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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 14, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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white's not expected to impact the vaccination effort here in the bay area. plus, we're learning more information about the arrest of paul florist in connection to the disappearance of kristen smart. why investigators now say they think they know where she was taken. also america's longest war will soon come to a close. what we're learning about the president's plans to complete the withdrawal of us troops from afghanistan. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu. mew fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach. the centers for disease control and prevention is holding a hearing right now to reexamine the safety of the johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccine. the cdc hearing is looking into the cases of six women who developed blood clots after taking that specific vaccine. one woman died. another is in critical condition. they're all between 18 and 48 years old and suffered the blood clots between one in two weeks after receiving the dose. so far,
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nearly seven million doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine have been administered the cdc right now it really trying to determine if there is indeed a link between the cases and that vaccine. there have been concerned raised about rare clotting events seen after covid-19 adenovirus vector vaccine, there is a single question at hand today, which is, um do we have enough information? and what should we do with the current information we have available? doctors say the blood clots are serious, but rare. researchers also say the rate they can appear for the johnson and johnson vaccine is one in one million, governor newsome says california's still moving forward with plans to fully reopen the state by june, 15th. it will not materially impact our ability to fulfill our expectations and commitment to provide enough vaccine to fully vaccinate all those that seek to get vaccinated so that
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we could begin to more fully open our economy by june, 15th. at this point, governor newsome says johnson and johnson's vaccine represents only about 4% of the vaccines right here in california that have been given. now to the south bay were santa clara county is expanding its vaccine eligibility effective immediately. anyone ages 16 and up in the county who lives or works in santa clara county can make an appointment to get vaccinated despite the johnson and johnson paused. the county says it's receiving a significant increase in fizer and moderna vaccines from the federal government. this is in addition to the allotment, california gives to each county. i know some people have some doubts regarding hearing the news about the johnson johnson vaccine right now the state the county will not be answering that and we will not give any vaccines unless we're clear that these are the ones that we assured they're safe for everybody. the extra visor and madonna doses will help santa clara county reach its goal of
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vaccinating 200,000 people a week. san francisco also expanding eligibility to everyone 16 and up within the city. last week, the city announced that every adult could get vaccinated, living in eight different zip codes. nearly 60% of the people in san francisco ages 16 and up have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. in minnesota, the former police officer who was shot and killed dante right during a traffic stop, was taken into custody and will be charged. just a couple of hours ago, prosecutors announced. kim potter faces charges of second degree manslaughter ktvu elissa harrington as the story. former minnesota police officer kim potter will be charged with second degree manslaughter in the shooting death of dante. right, potter, a 26 year veteran of the brooklyn center. police department, resigned yesterday along with the police chief who had said he believed. this was an accidental shooting. body cam video shows the traffic stop and the events leading up to the shooting sunday officers attempt to
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handcuff 20 year old right when he jumps back in his vehicle. potter is heard yelling taser that. and she shoots him who killed who they killed. wright's death sparked three straight nights of protests in brooklyn center. many protesters there broke curfew about 60 were arrested. after clashing with police brutality street i just really want to thank all of the protesters that came out in the express their first amendment right and those that remain peaceful throughout the day. which were the vast majority of the people. some citizens decided to come out and throw these bricks and these other items that law enforcement and this type of behavior is not acceptable. the national guard was also called to the area and two nearby minneapolis, where george floyd was killed a year ago, and ex officer derek shobin is on trial. lloyd's family members attended the rally in brooklyn center to comfort rights loved
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ones. you all can't sweep this under the rug anymore. we're here and we will fight for justice. but his family just like we're fighting for our brother. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. the judge presiding over derrick childrens murder trial turned down a defense request to acquit the former officer in george floyd's death. judge peter cahill pressed on with the case after show vin's attorney work. nelson argued that prosecutors had failed to prove that show vin killed floyd nelson and the rest of the defense team of argued in court that floyd's drug use and underlying health issues caused his death. defense attorneys are not saying if sheldon will testify in his own defense testimony could end this week and you can continue to watch the trial live every day. that court is in session, it's streaming on ktvu .com and on the ktvu news app. now to new information about the arrest of a father and son and connection to the disappearance and the presumed death of cal poly student kristin smart. paul
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flores was arrested yesterday on suspicion of murdering smart who went missing in 1996. investigators say that he walked with smart after a party but that she never returned to her college dorm. his now 80 year old father, arroyo grande, a was also arrested and charged with being accessory to the crime. san luis obispo county, d a, says floors is being charged with rape and first degree murder. it is alleged that mr flores caused the death of kristen smart while in the commission of or attempted rape. that is first degree murder under california law. reuben is charged with accessory after the fact to murder. investigators say forensic evidence in this case has been collected. the sheriff's office says it is still searching for smarts body, the gun violence prevention organization led by former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords, unveil the memorial on the national mall meant to honor all the americans killed by gun violence. 40,000 white
