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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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temporarily out of rotation? while it is true that we had a temporary pause, a temporary setback with one of the approved vaccines? jj represents just 4% of. our weekly dose administrations from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage. and i'm heather holmes. while some bay area counties have already opened up their vaccine eligibility now everyone in the state 16 and older now has a shot at getting their vaccine. governor newsome was in union city earlier today, where he is that lowering the age for people to get shots will keep californians vaccine. california's vaccination rate at one of the highest in the world. every california is now eligible, regardless of their age, 16 and over to receive and
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have access to vaccines. well this expansion of eligibility comes just a few weeks after the state also made residents 50 years and older, eligible to receive a shot. and now the californians at least 16 years old can get vaccinated. there is a new hurdle to securing an appointment came to be self. a reporter jesse gary has been looking into things force this afternoon and joins us now live with what he found. jesse. heather good afternoon to you, and it seems so simple. you log on a couple of presses of a button and boom, you're done. unnecessarily ah, think that it's so vital is also a test of patience and endurance. vast majority of the population is eligible to be vaccinated and can. to make use of any available vaccine appointments. it seems simple enough. we check websites for county health departments from santa clara to san matteo sonoma to contra costa napa to alameda
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and many places in between, not to mention private providers such as walgreen's cvs and stanford health. the keyboard intensive sit and stand and sit again. hunt and peck approach provided few opportunities to successfully book. covid vaccine appointment. samet hale county resident mike davey said the same thing three weeks ago. every time i go in, there are no appointments available for the ensuing 60 days that z maximum window. they let you look at. we found the windows have shortened from months down two weeks or days, but the problems persist. most sides say there are no available slots stat met urgent care on the contra costa county web page was one of the exceptions. it lists available walk in appointments. is it a challenge that might energize you? or is it an obstacle to overcome? santa clara university psychologist dr thomas plant, says the people who are unrelenting in their desire to score a coveted vaccination slot will succeed. others will
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that frustration, get the best of them and quit that if people confined an easy and streamlined method. to get the vaccination or get other health. you know things done. they're probably going to be more likely to do it with more people now eligible and the bottleneck vaccine supply experts say it could be weeks before doing this leads to this. so there's going to be ample supply eventually. in the short term, you might want to dedicate a few hours. yes i said hours to try and book a flight to get your vaccination because you're gonna visit several different sides. each time you go forward, then you have to go back to the beginning of the put your information in again and again and again, and it does take some time and there is gonna be a little bit of frustration. a period where you wanna wait, walk, get up, walk away and come back to it. so give yourself some time to do that. also, i didn't mention this in the story. but in contra costa county there have just started
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walk up clinics or walk in clinics that opened today and then they're staying open onto until against may the ninth. we're gonna put that information on our website as well. so you have it, but this is a like i said, it's an endurance test. test the patient, so just be ready and be warned. we're live in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox demons went back to you. if it is a process, and as you mentioned, be patient arrived, jesse gary. thank you. more than 24 million doses of coronavirus. vaccines have now been ministered here in our state, according to the latest data, there are now more than 374,000 shots a day being administered in california, and nearly 40% of california's population of around 40 million has received at least one dose and about 24% now fully vaccinated. ah group of uc berkeley students has created a volunteer effort to book vaccine appointments for those who may not have access to a computer coming up this afternoon before 30, we will talkto of the founders of the
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shot line about this new project. and the ark and oakland police say close cooperation between their departments has led to dozens of arrests in connection with a deadly gang rivalry. and the ox chief of police said today. the shootings and homicides escalated after a 20 year old man was shot and killed in august of 2020. authorities say that killing sparked a feud between two east bay gangs. 17 shootings, including two homicides are linked to this gang robbery in oakland and antioch. on march, 31st swat team served search warrants in four cities any ock mur said. modesto and los angeles 36 adult members of the e nt and case criminal street gangs were identified along with 15 juveniles. many of them were arrested for crimes relating to shooting assaults, robbery, burglary, firearm violations and illegal drug sales. more
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arrests were made in valeo and san leandro the following day, 40 weapons were seized. 15 of them were untraceable ghost guns. man is in police custody right now accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside a car in the parking lot of the pleasant hill bart station, the 35 year old woman told police the assault happened around six o'clock last night. bart police use surveillance cameras in the garage to develop leads to track down the suspected attacker, and he was taken into custody earlier today, investigators have not yet released that man's identity. block after block of vandalism, anti police graffiti and damaged people spray painted the ugly words all over downtown walnut creek last night, officers responded, but no arrests were made. a crime reporter henry lee joins us now live this afternoon with more on the damage, and we'll let the city leaders are saying about all of this, henry. we'll
