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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 16, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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others at a fedex facility in the state of indiana, plus new information surrounding the mayor of windsor more in his decision to step back from his duties as the investigation into allegations of sexual assault continues, and a new heart line created by a group of uc berkeley students to help find covid-19 vaccine appointment, the news a new starts now. thanks is ktvu fox two news that new and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. good afternoon. i'm allie rasmus infer gasia mikaelian. well, just in the last 20 minutes, police have identified the shooter who opened fire at a fedex facility in indianapolis. he's identified as 19 year old brandon scott hole of indiana, and police say he took his own life before he killed eight people. and injured five others. ktvu james torres has the latest as family members await word on the conditions of their left ones. i want to thank the first responders, city leaders
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lead a news conference once again, asking the community for its strength as they deal with another mass casualty. so this morning for the third time. since january, our community woke up to news of senseless crime. that will not soon leave. our minimum is unacceptable for indianapolis. police say a gunman parked his car outside this fedex building near the indianapolis airport and immediately began shooting. there was no confrontation. with anyone that was there. there was no disturbance. there was no argument. he just appeared to randomly start shooting. officers found four bodies outside the building and another four bodies inside. the shooter also found dead inside family members of fedex employees waited at a nearby hotel, hoping to hear relief so thankful. how but my heart goes out to all the people effect, but never once. did you think it would happen to your own backyard? and when it does,
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it's like a wake up. call like you know, this is not far fetched the white house releasing this statement, president biden says he called on the justice department to protect americans from gun violence, also urging congress to announce common sense gun violence prevention legislation like background checks and a ban of high capacity magazines. i would. point to the fact that just last week i signed on to a letter from over 150. mayors around the country, asking for the united states senate to consider legislation that would expand background checks to be required when firearms or transferred. between private citizens, mayor hogs said, echoing the idea of expanding gun legislation, especially in a state where the state legislature is constantly at odds over removing the requirement to have a permit in
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order to carry a gun. it's still not clear how the shooter had access to his gun. both president biden and indiana's governor have called for flags to fly at half staff in honor of the victims. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. new a new and embattled windsor mayor dominic napoleon's stepping back from an active role in the town's government. but he is not resigning. this comes in response to widespread calls for the mayor's resignation over allegations of sexual assault by several women. poli denies guild. but in a statement today, he says it has become clear that the windsor town council will not function at the level expected if he remains actively involved. he says he maintains full innocents under the law, and we'll step back until a formal vesting. gatien is complete. the sonoma county sheriff's office is investigating the sexual assault allegations. demonstrators gathered outside police headquarters in brooklyn center, minnesota for 1/5 straight night of protests following the fatal police
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shooting of 20 year old dante, right. police took a different approach during last night's demonstration, officers set up a fence outside police headquarters and never asked the protesters to leave, unlike in previous nights last night, there were no arrests. hundreds of demonstrate has marched in san francisco last night to express their anger about the recent police shooting they gathered in the city's mission district to show their support for the families of dante right for george floyd and others. the march began a mission high and then ended at the mission district police station is too few blocks away. i feel grief. i feel anger. um i feel like this has happened one too many times. no amount of body cam footage is gonna bring back. dante writes life. um and so i think the question now is how do we abolish the police? how do we work together to dismantle this system? the demonstrators also expressed their anger and grief over the death of 44 year old roger allen, who was killed by police
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in daly city last week. investigators the san francisco man was shot and killed after pointing a fake gun at officers as the largest vaccination and vaccination campaign in u. s history continues, there was a heated exchange at a house hearing in congress yesterday. one republican lawmaker directed his criticisms that dr anthony fauci and other medical leaders jonathan serrie explains recommendations are not a personal recommendation. it's based on. the cdc guidance in the american people want dr fauci to answer the question? what does it have to be here? sir? if you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth, it was the most contentious hearing so far related to the covid-19 pandemic doctors squaring off against lawmakers as they defended their recommendations on social distancing and shutdowns. republican congressman jim jordan repeatedly pressing doctor anthony fauci to say when americans quote will get their liberty and freedoms back. you're making this.
