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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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shooting at people in the parking lot before going into the building and then opening fire. good evening. i'm andre sr. and i'm cristina rendon. here's what we know. eight people have died hurt the shooter 19 year old bread and whole took hised the building. he is a former employee at that fedex facility processing center. ktvu jesse gary joining us live now with what we're learning about the victims, jesse. and indiana and federal investigators say their search for a motive or a cause for all of this still in its infancy, as you said eight people have been killed. four of those eight members of the sick community and that is striking a nerve here in the bay area to wake up this morning. and to see a shooting of our community members in america. it's just it's too
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much sick community activist rina course item, says the pain from thursday's mass shooting in indianapolis is both familiar and unwelcome. investigators say around 11 p.m. central time 19 year old suspect brandon whole pulled into the fedex facility parking lot, got out and started shooting. my wife works in there on she texts me to tell me there was an active shooter. by the time responding. indianapolis police arrived at the scene. the alleged shooter was dead. and so we're more than half a dozen people. officers received information of a male walking through the parking lot, shooting a rifle responding officers received additional information that a man shooting weapon entered the building and multiple people were shot at the location when the violence was over. eight victims were dead and at least seven others were wounded, detective say, brandon whole took his own life. this is the sixth mass shooting in the united states in the past five weeks, experts say americans suffer from an onslaught of chronic traumatic experiences
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in 2021. after a while, you get sort of a nest it ties to it. it's almost like what we call learned helplessness. political leaders say this most recent mass shooting screams at the need for more stringent gun control, california senator dianne feinstein writes this epidemic of gun violence won't end until congress steps up and passes meaningful legislation for people in indiana and around the country. it's a familiar call, they hope will finally lead to some type of change. there's nothing you can say. just somebody who has lost a member of their family who was never coming back. there are no words of comfort. nothing will ever give them solace. but the only thing we can do is to continue to stay on the front lines of this issue. there is a candlelight vigil for the victims of the indiana shooting here in san
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jose. at seven o'clock tonight. we will put that information on our website. it might be there already. ktvu dot com in case you would like to attend and, of course, continue to monitor this story. have an update for you coming up. it's six o'clock we'll live in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news. way back to you, jesse. thank you. president biden has ordered flags to be flown at half staff across the country and memory of the shooting victims. flags have been lowered at the white house and all federal buildings in military posts. in a statement, president biden said gun violence is an epidemic in america, but we should not accept it. we must act video this evening, showing the moments leading up to the deadly pollux shooting of an armed men last month in fremont. don't some parts fired a well free one police released video from the officer's body camera today showing the march 24th shooting. the officer tried to pull the man over because the vehicle he was driving had been reported
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stolen and was also believed to have been involved in an armed robbery. the driver who has been identified as joshua gloria of oakland, refused to stop and after a short chase, investigators say gloria got out of his car on highway 84 started shooting at the officer. the officer returned fire, killing the 34 year old. the shooting is being investigated by the c h p ent, the alameda county district attorney's office. new information about the embattled mayor of windsor today. dominic for police said he would step back from his duties after six women accused him of sexual assault. ktvu tom vacar joining us now with the latest on this and tom for probably also said he would not be resigning. well, that's what he's saying for now. with so many citizens and city council members and other officials demanding that the mayor resigned. the mayor keeps saying, for now, at least he will step back, but he's not stepping down. six women have accused the mayor of sexual
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assaults, apparently involving drinking, none reported over the last 16 years until publicly reported in news accounts despite protests from the public calls for resignation from the public, as well as fellow elected officials, despite rejection from his family wine business, mayor dominic for poli remained resolute in his stance to reject resignations and i am not stepping down is that in this case, i know the truth of those experiences. but if you love windsor as much as you said, you always have. then you need to resign. now there's a change in his stance. writing this, though i maintain full innocents under the law, i have decided to step back from an active role is mayor until the formal investigation is complete. while the investigation is underway. i will not be present at town hall nor attend any more meetings in my capacity as mayor, i will be available to sign resolutions. and in an extreme circumstance, join a