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have the wallet creek is a relatively quiet city, but it's not immune to things like deadly shootings by officers, protests and vandalism. work crews in downtown walnut creek spent the morning scrubbing away anti police graffiti. the extent of the damage is all black spray paint up and down our business district, and there was plenty of it for blocks. neiman marcus at broadway plaza was hit as we're banks, plus city hall and the police department. it all began in about nine wednesday. night when 20 to 25 people came into downtown. these individuals were all dressed in black with face coverings. police ask for mutually from contra costa county sheriff's deputies and a sheriff's helicopter. walnut creek police lieutenant james laughter said officers didn't catch any vandals in the act. our officers were present way did not witness any of the actual vandalism occurring. we did see the large group marching down the street, but the group took off within 10 minutes. no arrests were made. no businesses were looted, but police say. the amount of
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damage makes this a case of felony vandalism. the vandals were upset that the killing of dante right by police in minnesota, some tags encouraged killing officers. but there were also references to walnut creek police, perhaps referring to the shooting death of miles hall, who was mentally ill. police say they support free speech rights but with the destruction of property, we will not tolerate that. it's very frustrating. especially when things like this happen and we're trying to further the dialogue, walnut creek mayor kevin will said protesters can show up at council meetings to vent their frustration instead of the phasing city hall for feeding tagging different buildings where it takes time and public money and private money to clean up. now walnut creek police were trying to get surveillance video to identify the taggers reporting live. henry lee ktvu fox two news, all right hand, ray. thank you. former police officer appeared
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in court earlier today on a charge of manslaughter in the shooting death of dante right in minnesota. these air sketches of the zoom court appearance by kim potter she shot right during a traffic stop on sunday, police tried to arrest the 20 year old for an outstanding warrant. the chief of the brooklyn center police department said that potter mistook her gun for her taser, both the chief and potter resigned after the shooting today writes mother said that there will quote never be justice for their family. the justice would bring our son home to us, knocking on the door with his big smile coming in the house, sitting down eating dinner with us going upto lunch plane with his 21 year old, almost two year old son, giving him a kiss before he walks out the door, so their justice isn't even a word to me. i do want accountability. last night, demonstrators again clashed with police in brooklyn center in the fourth night. of
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unrest in that minneapolis suburb. many people are angry, saying the manslaughter charge is not enough. i have my head held high because i know deep in my heart that i have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be cleared. you're a rapist, and everyone knew coming up. windsor's mayor, hearing from his critics during an emotional town home meeting, but he continues to refuse calls to resign. we'll hear from our political expert about. council's next option's, ad with vaccine eligibility expanding, you may have to hunt for another appointment and potentially now face more side effects down the road. later in this newscast, wife fizer shot e needed to properly protect against the coronavirus. adam merryweather. another sunny spring day with the mild temperatures. we're still tracking a warm oppa's we head
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several accusations of sexual assault during an emotional town hall meeting last night, colleagues and residents spoke out against mayor dominic for poli, saying he needs to resign for the town to move forward. kate was deborah villalon has the story. i have my head held high because i know deep in my heart that i have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be cleared. disgraced mayor dominic for poli wants windsor residents to let the justice system work and judge him on the job. he's done leading the town. do you walk around a beautiful town in love where we live? you love the well maintained clean streets. people participating in this zoo meeting. we're having none of it. you're a rapist. and everyone knew it wasn't a secret. and then you dare show
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your face for polish political rise crashed last week with publication of a multi year investigation by the san francisco chronicle detailing sexual assault claims from four women over a 16 year period, all involving social drinking and all un reported shame and just wanting to put it behind you. maybe you feel like you just wouldn't be believed anyways. um or because of the alcohol factory. you feel like you'll just be blamed to two more accusers have since emerged, including a police council colleague as there'll amos, given the fact that i am a victim of sexual assault by mayor for poli lima cited conflict of interest and sent a statement. this is very personal and traumatic for me. pimping windsor has rallied to support les mis and the other women officials throughout the region safe a poli has lost the ability to lead so did all who chimed into the meeting, voicing rage and expressing the
