i don't think that's gonna happen the past. came after at least six women developed rare blood clots after receiving the vaccine. health officials stress the risk remains extremely low as more than seven million americans have been injected with the one shot vaccine. the abrupt halt, forcing vaccination sites across the country to quickly switch to fizer and moderna, which require people to come back for a second dose. having a one dose allows us to have those folks come in one time to receive that vaccination without having the pressure coming back for another bite. vaccination despite the setbacks, the vaccine campaign is still well underway. cdc data shows roughly half of all u. s adults have received at least one vaccine dose and about 30% are fully vaccinated. still global deaths from covid-19 continued to climb, surpassing three million people on saturday, according to johns hopkins university data. that's the equivalent of the
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populations of philadelphia and dallas combined. the u. s has reported. the. most covid-19 deaths of any country so far with more than 560,000, followed by brazil and mexico. in los angeles. percent of residents are partially vaccinated and more than 31% are fully vaccinated. the oakland a's game tomorrow is being postponed. they were scheduled to play the minnesota twins, but the twins, they're dealing with some coronavirus issues. the a's same or testing and contact tracy needs to be done with members of the twins organization and depending on the results, the game may be rescheduled as a doubleheader on tuesday, single game ticket
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holders will get an automatic refund. we're learning the names of the father and daughter who were both killed in a fire that oakland police think was deliberately set. 37 year old has some naggy and he is almost two year old daughter. aaliyah died early yesterday morning. four people were inside the house in east oakland when the fire started the mother of the girl and another family member made it out safely. but the father and daughter didn't oakland police the fire department are investigating this as arson. police have also linked this fire to other crimes include in shootings, another homicide and another fire at a liquor store of $40,000 reward is currently being offered for information leading to an arrest. police in antioch are investigating the shooting death of a 16 year old boy. the teenager was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside the garage of a home on shannon. dale drive your country hills drive around six o'clock last night. police say.
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two people enter the garage and at least one of them began shooting at the team before running away. lisa, the officers were confronted by a crowd of people when they arrived at the home and were assaulted while they tried to get to the victim. at least two people were arrested for resisting delaying, obstructing and assaulting public safety officers. police in sunnyvale say two people are now under arrest following a struggle with officers at the motel six time until the avenue police say paul garcia shot himself in the foot after firing off two rounds while resisting arrest. early this morning, he was taken to the hospital with non life. threatening injuries and arrested for attempted murder of a police officer. police say kylie lawson was with garcia at the time she was arrested for a probation violation and several outstanding felony warrants. people gathered. it's san leandro today to remember steven taylor. he was 33 years old and was threatening people with a bat inside a store when he was shot and killed by a police officer a year ago. today during what family
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members described as a mental health crisis, the event was held at the san leandro marina park and comes just days after a report by an independent investigator commissioned by the city of san leandro. the report found that officer fletcher didn't wait for back up and fail. to use required de escalation tactics before he shot taylor inside a wal mart store. 30 seconds or 40. seconds into that you didn't wait for back up you. you didn't you didn't do what you were trying to do. so that hurts. the family is putting their faith in the justice system. officer fletcher is now charged with voluntary manslaughter. there has been another deadly shooting in suburban minneapolis. it happened today in the city of burnsville, about 15 miles south of minneapolis, when police were pursuing a carjacking suspect he's believed to be a white man in his twenties who police say was driving a vehicle with stolen plates. police say the suspect
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began shooting during the chase, and officers returned fire. the suspect's identity still has no. been released. closing arguments begin tomorrow in the trial of derrick show vin for the death of george floyd. afterwards jurors will start deliberated show vin is accused of second degree murder and manslaughter for the killing of george floyd last year if he's convicted of the most serious charge, he could potentially face up to 10 years in prison. jury deliberations will begin as soon as closing arguments are over. also we should note many schools in minneapolis will be closed later this week out of concern for potentially violent protests following the jury's verdict, a man is underway a manhunt rather, it's underway in austin for a man who police say killed three people. austin police say the suspect, stephen broderick, knew the victims. police also say a child was involved but was taken to safety. broderick is a four more travis county sheriff's office detective who
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was arrested and charged last year after allegedly sexually assaulting a child. a candlelight vigil will be held in san jose tonight to remember the victims of the mass shooting last week at a fedex sorting facility in indianapolis. the vigil is set to take place at seven o'clock at seat good. ara san jose on murillo avenue. the eight people who were shot and killed in the attack. we're fedex employees between the ages of 18 and 74 years. old. at least four of the victims were from the indianapolis sick community. police say the suspect 19 year old brandon, whole, legally bought the two assault rifles and he used in the attack. they say he bought one back in july, the other in september despite having a shotgun seized from his home by police last year under indiana, so called red flag law authorities are supposed to seek court intervention when they confiscate guns in an effort keep them out of the wrong hands whole, however,
