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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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to a mental health call at holes home after his mother called police to report that our son might try to commit suicide by cop hole was transported to the hospital and a gun show shotgun rather was seized. investigators were back at his home where they collected evidence, including desktop computers and other electronic media. so far, no motive has been released for the very latest, and when the fedex mass shooting, let's go to ktvu, jesse gary jesse, andre good evening to you and just a few minutes ago, authorities started putting out the names of the victims of this mass shooting. they range in age from their late teens, all the way to the mid seventies, federal and indiana law officers say they're just in the infancy. of their investigation into what prompted this shooting. but this this shooting, which left four dead and four of the dead are from the sick community. well, that's touched a nerve here in the bay area. to wake
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up this morning. good to see a shooting of our community members in america. it's just it's too much sick community activist rina course icom says the pain from thursday's mass shooting in indianapolis is both familiar and unwelcome, investigators say around 11 p.m. central time 19 year old suspect brandon whole pulled into the fedex facility parking lot, got out and started shooting. my wife works in there on she taxed me to tell me there was an active shooter. by the time responding. indianapolis police arrived at the scene. the alleged shooter was dead. and so we're more than half a dozen people. officers received information of a male walking through the parking lot, shooting a rifle responding officers received additional information that a man shooting weapon entered the building and multiple people were shot at the location when the violence was over. eight victims were dead and at least seven others were wounded,
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detective say. brandon whole took his own life, no piece of information will restore the lives that were taken. this is the sixth mass shooting in the united states in the past five weeks, experts say americans suffer from an onslaught of chronic traumatic experiences in 2021. after a while, you get sort of. um, anesta ties to it. it's almost like what we call learned helplessness. political leaders say this most recent mass shooting screams at the need for more stringent gun control. california senator dianne feinstein writes this epidemic of gun violence won't end until congress steps up and passes meaningful legislation for people in indiana and around the country. it's a familiar call, they hope will finally lead to some type of change. there's nothing you can say. just somebody who has lost a member of their family who was never coming back. there are no words of comfort. nothing will ever give them solace. but the only thing we
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can do is to continue to stay on the front lines of this issue. coming up in the next hour. there's going to be a small candle light vigil here in san jose. we've put the information for that up on the screen right now for you, and we're also gonna put it on our website at ktvu dot com. just s o. you know about that, and again, investigators still trying to search for a motive behind all of this. one of the things that came out is that the mr whole had worked at the facility i had left sometime last year. the company or his family says he was fired. the company just confirmed that he worked there. but at this point, no indication of what sparked this. police say there was no confrontation when he got to the fedex facility. he just drove in that out and started shooting. we live in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox on his way back to you will be tough for those families looking for closure are addressing thank
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you so much. meantime president biden tweeted out the deadly shooting here. here's what he said quote vice president harris and i have been briefed on the mass shooting at a x facility and indianapolis. god bless the eight individuals we lost and their loved ones and we pray for the wounded for their recovery. we can and must do more to reduce gun violence and save lives and quote president biden also ordered us flags at half staff in memory of the fedex shooting victims. flags were lowered at the white house and all federal buildings, grounds and military posts, and they will remain that way until april 20th so far this year there have been 147. mass shootings. that's according to data compiled by the gun violence archive. the organization defines mass shootings as four or more people injured or killed, not including the perpetrator. that is compared to more than 600 mass shootings in 2020 and 417 in 2019. here's a look at just some of the most of some of the
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most recent mass shootings. just last week on april 7th in rock hill, south carolina. five people were shot and killed by a former nfl player the week before that a gunman in southern california shot and killed four people at a real estate office in the city of orange. the week prior to that 10 people were killed at a supermarket in boulder, colorado. and the week before that, on march 16th eight people were killed at three spots in georgia earlier this month. president bided announced six initial actions to address gun violence and the health epidemic as and he urged congress to pass legislation to reduce gun violence. so fremont police have now released body camera video of a march 24th police shooting that killed an armed robbery suspect. the officer tried to pull the man over because of vehicle he was driving had been reported stolen and was also believed to have been involved in an armed robbery. the driver who's been identified now was joshua gloria of oakland, refused to stop and after a short chase,
