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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 13, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccines are on hold as federal regulators investigate the cases of six women who developed blood clots after receiving their shot. this is a really rare event. if you look at what we know so far, they have been six out of the 6.85 million doses, which is less than one in a million. today,
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the cdc and the fda both called for a halt to johnson and johnson covid vaccinations, at least for the moment, could even everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. top officials emphasize that the pause is out and about abundance of caution. as maura information is gathered about the six cases of rare blood clots ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with the details. janna. julie, both the fda and the cdc say they're going to be investigating this, but the timing is difficult. it comes just a san francisco today increased eligibility for ages, 16 and up and that means that demand could risk overrunning the supplies in the coming weeks. the cdc in fda announced the concerns about the johnson and johnson covid vaccines tuesday, saying six women under the age of 50 had been found with rare blood clots and low platelets of the quad scene in the united states. one case
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with fatal and one patient is in critical condition. the six cases are a tiny fraction of the 6.85 million johnson and johnson vaccinations to date. the cdc alert calls for health providers nationwide to be on the watch. when this occurs, it's pretty tight from a few days 6 to 13 days from the time of the vaccination, the cdc says. anyone who received the johnson and johnson dose in recent weeks should see a doctor if they have caught symptoms. ah, severe headache, abdominal or leg pain, swelling, bruises or small red spots on the skin or shortness of breath in abundance of caution, as researchers check for any connection. it's very hard to say conclusively that this this, um condition is directly related to the vaccine. um since it is a condition that we see in people who have never received a johnson and johnson vaccine, the move will cut supplies just his demand is peaking. there's already frustration waiting to get the
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vaccine. so yes, it's probably gonna put more friends, frustration and anxiety on people who want to get it, san francisco announced tuesday it was opening vaccine eligibility 2000 there's more people age 16 years old and up. it's rough trying to get trying to be on that wait list. um currently, there's like no available appointments in my area. san francisco's director of public health says of the 10,000 vaccines they received this week on lee 500 were johnson and johnson. but many counties will be relying now on fizer and moderna doses and those companies won't be able to ramp up their deliveries until may. we have the capacity in san francisco to do 20,000 vaccines a day. right now we're doing 12,000, and that difference is really limited by supply at the oakland coliseum vaccination site contra costa in alameda county say that johnson and johnson vaccines were administered from april 1st through 11th, but were switched today to fizer shots. so far, there have been no reports of clotting on the cdc is holding
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an emergency meeting of their advisory panel tomorrow to review the research review these cases. to try and determine if there's any cause, and the fda says that they, too are investigating. all right. jana katsuyama reporting live tonight, janet. thank you, governor. newsome said today that the pause and the johnson and johnson vaccine is not going to affect the plan reopening of california on june 15th. it will not materially impact our ability to fulfill our expectations and commitment to provide enough vaccine to fully vaccinate all those that seek to get vaccinated so that we could begin to more fully open our economy by june, 15th. the governor also says that johnson and johnson on lee represents about 4% of the vaccines that have been given out so far. in california. it is the first day of fasting for muslims around the world as
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they observed the holy month of ramadan and this year's some bay area mosser holding in person gatherings. ktvu is azenith smith joins us now and as it the big change compared to last year. yes it is julie, and in fact, some prayer services air still virtual. hers are in person, especially since many muslims struggled with isolation last year and are craving a sense of community. should one of the have a lot more at the muslim community center in santa clara muslims gathered in person, some for the first time in months to mark the start of ramadan, a secret time of self reflection and growth. part of it is fasting when the sun is out, no eating, smoking, drinking and no water, one of the biggest components of ramadan is being around the community and being around other people and sort of like having that you know that combining of hearts that community closeness gone for a year due to the pandemic. pre
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pandemic this mosque, one of the largest in the country, would be filled with thousands of people gathering. it's sunset to break fast and pray now, half are in attendance. china's maximize space, so we have bare spots here. limited space with markings on the ground. first social distancing masks required and everyone must bring their own mats. they have toe put the prayer mats in front of us that way. it's not the same people touching their heads on the floor in the same spot. shorter pro times to reduce risk. updated air filtration systems and instead of community dinners, boxed meals for pickup, excited it, z most important month of the year furs this member says, well, not standing next to each other praying is different. it's better than last year. it's not the full experience, but at least it's uh, it's better than last year when it was completely shut down. not everyone is comfortable with in person gatherings. the islamic cultural center of northern california. oakland is leading prayers for its 300 members on
