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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the shooters were released as part of the larger narrative. antioch police chief tammany brooks said began to unfold. yung's death was part of a gang battle that would eventually lead to the seizure of more than 40 weapons cache body armor and link the shootings of five people in antioch to six shootings and one homicide in oakland. the cases unfolded over the last year. they have been the focus of violence in the city of oakland for far too many years and will continue to relentlessly. follow up on their activity. oakland's newly minted police chief acknowledge tensions between the groups and vowed to fix the problem while at the same time expressing regret, oldest city an apology that the group in gang violence that started in oakland has now found itself in the city of enea. as for young's murder, police arrested seven people among them a father and son, 42 year old charles bolden and his 19, year old son of the same name. authorities say the investigation has led to the arrests or identities of 36 adults. and 15 juveniles from
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both gangs were connected to drug sales, violence and murder. contra costa county district attorney dina beckton says she is prioritizing the arrest and prosecution of those rounded up in the sweep. my office is committed to doing everything that we can to deter this type of gun violence. in anyang police chief brooks said that in addition to the 40 weapons that were confiscated, they took at least 15 more off the group that were ghost comes and those air weapons that do not have serial numbers. so they're hard for police to trace when used in crimes. now both groups are linked to retaliatory shootings that took place in antioch back in february, and in march of this year back to you, all right, andre senior reporting live. thanks, andre. the driver accused of killing a father and a young girl in a horrible deal i crash in pittsburgh was charged today with two counts of murder, police say 25 year old christian vargas crashed his camaro into the back of a family's toyota on west leland
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road in pittsburgh. the crash claimed the life of 28 year old ramiro castro and seven year old cellar rouz ali's two other children were hospitalized. vargas has a prior dy conviction, and authorities say that his blood. alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. two hours after the crash. police say that he'd been going anywhere from 80 to 100 miles an hour when he slammed right into the back of the victim's car. had essentially punched it and got up in excess of 100 miles an hour and elected head. he'd been drinking at the residents from where he left. uh he had three other occupants in his car, including a 10 year old child. two passengers from vargas car were also hurt, including that 10 year old child, a man is in police custody, accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside a car in the parking lot of the pleasant hill bart station, the
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35 year old woman told police the assault happened around six o'clock last night. bart police use surveillance cameras in the garage to develop leads to track down the suspected attacker. he was taken into custody today. investigators have not yet released the man's identity. i thought the ceo of pfizer says people will likely need a booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated. he also said that it's possible that people will need to get vaccinated against the virus every year, just like we do with the flu, fizer and their german partner bio in tech are in the process of studying just how long protective immunity from the vaccine lasts. that will help determine if those booster shots will be necessary. it's a big dave in the effort to get people vaccinated from covid-19 here in california. starting today, more californians are eligible for the coronavirus vaccines. gavin newsom was in union city today, where, he said, lowering the age for
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people to get shots will help keep california's vaccination rate one of the highest in the world. every californian is now eligible, regardless of their age, 16 and over to receive and have access to vaccines. the expansion of eligibility comes a few weeks after the state also made residents 50 years and older eligible to receive a shot. so now that eligibility for the vaccine has been expanded. what about booking and open appointment that may prove to be the most difficult part over the next few weeks and ktvu is jesse gary has that part of the story. the vast majority of the population is eligible to be vaccinated and can can make use of any available vaccine appointments. it seems simple enough. we check websites for county health departments from santa clara to san matteo sonoma contra costa napa to alameda and many places in between. not to mention private providers such as walgreen's cvs and
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stanford health. the keyboard intensive sit and stand and sit again. hunt and peck approach provided few opportunities to successfully book ah covid vaccine appointment. sam mchale county resident mike davies said the same thing three weeks ago. every time i go in, there are no appointments available for the ensuing 60 days that that zoe maximum window they let you look at. we found the windows have shortened from months down two weeks or days, but the problems persist. most sides say there are no available slots stat met urgent care on the contra costa county web page was one of the exceptions. it lists available walk in appointments. is it a challenge that might energize you? or is it an obstacle to overcome? santa clara university psychologist dr thomas plant, says the people who are unrelenting in their desire to score a coveted vaccination slot will succeed. others will have frustration, get the best of them and quit
