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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 13, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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officials look into the cause of a rare sight of that involving blood clots, plus major developments. in the case of kristen smart, the cal poly student who vanished back in 1996 what investigators are expected to announce just two hours from now, and growing calls for the mayor of windsor to step down as sonoma county supervisors are now giving their thoughts on the allegations against the mayor. the news at noon starts now this is kinky. being fox two news that new and good afternoon everyone i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian joe biden administration says that a recommended pause in the use of the single dose johnson and johnson covid vaccine won't hamper efforts to vaccinate u. s citizens and those in this country. this is the cdc and the fda are investigating safety concerns linked to that vaccine. the california department of public health has directed healthcare providers to pause the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine until it
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receives further direction from safety experts. ktvu is jesse gary gives us the reason and reaction. tuesday to federal agencies ordered a halt to the use of johnson and johnson's one shot covid vaccine at federal vaccination sites. the move comes after a half dozen people developed a rare blood clotting issue two weeks after receiving the j and j vaccine out of an abundance of caution. it is. it's good that the fda and the cdc is, you know, putting a pause on further vaccinations to make sure that indeed it ziggy idea vaccine causing this problems. make sure that it doesn't balloon into a bigger situation that goes out of control. all of the patients are women between the ages of 18 and 48. 1 woman has died and the second is in critical condition in a nebraska hospital. we think there might be an immune response occurring to something
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in the johnson and johnson vaccine, federal officials say. nearly seven million people in the u. s have received the j and j single shot. cdc says another nine million doses have been shipped to individual states was clear to us that we needed to alert the public we wanted. included the pause in addition to the alert so that there was time for the health care community toe, learn what they needed to learn about how to diagnose, treat and report by the administration officials holding a briefing mid morning saying that johnson and johnson announcement won't significantly impact the nation's vaccination effort. we want to get this worked out as quickly as we possibly can, and that's why you see the word pause. in other words, you want to hold off for a bit and very well may go back. to that, maybe with some conditions or maybe not. there are no federal covid vaccination sites in the bay area, but multiple private and municipal vaccination
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providers are saying they'll stop using johnson and johnson's vaccine. napa county officials are switching to madonna for use tuesday, officials with cvs say they're emailing patients to let them know their appointments have been canceled. scientists at the cdc and the fda will jointly investigate possible links between the johnson johnson vaccine and the blood clotting disorder in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. now to developing news we're following in the kristin smart disappearance case, san luis obispo county sheriff's detectives have scheduled a news conference for two o'clock this afternoon to discuss what they're calling major developments into her disappearance. she was a first year student at cal poly in 1996 when she vanished, the associated press is reporting. paul flores was taken into custody this morning. flores was a classmate of smarts and a person of interest early on in this case last month, investigators began referring
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to him as the prime suspect. florida's father was also arrested. we're going to stream that two o'clock news conference for you live on ktvu .com and the ktvu news app in minnesota, the police officer who shot and killed 20 year old dante right during a traffic stop has resigned. brooklyn center police officer kim potter stepped down this morning. police chief tim gannon also resigned. potter who was a 26 year veteran of the department, wrote a resignation letter which says in part that she is resigning, quote in the best interest of the community and the police department and quote many people in the community wanted to see her fired. the officers stepping down has the effect. i think of speaking to one of the things that the community that folks who have been out here, uh, protest ng? i have been calling for i'm hoping that this will help bring some calm
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to the community. the city is now former police chief had said earlier that potter mr. achingly grabbed her gun instead of her taser just prior to the shooting, hundreds of people took to the streets of brooklyn center for a second night in a row in response to the deadly shooting, some demonstrators threw objects at officers and pushed against the fence of the city's police department. police in riot gear began forcing back those crowds and firing tear gas. the minnesota department of public safety says dozens of arrests were made. don't don't mean a roasted good and protesters gathered in san jose last night. also in response to the shooting death of dante, right, the demonstration began right outside san jose city hall, where protesters chanted and carried signs and there were some tense moments when demonstrators did yell at police. and at one point, ah small fire was set. the demonstrators say they're tired and angry of the deadly police force in the united states. the police won't help us. they kill
