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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tonight about the mass shooting at a fedex facility in indiana that killed eight people,
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including four members of the sick community. there are no words of comfort. nothing will ever give them solace. but the only thing we can do is to continue to stay on the front lines of this issue. the attack is another blow to asian americans just a month after six people of asian descent were killed in the atlanta area. good evening. i'm kristine overdone and i'm andre senior tonight quarters have released the names of the people who were fatally shot. they range in age from 19 to 74 with three of the victims in their sixties at least. four members of indianapolis sizable sick community, but police have not said whether they suspect bias in the gunman's motive. we get more now from ktvu jana katsuyama was tracking the very latest jenna andre, many of those victims. families had to wait overnight until the corner could complete the identifications. and tonight we
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learned that the fbi had had contact with the shooter. one year ago. one of lord. the horror and heartbreak of another mass shooting this time in indianapolis at a fedex facility where some 100 workers were changing shifts or on dinner break around 11 p.m. thursday night on friday morning, families gathered at a hotel waiting to hear whether their loved ones were alive or among the dead. he was in the other building when it happened, and i'm so thankful how but my heart goes out to all the people affect. police say the shooter was brandon scott whole, a 19 year old indianapolis man. witnesses say he drove up, got out of his car with a rifle and opened fire. he just appeared to randomly start shooting. on dat began in the parking lot, and then he did go into the building into the facility for a brief period of time before he took his own life. four of the eight victims were found outside the other
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four inside, five other people were injured, some driving themselves to the hospital. among those killed for were members of indianapolis is sick community. ah, shock to other six nationwide to wake up this morning. good to see a shooting of our community members in america. it's just it's too much mr hole was a former employee at the facility, and he was last employed in 2020. police and fbi investigators searched holds home friday and seize computers and other evidence, the fbi says agents interviewed whole last year after his mother called police, saying he might try to commit suicide by cop. the fbi seized a pump action shotgun at that time. thean de annapolis. deputy police chief says they do not know right now whether hole with the legal owner of the gun used in the shooting.
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and andre right now they are still trying to determine a motive. so many unanswered questions tonight. jana katsuyama reporting first line, jenna thank you so much. me time. today, the white house call on congress to pass legislation to reinstate a ban on assault weapons and strengthens background checks. it should not be political. despite the efforts of the n r a over time. this is an issue that democrats republicans, independents across the country believe universal background check should happen. now at least 30 people have been killed in mass shootings in the last month alone in the u. s, including one in atlanta that killed eight and another in boulder, colorado that killed 10. the white house has already announced some unilateral moves, saying the administration would regulate stabilizing braces that make pistols more like rifles and crack down on ghost guns. immediately upon us becoming an office having attorney general. i asked him to put together the things i could do by executive order, including dealing with new guns that could be made you come by and pieces and put together.
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now the u. s has more guns per capita than anywhere else in the world. there are 121 firearms for every 100 americans. happening now a demonstration in downtown oakland tonight in protest of recent police shootings that have killed black men. hundreds gathered in frank ogawa plaza around eight o'clock and set off on a march through downtown about an hour ago. chanting do want, right! katie was ever be alone is monitoring the situation for us. she is joining us live now, with the outrage that people are feeling tonight. death yeah. christina that mix up of taser and gun, an officer charged with manslaughter plus the derrick show in trial still going on. emotions are high in many communities and oakland no exception. name people gathered at frank ogawa plaza, expressing sorrow and anger over so many police killings and last sunday's fatal shooting of 20 year old dante, right in a traffic stop, cold blooded, i'm traumatized, but.