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zoom, they say patience is key souto to communicate and convey to the members that although some aspects of life are definitely, you know, tax, they're definitely not what they used to be. but there are also other opportunities that have arisen taking precautions now so mosques can open at full capacity next year. a lot of people said that ramadan wasn't the same without being in the mosque without being around the community. and made 12 and marks the end of ramadan the center in santa clara is capping capacity at 25% julie. azenith smith. thank you happily now police in brooklyn center, minnesota are enforcing a curfew after a tense situation there earlier tonight. hundreds of people gathered, some facing off with police and throwing objects as officers tried to disperse the crowd from the neighborhood around the police station. police used flash grenades and
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strobe lights to try to distract and disorient people. authorities also made some arrests after the curfew. this is the third night of protest in over the deadly police shooting of 20 year old dante. right gerald lobell behavior in this first peaceably, you'll be arrested if you continue to obstruct, resist and or interfere with peace officers will be violating minnesota state statute 609.50 obstructing the process. the protests began as a peaceful demonstration and march at last check, just a small group of protesters remain. fox news correspondent lauren blanchard was in brooklyn center earlier, but she was forced to move out of safety concerns tonight. she's in nearby minneapolis. lauren what can you tell us about how the situation they're in brooklyn center escalated tonight. yeah, frank. it really was a peaceful protest to begin.
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but as soon as the sun went down, that is where we stall things really become tense. the protesters began throwing things across the fence, trying to break down the fence that led to the brooklyn center police department. that is when police responded in kind with those flash bangs that tear gas at a press conference that's happening right this minute. theo police air going through many of the different objects that were thrown at police, they say they have made many arrests tonight. they're still calculate. the exact number, but they say it's. upward of 60. who killed thousands of protesters gathered in front of the brooklyn center. minnesota police department for a planned rally to call for justice for 20 year old dante, right, shot dead on sunday by a police officer during a traffic stop tuesday, the building, fortified by a chain link fence and a line of national guardsmen. big challenge the street rights family met
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earlier in the day with george floyd's family and civil rights attorney ben crump. the two incidents happened just miles from each other. you are can sweep this under the rug anymore way here and we will fight for justice. but his family just like we're fighting for our brother officials trying to keep the peace putting in place another night of curfew. minnesota's governor said he would be mobilizing more national guard troops do the area on thursday in the event. to have more riots and in preparation for the end of former minneapolis police officer derek sheldon's trial in the death of george floyd. meanwhile the brooklyn center police chief has stepped down as well as kim potter, the veteran officer who accidentally used her gun instead of her taser, the medical examiner said right died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. e did the press conference that is ongoing at this hour. police also say, thankfully, no businesses were looted. nothing
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was broken into. they do not have any reports of burger burglary. now, as for this case, we're waiting to see if at and at all. the officer in question officer part of is charged. we're just not sure when those charges, if any, will come down. the mayor of brooklyn center has also put in a request with the governor of minutes. so did have this case transferred to the state's attorney general frank lauren. i'm just wondering when you were there in some cases with these protests. when they get out of hand. they'll also go after reporters. were you threatened at all? or was it just a sense of? you know what? this is just not safe. i need to move somewhere else. yeah unfortunately, i think there were a lot of emotions that were running very high. some of that was directed at us. obviously we did not want to stay anywhere. we did not feel safe when in cases like this when police start to push the crowds back, there comes a moment where all of a sudden
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the crowd will just start to run. and that is the moment. where my crew and i decided it was best if we got out of there, the police were using flash bangs. they were pushing the crowd forward. in that case, it just wasn't safe for us to be there any longer. lauren blanchard in. minneapolis tonight, lauren, thank you, prosecutors rested their case today in the murder trial of derrick show van after 11 days of testimony, the defense then called its first witness, a retired minneapolis police officer who testified about a previous arrest of george floyd in 2019, a paramedic. bqe responded to that call said floyd had high blood pressure and told her he had been taking multiple opioids about every 20 minutes. a doctor testified last week that floyd died from a lack of oxygen, not a drug overdose. the defense has argued floyd's drug use and underlying health issues were responsible for his death last may. this evidence is not to be used as evidence of the character of george boyd.