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personal thing, and it isn't it's not a personal thing. you know you are. that is exactly what you're doing, doctor fauci. we just had the chair of the financial services committee said she loves you and you're the greatest thing in the world. the hearing taking places republicans push for the country to fully reopen the vaccination program is still accelerating more than 3.3 million shots now being given every day, but fizer says that number may have to get bigger in the coming months, suggesting a third shot could be needed and new doses once a year after that. like the flu shot, there would be likely in need for a certain does somewhere between six and 12 months. and then from there, there will be a nine year old buddy. vaccination so far, vaccines are even more effective than expected less than 6000 fully vaccinated. people have contracted covid-19, a tiny fraction of the 76 million who have gotten both shots. but the cdc is warning case numbers remain very high, and we're not out of the woods. yet the emergence of variants that spread more easily has
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made the race to stop transmission even more challenging, the cdc says. the majority of those who became infected after vaccination had either mild or no symptoms in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. ah group of uc berkeley students created a special hotline to help people in alameda county who are having trouble finding a covid vaccine appointment. it's called shot line. the number is right there on your screen. volunteers take the colors, information and search for the best appointment they confined and they say they will get back to people within four days. it could be like really long process. also the wait time needed. sometimes when you call in is a lot and people just really don't have the time to do that, or just accessing the internet and kind of going through those steps and filling out the form online could be really challenging for some people. the shot line is open from eight a.m. to eight p.m. every day. we have more information on our website ktvu
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dot com. well the golden state warriors air, helping those in need with another one of their swishes for dishes event. it's a drive thru grocery giveaway that the team is wrapping up with sarah monty center in daly city, right about now, volunteers from the warriors have been handing out boxes of fresh produce dairy products and other staples to about 1100 families. the sea of second harvest of silicon valley, which is one of the event partners says the need and the community is unprecedented because of the pandemic and somebody the folks we serve are serving where people who are working in the service industry and even as those jobs to start to come back, so many folks are behind on the rent payments, so many folks have had to completely wipe out their savings. and so we're anticipating providing the same level of food service for the foreseeable future. as. part of this wishes for dishes program. the warriors donate 100 meals for every point. the team scores second harvest of silicon valley urges anyone who needs help for those who can donate time or money to visit
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their website, a new mural was unveiled officially in oakland this morning with the focus on hunger artist victor ashe created the 190 ft tall mural located on the oakland marriott city center there on broadway mayor libby schaaf, other local leaders and celebrities attended the unveiling. it's one of six going up across the country this year. breeze is part of the zero hunger effort by the united nations world food program. it teamed up with street art for mankind and kellogg for this project, the artist says the mural depicts a black girl running in a wheat field holding a baton of weak as a symbol of hope to pass to the next generation. it was important to do something very positive. that's where made this little girl. i mean, they stole girl with the smiles and happiness around her. also on, people holding each other. this is a message for sharing and sharing is very important. this is the tallest mural in the
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city of oakland. the mirror will also go up in detroit and washington, d. c. still to come. at noon, a group of parents hire legal health in an effort to get their children back into the classroom will have the latest on the push to reopen schools in fremont. she's the strongest little girl. she she's gone through all of this with a smile, and she never complains. a show of support for in north bay soccer coach and his daughter who is battling brain cancer, how the team he coaches is using bracelets to help their cause, and it is shaping up to be a nice day. for much of the bay area. here's a live view of highway 24 looking from walnut creek. you could see clear skies there. ktvu meteorologist kylie grogan will have your full forecast coming u new bay fs
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is finding some help where they didn't expect it. ktvu z deborah villalon shows us how teenagers on a soccer team decided to help their coach and his young daughter who is fighting brain cancer. yeah. good firm passes after the ball good at sport. yes workaround chris daly coaches a few soccer teams but admits to a favorite 16 year old girls he's guided
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for three years. we'll have you girls for another year and finish them off until they don't have to college and for as long as the players have known chris, his daughter, blake has battled brain cance te she turned one. then four years of treatments. hope setbacks. blake had reba. counts, but they didn't last tumors returned. and that was the news. the team heard again this spring. we all came to practice and chris had just gotten a call that blakes cancer came back right then and there and weigh all kind of experienced it. they launched bracelets for blake at $5 each. they swiftly sold 300 with a new shipment of 400 just arrived. able to hand the dailies $1500 so far for their needs at a support. research into childhood cancer. beast yeah, you're gonna think talks, blake will soon start another trial medication. her parents frustrated that only 4%
