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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 12, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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says the officer meant to use her taser but fired her gun instead. also i feel a little relief. i feel a little sadness, but really happy, happy for him to be. back. mixed emotions as more bay area parents drop off their little ones for in person school for the first time in more than a year from ktvu fox two news. this is the four and welcome everyone to the four on this monday afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. we begin in minnesota with new developments on the deadly police shooting of a black man during a traffic stop. police in brooklyn center, minnesota police body camera footage from yesterday's shooting. it shows officers approach a car driven by 20 year old dante, right. they pulled him over for a traffic violation and found he had an outstanding arrest warrant.
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police tried to take him into custody, but officers say he resisted and got back into the driver's seat of his car. the chief says. that's when one of the officers apparently intended to use her taser but fired her gun. instead this deadly shooting outside of minneapolis in suburb. there's leto. violent protests in a community that is, of course, already on edge as the derrick sheldon trial continues to unfold, and it's prompted the nba to the nhl as well as major league baseball to postpone some games in that area over the concerns about more protests in the area reporter alex leonard joining us live now from brooklyn center with the latest on the investigation into the shooting and the protests that have followed alex. yes certainly a lot of people gathering once again outside of the brooklyn center police department, which is just down the street behind me. they've got the road blocked off daryl's. there are several armed officers outside as we
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saw last night protests turned violent today they've barricaded the area outside of the police department here in brooklyn center, as protesters gather there is a mandatory curfew that goes into effect here in at seven o'clock, central time, so i'm not alone. at a time. the mandatory curfew goes into effect, and there's still a lot of folks out here and we've got a. vigil that's also planned for tonight. alex can you talk about the explanation that we got from the police chief there in brooklyn center today? this this move releasing the body camera footage just one day later, a showing the officer of firing that single shot at dante, right? can you explain what? how how the chief described this unfolding. daca yeah. he described the unfolding of the body camera footage released as just a matter of sort of letting the public see what officers were
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going through at that time toe show that as they did try to arrest right that he did get back into his vehicle and the reason for releasing this was kind of to just put that in front of the public, but as you can see in the video is very quick development here. they went to go. arrests on right after learning that he had a gross misdemeanor warrant out for his arrest when he resisted arrest and prompted to get back into the vehicle. we see the female officer reach for her gun, and she does yelled taser, taser taser! and today in a press conference that video was not only shown to members of the media, but it was also shown to some members of the public or allowed into the press conference this afternoon, or authorities they're releasing any information. all about the officer who fired that that single shot on guy know there were some calls from from some of the community for her to be terminated. the mayor even said that he believed that the officer should be should be
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terminated. what is the process moving forward for her? yeah they have not released a lot of information about this officer. we expect to learn more in the coming days about who this officer was her time on the force to try to get a little more idea. so what did happen there, but no plans for termination. right now. she is on. she's on leave at this point to be cia is handed handling the investigation and i will add that in the last hour we learned that the city manager here in brooklyn center has been fired so that that's certainly a new development in the first firing that we've seen since since last night's shooting, all right, and just to reiterate, obviously, we know there was a curfew put in place last night there in brooke. when saturday because of the civil unrest that we saw and what? what are your expectations about how things. are likely to play out tonight? there? you know that's that's really anybody's guess. but we certainly saw them turned
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violent. last night. that curfew goes into effect for not just brooklyn center. i want to emphasize that that is in effect for hennepin county and ramsey county, which encompasses all of minneapolis all of st paul and several surrounding suburbs that goes into effect tonight at seven. log, so not in very much time and protests were planned to begin at seven o'clock here in minnesota, so we certainly know that when the sun goes down, things have the potential and we've learned history's proven at least hear that things have turned violent after the sun goes down, so certainly hoping for much more peaceful night with that curfew in effect, but at this point, we're keeping our eye on a very large gathering crowd outside of the brooklyn center, police department, all right, well, we appreciate the update from there, alex leonard from our sister station there in media. belisa, giving us the latest from brooklyn center. following yesterday's shooting, alex. thank you all the judge and the george floyd in the derrick show venmo murder trial. excuse me refused a defense request to