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jurors also heard testimony from a passenger in floyd's car before his death and a minneapolis park police officer who was at the scene of floyd's arrest. the defense is expected to wrap up its case by friday, and you can continue to watch the testimony and the derrick shobin trial live. everyday court is in session. the trial is streaming on ktvu .com and on the ktvu news app. in wisconsin, the police officer who was cleared in the shooting of jacob blake is now back on duty. kenosha police officer rustin chesky returned from administrative leave on march 31st. you'll recall, the officer shot blake in august of last year after responding to a domestic dispute. police say blake was wanted on an outstanding warrant and was armed with a knife. blake was shot several times in the back as he tried to get in his car and is now paralyzed from the waist down. out shooting led to several days of civil unrest
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and protests across the country. california lawmakers are advancing a bill that would permanently strip the badge of police officers who commit certain crimes or misconduct, a senate committee overwhelmingly endorsed the bill. today it is known as the kenneth ross junior police de certification act, its name for an unarmed man who was shot and killed as he ran from gardena police officers. the officer who shot. ross was cleared of criminal wrongdoing but had also been involved in three other questionable shootings in another department. supporters of the bill say it would create a process for revoking police certification and increase accountability. after the break thieves targeting women in their cars and then smashing the windows and stealing their purses will tell you about the warning from one ace paypal lease department and breezy conditions today. cool things off about 15 degrees and some inland spots all the forecasts as we go through the rest of
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the week, plus what the weekend look like with the five day and preparing for fire season the record spending bill just signed by the governor with money to help californians fireproof their homes. whoa! fore
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say thieves are targeting them in a syriza of smash and grab robberies while the victims are in their cars. ktvu is amberleigh live now in hayward, after finding out more about this latest crime spree, amber julie police tell me the smash and grab robbery happening in many parts of hayward, often in the parking lots of shopping malls and banks. we say the thieves are targeting women who are alone. hey, we're police say thieves, a robbing women who are returning to their vehicles after shopping or going to the bank. these folks are watching for victims to get back into their vehicles. and as they're sitting in their car, the suspects come up to the car, smashed the window and take the property from inside. police say the thieves break the passenger side window while the victim is in the driver's seat. investigators say they're happened. 28 smash and grab robbery since the end of december, up to as recently as monday, with thieves stealing
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purses, cash and other items on the front passenger seat. that's very alarming that the that you know, they have no remorse. you're sitting in the car and they'll still break in and take your stuff. many women tell me they do leave their purses, another personal belongings on the front passenger seat. i was pretty shocked. surprised about that, um, i go shopping a lot within the neighborhood by myself. police say the same people may be responsible for all the robberies and hayward and that this type of crime is taking place in other cities in alameda county. investigators say the victims have not been able to provide good descriptions of the thieves because they're wearing masks and the robberies happen. quickly try not to sit in their car for an extended period after they've conducted their business. china to leave personal belongings in an area that's easily accessible. police are advising women not to go shopping or banking alone. who now we're in a pandemic. you can't really see your family, your friends as often, so i don't know. maybe just
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shop online going to definitely be worth. more aware of my surroundings. um definitely make sure i'm going to try to park a little bit more closer to the entrance of the store, police say in each incident, there is one or two suspects. when i asked police what they're doing about these robberies, they say they're stepping up patrols and using other strategies. julie scary and happening so fast and really reporting live tonight in hayward, amber. thank you. oh all right. temperatures inland cooled quite a bit today, robust sea breeze with a few clouds a little bit of coastal fog that burned off for got chewed up earlier or later on this afternoon, but these inland spots like from santa rosa, napa and antioch and fair for those areas here, those those folks cooled off 10 to 15 degrees and in many cases so really much cooler in the inland valleys today, and that just has to do with the big, strong sea breeze. the wind is
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still blowing out there, but this morning they were born really hardly. around the high peaks around 50 miles an hour. the winds are still blowing out there, pushing the fog onshore, but they're not as robust and so tomorrow will be a beautiful day. it will be a teeny bit warmer. they'll be a little bit less wind, but it's going to be a very similar kind of day with temperatures, the highest generally in the low seventy's something like that. so a nice day current temperatures, you can see the blue representing a bit of a sea breeze. those temperatures are running six degrees cooler and conquer than they were last night. seven degrees cool and never more so. we're seeing temperatures really on the mild side this evening tomorrow, a nice day. less wind, they'll be some breezy conditions but less win and very mild temperatures. low seventies mid seventies i'll see you back here with the full forecast. all right, bill will see then thank you. homeowners in california is going to be able to get state money to help protect their property against wildfire. it's just one feature of a half billion dollar package signed today by governor newsome. ktvu is
