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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 11, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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preparing for what could be very dangerous fire season and after more than a year at home, san francisco's youngest public school students get ready to head back to the classroom tomorrow. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. some communities in the bay area are already getting ready for an early fire season. ktvu is greg legans is here now and greg firefighters, needless to say, are very concerned. yeah, frank, i think concerned is a good word, not necessarily alarmed but concerned, and this afternoon, i did get an opportunity to speak with both cal fire as well as. a fire
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district in the east bay to get both the big picture as well as a localized view to see how some are preparing for a fire season. that is coming earlier than usual. firefighters throughout california spent much of 2020 extinguishing the more than 4.2 million acres of wild land that was scorched in a record breaking season. now with drought conditions throughout the state, and no significant rainfall being forecasts, firefighters have been forced to begin preparations early for the coming fire season. we are ahead of schedule compared to years in the past and our fuels are starting to dry out faster than last year. fire scientists have been measuring the amount of moisture in fuels and the fire lab at san jose state recently tweeted measurements taken in the south bay at record lows, calling the 2021 fire out. look grim. cal fire is hiring 1400 more hand crews this season to help with
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firefighting and mitigation and chopper pilots will be staffed sooner than normal. you're today. cal fire says there have already been roughly 300 more fires than last year and about 500 more than the five year average. i would say that ah, large contributing factor to that is the fact that we are. further along, um in the progression of the fuel is drying out in some areas like the morago orender fire district, where danger is currently low. firefighters air using the law to focus on prevention with mitigation efforts that have been underway for months. firefighters have been removing fuels with pile burning, controlled burns and getting rid of old growth in trees. and the idea there ist is to not allow the fire to have ah, ladder if you will. up into the canopy is where we really can't put it out in a wildfire scenario. some firefighters refer to the drawing out of grasses as curing a condition when grasses are ripe to burn in some areas that time has already arrived
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while in other places like morocco, renda, it's close enough. that work may soon turned from preventing to fighting fire seasons just around the corner, and we know based on what happened last year. that it znachko toby unease e one. cal fire says something everyone can and should do is visit their wildfire preparation website. it is chock full of very helpful information. we're going to have a link to that at ktvu .com. julie yes, something we all need to think about greg. thank you. after a 32 year wait. the city of san pablo is finally getting its new fire station. the new state of the art fire station, 70 will be put into service by the contra costa. only fire protection district at a grand opening ceremony on tuesday station 70 also has an honorary name. the mat burton and scott desmond memorial fire station. those two firefighters were killed in a house fire 14 years
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ago. construction on the $13.5 million facility started two years ago. people age 16 and older can now book of vaccine appointment in alameda county. health officials there quietly expanded eligibility requirements with no formal announcement. according to the website, the alameda county public health department residents of alameda county who are 16 and older can now book appointments through the states, my turn system and then by thursday, everyone 16 and older in california will be eligible to get the coronavirus vaccine in san francisco tomorrow, some schools will be allowing students to return to their classrooms. interviews. james tours tells us that each school is offering different options for more than a year. zoom classrooms were the on lee classrooms in san francisco, getting schools toe reopen. and next week is ah, huge win and accomplishment. clifford g. is the father of a first grade student in san francisco's unified school district. he's
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also on the leadership team for decreasing the distance apparent initiative, calling for a demand for a plan for in person instruction. the group has been responsible for the zoom in protest. over the last few months there was challenged in communication and transparency around us getting the word out on what's going on on lee 22 schools will partially reopened doors to t k through second grade students. starting monday. one of them is bryant elementary. i know that we are going to have extra procedures in place and protocols, but we don't have any doubt that our schools are ready to open in a safe and caring and loving way classrooms will practice social distancing and be capped at 22 students. students will also see clear partitions and eat lunch in the classroom instead of the cafeteria and like we're really excited that students are going back to the classroom, and i think there's still more that can be done, and i think they'll figure it out. other schools will begin re opening next monday. by the end of the month. all elementary school
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students tk to fifth grade will be allowed to return to school. some will offer up to five nearly full days of in person instruction or a hybrid model between in person and distance learning parents. you'll need to check with your students school to know their specific plans. what can we learn from the next couple of weeks? where tell me continue. tonto work with partners and hold our elected officials accountable that there is a clear plan that's transparent that moves us forward and continues to move us forward. it's likely middle and high school students won't have the option to return until the fall, school leaders say for any families that are wanting to stay in distance learning, they will have the option to do so. james torres, ktvu, fox two news in san leandro. tomorrow schools will allow all grade levels to return to class students from transitional kindergarten through high school will go back to class for a hybrid in person and at home schedule for