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sequester the jury, the attorney for the minneapolis the former minneapolis police officer argued that jurors could be influenced by the recent police shoot police shooting there and that minneapolis suburb today in the courtroom, the jury heard from a cardiologists. he testified that george floyd did not die from drug overdose. he says he believes that floyd's death was preventable and caused by low oxygen levels. the jury also heard from george boyd's brother, who gave emotional testimony and recalled floyd's very close relationship with his mother. being around him. he showed us like how to treat our mom and how to respect that, mom. he just he loved her so dearly when george the prosecution prosecution is expected to wrap up its case this week. showman's lawyers will then present their defense and the judge says that he expects closing arguments to begin next week. and you can
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watch the testimony live every day. the court is in session trialist dreaming right now on ktvu calm and also on the ktvu news app hard now to some breaking news. we continue to follow. one person is dead and a police officer is wounded after a shooting at a high school in knoxville, tennessee today. it happened this afternoon after police responded to a report of an armed man on the campus at austin east magnet, high school. police say shots were fired after officers approach that man he was killed in the exchange of gunfire, and a police officer was also struck at least one time, but his wound is not said to be life threatening. another person was also detained for questioning. officials say the school building was secured and students were released to their family. there's no word yet on why that man was carrying a weapon on cam this now austin east magnet high school is in knoxville in february, three students were shot to death over three weeks span at that same high school. now to the
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coronavirus and two bay area school district. welcome students back for in person instruction today. san francisco and san leandro schools opened up their classrooms for the very first time since the beginning of the pandemic, but the schools are reopening in different ways. ktvu rob rod joins me now live with the details wrong. heather san francisco is reopening to some great levels while san leandro is re opening toe, all grade levels. it just goes to show that when it comes to bring students back, there is no one size fits all approach. that bread hard elementary school in san francisco monday morning a sight no one has seen here and more than a year students coming to school being part of a classroom again, at least one first grader apparently lost some sleep in anticipation. little garage because he's been up on night, but he had the justice hours definitely different where we're used to doing this in august two. no, it's april but
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the first day of school, the first day of school, and whenever it happens, we still we still sort of feel those jitters. this is one of 22 public, ellen. entry schools and a live in early education sites reopening monday as the schools of staggered dates for resuming in person instruction through april, students still have the option of remote learning, but it's all but certain middle and high school students will have to wait until fall to return, with the exception of special and homeless in foster care students. we are still looking at the possibility of possibly getting a great level back, so we're still looking at that. but for most middle and high, it will be the focus still getting elementary. schools open was not an easy road. there were difficult labor negotiation, school board squabbling and even a lawsuit by the city attorney demanding schools reopen. it took a lot of, you know, honestly, people putting aside the drama and their differences and doing what's in the best interest of the children across the billion san leandro school reopened here it james madison elementary and it every other
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school in the district pre k through 12. we do anything for that to go back to school, and i know that school is doing it very safely the students here in smaller classes while wearing masks with desk, six ft apart. students come in two days a week. they can learn anything that school and it was pretty hard at that computer. there's always good dci and everything. students in both districts have the choice whether to come back now. here's a comparison in san leandro, just 30 to 40% of students returned while in san francisco. the return rate was 70% heather. yeah, a big difference. all right. thanks so much, rob rob, reporting live for us this afternoon, rob. thank you. fema is no longer running the oakland coliseum, mass vaccination site coming up here on the four look at who is in charge now and how long that site will remain open. also san
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francisco's biggest employer is set to welcome back employees. the requirement for those looking to return to work at the salesforce tower. and we've had another gorgeous day in the bay. i know it's kind of rinse, repeat, but will this last will be cooling down? i'll have be cooling down? i'll have answers attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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and with fast, nationwide 5g included - at no extra cost? we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at keeping the oakland coliseum site open for covid vaccinations are jesse gary joins us now live with more on this and who can now go to the coliseum toe? get their shots. jesse heather's since february, the federal government under the umbrella of fema has been administering covid-19 shots at this so called mega site. now residents of alameda county and contra costa county who are 16 years of age and older can get vaccinated, officials say. keeping this side open for another month under the control of those two counties, in
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addition to the state helps further and push the goal. of getting everyone vaccinated, change at the oakland coliseum is imperceptible. a few 100 people are lined up to receive covid inoculation. but beginning monday, contra costa and alameda counties along with the state or running this facility, we've been working in partnership with our. the county since the beginning of this, you know, so we're quite well versed in regional projects and working together. we haven't had any challenges yet, spokeswoman kima carl says the site will be able to vaccinate upwards of 6000 people per day. another 5000 can get this protection from the covid-19 virus through the use of mobile vaccination clinics that will target underserved east bay communities. for weeks, many residents around the bay have complained of a feast or famine circumstance when tracking down vaccine availability current me there's openings in some places and shortages in another, and
