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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 13, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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from the federal government for the johnson and johnson covid-19 backseat, but health experts are urging people not to panic. the fda and the c c are doing the correct thing by saying until we understand this better even though it's so rare just once in a million. we need to understand it better before we're going to continue to administer it from ktvu fox two news. this is the four on the u. s is halting the use of the johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine after six reported cases of a severe type of blood clot welcome. everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage, the rare but serious side effects happened in only six women here in the u. s according to the latest data of the $192 doses that have been given out nationwide 6.8 million shots were the johnson and johnson single dose vaccine. now the six women who
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developed those serious side effects were between 18 and 48 years old. one woman died and another is in critical condition. they showed those symptoms between six and 13 days after being vaccinated. and despite the fda and the cdc, saying that this will create a bumpy road ahead in vaccine distribution, governor newsome said today that will not be the case here in california, and he emphasized the shot is extremely safe. and the serious reaction is very rare. the change a vaccine has been extraordinarily safe, safe or six specific, reported instances that the cdc and the fda have highlighted today. that's less than one in a million. only 4% of the state's vaccine supply is j and j. the governor says the pause on that vaccine will not impact the state's medium and long term
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goals when it comes to distribution. ktvu tom vacar has been following all the latest developments today is joining us now live and tom doctors are stressing that the worst thing people can do right now is panic about this news. that is absolutely right. fax really count here. most doctors, researchers and scientists say the very best way to look at this particular issue is in perspective, not in fear. almost seven million people who have gotten the johnson and johnson covid vaccine. six individuals have had serious blood clotting these possible though not yet confirmed. vaccine reactions are under investigation. very rare. we're recommending a pause in the use of the j and j covid-19 vaccine. it is a short pause, not a stoppage because the problem is highly treated. it's a different way of treating it than what you might as a kind of reflex action treat. when
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you see this situation arise. the fda and the cdc are doing the correct thing by saying until we understand this better even though it's so rare just once in a million. we need to understand it better before we're going to continue to administer it. it also is a way to tell us to look out for where rare side effect. dr monica gandhi says, since the six cases were all women between the ages of 18 and 48, that group can if necessary, be switched to another vaccine since want vaccines so badly and they're generally safe that it's not gonna permanently take away. johnson johnson any j and j recipients who experience severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain or. shortness of breath should seek medical treatment. now, here's the perspective. we all need to understand, but you know. every drug we take has risks that are around that level are every vaccine that we use has risks of about one in a million. so
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what would the doctors do? i personally would get this vaccine if i were not in the risk group. that has had these spots which are right now, women less than 50. i think that people still should get it. and yes, i would. if that were the vaccine that i could get the quickest that we to get through any pandemic is to vaccinate people against that pandemic. in fact, all covid vaccines have far far more benefits than they do risk reporting live. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. important to keep perspective here with this news, tom, thank you. and as we have mentioned already the blood clots that have been found in those six women are serious, but very rare again. six cases detected in more than $6.8 doses of the vaccine, given out to put that in some perspective, researchers say birth control pills can cause blood clots in women at a much higher rate,
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about one in 3000 for the johnson and johnson vaccine, it's one in one million. now the spike that johnson and johnson pause, san francisco and santa clara counties or expanding covid-19 vaccine eligibility, effective immediately to anyone. 16 and older who lives or works in those counties. health officials say the santa clara county is receiving a significant increase in both the visor and moderna vaccine supplies from the federal government. this is on top of the allotment that the county receives from the state. i know some people have some doubts regarding hearing the news about the johnson johnson that scene right now the state the county will not be administering that and we will not give any vaccines on this. we're clear that these are the ones that we assured they're safe for everybody. people 16 and older, both in san francisco and santa clara counties can now schedule those vaccination appointments
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decades after cal poly student kristin smart went missing a man long suspected in her disappearance was arrested today on suspicion of murder, and he is not the only one in custody this afternoon. a few hours ago, the soundless obispo county sheriff released new details in this case. ascribe reporter henry lee explains the prime suspect and his father are both now behind bars. it took a quarter century to get to this moment, 44 year old paul flores was arrested tuesday on suspicion of murdering 19 year old cal poly class make kristen smart back in 1996, his 80 year old father, ruben, booked as an accessory for allegedly helping a son cover up the killing. it's my hope that we're able to take the first step toward justice for the smart family, san luis obispo county sheriff in parking confirmed smart is no longer alive, but her body hasn't been found. we have not recovered, kristin. we will continue to focus on finding her remains regardless of any
