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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 13, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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officials to call for a pause in using the vaccine while they investigate. ktvu is tom vacar has more now on the message from health officials of almost seven million people who have gotten the johnson and johnson covid vaccine. six individuals have had serious blood clotting. these possible, though not yet confirmed. vaccine reactions are under investigation. very rare. we're recommending a pause in the use of the j and j covid-19 vaccine. it is a short pause, not a stoppage because the problem is highly treatable. there is a different way of treating it than what you might as a kind of reflex action. street when you see this situation arise. the fda and the cdc are doing the correct thing by saying until we understand this better even though it's so rare just once in a million. we need to understand it better before we're going to continue to administer it. it also is a way to tell us to look out for
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where rare side effect. dr monica gandhi says, since the six cases were all women between the ages of 18 and 48, that group can if necessary, be switched to another vaccine since want vaccines so badly and they're generally safe that it's not gonna permanently take away. johnson johnson any j and j recipients who experience severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain or. shortness of breath should seek medical treatment. now, here's the perspective. we all need to understand, but you know. every drug we take has risks that are around that level are every vaccine that we use has risks of about one in a million. so what would the doctors do? i personally would get this vaccine if i were not in the risk group. that has had these parts which are right now, women less than 50. i think that people still should get it. and yes, i would. if that were the vaccine that i could get the quickest that we to get through any pandemic is to
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vaccinate people against that pandemic, all covid vaccines. have far more benefits than risks. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. governor newsome said today that the pause in the johnson and johnson vaccine will not affect the plan re opening of the state in june. it will not materially impact our ability to fulfill our expectations and commitment to provide enough vaccine to fully vaccinate all those that seek to get vaccinated so that we could begin to more fully open our economy by june, 15th. newsome says johnson and johnson represents on lee about 4% of the vaccines that have been given out so far in california, looking specifically at the latest data of the 192 million vaccine doses, given out so far in the u. s 6.8 million of those shots where the johnson and johnson single dose vaccine. the six
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women who developed the serious side effects were between 18 and 48 years old. one woman sadly died. another is in critical condition. their symptoms occurred 6 to 13 days after being vaccinated. despite the setback on the johnson and johnson vaccine, the white house is still optimistic about the vaccine rollout. white house covid-19 coordinator jeff science said today. the u. s is still on track to meet president biden's goal of 200 million shots. by 100 days. science says the jnj vaccine makes it fewer than 5% of shots given here in the u. s to date right now, the white house says it is looking for ways to give people who were scheduled to get the j and j vaccine either the fizer or moderna vaccine. despite the johnson and johnson pause, santa clara county is now expanding eligibility of the covid-19 vaccine, effective immediately. anyone who was 16 and older who lives and works in the county can get vaccinated. health officials
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say that the county is receiving a significant increase in the fizer and modern a vaccine supply from the federal government. this is on top of the allotment that the county receives from the state. i know some people have some doubts regarding hearing the news about the johnson johnson that scene right now, this take all the county will not be in answering that and we will not give any vaccines on this. we're clear that these are the ones that we assured they're safe for everybody. people 16 and over can schedule vaccination appointments through the counties, website and all people 16 and older are now eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccine in san francisco. last week, the city expanded eligibility to those 16 and older but only for people in neighborhoods hit hardest by the coronavirus. now effective immediately, everyone 16 and up can get the vaccine. city officials say nearly 60% of residents 16 and older have already received at least one dose. grocery and drugstore
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workers in redwood city, or now entitled to hazard pay. the redwood city council passed the ordinance last night. it will require large grocery and drugstore chains to pay workers an additional $5 an hour. some of the stores affected include costco, cvs, safeway and target. the extra pay is effective immediately and will expire in july. other cities in san matteo county of also proved similar ordinances, including millbrae, daly city and south san. francisco president biden and former president obama are teaming up again, this time to promote coronavirus vaccinations. they'll be appearing in an hour long tv special on sunday aimed at convincing hesitant americans to get shots. the roll up your sleeves special is expected to help educate raider raise awareness and dispel concerns about coronavirus vaccines. the special will also feature former first lady michelle obama, doctor anthony fauci and. several celebrities, including