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the rest of the school year. the teachers union and the school district reached an agreement on reopening plants last month. students will have the option of staying fully remote if they want to. california's covid numbers continue to trend in the right direction. the seven day positivity rate dropped slightly over yesterday. the 1.6% a growing number of people are getting their vaccines. almost 23 million vaccine doses have now been given out statewide right now, 6.3 million people are partially vaccinated. about 19% of california's population and 8.7 million are fully vaccinated about 27% and in just a few days this thursday, april 15th everyone in california age 16 and older can make an appointment for a shot in west oakland, pop up covid-19 testing and vaccination clinics are hundreds of people today, the moshe health hosted the clinic and beth even baptist church near the acorn neighborhood. officials say
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that area has been hit hard by the virus. so it's a. important to make the vaccine easily available to those who want it. the model of emotion health is based on pop ups where we work with our local partners to identify the best locations to reach african american people, both with covid-19 testing a swell as covid-19. vaccination. officials with emoji health say the rates of covid-19 infection are highest in east oakland. but health officials say there is more hope on the horizon as more and more. people are getting vaccinated. today is the last day the federal government will oversee operations at the oakland coliseum. vaccine vaccination clinic. they'll no longer provide the vaccine supply, but the clinic is still going to remain open. starting tomorrow operations will be handled by officials from alameda and contra costa counties, as well as the state. and now anyone 16 and older who lives in contra costa county can make an appointment to get a shot at
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the coliseum, using my turn dot see a dot gove until now, people from contra costa county had to be 50 or older to go to the coliseum, and you could get help getting there from bart or a c transit. starting on tuesday, los angeles county will offer appointments to everyone 16 and older on lee fizer. shots have been authorized for 16 and 17 year olds, so those appointments will be limited for a more limited rather than for adults. as we mentioned on thursday, everyone in california who was 16 or older will be eligible to make appointments that it's just a matter of finding someplace that has vaccines available. another woman is accusing the mayor of windsor of sexual assault here, the blunt comments from the mayor today about this most recent accusations, and former president trump goes on a tirade against members of his own party coming up what he said about mitch mcconnell and mike pence at a gop fundraiser
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last night. ah very warm monday out or a sunday out there today we had temperatures into the eighties in many locations. it's going to be warm the next couple of days. we'll have the
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poli of sexual misconduct. esther limits is a city councilwoman and prosecutor in windsor, and she told the press democrat that for poli slipped her a drug so that he could have sex with her without her consent. lima's made the accusation after for police said that he had coerced she had coerced him into a sexual situation. holy released a statement this morning that reads in part as to mrs lima's entirely false claims about me if i had treated this pathological liar in any such a manner, why did she regularly publicly praise may, including in a video taken eight days after one of her fanciful stories about me supposedly occurred? lima's has not responded to fa poli's latest statement. several county officials, both u. s congressmen and from the north bay even for police brother are now calling on him to step down. police are investigating two deadly shootings in east oakland last night. that happened just a few hours apart.
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the first homicide happened at about 6 30 on havens court boulevard near international bowl boulevard. the second homicide occurred just before nine p.m. the bay area news group reports. the victim was found inside a liquor store it 90th avenue and all of st. no arrests have been made. in either case. these are the city's 40th and 41st homicides of the year, a 10 hour standoff at a resort in hawaii ended with an armed man barricaded inside a room, killing himself. the kahala hotel and resort in honolulu, locked down all of its guests after gunfire was heard last night. swat team eventually entered his room on the fourth floor and said that they found the suspect with a self inflicted gunshot wound. no other injuries were reported. iran described a black out today and it's underground natanz atomic facility and active nuclear terrorism, raising regional attentions as world powers and tehran continue to negotiate over its tattered nuclear deal. there was no immediate claim of
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responsibility. but the israeli media suggested the incident was a result. oven israeli cyber attack. the incident comes as diplomatic efforts to revive a 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by the u. s under the trump administration back in 2018 have resumed their president donald trump, lashed out at fellow republicans last night. during a jill p fundraiser at his mar a lago resort in florida. trump used expletives to describe republican lawmakers, including senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and his former vice president. mike pence fox news. jackie heinrich has our report tonight from washington, d. c. the remarks focused on positioning republicans to win back the majority and 2022. but former president trump reportedly spent several minutes tearing into senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and former vice president mike pence for accepting the results of the electoral college and certifying president biden's win. according to reports, trump referred to mcconnell with an expletive calling him a stone cold loser, saying a real leader would not have accepted the results. and also slamming