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that if people confined an easy and streamlined method. to get the vaccination or get other health. you know things done. they're probably going to be more likely to do it with more people now eligible and the bottleneck vaccine supply experts say it could be weeks before doing this. leads to this, so there's going to be ample supply. eventually in the short term, the best practice could be allotting a couple of hours to search for a vaccination time slot. because each time you go to a site, you have to fill in your information. and then if there's no availability back to the beginning and try different site so it could take a little bit of time in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news, a new coronavirus vaccination site is now open and see. san francisco. it's in the local to 61 union building on 18th street in the mission district mayor london breed was among the officials at the launch for the site this
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morning. the people of this community and in particular the latino community, they have been the hardest hit by this pandemic, not just in san francisco, but in this state. health department is operating the site in partnership with the latino task force. the site is part of the city's efforts to reach the communities that have been hardest hit by the pandemic. group of parents in fremont has hired an attorney now in their push to get fremont to reopen their public schools. this comes weeks after the district failed to reach an agreement with the teachers union. ktvu is cristina rendon widmore on the letter from the parents attorney to the district. ah group of said appearance in fremont have lawyered up. their attorney sent a letter to the fremont unified school district over the failure to reopen any schools before the end of the year after the district and teachers union failed to come to a degree. he meant the list
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of demands to the district approval plan to return to some form of in person instruction by april 26th and come up with a concrete plan for full return to campus is in the fall. we. paid a premium to live in fremont because of the reputation that the schools have, and we see surrounding schools that are open and open successfully. concern at this point is not just whatever's left of spring, but. because of the way the negotiations when what's going to happen and fall. parents say the goal of hiring an attorney is not to take sides but facilitate movement. somebody just needs toe come in and get them to get to an agreement. the f ust superintendent says he shares the frustration of parents around the delayed reopening of schools and says it was a difficult decision to remain in distance learning after not being able to reach an agreement with the teachers union. part of the statement reads. f u. s d is preparing for a full five day week returned to school for the start of the 2021 22 school year in august. our staff continues to devote its time
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energy and resource is to supporting our students and preparing for a full return in the fall. at this time, the reference letter is under review, and we have no further comment at this time. the definitely a very bad and frustrating position to be in to see that that some parents feel they didn't have any recourse. fremont unified district teachers association president victoria burbank. herrera says their current contract for distance learning expires in june. barring any restrictions from the county or state, they plan to return to in person learning in august as long as they are allowed. still some parents and teachers are skeptical. we aren't necessarily going to be set up for the fall. we are we are gonna have any practice having put in any of those safety guidelines in place. because we didn't do it this year. there are not a lot of kids out there who are suffering not just academically but emotionally. the attorney the parents hired is based in southern california. they say he was successful in getting injunctions filed to have district's reopen into
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diego and los angeles. given fremont unified until monday to respond to the letter, cristina rendon ktvu fox two news coming up here, the mayor of chicago, urging her community to remain calm. after graphic body cam video was released in the deadly shooting of a 13 year old boy will tell you what led up to the shooting. also um or an emotional emergency town council meeting in windsor as the mayor defends himself from several accusations of sexual assault. e warming trend is coming our way. i'll have the details on temperatures that could reach into the eighties easily this weekend and a corruption scandal in san francisco is widening. another executive of the city's garbage collection company, is now being charged with bribery and taking a live look at the conditions on the east shore tonight. slow going heading up toward berkeley. heading up toward berkeley. ktvu child to news
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. footage today in the police shooting of a 13 year old boy, and we want to warn you. some people may find this video disturbing. the shooting happened on march 29th police were responding to reports of shots fired in the area. body cam video shows an officer chasing the teenager down an alley when the video freezes. you could see the boy with his hands up, and that's when he was shot and killed. prosecutors say gun was recovered at the scene. ah, lawyer for the family of the boys. says if adam toledo was carrying a handgun, he dropped it before the shooting adam during his last second of life, did not have a gun in his hand. the officer screamed at him. show me your hands! adam complied, turned around. his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest at the hands