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people with mental illness and they kill people just for being black room until the ill and we're sick of it. people later rallied right in front of the san jose police headquarters. no injuries or damage were reported. well, it's not common. there have been instances of police officers pulling out their gun instead of their taser, according to the associated press. incidents like that happened on average less than once a year, with nine cases documented between 2001 and 2012. weapons experts say it's especially possible if officers air using older equipment with certain taser is more closely resembling handguns. agency that's 10 years behind on updating its equipment. that's how this could happen. oakland center paul brooklyn center, police policy says taser training should happen every year, and it should include reaction, hand draws or cross trust to reduce the possibility of accidentally pulling a gun. oakland civil rights attorney john burroughs says the shooting death of dante right
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is similar to the killing of oscar grant at the fruitvale bart station in 2009. both young men were shot by police officers who said they meant to use their tasers. when i first heard about it, it was wow. deja vu all over again to coin a phrase because we've gone through this over 10 years ago, and then secondly, obviously, um, shocking and heard for the loss of life of a 20 year olds life. former bart police officer, johannes mehserle. lee was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for killing oscar grant. he was sentenced to two years in prison and was released after 11 months. the embattled mayor of windsor has been stripped of his appointment to the golden gate bridge district. this move comes from the sonoma county board of supervisors after six women accused the mayor of sexual abuse. ktvu is james torres joins us live this afternoon and james those supervisors getting right to the point here today. don't yeah that's absolutely right. mike each supervisors, saying they are regretful and
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remorseful for appointing windsor mayor dominic the poli to represent them on the golden gate district, especially since the news of the allegations against them came just two days later. members of the board. i would ask you to lead us in a roll call. vote on this freedom, supervisor going my supervisor, rabbit, all right, supervisor quincy? yes? supervisor gore. yes, a unanimous vote from sonoma county. this incidents have put a stain on on all of us in local government. there is not a chance in #### that i would ever knowingly appoint a sexual predator and i had no idea that there were these kinds of allegations outstanding. against dominic for poli and it's windsor mayor dominic for poli facing official condemnation for the first time since allegations against him six women say he sexually assaulted them. sonoma county prosecutor esther lima's
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is the most recent woman to tell her story, and just my heart goes out to her. i cannot imagine the pain and the stress and this playing out in the public eye. last week, county supervisors appointed for pulling to be one of three representatives on the golden gate bridge district. it seemed he had county support to represent sonoma in the district alongside supervisor david rabbit being elected. it's a privilege. you're not entitled to it. you serve at the will of your constituents with the faith of your constituents behind you. and if you don't have that you should step down and step away deal with your own issues. it makes me sick to my stomach. but that man publicly accepted the nomination for the golden gate bridge district today. they took back that nomination at the same time, windsor city leaders and the people mayor for pulley represents are calling for his resignation. if he would resign. he would do himself and the entire community of saving a polling has only spoken through statements denying the allegations and saying he won't
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step down. city leaders will officially asked him to do so during a meeting too. marin. she said. nowhere just yet. on who the new appointee from sonoma county will be for poli was recommended by the local mayors and council members association. it's likely that the board of supervisors will return to that governing body to see who a new candidate could be reporting live. i'm james tour as ktvu fox two news a new development nearly every day. in this case, we'll see what happens tomorrow. james. thank you. still to come at noon, preparing for well fire season. the announcement from the governor just a short time ago as our state prepares for an early and long fire season this year, plus rising inflation could impact debate over president biden's infrastructure package. i'm ray bogan with a look at the newly released numbers coming up and no rain today, it all slightly cooler, though. warmer weather, though, is going to bounce right back starting tomorrow. ktvu meteorologist kyla grogan
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has your
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. the capitol rotunda. president biden spoke at a ceremony this morning attended by congressional leaders, family and friends of officer evans. evans was killed when a man intentionally drove a vehicle into him and another officer at
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a barricade at the capitol on april 2nd, the president told evans his family that he knows the pain. of losing a family member. my prayer for all of you. is that the day will come when you have that memory, and i said your smile before you bring it here to your eyes. i promise you. it's gonna come just takes a while. it takes a while. the u. s capitol police force has been paying its respects in the return to this morning, another viewing period for members of congress will extend into the evening hours a ceremonial departure from the capital will then be health. the labor department released its latest inflation numbers today, one day after president biden hosted a bipartisan meeting at the white house to discuss an infrastructure bill ray bogan has more on where negotiations stand as of right now, and why the latest economic report could impact
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the president's bill moving forward. consumer prices increased in march at their fastest monthly pace in 8.5 years. the consumer price index rose 0.6% month over month and 2.6% year over year. it's largely fueled by gas prices, which surged over 9% in march. inflation concerns will impact debate about president biden's infrastructure package. we can't afford what is looking like it's going to be closer to three trillion valleys president body and met with a bipartisan group of congressional lawmakers in the oval office yesterday to discuss the package. one republican says the meeting started well but hit a few bumps when they started talking about how to pay for it. there certainly was pushed back on the concerns that we raised about imposing new taxes on raising corporation taxes, raising taxes on individuals and how that actually undermines any ability to get american. had to improve the competitiveness of the u. s workforce. the white house wants to increase the corporate