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investigators say, gloria got out of this car on highway 84 started shooting at the officer. well, that officer returned fire, killing the 34 year old. the shooting is being investigated by the chp end. the alameda county district attorney's office. ah police in antioch shot a man armed with a knife after they say he refused commands and charged at officers. it happened around 12 50 this morning in an apartment complex on west third street. police say they got a call about a suicidal man. and when officers arrived, they say, a 45 year old man approached them while holding a knife. police say officers backed up in the man went back inside the apartment. well, moments later, police say. suddenly came out again holding a knife and charged at them. one officer used this stun gun on the man, but that didn't work. so another officer used his gun and shot the man twice. police say he was taken to the hospital and is stable right now the embattled mayor of windsor, dominic for police says he's stepping back from his duties after being accused of sexual assault by six women
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as ktvu is tom vacar reports for police says that he is still the mayor and will not be resigning. six women have accused the mayor of sexual assaults, apparently involving drinking, none reported over the last 16 years until publicly reported in news accounts despite protests from the public calls for resignation from the public, as well as fellow elected officials, despite rejection from his family wine business, mayor dominic for poli remained resolute in his stance to reject resignations and i am not stepping down is that in this case, i know the truth of those experiences. and if you love windsor as much as you said, you always have. then you need to resign. now there's a change in his stance. writing this, though i maintain full innocents under the law, i have decided to step back from an active role is mayor until the formal investigation is complete. while the investigation is underway. i
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will not be present at town hall nor attend any more meetings in my capacity as mayor, i will be available to sign resolutions. and in an extreme circumstance, join a meeting to create a quorum if one of my colleagues is conflicted out, government has a whole different code. if you are, if you misbehave if you sort of tarnish your office like he has. you are unfit to serve since the elected mayor cannot be ousted by the council. that makes the current recall effort the remaining remedy, but cal poly professor of ethics steven mintz says this i don't think six women would subject themselves to such public scrutiny. if they didn't fully believe it was sexual assault. so for the good of the community, i think you should resign. everyone we met at the windsor shopping center said step down. not aside. he doesn't have the faith of the community any longer. it's a
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waste of resource is women have been suffering this for eons, and it's about time it stops. a recall appears certain. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. phyllis condos. monte sereno police department has arrested a business owner who they say sexually assaulted his customers, authorities say ali oscar she mirani befriended female customers by saying he was offering bread making lessons at mama's bakery on santa cruz avenue. authorities say the 75 year old would then inappropriately touch them against their will. for money faces sexual battery charges. a man accused of killing a seven year old girl and a driver in a d u i crash made his first court appearance today he's been charged with murder. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has the latest on this case. this is 25 year old christian vargas shortly after pittsburgh police say he crashed his camaro into a family's toyota killing. karina rose, alice's boyfriend and her seven year old daughter
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he does not deserve. no sympathy on friday, vargas pleaded not guilty and martinez courtroom to two counts of murder as well as do you why cameras were not allowed at the hearing anything to see them again. killed in the crash were seven year old selamat to l. a. and romero castro, where is always in her. two other kids were hurt in the crash from her hospital bed. she had this message for the suspect. i think you deserve. stay in jail. you deserve to stay there. but you took two people that i cared about what i call level two hours after was measured by what we call a pass device. had a point to. ah that's more than twice the legal limit and contra costa county prosecutor derek but says vargas was driving his camaro up to 100 miles an hour before the crash, court records show. vargas has a prior to you. why? in san francisco in 2019 the d. m v, then suspended his license for four months. despite all that information that he had negative experience for the dy.
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itself and the three months driving course. the, uh, engage in this behavior. vargas was warned by a judge back in 2019 that he could be charged with murder if he killed someone while again drunk gonna drink. get in the car. don't speed below the speed limit. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says. that's why this case has been elevated from manslaughter to murder. ah lot of people when they hear that warning. they think they'll never happen to mate. but in fact. it does happen to quite a number of people. vargas is being held at contra costa county jail, and martinez. his bail said it more than $2.5 million. he declined my request for an interview. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. well, coming up as vaccine eligibility expands across the state war vaccination clinics. clinics are opening. we'll tell you about one location where all you have to do is walk up and show your idea. get your shot and increase vaccinations
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leading to an uptick in travel. we'll hear from some passengers who passed through oakland international airport today. and a very weather of mild spring day. still some patchy fog out toward the immediate coastline. but i am tracking a warm up as we head into the weekend, and we'll have the update coming up and staying outside alive. look at the conditions at the macarthur amazing this friday evening to see it right there. traffic is slow moving ktvu news at six. we'll be right back.