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of the officer, toledo's family says they hope that this it excuse me. the city remains peaceful. some businesses in downtown chicago have boarded up their windows tonight in anticipation of protests. tensions are high in brooklyn center, minnesota, where the family of dante right spoke out today about his death in a police shooting today that now former officer who shot him also made her first appearance in court on a charge of second degree manslaughter. fox news roubles and tells us the family doesn't think justice is being done. they want her to be charged with murder. the last few days. everybody has asked me what we want what we want to see happen, and everybody keeps saying justice, but unfortunately, there's never gonna be justice for us. katie wright says justice would only be a first son, dante were still alive and that can't happen while she does want full accountability for his shooting
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death by police, it's small comfort. but even then, when that happens if that even happens, we're still going to bury our son. don't take rights family, appearing with their lawyer, ben crump, are tauron apart. manslaughter upset that former officer kim potter is not charged with murder will push for that, too. still happen. my brother my sister. need this woman to be convicted. if we can have life we won't life. we gotta go life without him and while stopping short of accusing potter of intentionally pulling her gun while yelling taser, trump continued to express doubts about confusing one for the other, they come up with a way to justify. open over again, the killing of black people in america and he again compared this case to that of former minneapolis officer mohammed newer who was convicted of third degree murder, although nor knowingly fired his weapon,
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and that could be the fine legal difference either way of family isn't ain't his jokes, his everything about him, and she took that from us, and i'm very disappointed myself was very much. we loved him a lot. and the way he was killed. he he did not deserve that. and then right after speaking with us, the family went to the funeral home to work on dante's arrangements that we were told his service will be at this church, new salem baptist in north minneapolis next thursday at noon, and the reverend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy in minneapolis. honorable said. ktvu, fox two news. the defense at the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick show been rested its case without putting show been on the stand. have you made a decision today whether you intend to testify or whether you intend to invoke
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your fifth amendment privilege. i will invoke my fifth amendment privilege today. the defense only called one witness today a retired medical examiner who indicated he did not agree with george floyd's autopsy performed by the county medical examiner. closing arguments are set for monday and the judge told the jury they will be sequestered during deliberations. all writing temperatures today about where they were yesterday, a pretty similar day fog cleared at the coast for a time now it's coming back again tonight like yesterday. tomorrow will be a warm up and then saturday and sunday subsequently will warm up with temperatures potentially on sunday into the mid even upper eighties. dare i say a low nineties sunday looks like sweet, pretty darn warm. so this is the highs from today add a good 4 to 5 degrees to these tomorrow, so it's gonna be a nice day, mid seventies upper seventies few low eighties. that's your friday forecast. saturday warmer still in your sunday warmer still current temperatures, you see that sea breeze and green it's
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the fifties and sixties. but the idea that that see the winds are blowing it in. but in the valley, it's brentwood and upturns fairfield low seventies. so as we look at the satellite loop, you see lots of activity. that's exciting, but it's nothing for us. nothing for us. it's just going to go right away. we do have a few clouds up in the sierra nevada. we do have a few patches of coastal fog with winds that are much less than they were a couple days ago. there's the mountains. the rain has died or the snow that they had a couple days ago is now gone, and we are in a pattern of warming right into the bay area weekend, so we'll talk about that when i see you next that includes five day forecast that will show you some significant warmth on sunday. i knew it. six of former executive with the trash collection company reek. ology is the latest person to be charged in the ongoing corruption scandal at city hall in san francisco. federal officials today and as bribery and money laundering charges against john porter. he's a former vice president and group
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manager at reed college is san francisco division. investigators say he helped bribe. former director of public works mohammed neuro, with more than a million dollars in benefits and funds in an effort to raise the fees that rick ology charged the city. porter is the second employee with rick ology charged in the case. in all 11 people have been arrested. the mayor of windsor defended himself at an emotional town council meeting last night colleagues and residents told the mayor dominic the poli to resign following several accusations of said. actual assault. ktvu is elissa harrington has the story. i have my head held high because i know deep in my heart that i have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be cleared. windsor mayor dominic for police spoke publicly for the first time about sexual assault. allegations from six women. one of those accusers, fellow council member esther lima's. she did not attend the meeting, but sent a statement that was