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billy crystal, eva longoria, jennifer lopez and demi lovato, major developments today in a 25 year old cold case, authorities in san luis obispo announced that two people have been arrested in the disappearance of cal poly student kristin smart, our crime reporter henry lee tells us authorities are treating this case as a murder investigation, even though smarts body has never been found. it took a quarter century to get to this moment, 44 year old paul flores was arrested tuesday on suspicion of murdering 19 year old cal poly class make kristen smart back in 1996, his 80 year old father, ruben, booked as an accessory for allegedly helping a son cover up the killing. it's my hope that we're able to take the first step toward justice for the smart family, san luis obispo county sheriff in parkinson confirmed. smart is no longer alive, but her body hasn't been found. we have not recovered christian. we will continue to focus on finding her remains regardless of any court action in may,
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1996 paul floors had walked with smart after a party, but she never returned to her dorm. this trip would not detail the evidence that led to the arrest, but he did say investigators had kept close tabs on their main suspect, sheriff's detective security court order authorizing the interception and monitoring of paul flores is cell phone and text messages. this is one of many things that have been done over the last 10 years. the rest came after a flurry of activity by investigators last month when they searched ruben flores is property in arroyo grande. they brought cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar. and for the first time in march, investigators called floor is the prime suspect floors had nothing to say to a fox reporter in february, when authorities searched his home in l a call. do you have any comment on the news today of arrest in connection for case bring sadness, but also a measure of relief and hope for resolution. in a statement tuesday, smarts family said in part the knowledge that a father and son, despite her desperate pleas for help could have withheld this horrible secret for nearly 25 years,
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denying us the chance to lay our daughter to rest is an unrelenting and unforgiving pain. now put our faith in the justice system and move forward, comforted in the knowledge that kristen has been held in the hearts of so many and that she has not been for gotten i reached out to paul floors. his attorney. he told me he doesn't comment on pending cases. paul floors is being held without bail. his father's bail set at $250,000 henry lee ktvu, fox two news. investigators in oregon have identified skeletal human remains as those of a man from contra costa county who has been missing for 40 years more than 40 years. the remains of kenneth bell were found in january in clackamas county bells late mother reported her son missing in 1979 when he was 22 years old. he's believed to a disappeared while traveling from the bay area to washington state to visit family. the remains were found by timber crews working in the area because. of death has not yet been determined. police in san
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matteo have arrested two men for a string of robberies, credit card fraud and vehicle theft. the crimes free began saturday night with a purse snatching from an elderly woman near central park in san mateo. police say 20 year old richard fairies and 18 year old oh, casati know tao both live in san matteo and were arrested on sunday morning. they're accused of using the victim's credit card in belmont, san carlos and julie haener. word and stealing her daughter's car using a spare key that was found in her purse. police say a third suspect involved in the crime spree has not yet been arrested. coming up details on a new effort to recruit more male teachers of color to california schools with the state superintendent of schools had to say about that today and the effort today to protect people of asian descent amid an alarming rise in crimes against that community, breezy out there today, temperatures did take a drop will look into the warm up that's coming your way
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as we move through the week and gavin newsom details the plans in place to prevent another disastrous wildfire season. and here in california and taking a look at the tuesday evening commute a live picture of interstate 80 slow as usual during this commute time back in a moment. quickly. earth. sapw
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bill that would allocate millions of dollars to get more male teachers of color into classrooms across california. ktvu is andre senior here now, with some of the numbers behind the effort and also why the superintendent thinks that this is such an important idea. well a large segment of students in california schools they're suffering because of a lack of blackmail teachers. that's according to the california superintendent school superintendent whose promising to change that. her many students, the reflection of the face staring back at them in
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the classroom can be indicative of success, according to tony thurman, california's state superintendent of public instruction. the research has shown us for years that there are benefits to students of color when there's at least just one educator of color on a campus. that is why thurman is backing assembly bill 5, 20 or california diversifying the teacher workforce grant program. ah, $15 million plan to help schools recruit and retain in male teachers of color department of education numbers show that students of color make up 75% of california's student population yet blackmail teachers make up just 1% of that workforce. this demographic. mich. matt can drive in equities in educational out academic outcomes. leo casey is with the albert shanker institute. a study by the foundation found that diversifying public teaching is very slow, which in turn has been hurting students of color with one segment of the population hit especially hard for african american
