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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 12, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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information we're learning about the investigation, and the tense protests following his death in a region already on edge. plus it was a big day for some of the younger students in san francisco. how mayor london breed welcome students back to the classroom today. and when some of the older grades will be able to return, then getting millions of uninsured californians health coverage. special enrollment period. many people can take advantage of through our state's covered california program. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox. two news that new good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach health officials in alameda and contra costa counties are now in charge and running the mass vaccination site out at the oakland coliseum. fema had been running it for several weeks with vaccines being supplied by the federal government. i don't want to just 16 and older who lives in contra costa county could now schedule of vaccine shot there that site up until
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now. fema was on lee, allowing people from contra costa county 8 50 or older to get vaccinated at the call. see em. alameda county has also expanded vaccine eligibility to include anyone 16 and up. county health officials quietly expanded vaccine eligibility with no official announcement. the county website, though now, says people who live in alameda county, 16 and older can book appointments through the states. my turn system. the first day of school is now underway for many of san francisco's youngest public school students after more than a year of distance learning only let's bring in ktvu christian captain, a christian. we're talking about students in more than two dozen elementary schools in san francisco. unified yeah, that's exactly right. gasia mikaelian set more than two dozen elementary schools are now back in class as we speak with more schools set to join them in the weeks to come. third seed in front of bread heart elementary school in san francisco was a hive of activity as students prepared
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to go back to the classroom for the first time in more than a year and water. dela cruz says his first grader had those first day jitters e little graduate because he's been up all night, but he had the justice hours, san francisco superintendent dr vincent matthews, who is now delayed, his retirement helped get kids back to in person. instruction was on hand as well. well coming back students. what we want to do is bring everybody back safe. we want students back. we believe that this is how we do education best in person, but we want to do it safely in person. some schools will be going back to a hybrid model. others will be going back to a full five days of in person instruction with a distance learning options still in place for some students for those returning students, the classrooms will look a little different than they may remember. there will be fewer students per classroom. the teacher will be educating from behind a see through parts. titian and lunch will be held in the classroom or on the school yard. not in the
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cafeteria. the reopening follows months of negotiations with educators, unions and pressure from city leaders, including a lawsuit filed by the city attorney's office. mayor london breed who pushed hard for students to return to in person instruction was on hand as well to welcome students thinking it took a lot of work and it took a lot of, you know, honestly, people putting aside the drama and their differences and doing what's in the best. interests of the children, and that's what we're seeing here today. it's just the beginning. parents say they're hoping the students enjoy their first day back in class. excited it would be a very exciting to see how he does like catch back up. get back on this program, but he's a good lay left school, so i think he's gonna just pretty good. and morrell, um entry schools are set to open over the next month, the district hopes to have 107 elementary schools for some. 22,000 students open for some kind of in person instruction by the end of the month. the district
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is also planning on bringing back some middle and high schoolers with special needs. but the majority of those older students will not be returning to in person instruction until august of this year or next school here reporting live christien kafton ktvu. fox two news. a lot of good talks around the dinner table tonight for those young students and their families. christian captain. thank you. let's run across the bay. now we're in san leandro, some students. they were also having their first day back in the classroom after more than a year of distance learning only students in all grades and stanley had to return to the classroom for preschool through high school there on a hybrid schedule now for the rest of the school year, a mixture of in person and remote learning school district has made changes to classrooms to allow children to return safely. for example, there are only 12 students per class now, and the desks are placed six ft apart. we're so happy to see our students. we've missed them so much. our district has done an amazing job at kind of really communicating out our goals. and so we were really
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purposeful to not open and then close and then open. so we're really ready to go and have kids back at school, and we feel like we can have him back safely. the school district is also giving san leandro students the option of continuing online classes full time. a special enrollment period is now open for millions of californians looking to sign up for low cost health care. ktvu is james torres explains the new federal subsidies that could save you hundreds of dollars. the sooner they are, the sooner they say this webinar from covered california explains how millions of people in the state can save on their health care payments money supported by the recently signed american rescue plan, we're not waiting so far. april through june were treated as if it's one of our mega open enrollment period because this is big for california, according to executive director peter lee $3 billion will go to