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tax rate from 21 to 28% they do not want to increase the gas tax, president biden says inaction is unacceptable. china and the rest of the world is not waiting, and there's no reason why americans should wait many democrats on capitol hill say the bigger the better. so too. does our country need investment in modern infrastructure projects like our electric grid, broadband internet access and five g just to name a few, house speaker nancy pelosi says she'd like to have the bill approved by july 4th rate. bogan fox news. all right. let's check in with kylie grogan and that barry of forecast a little bit cooler today compared to where we were just 24 hours ago, kyla. yeah, exactly. and i don't know if you've been outside it all, but it's a little bit breezy out there to certainly in some spots more than others. we're gonna talk about that, but we're going to see that wind kind of continue with us as we go throughout today and tomorrow before it kind of ramps down and heads out, let's start with wind up in our peaks, which, by the way, is not bad
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right now, but man diablo got up to 52 mph this morning and not say a million got to 44. now you can see you know they're all below 20 s o. we're kind of calm, but if you come down to the surface, you notice we do have some breezy conditions out there. right now gusting to 22 mph. this is an onshore kind of northwesterly flow. sfo 29 mile per hour gust right now s o. that's an indication of the fact that we're going to see this as we continue throughout the day. and if i take it out, you know to the buoys on the water you can also see appear in marin. we've got you know 25 mph wind as well. so that is going to be the story today sunshine, but cooler temperatures and of course if you are of the peninsula or along the coast, you are also still dealing with some of the cloud cover that is out. their noses. zoom out your i may go over to what's happening kind of running around the lake tahoe area. you see a little bit of some stormy weather that's north of reno right now, but this system is what's actually driving some of the wind our way the set up there, it's kind of setting up a wind. grady in says we take a live look down the oakland
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estuary. you see, it's a little hazy there in san francisco. 51 degrees, so still pretty cool that sonny in santa rosa, where they had 62 already 58 in oakland, where it's 63, livermore and san jose about 64 degrees, so today will be a little breezy, windy and spots, and it will also be a little bit cooler. but with the exception of those who are dealing with the cloud cover out at the coast, we're gonna have mostly sunny skies, so it should be a pretty nice day out there so out of the coast will stay in those fifties. today around the bay will see mid to upper sixties and then as we head inland instead of looking at, you know, upper seventies a low eighties we're talking low to mid seventies, so certainly a big difference for those in our inland communities. so let's take a look at the wind forecast. you're going to show you how this kind of starts to ramp up again as we get later into the saving of notice along the coastline in particular, you know, we're starting to get those higher numbers, but you also see it in the east bay hills and then on wednesday morning, it calms down a bit, but it rolls back up as we get into wednesday afternoon, so it really doesn't fully kind of finish and head out until. overnight wednesday into thursday, so we put it all
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together. we take a look at our extended forecast. you could see our temperatures are gonna be cooling over the next couple of days. but by the time we get to friday, high pressure is going to build again and that means we're going to see temperatures start to move up. now look, it's saturday inland. we're talking eighties even around the bay seventies, and then i'm gonna roll this into next weekend and take a look. what happens? temperatures keep going up. we could even see you know, san francisco could get that 70 degree mark so. unfortunately no rain in the forecast. i know i'm a broken record with that, but that is where we are at. hopefully we will see some as we get a little further into april, but at this point, it's just been an exceptionally dry month. guys back to you. all right, kyla. thank you for that. still to come this new time limits have now been lifted on indoor church services here in california. the warning, though, from the department of public health, and why certain guidelines
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let's bring on spring... with the home depot's spring savings event. wake up some new spaces... with low prices right now. this is saving and doing like never before. the home depot. how doers get more done. military exit from afghanistan by september 11th of this year. they will mark 20 years since the 9 11 terrorist attacks drew the united states into his longest war, the original deadline set by the trump administration to withdraw troops was may 1st. the president officially plans to make the announcement tomorrow. there are an estimated 2500 troops currently in afghanistan. the prime minister of france has suspended all flights between france and brazil amid concerns over covid variants. he did not signal when flights could resume. francis had 5.1 million
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coronavirus cases since the pandemic began. that's the highest number in europe. here at home state superintendent of public education tony thurman is urging the passage of an assembly bill, which awards school district for hiring male and racially diverse teachers. assembly bill 5 20, the male teacher of color grant program, it'll award $15 million in grants to school district's, the money would be used to develop and implement new or expand existing programs that address the need to develop and retain a diverse teacher. workforce superintendent thurman says the bill will help create a teacher. workforce that's representative of our state's school population. we know that right now in our nation, we need more educators. yes of all backgrounds, but there is a particular need to diversify our workforce to research has shown us for years that there are benefits the students of color when there's at least just one educator of color on a campus and that those benefits extend to all
