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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 16, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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those killed by police. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now and that frustration over police shootings once again have reached a boiling point tonight. again. i'm andre sr. and i'm cristina rendon. it started off as a peaceful demonstration at frank ogawa plaza. but now crowds have turned violent targeting businesses and also lighting cars on fire. we get breaking news tonight from ktvu deborah villalon. she is monitoring the developments for us tonight. dead. well, christina and how our long rally in front of city hall. then a few 100 people took off marching. tonight's vandalism isn't something every. business braced for fire set in downtown oakland as vandals torched a honda dealership invading the car lot to smash windows and set some vehicles on fire. protesters and splinter groups are on the move. outraged over
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police killings, most recently last weekend's fatal shooting of 20 year old dante right in a traffic stop, cold blooded. i'm traumatized, but i realized that we can't just sit back and keep allowing this to happen here and across the country rights killing has reignited a national conversation about policing and use of force. a former officer who says she meant to grab her taser is charged with manslaughter and out on bail and angry. i'm angry, but i'm focused. i'm focused on bringing the end to what's happening with this system is allowing. anticipating a long, volatile night. many downtown oakland businesses boarded up before dark. the cell phone store at ninth and broadway. taking no chances should protester start moving and shift to vandalism and oakland police headquarters where marchers usually end up
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is blocked and barricaded as a precaution. it's bigger than a day's worth of business to me, this oakland bar owner would normally have everything out on his patio and about 150 customers tonight, but he's not opening protecting his business. he shares the outrage, while one police officers on trial another pally. this officer is killing another black man. i'm okay. we're close and i could close the rest of the year. really? to tell you the truth, i'm fed up raised in oakland racial knows it could just as easily be his city or his loved ones torn apart. right now, i have a family of worries about me and i worry about them and friends and. it's tough, you know, i've got a lot of friends on opd and ah, that are in law enforcement, and it's tough on them, too. protective steps by businesses are paying off. while most marchers are peaceful windows have been shattered at some stores, including the target on
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broadway. the most important thing is not whether or not the people are angry or or if somebody throws a water bottle. it's that people black and brown people are being. murdered in this country and we have to stand up. the march is continuing with oakland police now on loudspeakers, giving orders to disperse, declaring it an unlawful assembly and trying to move the protesters west away from businesses. kristina a. pd puts the crowded about 200 people. no word yet on any arrests. all right, deb, thank you for monitoring that. appreciate your report tonight. protests also gathered in brooklyn, new york, over the fatal police shootings of 20 year old dante, right in minnesota and. 13 year old adam toledo in chicago. the protest was largely peaceful, but so max evangelism were reported as crowds marched through the streets only denied in east oakland. you center is valid to continue its mission. rafter the facility was damaged by fire yesterday as ktvu is amber
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lee explained. some suspect the homeless are to blame for sparking the flames. these doors are warped, and they're customized for this purpose, regina jackson shows me the damage to east open youth development center, or e o. y d. c on international boulevard from an arson that happened around 6 45 thursday morning. she's the ceo and president of the nonprofit. it was like a spear through my heart. we're a community treasure, the fire department says tires and clothing found near the building's front entrance were used to set the fire. jackson suspects the farm may have been set by the homeless people who often blocked the center store way when we have to open our business and encourage them to leave, oftentimes they're quite angry. the fire department says the man suspected of starting the far was chased away by a bystander before crews arrived. jackson says the center is a game changer. attracting people such as warriors coach steve
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kerr and star stephon curry to come inspire low income at risk youth. you already see played huge, significant part in pushing me to go to college while at fisk university in nashville. this young woman was a member of a musical group. which led to her winning a grammy this year for best routes gospel album as a member of the school's jubilee singers. why attack a place that does nothing but good for young people? jackson tells me. a large part of the problem is do the illegal dumping, and she's calling on the city to increase response, city council member trivia read represents this area and she's on the board of this center. this coming weekend city council will be making more decisions on funding for how scene for public safety. we have to transform lives. that is the work that we are experts in the public safety. we want city to handle that this safe haven for youth too precious to be