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three groups. those without insurance can access low cost rates people with their own private insurance provider can receive financial health through subsidies as well as access cheaper rates. these two groups account for about a million people in the state keep their exact same carrier. keep their exact same benefit design, but get hundreds of dollars toe lower their monthly premium. the last group includes people who are already enrolled in covered california, they will receive even more subsidies and price cuts. lee demonstrated an example speaking on a family of four in oakland, earning about $78,000 a year out of pocket they pay about $2000 a month for health care what happens with the american rescue plan? goes down to $383 a month. li brought in other speakers who say they're looking forward to what they may save like this retired firefighter from stockton new to the program. well it's gonna mean $1000 a month and savings for me and this father who says
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he'll now save $200 a month despite having been enrolled with covered california. for nearly six years. oh yeah, happy to be receiving subsidies from to it. help me paper. my falcon trance pinion. but i'd be even happier to get more subsidies from the american rescue plan. those already enrolled in covered. california will not have to change a thing. lee says. their savings will automatically be applied for those who are not enrolled. they will have to apply as soon as possible. enrollment is open as of today, and will last until the end of the year. if you enroll by april, 30th, you could get your savings as early as may 1st i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. and now to new information in the shooting of a young african american man by police officers in minnesota. investigators now say the officer intended to use a taser instead of his gun and body
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camera video, the officer can be heard yelling taser shooting is sparking protests in the minneapolis suburb. the minnesota twins postpone the game today against the boston red sox, citing safety concerns. as reporter cj papa reports. the incident happened just miles from the courtroom where derek showman's murder trial is unfolding. protests erupting in a minneapolis suburb following sunday's deadly shooting of 20 rolled dante, right by a police officer, writes mother recalling the last time she spoke with her son. he called me at about 1 40 that he was getting pulled over by the police. and i said, well, why did you get pulled over? he's got yet they pulled him out. because he had a refreshment is hanging from the rudra mirror. officers say right was wanted for an outstanding warrant. police tried taking him into custody during a traffic stop in brooklyn center, but right got back into his car. that's when police say an officer fired his gun right, drove several blocks before he crashed into another vehicle
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and was declared dead at the scene. medical resource is were then deploy to the scene to aid the. people in both the vehicle that was crashed into and the original group protesters gathered sunday evening and march toward the police department. authorities say rocks and other objects were thrown it officers about 20 businesses were also damaged at a local mall, the minnesota department of public safety says national guard members were activated. there were reports of crowds. 100 to 200 that were marching toward the brooklyn center police department as we understand it sunday shooting comes as minneapolis remains on edge from the trial of derrick show vin, the former minneapolis police officer charged with killing george floyd. that trial continues today with his third week of testimony. authorities say brooklyn center officers have body worn cameras. they also believe dash cameras were activated during sunday's shooting. c j. poppa fox news.
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had the judge in the george floyd murder trial refused a defense request to sequester the jury. the attorney for former minneapolis police officer derrick show, even argued that jurors could be influenced by the recent police shooting there in the minneapolis suburb. also today in the courtroom, the jury heard from a cardiologists who testified that he believes floyd's death was preventable and caused by low oxygen levels. after reviewing all of the facts in evidence of the case. i can state with a high degree of medical certainty that george boy did not die from a primary cardiac event, and he did not die from a drug overdose. sheldon's attorney has argued that floyd's dad was caused by drug use and underlying health conditions. he is expected to call his own medical experts after the prosecution wraps its case sometime, possibly later this week. you can watch the testimony live every day in court when it is in session, the trial is streaming right now. ktvu dot com and on the
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ktvu news at still to come at noon. more allegations of sexual assault against the mayor of windsor will have the latest on calls for him to resign, including one from his own family member, plus negotiations on president biden's infrastructure spending package. continue will take a much closer look at the planet. what it might include it's another gorgeous tail across the bay. even warmer weather is on the way. ktvu meteorologist kyla grogan has your full forecast. she's up next. sir. alf
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windsor. six women have now accused dominic for poli of sexual assault. the town council, the sonoma county board of supervisors, and to north bay congressmen are all calling for the mayor to step down. ktvu sonoma. goss reports. even the mayor's own brother says he should resign. yester hazar hazar sunday evening at the windsor town, green residents held a vigil to support town council member esther lima's after she came forward as the sixth woman to accuse mayor dominic for poli of sexual assault. the women alleged they were drugged by for poli and raped. she was drugged. there were two separate occasions. for poli not only denies this, he says. lima's who also serves as sonoma county deputy district