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deborah villalon here now, with the record spending ahead of fire season, deborah frank with devastating fires and stubborn drought, lawmakers agree with newsome. it's time to fight fire with money. well, there's no more would basically in our new homes. caroline williams is a year into her new santa rosa home. after the original burned down in 37th tubbs fire. her rebuild is much different, more fire resistant permits required that insurance paid for it. these homes they claim will not burn. well i'm not going to stick around to watch, but when you look at them, we're all stuck. oh steal it in. it looks great. her fountain grove neighborhood is now a model of fire resistant construction. this is just a down payment. this just gets the ball rolling. this is early action. governor newsome's wildfire bill allocates $25 million to harden existing homes and hundreds of millions more on firefighting
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personnel equipment technology plus prevention, cutting firebreaks and thinning forests at a much faster pace. what would have taken decades now will take less than a few years. the complex fires of 2020 made it california's worst fire season. and fire so far this year, are running double last year. add deepening drought. the spending is a race against time. loads of this money is going to go toe local businesses, local fire counsel so that they can do the work immediately. that has that that needs to get done the fires from from what we're seeing, they're going to continue, and they have continued to go get a lot worse, fire agencies say the extra support is needed and soon. santa rosa is already applying for fema grants to help hardened homes, create defensible space and develop evacuation routes as we are competing for these grants, there were other committees across the state, so any additional money that's put into these pots is beneficial for all of us, and the more we could do the better off. we are
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governor, newsome went to butte county side of the deadly campfire and 2018 to sign the wildfire legislation when we sign a bill that doesn't solve a problem, it's the work that comes after work to make yoon's safer. there's fire. there's fire out here. i can see it. we've got to go and spare them the escape and lost. williams knows well, i think he's doing the right thing. we absolutely need all the help we can get. $536 million while historic is half what newsom wants to spend this year to turn back wildfires, analysts say for every dollar spent on prevention frank the state saves about $7 in fire damage. interesting statistic there, debra. thank you. after the break arming people in chinatown in oakland with a new tool to help them protect themselves what they're being given to try to cut down on the
10:24 pm
anti asian violence. what's the town of windsor releases new information about previous misconduct allegations against the now embattled mayor? what city officials knew and when they knew it.
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and it's one that's bound to attract a lot of attention. the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce and other groups distributed air horns today. they're hoping if someone has trouble they can sound the horn and people will come to help them. today is an exciting day because a few weeks ago we passed out many of these air horns. we did not know how, uh, how successful this air horns would help us to deter cry. volunteers are also handing out whistles to people so they can blow them if they feel they're in danger. in san leandro
10:27 pm
police have stepped up patrols due to an increase in violence against asian americans. peter police rather say more officers will be patrolling shopping centers, malls and banks. those are areas where criminals tend to rob people, asians and pacific islanders make up a sizable portion of san leandro's population and like the rest of the country crimes against the a p. i community have spiked in san leandro. police say they have tripled patrols with some officers in uniform and others in plain clothes doing surveillance still ahead, 25 years after the disappearance of cal poly student kristin smart, the long time person of interest in the case has now been arrested on suspicion of murder. why his 80 year old father was also rusted, plus a guilty plea today from the young man who kidnapped, raped and murdered. year old maddy middleton more than five years ago in santa cruz, why he could be released in just four
10:28 pm
years. also had a wild one of the ball park in san francisco is the giants and the reds, combined for eight runs in the first inning alone. mark shows us who came out on top later in sports and san francisco moves forward with plans to open a drug sobering center where it would be located and how many people it aims to help. no. 9 diy
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student kristin smart today, 25 years after she was last seen, two suspects were arrested in connection with that case, one on suspicion of murder, the other as an accessory to the crime. our crime reporter henry lee has the details. it took a quarter century to get to this
10:31 pm
moment, 44 year old paul flores was arrested tuesday on suspicion of murdering 19 year old cal poly classmate kristin smart back in 1996. his 80 year old father, ruben, booked as an accessory for allegedly helping a son cover up the killing. it's my hope that we're able to take the first step toward justice for the smart family, san luis obispo county sheriff in parkinson confirmed. smart is no longer alive, but her body hasn't been found. we have not recovered, kristen, we will continue to focus on finding her remains, regardless of any court action in may, 1996 paul floors had walked with smart after a party but she never returned to her dorm. this trip would not detail the evidence that led to the arrest, but he did say investigators had kept close tabs on their main suspect, sheriff's detective security court order authorizing the interception and monitoring of paul flores is cell phone and text messages. this is one of many things that have been done over the last 10 years. the rest came after a flurry of activity by investigators last month when they searched ruben flores is property in arroyo grande. they