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pain of their own life experience, but you should make this easier for the rest of the victims and sonoma county. please step down. for poli is elected, so the council cannot remove him on lee censure him as a form of discipline. and like the public plead that a few of windsor as much as you said, you always have. then you need to resign tonight for police sat stoically through some three hours of rebuke, then a resolution demanding he quit past 2 to 1. he obviously opposed. which leaves a recall election. windsor's other option deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news, joining us now to talk more about the situation there in windsor is our political analyst brian sobel. all right, brian, you heard our reporter deborah villalon sort of lay out the options here. do you think that this recall effort is the next step in all
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of this, heather? it has to be because under state law as deborah and her package pointed out, there are few options. he is the elected mirror of the community. he can resign. hey could be recalled, or he could be convicted of a felony. in which case hey, would be removed from office that way. other than that, oddly or in a remarkable way, he could still continue to surface america, do you see him? eventually resigning? and if so, what do you think it will take to have him leave office? actually tuned in a little bit to that meeting last night, and it was horrific on so many levels. not only the stories of people told about their own situations, but what they felt america poli had done to other people in the community and the women in particular. um it was very hard to watch and listen to, and i just don't know how
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somebody could sit there hour after hour and listen to this and not taking it. consideration the need to resign the walk away from all of this. it will be interesting to see what he does get by that, brian. what about those who say the investigation needs to happen first? i mean, we have seen other cases of this. for example, governor andrew cuomo of new york facing allegations of sexual abuse, and he says, i'm not going to resign, but i will make sure that this investigation continues and i will cooperate with the investigation is this. strategy that works well, heather you you raise a very good parallel, and maybe something the mayor of windsor's looking at on that is the whole issue of do process, having to go through a court review a review by investigators before resigning. what i would say here is that.
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as in the cuomo case, the problem for these two people for the both mayor of for the marriage and the governor is the pattern that goes along with it. these are not one off cesaire, not a, he said. she said he said he said in a one time event where people have their own stories, these air patterns over a long period of time. i think it makes it harder for that for those two people, and in this case. marathon poli in windsor to refute it and on through it all, even as they are something due to her plane, innocents, the communities that in this in the case of the state of new york has to go through this with them on. it's incredibly painful, incredibly painful for women who have suffered from sexual abuse of one striper, another aunt to see that these people are not walking away from their office voluntarily to fight this out, heather and then maybe go back in the public. yeah, we're just about out of time, brian, but you
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bring up an important point here, and that is, you know a lack of confidence to you in a leader. how disruptive is all of this in carrying out the town business there in windsor? very difficult. and when you think about the irony of the accused running the meeting, he facilitated the meeting for the 1st 2.5 with people saying you shouldn't be facilitating this meeting. you're the problem and all that total distraction. other and on. that's just the way it is right now and going to be that way in windsor until this issue is resolved, all right, brian, so will really appreciate it will obviously be following the developments there in the north bay town of windsor. thanks again for coming. on the show, brian. absolutely we'll bury a weather a bit of a static pattern this week. not too much change for today. some fog in the morning that lots of sunshine this afternoon everybody'll be warming up this weekend, especially as we head towards sundays. that's kind of the
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developing weather headline as we head toward the weekend warmer temperatures, in fact, warm enough. a few spots by sunday could be right around 90 degrees. taking a look at the graph right now we're showing you this. the temperature's a few spots will be warmer tomorrow. burrow into your friday and then things continue to climb into saturday and into sunday. sunday should be the warmest day of the entire week. as you take a look a satellite. we have some clouds over the sierra. we also have some fog out to our west, and some patches will redevelop, in fact, already saw a few patches your portions of the coastline earlier this afternoon. has become a closer will show you something current numbers for the four o'clock hour. it is warm and nice day in concord, 71. fairfield 76. degrees oakland 60, san francisco in the mid fifties and some sixties up in the north bay. here's a live camera lookingtow. san francisco in the distance with clear skies up above tomorrow, most neighborhoods away from the coastline should be a bit warmer to start out to your friday so partly cloudy skies and patchy fog tomorrow morning toward pacifica, half moon bay samples cisco most
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areas will be in the thirties in the forties or forecast model is picking up on some that patchy fog and then into the afternoon hours, a nice recovery with the more sunshine, especially england in the warmest locations back up into the mid to upper seventies, we're started see those microclimates show up here, the coolest spots. coast side upper fifties to lower sixties around the bay. lots of sixties. this is for your friday forecast in the warm spots inland on track to reach the mid seventies by tomorrow afternoon, and even warmer temperatures as we had for the weekend. we'll have the full update coming up in just a few minutes, all right, mark. thank you coming up for us here on the four drug overdose. deaths are surging in this country up next how the pandemic already made made a less talked about health crisis even worse. and coming up tonight. here on ktvu your