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meeting to create a quorum. if one of my colleagues is conflicted out, government has a whole different code. if you are, if you misbehave if you sort of tarnish your office like he has you are unfit to serve since the elected mayor cannot be ousted by the council that makes the current recall effort the remaining remedy, but cal poly professor of ethics steven mintz says this i don't think six women would subject themselves to such public scrutiny. if they didn't fully believe it was sexual assault. so for the good of the community, i think you should resign. everyone we met at the windsor shopping center said step down. not aside. he doesn't have the faith of the community any longer. it's a waste of resource is women have been suffering this for eons, and it's about time it stops. now, if the mayor relies on the
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recall route, it does indeed. buy him some time. no question about that. but you better use that time well to disprove what people are saying about him or recall is a virtual certainty. tom vacar ktvu fox two news, tom. thank you, the low scholars monte sereno police department has arrested a business owner who they say sexually assaulted some of his customers. the woody say 75 year old ali ashqar, shammy ronnie befriended. female customers by saying he was offering bread making lessons at mama's bakery on santa cruz avenue. authorities say he would then inappropriately touched them against their will. sharma ronnie faces sexual battery charges. the oakland unified school district and its teachers union are officially at an impasse over an agreement to safely reopen all of the district's schools, the teachers union says after months of negotiations, their gods with the district over the teacher workloads preparation time for teaching. both in class and remote learnings and
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accommodations for child care and leave time for teachers whose families are at high risk of contracting covid-19. now the in past will not impact the district's reopening plans. oakland students started returning for in person learning last month and more students in grades seven through 12 are set to begin in person instruction on monday. the cdc is keeping a close eye on breakthrough infections. covid-19 infections. these are people who have contracting the virus after they have been fully vaccinated. the agency says it received about 5800 reports so far here in the bay area, san mateo county has reported 44 cases. contra costa county has 91 cases, sonoma county reported 39 napa has 49 in marin county, there have been 23 cases 93. in alameda county, santa clara county, said they have seen vaccinated people test positive for the virus, but did not give a specific number. i think the
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message is that this is what we'd expect. there's nothing in life, that's 100% and while these vaccines are absolutely outstanding, they're not 100. dr jon swartz berg says these cases are extremely rare again, the cdc says it's received about 5800 reports of these breakthrough cases. that's that's out of 78 million americans who have received the full dose of the vaccine. well a vaccination clinic at san jose city hall today targeted the homeless population. ktvu zan rubin joins us now with a look at the obstacles they overcame to make it happen and just getting people to the event wasn't easy. yet organized. there's brought in busses, and they'll do it again in a few weeks, they'll have to track down the same people when it's time for second shots, before this clinic at city hall could vaccinate the homeless volunteers had to convince them to come. and so people like geneva, strickland spent days of the san jose encampments
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offering education and encouragement. we contacted them because i've been homeless myself for six years, so i'm able to relate to them and i see their points and. and it just helps out i feel a little more comfortable and they get a little more comfortable talking to me. i think that there were logistics to think about local leaders in partnership with the group. asian americans for community involvement sent busses to pick people off their in different locations, different encampments, and so it's hard to get them to the centralized locations and that's why getting the bus is to bring them here is critical, and they'll have to do it twice with the johnson and johnson one dose vaccine on hold the clinic pivoted. to using moderna. that means he'll have to find an often transient population for a second shot. but you know, even having one shot off the madonna vaccine is better than having no shots at all. so there's some production with that. so you know, to the extent that we were able to great people back, we will make every effort to do that. santa
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clara county is also bringing shots into the encampments. valley homeless health care program has administered more than 1600 vaccinations to date, 491st doses 333 2nd doses and 847 of the johnson and johnson vaccine. they have a mobile van, but also utilize what they called backpack teams. it's really helpful for us to go to multiple sites because. we've had clients say, you know, i was kind of on the fence, but since you're here, i'm going to get it, so it's kind of nice to meet them where they are the gold to vaccinate as many as possible in this vulnerable population, the city hall clinic offered wraparound services even help filing for stimulus checks. for those who showed up there hopeful the success of this event bodes well for the next one. so we need to be creative for the second shot in having new incentives for people to come and do this. organizers say they administered more than 500