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i realize that we can't just sit back and keep allowing this to happen here and across the country rights killing has reignited a national conversation about policing and use of force. the former officer who says she meant to grab her taser is charged with manslaughter and out on bail and angry. i'm angry, but i'm focused. i'm focused. bring in the end to what's happening with this system is allowing, participating along volatile night, many downtown oakland businesses boarded up before dark. this cell phone store at ninth and broadway. taking no chances should protester start moving and shift to vandalism and oakland police headquarters where marchers usually end up is blocked and barricaded as a precaution. it's bigger than a day's worth of business to me, this oakland bar owner would normally have everything out on his patio and about 150
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customers tonight, but he's not opening protecting his business. he shares the outrage, while one police officers on trial another. police officers killing another black man. i'm okay were closed and i could close the rest of the year. really? to tell you the truth, i'm fed up raised in oakland racial knows it could just as easily be his city or his loved ones torn apart right now, i have a family of worries about me and i worry about them and friends and. it's tough, you know, i've got a lot of friends on opd and ah, that are in law enforcement, and it's tough on them to want to be another black from murdered by the court, and protests are expected to continue into next week as the trial in george floyd's death wraps up the most important thing is not whether or not the people are angry or or if somebody throws a water bottle. it's that people, black and brown people are being murdered in this country, and we have to stand up. and
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protesters have been marching through downtown oakland for about two hours. now. police for the most part keeping their distance, but they have intervened as some buildings have been tagged with spray paint windows broken at some businesses and a fire set outside a bank. we will be keeping an eye on it had the latest at 11, kristina. all right. double check in with you, then. thank you. the deadly police shooting of a 13 year old boy sparked protest in chicago tonight. body camera video of the encounter shows the officer shooting the boy after he appears to drop a handgun turned toward the officer and begin raising his hands. demonstrators say enough is enough. they're calling for the officer to be fired and face charges. schools in minneapolis will be closed the second half of next week in anticipation of a verdict in the derrick show. murder trial, local, state and federal officials there are gearing up for potential protests when
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that verdict comes down. closing arguments are set to begin on monday, with jury deliberations to follow show vin is charged with 2nd and 3rd degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the killing of george floyd. well, today, san jose mere sam accardo got his first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. he got the shot on his birthday a day after california expanded vaccine eligibility to everyone. 16 enough. now. this is at the senate clara county fairgrounds where firefighters have been giving vaccines to first responders. the clinic will be open to the public starting tomorrow, and you can schedule an appointment at s c c free back. that's ve a si dot or g'kar. well the homeless in the south bay had the opportunity to receive the coronavirus vaccine. today the clinic was hosted at san jose city hall and his ktvu sand. reuben tells us there were obstacles to overcome to make it happen and just getting people to. event wasn't easy. before this clinic at city hall
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could vaccinate the homeless volunteers had to convince them to come. and so people like geneva, strickland spent days of the san jose encampments offering education and encouragement. we contacted them because i've been homeless myself for six years, so i'm able to relate to them and i see their points and i am it just helps out i feel a little more comfortable and they get a little more comfortable talking to me. i think that there were. logistics to think about local leaders in partnership with the group. asian americans for community involvement sent busses to pick people off their in different locations, different encampments, and so it's hard to get them to the centralized locations and that's why getting the bus is to bring them here is critical, and they'll have to do it twice with the johnson and johnson one dose vaccine on hold the clinic pivoted to using moderna. that means they'll have to find an often transient population for a second shot. but. you know, even having one shot off the madonna vaccine is better than having no shots at all. so
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there's some protection with that. so you know, to the extent that we were able to bring people back. we will make every effort to do that. santa clara county is also bringing shots into the encampments, the valley homeless health care program has administered more than 1600 vaccinations to date. 491st doses 333 2nd doses and 847 of the johnson and johnson vaccine. they have a mobile van, but also utilize what they called backpack teams. it's really helpful for us to go to multiple sites because we've had clients say, you know, i was kind of on the fence, but since you're here, i'm going to get it. so it's kind of nice to meet them where they are the gold to vaccinate as many as possible in this vulnerable population, the city hall clinic offered wraparound services even help filing for stimulus checks. for those who showed up there hopeful the success of this event bodes well for the next one. so we need to be creative for the second shot in having new incentives for people to come
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and do this. officials say they administered more than 500 doses today. the following. clinic is set for may. 14th and ruben ktvu fox two news. the sound san francisco unified school district is rolling out a new high tech cleaning machines in preparation for the students return to campus is on monday, the district school board agreed to buy 30 hospital grade disinfection disinfection machines. the district says the machines used ultraviolet rays to clean classrooms in less than 10 minutes. emit ultraviolet c radiation in a 360 degree pattern that reportedly eliminate 99.99% of airborne and surface germs and pathogens, including the coronavirus. the board approved the purchase of the devices, which came to about $500,000 using federal cares grant money more than 1000 students from
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kindergarten through fifth grade plan to return to in person learning next. bqe people living in san francisco who are fully vaccinated can now gather indoors without wearing a mask. city health officials announced today that there are following the state in adopting the cdc new guidance for those fully vaccinated. it means people who have received both shots or the single johnson and johnson can now get together inside with other people who are fully vaccinated without wearing a mask or social distancing. still health officials warn. even vaccinated people may carrie and transmit covid-19. little bit troubling accusations of sexual assault winters. mayor says he'll quote stepped back from his job coming up what that means, even as he remains defiant about stepping down up next and east oakland youth center damaged by fire, why they suspect homeless people, maybe the blame but they won't let it deter their mission. and a merry weather.