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silk flowers in vases pay tribute to the 40,000 people in this country who died from gun violence every year. giffords you'll remember, was severely injured in a mass shooting in 2011, she says. the memorial is a tribute to the victims and a call on the senate to act on gun violence prevention legislation. we are at a crossroads. we can let the shooting continue, or we can act. we can protect our families. our future we can vote. we can be on the right side of history. please join us in this fight. memorial will remain on the national mall for public viewing until friday. rally was held in san francisco this morning in support of victims of anti asian hate crimes, people gathered on the steps of the hall of justice, united peace, collaborative and other groups are calling attention to one specific court case. today it involves a man who is accused of knocking an
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84 year old asian man out of his wheelchair last year in the tenderloin, the victim suffered a serious head and shoulder injury. the suspect, eric ramos, hernandez, set to appear in a behavioral and mental health. what room? no matter what condition you're in. you can you can't be taking care of it. also if you commit a time when i had seem to mind hearing you need to be held accountable. for the district attorney jason bodine says anti asian hate cases are being monitored closely to ensure that justice is served. the senate is expected to hold a procedural vote today on a bill in response to recent attacks in the asian american pacific islander community. senate majority leader chuck schumer, house speaker nancy pelosi unveiled with called the covid-19 hate crimes act. the bill would have the justice department worked with local police and community groups to more closely investigate cases and raise awareness about hate crime reporting. it breaks your
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heart to see help communities are affected by this thies hate crimes and how parents air so protective of their children not feeling that negative attitude. today's vote is not on the bill itself, rather whether or not debate should open up on the bill in san leandro police are increasing patrols because of a surge in violence against asian americans. there, there'll be a heavier police presence in areas including shopping malls and banks. police say those the areas were robbers tend to strike most officers will be in uniform and plain clothes or the 90,000 people live in san leandro. one third of them are of asian descent, still becoming noon, observing the holy month of ramadan. how the events this year will once again be different? due to the pandemic plus a warning for people in the city of hayward. why police say everyone, especially women should be aware of their surroundings after walking out of a bank or even a store and then back to their vehicle and some new snow up in this year, but right here it is a beautiful spring day
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it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. this morning to a strip mall. it's center road and feldspar. they found one person dead outside a sandwich shop. the
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body was located in a fenced off area. firefighters say it appears the fire may have started in a dumpster, then spread to the building. there's a decent amount of fire lot on the exterior that was started, and by the time the crew's got here it was it was advancing into the interior of the building. so once we gained access, got inside got on the roof were able to cut some holes. and get some hose lines to the roof toe. put the fire out. the fires is currently under control. arson investigators have been called to the scene trying to determine the exact cause of the fire. as of right now, crews haven't released any other information on the person was found outside the building. hayward police have a warning for everyone, but especially women to be aware of their surroundings. they specifically say thieves are targeting them in a serious of smash and grab robberies while the victims were in their vehicles. ktvu sam burly reports. hey we're police say thieves, a robbing women who are returning to their vehicles after shopping or going to the bank. these folks are watching for victims
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to get back into their vehicles. and as they're sitting in their car, the suspects come up to the car, smashed the window and take the property from inside. police say the thieves break the passenger side window while the victim is in the driver's seat. investigators say they're happened. 28 smash and grab robbery since the end of december, up to as recently as monday, with thieves stealing purses, cash and other items on the front passenger seat. that's very alarming that the that you know, they have no remorse. you're sitting in the car and they'll still break in and take your stuff. many women tell me they do leave their purses, another personal belongings on the front passenger seat. i was pretty shocked. surprised about that, um, i go shopping a lot within the neighborhood by myself. police say the same people may be responsible for all the robberies and hayward and that this type of crime is taking place in other cities in alameda county. investigators say the victims have not been able to provide good descriptions of the thieves
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because they're wearing masks and the robberies happen. quickly try not to sit in their car for an extended period after they've conducted their business. try not to leave personal belongings in an area that's easily accessible. police are advising women not to go shopping or banking alone. who now we're in a pandemic. you can't really see your family, your friends as often, so i don't know. maybe just shop online. we're gonna definitely bqe. worth. more aware of my surroundings. um definitely make sure i'm going to try to park a little bit more closer to the entrance of the store. amberleigh ktvu. fox two news, bay area weather on this wednesday at noon mark tamayo, right, the very beginning of a pretty dramatic heat up part way. yeah. temperatures gaussian, michael b. it's riding up, especially by the weekend. you'll definitely notice that that change. so yeah, a little bit of a halt in in the warming trend before today, even tomorrow's not too much happening. but by friday and to