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students, boys in particular. one of the things that we know is that they need tol believe that their teacher really cares about them as an individual marceau than other students. the study also found that blackmail teachers feel under supported and don't feel valued, leading them to give up their careers. more often than white teachers do. it's an issue that the backers of a b 5 20 hope to change. i firmly believe that the importance of proper and representative to murder diversity cannot be overstated. research by the palo alto based learning policy institute found that teachers of color not only helped close achievement gaps for students of color, but they're also highly rated by students of all races. assembly bill 5 20 is still working its way through the bureaucratic process it heads to the appropriations committee tomorrow. back to you, andre, senior live tonight entre thank
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you. people in oakland's chinatown have a new tool to help keep them safe, and it's something that is bound to attract. a lot of attention. ktvu photojournalist stephen door was there today when volunteers handed out air horns. but i think today is an exciting day because a few weeks ago we passed out many of these air horns. we did not know how, uh, how successful this air horns would help us to deter crime. thank you. thank you because we got the donation way want to give back to the community? that's why we also be have this okay? yeah. go. me only. fema young thing. so we were able to stop quite a few incidents, you know, becoming, you know, many of these folks will be avoiding to become victims of crime. we saw the
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crimes is less. crimes now. hold thank you, ma business on our resident people, very. appreciate us. basically you know it will be attracting attention, but it's also letting you know, folks know that we're not here standing by and not doing anything. so i think the message itself is already so strong, but it's also proven is a success. yes here it is in their instructions there. thank you. volunteers are now monitoring the streets of oakland's chinatown and police have stepped up foot patrols in the area. governor newsome has signed a multi million dollar wildfire prevention package into law. the governor was in butte county today tour in
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wildfire preparedness work that's underway there, he says. the $536 million funding plan signed this morning. will accelerate fire prevention projects across the state governor newsome and legislative leaders reached an agreement on that plan last week. this early action brings over half the money that we had proposed to be set aside for wildfire preparedness and preparation and some suppression dollars. on brings it now into the present when i sign this bill today will be advancing the cause of advancing more prescribed burns in this state more home hardening support in this state more efforts to support governor newsome is also authorized $80 million in emergency money to hire 1400 additional cal fire firefighters to increase fuel management in forests. okay we're checking on the weather out there. you know, we had a bit of a breezy day today. temperatures were down a few
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degrees in the inland valleys. where is the rain? i got the model t. if i just this is sort of the headline. that's the next seven days for going through all the way to saturday sunday monday to there's no rain few clouds on monday and tuesday and wednesday next week, but it is dry, dry dry. and of course, that is in my mind. the weather story because without the rain, we're gonna have issues this summer. you know, we're having there's no way around it right last last year was a very dry year. this year. we're below 50% in many locations of rainfall, where we should be state keeps growing. we have more agricultural demands. it's always going to be the story of california's water. even when we have it. it's a story, but we don't have it this year. we didn't have a last year so okay. second step outside their san francisco obviously, and i guess he's kind of hazy out there. there's some fog and low clouds. the windy conditions of the year in the hills this morning. they're pretty robust and we saw winds up to 50 miles an hour on diablo and hamilton in some of the high peaks. most of us is sea level, experienced winds around 15 to 20, maybe 25 out of the airport in places like that, but look what it did to
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the temperatures. currently, it's 14 degrees cooler. tonight than it was last night in concord. it's 14 degrees cooler took big drop in temperatures, especially in the end and bay valleys tomorrow is going to be another day. just like today. it would be a little bit breezy. not as breezy is today those words will die down compared to today. we won't see 50 mile an hour gusts tomorrow we will see some 25 35 mile an hour gusts, which is not a typical for this time of year. so what's the plan tomorrow at? suppose? gotta 35 sustained wind sfo that is pretty breezy. 38 mon are wind gusts. sfl so tomorrow is going to be a lot like today. temperatures are going to be about the same, but with less wind. we will start to warm up we had towards the weekend. i'll have that when i see next. there is not a chance in #### that i would ever knowingly appoint a sexual predator. some very harsh words from the sonoma county board of supervisors today, coming up the move they made against embattled windsor mayor dominic