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another mild spring day and temperatures will be warming up into the weekend this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. it's a better kind of business insurance. it's only three pages. straightforward.
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if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for "spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. (screaming) this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. suspect the homeless are to blame. ktvu is amberleigh shows us the damage that the center
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says will not deter its mission. doors are warped, and they're customized for this purpose, regina jackson shows me the damage to east open youth development center, or e o. y d. c on international boulevard from an arson that happened around 6 45 thursday morning. she's the ceo and president of the nonprofit. it was like a spear through my heart. we're a community treasure, the fire department says tires and clothing found near the building's front entrance were used to set the fire. who would do something like that? you know, this is for the kids. jackson suspects the fire may have been set by the homeless people who often blocked the center store way when we have to open our business and encourage them to leave, oftentimes they're quite angry. the fire department says the man suspected of starting the far was chased away by a bystander bqe. four crews arrived. jackson says the center is a game changer, attracting people such as
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warriors coach steve kerr and star stephon curry to come inspire low income at risk youth. you already see played huge, significant part in pushing me to go to college while it fits college in nashville. this young woman was a member of a musical group. which led to her winning a grammy this year for best routes gospel album as a member of the school's jubilee singers. why attack a place that does nothing but good for young people? that's just like evil. jackson tells me a large part of the problem is due to illegal dumping, and she's calling on the city to increase response, city council member trivia read represents this area and she's on the board of this center. this coming weekend city council will be making more decisions on funding for housing for public safety. and so we've got to make some of those funding decisions that are really critical. jackson estimates the damage to be about $150,000. we have to transform lives. that
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is the work that we are. experts in the public safety. we want city to handle that this safe haven for youth too precious to be destroyed in east oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. coronavirus vaccines are being administered this weekend to members of the east oakland community. today was the very first day off a week and covid-19 vaccination clinic attacks full gospel church on 66th avenue organizer. say the church is played an active role in the east oakland community for close to four decades and serves as a safe space for everyone, especially those who may have had a feeling of distrust when it comes to the vaccine. samuel alito oh, boy. a boy. are now need. to receive the vaccine at acs full gospel, the vaccination clinic does run through monday from nine a.m.
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to four. p.m. we'll bury a weather another nice spring day we had symmetries of fog near the immediate coastline, but most areas warmed up a bit, and it looks like that warming trend will continue as we head into the weekend. take a look at the highs from this afternoon across the region. and maybe a few warm spots out there some seventies out toward conquered antioch and fairfield lots of sixties around the bay and still keeping a cool coast side with pacific of 54. san francisco downtown on lee in the mid fifties. tomorrow morning, we will well that actually will start off the day with some patchy fog near the coast near the big clearing back to near the coastline into the afternoon hours sunday more sunshine and sunday should be the warmest day of the weekend that will lead to a few spots inland, flirting with the 92. remark here's a satellite throughout the day and you can see still some areas of the fog right near the immediate coastline of noticing patch is already pushing back into the bay for this evening. we still have it onshore breeze, the low clouds still around with us tonight and into tomorrow. so
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that kind of captain temperatures, coast side it should be warmer tomorrow. but still the more that most of the most of the real warm and happened to see you work your way for the inland spots right now. it is 55 degrees and conquered. we have oakland 51 san francisco 49. santa rosa in the upper forties 47 degrees. here's a live camera looking out toward the open nest. you were and you get the idea here. we have this fog bank out here. just if you can't see approaching san francisco so, ah, good side when i wake up to some great first thing tomorrow morning, that's our forecast model is showing into with the afternoon hours and temperatures on track to reach the warm spots in the mid eighties. so we're starting seymour microclimates out there will be more mild, too nice to warm as you head into your saturday forecast and even warmer temperatures by sunday. we'll have the full update coming up in just a little bit. all right. mark will see then animal rights activists held a protest outside golden gate fields which opened to the public today for the first time in more than a year. the protesters want to what the racetrack to shut down,