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the weekend, that will be a different story, in fact, that we have prepared it isolate shark to show you graphically what's happening so today fairly warm tomorrow could be a little bit cooler. but then that looks like one of warm up those numbers by friday and into the weekend. here's a satellite still showing you some low clouds and fog your portions of the coastline, mainly from honore bay and points south is becoming closer. we have lots of clear skies this afternoon. we'll check in on some of the current numbers after a cool morning, beginning to recover into the sixties, even fairfield, one of the warm response checking in in the lower seventies right now, and it's hard to believe typically was will say okay, our reign in the bay area translates to snow in the mountains. they actually picked up some snowfall over the past 24 hours. you could see the radar imagery here showing you wasn't still with showers out toward the sierra. in fact, here is a live camera looking out toward lake tahoe. i did see reports of up to a foot of snow retro mount rose, so poor impressive for april to be talking about some new snow on the mountains, and that was the case, especially last night
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into early this morning. the main reason for that for that over all set up for that snowfall that area of low pressure out to our east. so this not producing any rainfall for us, we could definitely welcome by those raindrops. that is not the case, and we just have kind of a cool down for today and into tomorrow, but this area of high pressure wants to build in moving in from the north, and this will be the source of a warmer forecast and a sunny one as well. the hottest day of the week. that will be on sunday, and that could lead to a few spots inland, flirting with 90 degrees that again for the second half of the weekend. for today, temperatures most areas will be in the sixties to the lower seventies. so today one of the cooler days of the week tomorrow one of the cooler days the week and then we begin a warm up those numbers by friday. here's look ahead with your five day forecast a cool start tomorrow morning. we're showing you the afternoon highs here, breaking it down for the microclimate, so we start to see those temperatures kind of stretch out. bit across the bay area for the inland spots. the bayside committee and the beaches and you'll notice into
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the weekend, especially by sunday, upper eighties inland around the bay close to 80 degrees, and the beach is mainly in the mid to upper sixties were kind of approaching that that season of the time of year we can kind of pick your temperature were started see those micro climates here in the bay area, so definitely get ready for that warm up, headed our way. thank you. mark still to come at noon as more people begin to travel, the airline industry looking for ways to keep passengers safe. next we'll show you. the new touchless security screening now available at oakland
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this is saving and doing like never before. center. as ktvu is christien kafton reports, big changes will be made before tip off. points ever in warrior franchise history. dub nation watched steph curry make history monday night passing wilt chamberlain is the team's all time points leader, warriors chief operating officer rick welts, pointing out that the feat was accomplished in front of empty stands, even as the organization unveils plans to welcome fans back to chase center. i can't wait to get people back in the building so moments like that get shared in person and become lifetime memories, the team saying it will screen face ends even before they set foot in the arena. this program is the first of its kind for sports team to offer this level of covid-19 test of fans at no additional cost, and we're incredibly proud to offer that
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for fans who can show a proof of full vaccination, they will not need to test the team will be using an app to verify that fans have been fully vaccinated or we'll send a home test get to show proof of negativity within 48 hours of tip off, and ultimately it will allow us to ensure that we know. all of our fans so that we can get test kits out in order for them to test it home and have a seamless dave game experience. there will also be major changes inside chase center, including powerful new technology to clean the air inside mobile ticketing, and they will be no eating or drinking courtside. instead fans left to make their way to designated dining areas at halftime. we will open that guess could expand out into those areas and enjoy their freedom beverage and then they can enjoy could've ever cheer on the competition well, that they will be allowed to eat in there people patients, the warrior's organization says they've been working hard on this plan for a year, and they want to be ready to welcome fans back to watch the warriors in person on april 23rd as they
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take on the denver nuggets. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. and the warriors also announced the team's new president, brandon schneider, has been with the organization for 19 seasons and spent the last three seasons as the team's chief revenue officer. snyder will start his new role. july 1st. as a berry kid who grew up a die hard or understand means a ton. this is the first job i got out of college. i started here in 2002 the day before my 23rd birthday s o. i've really grown up with the warrior. schneider will replace rick welts, who announced last week that he is retiring at the end of the season. as more people begin to travel is pandemic restrictions or being lifted oakland international airport introduced some new touchless security screening technology today. the technology known as clear has already been in use at sfo in san jose manetta for years now it to touchless identity screening process that uses passengers, eyes or fingerprints to move quickly
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through a screening checkpoint. of course, now in this day and age, touchless is the name of the game and we've made it really easy for our members to use their eyes. quickly confirm their identity and their flight status and then move through without touching anything. opt in service is available for an annual fee to san francisco. supervisors are proposing a plan they say will boost mew knee ridership as the city's businesses reopen. dean preston and matt haney want mew need offer free ridership for three months, starting july 1st. they say that will encourage people to use public transit instead of private vehicles and save the average mew knee rider about $80 a month fresno washington d. c in boston have already recently approved similar plans. fire station 70 in san pablo was officially opened after more than a decade and planning and will now serve the contra costa county fire protection district. it replaces a temporary fire station used since the loma prieta earthquake back in 1989.