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students. bill is advanced from the assembly education committee and will be heard tomorrow by the appropriations committee. frustration is growing among the group of san francisco parents of middle and high school students. they're pushing to get older students back in the classroom. some families pro tested yesterday afternoon demanding in person learning his thousands of younger students went back to class yesterday morning. as of right now, the school district has no set plan to bring the older students back to class before the end of the school year. a lot of my daughter's friends are in class here in san francisco, but in private schools, and we love for the district to embrace that and bring back in person classes for everybody assumed as possible, as of right now, the district says it is committed to making distance learning as engaging as possible. the state of california has lifted all capacity limits on indoor church services. now this comes after the united states supreme court struck down state covid regulations for places of work.
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ship, the department of public health guidelines. still stay still say indoor gatherings are strongly discouraged, officials advised limiting attendance to 25% capacity for counties that are in the most restrictive tears. muslims around the world are observing the holy month of ramadan and making modifications to allow for some in person gatherings. this is video from jerusalem, where palestinians air putting up canvass sheets to protect worshippers from the sun during outdoor prayers during ramadan, muslims fast from sunrise. to sunset last year, many mosques were closed and evening prayers were banned to prevent crowds this year. some traditional gatherings are being allowed with social distancing and health protocols in place here in the bay area, muslim communities are taking similar precautions in their observance of ramadan, the muslim community center in santa clara, one of the largest mosque in the country, will be opened at 25% capacity. prayer areas are marked with tape six ft apart and even outside the mosque speakers have been added to transform the soccer field in
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basketball courts into other prayer areas. still to come at noon and concerns about a sharp increase in violent crime in oakland. how the police chief says his department of seeing the effects of budget cuts with the department is no asking for from the city council. also we continue to follow the latest developments surrounding the johnson and johnson vaccine the investigation into a rare side effect that's led to a temporary stop in the distribution of the vaccine in this country and here in the this country and here in the bay area. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit.
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and start doing like never before. johnson's covid-19 vaccine. now this comes after six women who received that vaccine developed blood clots. one of those women died, stayed in bay area health officials are following the recommendation to pause usage now, governor newsome says this is not going to impact the expansion of eligibility for all californians, 16 and older later this week, jonathan siri has more from atlanta. it's another big blow for johnson and johnson, the fda and cdc announcing tuesday they're putting a temporary pause on the company's covid-19 vaccine at federal sites and recommend states do the same after at least six women developed unusual blood clots within two weeks of getting their shots. in a joint statement, the
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agency said, quote we are recommending a pause and the use of this vaccine out of an abundance of caution. this is important, in part to ensure that the health care provider community is aware of the potential for these adverse events. what not to do happen and about 3 to 4 per million have in every single year, so what they need to determine is where these blood clots direct completely blank to the vaccine. the announcement comes just a day after the company said shipments of its vaccine would be severely limited in the coming weeks due to ongoing manufacturing issues. the white house says it's still has enough doses of madonna and visors vaccines to fill the gap. but the pause comes amid a. big spike in cases and hospitalizations. michigan has been hit the hardest by this new surge more than 100,000 active cases reported there in the past week. health officials now urging the state to pause, it's reopening plans, saying vaccines alone will not stop the spread if we tried to
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vaccinate our way out of what is happening in michigan, where would be disappointed that it took so long for the vaccine to work? the cdc is vaccine advisory committee will meet on wednesday to review the data. johnson and johnson's vaccine in atlanta. jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news, the california department of public health, released a statement and reads in part california is following the fda and cdc is recommendation and has directed healthcare providers to pause the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine until we receive further direction from health and safety experts. additionally the state will convene the western states scientific safety review workgroup to review the information provided by the federal government on this issue. as the federal government has said. we do not expect a significant impact to our vaccination allocations in california less than 4% of our vaccine allocation this week is that johnson and johnson vaccine. kaiser permanente will team up with the marin county public health department to create a mass vaccination site