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so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. hiv medicine is one part of it. district. the move from the sonoma county board of supervisors comes after six women have accused the mayor of sexual abuse. more now from ktvu is james tourists, members
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of the board. i would ask you to lead us in a roll call vote on this freedom. supervisor going. my supervisor, rabbit, all right, supervisor quincy? yes? supervisor gore. yes, a unanimous vote from sonoma county. these incidents have put a stain on on all of us in local government. there is not a chance in #### that i would ever knowingly appoint a sexual predator and i had no idea that there were these kinds of allegations outstanding. against dominic for poli wins the mayor dominic for poli facing official condemnation for the first time since allegations against him six women say he sexually assaulted them. sonoma county prosecutor esther lima's is the most recent woman to tell her story. my heart goes out to her. i cannot imagine the pain and the stress and. this playing out in the public eye. last week. county supervisors appointed
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for poorly to be one of three representatives on the golden gate bridge district. it seemed he had county support to represent sonoma in the district alongside supervisor david rabbit elected is a privilege. you're not entitled to it. you serve at the will of your constituents with the faith of your constituents behind you. um, and if you don't have that you should step down and step away. do with your own issues. it makes me sick to my stomach. but that man publicly accepted the nomination for the golden gate bridge district today they took back that nomination at the same time. windsor city leaders and the people mayor for pulley represents are calling for his resignation. if he would resign, he would do himself and the entire community of saving a polling has only spoken through statements denying the allegations and saying he won't step. am city leaders will officially asked him to do so. during a meeting tomorrow. james torres, ktvu fox two news and late today, the town of
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windsor confirmed it received an email in 2017, accusing the mayor of inappropriate conduct back in 2013 in a statement, windsor officials say the email was reviewed by the town manager, town attorney and the police department and based on the facts known at that time, it was determined that the accusation when did not rise to the level of a crime needing an investigation. the police officer at the center of sunday's deadly shooting steps down and she is not the only official to resign on lauren blanchard in brooklyn center, minnesota. i'll have the details coming up the game ball goes to steph curry after he passed wilt chamberlain to become the warriors. all time leading scorer last night here with curry had to say about the record that's later in sports, and the defense begins its case in the derrick shobin trial coming up, the first witness called to the stand.
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officials are recommending a pause on the use of the johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccine. that's after six reported cases of a severe but extremely rare type of blood clot. the six women who developed the serious side effects were between the ages of 18 and 48 1 woman died and another is in critical condition. an arrest has been made in a 25 year old cold case. the disappearance of cal poly student kristin smart back in 1996 police have arrested 44
6:29 pm
year old paul flora's. they did so today on suspicion of murder. he is 80 year old father, ruben was also arrested and booked as an accessory for allegedly helping his son cover up the killing the san luis obispo county sheriff confirmed today that he thinks smart is dead even though her body has never been found. state superintendent of public education tony thurman today threw his support behind a new bill aimed at hiring more men of color for teaching positions. the $15 million proposal would help schools recruit and retain male teachers of color students of color make up 75% of california student population yet blackmail teachers make up just 1% of that work. force you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 today. the 26 year veteran police. officer who shot and killed dante right in minnesota resigned and so did the police chief. and this
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comes as rights family met with joy's george floyd's family. fox news. lauren blanchard has napa more now from brooklyn center, minnesota. the family of dante, right. the man killed on sunday by police is calling for justice. now the brooklyn center, minnesota police chief and the officer involved in the deadly incident have stepped down. kim potter, the brooklyn center, minnesota officer who shot 20 year old dante, right during a traffic stop, has resigned along with the city's police chief. tim gannon, the city manager. relieved of duty. i'm hoping that this will help bring some calm to the community, although, uh, you know, i think ultimately people want justice. following two nights of tense standoffs in the streets of minnesota officials, including the new acting police chief, continue their pleas for calm, but we'd like some calling for the community to some pause and community calming. as we as we try and wrap our heads around the entire situation, but emotions are still raw. i have night. okay, the families of
6:31 pm