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new station. 70 has an honorary name. the captain matthew burton and engineer scott desmond memorial station. the two firefighters were killed 14 years ago trying to rescue people from a house fire. shoreline amphitheater man, the fillmore in san francisco will start live streaming shows live nation entertainment and veeps, a livestream platform announced yesterday they have started equipping more than 60 venues across the country with the ability to live stream events with the flip of a switch live nation says the technology will give performers even more ways to reach the audiences. disneyland employees will have a new look when the park reopens at the end of the month. disney is adding 1/5 key to its longstanding keys to get service that first for our safety, courtesy show and efficiency and they're now adding inclusion as that 50 restrictions are also being lifted to allow workers at all disney parks to show tattoos below the neck. they could even grow their hair longer and where more jewelry and nail polish. this is all part of disney's company wide company
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wide campaign for more inclusion and diversity. don't to come at noon. you probably noticed this higher prices at the brooks restore just how high prices have climbed and the reason we're paying more for food. plus governor gavin newsom isn't sonoma county right now, in a minute, we'll tell you what he has to say about efforts to reopen this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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underway. members are examining a half dozen adverse reactions to the johnson and johnson covid vaccine that prompted a federal government inquiry to make sure that it's safe. ktvu south we reported jesse gary tells us these concerns are spreading beyond the united states. thank you all and welcome to the virtual emergency, a cia team meeting of april 14th 2021 the three hour audio only emergency meeting from the cdc hub in atlanta started with names and introductions. dozens of the nation's medical leaders are investigating the cases of six women who became ill after taking the johnson and johnson covid vaccine concerns raised. about rare clouding events seen after covid-19 adenovirus spector's x the patients all between 18 and 48 suffered rare
12:30 pm
and severe brain blood clots. the symptoms surfaced about two weeks after all received the johnson and johnson vaccine. however this condition exists in the general public without taking a covid drug. even so, the fda and cdc are both pausing the use of the drug, and most states and private providers are following suit. it will not materially impact our ability to fulfill our expectations and commitment to provide enough vaccine to fully vaccinate all those that seek to get vaccinated so that we could begin to more fully open our economy by june. 15th california's proposed full reopening comes at a time when use of the j and j vaccine is paused, coupled with more people, those 16 and older eligible for inoculation, starting. thursday there's already frustration waiting to get the vaccine. so yes, it's probably gonna put more friends, frustration and anxiety on people who want to
12:31 pm
get it rough trying to get trying to be on that wait list. um currently, there's like no available appointments in my area. u. s. health officials are working to determine if there's a definite link between the six cases being studied, and the j and j vaccine. there are similar blood clotting cases in europe, but this time with the astrazeneca vaccine in both women and men in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, america's longest war will soon come to an end. president biden just announced a complete withdrawal of us troops from afghanistan, ending the afghan conflict. speaking from the white house within the past hour, the president said the remaining 2500 service members would be coming home. selecting the symbolic date of simple tip in september 11th more than 2300 u. s troops have been killed in afghanistan since 2000. one last year, then president donald trump reached a deal with the insurgent taliban movement under which u. s troops would depart by may 1st. but instead of being
12:32 pm
completed by may, 1st that is now the date u. s forces will start to come home. president biden says it is time to refocus the national security policy. after consulting closely with our allies and partners with our military leaders and intelligence personnel with our diplomats and our development experts with congress and the vice president, as well as with mr ghani and many others around the world. i've concluded that it's time to end america's longest war. it's time for american troops to come home. the chief of nato has also agreed to withdraw roughly 7000 forces from afghanistan beginning on may. 1st. the chief did not give an end date right now. president biden is at arlington national cemetery to pay his respects to service members who died while on duty in afghanistan. federal prosecutors will not charge a police officer who shot and killed a woman as she climbed through a door, the u. s capitol in january, authorities had been considering for months whether to file criminal
12:33 pm