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if we have one central place where key people are talking to each other, it can relieve the bottlenecks that we're seeing. over the weekend, alameda county lowered the age of eligibility from 50 and older to 16 and older contra costa county had taken this action a week earlier and well ahead of the state. it's april 15th deadline, the more people have to pay attention to who is and who is not eligible. the more confusing against and people who might not have drugs as access to information or to technology might choose not to try toe figure out whether they're eligible. so opening up to 16 and above was really a neck, witty issue for us. the state is providing half the weekly vaccine allotment. the burden of the remaining half is equally shared between alameda and contra costa counties. the key is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible. the coliseum site is open through the first full week of may the hours of operation from nine in the
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morning until seven in the evening. sunday through monday, so seven days a week. and it's again. we'll open it through the first full week of may. age of restrictions, 16 and above in contra costa and alameda counties. now if you live in a different county, you can't go there. so just those two counties if you have that age 16 and above you could go put all that information on our website ktvu .com or live in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news, really important site, glad to see that it will continue doing the vaccinations there, jesse. thank you. meantime nearly 23 million doses of covid-19 vaccines have now been administered here in california, according to the latest data, there are now more than 365,000 shots a day being administered in this state. that's 5600, though fewer daily shots. then last friday, more than 37, a half percent of california's population of around 40 million has now received at least one dose. 22%
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22% of those are fully vaccinated. salesforce's getting ready to reopen its u. s offices to vaccinated employees. the company announced that workers will return to salesforce tower in san francisco next month. vaccinated employees will be able to volunteer to join groups of up to 100 people at work. and other officers will open in the coming months. salesforce's also extending its work from home option to all employees through the end of this year. joining us now to talk more about the implications of salesforce re opening what this means for our return to the office, gina devito from the devito law group of gina. good to have you on here. so sales force requiring proof of vaccination for employees to return to the workplace. i'm wondering if you expect a lot of other employers to follow suit here and are there any legal concerns about having this kind of requirement in place? no you're allowed to have people vaccinated and have to have them get vaccinated to come back to work. i'm finding
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that most my employer clients are actually requiring that now and unless somebody has a disability, or they have a religious belief that is a sincerely held belief or practice or observance than employers are allowed to require people to have ploys to have vaccine to be not to be vaccinated, so someone just saying that they don't believe in vaccines or they have concerns about the safety of these vaccines that that would not be enough to exempt you from one of these requirements in the world, you know, unfortunately, i mean, i'm imagining that we're gonna have some lawsuits regarding philosophical beliefs in that manner. however if you have a disability or strongly held religious belief that would be one of her two of the exemptions that you could have to not be vaccinated. and in that circumstance, the employees then has to do an analysis. they have to look at a reasonable accommodation. can they do something for the employees so that they can still continue working and not be vaccinated? s so let's talk
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about some of the privacy issues that come up here. so let let's say a job site. workplace doesn't necessarily have a requirement that everyone be vaccinated, but is an employer allowed to ask a returning employees if they have received the vaccine? yes. okay, that that's that is that is fair game there. no, no, no concerns about that for employer, you know, because they're actually a lot of people will have to submit. yes because they're actually allowed to ask him to get vaccinated. alright s o and testing the same thing. what do you what is your what is your thought about workplace testing and whether employees can be required to be tested. absolutely p employers have been requiring for the past year covid testing so you're allowed to do that legally, but you can't run afoul of privacy rights. if someone doesn't want to get covid tested, or they have a disability. you can't ask a medical questions about that disability. you can either
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asked him to be tested or not to be tested. you just can't dive into their medical condition. all right. so what about employees who are what about offices businesses that are starting to reopen and but there are employees who feel reluctant about returning to the workplace for out of safety reasons. you know what? what do they have to go back and they'd be compelled to return to the workplace. that's a great question, because generally lots of employees i'm finding are scared of the virus. they don't know they don't feel safe. and so they have that fear. but unfortunately, unless they have a disability that requires them not to have to go back to work such that it could affect their health than there are likely to have a defense against not coming back. the important thing is that's really critical is that the employer needs to find out why the employee doesn't want to come back. if it's just i'm too scared. i don't want to come back. you have to come back to work. otherwise you can be written up