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of research funding is geared to kids with cancer, as well as other cancers are so rare and so aggressive that that they're just they're difficult to figure out there need to be more. research to have better treatment options because treatment options that are there are often not working, or are just too hard for them. blake likes videos and singing along and despite being robbed of so much her positive spirit shines through. she's the strongest little girl she. she's gone through all of this with like a smile, and she never complains. these teenagers feel that sa our dailn and surprised coach daily by hiding them under their uniforms. it only from its ears. they almost having in tears, that's for sure. as the family continues its journey with blake, the team wants them to know they're not alone. they
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feel that a family, not just soccer club when you have that much. or behind you like it really helps you get through the hardest of times in petaluma deborah villalon ktvu fox two news, raul castro announced today he's stepping down as head of cuba's communist party. it ends an era of formal leadership by he and his late brother fidel castro that began with the 1959 revolution. castro did not say who he would endorse as his successor as first secretary general of the communist party, but he previously has indicated that he favors yielding control. miguel diaz can now who succeeded him as president in 2018? well it was a foggy and cool start to the morning here across the bay, but the fog has burned off fast forward a couple of hours and it's shaping up to be a nice day to step outside. let's check in with meteorologist kyla grogan for a look at our forecast. take i left. yeah. hey there, allie, and hey, like it's burned out everywhere except save you with the coast, right? some spots are still sucked in
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pretty stubborn fog this morning, but we are starting to see a lot of sunshine. i wanted to actually start today with a look at the national forecast, because imagine it's april 16th and you are in denver, colorado, and it just knowed right. or maybe you're in the northeast recon. low pressure system and you're in connecticut or massachusetts, upstate new york, of course, maine, new hampshire. they're getting some snow right now. that's you know, i'm from the northeast neck and tell you we consider that rude this time of year, but it happens. and it's certainly happening right now. so for us, we have much milder weather. if you're taking a live look here at the golden gate bridge, you can see santa rosen out 55 degrees really stocked in this morning, they have visibility down to like a quarter mile up in us sonoma county this morning san francisco still hanging onto some of those clouds of the coast 52 for you right now. oakland 55 were very sunny and liver marin 64 60 right now in san jose. so looking storm zachary to shows you over the last few hours. how that fog kind of started to retreat right, particularly from. parts
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of the north bay. so looking better there, although now point reyes still probably in the fog, as you can see here and now getting a little bit better as well in parts of the peninsula, but if you're along the coast, you're certainly still seeing plenty of that fog with the rest of the day. looking pretty good. so what's happening as we head into the weekend is high pressure is building in. and when that happens, we're going to see sunshine and warmer temperatures. and of course, the down side of it is any storms. just shoot right over the top of us, so that is what's happening as this high pressure that could be a pretty strong one kind of takes hold. this we get into the weekend. so today i'm gonna call it a fabulous friday because we're all gonna get some really nice temperatures, even though they're going to stay relatively cool the coast with that fog, mr to warm up inland, and that's the beginning of a bigger warm up. that's on the way. so temperatures today out of the coast upper fifties around the bay will see some nice, comfortable sixties and some beautiful seventies inland. not bad right now about it all window staying relatively calm. you do see a little breeze there in fairfield, and that will be kind of throughout the day and night tonight we should stay relatively calm, but the coast we'll get a live a bit
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breezy again. we have that onshore flow. so you see it sayg to a baseball game today, right? we're talking wind of less than 10 mph about 58 degrees when they threw out that first pitch at 6 40 tonight, and it should be nice and clear. now, here's the downside. everybody the last time we got rain was march 18th and we have been in just an incredible dry spell here. we're on day 29. as you know, we're running in the deficit. and yeah, you guessed it. i'm gonna show you the extended forecasts and i have nothing. nothing to show you. i'm gonna get into that a little bit more when i come back in a bit, but take a look at the warm up coming through this weekend. inland temperatures set to go into mid to upper eighties and then start to pull back again as work our way into monday and tuesday. warmth and sunshine on the way for the weekend, guys back to you. all right. kyle will see you in just a bit. thank you still to come his new time golden beet fields reopens
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for live racing. today we'll have the latest on the calls, though, to have it shut down following the litigated. fee. why
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to the public. today the protesters want the racetrack shut down, according to the group, direct action everywhere. the protest is time to the recent deaths of racehorses. they're at the track. nine horses have died there this year, the activists say golden gate fields is the deadliest
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track in california, the second deadliest in the nation. golden gate fields represents an awful blood sport industry that's patronized by billionaires. the track it takes up almost 140 acres of bei air. your water friend, and it should be used for housing. it should be used for open space, and it should be used for literally anything else but a blood sport. the owners of the racetrack filed the lawsuit last month against the group over a protest at the track claims forced it to cancel on postpone races. russia's foreign minister says the russian government has asked 10 u. s diplomats to leave russia in retaliation for sanctions announced by president biden yesterday. ray bogan. ports on the escalating tensions. if russia continues interfere with our democracy, i'm prepared to take further actions to respond. president biden defended his decision, saying the sanctions were proportionate, given russia's interference in last year's presidential election, and it's