right and george floyd gathered together two families forever changed by police incidents just miles apart, and i feel like they stole my son's dad from him, the medical examiner said right died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. police say veteran officer potter accidentally used her gun instead of her taser. former president obama weighed in on the situation tweeting in part quote, it's important to conduct a full and transparent investigation, but this is also a reminder of just how badly we need to re imagine policing and public safety in this country. the brooklyn center mayor is now asking the governor to have the state's attorney general take over the case in brooklyn center, minnesota. lauren blanchard, fox news. the defense started presenting its case in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick show. ben showman's attorney, eric nelson, called several witnesses to the stand, fox news and ellie oculus has more. your honor, the state of
6:32 pm
minnesota rest. prosecutors rest their case tuesday in the trial of derrick show vin after 11 days of testimony, the defense than calling its first witness, a retired minneapolis police officer who testified about a previous arrest of george floyd in 2019. the passenger was um. responsive and non compliant to my commands. a paramedic who responded to that call said floyd had high blood pressure and told her he had been taking multiple opioids about every 20 minutes on cross examination, she testified that floyd was coherent while being treated. judge peter cahill allowed the evidence to show the effects ingesting opioids might have had on floyd. the defense has argued floyd's drug use and underlying health issues were responsible for his death last may. this evidence is not to be used as evidence of the character. george boyd. jurors also heard testimony from a passenger in floyd's car prior to his death and a minneapolis
6:33 pm
park police officer who was present at the scene of floyd's arrest. he stood across the street guarding the vehicle, floyd had been in problems becoming more loud and aggressive. a lot of young cross the street did that cause you any concern concerned for the officer's safety? yes. just outside the courthouse today, attorney benjamin crump joined members of floyd's family and the family of dante write a 20 year old black man fatally shot by police on sunday. if ever there was a term when nobody in america should be killed by police it was doing this. chemical trail, the defense is expected to wrap up its case by friday, and a iliopoulos fox news. tonight. we're learning more about the police officer who was shot at a high school in tennessee yesterday. officer adam wilson is a 20 year veteran of the knoxville police department and was working at the high school where it all happened. he was shot in the
6:34 pm
upper leg by a student and is expected to recover. the student gunman was later shot and killed by police in one of the school's bathrooms. president biden joined family, friends and colleagues today to remember a fallen capitol police officer officer billy evans lays it on her in the u. s capitol rotunda after he died in the line of duty on april 2nd officer evans family watched as his casket was carried into the building that he protected for 18 years for the final time. losing a son, daughter and brother. sister mom, dad's like losing a piece of your soul to billy's beloved children, logan. abigail i want you to know that we are forever indebted to your dad. officer evans is survived by his wife and a young daughter and son. president biden plans to withdraw all u. s. troops from
6:35 pm
afghanistan by september 11th that are marked the 20th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks. the president is expected to make the official announcement tomorrow. that means thousands of troops will stay in the country beyond the may 1st deadline that was negotiated by the trump administration with the taliban. president has been consistent in his view that there is not a military solution to afghanistan that we have been there for far too long. that has been his view for some time, well documented, well reported on the white house says the taliban has been warned that any attacks on the u. s during the withdrawal of troops will be met with a forceful response. coming up new information tonight on a horrific suspected d u i crash in the east bay yesterday that left two people dead, including a seven year old girl. also ahead, new figures are out showing the financial impact of the pandemic on american families. how many people say
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pittsburgh yesterday that killed the driver and a seven year old girl. ktvu is rob roth has more on the little girl and an update on the other children injured in that horrific collision. it had been a fun family day it john henry johnson park in pittsburgh
6:39 pm
monday, just five minutes from home, a relative told ktvu. but the day would end with a horrific car crash and the deaths of two members of that family near the park. police were still collecting evidence tuesday from the accident here on west leland road that a veteran police lieutenant described this way. i have been with the department for about 16 years now, and this is absolutely one of the most devastating collisions that i've ever personally witnessed. relatives say the family, which included three young children, was making the short drive home and their silver toyota. police say a man in a camaro driving an estimated 85 miles an hour slammed into the back of the toyota ejecting all three children. two people died, including seven year old cell, amata elia rose alice, who had spent part of monday planning her upcoming eighth birthday, she was a second grader at heights elementary school in pittsburgh, where a school staff member said she would light up whatever room she was in. also killed was the driver who relatives identified as 28 year old romero castro.