charges against the officer who killed ashley babby. 35 year old air force veteran from san diego, the justice department's decision officially closes out the investigation. the family of apollo alto teacher is felled a federal wrongful death lawsuit after he was shot and killed by a redwood city police officer in 2018. the lawsuit was filed today by civil rights attorney john burris, 33 year old kyle hart was shot by officers in december of 2018 in his backyard after his wife called police, saying that heart was cutting himself with the knife. heart was a teacher and a father of a three year old son and infant daughter. officers first tried using a taser but opened fire when they say he advanced toward them with a knife or details are set to be released during the one o'clock news conference today, so we'll have that for you on her now. ex newscast at four. a santa cruz man who faced 126 years in prison for the murder of a young girl is now pleading guilty and could go free in just four years. adrian
12:34 pm
gonzalez entered a guilty plea to kidnapping, rape and murder of eight year old maddy middleton right after his case was transferred from the adult justice system back to the juvenile courts. state supreme court ruled earlier this year that anyone under the age of 16 could be tried as an adult. gonzalez was 15 when middleton was found dead in the recycling bin of the apartment complex where they both lived in 2015. crimes were absolutely horrific. unconscionable in every way that cover up was unconscionable. never seen anything like it, gonzalez is now 21. he could be released from the juvenile justice system when he turns 25. embers of a road maintenance crew were rushed. one member of the road maintenance crew of was affected this morning and taken to the hospital after he was struck by a vehicle on 5 80 in richmond. this happened about 5:15 a.m. in the westbound lanes of 5 80 at the foot of the bayview avenue on ramp. the
12:35 pm
chp tells us, the caltrans contractor was setting up a lane closure and was hit by a dark colored sedan. the driver took off the caltrans contractor sustained two broken legs and a broken elbow. anyone with information, please call the chp. oakland police chief laurent armstrong is speaking out about the changes that will be possible for his department now that the city council has restored some of the $30 million cut from his budget, and he spoke with fox and friends this morning, saying there is a link between those cuts and the increase in violent crime during the past year. when you have reduced resource is it reduces your ability to respond to violent crime? and i think we have we seen the spikes occur, and we didn't have the resource is to address these crimes. so far this year, there have been 41 homicides that is up from 13 homicides. at this point last year. there has also been 100 and 60% increase in carjackings and a 50% increase in robberies. the chief says community members have been calling for a greater police presence, as has
12:36 pm
as the violence has increased. they're often asking for more police services that asking for more presence in their community to see officers walking to see patrol cars roman in their communities. city council voted on monday to give a total of $10 million to the police and fire departments, with the money committed to restoring community services that had been cut. that money comes from a settlement with the golden state warriors departure from oakland's arena as well as federal funding happening today, the town council in windsor will hold a meeting to consider whether to demand the resignation of mayor dominic for poli, who was facing sexual assault allegations from six women in the town of windsor issued a statement last night admitting to receiving an investigating complaints of sexual misconduct against the mayor in two emails one in 2017, the other in 2020 now, the statement said, in part, the town manager presented the 2020 email and the email received by the town in 2017 to the police chief for review, based on the facts
12:37 pm
known at the time the 2020 email was received, the police department determined the incident did not rise to a level of a crime to open an investigation. yesterday the sonoma county board of supervisors voted unanimously to remove. move the mayor from his appointment to the board of the golden gate bridge district. just last week, the county supervisors had appointed for poli to one of the three representatives on the board. is not a chance in #### that i would ever knowingly appoint a sexual predator and i had no idea that there were these kinds of allegations outstanding against dominic napoleon sick to my stomach, but that man publicly accepted. mayor for poli has only issued statements denying the allegations and saying he will not step down. the man known for orchestrating the largest ponzi scheme in our country's history, bernie madoff has died. prison in north carolina, a person familiar with this case says made off died of
12:38 pm
natural causes. last year, his lawyers filed court papers to try to get the 82 year old released from prison, saying it suffered from chronic medical conditions. that request was denied. he admitted to swindling thousands of clients out of billions of dollars in investments. ah corn appointed trustee has recovered about 75% of an estimated 17.5 billion. muslims around the world are observing the holy month of ramadan. this year. some bay area mosques are returning to in person gatherings. ktvu azenith smith takes a look at this big change from last year at this time. i wanted you to have a lot more at the muslim community center in santa clara muslims gathered in person, some for the first time in months, to mark the start of ramadan, a secret time of self reflection and growth. part of it is fasting when the sun is out, no eating, smoking, drinking and no water, one of the biggest components of ramadan is being around the community and being around other people and sort of like.