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and discipline. but if you have an underlying disability, that's a totally different scenario, and the employer has to evaluate whether or not they can provide a reasonable accommodation for that person, for example, continue working from home and if they can do that, then they have to do that, and the employer has to view it as can i give a reasonable accommodation from employees, or is it an undue burden to me so otherwise? if it's just a general fear than the employer has the right to take action against him. ploy. but again, i also caution is the reason the employee afraid to come back to work because they don't feel they're appropriate safety protocols in place. so then you've got ocean potential violations, so if an employee is afraid to come back for that reason, then you could have a potential retaliation claim. so that's why i always tell employers that i represent. get to the bottom. what's the percolating reason why the employee doesn't want to come back to work? there are going to be so many legal questions that have yet to be answered. as more and more of us returned
4:22 pm
to return to our workplaces appreciate you answering just just a few of the questions that are out there. gina devito from the devito law group. thanks for your time, you're welcome. it's a once in a century issue, right? thank you. yeah it sure is. yeah. take care. thank you. bye. once in a century. sounds good to me. no more than that. thank you very much. that was really interesting to see. let's talk about whether now everybody and we have another beautiful day out there, but it's a bit of an interesting thing happening here because at the coast for a couple degrees cooler than we were this time yesterday inland, we're a couple degrees warmer. that has everything to do with the fact that there's some clouds hugging the coastline, so let's start with a live look outside of san francisco where we've had a pretty nice day, but certainly see, you know, a little bit of haze kind of hanging out there right now. san francisco only 54 degree is because of that, but santa rosa where they're in full sunshine, 74 degrees, so this is our micro climate on full display here when we've got a 20 degrees split going on head on down to oakland, and you've got 64 degrees, but take a look at livermore 79 degrees 71 in san
4:23 pm
jose. so you get the idea if the sun is shining fully where you are, we're warming up handily. if there's a little bit of a cloud cover in your line, the coast or maybe along the peninsula little bit cooler day. today there's looking strong tracker to kind of show you where those clouds are, and as we zoom out, you can see they really are funneling down, you know more down into the santa cruz monterey area as we've gone throughout the day today, but some of them still kind of hanging out a little bit there out of half moon bay. so today we have done pretty good with the wind, but things started to pick up a little bit. you see 22 mph at sfo right now is move little further to the north. not bad, but again, we're up a little bit from where we were this time this morning right of hours ago. we've started to see it ramp up, and that's an indication of system that's going to be happening as we get into tomorrow that's going to pull the wind up for everybody, so mostly clear tonight a little bit breezy temperatures will be mild. you get cr lowest number there 40 degrees tomorrow. little patchy fog as we start to wake up in that coastal cloud will probably would with us. it's the least we get to the noontime hour and
4:24 pm
then i will start to clear out in san francisco. we're looking at a high of about 64. so it should be another beautiful, sunny day. and as we take a look around the rest of the day, we're talking about 56 of the coast mid sixties around the bay. and about 73 inland. so a touch cooler now i mentioned we're gonna have a little bit of wind coming our way. it's courtesy of a system that's going to bring rain to lake tahoe. and i'm going to talk about that when i come back in just a bit for now, send it back to the desk. 11 year old girl found dead with signs of abuse how a bay area community is now rallying around that child's mother.
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in the dust. sawdust. technically. don't interrupt the spokesperson. this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. this commercial is now over. logo. of sexual assault and a recall effort now launched against him yesterday, residents rallied and held a vigil to sport windsor council member esther lima's now the six moment to accuse mayor dominic for poli
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of sexual assault. now the visual came as residents launched a recall campaign against the pulley over the weekend, saying that windsor has had enough this as the mayor's brother joined the growing course of community members, the county board of supervisors and other lawmakers. calling for resignation. i believe that our elected officials held to higher moral standards. for that reason, i feel that my brother dominic should step down as mayor of bones. joe fonzi holy also says his brother has agreed to step down as co owner of the family's winery. business mayor for poli denies the allegations against him, saying they're politically motivated and says he will not resign from office. the father and stepmother of an 11 year old girl from rodeo who died will be in court later this week. last night vigil was held to show support for the biological mother of a nahi a not ideas. the girl's father
4:28 pm
was given sole custody at the mother's side of the family says he wouldn't let them see her. the 11 year old was found dead in her father's home on march, 23rd and authorities say she had bruises and burns. it is not justice because she didn't deserve to die. she was young. she was she was just started out to live. the father and stepmother have three older children or other children who are now under the care of protective services. they are expected to be arraigned on wednesday. it is not just your imagination. traffic is back here in the bay area, but there are some differences coming up next. excuse me. we'll hear from a transportation official about how people are changing the ways that they get around. also should college students be required to get vaccinated? the big question administrators across the country are facing and considering right now.