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read by the town manager. this is very personal and traumatic for me. yes, i will not be in attendance. the sequel. the meeting lasted several hours and included emotional and sometimes angry. public comment. you're a rapist. and everyone knew it wasn't a secret. and then you dare show your face. some cried. others told the mayor to move out of town. i'm ashamed of you and this right, you're better off just going into the mountains somewhere and living there the rest of your life. you should make this easier for the rest of the victims and sonoma county. please stepped out. and if you don't, i hope to god that you hear my voice in your head mayor for poli did not resign. instead he urged the public to let the process go through the justice system before deciding if he did anything wrong, and to judge him instead on his job as mayor, i understand why so many people are upset and supporting those accusing me. first
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instinct would be to support women coming forward. throngs ended them too. the reason i am not stepping down is that in this case, i know the truth of those experiences. the town council of windsor voted to toe one to remove for poli from his position, but this was more of a symbolic vote. he is elected so the council cannot actually remove him. windsor is, however, considering a recall election. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. still ahead downtown. wanna create covered with anti police graffiti overnight will show you just how widespread the vandalism was. and the investigation to find those responsible, plus, congressional democrats present a plan to expand the supreme court. not everyone in the party is on board. a look at who supports it. and who doesn't
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to close above 34,000. for the first time, the nasdaq was up 180 the s and p was up 45, also closing at an all time high. new data showed that retail sales jumped nearly 10% last month, far exceeding expectations, and analysts are predicting strong quarterly earnings by big corporations. traders were also encouraged by a sharp drop in u. s unemployment claims 576,000 people filed for first time claims last week that's down by 193,000 from the week before, and it's the lowest number
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during the pandemic. here in california. unemployment claims plunged to their lowest level in three months. 69,009 people filed for first time claims last week. that's a drop of more than 75,000 from the week before. congressional democrats have presented a plant at four more seats to the u. s supreme court, but republicans are calling the move a power play, and house speaker nancy pelosi says she's taking a wait and see approach with no current plans to bring the proposal to the floor. fox news ray bogan has more the court is broken on the heels of congressional democrats unveiling legislation to expand the supreme court to 13 justice is, the white house responded, saying the president was not prepared to endorse the bill, but would wait for feedback from his newly established supreme court commission. he's gonna wait for that to play out. the president's 36% commission is test with reviewing the supreme court and considering whether
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there should be reforms, including expanding the court, but the democrats proposing the expansion argued there's no need to wait, saying it's already clear the court needs an overhaul. nine justices may have made sense in the 19th century, when there were only nine circuits. only a few 100 appeals have filed before the court every year. these four new seats to be filled by president biden will reconstitute the united states supreme court. the bench will then rightly reflect the values of the majority of the american people on whose behalf they serve. it's not out of the question it has been done. before during her weekly news conference, house speaker nancy pelosi said she has no plans at this point to bring the democratic led bill to the floor for a vote of support the president's commission to study but minority leader mitch mcconnell warned against court packing, saying it would only cause the country harm but the father's left activists aren't interested in the common good.
6:27 pm
they want power, according to the constitution, it's up to congress how many seats are on the supreme court? and while there have been nine justices for more than 150 years, it has been changed before. bogan fox news coming up on ktvu. channel two news at 6 30 new freedom to gather and host indoor events in california how people were feeling about the new rules as they take effect today and later in sports warriors hit with bad news today following james wiseman's knee surgery sports director marco banias will have his timetable for the possible return, also raising money to support the asian american community will tell you what more than a dozen restaurants in the city well, they are doing
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streets will be safer after arrests were made in a deadly gang feud. they say it's been escalating since last august, along with more than 50 arrests. officers say they seized 40 guns, including untraceable ghost guns. the ceo of pfizer says the people will likely need a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine within a year of getting fully vaccinated. they say it's possible that people will need to get the shot every year, depending on emerging variants of the virus. i just still don't know how long protection against coronavirus last once someone has been fully vaccinated. as of today, everyone in california 16 and
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older is able to sign up to get their covid vaccine. however supply remains a concern. last week, the state administered more than 2.7 million doses and is expected to receive 1.9 million doses this week. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. as of today, many concert and theater venues in california can reopen for business. but there are still some restrictions. ktvu tom vacar tells us what he learned today from people who scheduled those events from weddings to mega concerts. as of april 15th. the opening of venues is now permitted limited only by the restrictions of the tear color of the county. the venue is in. safe in sanitizing healthy and everything. then why not be all and do all the things that you normally able to do? right now? most folks we met appear wary. i still hope people proceed with caution because, you know, not everybody is on the same level