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when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. infection's. those are people who test positive for the virus after getting fully vaccinated, the agency says it has received about 5800 reports so far now here in the bay area, san mateo county has reported 44 of those cases contra costa 91 sonoma counties reported 39 cases. napa county 49, the marin county there have been 23 cases and 93 in alameda county, santa
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clara county, said they have seen vaccinated people testing positive for the virus. what did not give a specific number. i think the message is that this is what we'd expect. there's nothing in life that's 100% and while these vaccines are absolutely outstanding, they're not 100. dr john source. berg there says these cases are extremely rare. now again, the cdc says it has received about 1500 reports of these breakthrough cases. and to put that in perspective, that's out of 78 million americans who have received the full dose of vaccine today. san jose mayor sam ricardo got his first dose of the vaccine on his birthday. it comes a day after california expanded eligibility to everyone succeeded up. this isn't the santa clara county grounds where firefighters have been giving out vaccines to first responders. the clinic will be open to the public starting tomorrow, and you can schedule an appointment at s. c c free vac dot or g'kar?
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several walking vaccination sites are now opening contra costa county, anyone 16 and up who lives or works in the county can show up to one of these locations. the walk in clinics that opened this week are in richmond and eddie ock. several more will open in the coming weeks in areas hardest hit by covid-19. the county's also now allowing people to directly book appointments online instead of requesting a covid vaccine appointment. a lot of people lined up today and napa to receive coronavirus vaccines. a clinic was set up in the ballroom of this resort, napa county, the city of napa and kaiser permanente, teamed up to get shots into the arms of people 16 years and up. 1400 people received five doses today by appointment the return in three weeks for a second dose. the oakland unified school district and its teachers or officially at an impasse over whether to return or how to return safely and reopen schools in the district. teachers union says that after months of negotiations are at odds with the district over
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teacher workloads preparation time for teaching both in class and remote learners and accommodations for child care and leave time for teachers whose families are at risk for contracting. covid-19 oakland students started returning for in person learning last month and more students in grades seven through 12 are set to begin in person instruction on monday. oh very weather. another mild spring day. still some patchy fog out toward the immediate coastline. but it looks like we're gonna turn up the heat as we head into the weekend, especially inland so. temperatures op a few degrees today and it looks like that trend will continue was setting the stage for a sunday that should be the hottest day of the week. we'll show you some of the highs from this afternoon, it was chilly in a few spots out toward the coast out toward pacifica, even downtown san francisco temperatures in the fifties but as you work your way inland, some or seventies out toward conquer fairfield and annie oxus and pretty warm temperatures for those neighborhoods. here is the plan
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for this weekend's a patchy morning fog clearing back to near the immediate coastline and then more sunshine. sunday by far easily the warmest day of the week, and that means we could have a few spots inland, kind of flirting with the 90 degree. mark just amazing. this almost looks like a june like weather pattern here with the low clouds and fog hanging out too right near the immediate coastline. so we're tracking some patches near the shoreline for tonight, and some patchy fog expected first thing tomorrow morning. current numbers out their fifties and some sixties warm spot still in the lower seventies for the six o'clock hour, and here's our live camera, looking out toward the open estuaries and texture on the water there, indicating that onshore breezes back which we typically see this time of day, so overnight. we'll start out tomorrow morning in the forties, too, right around 50 degrees, and then still partly cloudy skies for the beaches. temperatures there in the low sixties but instead of seventies like we had today we're talking about some eighties for your saturday forecast for the warmest locations across the region for tomorrow's, you could see the micro climates. starting to stretch out that the temperature ranges we head into