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doses today, and they say the follow up clinic will be held on may 14th andre all right, and we've been reporting for us live and thank you so much. and after maurer than a year, the san jose sharks are welcoming fans back. they'll be allowed inside asap. center april 26 when the sharks hosting arizona coyotes fans aged to one up will be required to test negative for covid-19 48 to 72 hours before the game. name or have proof they have been fully vaccinated at least two weeks before the game. this is similar to what the warriors they're doing for fans at chase center. unrest continues in minnesota after the police shooting of do want to ride at 5 30 the emotional tribute today from the mother of his son, and i'm keeping an eye on your weather. we've had a beautiful day out there a little foggy at the coast, but we're looking at a very nice night and a very warm weekend. i'll have details coming up first. so a dy suspects make us made his first quarter parents
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. driver in a deal i crash made his first court appearance today after being charged with murder. our crime reporter henry lee, joining us now with the latest on this case, henry well, kristina, this driver was put on notice because of a previous, do you why that if he killed someone while again driving drunk, he could be charged with murder, and that's exactly what happened here. this is 25 year old christian vargas shortly after pittsburgh
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police say he crashed his camaro into a family's toyota killing. karina rose, alice's boyfriend and her seven year old daughter he does not deserve. no simply. on friday, vargas pleaded not guilty and martinez courtroom to two counts of murder as well as to you why cameras were not allowed at the hearing anything to see them again killed in the crash were seven year old cellar metella and romero castro, where is always in her. two other kids were hurt in the crash from her hospital bed. she had this message for the suspect. i think you deserve. stay in jail. you deserve to stay there. but you took two people that i cared about what i call level two hours after was measured by what we call a pass device had a point to know. that's more than twice the legal limit, and contra costa county prosecutor derek but says vargas was driving his camaro up to 100 miles an hour before the crash. your records show vargas has a prior to you. why in san francisco in 2019.
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the d m v, then suspended his license for four months. despite all that information that he had negative experience for the dy. itself and the three months driving course. the engage in this behavior. vargas was warned by a judge back in 2019 that he could be charged with murder if he killed someone while again drunk drink, get in the car. don't speed below the speed limit. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says. that's why this case has been elevated from manslaughter to murder. ah lot of people when they hear that warning. they think they'll never happen tonight. but in fact it does happen to quite a number of people. vargas is being held at contra costa county jail, and martinez is bail said it more than $2.5 million. today. he declined my request for an interview, and his attorney had no comment. reporting live henry lee ktvu fox two news.
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you just feel for the victim's family there. i know she's receiving a lot of community support, henry. thank you. police in san leandro are investigating a shooting that left a man badly injured this morning. officers were called to the area a near west wanna and carpentier street around 5 20. when they arrived, they found a man that had been suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. officers say the victim was shot near doolittle and marina boulevard and somehow made it to his mother's home where he was then found by officers. anyone with information should contact san leandro police, hari will. hopefully you've had a good friday out there. maybe got a little sunshine. we had plenty of it in the bay unless you were out of the coast, in which case pretty socked in with the clouds today, but we do have some worth coming this weekend. i wanted to start off, though, with the kind of unfortunate news that the last rain we've had is march 18th. that was our last measurable rainfall in as you know, we entered april with a deficit of rain, so obviously this has not
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been very project. because we've gotten a whole lot of nothing. we're now 29 days of dry weather in a row. and as we go into the weekend, high pressure is going to drop down from the north and that is going to exacerbate the problem because that allows all storms to kind of shoot over the top of us. it is also going to allow us to warm up and we're going to see some communities inland. get into the mid even upper eighties. it's possible that someone might even hit the 90 degree mark. let's start off with where we are right now live look at the oakland estuary could see san francisco in the distance. feel little clouds that are out there for sure. oakland right now. 59 degrees 49 in san francisco so bit cooler there where the clouds are rolling in 62 in santa rosa. we're in the seventies still in sunny livermore and 66 in san jose, so lively the star tracker choose shows you those clouds and kind of been hanging out at the coast. why raise his state? cloudy also, you know if you were in pacifica areas right along the coast there and peninsula, even parts of the hill and sell itself have been certainly dealing with the clouds all day and you could see there right there right now.