10:32 pm
brought cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar. and for the first time in march, investigators called floor is the prime suspect floors had nothing to say to a fox reporter in february, when authorities searched his home in l a call. do you have any comment on the news today of arrest in connection for case bring sadness, but also a measure of relief and hope for resolution. in a statement tuesday, smarts family said in part. the knowledge that a father and son, despite her desperate pleas for help could have withheld this horrible secret for nearly 25 years, denying us the chance to lay our daughter to rest is an unrelenting and unforgiving pain. now put our faith in the justice system and move forward, comforted in the knowledge that kristen has been held in the hearts of so many and that she has not been for gotten i reached out to paul floors. his attorney. he told me he doesn't comment on pending cases. paul floors is being held without bail. his father's bail set at $250,000 henry lee ktvu fox two news. ah young man from santa cruz, who was facing 126 years in prison. for the murder of an
10:33 pm
eight year old girl is now headed back to the juvenile court system where he could go free in just four years. adrian gonzalez pleaded guilty today to all charges in connection with the kidnapping, the rape and the murder of maddy middleton six years ago gets always entered his guilty pleas the same day that his case was transferred back to juvenile court. that's because of a state supreme court ruling upholding ah law that prevents anyone under the age of 16 from being tried as an adult. as it turns out, gonzalez was only 15 when he murdered his young neighbor and stuffed her body into a recycling bin crimes were absolutely horrific, unconscionable and. every way. the cover up was unconscionable. never seen anything like it again is always is now 21 again. he could be released from the juvenile justice system. when
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he turns 25, the city of windsor issued a statement tonight saying it received and investigated a complaint against the mayor dominic the poli of sexual misconduct dating back to 2013, the mayor currently faces sexual assault, assault charges or allegations rather from six women, the statement said, in part, quote in consultation with the town attorney, the town manager presented the 2020 email and the email received by the town in 2017 to the police chief for review. the police department determined the incident did not rise to a level of a crime to open an investigation. mare for poli was removed today from his appointment to the golden gate bridge district, the sonoma county board of supervisors voted unanimously to make the move in response to the assault allegations just. last week, county supervisors appointed for poli to be one of three representatives on the golden gate bridge district, and it seemed he had county support. there's not a chance in #### that i would ever knowingly
10:35 pm
appoint a sexual predator and i had no idea that there were these kinds of allegations outstanding against dominic napoleon sick to my stomach. but that man mayor for poli has only spoken through statements denying the allegations and saying he will not step down. the town of windsor will officially asked him to do so during a meeting tomorrow. san francisco is moving forward with plans to open a drug sobering center in the south of market area. the center would be located inside an old office building on howard street. it would have 20 beds and people could stay an average of 8 to 10 hours to sober up. city officials say. the goal here is to prevent people from overdosing also to reduce the effect of drugs and neighborhoods and to provide help to people who use drugs. also in san francisco, the annual 4 20 celebration in golden gate park has been canceled for the second year in a row. city officials said today. the event will not take place because of restrictions on large gatherings as a result of the pandemic. they are,
10:36 pm
breed says even though cases are dropping in san francisco, and even though the city is in a better place, she says there's still not ready to allow events with large crowds. as much as we want to celebrate here in san francisco, and as supportive as the city has been to continue to see this tradition occur, it has been really challenging, of course to gather in large groups during covid fancy will go up around golden gate park next monday. police are also being assigned to patrol the area, and they're warning that citations may be given out to those who don't comply. coming up new details on a deadly police shooting in daly city last week. how it all started and what investigators say prompted the officer to open fire. kind of breezy out there this morning. let's win now, but it's going to be another cool night with temperatures
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tomorrow, just in the seventies. the long range forecast is the long range forecast is coming up next. it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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police say the suspect's gun turned out to be a replica. police released this picture of the fake gun. they say it was stamped with the word glock and didn't have the orange tape around the tip to show that it wasn't real. the shooting happened last thursday after police walked up to the car with three people inside to assist with a flat tire when officers saw what appeared to be a gun on the passenger's lap, they yelled out, there's a gun, investigators say. 44 year old roger allen picked up the gun and officers tried to grab it out of his hands during the struggle. one of the officers shot alan after they say he pointed the gun at the officers.