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attorney assaulted him. those claims are unconfirmed. it is a classic misdirection. it is. let's shame the victim in some way. let's embarrass her. let's call her the abuser when it's just absolutely without merit. earlier sunday, windsor residents gathered outside christopher creek winery before poli family business and healdsburg calling for dominic for police to step down as mayor. joe fonzi holy, the mayor's brother said he'd already asked for dominic for police resignation as co owner of the winery, which the family has owned since 2000 and 12 used will not be one of the owners, he is no longer an employee of crystal creek. i asked him to step down. yes, and agreed, but the mayor, in a statement sent to ktvu did not agree to resign from public office. his brother thinks he should. while i won't comment, on going investigations at the time, are you i believe that our elected officials held to higher moral stand. it's for that reason i feel that my brother dominic should step
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down as mayor of windsor. let's sonoma county d. a this weekend reached out to the california attorney general to discuss the conflict of interest for the da's office to proceed with investigating for poli for sexual assault now that their allegations involving lima's list sonoma county sheriff's office is also handling a separate criminal investigation into for poli. and my god, ktvu fox two news. ah, former mayor of sebastian pool has been arrested on suspicion of sexual crimes against minors. robert jacob was arrested saturday and his home and is currently being held without bail at the sonoma county jail. investigators say the alleged assault occurred between december of 2019 up until just last month. the 44 year old is booked on five felony charges. and a misdemeanor, alright, this noontime, but we haven't been outside yet today. kyla grogan is here to usher us out the door and take advantage of this gorgeous weather. kyla yeah, no doubt about it. we are having yet another one of those fantastic days in the bay where
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we just got a whole lot of sunshine out there, and temperatures are said to be well above average yet again, so we, of course, are looking out for some rain. that is not really the forecast. but let's talk about what we've got, and that is the sunshine. let's get to it. take a live look outside. you're looking at the open. estuary right now. now there are some clouds out there and they are along the coastline. so certainly you can see a little bit of a hazy look to san francisco in the distance there. san francisco now at 54 degrees to one of the cooler spots on the map because of that cloud cover, but 62 in santa rosa, where there's lots of sunshine, oakland about 59 already 70 and livermore and 64 right now in san jose. so taking a look at stormtrooper, too. you can see where those clouds are again. they are just hugging the coast there and that is about it. but you know, as we go throughout the day today, they should get a little bit of a break there as well. all right, so let's take a look at what's happening with the wind up in our peaks. it was getting a little bit higher as we headed through the morning, but now you can see things have ramp down and down at the surface for relatively calm the highest number here at sfo.
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about 15 mph and as we head to the north vacancy things very, very calm there as well. but that will change as we get into our tuesday and wednesday, but let's talk about today. first it is a beautiful one at the coast. expecting about 60 degrees about 69 some low seventies around the bay, and we could even see an 80 degree, even above it slightly as we head inland. most will be upper seventies, but we'll have a few spots that will make it up to that 80 degree mark. so where are we compared to average? well, if you're in the north bay 10 degrees above average today, just about where he should be in san francisco in those mid 60 69 in oakland today, that takes you about three degrees above average. livermore also running 67 degrees above average, and you could see the same and san jose where we'll see some mid seventies. so that's just all to say that. you know, we really shouldn't quite be here yet temperature wise, but here we are. let's take a look at future cast. we don't have anything terribly exciting for us here in the bay. you could see there's monday evening. i'm gonna take you through to tuesday and that's tuesday morning again. beautiful sunshine, but take your eye over to lake tahoe. that is overnight tuesday into
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wednesday. that's about one a.m. noticed. they do have some rain coming in. that's a low pressure system that's going to be to their north and east that's going to drop in, and that will bring some much needed rain their way now. unfortunately, doesn't bring any rain our way. but it does bring us a little wind. i know. thanks. we'll take that will take the wind. i guess that's we're going to get so let me show you the wind forecast here. nothing that's going to be advisory level. but notice we're going to start ramping up a little bit. so there's tuesday morning and you see it along the coast and then also will see it. it's some of our spots of elevation in the east bay. you can see they're in concord and livermore's showing up and it sticks with us throughout the day on tuesday, so there you see when you know what half moon bay 26 mph understand. rosa 20 two mph conquered 29, mph and fairfield that 30 mph mark that does start to ramp down as we get into wednesday, but it's going to be breezy for us so warm and nice today, tomorrow more of the same, but we'll start to see that wind kick in later in the afternoon in particular, wednesday will still be breezy,
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noticed those temperatures ramp down that system that brings us the wind also cools us down a touch. then let's head towards next weekend and look where we go. we're rolling right back up, and i mean up as we get into saturday and sunday, you could see inland communities again. looking out for some low eighties. what you don't see is any rain in the forecast, so unfortunately, we are just having a very dry april. so far, last storm was. march. 18th would you believe so? unfortunately guys, i don't have any room to talk about a lot of sunshine as we move closer to mid april, right, kyla, thank you for that still to come here at noon tribute honoring prince philip continue to filter in from across the world. what we're now learning about funeral plans scheduled for
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mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated. home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on my family too and be secure in knowing that she's happily looked after. he could keep doing his vegetable garden, and get really good, specialized care. and i could just be her daughter again.