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4:32 pm
say from pre pandemic levels, where, at least in the 80% it's a little bit uneven. public transit, for example, has not come back at really in any meaningful way, okay. are there certain parts of the bay area in which traffic is increasing? or is it pretty much region wide? so that's a really good question is it's what we've been anticipating is kind of starting has occurred on the east bay particular the east bay freeways interstate made 80 interstate 85 86 80. we're seeing a lot more traffic have returned, as opposed to highway one on one in the pencil it in san mateo county between san francisco. in san jose. however highway one, the one in the north in marin and snow. much traffic is back as well is highway one on one south of san jose. so it all makes sense. when you think about it, it's really about when the tech companies asked their employers employees to come back. we'll see the traffic jump in those
4:33 pm
places as well. yeah, okay, so you mentioned public transportation. what are we seeing there, randy? well we'll see what we expected. which is that people gonna come back the roadways first they're gonna come back to transit after that. i still think a lot of people are concerned about shared spaces. and for good reason. if you look at covid numbers from the country, so i do think has more vaccinations take places people feel more comfortable being and shared spaces, but until then, really? do you expect traffic to come back as employers as people to come back to work? we think the roadways will be impacted first and then public transit will build. after that. and what changes have you noticed? rainey before the pandemic in regards to travel. obviously, we just talked about mass transit. but what about out there on the roads? what changes have you noticed before and now are people also changing their driving patterns as well? you know, that's a really good question. i think the way the answer you're in our minds is that we're gonna
4:34 pm
come back to different if employers have their employees come back, let's say two or three days week instead of five. we're going to see a really big difference. we already noticed that friday's where people did in the back before covid had to work from home day traffic was significantly less so i think to a certain extent we're gonna all kind of watch this new, normal play out, and it's gonna be the way it's been. with last number of months that it's gonna it's gonna happen in slow motion. it's not gonna happen right away. i think if there is a right, uh some big thing that's gonna happen is when schools open. and we're gonna look at august in september and see if we see a really big change as a result of that, yeah, and obviously still so many things that need to open up for us to get toe the economy back on track as it was before the pandemic, which means you know more places for people to go. are you expecting randy that traffic here in the bay area will be worse once things fully reopened. then it
4:35 pm
was before the pandemic. look, i think on the roadways, the answer that question i feel is going to be yes again, particularly when schools open and people are are able to go back to work and their childcare situation is more stable. do you think we are concerned about the roadways? remember on the bridge that you see behind me? the bay bridge fully 60% of the traffic on that bridge was done through public transit and done through carpools and done through busses. and we just don't have the capacity if everyone just all sudden comes back to driving and parking in the city for their work, so i do think there is a big concern about what it's gonna look like. and our view is that the roadways are gonna fill up first, and it could be significant. before public transit is able to relieve that pressure. all right, randy rensselaer really appreciated. i'm noticed it as i've been driving out there a lot more company on the rose. we'll see if this effect
4:36 pm
continues. nice to see you. thanks again for coming on the show. thank you for having us. president biden is expected or has nominated former richmond police chief chris magnus to lead the u. s customs and border protection agency right now. magnus is the chief of police in tucson if confirmed by the senate, magnus will be tasked with handling a record number of border crossings that are projected to increase in the coming months. the white house says. magnus has developed a reputation as a progressive police leader who focuses on relationship building between the police and community promoting reform and insisting on police. it's accountability. magnus received national attention when a photograph of him in uniforms holding a black lives matter. sign went went viral during a protest in richmond. madonna and fizer are now putting shots in arms for a third time as boxes jonathan serrie tells us this afternoon. the companies are beginning human testing for covid vaccine booster shots
4:37 pm
targeting those do strains. more than 230 million covid vaccine doses have been distributed and 46% of all adults in the u. s have now gotten there first shot, but states are still racing to cover as many people as possible as a new spike intensifies. the daily average of new cases is now close to 70,003 increase from last week and hospitalizations her up more than 6% prompting health officials to recommend pulling back on reopening plans. we know that the vaccine will have a delayed response. the answer to that is to really close things down. a big driver of the new surge. covid-19 variants, including one from the uk that has become the dominant strain in the us, some americans are now getting a vaccine shot for a third time as both visor and moderna start clinical trials for booster doses. targeting those new strains. we have this new