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prime time lineup here. it's hell's kitchen at eight o'clock. that'll be followed by last man standing at nine. then the moodys at 9 30. then of course, we hope you stick around for the 10 o'clock news and the 11 o'clock death. have surged durine
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pandemic in this country, cdc data shows more than 87,000 americans died from drug overdoses between september of 2019 and september of 2020. that is a 29% increase from the year before, and it's the highest number of deaths reported since the opioid epidemic began back in the 19 nineties firm or on what is behind these disturbing numbers. we're joined now by. dr paul christo, director of the multi disciplinary pain fellowship program at johns hopkins university. dr cristo really good to have you on here today to break down what is going on? what is it? do you
4:25 pm
think about the pandemic that has led to this sharp rise in overdose deaths? well, no question about it. i mean, the pandemic has led to alameda economic hardships. we've seen a lot of people under him. and at the same time we've seen a lot of people emotionally stressed to the pandemic. i mean, they've seen their friends and family members die and this is extremely extremely hard to cope with, so as a result. we've seen more and more people turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. is this also about a lack of access to treatment because we did have obviously a lot of drug treatment facilities and those sorts of places that had to shut down because of the virus. that's certainly true. i mean, the good news is that we've seen more and more. these substance abuse treatment centers and access to treatment increase as a consequence of the pandemic, one of the
4:26 pm
positive consequences of this actually has been a greater use and availability of tele mental health services. and this has really been a boon for those who need them because you have greater access now to psychiatrists to physicians, counselors and therapists online. in a way that didn't exist before, and this is critical because it could help people get access to the substance abuse treatment. the therapies, the support groups that are so critical in terms of preventing relapse and also treating drug abuse. all right, let's let's try to break down the numbers if you could help us a little bit in terms of who, you know who is dying from from these drug overdoses in this country. are we talking aboutal areas? is it a combination of both? it is a combination of both. we've seen a lot of people die in rule areas of the country, actually, and the other thing that we've seen happen here. overtime is we've seen ah lot of these deaths that are related to overdoses
4:27 pm
will certainly it's increase in 2020. it was about over 70,020 19, and that is a result of the pandemic. but about half of those overdose deaths in 2019, or do do synthetic opioids these air drugs like fentanyl, carpets and all the other half. we're due to stimulants like methamphetamine and cocaine. and this is something new that wasn't expected. but we're seeing to a greater extent and actually, what's even scarier is that we're seeing both adults and adolescents die from a combination now of opioid and stimulant like methamphetamine. wow. all right, so, so let's talk about solutions and hopefully trying to reverse that this trend that we're seeing in this country. uh, how much do you think you know the vaccine? roll out the re opening of our society is going to help curb this problem. i think that will. i think the other thing that we've seen
4:28 pm
that is helpful. is it the centers for disease control is conducting studies on this problem on overdose. death to better combat it and come up with better strategies to address it. we've also seen the rollout of now lock sound. so for those who have opioid addiction, no question about it now lock zone is the opioid reversal agent that can save lives. the other name for that is nor can i think that needs to be more widely available, though throughout the country, especially in rural areas. it doesn't have to be prescribed by a physician. it can be but in certain states, the pharmacists can go ahead and dispense it without a prescription and telehealth tell a mental health services are on the rise to assist people in need and also medication assisted treatments. is there also called agonist therapies? these drugs like methadone? dew point nor feen suboxone again. the data is clear. these drugs help prevent relapse. they reduce craving and are really important in
4:29 pm
preventing people from relapsing and overdosing. yeah, sounds like they could make a huge difference. alright really appreciate your your time and coming on to talk about this really troubling issue that we're seeing unfold here. a crisis underneath. another crisis in this country. dr paul crystal, director of the multi disciplinary pain fellowship program at johns hopkins university, greatly appreciate your time. thank you. my pleasure. thank you. still no word on when johnson and johnson's covid-19 vaccine will be cleared again for use in the u. s. i'm jonathan syrian atlanta. i'll have details coming up. and as we mentioned vaccine eligibility now open to those 16 and up here in california, but some elderly residents are still trying struggling to sign up. coming up next. how a group of students from uc berkeley
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let's get back to talking smack with a side of mac and cheese. before we can safely come together, we need the facts on covid-19 vaccines. to get the facts, visit so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you. to report any additional cases of blood clots associated with the johnson and johnson vaccine as they continue their investigation. we get more now from fox's jonathan serrie in atlanta. for a third straight day. the johnson and johnson vaccine remains on hold in the u. s the cdc is independent advisory committee failing to reach consensus during an emergency meeting, saying they need more information about the blood clots that led to the pause and use. at least six women develop the clots after getting the johnson and johnson shot on one of those women died.