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hacking of federal agencies on a call ahead of the move, president bodine said he advised his russian counterpart, the measures were a direct consequence. i was clear with president putin, we could have gone further, but i chose not to do so. russia's spokesperson did say the two nations saw eye to eye on the need to de escalate tensions, but added sanctions are unacceptable and illegal. still it's a move, experts say, will make an economic impact. we sort of shrug our shoulders when we hear it because they sound like half measures, but clearly they do have impact. it's a step in the right direction. certainly in confirming the russians, president biden says he suggested to putin the to meet in person this summer and proposed a summit somewhere in europe in one washington. great bogan, ktvu fox t. millions of muslims around the world are celebrating their seco, but now there's some questions about fasting and getting the covid-19 vaccine
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during the holy month of ramadan. muslims fast between sunrise and sunset. that means nothing is supposed to enter the body during daylight hours. some people are now wondering if that means they should delay getting vaccinated. but islamic religious leaders are letting community members know that the vaccine. does not break the fast. the vaccine is 100% okay to take, even while fast things all about nutrition's vaccine is not a nutrition. it doesn't qualify. we should be more encouraged to take the vaccine since we want to come to the machine and do the prayers and there will be a lot of gathering, so it's our responsibility to take over part. the salaam islamic center in sacramento is one of many that are open for indoor worship at limited capacity, temperature checks, social distancing and face masks are still required. buckinghams ceremonial royal funeral for prince philip, a custom built land rover will carry the princess cascade to the private service of windsor castle. prince philip designed this
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vehicle himself in 2003, knowing he wanted it used for his own funeral on lee 30. people will attend the private. general do to covid-19 restrictions. princeville died a week ago with the age of 99. he had been married to queen elizabeth for 73 years. well still to come at noon. now that more californians are getting their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine there, artist talk about a third booster shot by at least one vaccine company says people will need more protection after a few months. plus we continue to follow the latest developments out of indianapolis, where eight people were killed in a shooting at a fedex ground facility. the new information we learned as the community there mourns
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whatever you're growing... grow more for less. save on a new season of storing... and wake up some new spaces... with low prices right now. this is saving... and doing like never before. the spring savings event at the home depot. how doers get more done. indiana. they say he is 19 year old brandon scott hole of indiana. police say hold took his own life after killing eight people and injuring five others. after a preliminary search of the grounds inside and out way, have located eight people at the scene with injuries consistent two gunshot wounds. those eight were pronounced deceased here at the scene. investigators have been searched. you know, home in
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indianapolis associated with the gunmen and have seized evidence already, including desktop computers and other electronic media. laura ingle reports. gunman opening fire at a fedex facility in indianapolis, killing at least eight people and injuring several others before taking his own life. authorities say the incident unfolded late thursday night when officers arrived they found a very. chaotic an active crime scene. they found several victims injured and several victims deceased. several people were transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds. indianapolis metropolitan police say others took themselves to the hospital, and they're asking anyone who left the scene to contact them with any information. what we did find preliminarily from the interviews that were conducted was that. um, you know, this suspect came to the facility, and when he came there, he, uh he got out of this car and
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pretty quickly started some random shooting outside the facility. that ex releasing a statement saying, quote we are deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of our team members following the tragic shooting at our fed ex grand facility in indianapolis, our most heartfelt sympathies are with all those affected. by this senseless act of violence. relatives of fedex employees gathered at a nearby hotel waiting to hear about their loved ones. my wife works in there on she texts me to tell me there was an active shooter, and we communicated back and forth for a while. she since notified me, she's okay. the indianapolis facility is the second largest hub for fedex globally. in new york. laura ingle ktvu fox two news, the ceo of fizer says people will likely need a third booster of the coronavirus vaccine about 12 months after being fully
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vaccinated, ktvu jana katsuyama reports. it was a new day in california for covid vaccination thursday is not tax day. it's vax day, word of mouth brought some people to the veterans memorial in richmond to get their free shot. the mobile dropping clinic is one of many in contra costa county. that plan to administer hundreds of shot today. this very good. yeah, come back for the second 2nd shot. yeah, and may. but even as millions of people are getting their initial dose is a statement by the head of five. these are indicated there might be a need for a third shot within 12 months. dr david kessler, the chief white house science advisor, testified the vaccines are effective now, but might wayne or not work at all? against new coronavirus? mutations should we expect to need vaccine boosters? in the coming months? we're studying the durability of the antibody response. it seems strong.