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court action in may, 1996 paul floors had walked with smart after a party, but she never returned to her dorm. the sheriff would not detail the evidence that led to the arrest, but he did say investigators had kept close tabs on their main suspect, sheriff's detective security court order authorizing the interception and monitoring of paul floor. cellphone a text messages. this is one of many things that have been done over the last 10 years. the rest came after a flurry of activity by investigators last month when they searched ruben flores, his property in arroyo grande. they brought cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar. and for the first time in march, investigators called floor is the prime suspect floors had nothing to say to a fox reporter in february, when authorities searched his home in l a call. do you have any comment on the news today of arrest in connection for case bring sadness, but also a measure of relief and hope for resolution. in a statement tuesday, smarts family said in part the knowledge that a father and son, despite her desperate pleas for help could have withheld this horrible secret for nearly 25 years,
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denying us the chance to lay our daughter to rest is an unrelenting and unforgiving pain. now put our faith in the justice system and move forward, comforted in the knowledge that kristen has been held in the hearts of so many and that she has not been for gotten i reached out to paul floors. his attorney. he told me he doesn't comment on pending cases. paul floors is being held without bail. his father's bail set at $250,000 henry lee ktvu fox two news. let's talk more about this big development in this decade's cold case with our legal analyst michael cardoza. michael paul floor is long been the prime says effect here while we don't know about the evidence that investigators say they have linking him to christian smart, it must be pretty significant. well, i would imagine it is significant if they arrested him. we know that they have probable cause whether they can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt is. still up in the air. i know they were at the flora's house
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this morning, tearing it apart. i mean, they had all sorts of equipment out there, so they're still looking for evidence. and as you know, the father is charged with aiding and abetting after the fact of 32 of the penal code, so he's facing those charges, and the sun is facing the murder charges that you had to be seen what they really have in this case. yeah. azzawi all know, smarts body has never been found without her remains. michael how difficult is it for them to get a conviction in this case? well they've done it before in california in alameda county. they did it without the riser. he was convicted her husband. they had nobody in that case, so it's much more difficulty but not impossible. and with all this time that has passed. i don't see any jury questions. and whether she is better not is just the matter
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of who did it. and what type of evidence do they have against him in this particular is, do you think the michael that this might also be an effort to try to put more pressure on paul flores? you know, give up kristen smarts. whereabouts well, it might be. i know, in the huns riser case. what happened? he went all the way through a trial at the end of the trial when he. was convicted. then he went to the government and said, look convicted of a first if you give me a second degree murder, i will tell you where her body is. and the family after the d a spoke with them. the family agreed. all right, we'd rather know where she is, and he can have his second degree, so it might be. that's what they're trying to do here, but they may have to go through a trial to get there and convict him of a first and then. so she ate within about whether it is going to give up where the body is or not, and that really will
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be up to the family because the d a's office won't make that decision by themselves. they will turn to the smart family and say, look, we can reduce it to a second, but you've got to agree to that. and then he promises. he'll tell us where the body is. so it depends how important that is the family you mentioned that paul floors. his father has also been arrested. what do you make of that development? okay, well, clearly it's something was found at his house. he had to know about it. so what they're doing is charging him with 18 after the commission of the crime. they're not saying that dad did the murder or the homicide. we don't know exactly what it is yet. i have so murder but they're saying you help your son. hide the evidence in this particular case, and you're going to be charged with that. so thou, the dad in charge? i doubt if the dad will give up his son, but i'm sure the government is hoping that they will be able
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to approach him. or is it ernie and say look, if you give up what you know about the case, then we will not charge you with this or give you lesser time in state president. so it's a negotiating point where the government all right, our legal analyst michael cardoza, talking with us today about the two big developments to arrest in the disappearance and death of kristen smart, thanks so much, michael. appreciate it. you're welcome. stay healthy heather holmes it. well, the prosecution has rested and now it's the defense's turn to make its case in the derrick shelvin murder trial in minneapolis. coming up here on the four who the defense called as its first witness is, plus another tense night in brooklyn center, minnesota protesters and police clashing once again following a deadly officer involved shooting there. we'll have much more on the protest, as well as the investigation into that shooting. also ahead preparing
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for wildfire season just got a bit easier. the bill signed into law today by governor newsome, giving much needed funding as the state is preparing for a long fire season this year. that's expected to get started earlier than usual, and we have a bit of a windy day going on out there. temperatures trending a little bit cooler will talk about where they weather is abi'm morgan, and there's more headed nto me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed... and get to and stay undetectable... can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its ingredients... or if you take dofetilide.