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according to the group, direct action everywhere. the protest is tied to the recent deaths of racehorses at the track. nine horses have died there this year, the activists say golden gate fields is the deadliest track in california and the second deadliest in the nation. golden gate fields represents an awful blood sport industry that's patronized by billionaires. the track it takes up almost 140 acres of bay area water friend and it should be used for housing. it should be used for open space, and it should be used for literally anything else but a blood sport. the owners of the track filed a lawsuit last month against the group over protests and forced it to cancel and postpone racist. after more than a year, the san jose sharks or won't welcoming fans back will be allowed inside asap center april 26 when the sharks host the arizona coyotes fans, aged two and up will be required to test negative for covid-19 48 to 78
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hours before the game or have proof they have been fully vaccinated at least two weeks before the game. this is similar to what the warriors they're doing for fans of chasing coming up landing the next americans on the moon. his decision to partner with space x on a human lander. how the astronauts themselves will make history and up next, the windsors mayor accused of sexual assault steps back from his job but does not resign. how that's sitting with some of his constituents. a do. from sayg
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back from his duties after six women have accused him of sexual assault. he issued a statement today that reads in part quote, though i maintain full innocents under the law, i have decided to step back from an active role is mayor until the formal investigation is complete. while the investigation is underway, i
10:25 pm
will not be present in town hall nor attend any more meetings in my capacity as mayor again, those six women have now accused of poli of sexual assault an alleged crimes dating back to 2003, but holy says he will not be resigning despite protests from the public and fellow elected officials calling for his resignation. doesn't have the faith of the community any longer. it's a waste of resource is women have been suffering this for eons, and it's about time it stops. since the mayor is elected, he cannot be ousted by the council. he can only be recalled by voters. man accused of causing the crash that killed a seven year old girl and a driver made his first court appearance today. he has been charged with murder crime reporter henry lee spoke to a survivor from her hospital bed. this is 25 year old christian vargas shortly after pittsburgh police say he crashed his camaro into a family's toyota killing. karina rose, alice's boyfriend and her
10:26 pm
seven year old daughter he does not deserve. no sympathy on friday, vargas pleaded not guilty and martinez courtroom to two counts of murder as well as to you why cameras were not allowed at the hearing anything to see them again. killed in the crash were seven year old cellar metella and romero castro, where is always in her. two other kids were hurt in the crash from her hospital bed. she had this message for the suspect. i think you deserve. stay in jail. you deserve to stay there. but you took two people that i cared about what i call level two hours after was measured by what we call a pass device. had a point to. ah that's more than twice the legal limit and contra costa county prosecutor derek but says vargas was driving his camaro up to 100 miles an hour before the crash, court records show. vargas has a prior to you. why in san francisco in 2019, the d. m v, then suspended his license for four months. despite all that information that he had negative experience for the dy
10:27 pm
itself and the three months driving course. the, engage in this behavior. vargas was warned by a judge back in 2019 that he could be charged with murder if he killed someone while again drunk drink. get in the car. don't speed below the speed limit. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says. that's why this case has been elevated from manslaughter to murder. ah lot of people when they hear that warning. they think they'll never happen tonight. but in fact it does happen to quite a number of people. vargas is being held at contra costa county jail and martinez. his bail said it more than $2.5 million. he declined my request for an interview. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. coming up a massive new mural on the side of an oakland hotel. the message the creator wants to send, plus new revelations about a deadly police shooting
10:28 pm
inside of san leandro wal mart store the investigation dealing what officers could have done differently, but in sports a rough start to the season for the oakland a's, but their fortunes have changed later how they extended their winning streak to six in a row. but first after the break new video from that large protest in oakland, we're following for you. see the damage to a target store and auto dealership
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tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis b or c,... or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. your doctor may prescribe a different medicine... than dovato if you plan to be pregnant or if pregnancy is confirmed during the first trimester. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control... while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. of protesters continues to march through the streets. tonight we have seen some vandalism within the last hour. this is actually video from the target store, 26th and broadway were vandals were seen breaking windows. as police responded, we have also seen damage to ah honda dealership on broadway,