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there is some waning of that. i think we should expect that we may have to booze. many people say they would roll up their sleeves. i don't have a problem with it. i think it might be what's necessary. local leaders say they are preparing in the next year. i anticipate that we will probably take on children. eventually we will possibly need to do boosters for too many people are vaccine hesitant. it's gonna be difficult to achieve herd immunity. you see, berkeley public health professor doctor lee riley says there could be one potential complication. well, the fda require another clinical trial of these new, slightly altered and rna vaccines before they can be used as a booster vaccine. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news in person learning will not resume in hayward public schools on monday as district officials originally had hoped
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for the hayward unified school district sent a letter to families yesterday. the district says it has yet to reach an agreement with the teacher's union and other labor groups. it did not elaborate on what sticking points remain here. the current plan is for in person instruction to resume two days a week with the option for students to continue with distance learning if they prefer in fremont, a group of parents hire heard an attorney to help get the city's school district to reopen classrooms for students of this comes after the district failed to reach an agreement with its teachers. union parents say they want the district to approve a plan to return to some form of in person instruction. by april, 26 come up with a concrete plan for a full return to campus in the fall. our concern at this point is not just whatever's left of spring, but. because of the way the negotiations when what's going to happen and fall? definitely a very bad and frustrating position to be in to see that that some parents feel they didn't have any recourse. the fremont unified
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superintendent says he shares parents frustration around the delayed reopening of schools and expects a full time return to the classroom come august in new work. parents are outraged because it looks like their children won't be returning to campus anytime soon. last night, more than half of the members of the new work teachers association voted not to return to in person instruction for the remainder of the academic year, the school district sent out a statement saying they are deeply disappointed with the decision. asian american community groups are teaming up with the san francisco police to unveil a new chinese language hotline. people who speak cantonese or mandarin will now have an easier time reporting crimes to police. the chinese language hotline is among the new projects. agent asian american groups had lobbied for to make the police department more accessible to the community. the white house's renewing its commitment to a diverse administration president biden and vice president harris met with members of the congressional asian pacific american caucus yesterday. they want more asian
12:36 pm
americans in the biden administration, as well as tougher laws against hate crimes. much. we need to stand with the fbi community on the whole of government response with what we have to get done when i came in office and 1st 1st bill i signed related to racial equity throughout the government. right now. congress is considering a bill that would help local law enforcement respond to anti asian attacks and speed up the justice department and reviewing hate crimes. dozens of san francisco court cases are stuck in limbo for years, leaving many families in agony here. ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky tells us the pandemic is on. lee made the problem even worse. there's no justice. there's no justice for us solid. chandler's 19 year old son was one of four young men shot dead in a car at laguna and page streets on january. 9th 2015, the execution style killings rocked
12:37 pm
san francisco police arrested lee farley jr is one of the suspects. but six years after the killings, he still hasn't been put on trial as far as i'm concerned. is nothing but a game. it's nothing but a hoax and the shame every few months, chandler in the other mothers pack into a san francisco superior courtroom, hoping in vain. the case will be assigned a trial date. it's absolutely ridiculous, inhumane, and it just puts more grief on top of what we already have to endure with our son's being murdered. we were there a year ago, when the mothers were getting the same runaround. have be impatient, but i passed patients. then the coronavirus put the brakes on all trials they're blaming on covid now, but what happened before kobe go with last year? that's taking one year with five years. it turns out cases like this are common in san francisco through a public records act request. we found out how widespread the problem really is. the 814 people currently in san francisco jail 680 or
12:38 pm