4:33 pm
this is exactly how things are supposed to work. if there's something weird that happens, we need to know about it. we need to study it. the main theory at this point the vaccines developed with anti virus vectors like johnson and johnson and astrazeneca are prompting a rare inflammatory reaction in blood vessels leading to the clots, and officials say the pause allows doctors and the general public time to report any additional cases that could be related to the vaccine. the complications are rare, but they are something people should be aware of, if you have a sudden headache. change in mental status. anything's different if you have swelling in the leg, those air signs of a possible blood clot almost 125 million americans have now gotten at least one vaccine dose. and while the program expands lawmakers on capitol hill are making a big push to get life back to a post pandemic normal, including asking the cdc to reverse its guidelines on cruise ships and allow them to start operating again. whether trying to do is they want to
4:34 pm
get the cdc to come to the table. work with the cruise industry so that everyone can restart safely johnson and johnson says it's working with regulators in the u. s and pausing. it's vaccine rollout in europe until the investigation is complete. in atlanta. jonathan sehring, fox news. meantime the ceo of fizer says people will likely need a booster dose of the covid-19 vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated. he also said it's possible that people will need to get vaccinated. against the virus annually. as with the flu, fizer and its german partner, my on tech or in the process of studying how long protective immunity from the vaccine last. their findings will help determine if those booster shots will be necessary. booking of vaccine appointment online can be challenging for those who struggle with technology, including some seniors, and that's why a group of uc berkeley students created
4:35 pm
a special hotline to help people in alameda county who are having trouble navigating the online process. for more on this, we're joined by taylor birdsong, who is one of the creators of shot line. taylor it's great to have you on here, so i understand this. this project at uc berkeley with you and your fellow students began with a focus on trial. help older adults find those vaccine doses, but you have since branched out to helping others who are facing challenges. explain how exactly a shot line works. so we've attempted to make shot line is easy and accessible as possible for everyone. all you need to do is call us. simply call her phone number and give a volunteer information and so then using that information provided we will find the caller vaccine appointment in about four days or less. all right, so it's you and a team of volunteers. sleuths i guess you call them and you take people's basic information as you say on then what is the process that you go
4:36 pm
through to try to track down available doses for them? well so after getting someone to kind of basic information, we just our team of volunteers and sluice will just scour the internet find as many resources as we can and look to assume any local, uh, destinations and for vaccines that we can find and then using. our access to the internet and sort of our ability to easily navigate technology. we try and find the best appointment for anyone. when people call up the shot line. what one of the stories that you are are hearing from some of these folks who are are struggling to try to try to navigate. what? what is you know? obviously a very, you know, challenging system of sort of amazed of, you know, online websites where you can try to find these doses. you know? what are the stories of frustration? you hear from people? and then how satisfying is it for you and your fellow volunteers to be able to find
4:37 pm
someone an appointment. it's definitely it's definitely challenging for some people and that some of the stories we've heard are you know people just don't have the time or the patience to just navigate through all those forms. it can be like really long process. also the wait time needed. sometimes when you call in is a lot and people just really don't have the time to do that, or just accessing the internet and kind of going through those steps and filling out the form online can be really challenging for some people. so we try and like, help everyone with the process. aspect is easiest possible, and it's just been really rewarding to help people who have been struggling so long to get this vaccine and to know that you know we're helping them and helping the be more safe. all right. as you know, taylor starting today, every adult here in the state of california is vaccines so obviously that that means a huge rush. millions more people scouring the internet trying to trying t
4:38 pm
land these doses and find an appointment. are you expecting a big influx of calls at shot line? and do you have the volunteers? do you have the staff to be able to handle this? yeah, we are expecting more calls of word. and so with that in mind, we're trying to onboard more volunteers. we definitely are slowly expanding and just every day we get a little bit bigger and helping more people and we're really excited for the future to help more people as more people are able to access the vaccine. all right, so there is help out there the number on the screen the shot line run by uc berkeley students, 909766. to 9 to ifappointment for a vaccine. taylor birdsong, one of the co creators of shot line really appreciate your time and the work that you and your fellow students were doing thanks for coming on. thank you. all right, take care. also let you know we have a link to shot line up on our website