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the weekend and even warmer temperatures. as we head towards sunday. we'll have war under weekend outlook coming up in just a few minutes. thank you so much, mark. well there's a new way to get those hard to find campsite. reservations at california state parks reservations at state park campgrounds and usually booked within minutes of when they become available. well now the state park system is partnering with san francisco based on line camp site booking platform hip camp to let you know about reservation cancelations at st paul. campgrounds the new service features a campground status map where you can see how many sites are available for any day in the next six months at any state park, airports are filling up again, and now that more people are getting vaccinated, we went to check out oakland international airport this morning. there were lines of the t s a security screening area as well as airline check in kiosks, people appear to be spaced apart and wearing masks. oakland airport has seen a surge in passenger rouz from january to february. many
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travelers say they're feeling more comfortable to fly. now that cases are dropping and more people are getting the shot. well still ahead business owners in downtown oakland or once again boarding up to protect their stores will tell you why. plus a new report finds that to east bay police officers violated department policy, the independent investigation into last year's deadly shooting inside a wal mart store. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. steven taylor inside a wal mart in san leandro found that two officers violated department policy. one of those officers has already been fired and criminally charged in the shooting. ktvu evan sernoffsky has more details in the report. you already marin this cell phone video, former san leandro police officer jason fletcher is seen shocking steven taylor with a taser before fatally shooting him with his pistol. seconds later, officer stephan overton deploys his taser as taylor collapses and dies. these are just some of the tactics that were out of policy, according to an independent investigation commissioned by the city of san leandro. the shooting happened on april 18th 2020 when police responded to a man holding a baseball bat inside the walmart on his spare
6:24 pm
in boulevard. the investigation found that fletcher failed to wait for backup. it also found he failed to use required de escalation and crisis intervention tactics. fletcher violated policy again by pulling his taser and his pistol out at the same time. which can cause a significant likelihood of confusion under stress. fletcher was fired after the shooting and was charged by the district attorney's office with voluntary manslaughter. his attorney, mike rains, disputed the d a s charges during an arraignment in september. the issue is going to be did he attempt to de escalate the situation before using lee for girls, and the answer is moved for sure they did. this latest report offers new revelations about administrative violation. chins. it also reveals that officer over 10 violated policy by deploying his taser after the threat from taylor was significantly diminished. overton has not been charged and has returned to active duty.
6:25 pm
the city said it will make a decision about disciplining him by june 18th. it was just. overwhelming to realize this is what they do. this is how they respond at the kitchen is taylor's grandmother. she hopes the investigation will bring about changes that the police department and avoid cases like her grandson's killing in the future. we've been asking for them to train officers in de escalation. but it appears that even if they are trained in it, they're not used that they use their weapons. first former officer jason fletcher is due back in court for his criminal case on june 29th. he has pleaded not guilty. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news protesters are gathering for six night in brooklyn center, minnesota over the fatal shooting off 20 year old dante. right now, this was the scene last night as hundreds of people gathered outside police headquarters, the city council passed a resolution hours earlier, banning police from using tear gas against
6:26 pm
demonstrators. the protest was mostly peaceful. there were no arrests or clashes like those on previous nights and back here in the bay area. preparations underway for no test tonight in oakland businesses in downtown, boarding up windows and doors, crowds of people expected to gather frank gallo plaza around eight o'clock tonight to protest rights shooting. there's also a barricade up right now around the front entrance to the federal building schools in minneapolis will be closed a second half of next week in anticipation of a verdict in the murder trial of police officer or former police officer derrick show vin local, state and federal law enforcement officials are all gearing up for potential protests when that verdict comes down. closing arguments are set to begin on monday. with jury deliberations to follow. the former police officer is charged with 2nd and 3rd degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of george floy coming up on ktvu news at 6 30
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vaccinating one of the most vulnerable populations in the south bay. we'll tell you about a clinic held for the homeless today, and white was challenging to organize and oakland native and former nfl running. back marshawn lynch doing his part to help people in black and hispanic communities. get information about the safety of vaccines, his one on one with the nation's top infectious disease expert later in sports. the giants try to continue their hot start to the season down in miami, jason appelbaum will have their highlights later