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at the marin county fairgrounds in sandra fell, they'll combine resource is from vaccination sites, a terrible in the high school and the marine center with the goal of vaccinating up to 3600 people per day. the site will be available by appointment, only two eligible marine residents and you don't have to be ah kaiser member. an official from the santa clara county health department, says that there were multiple factors linked to a deadly covid outbreak in the emergency department of san jose kaiser around the holidays. no one is saying what those factors were, however, when the outbreak happened, you'll remember officials thought that a staff member who came into the emergency room worrying an inflatable tree costume caused the virus to spread. that worker was infected by covid and didn't know it. receptionist died from the virus outbreak at least 100 employees. yes, and patients were infected new a new and governor newsome has signed a multi million dollar wildfire prevention package into law. the governor is in butte county, touring wildfire preparedness work underway there. the $536
12:33 pm
million funding plan he signed this morning. well alec, accelerate fire prevention projects across the state governor newsome and legislative leaders reached that agreement on the plan just last week. said. important this early action brings over half the money that we had proposed to be set aside for wildfire preparedness and preparation and some suppression dollars on brings it now into the present when i sign this bill today will be advancing the cause of advancing more prescribed burns. in this state more home hardening support in this state governor newsome also authorized $80 million in emergency funds to hire 1400 additional count fire firefighters and to increase fuel management in forest happening today, fire service in oakland will be back at full capacity last year, covid related budget cuts led to a major reduction of service. some of the money used to restore oakland's fire services came from the federal american rescue plan. city officials say
12:34 pm
having fire services at full capacity helps response times, which is especially very important during the more severe fire seasons. the defense has began its case in the murder trial of former police officer derrick show vin after 11 days of testimony is the former minneapolis police officer on trial for the death of george floyd. prosecutors rested their case this morning. they called 38 witnesses throughout their part of the trialist. they hope to prove the children used excessive force when george floyd died, the judge says that he thinks closing arguments could start next week. you can watch the testimony the derrick show on trial as it happens, live everyday court's in session trial of streaming for you at ktvu daca come and the ktvu news app. police in knoxville, tennessee, or investigating a deadly shooting that happened at a high school officers say they were forced to shoot and kill a student after he opened fire on police in a campus bathroom yesterday afternoon when officer was wounded in the exchange, the officer is expected to survive. the knoxville police department is now working with tennessee's
12:35 pm
bureau of investigation to learn more about the shooting. at this time, the investigation remains active and ongoing, has t b i agents continue to gather any and all relevant evidence. interviews and information. this point investigators you're not providing details on the student who was killed and they won't say why they think he brought a weapon to school. we are learning new information this afternoon about a crash in pittsburgh that killed two people, including a child. this happened just after six o'clock last night on west legal in road right near the delta view golf course. two vehicles were involved. the toyota corolla and a camaro three children ages one foreign seven were in the toyota corolla, based on witness statements and evidence collected at the scene. police say the mera was driving at a high rate of speed, possibly 85 45 when it collided into the rear of the toyota, the driver of the toyota lost control and crashed into nearby trees. the
12:36 pm
male driver of the toyota died at the scene. the three children inside were rejected in the seven year old girl died at a hospital. on arrival, they found an absolutely devastating scene. two vehicles had collided. one of that vehicles had five occupants, two adults and three children. a woman also in the toyota along with a one year old and four year old are all listed in serious condition at last check, police said the driver of the camaro 25 year old christian vargas was not injured and was arrested for driving under the influence. he was also on court probation for a prior, do you why conviction? the oakland police chief is asking for help from the community and the city council after a deadly weekend. ktvu cristina rendon tells us what the police chief has to say about a sharp increase in violent crime. it's been an extremely violent past seven days. oakland police chief laurent armstrong making a plea to the public about a rise in
12:37 pm
violent crime, three people were lost to gun violence on saturday, he says the number of homicides stands at 41 compared to 13 homicides at the same time last year. i 215% increase that is completely unacceptable, and it's tragic for community have to deal with this level of trauma in pain. he also knows the 101% increase in shootings a 100 and 61% increase in carjackings and a 50% increase in robberies to date. those figures, all compared to the same time in 2020 when the bay area was under a state wide lockdown, armstrong says the department is feeling the impact of the nearly $30 million and budget cuts the city made last year and it needs resource is this city has to value the lives of our community members. we need resource is we need the community's help to be able to address violence. police can't do it alone. all this well that apart. made deals with an increase in side shows expanding to places not normally seen this wanted 51st and telegraphed involved. 100 cars sunday and shots were
12:38 pm