10:31 pm
where windshields were smashed by vandals. and at least one car was set on fire. many of these businesses are the same ones that received damage last summer during protests against police brutality. and yet here we are months later, still witnessing the same result. we're continuing to monitor these movements. and of course, we'll bring you an update if we have it. listen, annie ox, a. they were forced to shoot and kill a man who attacked officers. police say they got a call overnight about a suicidal man in an apartment on west third street. and when officers arrived, a 45 year old man approached them holding a knife. police say officers back up on the man went back inside the apartment. moments later, police say, suddenly came out again holding a knife and charged at them. what officer used a stun gun on the man. but that didn't work. so another officer used his gun and shot the man twice. police say he was taken to the. hospital and is stable. we're learning more
10:32 pm
now about the moments leading up to the deadly police shooting of an armed suspect last month, and fremont fremont police today released video of the officer's body cameras showing the march 24th shooting. the officer tried to pull the man over because the vehicle he was driving had been reported stolen and was also believed to have been involved in an armed robbery. police say the driver who's been identified as joshua gloria of oakland, refused to stop and after a short chase, investigators say gloria got out of his car on highway 84 started shooting at the officer. well, the officer returned fire, killing the 34 year old. the shooting is being investigated by the chp and the alameda county district attorney's office. an independent investigation into last year's police killing of steven taylor inside a san leandro walmart found that two officers violated department policy. one of those officers has already been fired and charged in the shooting. ktvu evan sernoffsky. breaks down the report. you are
10:33 pm
in this cell phone video, former san leandro police officer jason fletcher is seen shocking steven taylor with a taser before fatally shooting him with his pistol. seconds later, officer stephanie over 10 deploys his taser as taylor collapses and dies. these are just some of the tactics that were out of policy, according to an independent investigation commissioned by the city of san leandro. the shooting happened on april 18th 2020 when police responded to a man holding a baseball bat inside the walmart on his spare ian boulevard. the investigation found that fletcher failed to wait for backup. it also found he failed to use required de escalation and crisis intervention tactics. fletcher violated policy again by pulling his taser and his pistol out at the same time. which can cause a significant
10:34 pm
likelihood of confusion under stress. fletcher was fired after the shooting and was charged by the district attorney's office with voluntary manslaughter. his attorney, mike rains, disputed the d a s charges during an arraignment in september. the issue is going to be did he attempt to de escalate the situation before using legal curls, and the answer is made for sure they did. this latest report offers new revelations about administrative violation. chins. it also reveals that officer over 10 violated policy by deploying his taser after the threat from taylor was significantly diminished over. 10 has not been charged and has returned to active duty. the city said. it will make a decision about disciplining him by june 18th. it was just. overwhelming to realize this is what they do. this is how they respond at the kitchen is taylor's grandmother. she hopes the investigation will bring about changes that the police department and avoid cases like
10:35 pm
her grandson's killing in the future. we've been asking for them to train officers in de escalation. it appears that even if they are trained in it, they're not used that they use their weapons. first former officer jason fletcher is due back in court for his criminal case on june 29th. he has pleaded not guilty. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. california's economy is showing signs of growth for the second month in a row, the state added more than 119,000 jobs last month, bringing the state unemployment rate to 8.3% the leisure and hospitality industry led the increase with new job's. still, experts say, will likely be years before the state recovers. the 2.7 million jobs lost during the first two months of the pandemic. on wall street stocks continue to march higher today, the dow rose 164 points closing at an all time high. the nasdaq gained 13 points and the s and p was up 15 points, also closing at a
10:36 pm
record high and its fourth straight weekly gain. higher bond yields helped lift bank stocks and health care companies and those that rely on consumer spending also did. well well. nasa has chosen spacex to build the lunar lander that will eventually put the first woman and person of color on the moon. today's announcement came to just a few hours after spacex is most international crew of astronauts arrived at florida's kennedy space center for lift off next week. now the two americans, one french and one japanese are scheduled to blast off for the international space station next thursday. which is earth thing. this will be spacex is third launch of astronauts in less than a year in the mural was officially launched and unveiled in oakland this morning with the focus on hunger, our distant doordash created the 190 ft tall mural located on the oakland marriott city center on broadway mayor libby schaaf. other local leaders and celebrities attended the unveiling. it is one of six
10:37 pm