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this was at the scene 51st and telegraph videos posted to citizen absolutely large crowd gathered to watch the drivers. some people actually set off fireworks here in recent months, the oakland police department announced plans to crack down on these side shows so far. police have not announced any arrest from last night. oakland city leaders receiving some backlash for their attempts to limit large crowds gathering in lake merritt. now critics say they're concerned about an increase in police presence there with lake but as ktvu is candese charles reports, there is a proposal to replace officers with community ambassadors. lake merritt has
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been a cultural mecca in the bay area for decades, but increased crowds during the covid-19 pandemic has caused the city to make a change. just that the pope the weight. of law enforcement and the fear of black and brown people and people relieving and the cops were being rude to people at the beginning of april, the city put additional safety measures, including heightened police presence in place to address the impact of large crowds on the lake. the city is also cracking down on parking newest and vendors who are no longer permitted on the lake last year, you know around this time because of pandemic i was actually homeless, you know, but now i'm out here, you know, and i'm i'm lucrative disappear. cell is healing stones on the lake and says many vendors depend on the lake to the feed their families and says, like married, has always held a crowd like me, probably since the 90 says the eighties, you know, my parents came out to the lake. it was doing her thing. you know, it was. it was way more packed in this since the pandemic, but things have really gotten crazy and gotten
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out of hand. let's to edgar has lived on the lake for nine years, says she has always welcome the lake merritt culture up until recently, anger says she believes the city didn't take action during the pandemic because of the social issues in the community and feared appearing bys. what that did was create what people are calling the no popo zone. but anti police dare project called founder cat, brooks says, adding police presence the lake is a problem as seen in 2018 when a white woman called the police a black family for barbecuing. okay, well, this is exactly what's the problem with oakland today, so it's been this this two year battle. and what i would say to people who feel like the only answer is police is how are you going to feel? when someone ends up debt, brooke says. there's a number of things i could have been done instead, like, including community ambassadors or hiring people to pick up trash. the city needs to make it very clear to opd that there is a zero tolerance policy for harassment. brooke says she's
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working the council member nikki bus to address the concerns about the police presence on lake married and to help out street vendors, she says. if you ever feel harassed by police on lake merritt, you could reach out. to the anti police terror project for now, i'm candese charles reporting for ktvu, fox two news. both prince william and prince harry have now made their first public comments about the death of their grandfather, prince philip, in a statement released with the palace, prince william said quote my grandfather was an extraordinary man and part of an extraordinary generation. katherine i will continue to do what he would have wanted and will support the queen in the years ahead. in a state separate statement on his independent arch well, website, prince harry said quote he was my grandpa, master of the barbecue legend of banter and cheeky right till the end. megan archie and i, as well as your future great granddaughter will always hold a special place for you in our hearts. meanwhile the duke of and morose funeral is scheduled for
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saturday afternoon at st george's chapel, windsor. hundreds gathered outside of windsor castle over the weekend, leaving cards and flowers. his funeral. we were limited to just 30. people to remain in line with covid-19 guidelines in britain still to come in new more companies starting to reveal their plans for reopening their buildings. what we're learning about salesforce's requirements and when employees could office. tooe
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company announced the salesforce tower will reopen two employees next month. offices in palo alto in irvine will reopen at the same time vaccinated employees will be able to volunteer to join groups of up to 100. people at work and other offices will open in the coming months. salesforce's also extending its work from home option to all employees through the end of this year. covid-19 vaccination rachel steadily increasing across the country, but new numbers show that hospitalizations are rising as well as our covid cases themselves. jonathan syria reports on the case rates and a possible supply problem with one of the covid vaccines. 120 million americans have now gotten at least one covid vaccine shot, but we could soon
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be seeing a new supply problem. johnson and johnson expected to ship only 700,000 doses to the states this week, down from 4.9 million the week before, as they await regulatory approval to restart their manufacturing plant in baltimore. it's really a race between the vaccine rollout and the virus, and i think we're doing ah, good job because we we've actually been so many of our high risk individuals. what is the vaccine program expands were also on the verge of 1/4 wave of the virus. the u. s is now averaging almost 70,000 new cases every day and more than 5000 hospitalizations. most doctors say it's due to a combination of fast spreading new strains and relaxed social distancing. we anticipate seeing cases as people come back together. and uh, i was. you know, we've got schools returning. we've got people going back to extracurricular activities. meanwhile the biden administration is increasing pressure on china to release
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more data about the origins of the virus, claiming the chinese government could have stopped the outbreak but failed to warn health officials in other countries. china knows that in the early stages of covid, it didn't do what it needed to do was in real time to, uh, provide real transparency. secretary of state blinken also call. like for a new, more thorough investigation into how the outbreak started in atlanta. jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news. former richmond police chief is reportedly being tapped by president biden to lead the u. s customs and border protection agency. chris magnus is currently the police chief of two son a now hours driver. so from the mexico border, he was praised by some during his time in richmond for connecting police with the community. his nomination will require senate approval. resident binding his meeting with a group of congressional leaders from both parties this afternoon. the group is scheduled to discuss the president's $2.3 trillion plan