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destroyed in east oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. suspected drunk driver accused of killing a seven year old girl in a man in a horrific dy crash in pittsburgh, made his first court appearance today. 25 year old christian vargas pled not guilty to two counts of murder and dy seven year old salem, attila and romero castro were killed in that crash. the child's mother and her two other kids were also injured in this wreck, court records show. vargas has a prior dy in san francisco. back in 2019. he was warned by a judge that he could be charged. with murder if he killed someone while drinking and driving again. the cdc is keeping a close eye on so called breakthrough covid-19 infections. those are people who tested positive for coronavirus after getting fully vaccinated, the agency says. it's received about 5800 reports so far here in the bay
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area, said matteo county has reported 44 cases contra costa county has 91 cases sonoma county has reported 30 nine and napa county has 49 in marin county. there have been 23 cases and 93 in alameda county, said a clearer county said they have seen vaccinated people test positive for the virus, but did not give a specific number. i think the message is that this is what we'd expect. there's nothing in life that's 100% and while these vaccines are absolutely outstanding, they're not 100. jon swartz berg says these cases are extremely rare again, the cdc says it's received about 5800 reports of these breakthrough cases, and that's out of 78 million americans who have received the full dose of the vaccine. today, the white house announced 1.7 billion in new funding to fight covid-19 variants. that money will go toe help identify and track the
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potentially threatening coronavirus mutations that is, according to the white house covid-19 response team. the team says new genomics surveillance is needed to defeat not only the current pandemic but new emerging threats. with this critical and substantial investment. cdc will fund the equipment supplies training staff in elektronik, infrastructure partnerships and innovative innovation needed to build a robust national genomic sequencing effort. violence. the funding comes from the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan that passed last month, several walking vaccination sites are now opening contra costa county, anyone 16 and up who lives or works in that county can show up to these locations. the walk in clinics that opened this week are in richmond and any ock and several more will open in the coming weeks in areas hardest hit by covid-19. the county's also now allowing people to directly book
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appointments online. instead of requesting a covid vaccine appointment, and a lot of people lined up to and napa to receive coronavirus vaccines. a clinic was set up in the ballroom of this hotel, napa county, the city of napa and kaiser permanent a teamed up to get shots into the arms of people 16 years and up. 1400 people received fizer doses today by appointment. they'll return in three weeks. worst second dose. the oakland unified school district and its teachers may be headed to an impasse over an agreement to safely reopen all of its schools in the district, the teachers union says. after months of negotiation, they are at odds with the district over teacher workloads preparation time for teaching both in class and remote learners and accommodations for child care and leave time for teachers whose families are at risk for contracting covid-19 opened students started returning in person last month and more students in grades seven through 12 are set to begin in person instruction on monday.
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in person learning will not resume in hayward public schools on monday as district officials had originally hoped they were unified school district sent a letter to families yesterday, saying it has yet to reach an agreement with the teacher's union and other labor groups. it did not elaborate on what sticking points remain. the current plan for in person learning to resume. is, too is foreign person learning to resume two days a week with the option for students to continue with distance learning if they prefer now, these cells san jose unified school district is rolling out some new high tech cleaning machines to prepare for students return to campus. on monday, the school board agreed to buy 30 hospital great disinfection machines. the district says the machines use ultraviolet rays to clean classrooms in less than 10 minutes. emit ultraviolet c radiation in a 360 degree pattern that reportedly eliminate 99.99% of airborne and surface germs and pathogens,
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including coronavirus. now the board approved the purchase of the devices which came to about $500,000, and they actually used federal cares grant money more than 1000 students from kindergarten through fifth grade are set to return to in person. learning monday. coming up new help for workers laid off during the pandemic. the bill signed into law by governor newsome today, up next new information on the shooting rampage at a fedex facility in indianapolis. what we're learning about the victims and the gunman shooting. it. a fas ia
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that killed eight people, including four members of the sick community. tonight quarters have released the names of the people who were killed and they range in age from 19 to 74 ktvu. jana katsuyama has the latest on the investigation. horror and heartbreak of another mass shooting this time in indianapolis at a fedex facility where some 100 workers were changing shifts or on dinner break around 11 p.m. thursday night on friday morning, families gathered at a hotel waiting to hear whether their loved ones were alive or among the dead. he was in the other building when it happened, and i'm so thankful how but my heart goes out to talk with people affect. police say the shooter was brandon scott. whole a 19 year old