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show vin after 11 days of testimony, the defense then called its first witness, retired minneapolis police officer who testified about a previous arrest of george floyd in 2019 paramedic who responded to that call said floyd had high blood pressure and told her he'd been taking multiple opioids about every 20 minutes. a doctor testified last week that floyd died from a lack of oxygen, not a drug overdose. the defenses. argued floyd's
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drug use and underlying health issues were responsible for his death last may. this evidence is not to be used as evidence of the character of george boyd. jurors also heard testimony today from a passenger in floyd's car before his death and a minneapolis park police officer who was at the scene of floyd's arrest. the defense is expected to wrap up its case by this friday, and you can continue to watch the testimony and the derrick shelvin trial live every day. the court is in session. the trials streaming live on ktvu dot com, as well as on the ktvu news app. no second night of unrest in minnesota, as hundreds of people took to the streets there after a 20 year old man was shot and killed by police. now the police chief of the minneapolis suburb brooklyn center, described sunday's shooting as an accidental discharge. police had initially
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pulled over dante right during a traffic stop when officers discovered that he had announced standing warrant. authorities say the officer who shot right intended to fire her taser. and not her handgun as right tried to flee. police custody. that officer and the chief today, both submitting their resignations. we get the latest now from fox is lauren blanchard, kim potter, the brooklyn center minnesota officer who shot 20 year old dante, right during a traffic stop, has resigned along with the city's police chief tim gannon, the city manager. relieved of duty. i'm hoping that this will help bring some calm to the community, although you know, i think ultimately, people want justice following two nights of tense standoffs in the streets of minnesota officials, including the new acting police, chief, continue their pleas for calm, but we'd like some calm for the community to some pause and community calming as we as we try and wrap our heads around the entire situation, but emotions are still raw. i have
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night, okay, hey, the families of right and george floyd gathered together two families forever changed by police incidents just miles of. part. i feel like they stole my son's dad from him. the medical examiner said right died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. police say veteran officer potter accidentally used her gun instead of her taser former president obama weighed in on this situation tweeting in part, quote, it's important to conduct a full and transparent investigation. but this is also a reminder of just how badly we need to re imagine policing and public safety in this country. and that was fox's lauren blanchard reporting for us this afternoon. now the brooklyn center bear is asking the governor to have the state's attorney general, take over this case, governor newsome has signed a multimillion dollar wildfire prevention package into law. the governor is in butte county
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touring wildfire preparedness work that's happening there. $536 million funding plan he signed this morning will accelerate fire prevention projects all across the state governor newsome and legislative leaders reached an agreement on the plan last week. this early action brings over half the money that we had proposed to be set aside for wildfire preparedness and preparation and some suppression dollars. on brings it now into the present when i sign this bill today will be advancing the cause of advancing more prescribed burns in this state more home hardening support in this state more efforts to support rural communities. governor newsome has also authorized $80 million in emergency funds to hire 1400 additional cal fire firefighters. and to increase fuel management in forests. and certainly, of course, being proactive is a good thing, considering that we have had a very paltry rain season as
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we've had the last few months in april has just been frankly dismal. but i wanted to start off. we did have a nice day today, but i wanted to start off talking about reservoir levels. right so that's one of the things that kind of gives you an indication of where we're at as we head through our spring season into summer, and i'm gonna talk about lake shasta because that's the largest reservoir in california. and you can see her what the numbers are so far this season and as expected, it's not great. where 53% of total capacity and that's about 63% of kind of historical average, where we should be this time of year. so all of that is to say that we haven't done well as far as rain is concerned, and anyone who lives here certainly knows that that's for sure. now. you're i may be going to the map here right at that nevada california border and saying, hey, i see some rain there and you do. it's just a tiny little system that's rolling some showers through they're kind of north of reno through reno right now, unfortunately, absolutely zero of that is making its way to the bay for us. we've just had some sunshine. some win that is courtesy of that system,