going up in the country. syriza's part of the zero hunger effort by the united nations world food program, it teamed up with the street art for mankind and kellogg for the project. the guard says the mural depicts a black girl running in a week, he'll holding a baton of wheat as a symbol of hope. passed to the next generation. it was important to do something very positive. that's where made this little girl. i mean, they stole girl with the smile and happiness around her. also on the dress and this pattern off, people holding each other. this'd is a message for sharing and sharing is very important. this is the tallest mural in oakland. the murals will also go up in detroit at washington, d. c are coming up the south face new high tech entertainment destination will take you inside the new. top golf on opening day. had a
10:38 pm
barrier whether the weekend almost here in the weather headline. we're talking about a warming trend coming up. we'll let you know in a few spots could be flirting with 90 degrees. we made usaa insurance for members like kate. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. the white house. the meeting with prime minister yoshihide suga comes at a crucial time on the world stage as china builds its influence. north korea remains defiant and tokyo tries to conduct this summer olympics during a global pandemic. united station japan have a big agenda ahead of us and we are too important democracies in the pacific region on our cooperation is vital. the leaders also talked about other long term issues, including climate change. auto tariffs,
10:41 pm
that energy policy. the prime minister of japan, is the first foreign leader to visit the white house since president biden took office. joe biden administration is quickly backtracking tonight after the president signed an order today limiting the number of refugees in the u. s to 15,000. that is the same number under the former trump administration at president. brydon had promised to raise the cap to 60,000 is fox is rich. edson tells us many progressive democrats are furious. officials in agents of the southwest border say they expect this migrant surge to grow to reduce that flow. the white house announced monday that the administration had recently obtained commitments from central governments and mexico. we've secured agreements for them support more troops on their own border, mexico, honduras and guatemala have all agreed to do this. however, diplomats in those countries say the additional security is the result of their own initiatives, and not the result of an agreement with the biden administration. way never
10:42 pm
described it as a formal declaration or a formal agreement, but additional steps that they were taking to increase personnel of the border. one republican charges that the white house misled the public to manufacture headlines of diplomatic progress. i don't believe this is genuine or honest in any way shape reform just is the white. house announced it's reversing its pledge to welcome more refugees. in the u. s. this year, a group of three dozen democrats, including congresswoman ilhan omar alexandria, a casio cortez, among other progressives, urged the president to begin implementing the higher number writing quote. there is immense and growing urgency on this issue. lives depend on it, and his democrats and republicans debate immigration policy. former president george w. bush asks in the washington post quote. how is it that in a country maura, generous to newer rivals than any other immigration policy is the source of so much rancor and ill will. the short answer is that the issue has been exploited in ways that do little credit to either party.
10:43 pm
the former president is releasing a book of paintings and stories about immigrants to the united states. bush also suggests a secure and efficient border one that is both lawful and welcoming and updated asylum process and a system where undocumented immigrants can earn their legal residency or citizenship. in la hoya, texas, richardson fox news he up at the bay area's first top gulf location coming up, go inside the three level entertainment venue this opening day, and meteorologist mark tamayo tracking the complete weekend forecast is back up after the break and talk about a warm up right back.
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opened in the south bay today. ktvu maureen naylor has a tour of the new top golf facility and why leaders say it's opening comes at the perfect time. it's a towering new landmark off highway 2 37 in north san jose, and the first time that topped off and i think it's great. it's great place. it's fun place to practice. welcome to top golf, the first burial location for the franchise friday marked its grand opening and comes after an almost year long delay. construction was shut down last year because of the pandemic. it's a huge relief and it's just an amazing accomplishment
10:47 pm
to get this venue open. it's a tri level entertainment venue with 100. 20 hitting bays for gulf based games where groups could rent the areas for about $50 an hour, the 83,000 square foot facility is a flagship venue similar to one in las vegas and mark stop golf's second location in california. this father drove up from gilroy. it's just a fun experience, really, i mean to be able to hit golf balls and then get food and drinks and just hang out, enjoy the environment on they have some pretty cool games for kids to because of the pandemic masks and reservation. shins are required and the indoor common areas and bar top remain closed. it marks a new type of venue for the lv, so area i'm also excited about the way it's been built and with environmental considerations in mind, they have protections on the glass for bird migrations. they have solar built in and most importantly, it's 600 jobs. boy couldn't comment a better time.