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apparently was never ordered to attend a competency hearing. us makes a vow with another powerful country what the two largest polluters in the world say they plan to do together. also ahead tonight, the founders of the animal rescue foundation in walnut creek, known as are our resigning with the co founder and wife of former oakland a's manager, tony larussa, had to say about leaving after 30 years. warmer stay of the season today and a record was set. we'll talk about that the war
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certain high risk countries starting next week. brazil argentina, chile and south africa are among those countries starting next saturday. only french or other eu citizens will be able to fly to france brands has also every introduced partial lockdown restrictions in many parts of the country. in egypt, at least 11 people were killed, more than 100 injured today when the train derailed. it happened north of cairo on of men. sora authorities say four of the cars left the tracks, they say most of the injuries were minor or moderate. but there are some people who are in critical condition. more than
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50. ambulances were dispatched to the scene. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. a raging wildfire is burning in cape town, south africa tonight. the fire spread to the university of cape town today it burned the campus library and four students to evacuate. the flames are moving across dry brush on the slopes of table mountain, other university buildings caught fire and a historic windmill. nearby burned firefighters are working from the ground and from the air to try to put out the flames. the united states and china are now vowing to put their past differences behind them and work together to fight climate change. president biden's international climate change envoy john kerry and his chinese counterpart made that announcement at the end of carries four day trip to asia carries trip comes ahead of a white house international summit on climate change, which gets underway later this week. carrie says climate change is a global crisis that can no longer be ignored even if we did ever everything that we set
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out to do in the paris agreement. the earth's temperature is going to increase a very significant amount, perhaps as much as 3.7 degrees or more. this agreement marks a major step forward in the battle against climate change. the united states and china are the world's two largest carbon polluters. the founders of the animal rescue foundation, walnut creek, more commonly referred to as arf are pulling out of the organization. elaine larussa is the wife of former aide his manager. and our co founder tony larussa. she says that she and her husband will no longer be part of the rescue operation rescue organization that they established 30 years ago. she says that they're resigning from their positions on the board of directors. lane larussa posted this message on social media reading in part until we see significant change. we are stepping away from art and will dedicate passion, time and resource is to aid. other animal welfare
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organizations. we remain hopeful that with meaningful changes are can return to the mission and ideas upon which our family founded it 30 years ago. the statement did not elaborate on what type of changes are needed. today marks 115 years since the 19 oh, six san francisco earthquake and fires. ktvu is j. stories shows us the annual tradition that commemorates that fateful day and honors those who were lost an estimated eight point earthquake reshaped san francisco in 1906 estimated because the richter scale didn't exist yet who at the time the clock struck. the city began to fall apart. the time was 5 12 in the morning on april 18th tens of thousands of buildings collapsed. dozens of fires burned for days and thousands of lives lost. it was a very, very special breed of
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people who in. 19 oh, six, actually started the process of the resurrection of san francisco. former mayor willie brown met with a small crowd at lot of stout and one of the only structures said to have survived the quake. it was known as a meeting place for families separated by the disaster. holding a commemorative ceremony here with a wreath has been tradition since about 1915 current mayor, london breed often compared the resiliency of the people, then the people now dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. we're san franciscans. we go through earthquakes, we go through pandemics. we go through things. when the time comes, and we need to rise up like the phoenix we are we stand strong, proud and together, and that's what the people of san francisco did in 1906 when we rebuilt this city after a minute of silence about the duration of the earthquake itself on. sirens blared
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honoring the first responders of that day. in san francisco open your golden gate. we'll live no strangers wait outside your door, and as they continued, more than 100 year old tradition singing of san francisco finished a day of remembrance. no one knows the actual death toll of the quake, but in the early 2000 city supervisors voted to officially noted at least 3000 people killed today it remains the deadliest natural disaster in california history. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. and i'm old enough that my grandfather was in the 06 quake. he was 14. he was out the avenues out in the sun set and he was interesting to him was, he said, you know the shaking. we've barely felt it out in the
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avenues on those sand dunes. you think they would've because we just all we noticed. decide besides, a small earthquake wouldn't feel that strong, then was this smoke coming from downtown san francisco and the i think you say like that we think about people are camping out in the park, he said. it was so fun because back in the six or seven that displaced people were living in the park ad tents. and he says, one of the funnest times you ever had in the city. so serve. interesting huh? okay. record high temperature today and santa rosa 90 degrees 91 degrees or 92 degrees and vaca ville, which was the warmest spot around and then 90. fairfield 89. anya kai's tomorrow will cool off today. well, by far be the warmest day of the next week for sure waiting on rain. i know i just it's not. there's something maybe next sunday or monday. you know, like they were supposed to be something to steal coming in tomorrow. cool us off last week will like it could potentially be rain, but this next thing a week from now, same kind of thing potential could doesn't look