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people at a fedex facility in indianapolis yesterday. police say the suspect is brandon whole. the 19 year old is a former employee at the facility and, according to an old police report, officers were called to holds home last march, his mother actually called and said her son might try to commit suicide by cop. so far. no motive has been released for the shooting and battled windsor mayor dominic for police says he's stepping back from his duties this after six women accused him of sexual assault for bully denies guilt and says while he is stepping back, he will not be resigning as mayor, a man accused of killing a seven year old girl and a driver in a horrific dy crash made his first court appearance today. 25 year old christian vargas pled not guilty to two counts of murder as well as do you. why the child's mother and her two other kids were also hurt in
6:31 pm
that crash. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 homeless people in the south bay had the opportunity to receive the coronavirus vaccine. today the clinic was hosted at san jose city hall. ktvu s and ruben tells us there were obstacles to overcome to make it happen and just. getting people there wasn't easy. before this clinic at city hall could vaccinate the homeless volunteers had to convince them to come. and so people like geneva, strickland spent days of the san jose encampments offering education and encouragement. we could talk to them because i've been home with myself. for six years, so i'm able to relate to them and i see their points and i and it just helps out i feel a little more comfortable and they get a little more comfortable talking to me. i think that there were logistics to think about local leaders in partnership with the group. asian americans for community involvement sent busses to pick people off their in different locations, different encampments, and so it's hard to get them to the
6:32 pm
centralized locations and that's why getting the bus is to bring them here is critical, and they'll have to do it. ice with the johnson and johnson one dose vaccine on hold the clinic pivoted to using moderna. that means he'll have to find an often transient population for a second shot. but you know, even having one shot off the madonna vaccine is better than having no shots at all. so there's some protection with that. so you know, to the extent that we were able to great people back, we will make every effort to do that. santa clara county is also bringing shots into the encampments. valley homeless health care program has administered more than 1600 vaccinations to date, 491st doses 333 2nd doses and 847 of the johnson and johnson vaccine. they have a mobile van, but also utilize what they called backpack teams. it's really helpful for us to go to multiple sites because. we've had clients say, you know, i was kind of on the fence, but since you're here, i'm going to
6:33 pm
get it. so it's kind of nice to meet them where they are the gold to vaccinate as many as possible in this vulnerable population, the city hall clinic offered wraparound services even help filing for stimulus checks. for those who showed up there hopeful the success of this event bodes well for the next one. so we need to be creative for the second shot in having new incentives for people to come and do this. officials say they administered more than 500 doses. today, the follow up clinic is set for may. 14th and ruben ktvu, fox two news vaccines are being given out this weekend to committee members in east oakland. stay was the first day of a weekend covid-19 vaccination clinic at actual gospel church on 66th avenue the church is played an active role in east oakland for close to four decades and services. safe space for everyone, especially
6:34 pm
those who may have a feeling of distrust when it comes to the vaccine, because it is the church. it's a trusted resource, and the fact that asked actual gospel has been here for 37 years. there's a comfort level. um it's seems to be a seamless process here. it's not as crowded and so it's working out pretty well. appointments are not needed to receive the vaccine at acs full gospel. the vaccination clinic runs through monday from nine a.m. to four p.m. former raiders running back marshawn lynch says he wants to do his part to help black and latino people get information about the safety of covid-19 vaccines. now lynch sat down with the nation's top infectious disease specialist to discuss the efficacy of the vaccines. it is on his beast mode, youtube channel here and dr fauci talked about the hesitancy and black and brown communities. across the country. where were you know the results or the you know the fixed? you
6:35 pm
know it being for the for the blacks and the hispanics, because i mean those when you say those type of things is like, yeah, you say that they were tested, but we don't know the results to those tests when we tested the vaccine in african american and hispanics, it was safe. and it induced the kind of response that was literally identical to the response in whites. it was the same is whites safe, according to the cdc, just 5% of black people in the united states have been vaccinated and just 9% of latinos. after more than a year, the san jose sharks are welcoming back, fans will be allowed into that s a p center on april 26 when the sharks host he arizona coyotes fans. ages to it up will be required to test negative for covid-19 48 to 72 hours before the game or have proof that they've been