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indianapolis man. witnesses say he drove up, got out of his car with a rifle and opened fire. he just appeared to randomly start shooting. on dat began in the parking lot, and then he did go into the building into the facility for a brief period of time before he took his own life. four of the eight victims were found outside the other four inside, five other people were injured, some driving themselves to the hospital. among those killed for were members of indianapolis is sick community. ah, shock to other six nationwide to wake up this morning. good to see a shooting of our community members in america. it's just it's too much mr hole was a former employee at the facility, and he was last employed in 2020. police and fbi investigators searched holds home friday and seize computers and other evidence, the fbi says agents
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interviewed whole last year after his mother called police, saying he might try to commit suicide by cop. the fbi seized a pump action shotgun at that time, the indianapolis deputy police chief says they do not know whether hole was the legal owner. or of the gun used in thursday's fedex shooting, police are still trying to determine a motive. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news president biden today order us flags at half staff in memory of the indianapolis fedex victims. flags were lowered at the white house and all federal buildings, grounds and military posts and they will remain at half staff until sunset. on april 20th. the president also said that the nation can and must do more to act and save lives. but it's fox's caroline shaw lively tells us the federal government seems stalled on any gun violence legislation. the nation is still reeling today from a mass shooting in
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indianapolis, where eight people were killed in a fedex facility thursday night. horrifying but perhaps not surprising. at least 30 people have been killed in mass shootings in the last month alone in the u. s including one in atlanta that killed eight and another in boulder, colorado that killed 10. it's a national embarrassment and must come to an end. on friday, the white house called on congress to pass legislation that reinstates a ban on assault weapons and strengthens background. jax it should not be political. despite the efforts of the n r a over time. this is an issue that democrats republicans, independents across the country believe universal background check should happen. polls show broad public support for stronger gun laws. ah bill has already passed the house. but there is little appetite to pass legislation in the senate, where lawmakers from rural states say their constituents don't want it. even after recent shootings, we have to remember in the rush to judgment on something like this. you know the left off and run stuff, tonto implement gun
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control, but we have a people problem. the white house is already announced some unilateral moves, saying the administration would regulate stabilizing braces that make pistols more like rifles and crack down on ghost guns immediately upon us becoming an office having attorney general, i asked him to put together the things i could do by executive order, including dealing with. new guns that could be made you combine pieces and put together the u. s has more guns per capita than anywhere else in the world. there are 121 firearms for every 100 americans. caroline shaw, lively fox news. we'll get outdoors this weekend. the offer of free admission to national parks tomorrow and what's not included. ah first no demonstration in the sierra foothills city of class orville the group's protest over removing a noose from the city love. daca a very weather. another of mild spring day were to turn up the heat this weekend, especially inland.
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we'll have the
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the city's logo. plaster villas, the largest city in eldorado county. its nickname is quote old hang town because that's where criminals during the gold rush or hanged. the local features a man panning for gold and a noose hanging from a tree behind him. on tuesday, the city council voted to remove the news from the logo, and many residents aren't happy about that decision. they say it's part of the town's history. good news for laid off workers. was wanting to return to their jobs in the hospitality industry. governor gavin newsom signed legislation today giving workers who have been laid off the right to be rehired if they
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were let go as a result of the pandemic. the bill requires employers in the hospitality and business services industries such as hotels, airports and large events enters to offer new positions to qualified former community service for riders as a city begins to reopen today, city officials announced that mew nikkei ingleside trains will return to the west side starting may 15th, now much of the city's public transit system has been shut down because of the pandemic, and it took a big hit, too. but city leaders say mew, the staff used the time to perform maintenance and make upgrades, including adding wifi. oh, we'll bury a weather. another nice spring day have kind of been on a roll with us and forget the immediate coastline, some partial clearing into the afternoon and away from the coastlines and pretty warm numbers. it looks like to turn up the heat this weekend, especially as we head towards sunday. take a look at some of