10:40 pm
the suspect later died. the district attorney's office is investigating. we're learning more tonight about the police officer who was shot at a high school in tennessee yesterday. officer adam wilson is a 20 year veteran of the knoxville police department and was working at the high school. wilson was shot in the leg. by a student and is expected to recover the gunman who was a student at the school was found in a bathroom on campus officers ordered him out. he refused and fired shots. that's when at least one officer returned fire and the student was killed. no one else was hurt. president biden joined friends, family and colleagues today to remember a fallen capitol police officer officer billy evans lay in honor in the u. s capitol rotunda after he died in the line of duty on april 2nd. and officer evans family watched as his casket was carried into the building that he protected for 18 years, president biden told the officers mom that he knows what
10:41 pm
it's like, because he has buried two of his own children, losing the son, daughter and brother, sister mom, dad's like losing a piece of your soul. abilities, beloved children, logan, abigail, i want you to know that we are forever indebted to your dad. the president also said, quote my prayer for all of you is that the day will come when you'll have that memory and you smile before you bring a tear to your eyes. i promise you, it's going to come. it just takes a while. president biden is expected to address a joint session of congress for the first time on april 28. that is one day before his 1/100 day in office. speaker of the house, nancy pelosi extended the invitation to the president. day. u. s presidents typically don't deliver a state of the union address to congress until their second year in office. the
10:42 pm
president is expected to tout his accomplishments. president biden plans to withdraw all u. s. troops from afghanistan by september, 11th that will mark the 20th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks. the president is expected to make the official announcement tomorrow. there are currently an estimated 3500 or so u. s. troops in afghanistan. they were supposed to come home on may for first under a deal that president trump negotiated with the taliban, but now that's not going to happen. the president has been consistent in his view that there is not a military solution to afghanistan that we have been there for far too long. that has been his view for some time, well documented, well reported on the white house says that the taliban has been warned that any attacks on the u. s during the withdrawal of troops. will be met with a forceful response. covid tests and proof of vaccination. just some of the new safety protocols that the warriors
10:43 pm
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a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit batteries and first aid kit are a good start ktvu christien kafton tells us
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there will be some major changes before fan's return, the most points ever in warrior franchise history. dub nation watched steph curry make history monday night passing wilt chamberlain is the team's all time points leader, warriors chief operating officer rick welts, pointing out that the feat was accomplished in front of empty stands, even as the organization unveils plans to welcome fans back to chase center. i can't wait. to get people back in the building. so moments like that get shared in person and become lifetime memories. the team saying it will screen fans even before they set foot in the arena. this program is the first of its kind for sports team to offer this level of covid-19 test of fans at no additional cost, and we're incredibly proud to offer that for fans who can show a proof of full vaccination, they will not need to test the team will be using an app to verify that fan. have been fully vaccinated or we'll send a home test get to show proof of negativity within 48
10:47 pm
hours of tip off, and ultimately it will allow us to ensure that we know all of our fans so that we can get test kits out in order for them to test it home and have a seamless dave game experience. there will also be major changes inside chase center, including powerful new technology to clean the air inside mobile ticketing, and there'll be no eating or drinking courtside. instead fans left to make their way to designated dining air. areas at halftime, we will open that guest could expand out into those areas and enjoy the food and beverage and then they can enjoy could've ever cheer on the prom present well, but they won't be allowed to eat in their sleep locations. the warrior's organization says. they've been working hard on this plan for a year and they want to be ready to welcome fans back to watch the warriors in person on april 23rd as they take on the denver nuggets. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. and still on the subject of the warriors. they announced a new president today. brandon schneider will now serve as the team's new president and chief