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to rebuild the nation's infrastructure. lauren blanchard is in washington with the story. monday afternoon, president biden meeting with a small, bipartisan group of lawmakers as he and the administration continue to push the american jobs plan. we don't have a lot of work to do to persuade the american people that u s infrastructure needs major improvement, they'll show lawmakers a state infrastructure report detail ng the extent of crumbling roads, outdated schools and lack of internet across the country. the administration wants a $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill. a compromise is inevitable. what he will not accept his inaction. senate republicans argue only 5% of the bill goes to traditional infrastructure needs. instead there is money for charging stations for vehicles and what they say are liberal projects that would need to actually focus on infrastructure. not on so many of the additional green new deal spending priorities. the administration is also accused of misguiding the public on the number of jobs it would create, they said. 19 million. mr
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president. no offense, but stop the night agra of lives and tell your staff to stop it. it's embarrassing, according to a report by moody's analytics, the number is closer to 2.7 million. i should be very precise. the difference in jobs that that particular analysis suggests is 2.7 million more. that is a great place to be. republicans also argue the plan will kill one million jobs, and her business is with a higher corporate. tax rate. president biden said he is open to negotiations on what the rate should be in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. students at city college of san francisco are speaking. out against cutbacks. demonstrators held a march and rally yesterday afternoon trying to save you csf from what they call unnecessary downsizing. they're hoping to draw attention to the school's plan
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to cut classes and staffing. the students say that money from covid relief funds should be used to maintain classes and programs. way have in protest thing. time and time and time again, way go to do probably common way. talk to supervisors. we meet with the trustees way, go to the public comment meanings and we always say the same thing. we don't want cuts. we want our college to be fully funded, and they never listen. organizers wanted to send a message to the board of trustees and the larger san francisco community about what's happening there at city college. a new report shows that the majority of people moving out of san francisco we're living in neighborhoods that were very densely packed. the san francisco chronicle analyzed data from the u. s post office and found the 941 oh eight zip code, which includes parts of downtown chinatown and knob hill. so a 620% jump in the number of people moving out of the area. between march and november of last year. the report also
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found that the busy financial district saw 10 times more people moving out compared to the year before. we'll protest in hate crimes against asian americans are now using bay area landmarks to spread their message yesterday in the south bay, a rally and march started at the mountain view transit center during world war two. it was a processing point for the internment of japanese americans and then martyrs went right past the former meeting place of the mountain view and. dyke chinese club, which helped pass the chinese exclusion act, among other things, the march ended at city hall plaza to honor paco, a member of the asian community who was killed last year in oakland's chinatown. activist in plaster villa, demanding that the city removed the image of a noose from the city's logo, the seal of the city shows a noose tied to a tree depicting public hangings during the gold rush blaster ville became known as hang town before the name was changed. protesters save removing the news it need to happen now. the plaster bill city council is scheduled to
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debate changing the citi logo tomorrow. 2021 has been a very dry season so far with very little rain. now, firefighters say they're preparing for what could be an extremely dangerous wildfire season is ktvu greg liggins explains. crews say they're worried that the usual fire season could arrive sooner than usual. firefighters throughout california spent much of 2020 extinguishing the more than 4.2 million acres of wild land that was scorched in a record breaking season. now, with drought conditions throughout the state, and no significant rainfall being forecasts, firefighters have been forced to begin preparations early for the coming fire season. we are ahead of schedule compared to years in the past, and our fuels are starting to dry out faster than last year, fire scientists have been measuring the amount of moisture in fuels and the fire lab at san jose state recently tweeted measurements taken in the south bayat record lows, calling the
12:38 pm
2021 fire out look grim. now fire is hiring 1400 more hand crews this season to help with firefighting and mitigation and chopper pilots will be staffed sooner than normal year today. cal fire says there have already been roughly 300 more fires than last year and about 500 more than the five year average. i would say that. ah large contributing factor to that is the fact that we are further along in the progression of the fuel is drying out in some areas like the morago orender fire district, where danger is currently low. firefighters air using the law to focus on prevention with mitigation efforts that have been underway for months. firefighters have been removing fuels with pile burning, controlled burns and getting rid of old growth in trees. and the idea there ist is to not now the fire to have ah, ladder if you will up into the canopy is where we really can't put it out in a wildfire scenario. some firefighters
12:39 pm
refer to the drawing out of grasses as a curing a condition when grass is our right to burn in some areas that time has already arrived, while in other places like morocco, renda, it's close enough. that work may soon turned from preventing to fighting fire seasons just around the corner, and we know based on what happened last year that it znachko toby unease e one calif. i says something everyone can and should do is visit their wildfire preparation website. it is full of information, many people will likely need given what is expected this fire season we will have a link to it at ktvu .com. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. the city of san pablo is getting a new fire station to replace one damaged in the loma prieta earthquake. the new state of the art fire station, 70. we put into service by the contra costa county fire protection district. there's a grand opening ceremony tomorrow. nation. 70 also has an honorary name. the mat burton and scott desmond memorial fire station.