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haven't really gone anywhere, but we're gonna get some nice weather for a baseball game tonight. i think it's gonna be pretty great out there. we do have a little bit of a breeze going on so you could see a little bit of wind up to about 15 mph as the oakland a's take on the detroit tigers, looking for a temperature of about 56 degrees and again, some of those clouds will be moving and tonight we are gonna be a few degrees warmer than we were last night. so that will be nice. no thirties on the back as you can see 48 in san francisco about 46 conquered san jose about 47 in santa rosa 41. so that patchy fog is gonna be with us again tomorrow. but once that fog clears out, and i think maybe those of you coaster gonna get a little break you probably you're still gonna have some of that fog to contend with tomorrow, but the coaster talking a hive 63 so a little bit warmer seventies around the bay and mid to almost for eighties in some spots inland, and they're going to see those temperatures go up even further as we head into sunday, so i'll be back in just a bit with your extended forecast. we'll talk about just how long these warm temperatures will last. andre back to you. well, thanks,
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ellen. animal rights activists held a protest outside golden gate fields, which open to the public today for the first time in more than a year. the protesters want the track to shut down, according to the group, direct action everywhere. the protest is tied to the recent deaths of racehorses at the track. nine horses have died this year, the activists say golden gate fields is the deadliest track in california and the second deadliest in the nation. golden gate fields represents an awful blood sport industry that's paid. organized by billionaires, the track, it takes up almost 140 acres of bay area water friend and it should be used for housing. it should be used for open space, and it should be used for literally anything else but a blood sport. the owners of the track filed the lawsuit last month against the group over protests at forced it to cancel and postpone races. even though vaccinations are increasing coronavirus variants are still
5:22 pm
a major concern of the white house will spend over $1 billion to address the latest threat doll. and to fight covid-9
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variants, according to the white house covid-19 response team. the funding will be used to identify and track the potentially threatening coronavirus mutations, the team says. new genomic surveillance is needed to defeat not only the current pandemic but new emerging threats. this critical and substantial investment. cdc will fund the equipment supplies training staff in elektronik infrastructure partnerships and innovative innovation to build a robust national genomic sequencing effort. the funding comes from the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan passed last month. as the largest vaccination effort in u. s
5:25 pm
history accelerates. there was heated criticism at a house hearing in congress from one republican lawmaker. his comments were directed a doctor anthony fauci, another medical leaders, jonathan, syria report's recommendations are not a personal recommendation. it's based on. the cdc guidance in the american people. what dr fauci to answer the question. what does it have to be here, sir? if you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth, it was the most contentious hearing so far related to the covid-19 pandemic doctors squaring off against lawmakers as they defended their recommendations on social distancing and shutdowns. republican congressman jim jordan repeatedly pressing doctor anthony fauci to say when americans quote will get their liberty and freedoms back. you're making this. personal thing, and it isn't it's not a personal thing. no, you are. that is exactly what you're doing, doctor fauci. we just had the chair of the financial services committee said she loves you and you're the greatest thing in the world. the hearing taking places
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republicans push for the country to fully reopen the vaccination program is still accelerating more than 3.3 million shots now being given every day, but fizer says that number may have to get bigger in the coming months, suggesting a third shot could be needed and new doses once a year after that. like the flu shot, there would be likely in need for a certain does somewhere between six and 12 months and then from there, there will be a nine year old buddy. vaccination so far, vaccines are even more effective than expected less than 6000 fully vaccinated. people have contracted covid-19, a tiny fraction of the 76 million who have gotten both shots. but the cdc is warning case numbers remain very high, and we're not out of the woods. yet the emergence of variants that spread more easily has made the race to stop transmission even more challenging, the cdc says. the majority of those who became infected after vaccination had either mild or no symptoms in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu
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fox two news. anger and unrest in chicago businesses. they're prepping for protests after the release of that video, showing an officer shooting and killing a 13 year old boy and an independent investigation looking into the deadly police shooting of a man armed with a back inside of an east bay walmart, the mistake's the officers made, according to the report, plus. a huge relief and it's just an amazing accomplishment to get this venue open and top gulf is finally opening san jose later tonight. we take a tour of the new facility that will create