4:38 pm
strain coming out of south africa and in england, so i just decided why not? the trials come is vaccine access expands across the country, the white house says. by next week, all adults will be eligible and more states are allowing teenagers to get vaccinated as well, including illinois, where anyone 16 or older can sign up. starting today, they figured that poem to the older people, that's the problem. and the minimum age could be getting even lower. fizer is asking the fda for permission to start vaccinating 12 to 15 year olds in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. at colleges across the country administrators right now we're trying to decide how far they should go in urging students to get covid-19 vaccines there weighing whether to make vaccinations a requirement. come this fall. some universities, including rutgers, brown cornell in northeastern have already said students will have to get vaccinated before
4:39 pm
returning to campus. i think everyone should always have a choice, but i think to keep in mind that we protect each other, i think would be in everyone's best interest to get the vaccine, college officials say they want to protect students health, but some school say they cannot legally require the vaccines because they do not have full federal approval. coming up here on the floor. it's been in a specially dry winter. the recent discovery by fire science researchers that they've never seen before, and that has those researchers. very word. and keeping an eye on the weather. we do have a system that's going to bring some rain to lake tahoe and wind our way. i'll tell you all about it coming up. plus guessing who's underneath the mask is just part of the fun play the fox super six masked singer sweepstakes and you could win your share off $250,000 that's being given
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make breakfast better with cheddar. my new cheddar biscuit breakfast sandwiches. with cheese baked right into the biscuit, hickory-smoked bacon or grilled sausage, and a freshly-cracked egg. try'em today. only at jack in the box. firefighters are preparing for what could be a dangerous wildfire season here in california, as ktvu greg legans explains, crews are worried the fire season might arrive earlier than usual. firefighters throughout california spent much of 2020 extinguishing the more than 4.2 million acres of wild land that was scorched in a record breaking season. now, with drought conditions throughout the state, and no significant rainfall being forecasts, firefighters have been forced to begin preparations early for the coming fire season. we are
4:43 pm
ahead of schedule compared to years in the past and our fuels are starting to dry out faster than last year. fire scientists have been measuring the amount of moisture in fuels and the fire lab at san jose state recently tweeted measurements taken in the south bay at record lows, calling the 2021 fire out look grim. cal fire is hiring 1400 more hand crews this season to help with firefighting and mitigation and chopper pilots will be staffed sooner than normal. here today. cal fire says there have already been roughly 300 more fires than last year and about 500 more than the five year average. i would say that ah, large contributing factor to that is the fact that we are. further along, um in the progression of the fuel is drying out in some areas like the morago orender fire district, where danger is currently low. firefighters air using the law to focus on prevention with mitigation efforts that have been underway
4:44 pm
for months. firefighters have been removing fuels with pile burning, controlled burns and getting rid of old growth in trees. and the idea there ist is to not allow the fire to have ah, ladder if you will. up into the canopy is where we really can't put it out in a wildfire scenario. some firefighters refer to the drawing out of grasses as curing a condition when grass is our right to burn in some areas that time has already arrived while in other places like morocco, aranda, it's close enough. that work may soon turned from preventing to fighting fire season is just around the corner, and we know based on what happened last year, that it znachko toby unease, e one caliph irs says something everyone can and should do is visit their wildfire preparation. website it is full of information. many people will likely need given what is expected this fire season we will have a link to it at ktvu .com. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. something of
4:45 pm
course. you know, we all have on our mind. especially since we're in a situation where we haven't had rain since march, 18th. we were hoping to get a little in april, but so far it is just not showing up. not coming together, unfortunately, but let's talk about i suppose the upside of that which is that we have had another day of some beautiful sunshine out there a little bit of a cloud cover happening at the coast and you could see, you know, just a little bit hanging over san francisco. some of those high clouds that have been trucking through so that means. is that out of the coast? you know, we're still little cool. happen bay about 54 degrees san francisco about 59, but oh, man, look at what's happening. and brentwood and fairfield in concord, where the eighties right now 74 in santa rosa and about 71 in san jose. so ah, look, it's trump doctor. two shows you would you have some those high clouds that are rolling across that the majority of them are on lee kind of being seen right now by those of you on the peninsula and points south. everyone else. you know you're seeing more sunshine right now, as we zoom out, though, you see where our high pressure is. that's what still keeping us alive. it's sunny and then you look to the north and the east and you see