fired. we have to make a choice between do we address violent crime or do we address sideshow both of which are violent. we shouldn't have to do that. armstrong says. a pregnant woman went into labor while caught in the middle of a sideshow this weekend. their unit's cleared a path for first responders to rescue her. he's calling on the city council to reallocate funding back to his department with money. this cities received from the federal government. the council is currently in talks on how to spend that federal stimulus is unacceptable for this level of violence in there not be a response from the city of reallocating resource is to address violent crime. monday, city council members took action voting unanimously to use $10 million from a lawsuit one with the golden state warriors to restore vital community services, including restoring oakland's fire department services operation ceasefire walking foot patrol officers expanding shot spotter and at in community safety ambassadors in neighborhoods like chinatown and fruitvale, cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. across the bay san
12:39 pm
francisco supervisors are expected to vote on an ordinance that would affect who is allowed to own guns and ammunition. supporters want to ensure that people who have had gun violence restraining orders filed against them cannot access firearms. this ordinance would amend the city's police code officers would have to file a copy of the restraining order with the court within three days. his ordinance also calls for those who violate a gun violence restraining order, even if it's from an out of state jurisdiction to be punished under california law, san francisco's board of supervisors will also vote on an emergency ordinance to require owners of high rise buildings to make sure their ventilation systems work properly. this is office is in san francisco were beginning to reopen since the coronavirus spreads primarily through airborne droplets. there's a big push to make sure large office buildings follow local venerate ventilation. regulations also, the proposed ordinance would create a system to file complaints with the
12:40 pm
city and to have those complaints investigated within three days still to come in new, many events have been canceled because of the pandemic. but now that the state is allowing more in person gatherings, we take a closer look at the man toe book events, and we also take a closer look outside here at the lower east shore freeway rolling right through the city of berkeley's amazing skies around the bay and a little bit cooler compared to yesterday, but don't get used to those cold temperatures were in for warmup. kyla grogan is back after the break
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i wouldn't have to do myself.
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events are now trying to reschedule them. and as ktvu is jana katsuyama reports, they're finding there is a lot of competition. this is our co working space. so we have a little bit one of every everybody you need to put together a large event. molina clegg is co owner of the gala downtown in martinez, and says 2020 was brutal for the event planning business. but now she and the in house dj photographer, cake designer and hair and makeup artists can barely keep up with calls. everybody is trying to book and they can't. there's not enough space for everybody that lost out on their dates and the ones that are wanting tol. to come in this year as well. clegg calls it the fire hose effect, postpone weddings and pent up demand now mean more competition for dates and venues, then use are booked out the summer, i would say, starting june all the way through the end of next year,
12:44 pm
they're getting booked out. demand is being driven with more counties in orange or yellow tears, allowing for weddings and receptions to resume with some limits, and the governor says the state is set to fully reopened. june 15th convention planning is beginning to resume as well. i do anticipate that we will be holding hybrid events, which are virtual and in person events, at least for the short time being least for the next year or two. photographer brandy roland says people planning an event need to be aware services are getting booked up. i've looked almost five the number of clients and i normally book. on do it was it was amazing. it was like, whoa! um surprising, roland says it's a shock to some clients. her advice. be decisive. be sure to put down a deposit and focus on what's most important, even though you have to give it. evidence is something that have volume and that has great beauty. covid has not taken away human
12:45 pm
connection and the and the ability of human connection to transcend doom is that planners say it is important to shop around, but. they are warning people that some services could have higher prices due to the higher demand. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news, are very weather is bringing us quite a change from where we were just a couple of days ago. kyla grogan. yeah, indeed it is. i mean, we were talking like low eighties, right? just yesterday. in some spots that it was fairfield. they got up to 83 yesterday was a bit much and a little bit early for that to be happening. however that is spring in the bag, get a little bit of everything, and now we're looking at cooling down a little bit and also getting some wind kind of rolling, and that is courtesy of a system that's actually bringing a little bit of rain to the sierra, unfortunately, not ringing any rain to us, but we are going to get a little cooler as i mentioned and we are seeing some entre win that's starting to pick up today. live look outside, and in fact, if you look at the camera there, you might catch a little bounce in the camera. that's an indication of a
12:46 pm
little breezy condition. they're in oakland as we're looking over to san francisco, which still has some clouds that are hanging on from this morning. you could see here is a look at the storm tracker to very similar yesterday, where it's kind of hugging the peninsula and the coastlines. of course, that's going to keep your cooler out of places like half moon bay in san francisco were 54. if you had a santa rosa were there in full sunshine 62 same story in concord were down in san jose, even mountain view right now sitting at 65 degrees, so you know that will warm up inland more than gonna warm up the coast. that's our usual. we're also seeing some wind out of the coast in particular. so sfo right now gusting at 29 mph hayward, though a 22 mph and again. this is an onshore flow can as a northwesterly component in oakland, also very breezy, so that is what we're going to see today. breezy conditions too windy in some spots. rouz two guests up to you know 25 to 30 mph, and it's not just today, but it kind of goes through tomorrow as well. temperatures though, are going to roll back a little bit, and with the exception of the coast approached the peninsula hanging onto their clouds.