12:39 pm
having that, you know that combining of hearts that community closeness gone for a year due to the pandemic, pre pandemic. this mosque, one of the largest in the country would be filled with thousands of people gathering. it's sunset to break fast and pray now, half are in attendance. china's maximize space, so we have bare spots here. limited space with markings on the ground. first social distancing masks required and everyone must bring their own mats. they have toe put the prayer mats in front of them, so that way it's not the same people touching their hair. heads on the floor in the same spot boy shorter pro times to reduce risk updated air filtration systems and instead of community dinners, boxed meals for pickup, excited it z most important month of the year furs this member says, well, not standing next to each other praying is different. it's better than last year. it's not the full experience, but at least it z better than last year when it was completely shut down. not
12:40 pm
everyone is comfortable with in person gatherings. the islamic cultural center of northern california in oakland, is leading prayers for its 300 members on zoom, they say patience is key souto to communicate and convey to the members that although some aspects of life are definitely, you know, tax, they're definitely not what they used to be. but there are also other opportunities that have arisen. taking precautions now so mosques can open at full capacity next year. a lot of people said that ramadan wasn't the same without being in the mosque without being around the community. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. may have noticed this when you go grocery shopping prices at the grocery store are higher now than they have been. we're seeing spikes higher than anywhere else in this country due to the pandemic, according to the chronicle consumer price index figures for february show that prices for the food at home category here in the bay area went up 6.7% compared to a 3.5%
12:41 pm
increase across the united states. on average, the pandemic certainly drove up demand for grocery items and an increase means typically, prices are higher. the bay area has seen stricter safety protocols during the pandemic than other parts of the country. so does stand to reason that barry grocery prices are higher than elsewhere in our country still to come a new preparing for wildfire season we take a look at what community is badly burned. in the past, fires were doing to protect their homes and how state money will now be used to help close. it's pretty nice day out there across the bay area warm in some neighborhoods. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo will have that full forecast for you coming up, including what's in store for the upcoming weekend.
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state. right now the governor is at shepherd elementary school in santa rosa. he says his administration has helped accelerate school re openings by increasing funding for safety measures for in person instruction vaccinations for teachers and school staff have also been prioritized in three million. rapid covid-19 tests have also been distributed to disadvantage. school district's. there's no greater messenger in terms of building trust that schools can safely reopen sustainably, then one's own teacher, and so i just want acknowledge the incredible work that's being done. every single day has been done over the course of last school year by our teachers under challenging,
12:45 pm
incredibly difficult circumstances, and the work that now needs to be done as we get our kids back into school. gavin newsom also says he expects all of the state's k through 12 schools to be open for in person instruction next fall. california homeowners will be able to get state money to help protect their properties against a wildfire. it's just one feature of a half billion dollar package that signed by governor newsome ktvu. deborah villalon is more on the record spending just ahead of fire season. well, there's no more would basically in our new homes. caroline williams is a year into her new santa rosa home after the original burned down in 37th tubbs fire. her rebuild is much different, more fire resistant permits required that insurance paid for it. these homes they claim will not burn. well, i'm not going to stick around to watch, but when you look at them, we're all stuck. oh steal it, and it looks great. her fountain grove
12:46 pm