10:48 pm
the director of economic development for the city of san jose says this opening comes at a welcome time when outdoor based activities are crucial, and when other sectors like retail and services have been hit hard, so many people who have been devastated through covid and this is one of the bright spots. top golf. san jose says reservations are full for its first weekend and they're still looking to hire about 150 people. top golf has another location in roseville, and they recently broke ground on tomb or in los angeles. maureen naylor, ktvu. fox two news. we'll bury whether it seems like forever. we've been kind of talking about the same old weather pattern in that weather pattern, excluding any rain clouds, it has been a such a dry stretch. last storm was a thursday march 18th. so march the back half of march dry and also starting off april dry as well. so for italian two days unfortunately, 29 day dry
10:49 pm
stretch and this will probably continue into the weekend and most likely and into next week, so it looks like this dry pattern is here to stay. warmer one as well. you as you can't see the bottom row, the heist from today and everybody has an up arrow. so we're warming up not by just a few degrees 68 all the way to 83 degrees and santa rosa's that's quite a bit of some warming. you will definitely notice that change, especially away from the coastline tomorrow and then once again into sunday. here's a satellite. we still have some low clouds and fog just offshore, pushing locally back into the bay, so we're not completely clear. we still have a pretty good onshore breeze so with that were quite wake up to with some areas. the fog near the coast near the bay shoreline. first thing tomorrow morning. here's a live camera showing you a bit of some haze and some fog looking out towards san francisco and temperatures right now, most areas in the forties to the lower fifties for this 10 o'clock hour for tonight here overnight. we'll start out tomorrow morning. most areas will be in the forties of partly cloudy skies, some fog out toward pacifica, san
10:50 pm
francisco, we could have a few patches around oakland, hayward to a start out the day our forecast models gonna pick it up on that pattern. first things marin morning and then into the afternoon hours. the clouds will clear back to a near the coastline. so this is the forecast will typically have quite a bit over the summertime month so we still some partly cloudy skies for the beaches. and then as you do work your way inland, more such time and the warm spots tomorrow on track to easily reach the eighties. the main source of the warm up is this big h. it's big area of high pressure moving in from the north, and this will keep us dry. and this will warm up those temperatures. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend and next week. we'll have a little bit of a drop off of the numbers but in terms of us have a significant cool down really not showing up in the forecast just yet. of course, we talked about the dry weather pattern as well. take a look at the numbers for your saturday afternoon and it's warming up inland out toward antioch out toward brentwood. oakland a nice 76 san francisco downtown 70 degrees, but close to the
10:51 pm
ocean beach. those temperatures, mainly in the lower stick steve's lots of seventies as you can see for seven te'o mountain view. san jose 78. close to 80 degrees for morgan hill and gilroy hears. look ahead, the heat really moves in on sunday. the warm spots in let's say, antioch fairfield, maybe standard rose. it could be flirting with 90 degrees, and then it looks like will cool things off into a next week, but just some subtle day to day changes, but at least by sunday, you will definitely notice that warm up here in the bay area close to 90 degrees that's headed our way for sunday. wow it's like we're headed straight for some hurt, mark. thank you. absolutely. coming up in sports, the overtime thriller that decided the outcome of our high school football game of the week. jason appelbaum up next, then on the 11 o'clock news more on the breaking news that we're following his vandals damaged property following a large protest against police brutality
10:52 pm
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on this equinox. start the season. the ayes have now won six in a row to even up their record. they are now seven and seven. they have climbed their way all the way back, folks ace hosting the tigers in front of 4538 fans at the coliseum and frankie montas was dealing tonight strikes out jonathan scoped in the second on then you'll get a kill. but do looking. and finally, it's willy. castro swinging in the third montez six innings to hit seven strikeouts on the night school is in the bottom of the fourth throughout, shift is on, but mitch moreland comes through with the single dissenter off hosts a arena that scores remote laureano a's are up one to nothing. very next pitch. sean murphy hits it
10:55 pm