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the highest from this afternoon, and we're showing you some warm readings, but still fairly nice as you can see some seventies. toward antioch and conquered san jose. maxed out 67 oakland, 62 san francisco in the mid fifties. here is the plan this weekend. some patchy fog for you saturday morning, the clouds clear back to the coastline and then into sunday that should be the warmest day of the weekend satellite, though we're not completely clear, we still have some pockets of fog near the coast, pushy locally back into the bay. so with that we're not gonna warm up the coastline too much and still partly cloudy skies to the beaches. into the weekend, especially as we headed to saturday. current numbers some forties and some 50 so not extremely cold. here's a live camera the open du were in the foreground san francisco in the distance, and you get the idea here that we do have some haze and some fog trying to regroup and that the cloud the cloud cover will continue to redevelop first thing tomorrow morning overnight low starting out tomorrow morning in the forties across most of the bay area,
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and the forecast models picking up on some cloud cover tomorrow. morning, clearing back to near the coastline of the beaches. partly cloudy skies temperatures for the shoreline on lee and lower sixties but once you work your way inland, even a few miles away from the coast, you'll notice that warm up in the warm spots will be approaching the mid eighties. by tomorrow afternoon, all because this area of high pressure wants to rebuild and this to be the source of the warming this weekend in the next week will gradually cool things off, but still no one. no major drop offs in those temperatures into next week. hi sport tomorrow. san francisco 70 downtown ocean beach, though closer to golden gate park on lee in the sixties, antioch 86 a few more neighborhoods with san jose 78 livermore in the lower eighties. here's look ahead. your five day forecast warm stay. the weekend will be on sunday and then just some minor cooling into next week are dry stretch continues no chance of rain just a little bit of a drop off of those numbers by monday and into tuesday, all right, warm
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weather coming our way. mark frank, you so much if you want. outside in this one whether to celebrate the start of national park week admission to all national parks is free tomorrow, and that includes popular destinations like you're 70. muir woods, joshua tree in alcatraz. the free entry does not include activities like campaigning. special tours, boat launches or transportation services. but parks will host a variety of special programs, events and digital experiences. yeah. aim of the weak and the today's stay hot, winning their sixth in a row. jason appelbaum
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. losses to start the season, the ayes have now won six in a row as they are red hot right now at the coliseum tonight, hosting the detroit tigers in front of 4538 fans, and frankie montas was the man tonight strikes out jonathan scope to end the second. then he'll get killed by do looking delivers, and then it's willie castro, who goes down swinging in the third. monta six innings to hit seven strikeouts. we are scoreless in the bottom of the fourth with two outs. the shift is on. but look at mitch moreland. he comes through with the single dissenter off hosts a urania and that scores ramon laureano a's take a one. nothing lead, and that would really be all they need. but they added to that in the eighth, matt shatner on lee baton 1 89 this young season, but he connects up derek holland for his third home run of the season. montez and three really rivers combined on a
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four hit shutout. the a's win three nothing, they even their record at seven and seven giants and pitching her anthony dishcloth feeny. he's been one of the biggest surprises for them locked in again tonight versus the marlins. top four. evan longoria singles to left that brings home mike district ski who had just doubled. giants go up one to nothing on the marlins. how about some defense? adam developed the plate fouls one toe left, but alex dickerson and is given chase and he will outduel the fan to make a great catch against the wall. despite the fan, almost getting in the way says, give me that. disco feeny six innings, allowing just one run strikes out for enter wandy peralta. and that's your ballgame right there, folks. starling marte, a 427 ft three run homer, the marlins they take in the late innings 4 to 1. your final giants dropped to eight and five high school football. game of the week, and
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it's senior night for saint francis hosting number four valley christian, and that means stand out wide receiver jury on dickie. this game goes to overtime tied at 10 valley. christian wins it on this play. jackson berman to jury on dickie good for a six yard game winning touchdown valley. christian wins it 16 to 13. they improved to three and one earthquakes opening the season against the dynamo and houston, texas. his 56 minutes. houston up one nothing that dynamo. they would add another goal. tyler pasture, the perfect cross, maxie rudy nets the goal. houston's up two to nothing but the quakes. they did not win, but we're going to take you out on the goal of the match came in the 75th minute. paul marie first goal of the season, and it is a beauty, but the quakes dropped a 21 decision to houston, and we should say the sharks also lost to the
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minister. what a wild final score 3 to 2 night. big night of sports. kristina and andreat? it's just until grandma can see them. my neck hole is too small. mine's itchy. i'd rather be itchy than choky. come on, phil. hurry up. okay, here we go. connecting. [ muffled ] come in, florida! over! mom? dad? hello, phillip. [ chuckles ] all: merry christmas eve! merry christmas eve! a little -- little lower, dad. [ deeper voice ] merry christmas eve. [ chuckles ] thank you -- thanks for the sweaters! [ normal voice ] oh, you're welcome. you look beautiful in them, darling. hey, pops, here's the tree. and, uh, there -- there's the, uh -- there's the ornament you sent us. right here. right here. there are the stockings, hung by the chimney by claire. oh, still funny, son.


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