4:39 pm
ktvu .com. you can go there and all you have to do is look under the web links section. good work by those uc berkeley students, all right, more vacation resorts opening here in california, but boy getting a reservation might be tough coming up next. how one of napa valleys beautiful destinations is handling the increase in demand, added whether another nice spring day we have even warmer temperatures in the forecast, especially by the weekend. we'll have the update wei'm morgan, and there's more coming uto me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,...
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so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. across the state, every baby area county except solano is in the orange tear on california's color coded reopening chart live indoor venues such as
4:42 pm
concert halls and sports arenas can open at limited capacity. private events like receptions and conferences can also resume. more people can return to work it offices and capacity is increasing at restaurants, movie theaters and jim's. also there are no california counties left in the states. most restrictive purple tear. most of the state now is in the orange tier state data shows san francisco, santa clara, san mateo and santa cruz counties had days this week with no covid deaths reported. we'll demand is now increasing for stays in california hotels and resorts as the vaccination campaigns and leash a boom in vacation travel many places in fact in wine country are booked now, months in advance. that's a promising, sir. time for the hospitality industry, of course, hit hard by this pandemic. joining me now is chris lee of the historic indian springs calistoga. chris thank you so muchre talking me l
4:43 pm
people coming back to napa the town's whether it's from calistoga all the way down to napa young girl seen really pics back in the valleys. ring is here. whether is beautiful, and it's really exciting to see. so do you have any openings? let's say for the next couple of weeks, or are you fully booked, so? yeah, we, you know, we really aren't taking any reservations almost up to memorial weekend. at this point on the weekends. we do have some time during the week. if you're able to get away from work and makes it work from the resort. we do have some availability. but right now on the weekends were closed down all the way up to memorial day.l about the increase in demand, um, you know, no, not necessarily. i think we expect today. we felt this last year a
4:44 pm
lot right? and so as we had the pandemic strike and then get back open, we felt that surge of pent up demand and got very busy up until the fire is hit and fire season and where some of the most destructive in napa valley experienced and so it was really a 12 punch. and as we reeled off of that we had went to another show. turin place. and so it was really, really tricky, so we definitely expected to be busy and people are very excited to be out. and thankfully it very gracious to be out as well as they enjoy the properties. and so while we expected it were also entering, i would call a second phase or third four phase of this pandemic that is staffing crisis for the hospitality industry in those areas where things are picking up. yeah are you experiencing that that same staffing shortage? we are? yeah no question. i think you know we went into the pandemic and about 240 associate strong and we are about 140. now s o pretty significant decrease and
4:45 pm
we are hoping that these folks come back, but we have a lot of the data suggests that people have left the hospitality industry given everything it's been through in the past year on, so we're kind of waiting to see and then managing how we do business. is based upon our staffing levels, which means oftentimes limiting how much we can do. yeah obviously, that's another adjustment that you're going to have to make. all right, chris. i know that the city of calistoga launched a marketing campaign to try to attract, you know, bay area residents those weekend warriors to the area. is that who's booking your rooms? yes you know, we really were seeing 95% of our business of not hire all from the bay area. so you know, napa valley being a region that's so blessed to be around eight million people in the bay was just a short drive up has really been beneficial for us in the recovery. we still see metropolitan areas much slower recover, as you would anticipate, and we're excited to partner with the
4:46 pm