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logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. sir leandro found two officers violated department policy and one of the officers. well. they were already been charged and fired and criminally charged in the killing that took place inside of a wal mart ktvu evan sernoffsky has a new details in this report. heaven. that's right. andre. investigators found that both officers violated a number of department policies, including failing to de escalate the situation and using their tasers when they shouldn't have. julie haener. marin this cell
5:31 pm
phone video, former san leandro police officer jason fletcher. it's seen shocking steven taylor with a taser before fatally shooting him with his pistol. the. o seconds later, officer stephanie over 10 deploys his taser as taylor collapses and dies. these are just some of the tactics that were out of policy, according to an independent investigation commissioned by the city of san leandro. the shooting happened on april 18th 2020 when police responded to a man holding a baseball bat inside the walmart on his spare ian boulevard, the investigation found that fletcher failed to wait for backup. it also found he failed to use required de escalation and crisis intervention tactics. fletcher violated policy again by pulling his taser and his pistol out at the same time. which can cause a significant likelihood of confusion under stress. fletcher was fired
5:32 pm
after the shooting and was charged by the district attorney's office with voluntary manslaughter. his attorney, mike rains, disputed the d a s charges during an arraignment in september. the issue is going to be did he attempt to de escalate the situation before using legal for girls, and the answer is moved for sure they did. this latest report offers new revelations about administrative violation. chins it also reveals that officer over 10 violated policy by deploying his taser after the threat from taylor was significantly diminished. overton has not been charged and has returned to active duty. the city said it will make a decision about disciplining him by june 18th. it was just overwhelming to realize this is what they do. this is how they respond. at the kitchen is taylor's grandmother. she hopes the investigation will bring about changes that the police department and avoid cases like her grandson's killing in the future. we've been asking for
5:33 pm
them to train officers in de escalation. but it appears that even if they are trained in it, they're not used that they use their weapons first. no officer jason fletcher is due back in court for his criminal case on june 29th. he's pleaded not guilty, reporting live evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news, kevin thank youso much. meantime police in antioch shot a man armed with a knife who they say refused commands and charged and officers that happen around 12 50 this morning in an apartment on west third street. police say they got a call about a suicidal man. and when officers arrived, they say, a 45 year old man approached them while holding a knife now, police say officers backed up when the man went back inside the apartment. moments later, though, police say suddenly came out again holding a knife and charged at them. one officer used his stun gun, but that didn't work. so another officer used his gun and shot the man twice. police say he was taken to the hospital and is in stable
5:34 pm
condition. schools in minneapolis will be closed the second half of next week in anticipation of a verdict in the derrick show. vin murder trial, local state and federal law enforcement agencies are gearing up for potential protests when that verdict comes down, closing arguments are set to begin on monday with jury deliberations to follow. chauvet is charged with 2nd and 3rd degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the killing of george floyd and another night of protests are expected tonight in brooklyn center, minnesota following the death of two want a ride. he was shot and killed by police on sunday, the sixth night of protest comes is the city lifts tonight. curfew today. we also heard from the mother of rights young son. she held back tears. she said she didn't want to raise her son alone. everything's still all really just hitting me now because i still haven't really fully like understood everything going on right now. um i'm just really
5:35 pm
hurt from our son because, like he doesn't have his father now, and it's like it's kind of stressful on me because, like, i don't really don't wanna do this by myself. former officer kim potter was charged with manslaughter for wright's death. his mother says those charges are not enough and businesses in chicago or prepping for unrest after police released body camera video of an officer shooting and killing 13 year old adam toledo storefronts have boarded up around the city in preparation of protest this weekend. well the demonstrations have remained peaceful, but some are worried they could escalate. reporter joanie lum has more on the video that shows the shooting. the videos are evidence for the copa investigation, and anyone who saw them felt a strong impact. police superintendent david brown is remaining impartial and once again extended his condolences to the family of 13 year old adam to
5:36 pm
leto. cooper released multiple clips, beginning with the body camera video of the officer who shot 13. year old adam to leto after a brief foot chase screenshots show the boy had a gun in his hand, but he dropped or tossed it and turned toward the officer who shot him. it happened in a little village alley at 2:30 a.m. on march 29th in multiple views to leto is seen walking with the 21 year old man. police arrived due to a shot spotter alert. after the shooting, the officer and others on the scene try to save adam's life, but he was shot fatally in the chest. the officer appears to break down. a state me, buddy. say so. now there are two investigations into whether the shooting was justified watching it in real time. it clearly showed that individual had a gun less than a second prior to him turning face police officer in if, in fact that is a case and the police officer reasonably believed. that this young boy