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slightly cooler temperatures, and as you can see, some of that fog was kind of hanging on to the coast. yet again today it's kind of becoming the thing that we are getting used to hear the peninsula and the coast kind of get to hang on to it for the rest of the day. and as we take a live look here down the oakland estuary, you can see there are still some of those clouds kind of hanging around, and that has kept temperatures. down in places like san francisco, where it's currently 51 degrees. santa rosa those 69 right now. oakland 59 64 sunny and livermore in san jose. coming in about 63 degrees, so i mentioned that the wind kind of kicked up and that is courtesy of the wind. pretty that's been set up by that low pressure system. that's over on that california nevada border and also the high pressure that's off the coast. you can see now some of this wind is kicked up above 20 mph right now. sfo gusting about 31 mph. it is an onshore flow. but it means that we're going to be windy as we go throughout the night tonight, and frankly, it looks like a little bit tomorrow afternoon as well. temperatures tonight very pretty mild low of 41 a high of about 49. this is our
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future cast. as you can see, we again wake up tomorrow with the north bay, kicking the marine layer little early and the peninsula and the coast hanging onto it and temperatures very similar to what we have. today. we'll talk a little bit more about what the weekend will hold. gotta warm up to talk about when i come back in a bit. guy spent you, washington mourns the loss of capitol police officer billy evans. i'm re broken with a look at today's ceremony, plus the debate over capitol security coming up, and it's an action packed prime time coming up tonight. here on fox, with all new episodes of the resident and prodigal son, it all gets started at eight o'clock and, of course, stick around for the 10 o'clock news and the 11th. clock news, all
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robberies of letter carriers of the last several months. our
4:25 pm
carriers deserve the ability to conduct their job safely without the threat of harm while they deliver the nation's mail. now these armed robberies took place in various parts of oakland between last november and last week, the postal service is offering a $50,000 reward in each one of these cases for information leading to the suspects. arrest and conviction, boston east magnet high school in knoxville, tennessee, was closed today and will be closed tomorrow in response to yesterday's shooting on campus. officials say the school will not hold classes virtually or in person, but counselors will be made available to everyone. this comes after police got a call yesterday that an armed student was holed up inside a school bathroom when officers entered that bathroom. police say the student opened fire striking. one officer. the officers then returned fire, killing the student. ah washington dame or
4:26 pm
the loss of capitol police officer william evans in a ceremony at the capitol rotunda. he was killed earlier this month when the brandt man rammed his vehicle into a barricade at the capitol. president biden attended today and shared his personal reflections on los fox's ray bogan is in washington. now with more on the ceremony and what congress is doing to try to further increase. security there at the capitol, fallen capitol police officer billy evans laid in honor in the u. s capitol rotunda after he died in the line of duty. april 2nd officer evans family watched as his casket was carried into the building. he protected for 18 years for the final time, losing the son, daughter and brother, sister mom. dad's like. losing a piece of your soul in billy evans. the capitol police lost a respected officer. ah wife lost her beloved husband and two children lost their father. the ceremony centered on officer revenues love for his children president body and
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picked up the drop toy of evans daughter, abigail, evan son, logan. war police cap to billy's beloved children, logan. abigail i want you to know that we are forever indebted to your dad. sure evans died defending the capital, its institutions and the thousands of people who come here to do the people's business. there are a series of upcoming hearings on capitol security in the wake of the january 6th ryan lawmakers are still discussing the fencing around the capitol complex and how much if any, of it should be made permanent. they will also likely restructure the capitol police chain of command. make changes to the capitol police board. we're talking about money, and we want to make sure that it is the appropriate amount, nothing less than we need, but nothing more than we need and appropriately prioritized to again open up the capital so that it is the temple of democracy. they're currently 2300 national guard personnel
4:28 pm
defending the capital through at least may 23rd in washington. ray bogan, fox news. president biden has decided to leave american troops in afghanistan beyond the may 1st deadline. that's a date that was negotiated with the taliban by the trump administration. instead president biden set the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks as the new goal for withdrawal for weeks. the president has hinted that he would let that may deadline laps. coming up here on the four growing calls for the mayor of windsor to step down, and then those sexual assault allegations reaction today from more sonoma county supervisors plus preparing to welcome back fans at the chase center in san francisco, up next, a sneak peek inside and what you can expect as fans what you can expect as fans return this season.