6:40 pm
longtime partner of sell his mother and the father of one of the children in the car. police say the crash also injured the one year old and five year old along with their mother, karina rose, alice, who relatives say broke all her ribs. all three are expected to survive. police arrested the driver of the camaro 25 year old christian vargas seen here. police say they found alcohol in the car and say he seemed impaired. vargas is being held on charges including gross vehicular manslaughter, while intoxicated. he was on probation for a previous d u i conviction. police say there were two others in vargas's car, including a 10 year old who suffered serious injuries. the rose ella's family says they're now rotating shifts at three different hospitals, making a specially sure that children don't feel alone. barbara ktvu, fox two news. a bike rider is in critical condition after
6:41 pm
being hit by a car this morning in lafayette. it happened just before seven a.m. on pleasant hill road at olympic boulevard. police say the bike rider was hit in the roundabout at that intersection. the driver who hit the bike rider stayed on the scene and talk with police. the cause of the collision is still under investigation. and we are tracking the weather as we head into the next couple of days. temperatures stay mild, but a warm up coming for the weekend. i'll have all that with the five day coming up right now we go to ktvu salik savage with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus, frank. thank you coming up tonight at seven. it is a potential stumbling block in the race to vaccinate tonight in our covid conversation. we'll have more on the decision to pause use of the johnson and johnson vaccine and look at what happens next. also coming up new tonight. could the bay area be soon facing a boba shortage? why bubble tea supplies are running low all across the country will
6:42 pm
have those stories and a lot more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus, but first after the break a look inside san francisco's chase center as it gets ready to welcome back fans later this month. the plans in place to keep people safe and another live look outside our cameras pointed west. looking out on the oakland estuary back in 1976. they used to row crew for berkeley high on the estuary. we'll be back in just a moment. come experience the grand opening of floor and decor's newest location in pleasant hill! our expansive store is fully equipped with safe distancing guides, so you can browse our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. or easily order online, and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside! so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price
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april 23rd and ktvu christien kafton tells us there will be some major changes
6:45 pm
before those fans returned. points ever in warrior franchise history. dub nation watched steph curry make history monday night passing wilt chamberlain is the team's all time points leader, warriors chief operating officer rick welts, pointing out that the feat was accomplished in front of empty stands, even as the organization unveils plans to welcome fans back to chase center. i can't wait to get people back in the building so moments like that get shared in person and become lifetime memories, the team saying it will screen face ends even before they set foot in the arena. this program is the first of its kind for sports team to offer this level of covid-19 test to fans at no additional cost, and we're incredibly proud to offer that for fans who can show a proof of full vaccination, they will not need to test the team will be using an app to verify that fans have been fully vaccinated or we'll send a home test get to show proof of negativity within 48 hours of tip off, and
6:46 pm
ultimately it will allow us to ensure that we know. all of our fans so that we can get test kits out in order for them to test it home and have a seamless dave game experience. there will also be major changes inside chase center, including powerful new technology to clean the air inside mobile ticketing, and they will be no eating or drinking courtside. instead fans left to make their way to designated dining areas at halftime. we will open that guess could expand out into those areas and enjoy their freedom beverage and then they can join, could've ever cheer on the conference as well that they will be allowed to eat in their sleep locations, the warrior's organization says they've been working hard on this plan for a year, and they want to be ready to welcome fans back to watch the warriors in person on april 23rd as they take on the denver nuggets. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. oh, excuse me. i've lost my place there. there are a lot more shipping containers at the