12:47 pm
we've got a lot of beautiful sunshine out there yet again. let me show you the future cast. you got son throughout the day today you notice on the right of your screen over like tahoe. they're getting a little bit of that rain where i'm a little envious of that. i'm gonna be honest with you, but it does kind of wrap up rather quickly and move on. we get a little bit of wind and i'm gonna show you future cast for the wind here. it shows you as we get into seven o'clock tonight. look again conquered 30 mile per hour. wind fairfield 31 out at the coast, san francisco 33 mph. it's gonna ramp down tomorrowmorning. so there's wednesday at eight a.m. but then it picks back up as we get into the afternoon so it doesn't really kind of settle down until we get into the overnight and then into thursday how much rain of getting a tahoe? well that little less than half an inch so not bad. not gonna make it over here, though, folks. i'm sorry to say we don't have any rain at all in the extended forecast, so take a look at these temperatures. you'll notice we do cool down. stay breathe the today and tomorrow that cooling kind of continues into thursday, but by friday, high pressure's going to build back up. look what happens here is we head towards the weekend temperature starting to soar
12:48 pm
again where we could see inland eighties. so that is the picture right now. unfortunately no rain in the forecast for the next 10 days. i wish i had some different news there, garcia, but that's. it is what it is, as they say, absolutely. kylie broken. thank you. san francisco's reckon parks department announced that it does expect to open all of the city's public pools by the middle of june, and because the cities in the orange here right now the outdoor pools are allowed to reopen at 15% capacity. indoor pools can open and half that level, they'll be offering drowning prevention classes and ours for lap swimmers. right now. only the mission community outdoor pool has reopened, but other pools are expected to start welcoming swimmers back next week to santa cruz. now we're city council members may declare a stage one water shortage warning because of the dry winter we've had. this would affect 98,000 water customers in the region, which is not part of the state water project depends heavily on rainwater. the water department wants a 10% reduction in water use
12:49 pm
citywide. that's about 136 million gallons right now, residents say they're eager to conserve. oh, definitely. we just have very blow of rainfall this last year and no snow. not enough. so yes, i think it's important. city plans to set up the site where customers can request a bigger water allocation. if approved, restrictions would go into effect on may 1st #### valley alpine meadows preparing to build a base to base gondola connecting the two resorts, the $60 million project will transport guests between the village. it's squad and the alpine meadows base area. the gondola can move 1400 people per hour in eight passenger cabins. it's planned 16 minute ride at this point, officials say construction could start next month, but an opening date is dependent on weather and other conditions. still to come here at noon, preparing to welcome fans at the chase center in san francisco will give you a sneak peek inside and show you what fans can
12:50 pm
expect when they returned this season. also look guessing who's under the mask is really just part of the fun play the fox super six masked singer sweepstakes and you could win your share off $250,000 being given away this season. just download the free #### and watch the master singer wednesdays. right here on ktvu wednesdays. right here on ktvu two at eight o'clock. need better sleep? try nature's bounty sleep 3 a unique tri layer supplement, that calms you helps you fall a sleep faster and stay a sleep longer. great sleep comes naturally with sleep 3 only from nature's bounty
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. celebration and golden gate park has been canceled now for the second year in a row. officials say it's due to state and local restrictions on large gatherings due to covid fencing will go up around the park next monday will stay there until next wednesday. law enforcement will be patrolling the area, making sure it's not accessible. citations may be issued for people who do not comply. next month's sales force will reopen its tower in san francisco and start bringing employees back
12:54 pm
to work interviews. tom vacar tells us what the decision by the city's largest employer means for other companies, as well as the bay area economy. the massive monolith that is, the salesforce tower will soon be an office again for employees to report to next month. it's very important sign in the right direction and says bay area council economist jeff bellisario. the right direction is follow the leader. we do see this, often, particularly in silicon valley and our innovation economy companies. if one company makes a big mover, big announcement. others do tend to follow, but sales force says while our officers will remain an important part of our strategy as we re opened, the office is no longer at the center of our workday, monday morning sales force announced that its landmark san francisco tower will be the first to reopen in may, followed by offices in palo alto and irvine. in the months following. it will take some getting used to