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relax your body and mind. shower with new dove men. relax your body and mind. appointment to the golden gate bridge district. the move by the sonoma county board of supervisors comes after six women accused the mayor of sexual abuse. ktvu is james torres has the latest developments. members of the board. i would ask you to lead us in a roll call. vote on this freedom supervisor going. my supervisor, rabbit, hi, see professor quincy. yes. supervisor gore. yes, a unanimous vote from sonoma county. these incidents have
4:32 pm
put a stain on on all of us in local government. there is not a chance in #### that i would ever knowingly appoint a sexual predator and i had no idea that there were these kinds of allegations outstanding against dominic napoleon windsor mayor dominic for poli facing official condemnation for the first time since allegations against him six women's. hey, he sexually assaulted them. sonoma county prosecutor esther lima's is the most recent woman to tell her story. my heart goes out to her. i cannot imagine the pain and the stress and this playing out in the public eye of last week. county supervisors appointed for pulley to be one of three representatives on the golden gate bridge district. it seemed he had county support to represent sonoma in the district alongside supervisor david rabbit. lex. it is a privilege. you're not entitled to it. you serve at the will of your constituents with the faith of your constituents behind you. and if you don't
4:33 pm
have that you should step down and step away deal with your own issues. it makes me sick to my stomach. but that man publicly accepted the nomination for the golden gate bridge district today. they took back that nomination at the same time, windsor city leaders and the people mayor for poli represents are calling for his resignation. if he would resign. he would do himself and the entire community of saving. the polling has only spoken through statements denying the allegations and saying he won't step down. city leaders will officially asked him to do so during a meeting too. morrow, james torres, ktvu fox two news state school superintendent tony thurman is urging the passage of an assembly bill, which awards school district's for hiring male and racially diverse teachers. a suddenly bill 5 20, the male teacher of color grant program will award $50 million in grants to school district's. the money will be used to develop and implement new or expand existing programs
4:34 pm
that address the need to develop and retain a diverse teacher work for superintendent thurman says the bill will help create a teacher workforce that is representative of the state's school population. we know that right now in our nation, we need more educators. yes of all backgrounds, but there is a particular need to diversify our workforce to research has shown us for years that there are benefits the students of color. when there's at least just one educator of color on a campus and that those benefits extend to all students. the bill has advanced from the assembly education committee and will be heard tomorrow by the appropriations committee. the prime minister of france has suspended all flights between france and brazil amid concerns over coronavirus variants. he did not signal when those flights would potentially resume. francis had 5.1 million. coronavirus cases since the pandemic began, which is the highest number in europe. now
4:35 pm
the golden state warriors are returning are preparing rather toe welcome back fans to chase center for the first time in more than a year chase center has been approved a host vans for the teams remaining nine regular season home games beginning on april 23rd now, according to help guidelines, the warriors can allow up to 35% capacity into the center in san francisco is in the orange tear. fans will also have have either proof of a full vaccination or a negative covid-19 test and the warriors will be sending home test kits to fans who by game tickets for every fan who purchases tickets seven days or more in advance of a warriors home game. this will trigger a molecular covid-19 tends to be mailed to their home approximately four days. before warriors games. those covid test must be administered within 48 hours prior to the game. him the warriors first home game in front of fans again as i mentioned on the 23rd, and it
4:36 pm
will be against the denver nuggets. there will be great to see fans back in the arena well with coronavirus restrictions, easing many people who had to postpone weddings and other events are now trying to reschedule them, and it's ktvu jana katsuyama reports they are finding there is a lot of competition. this is our co working space. so we have a little bit one of every everybody you need to put together a large event. molina clegg is co owner of the gala downtown in martinez, and says 2020 was brutal for the event planning business. but now she and the in house dj photographer, cake designer and hair and makeup artists can barely keep up with calls. everybody is trying to book and they can't. there's not enough space for everybody that lost out on their dates and the ones that are wanting tol. to come in this year as well. clegg calls it the fire hose effect, postpone weddings and pent up demand now mean more competition for dates and venues, then use are booked out
4:37 pm
the summer, i would say, starting june all the way through the end of next year, they're getting booked out. demand is being driven with more counties in orange or yellow tears, allowing for weddings and receptions to resume with some limits, and the governor says the state is set to fully reopened. june 15th convention planning is beginning to resume as well. i do anticipate that we will be holding hybrid events, which are virtual and in person events, at least for the short time being least for the next year or two. photographer brandy roland says people planning an event need to be aware services are getting booked up. i've looked almost five the number of clients and i normally book on do it was it was amazing. it was like, whoa! um surprising, roland says it's a shock to some clients. her advice. be decisive. be sure to put down a deposit and focus on what's most important, even though you've had the pivot evidence is something that have
4:38 pm
volume and that has great beauty. covid has not taken away human connection and the and the ability of human connection to transcend doom. event planners say it is important to shop around, but. they are warning people that some services could have higher prices due to the higher demand. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news. we're coming up here on the four offering help to women facing domestic abuse will let you know how you can support the arab women services program. during our giving day drive. it's coming up, and we're a little breezy and cooler today, but how long will it last? well i'll tell you, i'll let you know. in her upcoming forecast, know. in her upcoming forecast, the we your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms...