6:36 pm
fully vaccinated at least two weeks before the game. this is similar to what the warriors are doing for fans at cheese center. the alameda theater reopened today. the historical movie place has been closed since the pandemic began more than a year ago. a go fund me page help keep the beloved venue afloat during the shutdown. the first showing was at two this afternoon, and excited movie goers could not wait. pretty excited. mother watch king congress's godzilla. it's been a long time since i've been to the alameda theater is always very welcoming. nice food. nice seats. i'm pretty excited. well they go fund me account for the theater raised $100,000 in just five weeks, helping the theater survive during the pandemic. coming up a massive mural in oakland to bring attention to food and security, and we'll hear from the artist behind it. and one day after president biden levied sanctions against
6:37 pm
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allowed in the country. the announcement came just hours after by inside in order that kept the refugee levels at 15,000 number set by trump while campaigning biden and promised to increase the cap to 125,000 for the next fiscal year, so a signature to keep
6:40 pm
the trump era numbers sparked fury among democrats. the white house then said biden will remove the trump era cap next month to allow more refugees. after warning of retaliation, russia officials today announced how the kremlin will respond to us sanctions and a news conference in moscow, the country's foreign minister announced that russia will impose sanctions against the us move comes one day after president buying levy dozens of sanctions against russia. the us levied sanctions on russia for meddling in the presidential election, and it's hacking a federal agencies actions. moscow has denied. united states is not looking to kick off a cycle of ex escalation. russia continues interfere with our democracy. i'm prepared to take further actions to respond. the white house worked to remain optimistic about retaliation with russia or relations with russia, rather defending the president's proposal that he and his russian counterpart meet face to face for summit somewhere in europe. the summer, russia says it's still considering president biden's propels summit. also today,
6:41 pm
president biden welcome the japanese prime minister to the white house. the meeting comes at a crucial time on the world stage is china build its influence. north korea remains defiant and tokyo tries to conduct the summer olympics during a global pandemic. other long term issues the leaders talked about included climate change, auto tariffs and energy policy. the prime minister of japan is the first foreign leader to visit the white house since president biden took office roll, castro announced today. he is stepping down as head of cuba's communist party. it ends an era of formal leadership by but he and his late brother fidel castro that began in 1959 revolution. castro didn't say who he would endorse as his successor as first secretary general of the communist party, but he previously has indicated that he favors yielding control to miguel diaz canel, who succeeded him as president. back in 2018, buckingham palace is now making final preparations for tomorrow's
6:42 pm
sarah morton. ceremonial royal funeral for prince philip, a custom built land rover will carry the princes casket to the private service at windsor castle. prince philip designed this vehicle himself in 2003, knowing he wanted it used for his own funeral on lee 30. people will attend the private funeral due to covid-19 restrictions. prince philip died one week ago at age 99. he had been married to queen elizabeth for 73 years. varia weather the weekend almost here i am tracking a warm up. we'll have the updated forecast coming up. let's go to ktvu alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu, plus alex, andre. thank you. some oakland businesses are boarding up right now ahead of a protest planned for later tonight in response to the deadly police shooting of a teenager in chicago will have more on demonstrations planned all across the country. plus, the
6:43 pm
pentagon confirms this ufo video is the real deal tonight. we hear from tmz's harvey levin, with more details on this unusual sighting. we will have those stories and a lot more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus unusual to be sure, alex think you'll see that but first after the break, the bay area welcomes its first top gulf franchise location. we'll show you the grand opening of the new entertainment center in the self man
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this commercial is now over. logo. naylor has a tour it's opening s at a perfect time. it's a towering new landmark off
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highway 2 37 in north san jose, and the first time a off and i think it's a great place. it's fun place practice. welcome to top golf, the first burial location for the franchise friday marked its grand opening and comes after an almost year long delay construction, which. shut down last year because of the pandemic. it's a huge relief, and it's just an amazing accomplishment to get this venue open. it's a tri level entertainment venue with 120 hitting bays for gulf based games where groups could rent the areas for about $50 an hour, the 83,000 square foot facility is a flagship venue similar to one in las vegas and mark stop golf's second location in california. this father drove experience. really i mean to be able to hit golf balls and then get food and drinks and just hang out. enjoy the environment on. they have some pretty cool games for kids to because of the pandemic masks and reservations are required and