6:32 pm
in terms of vaccinations as long as everyone's kind of being safe about it, wearing their vast like they're supposed to. i think it should be fine. as of june 15th assuming no surges or vaccine shortages, venues are essentially wide open. it's not necessarily a free for all. we can open at 100% capacity, but there still may be masked requirements. vaccination requirements. wedding planner amy you protection is also president of the california association for private events, the first day that weddings birthday parties graduation celebrations for mitzvahs, baby showers. all of those events are technically allowed in the state, and this is a huge win for our industry because it helps to propel us back to work and get us going for the summer. it's also about overall confidence. some now those couples who are getting married those people who are planning gallus fundraisers. everything under the sun. have that confidence that they know they're not going to have to cancel or postpone moving
6:33 pm
forward. met altman is a new york city based international major events booker for corporations and wealthy clients. it's. most importantly, seeing what the localized environment is, it really becomes a state by state question are the days of massive crowds in huge venues back the confidence level at that level where we're not there yet he expects a gradual build back for the rest of this year, then come the spring of next year, this time next year. it's going to be full on and there's going to be that mass opening that we're talking about. but the days of nothing goes, are quickly fading behind us. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. today. organizers of the alameda county fair announced the fair is going to return for the first time since 92,019. but instead of summer, this year's fair has been rescheduled for october. 22nd through the 31st guests will be required to buy tickets online
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and attendance will be limited face masks and temperature checks will also be standard protocol. right now, the fairgrounds in pleasanton is serving as a coronavirus vaccine site and a food distribution center. they're both dicks. affected to run through the end of june. laid off hotel workers in california may soon be able to get their jobs back. the state legislature passed a bill todays to offer laid off workers. desk. it applies to employees who worked at least six months before the pandemic started and lost their jobs because of coronavirus related reasons. under the bill, they would be first in line for hiring the guy. julie haener has not said if he will sign it doesn't restaurants in mountain view or donating a portion of their proper of their profits tonight to stop hate crimes against asian americans and pacific islanders, 13 restaurants in mountain view, palo alto and los altos have
6:35 pm
all joined the cause. stephen yen is the owner of bushido restaurant and says that the events are about community members coming together to support one another. obviously this is ah, problem that's going on in our, you know, communities right now we're a lot of asian elderly and people are actually getting attacked for no apparent reason other than their race, and so i feel like we had to do something. restaurants will donate between five and 100% of their proceeds from last night, and tonight they will donate them to stop asian hate got orig president biden. day met with members of the congressional asian pacific american caucus. the president along with vice president kamila harris, expressed their commitment to diversity throughout the administration, including the recent appointment of erica marie tsu gu as deputy assistant to the president and asian, american and pacific islanders senior liaison. the meeting follows a
6:36 pm
rash of violent attacks against the asian american community. we need to stand with the fbi community on the whole of government response with what we have to get done when i came in office, the 1st 1st bill i signed related to racial equity throughout the government. that's still the plan. that's my objective. and connell on i hardened by the senate's overwhelming bipartisan effort yesterday, senator for passage of the hate crimes act. that's a big deal. the senate voted pushed forward legislation aimed at improving tracking on anti asian hate crimes coming up and i police messages spray painted all across buildings in the downtown area of a city in the east bay will show you the extent of the damage and the latest on the investigation. also help for child victims of
6:37 pm
physical and sexual abuse will tell you about the new facility that just opened in the south bay and why police chiefs from across the south. yeah. last niga
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6:39 pm
lot of damage people dressed in all black and wearing face coverings, spray painted a number of buildings with messages such as pigs, murder and eat. the rich ktvu is henry
6:40 pm
lee has more on what happened. work crews in downtown walnut creek spent the morning scrubbing away anti police graffiti. the extent of the damage is all black spray paint up and down our business district and there was plenty of it for blocks. neiman marcus at broadway plaza was hit as we're back. six plus city hall and the police department. it all began in about nine wednesday night when 20 to 25 people came into downtown. these individuals were all dressed in black with face coverings. police ask for mutually from contra costa county sheriff's deputies and a sheriff's helicopter. walnut creek police lieutenant james laughter said officers didn't catch any vandals in the act. our officers were present. we did not witness any of the actual vandalism occurring. we did see the large group marching down the street. but the group. took off within 10 minutes. no arrests were made. no businesses were looted, but police say the amount of damage makes this a case of felony vandalism. the vandals were upset that the killing of dante right by police in minnesota,