hard down the left field line on that zoot enough for matt chapman to trot home the asia up two to nothing still to nothing in the eighth. matt chapman is only baton 1 89. on this young season, but he connects off derek holland, the former giant for his third home run of the season. montez and three other relievers combined on a four hit shutout. a's win three to nothing and they even up their record at seven and seven. the giants are also red hot. they have won six of their last seven coming into tonight's game with the florida marlins and pitcher anthony disco feeny. he's been one of the biggest surprise is locked in. again tonight top for evan longoria singles to left that'll bring home mike you strip ski who had just doubled giants up one nothing disco. feeney was cruising until rookie chazz chisholm junior great name chazz chisholm. junior gets just enough of this pitch in the fifth. the ball do
10:56 pm
links off the top of the wall and over for a home run, and we're tied at one. how about some defense? adam devol, former giant fouls one off alex dickerson, give chase. he's given chase and he makes the great catch against the wall and left despite the fan, almost getting in the way kind of outdoors the fan to make the catch disco. feeny goes six innings allows just one run strikes out for inter juan de peralta and exit baseball. starling marty with the 427 ft, no doubt about it. three run homer and that's the ball game. marlins take it 4 to 1 as the joint. it's still the pretty good record. they dropped to eight and five, several good high school football matchup tonight, but there can be only one game of the night and for that when we take you down the mountain view senior night for saint francis hosting number four valley christian of san
10:57 pm
jose, featuring standout sophomore wide receiver jury on dickie first quarter after a 10 place 78 yard drive valley christian warriors cap it off four yard touchdown from jackson berman, too. jury on dickie as the warriors go up seven. nothing fourth quarter. st francis takes the lead on the six yard touchdown run by camilo arquette. lancers up 10 to 7 game goes to overtime tied at 10 after a saint francis field goal valley christian wins it on another berman to #### in connection. you just can't stop him. he's big, and he's strong, good for a six yard touchdown. valley christian wins it 16 to 13. they improved to three and one is they celebrate? down in mountain view, st. francis drops to two and two major league soccer is back with the san jose earthquakes christening the 2021 season down in houston tonight it was wet field was wet the quakes opening up against the dynamo
10:58 pm
down in texas 56 minutes, houston up one nothing. the dynamo adds another gold. tyler pasha, the perfect cross to max a rooty. i mean, that's the goal. houston goes up two to nothing. brakes didn't win, but they did have the goal of the match came in the 75th minute. paul marie. wow that's the quakes first goal of the season and it's a beauty, too powerful shot curls in for the goal, but the quakes do come up short in their opener final is to one houston sharks wild and san jose needs everyone it could muster these days to stay relevant in the playoff race in minnesota tonight. first period. look at the skills. tomas hertl skate through the defense flips it in for the goal. and on the replay, you can see he passes to himself off the boards as the sharks go up one nothing but the wild respond with three unanswered goals. number three coming right here. matt dumba to zach parise, a hoof beats martin jones. evander kane does score
10:59 pm
for the sharks for too little, too late. sharks dropped their fourth in a row. minnesota wins this one final is 3 to 2, and we're gonna take you back out to the. i'll see him because any time we can feature a fan, we're going to do that. given what we've just been through for the past 12 months. check this out cardboard cutouts behind home plate, but real fans in the stands to on this guy makes a great snag on matt chapman's foul ball. chapman you may remember, then homered, so everybody was happy at the coliseum, and kristina and andre that is it for now, but i will be back in about 25 minutes with more sports. now it is time for the 11 o'clock news, all right, jason. thank you. next at 11. this epidemic was happening here and it's really sad and it needs to stop well tonight, frustration and anger turns destructive and oakland protesters take to the streets demanding justice for
11:00 pm
those killed by police. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now and that frustration over police shootings once again have reached a boiling point tonight. again. i'm andre sr. and i'm cristina rendon. it started off as a peaceful demonstration at frank ogawa plaza. but now crowds have turned violent targeting businesses and also lighting cars on fire. we get breaking news tonight from ktvu deborah villalon. she is monitoring the developments for us tonight. dead. well, christina and how our long rally in front of city hall. then a few 100 people took off marching. tonight's vandalism isn't something every. business braced for fire set in downtown oakland as vandals torched a honda dealership invading the car lot to smash windows and set some vehicles on fire. protesters and splinter groups ar


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