neighborhood is now a model of fire resistant construction. this is just a down payment. this just gets the ball rolling. this is early action governor newsome's wildfire bill. allocates $25 million to harden existing homes and hundreds of millions more on firefighting personnel equipment technology plus prevention, cutting firebreaks and thinning forests at a much faster pace. what would have taken decades now will take less than a few years. the complex fires of 2020 made it california's worst fire season. and fire so far this year, are running double last year. add deepening drought, the spending is a race against time. the fires from from what we're seeing, they're going to continue, and they have continued to go get a lot worse, fire agencies say the extra support is needed and soon santa rosa is already applying for fema grants to help hardened homes create defensible space. and develop evacuation routes as we are competing for these grants or other communities across the
12:47 pm
state, so any additional money that's put into these pots is beneficial for all of us, and the more we could do the better off. we are governor newsome went to butte county side of the deadly campfire in 2018 to sign the wildfire legislation when we sign a bill that doesn't solve a problem, it's the work that comes after work to make californians safer. there's fire. there's fire out here. i can see it. we've got to go and spare them. the escape and lost. williams knows well, i think he's doing the right thing. we absolutely need all the help we can get in santa rosa deborah villalon ktvu fox two news. just looking at some of those images, and deborah's piece starts to make me concerned. mark i guess you could say about the upcoming fire season because we did not have a great winner. yeah, in fact of mike gasia mikaelian look at the hillside, you probably noticed some drastic changes already. all those beautiful green hillsides already drying out, so just a constant reminder that fire season is rapidly approaching and each and every year it
12:48 pm
could be extremely challenging. and that will be the case that this year. of course, we do not like to attract some rainfall. we've been locked this dry weather pattern for quite some time. you could see the storm track is not really not been paying the bay area visit kind of. pushing the storms up to the north of the region's elapsed. rainfall march 18th so with that's up to 26 dry days today will be up to 27 dry days. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle or light shower into next week that d by tuesday, but that might fade away. and if we did pick up anything, it wouldn't be much at all. here's the satellites and clouds over the sierra toward lake tahoe. they actually picked up from snowfall over the past, 24 hours and some out rose about the 12 inches of a snow false about a foot there for us. we have partly cloudy skies are mostly sunny skies wind speeds of start to pick up. the numbers are not too bad right now, but the winds will continue to accelerate as we head into the afternoon hours and noticed in my backyard. the winds are picking up just within the past a few minutes or so. sfo wins in about six miles an hour and current
12:49 pm
numbers lots of sixties. the warm spot approaching the lower seventies now toward fairfield right now, 71 half moon bay 55. san francisco, checking in 60 degrees here is that live camera looking at lake looking out toward lake tahoe, some blue sky up above. it's still some lingering clouds over the over the mountains there, so we still on. we actually still excited to house and still fall in the mountains around 10 to 12 inches as i mentioned so nice little quick moving system moving into the mountains. that was last night into this morning. you could see that kind of traced it out for you on this animation that area of low pressure not moving into the bay area. the main impacts we have the cool down and also some gusty winds, but into friday into the weekend, we're talking about more sunshine and a warmer weekend. in fact, by sunday. warmest locations will be flirting with 90 degrees. that's what's headed our way this weekend. for today, mostly sunny skies, wind speeds around 20 to 30 miles an hour and temperatures, the warm the warm neighborhoods back up into the seventies. lots of sixties around the bay and the beaches
12:50 pm
not warmed up too much, mainly in the upper fifties. here's look ahead a cold start tomorrow morning, but more sunshine for your thursday after some patchy fog, and then we'll just zoom up. those temperatures will be warming up back up in a saturday and sunday because he's sunday, the warmest day. donald translates some seventies eighties and maybe 90 degrees by sunday afternoon. mark. thank you coming up a volcano erupting on the caribbean island of st vincent has led to a water shortage throughout the island. ash from the volcano has contaminated a number of reservoirs that's caused a sudden water shortage and long lines for the uncontaminated supply. locals describe how the eruption is affecting their everyday lives. vote devastating no water lot of thus you know, home, etcetera. so which your tongue girl that your life today, but we need more help african at this moment, the volcano started erupting last friday.