unsent inst and awaiting trial, and that's not even counting most defendants who are out of custody. 97 inmates have been in jail for more than three years without going to trial. 44 inmates have been jailed over five years with no trial, according to a report by the state judicial council. san francisco adjudicates just 43% of felony cases and under a year statewide, almost 80% of cases are complete within 12 months. criminal defendants are presumed innocent, and they have a constitutional right to a speedy trial. many waive that right. so their attorneys have time to prepare, but in some cases, delays or used as a legal strategy, witnesses disappear. investigators retire and memories fade as time drags on, it's a big, hot mess, quite frankly, and that's what we we've got going on here. when you have delays that go for years and years and years, the doris cordell is a retired california superior court judge,
12:39 pm
she says the higher court should get involved. there needs to be more judges and courtrooms available, especially his trials begin returning to normal. i think none of us wants to be a part of a legal system that has everybody just in limbo. it's a longstanding problem in san francisco that cases age unacceptably. it's unfair to the victims who are waiting for closure. district attorney chase a. boudin campaigned on clearing languishing cases. he said he inherited a 5000 case backlog when he took office last year. one in five of them were more than two years old. three months into his first term, the court's closed but crimes haven't stopped and cases have been piling up. i wanna move cases. i want to try cases. i wanna get back in the courtroom myself and to do that we really need the court to be back at full capacity, boutin said. the leaf farley junior case is a priority and got it through a preliminary hearing during the pandemic. farley's attorney, peter fitzpatrick,
12:40 pm
said his client has pleaded not guilty, and he. doesn't believe he will be convicted. he said the d a's office share some responsibility for dragging the case out. it had three prosecutors in the last year. it's been unfortunate confluence of staffing that has caused the delay and the mothers are rightfully anguished, but it it's nothing that's happening directly on purpose. the mothers. in the meantime, we'll continue showing up at court, hoping for some resolution. it's been grueling. it's been grieve ius and has been an inhumane process in san francisco, evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. still to come at noon, and a mother speaks out from her hospital bed after her young daughter and her boyfriend were killed in a crash involving a d u i driver will have the latest on the investigation. plus changes are on the way for your bay area forecast this weekend. ktvu meteorologist catholic grogan she 3
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year old boy. now, before we share part of this video, we do want to warn you that these images are disturbing and difficult to watch. police were responding to reports of shots fired in the area. this was back on march 29th, but again, the video was just released yesterday, and it shows an officer chasing that teenager down an alley. when the video
12:44 pm
freezes, you can see the boy 13 year old adam toledo lifting up his hands, but police say justir opened fire, toledo dropped a gun that he had been holding. adam during his last second of life, did not have a gun in his hand. the officer screamed at him. show me your hands! adam complied, turned around his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest at the hands of the officer, toledo's family says they hope that the city remains peaceful after the release of the video. we're learning more about a deadly hit and run crash that happened in the east bay city of pittsburgh. ktvu is amber lee spoke with a woman whose boyfriend and seven year old daughter were killed in that crash. not at the wake of the rest of my life, not hearing my daughter's boys from her hospital bed. i john muir
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medical center karina grow, salas tells me she is an emotional and physical pain, having lost her seven year old daughter, salome, a to l. a and her boyfriend, romero castro on monday evening, police say a drunk driver in a black camaro rear ended the silver. toyota corolla. rouz allah says boyfriend was driving in the car were her three children. they were returning home. to pittsburgh after having dinner at a restaurant rose allah says, she recalls falling asleep and waking up at the crash site with her children gone from the car fella nico julian, where are you? authorities have identified the driver arrested as 24 year old christian vargasg murder and driving under the influence, just walks off like nothing. you know what i mean? it's horrible, the da's office says farkas has a prior dy conviction. his bail is set at more than $2.5 million in if people died, it died, and then
12:46 pm
the family members that are left are the woods suffering. the family tells me they don't know the accused drunk driver but was shocked to discover that they knew two of the passengers. one is a 10 year old boy, a cousin to the children in the toyota. cellasene singing on the far right is described as a smart, responsible and loving child. her family devastated. i want him to go to prison for life. cause i'm never gonna be able to ever ever see my first born again and i'm never gonna be able to see romero again. the family tells me they're now faced with struggling to pay medical bills and funeral expenses, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news police in los gatos arrested the owner of a bakery who is now accused of sexual assault officers say 75 year
12:47 pm