10:48 pm
operating officer. he's been with warriors for 19 seasons and spent the last three seasons as the team's chief revenue officer. schneider will begin his new role on july 1st. as a berry kid who grew up a die hard or understand means a ton. this is the first job i got out of college. i started here in 2002 the day before my 23rd birthday s o. i've really grown up with the warrior. schneider will replace rick welts, who announced last week that he's retiring at the end. of the 2021 season, are checking out the temperatures again from today. you see the cooling in those inland valleys yesterday fair. phil was in the low eighties annual question the low eighties so today we had a big cool down, especially inland because of the strong winds of sea breezes that we experience that we still have some wind out there, but it's just not as robust as it was this morning. i mean, it was very, very, very windy this morning at times and so, with
10:49 pm
the wind a little less tomorrow is going to be just a touch warmer than it was today. we move through some graphics here and we'll get to there you go. you see collide picture all said. that's oakland. you see the fog in the distance there that fog represents. see, ah marine layer, which is working its way into the inland valleys, and that's why temperatures are running a little cooler. in some places. there are the winds at the surface right now and fairfield's 18 miles an hour winds generally tend to 15 18 miles an hour, which is not too bad in the higher elevations, which were blowing up to 50 miles an hour this morning. right now, the high relations air in the mid twenties 25 28 miles an hour or so pretty pretty standard stuff. 14 miles an hour at sfo gusting up to 25 miles an hour, and then we had some snow up around truckee and lake tahoe. we're still seeing some snow flurries from this weather system. this is the weather system by the way that set us up with the winds. it just created a pressure. great aunt as that low pressure got close to us. will pressure bring some inclement weather, which is
10:50 pm
doing but it got close enough to us that it generated those winds from our pacific high, which is sitting just off shore as that low weekends and moves further offshore. the pressure, radiant weekends and the winds will die down and they are dying down this matter of fact, they are saying that the little direction. you got a little bit of patchy fog reforming at the coast. it'll be back tomorrow morning, most certainly in temperatures when you get up by like today tomorrow, quite frankly, a lot like today and then as we get into thursday afternoon friday, saturday and sunday, temperatures will start to climb out and get a little bit warmer. so tomorrow night. nice day, low seventies, maybe some mid seventies and the warmest spots those of the yellows you see the greens or sixties so more of the same as we head into tomorrow, pretty much, but then as we get going down the road here he's the forecast size for miles. we're going friday, saturday sunday. we're back into the mid potentially low eighties. so maybe even more than that, maybe mid eighties on sunday, so we'll watch that closely for, you know, rain. i mean, you know, that's the elephant in the room. there's no rain in
10:51 pm
the forecast, so just have to hope cross our fingers and hope for some coming up here in the next couple weeks, i'll see you. carried 11. all right, well, we'll see then thank you. in oakland city leaders plan to announce tomorrow additional resource is to fight illegal dumping. the city, says cruise last year performed more than 30,000 cleanups in response to dump sites. in fact, it's the most common problem reported to city maintenance crews more than potholes and more than graffiti tomorrow. the city leaders say they'll formally announce the expansion of the city's garbage blitz cruise. coming up in sports. it's the night of comebacks. both the giants and the a's rally from big deficits. mark will show us how they got it done next that on the 11 o'clock news representation in california classrooms why the state superintendent wants more black male teachers and how he hopes to recruit
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
you could never know. but you don't figure the san francisco giants are gonna go all the way to the world serious. but if they don't, i mean, that leaves him with one job, right? and that is be entertaining that they have been and that they were again big time tonight at the ball. young willie mays plaza little slice of life does not look good right now or what late night heart. burton's kids were going at it. they won't feel a thing. the reds nail ken. been gossiping, though, for some heartburn, four runs top of the first getting bottom half giant swinging right back into it, mike. his strengths. keep picket to ride with a man on all of a sudden they have that deficit before two to later in the inning. brandon crawford wheels the power back
10:55 pm