12:51 pm
scientists say the volcanic activity could continue for weeks. as many as 20,000 people have been evacuated from areas near the volcano. the san francisco zoo as a new resident kookaburra who burrows are fluffy, friendly birds native to eastern australia, very popular for their call. that sounds like laughter. the one year old name cohen is the zoo's first kookaburra, ambassador since 1994, the zoo tells the chronicle that is not on exhibition yet, but his parents are and those who also hopes to introduce this little one to the public sometime this summer. coming up a new independent of forcing millions of americans to delay their retirement. the financial concerns just how long it's expected to take for most to get back on track. financially also look guessing was under the mask is just part of the fun play the fox six play the fox super six masked singer sweepstakes and you could win your share of $250,000 being given away the season. just download the free app. then watch the masked singer with us tonight at eight o'clock right here on ktvu, fox two. art. up. o
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promote coronavirus vaccinations. they're going to be appearing in an hour long tv special on sunday aimed at convincing hesitant americans to go get those shots. it's hoping that the roll up it's called the roll up your sleeve special and it will help educate raise awareness and dispel concerns about covid-19 vaccines. special also feature of former first lady michelle obama, doctor anthony fauci and a few celebrities, including billy crystal, jennifer lopez and demi lovato. president of stanford university, says that he is considering reinstating 11 sports that were expected to be discontinued at the end of this school year, the mercury news reports. the university president promised a group of alumni that he'd consider a proposal to save sports such as fencing, field hockey, men's
12:56 pm
volleyball and wrestling. the sports were eliminated last year as a cost saving measure. a new $10 million visitor center is in the works for yosemite national park, according to the bay area news group. construction is planned to begin this fall, and a new visitor center is set to open by the end of 2022 or early 23. in a typical year before the pandemic, more than 4.5 million people would visit your somebody. many of them are first time visitors from other states and other countries, so having a world class visitor center where people can get the guidance they need is important. according to the president of the nonprofit group, the yosemite conservancy, the group based in san francisco, has agreed to pay half the cost of this new visitor center. the iris will start sending monthly payments to families from the new $3000 child tax credit starting in july. this expansion of the child tax credit was included in the $1.9 trillion stimulus package. president biden signed into law last month. families will receive $300 a month per child under the age of six and $250
12:57 pm
per child older than six. credit will be made available to individuals making less than $75,000 a year or couples who combined make under 150,000 annually. to receive the credit families must file a 2020 tax return. otherwise the i arrest won't have the information it needs to deliver the credit. the port of oakland is reporting a record surge in cargo port officials report about 97,000 shipping containers were imported through the port last month. that's a 45% increase from the same time a year ago in 94,000 containers packed with american goods were shipped out of the porter just last month. both totals were single month records. officials attribute at least part of the increase to pandemic weary people buying overseas goods as a form of retail therapy. some bay area tea shops may soon run low on a signature ingredient for their drinks. the shops a shipping delays have dramatically reduced the supply of small, dark balls made of tapioca.
12:58 pm
many u. s ports have been busy. as covid-19 restrictions begin to live, causing demand to increase for a number of consumer products. mcdonald's is working to make sure all employees feel very safe and protect it when they're at work. the fast food chain announced today that it's mandating sensitivity training for its workers. the goal of the training is to fight against harassment, discrimination and violence. under the policy, all of mcdonald's restaurants worldwide will begin be required to undergo training and meet the new standards starting in january of next year. and today, taco bell is opening a digital on lee restaurant, which it says will speed up service customers at the restaurant in new york's times square will use their phones to place their order before they arrive. or they can use one of the 10 kiosks inside the restaurant. the restaurant has a separate entrance for mobile and delivery order pickups. a new poll says that half of all people in the bay area think working in that office is still too risky right now. barry council conducted this poll three weeks ago just
12:59 pm
published it today. your lead. two thirds of respondents said they think taking public transit is unsafe. four out of five said they plan to only commute by themselves in their own car when they do go back to work. 60% of workers said they don't want to return to a five day a week commute. the pandemic is forcing millions of americans to delay their retirement, a study by the brokerage firm fidelity investments found 2082% fully 82% of those surveyed said the past year impacted their retirement plans. one third of respondents said it will take 2 to 3 years to get back on track financially. financial advisers say they hope more people learn the importance of saving money for emergencies. saving money and did retirement. very long way to go, at least for us to garcia. long way to go here. thanks for watching everyone. this noontime or next newscast is coming up at four o'clock. plenty of coverage, though online right now at ktvu dot com and on the ktvu do zap. dr
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ross is coming up next. enjoy the rest of your afternoon, everyone. oz medical alert. the u.s. is pausing the rollout of the johnson & johnson vaccine due to reports of a "rare and severe type of blood clot." what does this mean if you or your loved one have already gotten this vaccine? and what if you're planning on getting it? >> has the pandemic left you jobless. three moves that you need to make right now to survive the money crisis. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: the c.d.c. and f.d.a. have recommending pausing the rollout of j & j's vaccine here in the u.s. after six reported cases of rare and severe type of blood clot. what does this mean


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