5:37 pm
still had the gun in his hand. then there's no question it's a justified shooting. today the public is able to step back from the emotional impact after the shooting, but the frustration and pain are still there. me as a mom, it wasn't easy to watch this video at all. i cried. we had a moment of silence at my home. when i seen the video today, something inside of me died. i couldn't even bear to watch the whole video myself. i feel like like my childhood, just dying. all my childhood memories wiped for my head. again. that was joanie lum reporting for us. we have much more on the recent police shootings and the derrick shobin trial on our ktvu news app. it is free to download in your app store. alameda is historic theater finally reopens after more than a year we caught up with people who
5:38 pm
went to the very first showing, plus one day after president body and levy sanctions against russia, the kremlin says they'll return with sanctions of their own. i'm revoking a washin the number of refugees ald
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
in the country. the announcement came just hours after biden sign an order that kept the refugee levels at 15,000 number set by president trump back when he was president. now, while campaigning button had promised to increase the cap to 125,000 for the next fiscal year, so his signature to keep the trump aaron numbers sparked fury among democrats, the white house and said biden will remove the trump eric cap next month. to allow more refugees after warning of retaliation of russian officials announced how the kremlin will responded to us sanctions. fox's wri bogan
5:41 pm
has more on that. and what the u. s. says what the white house rather says about plans to rebuild the relationship moving forward. at a news conference in moscow, russia's foreign minister announced the kremlin is taking a #### for tat response to u. s sanctions, saying russia will impose sanctions of its own, but we will respond reciprocally to this measure. we will propose 10 diplomats in the united states to the russian federation toe leave our country. moscow's move comes one day after president but in levy dozens of sanctions against russia and russian officials. saying it was a proportionate response to russia's meddling in the last presidential election, and it's hacking of federal agencies actions. moscow has denied united states is not looking to kick off a cycle of ex escalation. russia continues interfere with our democracy. i'm prepared to take further actions to respond friday, the white house work to remain optimistic about relations with russia, defending the president's proposal that he and his russian counterpart
5:42 pm
meet face to face for a summit somewhere in europe this summer. what the president is offering is a bridge back. but with tensions intensifying, the body administration conceded a meeting has not been agreed to, but is an attempt to de escalate tensions. our objective is to have a predictable and stable relationship. meantime house minority leader kevin mccarthy said the president's actions don't go far enough warning. russia is also boosting up tens of thousands of troops along the ukrainian border, even though congress on a bipartisan basis passed the bill to put sanctions he chose different sanction. in a weakness. russia says it's still considering president biden's proposed summit in washington. ray bogan, fox news. president biden today welcome the japanese prime minister to the white house. the meeting comes at a crucial time on the world stage as china builds its influence. north korea remains defiant and tokyo tries to conduct december olympics during a global pandemic.
5:43 pm
united station japan have a big agenda ahead of us. and we are too important democracies in the pacific region on our cooperation is vital. other long term issues that leaders talked about today included climate change, auto tariffs and energy policy. the prime minister of japan is the first foreign leader to visit the white house since president biden took office. today, raul castro announced he is stepping down as head of cuba's communist party is the end of an era of formal leadership started by his late brother fidel. cash for going the 1959 revolution. castro did not say who he would endorse as his successor as first secretary general of the communist party, but he previously has indicated that he favors yielding control to miguel diaz canel, who succeeded him as president back in 2018. yeah. so the common exciting day in the south bay as top golf finally opens how community leaders are responding to the company's
5:44 pm
first bay area location, and have you made your plans for the weekend yet? well, i have some details about a big warm up coming our way. i will tell you the numbers when we come back. and after the break the two counties that could be the first in the bay area you're into your shows, right? the office. now you can be really into your shows with xfinity. find your favorites with just your voice. there is no fire. it was only a simulation! what?! dwight. manuel wins another one! get live sports on the go. he's stealing my scene. and if you have xfinity internet, flex is included. so your entertainment starts at free. so go on, get really into your shows. you need lotion. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch.