6:47 pm
port of oakland these days, the port is seeing record setting import and export volumes. port officials say that over 97,000 shipping containers were imported through the port in march. that's a 45% increase from the same period a year ago. also in march, more than 94,000 containers packed with american goods were shipped out of the port and officials say the hyeon four volumes are partially attributed to pandemic wary people buying overseas goods as a form of retail therapy. a new associated press poll found that 15% of americans or nearly 38 million people are financially worse off now than they were before the pandemic. the financial struggles are more pronounced in lower income groups. as you might imagine 29% of those living below the poverty level say their finances got worse over the past year. with many of them struggling to pay their bills. the u. s has about 8.5 million fewer jobs now compared to february of last year. on wall
6:48 pm
street, the s and p posted a record close today, thanks in part to a jump in tech stocks, the dow lost ground dropping 68 points. the nasdaq was up 146. oh all right, looking at that san francisco you see that hazy sort of foggy kind of high humidity. look, that's the fog. get ready to come back in. we've got strong winds that chewed up the marine layer today. in that got the fog pushed away, but now it's coming back the winter dying down a little bit. it's still gonna be breezy. no wind advisories out there, but when gus this morning were upwards of 50 miles an hour on the peaks and that cool things off, so these are the right now temperatures and then look at that. difference between right now, now in yesterday's right now, 24 hours ago, a big drop in temperatures. 15 degrees are 14 degrees and conquered 14 degrees and livermore five degrees cooler in san jose. so definitely a cooler set up
6:49 pm
there as you look at the temperatures the next couple of days, it's going to stay on the cool side because that robust sea breeze just keeps on going and that's going to keep the cooler air getting into the inland valleys. and speaking of cool, we've got some snow off. around truckee. right now, the snow's coming down pretty hard. there's been some kind of convective cells coming off of this weather system that have dropped signify salsameda teachers out of the truck area in the north. tiktaalik was snowing pretty hard. the accumulations aren't gonna be much right because it's just a brief encounter, but its moisture and precipitation and that's all the reason that we're seeing the winds because there's this low gets close to us, which it did over the last 24 hours. it ramps up the winds because the pressure graded between the high and the low. are real close and i get to go in and that's why the winds were blowing so hard this morning. the overnight lows tonight because of the winds will stay above freezing. good for us. that's better than if there weren't wins. i think that with temperatures would get right above freezing and probably get some frosties from those inland valleys. but with
6:50 pm
that wind, it's going to stay a little bit milder tonight. it's breezy tomorrow, but it's not. it's not like today. today will be the windiest day tomorrow will be kind of classic, breezy spring day is exactly what you'd expect for this time of year and then the fourth capsize lots of mid seventies or low seventies and be up a couple of degrees from today, and we're gonna hover there. and that's the story here. we're just hovering in this low to mid seventies range until we get to the weekend when we see temperatures begin to come back up into the low eighties, so it's kind of a black pattern. if you will accept for the wind. we do have big time pre. paul is out there. we talked about that, and that's no shower activity could continue over the next few hours up around lake tahoe. a brown susan villain, quincy, another net. get ready for warm weekend ahead as we look at temperatures potentially into the mid eighties. well, thank you. coming up could be a stay red hot despite digging themselves into a five run whole versus arizona, mark is the answer next in sports.
6:51 pm
here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup at eight o'clock. it's the resident then prodigal son it nine, followed by the 10 o'clock and the 11 o'clock news.