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there's two firefighters were killed in a house fire 14 years ago. a growing number of americans are booking flights again as more vaccines do become available numbers released from t s a show nearly three million people pass through us airport security checkpoints on saturday and sunday. that is a big jump from the figure just a year ago during the early days of the pandemic, but it's still far. below the pre pandemic levels. ah four month runway improvement project set to get underway at san francisco international later this month and could cause some delays this coming summer. the project was originally scheduled for next year but has been moved up to take advantage of reduced flight schedules runway to wait the longest runway there at san francisco international. it will be closed for april 26 until september, while the improvement work is done, airport officials say they do expect some delays during the project, especially on flight scheduled between five and eight at night. so could come at noon. volcanic ash covers a caribbean island after a volcano erupt over the weekend by the danger isn't over yet
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for people living there, here in the bay area, sadly, no rain today but my goodness, take a look at san francisco glittering in this noon day sun, even warmer weather is on the way. ktvu meteorologist, kyla grogan has your full kyla grogan has your full forecast does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty. it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot?
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yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d week. last night vigil was held to show support for the biological mother of an ideas. the girl's father was given
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sole custody and the mother's side of the family says he wouldn't let them see her. the 11 year old was found dead in her father's home on march, 23rd. authorities say she had bruises and burns. it is not justice because she didn't deserve to die. she was young. she was she was just started out to live. father and stepmother at three other children who are now under the care of protective services. they are expected to be arraigned on wednesday. police a two year old girls among the four people who were wounded in a shooting in seattle. this happened yesterday afternoon at a strip mall in the city's central district. at last check that tom there was listed in critical condition. the three men who were wounded are expected to survive. police are still looking for the gunman, and it's still not clear what led up to the gunfire. police are asking for the public's help in the search for armed robbers responsible for the latest bicycle theft in the east bay hills. this happened saturday afternoon on grizzly peak boulevard. police say two young men approached a teenager
12:45 pm
and stole his expensive bicycle at gunpoint. the robbers then sped off and what's believed to be a volkswagen jetta or volvo sedan. so what's the latest in a syriza of recent armed robberies targeting bicyclist in the east bay hills? at least three other people say their bikes were stolen at gunpoint during the past month, and there were so every other bike robbery attempts in that same area during the past few weeks now, police say the armed robbers appeared to know which bikes are the most valuable. another explosion at a volcano in the caribbean island of st vincent is covering the region with ash. ash fell on barbados over the weekend, and it plunged the island nation into darkness. the barbados defense force has been deployed now to st vincent to provide humanitarian assistance as part of a disaster response mission. we have satellite images to share that show the volcano eruption on st vincent after decades of an activity, plumes of ash and smoke are billowing out of the volcano. the dark clouds forced the evacuation of hundreds of people. the last
12:46 pm
time a volcano was active in the country was 1979. again with kyla grogan now on that very a forecast, i may actually put the barbecue cover away for the season. i think it's e. unfortunately i have to do that. but i think we're done here. yeah, it kind of feels like it, doesn't it? i mean, i'm still holding out little hope, mike. i'm holding out little hope. but i have to say i would probably be betting. you know in that direction if i were you, too, but i gotta try. you know what i wanted to do that you guys i wanted to start off and just show everybody what's happening where that volcano is in statements it because it's fascinating to look at. they were telling you, it shows up quite sad. and i pulled it up on and for register. show you where this island is. it's north of venezuela in the caribbean, and it's basically west of barbados and south of st lucia, and you can see that signature very clearly showing up on infrared satellite at this hour s o pretty fascinating stuff that you can see thatit's basically heat signatures right? they get picked up, and it's also one of the ways they monitor volcanoes. before they happen right that use satellites to do that. all right, let's take it
12:47 pm