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tear next week if county metrics continued to improve. the yellow tear is the least restrictive level of the state's reopening system. and so far no beary counties have moved out of the orange tear. san francisco could also enter the yellow tear a soon as next week, city officials say they're closely monitoring cases and if all goes well, they could move out of the orange cheer. april 20th. after about a year delay and you entertainment center opened up in the south bay today. ktvu is more naylor has a tour of the new top golf facility and y city leaders say right now is
5:47 pm
the perfect time for it to open. it's a towering new landmark off highway 2 37 in north san jose, and the first time that top off and i think it's great. place. it's fun place practice. welcome to top golf, the first burial location for the franchise friday marked its grand opening and comes after an almost year long delay. construction was shut down last year because of the pandemic. it's a huge relief, and it's just an amazing accomplishment to get this venue open. it's a tri level entertainment venue with 120 hitting bays for gulf based games where groups could rent the areas for about $50 an hour. 83,000 square foot facility is a flagship venue similar to one in las vegas and mark stop golf's second location in california. this father drove up from gilroy. it's just a fun experience, really, i mean to be able to hit golf balls and then get food and drinks and just hang out. enjoy the environment on they have some pretty cool
5:48 pm
games for kids to because of the pandemic masks and reservations are required and the indoor common areas and bar top remain closed. it marks a new type of venue for the lv, so area i'm also excited about the way it's been built and with environmental considerations in mind, they have protections on the glass for bird migrations. they have solar built in and most importantly, it's 600 jobs. boy couldn't comment a better time. the director of economic development for the city of san jose says this opening comes at a welcome time when outdoor based activities are crucial, and when. other sectors like retail and services have been hit hard, so many people who have been devastated through covid and this is one of the bright spots. top golf. san jose says reservations are full for its first weekend, and they're still looking to hire about 150 people. top golf has another location in roseville, and they recently broke ground
5:49 pm
on tomb or in los angeles. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. places a lot of fun. well, the alameda theater reopen today. the historical movie play place. well, it's been close since the pandemic began more than a year ago. a go fund me page help keep the beloved venue afloat during the shutdown. the first showing was at two this afternoon, and excited movie goers could not wait. pretty excited. mother watch king congress's godzilla. it's been a long time since i've been to the alameda theater. it's always very welcoming. nice food. nice seats. i'm pretty excited. well the go fund me account for the theater raised $100,000 in just five weeks, helping the theater survive during the pandemic. universal studios theme park has reopened in hollywood capacity, though, is captain 25% the park has been closed for more than a year to do the pandemic, and in that time, it added some new attractions, including a secret life of pets
5:50 pm
ride, park officials say they've implemented safety measures eating and drinking is on lee. allowed and designated dining areas with no more than six guests per table. all right, well, who's ready for the weekend? we've got some beautiful weather headed our way. if you like warm weather, it is certainly going to be your weekend particularly inland where i know some people like to get out side. maybe go sit at the pool's gonna be a perfect weekend for that. take a live look outside. right now. down the oakland estuary. you can see some of the clouds that are rolling in over san francisco as they normally do this time of day. part of the coast been socked in today with clouds right now. degrees out at half moon bay 51 in san francisco, but check out napa where it's currently 70 72, walnut creek and 74 in concord, livermore. 71 you get the idea if you were inland, we started to warm up a bit today. looking at store tracker to you can kind of see those clouds that are rolling in. we've got a bit of a kind of a northwest flow with the wind. so that's kind of bringing those right into the coastline. you could see it kind of bumping right up
5:51 pm
against the coast. there were you have half moon bay and pacific up. so that's going to be the story for the evening and we are going to see some clouds start to rolling in some some kind of, you know, patchy fog as well. in the overnight hours wind is a little breezy as i mentioned you could see 15 mile per hour wind there in oakland and in concord, fairfield, about 23. the coast has been a little bit breezy is as expected, right, so were gusting about 17 mph and half moon bay about 23 mph at sfo. so tonight we're absolutely see temperatures bump up a few degrees little bit warmer. no thirties on the map. temperatures ranging between low forties and low 50. he's tonight and then high pressure is going to drop in as we head through the weekend, and that is what is going to keep us warm and then warmer and ultimately dry as well. unfortunately because it blocks any rain for making its way to us, and that's what gives us the sunny sky. so tomorrow, check out some of these temperatures. head inland. if you want to see the high numbers 85 conquered 87 in fairfield 83 in santa rosa, but even san francisco looking out for a high of 71 tomorrow and
5:52 pm
pacifica out at the coast, you know 63 that's pretty warm. for the coast, 77 in san jose. and if you consider where we were on thursday, and then you consider where we're going on sunday, you could see these temperatures are jumping 20 plus degrees all across the board here, so you know it's going to be a pretty warm run, but it doesn't last. we do start to break that down as we get into monday, but let me show you. unfortunately the dry pattern that continues as we sit here in our. 29th day of dry weather. future cast just keeps rolling. you could see a tiny little thing trying to work its way in there on wednesday doesn't really bring anything our way. and then there's a system there on saturday. this would be next saturday, so weak from tomorrow and we'll have to see what that holds. we really can't say. right now. models aren't quite clear on that. but what i can say is you gotta warm weekend ahead and then we are going to see some of those temperatures pull back as we get into monday, tuesday wednesday. by the time we get to tuesday, wednesday, we'll kind of be back to normal. so christina the sunscreen out. it's gonna be outside this weekend. absolutely i'll make sure to
5:53 pm
check my closet and have it ready, kyla. thank you. ah pair of humpback whales were spotted in the monterey bay. take a look at the video here. these wells showing off for people who were on board the princess monterey will watching vote. the whales were spotted yesterday around 12 30. they were swimming and splashing next to the boat for about half an hour. the whale watchers say humpbacks have been showing up in numbers over the last couple of days. hot and dry spring. it means we could be in for another devastating fire season. we just heard kyla say there. no chance of rain, yet the prevention efforts happening in the sierra this weekend.