6:41 pm
some tags encouraged killing officers, but there were also references to walnut creek police, perhaps referring to the shooting death of miles hall, who was mentally ill. police say they support free speech rights but with the destruction of property, we will not tolerate that. it's very frustrating. especially when things like this happen and we're trying to further the dialogue, walnut creek mayor kevin will said protesters can show up at council meetings to vent their frustration instead of the phasing city hall for feeding tagging different buildings where it takes time and public money and private money to clean up walnut creek. police are trying to get surveillance video to identify the taggers. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. a group of police chiefs from the south bay got a firsthand look today at santa clara county's new children's advocates advocacy center county supervisors cindy chavez and district attorney jeff rosen invited them to see the new facility. it's where children who've been traumatized by physical or
6:42 pm
sexual abuse will be provided medical investigative and victim services. everything will all be done under one roof now at the new facility there in san jose at the moment. children have to go to several locations throughout the county. inside that building is safety. inside that building is help. there's a team that will surround the children of our community who have been harmed and we'll surround them with comfort, protection and healing. child survivors will not be alone. the new children's advocacy center is set to open next monday. beyonce. a t, okay, it's beautiful out there and don't martin will have more on the forecast coming up in just a minute. but wow, what a shot there downtown san francisco right now we go to ktvu salik savage with a look at some of the stories we're working on the seven o'clock
6:43 pm
news on ktvu plus, frank. thank you. coming up new tonight. people who exercise have a lower chance of developing severe covid. that's according to a new study. that's out. we'll talk live with one of the kaiser doctors involved in this research in tonight's covid conversation also knew you may soon be able to mail a letter and cash a check at the post office. the new pilot program that house democrats are pushing to try to make this happen well of those stories. send a lot more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus first, though, after the break some exciting news for people who use a clipper card. the new feature just announced today that allows people to add money.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe power lines. the state today ordered the company to make corrective actions and improve safety. last year, p jeannie cleared vegetation near 1800 miles of lines, but an audit found that less than 5% were around lines that the company considered high wildfire danger, today's state directive requires p jeannie to submit an action plan by early next month. pg and e will also have to explain their failures and how they're going to change their modeling data and decision making and communication. cpuc commissioners say they're disappointed and they intend to hold pg me accountable. water rates in the south bay could go up for years to come. the senate clara valley water district is proposing to raise rates by nearly 10% each year for the next eight years, then 9% for the following two years.
6:47 pm
the district says the increase. is amount to about $60 more per year. for the average account. the district blames the drought and replacing aging infrastructure. the sanders, a city council is asking the district to reduce rate increases and develop relief programs for low income customers. already checking out there your weather heading into a weekend. that's going to be significantly warmer than the temperatures. we saw most of this week. that means temperatures as we head into. well basically as we head into. sunday monday back into the eighties upper eighties possible certainly on monday with temperatures again very, very warm for this time of year. no rain in the forecast. we've talked about that we've got plenty of cloud cover along the coast that will fill back in tonight. the temperatures today look like these tomorrow's temperatures will be warmer. today was about like
6:48 pm
yesterday. in terms of temperatures, tomorrow's temperatures will come up a few degrees. so current temperatures you see about here, 69 conquered 73 fairfield, a bit of a sea breeze still lots going on in the countries mid section you see in the intermountain region, but for us, we're in that big dome of high pressure, which is going to intensify and strengthened. starts tomorrow hangs on saturday and sunday and sunday could be easily be the warmest day we've seen this season with highs potentially in the upper eighties, perhaps alone, 90 few clouds up over lake tahoe. the showers. the thunder showers. that's all over. we've got westerly winds. this is classic spring weather, the fog will fill back in again tonight. it'll be there when you wake up tomorrow morning and temperatures will look like these kind of cool 42 in fairfield 38 in santa rosa 42. livermore that's your chili and i got to see frost. you're not going to see freeze, but you're going to see some pretty cool numbers for this time of year, the morning and san francisco oakland. partly cloudy because of the fog and low clouds, and then it clears off. so here's
6:49 pm