back to the bay right now, and it is another beautiful day out there. no denying it as we take a live look down the oakland estuary temperature's already warming up. i mean, check out the seventies club meeting is rather populated today. take a look at livermore 70 degrees brentwood 72 73 already and while that creek's 70 and conquered 73 fairfield. you know, we're warm and it we're getting close to a nevada right now. it's 68 degrees, too little cooler along the coast. half moon bay, 54, san francisco about 58 right now, that has to do, of course, with the cloud cover that is hanging on to the coast as you can see it here live on stormtrooper, too. so as we zoom out, we still do have high pressure. that is a little to the south of us. that's been helping to bring us the sunshine. but notice there's some low pressure that is. to the north and east of us that is actually going to drop down and bring a little ranger lake tahoe. unfortunately not bringing any our way. i'll track that and show you how that works out just a moment. but for today, beautiful above average temperatures yet again, some of our inland spots will get into those low eighties so conquered antioch fairfield, you know,
12:48 pm
basically places i just said are already heating up today are going to be making it up there. we'll get close to spots like santa rosa and napa. looks like about 78 degrees for you. 64 in san francisco and 60 out of pacifica, but that is say that it's certainly going to be above average when there's going to be a little breezy as we work our way through out the next couple of days. just want to show you this. so this is tonight you start. steve fairfield conquered, picking up a little bit of wind along the coast on tuesday and also up in some of our spots of elevation. we're going to see that wind continuing. this has to do with that system that's going to bring a little bit of rain to lake tahoe. so here we are tuesday night. you know, when you see some of these numbers are up there, so i don't think it'll be advisory level. but you're certainly going to notice that it does ramp down on wednesday. so let's talk about the system that's gonna bring rain to lake tahoe. let's go through future cast here and show you this is tuesday morning. you see a little little follow coastal clouds for us, then we're gonna work our way into wednesday early morning and your eye goes over to that lake tahoe area where we start to see a little bit of rain. that works its way through the day on wednesday before finally heading out now
12:49 pm
models want to say that we get a few sprinkles of the north bay here. i think that's wishful thinking, but i looked at about a half an inch of rain there in south lake tahoe, and that's beneficial rain, so we'll take it. so for us, it will knock our temperatures down a couple degrees as we work our way to tuesday, wednesday, thursday, you notice the temperatures kind of get out of. upper seventies and down into low seventies were breezy. certainly on tuesday and wednesday and then notice what happens as we head towards next weekend. we're going up up up yet again, and by next sunday inland, we're talking low eighties so. no rain in the forecast. as i mentioned, i know mike's gonna put away the barbecue cover, but i'm still kind of holding on to hope that we get maybe a little something before the month is over. we shall sail to keeping an eye on it. chris back to you. kyla thank you happening today. it's the beginning of the holy month of ramadan. ramadan culminates on may 12th when muslims break the sunrise to sunset fast. community tradition and celebration, all part of the
12:50 pm
sacred month. the pandemic canceled many gatherings last year, but some in person services are resuming for ramadan this year, jerome powell says the u. s economy is at an inflection point with growth and job creation forecast looking strong. pal made the comments during an interview on the cbs news program 60 minutes. in the interview, pal provided an optimistic economic outlook. if you look at. what private sector forecasters are saying or what? what forecasters who sit around this table who are on the thorough open market committee are rates setting committee. what they're forecasting is growth for this year in the range of six or 7. which would be the highest level in, you know, 30 years. or even maybe little bit higher and for forecasting unemployment to move down substantially from 6% where it is now, maybe to between four and 5% powell credited covid relief bills for the positive forecast. he also says it's highly unlikely the fed will
12:51 pm
raise rates this year. the number of drivers working for uber and lift in the united states has recently dropped an estimated 40% due mostly to shortage of riders during the pandemic. now the two companies plan to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get workers back in that driver's seat. they plan to offer drivers some big bonuses, some extra pay for longer trips and several other incentives still to come at noon, a special park for people who get their covid vaccine what businesses are offering to customers who show proof they've gotten their shot. also look guessing who's out of the mask is just part of the fun play the fox super six masked singer sweepstakes and you could win your share of $250,000 being given away this season. just download the free app and watch the masked singer wednesdays at eight. right here on ktvu