5:54 pm
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focusing on hunger nearly be shaft, another local leaders and celebrities attended the unveiling artist victor ashe created the 190 ft tall mural on the open, mary on city center on broadway. it's one of six going up in the country. the series is part of the zero hunger effort by the united nations world food program. the order says the mural depicts a black oh, running in a week field holding a baton of wheat as a symbol of hope to pass it on. next generation. it was important to do something very positive. that's where made this little girl. i mean, they stole girl with the smile and happiness around her. also on the dress and this pattern off, people holding each other. this'd is a message for sharing and sharing is very important. you do, this new mural makes it the tallest mural in oakland.
5:57 pm
the golden state warriors air, helping those in need with another swishes traditions event is a drive thru grocery giveaway. volunteers from the warriors have been handing out boxes of fresh produce dairy products and other staples to about 1100 families. the ceo of second harvest of silicon valley says the need is still unprecedented because of the pandemic. somebody the folks we serve our service, where people who are working in the service industry and even as his jobs to start to come back, so many folks are behind on the rent payments, so many folks have had to completely wipe out their savings. and so we're anticipating providing the same level of food service for the foreseeable future. as part of the swishes for dishes program the warriors donate 100 meals for every point, the team scores, fire officials are working around the clock tower. moved. dry brush ahead of the fire season as reporter long long tells us, they're focusing their efforts this weekend in
5:58 pm
the lake tahoe area. we all know why wildfire prevention is a focus this time of year, preventing the spread of a wild land fire can save lives and property and beats fighting one that gets out of control as we've seen over the past few years. controlled burns are scheduled this week off highway 50 and the tahoe national forest, where crews began burning nearly 700 acres of land littered with volatile feels many of the targeted burns are were previous fires made room for thick brush to grow. it is mixed in with fallen branches from dead and dying trees from recent burns. the area is a few miles from forest hill, which lives under constant threat of runaway wild land fires. this is a crucial time of year for forest managers who want to get rid of combustible fuels like this. the canadian the expansion of a deadly and dangerous wild land fire, and they want to do it before the weather begins to change. well cool temperatures prevail now. predictions of a severe drought usually mean high temperatures and low humidity about formula for wild
5:59 pm
land fires. well, a good deal. progress was made on prescribed burns during a mild winter. the clock is ticking to get as much dangerous fuel burned off as possible under controlled conditions before warmer weather arrives in the tahoe national forest, lani wong fox news. this'll is ktvu fox two news at six. tonight. eight people are dead and seven others are injured after a 19 year old gunman walked into a fedex facility in indianapolis and opened fire are mpd officers went towards danger, as they typically do, and when they arrived on the scene, they found something that really no one should see. tonight we're learning more about the gunman who took his own life at the fedex facility where he was a former employee. good evening. i'm christina were down and i'm andre. senior police have identified the suspect as 19 year old brandon whole, according to a police report in
6:00 pm
march of 2020 police responded to a mental health call at holes home after his mother called police to report that our son might try to commit suicide by cop hole was transported to the hospital and a gun show shotgun rather was seized. investigators were back at his home where they collected evidence, including desktop computers and other electronic media. so far, no motive has been released for the very latest, and when the fedex mass shooting, let's go to ktvu, jesse gary jesse, andre good evening to you and just a few minutes ago, authorities started putting out the names of the victims of this mass shooting. they range in age from their late teens, all the way to the mid seventies, federal and indiana law officers say they're just in the infancy. of their investigation into what prompted this shooting. but this this shooting, which left four dead and four of the dead are from the sick community. well, that's touched a nerve here in the bay area.


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