old ali s car. shammy ronnie, owner of mama's baker. is accused of inappropriately touching women who would come to his bakery for bread baking lessons. he was arrested on wednesday and. booked into the santa clara county jail. just about 13 minutes before one o'clock and let's check in again with ktvu meteorologist. kindly grogan for a look at our forecast, and kyla. i'm not used to seeing this much fog in the mornings in april, it almost feels like we're in a may june summer pattern. yeah it is a little bit much right? and basically what's gonna happen is we get into the weekend is high pressure's going to build an alley and that's gonna compress the marine layer of it. so that should put a little bit of the lid on it. but what you really need is offshore flow to kind of get it to really push out to sea and not come into the land as much. all right, let's take a look at this, though i talked about high pressure intensifying and that's going to be the stories we go through the next few days, and that's actually gonna pump temperatures up. not just a little bit, but we're talking like you know, 10 to 15 degrees, depending on where you are. if you are inland, you're going to see the higher numbers. now the
12:48 pm
downside of this high pressure is our last reign was march 18th remember? that was quite a while ago now, in fact, we're in our 29th day of dry weather. so april, unfortunately, has really underperformed. you're hoping we might get a little bit of rain, but i'm gonna show you future cast. this story, of course, is one you've seen over and over again, right? the last couple of weeks. when i roll this through, i go all the way through over to take you right now to what looks like something that might be coming to northern california. that's on wednesday afternoon, but you could see it kind of just hits tahoe and then heads out and you know, there's a little something that's trying to come in saturday night into sunday, a week from now, but you know it's dry right for the next seven days, at least. so here we are. today we do have that fog is allie mentioned, you can see it's been very pervasive. along the coast, the north bay was able to finally kick it. it's hanging out still a point, reyes hanging out still a little bit there at the coastal on the peninsula in places like half moon bay, but everybody else is starting to see some sunshine and that means the temperatures are going up. so we're already at 71 in brentwood, but certainly cooler in san francisco, where it's 53
12:49 pm
degrees about 60 and san jose santa rosa, which started out very foggy this morning. low visibility there is not about 55. you can kind of see the picture here is we look live outside of the golden gate bridge because the left of your screen. you know very cloudy to the right of your screen. here comes the sun, and that's going to be the stories we go through the day today, so cool along the coast but warm as we start to move inland, and that is warm to the tune of some mid seventies. so pretty nice day, but look what happens as we get through the weekend. so today, sandra fell. santa rosa low seventies you got 68 palo alto 75 conquered 70 in san jose. the time we get just saturday, we're gonna move those temperatures up seven or eight degrees, and we're gonna continue that movement as you get into sunday. so the time we get to sunday, places like santa rosa and conquered or looking at mid eighties, low eighties for sandra fell, you know, you see the difference here, it's going to be quite a big, big move. however we do cool down again as we head into monday and tuesday, and that is when you know we're likely to see things start to change as far as our marine layer is concerned, as well, now, the
12:50 pm
reason that you know we don't see such a warm up at the coast. if you look over the couple yeah, we do see a warm up, but it's not extreme temperatures is that we would have to get a really significant offshore flow in order for all that warmth to make it to the coastline. however you head inland and you know, we're talking upper seventies around the bay and eighties mid to upper eighties as we head inland, so ah, pretty nice weekend on tap, although i'm over here really, really, really hoping we get some rain in the forecast soon, elly. all right. we'll wait for it. thanks, kyla. well state regulators say pg and e is not doing enough to prevent wildfires caused by its equipment. yesterday, the california public utilities commission ordered the utility to improve its safety efforts a knot it found that p genies behind schedule for clearing trees and vegetation in danger of falling onto some of the utilities. highest risk power lines. under the order, the utility will have to submit progress reports to the c p u. c every 90 days and the cpsc will be tracking p. jeannie's progress on a website that the public will also be able to see
12:51 pm
ah group of firefighting experts is calling on state and federal officials to approve new aerial technology to put out wildfires. the thick cardboard containers are filled with rainwater in fire retardant and would be dropped from cargo planes onto wildfires. day and night. they're made here in california by a fresno company, but they're not yet approved for use in the united states. the guardian has been proven to be a effective solution around the world. we've been over wildfires each of the last four years on four different continents, but not north america. the company says the guardian is currently being used to fight wildfires in australia, peru and greece. still to come. this new dime it is a unique trip, no doubt that has gone viral up next. we're gonna introduce you to this giant teddy bear. that's right. a giant teddy bear walking all the way from los angeles to right here in the bear.