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want to talk about how you
4:41 pm
could support the arab women's services program. it's dedicated to protecting arab immigrant and refugees from domestic violence and other forms of violence. program is connected to the asian women shelter, which opened in 1980 eights, and for more we're joined now by the nonprofits executive director orchid puz orchids so great to have you on really appreciate your time. you know, throughout this pandemic, we have been reporting on an increase in domestic violence cases all across the board. what what have you seen specifically in among arab american immigrants and refugees. sure. thank you so much for having me. i'm really happy to have this opportunity to share about arab women services on asian women shelter. so during the covid pandemic, what we've seen is what we expected to see which is an intensification of ah, violence that was already percolating that was already happening. almost all of the
4:42 pm
clients that we were working with almost all of them who had income lost it. people who had their jobs, especially the most heartbreaking or people who had just climbed out of violence with almost nothing and finally set up their economic stability and then lost it right at the start of the pandemic. we also saw survivors just have. greatly reduced opportunity for privacy and the ability to reach out to talk to somebody and for our women services that ability to reach out to talk to somebody who speaks your language. who knows where you're from? who knows some of the context that you're living in can be a really lifesaving service and one that's broken. it's risky. i'm curious when you're when you're trying to reach arab american immigrants and refugees, how much cultural religious beliefs play a role and how important it is to have those who are offering the services be culturally competent. it's super important. it's critical and one of the
4:43 pm
things that we always say is that domestic violence it's happening in every community. every community has people in it who are just trying so hard to hold it together for themselves for the. kids for their community, and but when you add in that there's a language barrier when you add in that there's anti immigrant anti arab sentiment with there's islamophobia that is real in our communities than that barrier is really going to become daunting to a new degree. what what are the biggest factors that that are making that make arab american women reluctant to seek out services if they are facing some form of abuse in their home? sure i think on the one hand, everybody, everybody faces some barriers to reaching out for help reaching out for help. it's hard and i think that people have a lot of love. they have a lot of hope. they
4:44 pm
have a lot of investment, and all of that is to be taken very seriously. but then when they really do need when everything has run out when they're re sources have run out. their personal resource is when the risk has gone up so significantly that they need to reach out then this need for the culturally responsive, culturally grounded programming is critical. that's when someone needs to be able to call a number and actually know that they can talk to somebody. and i think when there isn't a program like our women services, then people aren't gonna call. you're just going to call if you think there's a chance that someone could talk to you. and that there's a chance that somebody could understand. and if you don't speak english, if you're unsure about your refugee status, if you think that the person on the phone won't recognize the name of the country you're from you're not going to call and then the danger in your family will go up the risk to you and your kids will go up. all right.