6:47 pm
the indoor common areas and bar top remain closed. it marks a new type of venue for the lv, so area i'm also excited about the way it's been built in with environmental considerations in mind. they have to actions on the glass for bird migrations. they have solar built in and most importantly, it's 600 jobs. boy couldn't comment a better time. the director of economic development for the city of san jose says this opening comes at a welcome time when outdoor based activities are crucial, and when other sectors like retail and services have been hit hard, so many people who have been devastated through covid. and this is one of the bright spots. top golf. san jose says reservations are full for its first weekend, and they're still looking to hire about 150 people. top golf has another location in roseville, and they recently broke ground on tomb or in los angeles. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. oh, burial, whether the a
6:48 pm
weekend almost here it looks like that to dry weather pattern will continue. in fact, we're talking about a warmup for both saturday and into sunday. so last day we had rainfall here. the last storm. that was thursday march 18th. so as you know, it has been extended period of dry weather and a lease for right now, are we adding onto the onto all these days? so in the april we're up to a dry stretch, they tally up to 29 days, including today and there's really no sign of significant rain in the forecast released over the next five days. in fact, temperatures for tomorrow we are warming up. you could see the a bottom road. the temperatures from today and then the forecast highs for tomorrow. it's not just a little bit of a subtle warm up, you could see those numbers going up a good 10 to 12 to 15 degrees and a few spots as we head into your saturday, one area that will not warm up incredibly incredible. warm up will be the coast because we still have that onshore breeze and right now still tracking
6:49 pm
some fog near the coast, and that fog, in fact, already working its way approaching the golden gate. it just for this evening. so for tonight, the apache fog making a comeback. kurt numbers out there. santa rosa still in the sixties san francisco 51 livermore, 68 san jose checking in 64 degrees for the six o'clock hour, so here's the deal tomorrow. you could still see the clouds in the morning, clearing back to near the shoreline to the beaches. we'll call it partly cloudy the coastline mainly in the lower sixties, warm spots inland instead of the seventies. from today, we're expecting some low to mid eighties for tomorrow afternoon. and sunday should be the warmest day of the week end. it should also be the warmest day of the week. this guy coolin california the bay area over the past few days, an area of low pressure, but this big h wants to a set up camp offshore. that's a warm weather pattern that will keep us dry, mostly sunny skies after some areas of fog tomorrow morning, clearing back into the coastline and temperatures treading up a bit as we head into the weekend. here's a look at the numbers
6:50 pm
for your saturday afternoon. you could see the lower sixties out toward pacifica. half moon bay, san francisco 70 oakland 76 santa rosa 83 antioch in the mid eighties, right about 85 degrees here is look ahead sunday, the hottest day of the weekend. that means a few spots. england could be close to 90 degrees, and then on monday will cool things off. looks like a sun cloud mix into tuesday and into wednesday, but you will definitely notice that trend temping at least that warm up as we head into the weekend's not going to be just a little bit of a bump of the numbers. definitely i noticeable bump in the meetings as we head into, especially sunday, all right, mark. thank you. a new mural was unveiled officially in oakland this morning. with the focus on hunger artist victor ashe created the 190 ft tall mural located on the open marriott city center on broadway mayor libby schaaf. other local leaders and celebrities attended the unveiling. it is one of six going up in the
6:51 pm
country. syriza's part of the zero hunger effort by the united nations world food program. am it teamed up with street art for mankind and kellogg for the project, the artist says the mural depicts a black girl running in a week field holding a baton of wheat as a symbol of hope to pass the next generation. it was important to do something very positive. that's where made this little girl. i mean, they stole girl with the smiles and happiness around her. also on the dress and this pattern off, people holding each other. this is a message for sharing and sharing is very important. this is the tallest mural in oakland reruns will also go up in detroit and washington, d c. parts of the san francisco giants trying to continue their impressive start down in miami. jason appelbaum will have that and major league
6:52 pm
emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health,