4:46 pm
a low pressure system that's actually going to start splitting off from that bigger system you see over in minneapolis and that is going to bring a little bit of rain towards like tahoe. i wish it was going to come all the way over to us. that's just not going to be the case, but it will affect our weather in the sense that it will not those temperatures down a few degrees, and also it's going to bring a little bit of wind our way for our tuesdays. that's sierra system again. i mentioned it is going to cool down temperatures, so a place like fairfield that's sitting in the eighties right now will be in the low seventy's tomorrow. looking out for about 61 in san francisco at about 67 in san jose, so around the baby will see sixties inland low seventies instead of upper seventies and eighties. so let me track this where you just show you how this comes together. we're gonna take it on through to tomorrow at noon. you see again we're basking in the sunshine tomorrow should be very similar to today. although as i mentioned a little cooler, and then here comes that system wednesday morning, bringing some rain to tahoe. and that's when we're going to start to see our temperatures pull back even further. it's a quick system. it's out of there, you know, by the time we get
4:47 pm
through 24 hours, and here's what the wind is going to do, so we're already seeing it started pick up a little bit this afternoon as we get into this evening, you see in fairfield. they're starting to see that ramp up. now we get into tuesday along the coast and then also inland, especially in our areas that are up in elevation. some of our hills and ppe. livermore, 27 mph half moon bay 31 mph. it doesn't look like we're gonna have any advisories with this, but we're looking at that 25 to 30 mph range. there's tuesday at eight o'clock and you could see the wind still very strong before it ramps down on wednesday now how much rain is totally going to get well that half in angela but left it looks like they're the bottles are trying to throw a few sprinkles are way i am not expecting that to hold at all. so here is our extended forecast tomorrow. little cooler, a little windy, still breezy on our wednesday as those temperatures continue to cool down through thursday, then we start to get a ridge building back up again. and that takes us into the weekend temperature start pumping up by the time you get to saturday, we're talking upper seventies inland, low seventies around
4:48 pm
the base 61 of the coast. but look what happens on sunday. we're going up even further, so we're staying dry, and unfortunately, i don't see any that breaking down anytime soon. i think it's going be holding for a least the next 10 days. so april is not exactly helping us out, but we'll see how we wind things up. we get to the end of the month. heather back to you, okay. thanks so much, kyle. appreciate it. both prince william and prince harry have now each made their first public comments about the death of their grandfather, prince philip, in a statement released through the palace, williams said, quote my grandfather was an extraordinary man and part of an extraordinary generation. catherine and i will continue to do what we would want. he would have wanted and will support the queen in the years ahead. in a separate statement on his independent art well, website, harry said he was my grandfather, master of the barbecue legend of banter and cheeky right till the end. megan archie and i, as well as your future great granddaughter
4:49 pm
will always hold a special place for you in our hearts. the duke of edinburgh's funeral is scheduled for saturday afternoon at st george's chapel there in windsor. hundreds gathered outside of windsor castle over the weekend to the cards and flowers. his funeral will be limited to just 30 people to remain in line with covid-19 guidelines there in britain. forced to pay without being able to fully reopen coming up here today on the four why some pay area restaurants are now suing. the state and local counties and coming up with five after a particularly violent weekend in oakland, the police chief is asking for help what he says he needs more of to address an increase in violent crime there. also we'll have much more on the plan by sales force to reopen to employees coming up tonight at five. it isn't fear of being back at the office, but something else that has some questioning if they really want to return, we'll be right back. incl. law accusing te
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
and the counties in which they operate of illegally collecting permit and licensing fees. walk coronavirus restrictions, forced them to close or operate at reduced capacities. the lawsuit seek refunds for liquor licenses and help permit fees assessed during the pandemic. restaurant owners say state and local governments have been unjustly enriched by illegally collecting those fees as their business has struggled to stay afloat. under covid-19 restrictions. the lawsuits have been filed. differently in each county. a c transit is restoring some supplemental east bay bus lines as many school district's returned to students to classes next monday. supplementary bus lines are identified as 600 syria's busses. they were temporarily suspended last spring and response to covid-19 shelter in place orders. supplement area. supplementary bus lines will go
4:53 pm