12:52 pm
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press wires earlier in the newscast regarding the mass shooting at the fedex facility in indianapolis, we were able to identify the gunman in the case is 19 year old brandon scott solo here, and now we have learned that the shooting suspect was a former employee there at the facility in indianapolis. that is the new piece of information coming across the wires that he was a former employee there at the fedex facility in indianapolis medical. answered and theater venues in california can reopen for business with restrictions. but are people ready to actually attend indoor events? ktvu is tom vacar now with what he learned from people who scheduled those big events from weddings to concerts. as of april 15th. the opening of venues is now permitted limited on lee by the restrictions of
12:56 pm
the tear color of the county. the venue is in, you know you're safe in sanitizing healthy and everything, then why not be always do all the things that you normally able to do? right now? most folks we met appear wary. i still hope people proceed with caution because you know, not everybody is on the same level in terms of vaccinations as long as everyone's kind of being safe about it wearing their back. like they're supposed to. i think it should be fine. as of june 15th assuming no surges or vaccine shortages. venues are essentially wide open. it's not necessarily a free for all we can open up 100% capacity, but there still may be mask requirements. vaccination requirements. wedding planner amy you protection is also president of the california association for private events. the first day that weddings birthday parties graduation celebrations for me. twas baby showers. all of those events are technically allowed in the state, and this is a huge win
12:57 pm
for our industry because it helps to propel us back to work and get us going for the summer. it's also about overall confidence. so now those couples who are getting married those people who are planning gallus fundraisers. everything under the sun have that confidence that they know they're not going to have to cancel or postpone moving forward. matt altman is a new york city based it national major events booker for corporations and wealthy clients. it's most importantly, seeing what the localized environment is, it really becomes a state by state question are the days of massive crowds in huge venues back the confidence level at that level where we're not there yet he expects a gradual build back for the rest of this year. then come the spring of next year, this time next year. it's going to be full on and there's going to be that mass opening that we're talking about. but the days of nothing goes, are quickly fading behind us. tom vacar ktvu fox two news
12:58 pm
universal studios theme park in hollywood is officially reopening at 25% capacity, the park has been closed for more than a year due to the pandemic. the park has added some new attractions during the closure, including a secret life of pets ride. a few lucky pass holders were allowed to visit the park a day early and say they were through old to finally be back now to keep guests safe. eating and drinking are only allowed in designated dining areas with no more than six guests per table. and after being closed for 13 months, lego land california resort welcome back guest today, those guests did need to purchase those tickets in advance. since reservations are required. there is reduced capacity, all guests will have their temperatures checked and guests to an older will need to wear a face covering napa giant teddy bear is walking from los angeles to san francisco. he goes by the name of bear son and the man in the costume. 33 year old jesse lario says he's doing it just because it sounded like a their son back in
12:59 pm
2016 and while wearing this suit. people are following his adventure in offering encouragement on instagram. he started his trip in ella's little tokyo on monday and had hoped to finish it in under a week. but it's looking like. it's going to take a little bit longer than that. today a high tech driving range officially opens in north san jose top golf is located between the guadalupe river and alvey. so park special technology tracks the balls used to and the venue also serves food and drinks. top golf has 800 sports entertainment facilities worldwide. this spot in the south bay is still hiring. looks great love swing in the sticks, especially during this pandemic has been a fun fun sport to do with the children alley going out and just having a conversation playing nine holes. that's what it's all about just getting outside, but it's great to have you, allie. hope you have a great weekend. the rest of the way and the same to you. everyone at home. have a great weekend. our next newscast is coming up at four o'clock, of course, more coverage online, always at ktvu .com and on the ktvu news after
1:00 pm
enjoy the weekend, everybody. dr. oz: coming up next. body. >> i started to believe i would die. dr. oz: india oxenberg talks about being a sex slave. did you ever feel you lost your little girl for good? >> she texted me, i know i love you. dr. oz: coming up next. dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm taking true crime. branding, sex


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