chamber of calistoga and the city as we continue to try to bring people back. and it's working pretty well. yeah, and finally, before i let you go, chris, obviously you've had to make some changes to help mitigate the spread of covid-19. what what are some of the changes adjustments that you've had to make, sure she don't from starting out. we really looked at every single touch point and interaction that a guest has it the property and then what are sanitation, new sanitation guidelines and social distancing guidelines around those, you know, we're very fortunate. we are sanitation. standards were very high to set to begin with. and so it was really even taking those in next step further, and then as we continue to learn maura maura about this virus, continuing to pivot and change, how we do things has been huge, just like most others in the hospitality industry. we've worked to make lemons out of lemonade. we put a huge 30 ft. tall 10 over our outdoor dining space and made it more beautiful than ever. something will likely to continue to do from years on. and so there
4:47 pm
have been some benefits there. i think one of the most, though, is. dealing with covid-19 in the workplace. and you know the would say contact tracing hats that we put on and taken a very conservative stance on potential exposures. and then what we do as far as quarantining those people and overnight we've seen departments go out completely and have to shut down different areas of the hotel used different people from other areas to fill those in whether it's me and the owner is taking reservations, along with several others from different departments, and it's been those kind of pivots all the way through this that have been real. challenging but we band together as a team have gotten through it. and so you know, there's a lot to be learned through it, too. obviously everyone having to step up. well, thanks again. chris we're coming on the show. it is a beautiful, beautiful resort and glad to hear that that at least we're on the other side appearing to be on the other side of this pandemic, and that the hospitality industry is indeed making a comeback. chrisley of indian springs thanks again. thank you so much
4:48 pm
other way are expecting the warmer temperatures as we head into the weekend. if you had not the wine country anywhere we're talking about some seventies and eighties across most neighborhoods this this weekend and then in the next week will cool things off a little bit. but one thing that has been really absent from the forecast that is rainfall. the last storm we had is a decent one. that was back in march thursday, march 18, so it has been an extended period of dry weather. of course, going into april. you could see first couple weeks of april. up until today. that's 28 days of dry weather, unfortunately, looks like this dry stretch will continue into the weekend and into next week. just amazing to get up to get to suggest sustained a period of dry weather. in fact, tomorrow, the headline we're warming things back up from the fifties and the sixties and seventies, conquered 72 today after 76 4 tomorrow, so not a huge jump in the numbers, but still we are trending up in your friday forecast satellite showing you some clouds over this sierra
4:49 pm
and also some fog earlier today, and still if you will patch is trying to redevelop near portions of the coastline this afternoon is you can't pick out and we'll probably have some more patches redevelop later on tonight near the shoreline right around the bay. as we had in the early friday morning current numbers out there for the four o'clock hour. it is 76 degrees a warm day in fairfield, oakland right now, 60 san francisco downtown in the mid fifties and san jose 67 degrees. here's a live camera looking out toward the open. yes you worry a bit of a breeze out there with winds from around 10 to 20 miles an hour so patchy clouds and patchy fog to start out the day for your friday and then into the afternoon hours, partly cloudy skies for the beaches, more sunshine around the bay and temperature is the warm spots on track to reach the mid to upper seventies. so we have been tracking this school system out toward nevada. this is kind of scooting out to the east, and that is the moves out of town. we're gonna have that dry weather pattern set. setting up in that warmer pattern as well. the storm
4:50 pm
track being pushed up way to our north, so temperature is trending up this weekend. sunday will be the warmest day of the entire week. tomorrow we are heading in that direction. patchy morning fog, mostly sunny skies into the afternoon hours. warm spot, flirting with 80 degrees out toward a fairfield in antioch will go upper seventies oakland, 66 in san francisco. there is at 61 degrees. here's look ahead your five day and this weekend. we have a lot to sunshine out there. temperatures warming up sunday the warmest locations could be borderline 90 degrees. so kind of flirting with that warm mark, and that will cool things off into monday and tuesday that chance of ah. sprinkle on a tuesday is kind of fading away. i want to get too excited about the next chance of some rainfall because that might fade away. but some of the forecast models hinting, maybe a week from sunday we could be tracking them shower chances here in the bay area, so we'll see if that happens, but this weekend, no chance of rain as we head into this weekend and even into early next week. mark. thank you, the
4:51 pm
former officer accused of killing george floyd spoke in court today but only said a few words up next more on what words up next more on what happenemom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated. home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on my family too and be secure in knowing that she's . he could keep doing his vegetable garden, and get really good, specialized care.