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to be back in business and they want to stay open reporter emily mah. hah shows us the perks they're offering for anyone who shows they've been fully vaccinated against covid. oh, to have life come back into the community is so important to us and work so excited to be a part of that inside flat stick pub in downtown sacramento. the team gets ready for a day of food, drinks and games. the public opened earlier this month after a year of being forced closed because of the pandemic. it's almost emotional, because because you know, it's been so long, and we've tried through these openings and closings and opens in closings, and in reality we didn't ever feel very safe because we didn't have the vaccine. now owners brandon and jenny robinson are offering perks to anyone fully vaccinated every single wednesday. we're giving back show your vaccine card come down to flat stick pub have a great time free shots of golf and duffel board through the
12:56 pm
end of the year for anyone who's gotten their covid vaccine. i think the road to recovery is gonna be. it's gonna be a little while. i think we're still got a few months to get out of this thing, but as more and more shots getting people's arms, i think we're all going to get through this flat stick pub is joining a growing list of businesses and companies rewarding people who've gotten the shot. crispy cream is offering a free donut a day to anyone fully vaccinated for the rest of the year. employers like trader joe's and dollar general are offering paid time for employees to get the vaccine. the incentives are up for grabs as california prepares to open vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older starting thursday, a step closer to a post pandemic world. many like the team at flat stick pub are excited to see. it's just an incredible feeling to watch people come have a great time, smile laugh. it's also wonderful. fema ha ktvu fox two news. golden state warriors rookie center james wiseman could possibly miss the rest of the season, wiseman
12:57 pm
suffered a tear to the meniscus in his right knee right here on that play saturday night. he underwent some tests yesterday, and the team is determining the extent of the injury and working out. ah plan of action the warriors are holding on to the 10 spot right now in the western conference standings. they do host the denver nuggets tonight. a chase. we are hearing from warriors president rick welts after his announcement that he will be retiring at the end of the season. well to join the wires back in 2011 and has been widely credited with rebranding the franchise from its transition from being a culture of losing to a world class championship team. ktvu sports anchor jason appelbaum recently asked him about the timing of his decision to step down. for me. it's just the perfect time. you know the team and our leading, i think are poised for an extended run of success. and like anything we've ever seen before we've got we have. we're not through with covid, but we can see the end from here and how we're gonna be able to get fans back in tow. indoor arenas
12:58 pm
for sports, entertainment events and organization is just in terrific shape. rick well does 46 years of working in the n b a. he started off as a ball boy with the seattle supersonics and then worked his way up in the league. he ended up playing a major role in marketing the mba as an executive and then helped develop the idea for an nba all star weekend and promoted the dream team as well as the w. n b. a. hideki matsuyama has become the first japanese golfer to win the masters. the 29 year old led by as many a six on the back nine, but ended up winning by just one stroke. as is tradition. he was presented with the green jacket by last year's winner. he said he hopes his achievement inspires other japanese golfers. solano same anybody hope it'll think off it in japan, and in a good way. not only, you know those who are golfers already, but hopefully the youngsters who are playing golf or thinking about playing golf. i
12:59 pm
hope they will see this victory and try to follow in my footsteps. four year old san francisco native will's allah tourists came in second. a big week for fans of disneyland because starting today, guests already have tickets can reserve their spot while everyone else will be able to get tickets beginning thursday, a single day adult ticket ranges in price from 104 to $154 here at home in santa clara, california's great american now set to reopen may 22nd. the theme park will reopen with limited capacity so guests can maintain social distance from others. under state health guidelines. it can open a 25% capacity when santa clara county is that the orange here guests will have to mask their temperatures will be checked. great america says that reservations will be required and he can do that through its website. very nice to see the plans in place here as people can enjoy safely. great america once again as well as disneyland and also great to see people going back to work. thanks for watching and everyone here at noon. our next news guys coming up at
1:00 pm
four o'clock. don't forget to download the ktvu news app. and the ktvu weather at dr oz starts now. it's the big question once it's your turn to get the covid-19 vaccine. how you do score an appointment? >> it's very, very tricky. dr. oz: we'll reveal inside secrets to get your shot. then -- >> i know she loves you dearly. >> maria menounos opens up about caring for her sick mom during covid. >> she's the reason i'm here. ♪ dr. oz: today, breaking news, president biden says all adults will be available for the covid by april 19th. and in the states that have already opened appointments for young people, there's been and all-out


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