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great. but maybe these are the current temperatures like how much how much warmer there than they were yesterday. seven degrees warmer and conquered. sent out. rosa was actually a degree three degrees cooler. and then you see that swirly up there, that's what's going to cool. cool us off and it's well north. we'll just get some clouds from it a little bit less a little bit more of onshore flow a little bit more little cloud and fog coming inland. that will be the extent of the cooling. it's not gonna get cold around here. it's just gonna get cooler overnight lows about where you expect that i think we're out of the freezing. frost advisory kind of range right now. so if you are, gardner is not a bad time to be planting the forecast for san francisco, oakland san jose, something like this so big low clouds in the morning. most likely little cooler, little slower burn off tomorrow. and instead of nineties we're going to see eighties something like that will show you. i think gonna lose a good 5 to 8 degrees tomorrow, there's the model. there's those clouds in the morning. and then yellows will be seventies oranges or eighties and you could see was this, um, red's trying to show
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up but most of us are in the yellows and low oranges, ladies 84 in fairfield to be the hot spot, 81 livermore and then around the base, certainly much cooler and that has to do is just more of it. onshore flow. so this week, the headline. where's the rain? and grass pollens, i guess because i just know that i get grass pollen allergies and the trees have been really going up with the grass is coming on right about now. there's the five day forecast, and i'll show you this hint of something. i didn't even put rain on sunday. next sunday. i put changes, right? i'm just hoping that something changes so sunday looks like there's a chance for a little something different out there. otherwise that study is she goes with incredible bay area whether i'll see you all back here tonight at 10. all right. we'll see you then. bill thank you up next to sports. the giants trying to avoid a sweep in miami, and after a historically terrible start, the oakland a's have reversed their fortune are joe fonzi will show us how they continue to ride the winning wave, and
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try'em today. continue to make the 1st 1st 6 games of the season seems like a distant memory, always bright and sunny again today to oakland coliseum for multiple reasons. he's got the scoring start against the tigers and matthew boyd in the bottom of the fourth. mark canha singled ahead of this drive off the bat of ramon laureano. victor reyes can't catch up to the ball as it goes off the wall and rolls can it comes in to score to make it one? nothing on our being triples for laureano still just the one think game in the sixth when the tigers get a big two out hit by harold castro that scores eimer candelario from third and willie casters from second. that was one of only five hits chris bassett allowed in six innings. boyd still pitching for the tigers in the eighth one. sean murphy led off the inning and did this. his first homer of the year carries over the center field fence. the game tied it to his boyd left
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after seven in the third still to two on madison came to the play with one out in the bases empty in the ninth. olson hits a pop up in the high sky and shallow center raise never sees the ball. it falls for double for orson. then with two outs, mitch moreland hit a ground ball to third. that candle area can handle as it goes through the left. olson sprints around from second and scores the winning run the a's win 3 to 2 on a walk off error. they'll take it. it's a sweep of the tigers the a straight win for the a's, who had nine and seven have now moved to within one game of first place giants trying not to get swept by the miami marlins and with buster posey city. this one out after getting hit by a pitch yesterday, said goods third, any kept alive for the giants by two out error. and then alex dickerson made the marlins pay with basic that scored tommy list. ellis alex would made his first start of the season, he was up to preserving that one run lead and get some nice defensive help from austin slater in the bottom of the third later flattens out and
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take a hit away from pitcher pablo lopez. and more good d in the fifth adam devol smash knocked down by the seller who stays with the ball gets it the first on a bang bang. play woodwind five shutout innings, allowing five hits. he got help from four relievers who each threw a shutout any without allowing another hit. two giants get out of miami without wind, making that one run, stand up and golfs heritage tournament wrapped up today and hilton head south carolina play there. the hazards are more than bunkers and bodies of water 47 year old stewart cink began the day with a five stroke lead never opened the door for anyone else. with this sun carrying his bags synch, made one of just two birdies on the day here. it's 17 think also had his wife, another son and his fiancee in his rooting section when sink part out at 18. he had finished none spectacular round of 70. it gave him a four stroke win and his second of the year he'd gone 12 years between wins before winning this year's safely open it, silverado.
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that's it, guys! wow! 12 years between winning. all right, joe. thank you say see you later thank you say see you later born. back t okay, we've got power to the laser. i should've brought an umbrella. what for? it's not going to rain. i know that, but with skin as fair as mine, moon burn is a real possibility. that's a "bazinga," right? one of my best, don't you think? (forced giggle) howard, do you want to double-check the equatorial mount on the laser? we need it locked onto the sea of tranquility. you got it. oh, raj, no. billions of dollars have gone into inventing the internet and filling it with pictures of naked women, so we don't have to peep through windows. it's not like that. i'm watching someone's tv. the good wife is on. leonard, leonard, what is that, what is that? relax, it's just a dirty sock.


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