4:45 pm
it's such good information before i let you go or could please. what is the number that people should call if they're in trouble, and they need help, esos the number that people should call to be able to reach the. arabic speaking advocates for arab women services is for 156. oh 3415601. oh three, and those advocates have to keep a low profile in the media. but they're so ready to support people. all right. such important information. glad we got it out there. orchid pusey really appreciate your time from the asian women shelter in san francisco. thank you so much for coming on. and if you're listening to this, and you would like to help reminder, yeah. thank you for your time. this is a reminder that you can participate in this week's giving day drive to support arab women's services. all you have to do is head to ktvu .com/ giving day. all right, let's turn our attention to the weather. now have you been
4:46 pm
outside? big, little breezy where you are, if you're on the peninsula may be in san francisco. maybe you got a little bit of cloudy weather today and that is all courtesy of the setup that's happening where we have basically high pressure off the coast and then we have low pressure that's sitting over the border. of nevada and california, and that is driving a little bit of wind our way, and it's also let us cool down a bit, and it's also by the way, bringing the sierra a few showers. i'm a little envious of that. i'm gonna be honest. living a live look outside. this is san francisco, where you can see some of those clouds have been hanging out along the coast as i mentioned it along the peninsula, they just kind of cling to the coast sometimes, right. they just don't want to let go. and we've had that happen again today. now as we zoom out, of course, your eye goes directly to this. this is some rain or liquid gold as i like to call it that's falling right now. in reno and also along lake tahoe, and they're getting that from that low pressure system. unfortunately we get none of that. that's the downside. but we did cool down a little bit today and certainly in spots warm, though, if you're in fairfield, where it's 72 degrees right now, but 57
4:47 pm
hayward 54 in san francisco were about 56 in nevado, and we do have a little wind today to contend with. some of our peaks were quite high earlier today, those have backed off we're above 50, mph diablo earlier this morning. right now. nevada though at fairfield, both gusting upwards of 25 mph, and as we come down a little bit further south, you can csf both 31 mile per hour gust. so we're feeling that it is an onshore flow and it's going to be with us as we get through the night tonight, and it looks like it will ramp down a little tomorrow morning and then start to pick up a little bit more tomorrow afternoon before it's done so windy tonight. mild temperatures 49 degrees in the overnight low in san francisco about 45 in san jose, santa rosa about 41 so not too chilly tonight for anyone, and then tomorrow would be a pretty nice day, very similar to today. a little bit breezy as i mentioned in the afternoon temperatures, you know gonna be about the same as they were today. so 64 in san francisco 67 in oakland will see some seventies sit out there in our inland communities, but they will be low seventies so we won't be getting into those
4:48 pm
high seventies wonders for your future cast of how the wind kind of plays out over the next 24. hours so we're going to roll into tonight and you see that it stays relatively strong, particularly along the coast and up in some of our hills and are peaks and then we get into tomorrow morning, it ramps down, but watch what happens tomorrow afternoon. we get another little kick of wind before. this is finally kind of moving on and wrapping up completely. so that is what we're looking out for in the next 24 hours now, as we look at our extended forecast, it gets a little interesting because now we're going to see a warm up again as we head into saturday and sunday. i'll tell you what we could even see low seventies in san francisco this weekend. so that's that's a big difference. guys back to you. indeed it is. thanks, kyla. well a deadly crash in the east bay. the driver under arrest for suspected d u i and facing charges now for killing two charges now for killing two people, including this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually doesn't cover
4:49 pm
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this commercial is now over. logo. that killed two people, including a seven year old girl. it happened last night on west leland road near the delta view golf course. witnesses say a black camaro with three people inside hit a silver toyota corolla just after six p.m. police say the speed limit in that area is 45 mph and the camaro may have been going 85 mph thean pact was so intense. the two cars ended up more than a quarter mile away from each other and. all three children in the toyota were ejected from the car that includes that seven year old girl who's just been identified as sela martelli, ross ellis. on arrival, they found an absolutely devastating scene. two vehicles had collided. one of that vehicles had five occupants, two adults and three children. the man who was driving the toyota also died. a woman inside the toyota and a
4:52 pm
one year old and a four year old all are in serious condition right now, police tell us the two passengers in the camaro. we're not seriously hurt, and the driver was arrested for drunk driving. police are not releasing the names of the. people involved until their families have been notified. now there was a push here in california to marge, bart, and counts range and challenged. count train. excuse me into a single regional rail system, according to bury news group of merger with bart is something that count trains board is considering the proposal cause for aligning barred, encountering schedules of the passengers could transfer from one to the other without a long wait. ah group called seamless bay area has issued a report calling for even more coordination between bay area transit systems it recommends combining bart culturing and other transit operators such as fairies and busses into a single system stretching from santa rosa to gilroy. san francisco's recreation and parks department