12:55 pm
and i definitely understand people's concerns about not wanting. come in. i'm probably not gonna be back every day. i'm ready to see everybody again. but i know our office probably won't have everyone in the office every day of the week anymore. the first to come back will be fully vaccinated volunteers, but all sales force employees have the option to continue to work from home until at least next new year's day. i think that's a great program and the way to go about it. the cdc right now is saying that it's really up to employers of what they want to do, and of course, they can't mandate everyone gets vaccinated. another hesitancy. our study was really interesting that it wasn't just about going back to the office. it was also about getting to work in the first place. soro lot of people 35% i believe we're concerned about actually using public transport. those that have been going officers have been driving we know the numbers are very down on bark, but there. act, almost where they were on bridge traffic again expect the workforce to follow the leaders. the more
12:56 pm
more people we get returning into an office and the more people that are taking transit safely now, the more you passed it on to your neighbor and tell you what the city needs it just for the vibrancy and the local businesses. you know, these people could use the extra foot traffic that they're used to one seals. four study finds 80% of employees want to start the weekend home. and come in on wednesdays and thursdays, tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. leaders of colleges across the nation are now debating whether they should require all their students to be vaccinated before they return to campus. in the fall. rutgers university in new jersey was the first to require students to receive shots for covid-19 and more than a dozen other colleges now have that same requirement, including to ivy league schools. brown and cornell, california state university announced last week it will not require students at its 23 campuses to be vaccinated against covid-19 this fall. berry college is such a stanford uc berkeley
12:57 pm
have not yet announced their plans. where's air off today following a huge win last night on historic night at chase center last night against the title, contending denver nuggets stephan curry needed 19 points to surpass legend wilt chamberlain as the franchise all time leading scorer. curry scored and rattled and dazzle from the opening tip. put up 21 in just the first quarter. the rest of his career. so curry driving curry flipping it up and in into the basket on now into the record books, the most points ever and warrior franchise history as steph curry's on her. he went on to score 53 to leave the depth captain nuggets 1 16 to 1 of seven. it was the 9th 50 point game of his career, his third this season. he's also scored 30 plus in seven straight games. anytime you hear his name, you always just assume his right. it's unreachable. um i did play
12:58 pm
six extra years. i guess here but it still means something to, uh to be at the top of that list, and i'm forever grateful for everybody that sporting to meet her. let me do it. i get to do on the court, my family. i'll plan on slowing down, obviously, but this is one of kind of take a second and appreciate for sure. wind moved the warriors 2 26 2 28, keeping the blocked into 10th place in the western conference. now the golden state warriors were preparing to welcome fans back to chase center for the first time in more than a year. chase center has been approved to host fans for the teams remaining nine regular season home game. starting april 23rd. according to health guidelines, the warriors can allow up to 35% capacity into the center, while san francisco was in the orange tear. fans will also have to either have proof of full vaccination or a negative covid test. the. warriors will be sending home test kits to fans, who by game tickets for every fan who purchases tickets seven days or more in advance of the warriors home game. this
12:59 pm
will trigger a molecular covid-19 tends to be mailed to their home approximately four days before warriors games. those covid test must be administered within 48 hours before the game, the world's first home game in front of fans on the 23rd will be against the denver nuggets. and with fans back inside baseball's ballparks, there is a new job for anyone with a big appetite. bonus finder posted a contest for an official mlb food tester job. one lucky fan will travel the country eating unlimited hot dogs at baseball stadiums and writing reviews on the experience on the bonus finder website. the winner will only be paid $500, but the company will pay for your food and travel. the deadline. gossip to enter is may sick, okay, mike, we need to hear it. ktvu don't you go chasing that job? someone else? maybe i'll surprise you. well, i hope you hope you'll stay. thank you so much for joining us. enjoy the scores. but windy day our news is always on ktvu dot com. the
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