to run. jimmy jack, we've got a 44 ball game, and it stays tied, although it's 55 in the sixth inning, when austin slater battling this season long slump, so. marin to the wide open spaces, a gap right center field to get cluster up in a puff on around this month away from first base, he will score with slide with two out clutch from blast in slater, the stanford man, seventh inning. that's alex plan, gina with the high school say france matthis. good scam. little well, that creates mayhem. crawford tommy was still a bump into each other, and they're okay. but the time runs score of seventh inning giants. untied it's not really sexy, but they get the job done. 1st 3rd 1 out wilmer floors deep enough into right center field to score donovan solano with the go ahead run from the sacrifice fly. jake mcgee clamped it down in the top of the ninth. his ribs
10:56 pm
save. he hasn't allowed a run and the giants alameda doesn't have won five of six. sound familiar because that's the deal with the oakland a's right now. they have done a fantastic job of what you might call re boot the mission after they get off to that. oh, and six start. nobody panic. the cool out a lot of veterans on the team, and today is a perfect example down in arizona be involved things to make that decision. oh, well, little girl. they're irritated with parents took her cellphone wage. even get attention to the game. you're gonna like it. if your name's fan because it starts to orly. hey, suits lizard of taking deep bite carson kelly here with two on it and the diamondback accepted that sizable home run, get out to a five point lead. eight find themselves i'm 52 in the seventh with two out two on jed lowry, man. what are reacquisition ticket to ride himself left center field. three run shot. we've got a 55
10:57 pm
ball games going to the eighth inning. seth brown. he didn't break camp with the team, but they're glad to have him on the roster. now, this was just a mammoth shot to right leaves the yard 65 lead. 75 finally, it's meryl petite. the wind blew trevino's saved. and like i say, the age of 15 out of six. you think about how rocky this season has been a times for the golden state warriors. not just imagine it without steph curry is just a force that he does it again, passing out smiles by the dozens last night as he comes out hot, everything he shot seemed to go in. he needed 19 points in order to pass will chamberlain as the franchise all time leading score. wasn't waiting around. he got down to business got it taken care of in the first quarter, less 17,782 for curry dribble drive curry goes that drives the lap. it's up, but good and there he is.
10:58 pm
stephan curry. now the all time leading scorer and warriors franchise history, he shines brighter than the big dipper as he passes wolf chamberlain into history. he got it done in the that is called there, but tim roy and 95.7 game or weaving and wilts, nicknamed the big dipper. step by the way. well that was 53 points much affection from the organization. of course, his teammates 17,008. points now passing will joining the lakes of rick, very and, of course, chris mullin. top five list all time warriors. ktvu. you know? uh that has changed a lot understand off had a huge part in that, but it's not for me to come up here and try to articulate that. it's just playing basketball and enjoying what i get to do every day. and that's why i think good things keep happening. he was bringing
10:59 pm
good vibes to everybody. 39 match unbeaten streak for the women team usa as they take care of france to nils they warm up for the summer olympics and check this up. we got some or soccer to tell you about this in porto vs chelsea on lee gold the game. maybe there many bicycle kick and beautifully done. shall see, however, will advance on the aggregate goal thing, but you had to see that gold right there by terra meanie and check bills out. this is a powerful story. victor ossa. he lost the use of one arm in a motorcycle accident, not keeping him down. that is 300 right there. sensational mind over matter? yeah, absolutely pretty inspiring story right there. £300 with both arms. i mean, i couldn't do 300 both hands
11:00 pm
either. the balance. the ad was incredible. all right, martin. thank you. coming up next here at 11 johnson. johnson pauses, not disrupting our local vaccine efforts because we are we're receiving several johnson and johnson for these past couple of weeks, san francisco becomes the latest bay area counting to expand its vaccination eligibility. justus, federal officials. recommend halting the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. reports of six blood clots have the cdc and fda calling for a pause to johnson and johnson. covid vaccinations. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville top officials are emphasizing that this pause is out of an abundance of caution while they investigate ktvu jana katsuyama here now with more on this, jenna. frank berry county say that they got the news this


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