to campuses in newark and oakland and additional busses are also being added to serve the west contra costa county unified school district. even with more bus lines going to school. acey transit says it's operating at roughly 70% of pre pandemic levels. writers must continue to wear masks and maintain six ft. apart on board a c transit passes. it is a big week for fans of disney land. starting today, guests who already have tickets can now preserve their spots at the park while everyone else will be able to get tickets beginning thursday, a single day adult ticket rangers and price for 104 to $154. and it said it, clara, california is great. america is now set to reopen on may 22nd. the theme park will reopen with limited capacity so that people can maintain social distance from each other. under state health guidelines it can open at 25% capacity, while santa clara county is in the orange tear guests will also be required to
4:54 pm
wear masks and their temperatures will be checked when they enter great america says reservations will be required through its website. still ahead for us today on the four bridges and roads in poor condition the great california condition the great california received on its infrastructure ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
can you be free of hair breakage worries? we invited mahault to see for herself that new dove breakage remedy gives damaged hair the strength it needs. even with repeated combing hair treated with dove shows 97% less breakage. strong hair with new dove breakage remedy. trillion infrastructure proposal as he met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the oval office. as fox is ray bogan tells us they discussed infrastructure and what, if anything, they can agree on. we got the dean here, president biden and a group of bipartisan lawmakers, men in the white house to discuss the $2.3 trillion infrastructure package. i'm prepared to negotiate. the gathering of lawmakers came after a meeting
4:57 pm
with ceos from around the world to talk about how they can increase domestic semiconductor production and secure the supply chain. a shortage could impact car production, internet and cellular services. china and the rest of the world is not waiting. and there's no reason why americans should wait. the body administration released a new report detail in the infrastructure needs of every state, including roads and bridges, public transportation, drinking water and housing, among others. they also shared each state's grade from the infrastructure report card. delaware. got a d most gotta see you don't need an engineering report to know the driving on american roads. they're not the way they should be that our bridges need work. we've got thousands upon thousands that are in poor condition or even structurally deficient. during his interview on fox news sunday, secretary buttigieg's was forced to defend some of the administration speaking points about the infrastructure package that air out of context. republicans say the white house is rhetoric about the package
4:58 pm
has been a turn off. we've got a lot of questions. the door's open is heavy, but the door's open. but the president and his team need to stop the spear. democrats say the infrastructure package could add about 2.7 million jobs, but republicans say it could eliminate at least one million jobs break bogan fox news. and president biden's american jobs plan gives california's infrastructure a c minus grade on its infrastructure report card. it says a lot of work needs to be done on our infrastructure here. the plan says there are over 1500 bridges and over 14,000 miles of highway in poor condition across california. the american jobs plan would spend $600 billion on the nation's transportation infrastructure. $85 billion would be allocated to modernize public transit. among other things, the report card also says california's drinking water infrastructure requires $51 billion in additional funding. ktvu fox
4:59 pm
two news at five starts. now it's the kind of energy that you only see on the first day of school. april 12th is an unusual day to head back to school. but that's exactly what some students in san francisco and san leandro finally got to do. today san francisco started with their youngest students, more students will get to join them in the weeks ahead, get even everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener, but there is still no plan to bring back middle and high school stewed since this school year, students in san francisco and san leandro are heading back to class on the same day, but the school district's are reopening in very different ways. our rob roth joins us now live to explain those differences, rob you, julie san francisco is reopening to some great levels while sandal andrew is reopening all grade levels. it just goes to show that when it comes to bring students back, there really is no one size
5:00 pm
fits all approach at bret harte elementary school in san francisco monday morning, a sight no one has seen here and more than a year students coming to school being part of a classroom again. at least one first grader apparently lost him sleep in anticipation, little garage because he's been up all night, but he had the justice hours definitely different where we're used to doing this in august two, notes april. it's the first day of school is the first day of school on whenever it happens. we still we still sort of feel those jitters. this is one of 22 public elementary schools and a live in early education sites reopening monday as the schools of staggered dates for resuming in person instruction through april, students still have the option of remote learning, but it's all but certain middle and high school students will have to wait until fall to return, with the exception of special and homeless in foster care students. we are still looking at the possibility of. possibly getting a great level back, so we're still looking at that, but for most


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