4:52 pm
and i could just be her daughter again.
4:53 pm
shobin, has rested its case without putting show vin on the stand. have you made a decision today whether you intend to testify or whether you intend to invoke your fifth amendment privilege? i will invoke my fifth amendment privilege today. the defense only called one witness today a retired medical examiner who indicated that he did not agree with george floyd's autopsy performed by the county medical examiner. closing arguments are set for monday and the judge told the jury they will be sequestered during deliberations. ah father and son arrested in connection with tin smart appeared in courtmed
4:54 pm
earlier today for arraignment. they appeared virtually in the san luis obispo county court. paul flores is charged with first degree murder, and his father, ruben flores, with accessory after murder. they did not enter, please. the arraignment was continued until monday, investigators say paul flores killed kristen smart in 1996 during an attempted rape and his father helped hide her body. according to authorities, her remains have not been found. hall floor as is being held without bail, and his father's bail is set at $250,000. congressional democrats present a plan to expand the supreme court. but not everyone in their party is on board. i'm ray bogan with a look a dem have presented a plano
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
add four more seats to the u. s supreme court. but republicans are calling the move of power play, and house speaker nancy% pelosi says she's taking a wait and see approach with no current plans to bring the proposal to the floor. we get more now from fox reporter ray bogan. the court is broken. on the heels of congressional democrats unveiling legislation to expand the supreme court to 13 justice is, the white house responded, saying the president was not prepared to endorse the bill, but would wait for feedback from his newly established supreme court commission. he's gonna wait for that to play out the president's 36% commission is test with reviewing the supreme court. and considering whether there should be reforms, including expanding the court. but the democrats proposing the expansion argued there's no need to wait, saying it's already clear the court needs an overhaul. nine justices may have made sense in the 19th century, when there were only nine circuits. only a few 100
4:58 pm
appeals have filed before the court every year. these four new seats to be filled by president biden will reconstitute the united states supreme court. the bench will then rightly reflect the values of the majority of the american people on whose behalf they served. it's not out of the question it has been done before. during her weekly news conference, house speaker nancy pelosi said she has no plans at this point to bring the democratic led bill to the floor for vote. i've support the president's commission to study but minority leader mitch mcconnell warned against court packing, saying it would only cause the country harm. but the father's left activists aren't interested in the common good. they want power, according to the constitution, it's up to congress how many seats are on the supreme court? and while there have been nine justices for more than 150 years it has been changed before. bogan fox news. ktvu fox two news at five
4:59 pm
starts. now, it's the day millions of californians have been waiting for. as of today, everyone 16 and older is now eligible to get vaccinated, but actually finding an appointment in some counties will be the tricky part. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener i'm frank somerville nearly half of all eligible people in california. have now been vaccinated against the coronavirus and millions more became eligible today with everyone 16 and up now allowed to get their shot roughly 50% half of the population of the state of california that is eligible to receive the vaccine has done so. 49ers percent to be exact by. midnight tonight. likely we will pass that threshold. today's expansion of eligibility comes just a few weeks after the state made people 50 years and older, eligible to get their shots more than 24 million doses of coronavirus have of current virus vaccine. excuse me, have
5:00 pm
now been administered here in california. according to the latest data, there are now over 374,000 shots being given out every day in california, and nearly 40% of california's population of about 40 million have received at least one dose about 24% have been fully vaccinated. eligibility is now expanded. but what about booking an appointment that may prove to be the most difficult part in the next several weeks? ktvu south bay reporter just gary joins us now live with. or on that part of the story. jesse julie. i heard you say, difficult and tricky. add to that time consuming and such a simple thing, but it's also a test of your will and perseverance, vast majority of the population is eligible to be vaccinated and can. to make use of any available vaccine appointments. it seems simple enough. we check websites for county


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