4:53 pm
announced its expecting to reopen all of the city's public public pools by the middle of june because the city is in the orange tear outdoor pools are allowed to reopen at 50% capacity and indoor pools of half that level, they'll be offering drowning prevention classes and ours for lap swimmers right now on lee, the mission community outdoor pool has reopened, but other pools are expected to start welcoming back swimmers next week. muslims around the world are observing the holy month of ramadan and making modifications to allow for some in person gatherings. this is video from jerusalem or palestinians are putting up campus sheets to protect worshippers from the sun during outdoor prayers during ramadan, muslims fast from sunrise to sunset last year, many mosques were closed in evening prayers were banned to prevent crowds this year. some traditional gatherings are being allowed with social distancing and health protocols in place. here in the bay area. muslim
4:54 pm
communities are taking similar precautions and their observance of ramadan, the muslim community center in santa clara, one of the largest mosque in the country, will be open in 25% capacity, rare areas are marked with tape six ft apart and outside the mosque speakers have been added to transform the soccer field and basketball courts into prayer areas. hoping to put an end to violence that covid-19 hate crimes act introduced today calling for states to voluntarily report hate
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? with xfinity mobile, you can. how about saving hundreds on the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g? you can do that too. all on the most reliable network? sure thing! and with fast, nationwide 5g included - at no extra cost? we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at in the break wake of the recent violence targeting asian americans majority leader chuck schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi announced a bipartisan effort today to get the covid-19 hate crimes act passed
4:57 pm
as quickly as possible. now it would give the justice department tools to crack down on the wave of racist violence, including assigning a point person to handle cases. it breaks your heart to see help. communities are affected by this thies hate crimes. beyonce senators need to vote in favor for this legislation to be passed, which means that even if all 50 democrat democratic members vote in favor of taking up this bill, they would still the support from at least 10 republicans. the labor department released its latest inflation numbers one day after president biden hosted a bipartisan meeting at the white house to discuss an infrastructure bill boxes. ray bogan has more on where the negotiations stand and why the latest economic report could impact the president's bill moving forward. consumer prices
4:58 pm
increased in march at their fastest monthly pace in 8.5 years. the consumer price index rose 0.6% month over month and 2.6% year over year. it's largely fueled by gas prices, which surged over 9% in march. inflation concerns will impact debate about president biden's infrastructure package. we can't afford what is looking like it's going to be closer to three trillion valleys. president body met with a bipartisan group of congressional lawmakers in the. will office yesterday to discuss the package. one republican says the meeting started well but hit a few bumps when they started talking about how to pay for it. there certainly was pushed back on the concerns that we raised about imposing new taxes on raising corporation taxes, raising taxes on individuals and how that actually undermines any ability to get america had to improve the competitiveness of the u. s. workforce the white house wants to increase the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28. and they do
4:59 pm
not want to increase the gas tax, president biden says inaction is unacceptable china and the rest of the world is not waiting and there's no reason why americans should wait. many democrats on capitol hill say the bigger the better so too does our country need investment in modern infrastructure projects. like our electric grid, broadband internet access and five g just to name a few, house speaker nancy pelosi says she'd like to have the bill approved by july 4th rate. bogan fox news, ktvu fox two news at five starts now the officer who fired the deadly shot in brooklyn center minnesota, resigned today and so did the police chief. but tonight, tensions are still high over the death of dante white. prosecutors say they'll likely make a decision tomorrow on whether to charge the officer who shot and killed right. she says that she pulled out her gun instead of her taser. good evening, everyone
5:00 pm
i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener right now protesters have gathered outside the brooklyn center police station, brooklyn center is about 10 miles from downtown minneapolis and has been the site of demonstrations since the deadly shooting on sunday. box news. lauren blanchard joins us now live in brooklyn center tonight where we are also hearing. from dante writes family. lauren. hey guys. yes so there's quite a few people out here in front of the brooklyn center police department. they have been holding a rally calling for justice for dante write a really emotional day as these folks have gathered now, police are hoping between them and the national guard present. they'll be able to avoid a night. three of unrest, tim potter, the brooklyn center minnesota officer, who shot 20, year old dante right during a traffic stop, has resigned, along with the city's police chief tim gannon, the city manager. relieved of duty. i'm hoping that this will help bring some calm


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