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just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ guidance on your terms. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. size but through the 1st 12 games of the season, the giants have looked very good winners of six of their last seven come into tonight's game against the florida marlins and pitcher
6:55 pm
anthony to scale. feeney has been one of the biggest surprises locked in tonight against the marlins scoreless in the fourth. that is until evan longoria singles to left brings home mike you stransky. you had just doubled as the giants go up one, nothing disco. feeney was crew. losing until the fifth until rookie jazz chisholm junior gets ahold of one that's gone and we are tied at one bottom of the six still tied. adam devol, the former giant, it's gonna foul one off. alex dickerson gives chase and watches he kind of outdoors the fan and makes a great catch in foul territory over the wall, and that would in the sixth inning just cal feeny goes. six innings allows just one run strikes out for his defense says nope. i'm not gonna get that souvenir. juan de peralta. not as sharp. nope. gives up a three run homer to starling marte, a in the eighth inning estimated at 427. ft
6:56 pm
marlins take a 41 lead, and that is where we stand with two outs in the ninth inning, major league soccer is back and the san jose earthquakes are christening. 2021 season. the quakes opening up against the dynamo and rainy houston, texas tonight as we take it to the 39th minute dynamo on the attack, great body position by nemo, rodriguez to box out florian gym worth and rodriguez scores as houston goes up one nothing on the quakes, the dynamo would add another goal in the 56 minutes. nice pass from tyler passion, maxie, a rooty and he'll net. the goal. houston's up to nothing but the quakes have just scored and we now stand at 21 dynamo in the second half. if the warriors are gonna make the playoffs, they're gonna need more outstanding performances by some of the unsung players like qantas. kano anderson, what a
6:57 pm
night for him last night, a career night for j t a and the warriors 18 point win over the cavaliers to scotto. anderson hails from oakland played his high school ball in castro valley played 31 men. that's off the bench finished with a career high. 20 points, seven rebounds, three assists, throwing a steel and a blocked shot, and the warriors won their fourth in a row. not bad for an undrafted player who once played mainly in the g lead. you know, he's not a two way got to me. you know, he's he's really one of the one of the players on the team who who i really trust. and you know, he just understands the game at a deep level once he was amazing. you know, coming in making his presence felt on both ends of the floor has mentality has always been. he belongs in this league. so opportunity is there and he's taking full advantage of it. and you love to see that considering where he's been in his career and even you know these last years here? and the
6:58 pm
warriors are in boston with a big challenge tomorrow night. all right, last night's w. nba draft, the focal point of tonight's check this out. there we go. on grandma. great. got it. got it. thank you so much lives changed forever as you can see the celebration as makayla unwary. her number was called in the first round. she's out of u c l a. and this is adam grandin. yes, and free time and apparently an extra roll of toilet paper. this is kind of early quarantine days when we used to see stuff like this the handstand but watch here's the kicker. he spits a pink ball. it's right, you know little of the toilet paper roll. yeah no way, guys. pretty impressive, right? wow people have a lot of time on their have a lot of time on their hands. thanks jason. goodnight
6:59 pm
amy: i must say, penny, this is great fun. penny: glad you're enjoying yourself. amy: until i met you and bernadette, my trips to the bathroom had been entirely focused on elimination. now they have a delightful social aspect. amy, you must've been in the bathroom with other women before. (toilet flushes) of course i have. but they were strangers and seemed off-put when i engaged in friendly stall-to-stall chitchat. some women don't like to get chummy when their panties are down. you okay in there, bestie? penny: i'm fine... the reason i ask is that many people experience bladder shyness; the inability to pass uri... penny: yeah, i said i'm fine. stop talking to me. we're really not that close. screw it. i'll go later. and i'll be right by your side. did i tell you priya invited me and howard to have dinner with her and leonard? oh, that's nice.
7:00 pm
no, it's not. it's a strategic maneuver. leonard's new girlfriend is testing bernadette's loyalty to you and the group. that bitch is crafty. you think? of course. how does the cheetah attack a herd of wildebeests? by going after its weakest member. well, what makes me the weakest member? your trusting nature coupled with your teeny-tiny body. you wouldn't last a minute on the serengeti. okay, amy, you're being silly. i'm not concerned about who hangs out with who. and i certainly don't have a problem with leonard's new girlfriend who wears way too much makeup. ooh, these are cute. of course, if i buy them, i'll have to rent my womb out to a gay couple. it doesn't matter. i'm going to tell her we can't make it. oh, no. you have to go. i don't understand. i thought i was a teeny-tiny wildebeest. you are-- with hair that smells like strawberries.


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