another model shows the cloud cover. and then it shows you overnight lows and then you could see temperature forecasts for tomorrow afternoon. we're basically looking at 74 napa 74 in santa rosa and almost 80 degrees and fairfield. so you see those warm spots where the hot spots in land basically and along the coast to say it's kind of cool, so what's happening? it's warming up. and it's going to be very warm on syrian sunday, and the fog's gonna stay at the coast and it's going to feel a lot like spring because it's spring stout go. there's going to be perfect spring pattern with temperatures slightly above the average certain are well above the average, certainly on saturday and sunday. tomorrow, you'll notice that the warming up. much warmer on sunday. few clouds as we get towards tuesday of early next week, i'll see you all back here tonight at 10 and 11. we'll see then bill thank you. san francisco's tenderloin district has some new traffic rules. supervisor matt haney says the tenderloin is officially the first neighborhood in the city
6:50 pm
with a 20 mile an hour speed limit. also right turns on red lights have been outlawed, a supervisor says. it's a huge win for divers dense residential community. that has fought for the changes for a lot of years, amy says the changes will save lives as well, he says. people who get hit by a car going 20 miles an hour are twice as likely to survive as those hit by a car going 25 miles an hour if you travel on public transportation in the bay area, you could now use your clipper card with apple pay they area clipper announced the change on twitter today. the change will allow you to pay transit fares with your iphone or apple watch to get started. you'll just need the last four digits of the phone number on file with clipper and for all the android users out there, clipper is coming to google pay next month, nasa astronaut kate rubins is headed back to earth tomorrow after six months aboard the international space station, reuben spent time studying ways
6:51 pm
to optimize growing food in space. she also worked on dna's sequencing as skill that could help diagnose astronauts, illnesses or identify microbes in the space station. rubens graduate. from napa has been teach high school, she earned her doctorate from stanford, and she is currently in the running to become the first woman to walk on the moon. up next in sports. the sharks patrick marleau approaching history. sports record market baniyas on what are the driving forces? as marlowe approaches the record number of games played ever in history of the nhl by gordie howe.
6:52 pm
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that's gonna have to be the description from here on out for the golden state warriors as they get old lad smaller, officially. as they find out their biggest man will miss the rest of the season. speaking, of course about the rookie james wiseman has quite a journey in his rookie year. he will be out for the rest of the year after undergoing surgery today in los angeles to repair a write me. meniscal tear that
6:55 pm
he sustained a little over a week ago. it was termed successful. usually they are successful at this stage. the hope is that he didn't do any further damage to it. they didn't find any. well they were in there and wiseman could be ready to resume play as soon as the summer leg is, this kid needs a little more seasoning talking about the san jose sharks. it looked a week or so ago like they were gonna snap out of their funk and make a playoff run, but that is faded. big time of late. as a matter of fact, they've been outscored 12 23 in their last three games. that's not going to get a death. so the men in teal must focus on the positive and that would set her around the great heady marla closing in on a hallowed market nhl history. gordie howe, the all time leader in games played 1007 for marlo. he's just too shy of mr hockey's longevity mark. he
6:56 pm
should get there come monday night versus vegas. patty marley, longest tenured shark and a true class act always inspires the skill. i just love being out there and playing and obviously, every kid's dream is toe voice that stanley cup, so i've been been chasing it all this time. and you know that goal hasn't changed for me since he you know what the stanley cups about, so it's been a great journey. can't think everybody. who supported me throat it enough. some players doesn't matter the sport they just have winner marked all over their faces, and that was certainly be true for kiana williams of the national champion stanford cardinal, and for all her success, she's rewarded tonight. w nba draft night it, isse. with the 18th selection of the 2021 w nba draft, the defending champion seattle storm have selected kiana williams guard
6:57 pm
from stanford. brilliant system is a winner and she's going to a winner, stanford's all time leader in three pointers the number 18 overall pick going to seattle is you heard she averaged 14 points and three assists in stanford's championship season. and like you say she's a winner getting stamped all over them together and have the opportunity to go live from seubert, one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game. joining canada there. i'm just gonna go there, and it's so cause much information as possible, and i'm leaving one winning atmosphere going into another one of winning atmosphere. so, um all glory to god. they were sure front of watch down the stretch in that tournament. okay as you know, in most sports, the fans are back, maybe not at full capacity, but i'll tell you what checked us out. you'll know just how great it is. they have those fans back in the stands last night at the atlanta braves game. whoa ronald akunyili junior
6:58 pm
throws the ball toward the stands in between innings. that's an epic beer pong shot from center field right into the fan's beer. up and i think you could say safely. he's happy to work this out hello last night, rocky's dad rouz justin turner smashes one over the wall in left best part about it, though, say cheese to the van right there. he gets hit right in the nachos. okay? yeah that is a full plate of nachos, but he's happy anyway, you sure got himself with her baseball, and that's the way it should be fans back in the stands. that's the sporting life. this our guys back to you and we'll see you later. all right, mark. thank you. by frank tonight, everybody. thanks for joining us the news thanks for joining us the news at seven over and ktvu (water running)
6:59 pm
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