6:52 pm
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making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe you got to give the a's a lot of credit. they kind of rebooted the mission after that, oh, and six start all of a sudden they won four in a row and looking pretty good. but man, it's home run or not the dad in arizona today as they dug themselves a five run hole against the d backs as hey soos, lazar know had a little trouble. a little kid. i'll wake up and have little poor funds certainly has given up the home run. kelly goes deep and now. no cheapie right there and down 52 in the seventh. anyone of the a's do with up this guy, jed lowry gone for a couple of years and already off to a nice start here going to left center field with two men on the seventh inning terms of five to deficit into eight eyeball game 55 in the eighth inning, another relative new coverage and break camp with the team myself home following fear there's a mamma's shot to right
6:55 pm
god! so look, 75. final yusmeiro petite, the wind blew trevino, the sames and all of a sudden the a's have won five out of six and nobody's touching the panic button right now, if you think the golden state warriors season has been a little bleak at times, imagine it if you can, without the effervescent obsessed steph curry man has just been unbelievable and providing another reason for smiles last night kind of a stunning win over denver. i don't know how many people expect bit about steph curry just running hot from the outset, everything in sight. he's hitting it. they needed 19 points in order to pass will chamberlain for franchise all time leading scorer. it wasn't waiting around to get it done takes care of business in the first quarter back. 17,782 for curry dribble drive curry goes that drives the lap. it's up, but good and there he is. stephan
6:56 pm
curry, now the all time leading scorer and warriors franchise history, he shines brighter than the big dipper as he passes wolf chamberlain into history got it done in the tim roy 95.7 the call nicely weaving in the will nickname of the big dipper. in there much appreciation, of course, from the entire organization is teammates dream on, etcetera 17. 1008 118 points, passing wealth and joining the likes of rick berry and christmas, of course, in that top five as you see the list. ktvu know? uh that has changed a lot understand off had a huge part in that, but it's not for me to come up here and try to articulate that. it's just playing basketball and enjoying what i get to do every day, and that's why i think good things keep happening. and things keep
6:57 pm
happening. can't imagine life is a warrior fan without that guy, and they've got another big name to try and replace. can you imagine the titan and business like rick welts? have you replaced a guy like that? well, the gold state words didn't waste much time there either. they think they have their man to fill his shoes. the new team president c o is brandon schneider. not exactly a newcomer to the organization has been with warriors 19 years. and he's off to a great start. you know why? clearly he knows who signs the checks. i'll still one line from rick, we go back to rick first. i could have heard him say this so many times, but it, zwelling said. there's three things that you need to be a successful sports organization. ownership. ownership and ownership, and then he usually follows that by saying, and we hit the powerball, but it's really true. team usa women's soccer coming off a shaky draw against sweden last week, but the
6:58 pm
unbeaten streak looking at much tougher today, that's megan rippin a love the hair looking much better against france. they're rated number three in the world one del usa, first half christian press for alex morgan. who will do the work with that powerful right leg. just 11 months after having given birth to her daughter, summer games. next up for team usa that was probably the biggest test before then. all right, we've got some time to check this out. this is quite literally a powerful story. this is victor ausaf. and they lost the use of one of his arms, his right arm in a motorcycle accident. not gonna let that stop it. that is £300 right there with one arm. he's an adaptive competitors, and i would say competitors is an understatement. that's pretty amazing story right for him. that's the sporting story. that's the sporting story. yeah sheldon: why hast thou forsaken me,
6:59 pm
o deity whose existence i doubt? here. breathe into this bag. what's going on? they stole everything, leonard! everything. are you the roommate? yeah, leonard hofstadter. what happened? your friend here called 911 to report a robbery. oh, my god, what did they get? what didn't they get? they got my enchanted weapons, my vicious gladiator armor, my wand of untainted power, and all my gold! you called the police because someone hacked your world of warcraft account? what choice did i have? the mighty sheldor, level 85 blood elf, hero of the eastern kingdoms, has been picked clean, like a carcass in the desert sun. plus, the fbi hung up on me. (wheezing) into the bag. they took my battle ostrich!
7:00 pm
oh, no, not glenn. yes! glenn! the only bird i ever loved. good luck, fellas. oh. well, thank you, officer. wait a minute! you're not going to do anything? mr. cooper, there's nothing... dr. cooper. seriously? not the kind with access to drugs. fine. dr. cooper. i'm sorry for your loss, but the pasadena police department doesn't have jurisdiction in... pandora. that's from avatar! world of warcraft takes place in azeroth. goodness gracious, how are you allowed to carry a gun? can you at least refer me to a rogue ex-cop? what? wh-- you know, one who was drummed off the force because he refused to play by the rules, and now he hires himself out to impose his own brand of rough justice? no.


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