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mcconnell for not defending him during impeachment. he also marked his wife for resigning her cabinet post after the insurrection. the bad blood comes as a number of incumbents are fighting for re election seeking endorsements, but so far their priorities are mostly aligned. then i think the one thing that should unite president trump mitch mcconnell myself others who are running for re election this year is getting candidates on the field who are electable in a general election. that should unite us because the best thing we can do to save this country is to get the majority back. the three day event drew a lot of potential 2024 contenders and event planners devoted a lot of the discussion two topics that align the party, including big text censorship. trump singled out what he called woke. corporations railing against major league baseball for its decision to pull the all star game from atlanta because of the new voting rights law in washington, jackie heinrich fox news covered california will begin as special enrollment period that begins tomorrow and will run until the end of the
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year. this enrollment is designed to help the many people in california who want to sign up for health care coverage following the passage of presidentbiden's almost $2 trillion covid relief bill. that package includes a sweeping measure that lowers health care costs covered. california is part of the federal affordable care act, better known as obama care. there's a growing call in the united states to limit access to abortion pills. abortion opponents are pushing legislation and several gop led states to restrict doctors from prescribing abortion pills through telemedicine. ohio has already enacted a band and the governor of montana. is expected to sign a similar ban into law. abortion rights advocates say that telemedicine is an important option for women during the pandemic, but a poor abortion opponents say that they're worried that the at home method will become more popular. more members of the british royal family are opening up tonight following the death of prince philip, queen elizabeth's husband. his
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death comes at a turbulent time for the palace. but fox news greg palkot tells us it is raising hopes about easing tension. and within the royal family. more reaction pouring in from the royal family after the loss of prince philip, who passed away peacefully friday at the age of 99 in a rare public appearance sunday, prince andrew said his father's death has left a huge void in his mother, queen elizabeth seconds life. the two were married for over seven decades, making prince philip, the country's longest serving royal consort. we've lost almost the grandfather of the nation, and i feel very sorry. bond supportive of my mother, who's feeling it, i think probably more than everybody else. the duke of edinburgh is death has triggered an outpouring of support across the uk and around the world on the third day of national mourning, the british continued to pay their respects to the late royal ignoring pleas from buckingham palace not to lay flowers or candles and to avoid large
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gatherings when there's a death, all the senior members of your family it is it's an end of a historical era. definitely yes, witnessing history today in a way, a private funeral service will take place at windsor castle on saturday with only 30. mourners in attendance. the news of prince harry's returned to attend his grandfather's funeral has raised some hope of royal reconciliation is this will be his first trip home since stepping down as a senior royal. hopefully that can make make some remains, at least harry and would you might be able to let you get back together again. the uk will observe a period of national mourning through the funeral on saturday, while the queen and the royal family will observe morning until the following friday outside windsor castle, greg palkot fox news, a new study has found that pfizer's vaccine may not be totally effective in protecting people from the coronavirus variant that was discovered in south africa. researchers in israel say that real world tests show that the fizer vaccine has proven to be less effective
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against the south african variant when compared to protection for the original coronavirus. however, they're stressing that this study on lee involved a small number of people because the south african variant is so rare in israel in china, their top expert for infectious diseases is now admitting that the coronavirus vaccines that are being made in china are not as effective as those being used in most western countries. head of the centers for disease control in china says that recent studies show that the chinese vaccines are only about 50% effective in protecting people from the virus. that compares to 97% for the vaccine from fizer. alright it turned out to be a pretty nice sunday out there. i've had a really nice weekend temperatures today much warmer than yesterday, and temperatures tomorrow are going to follow suit with what we had today. so the plan here is this high pressure? strengthening it strengthen today and it strengthens a little tomorrow and so we're going to see temperatures tomorrow like
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today. so the high today tomorrow very similar, and then we sort of kind of fluctuate. the numbers kind of move around a lot, but you'll see that in the five day forecast, these are the actual highs from today, so we did have an 80 and fairfield conquered and livermore lots of mid seventies and along the coast was upper fifties and low sixties so the perfect kind of mild spring day tomorrow is gonna be almost exactly the same as far as cloud cover in the whole the whole bit. so this is up in lake tahoe. some high cirrus clouds from weather systems out in the pacific, but none of them directed in our in our area, and that means dry again. at least for the foreseeable future the next five days, the five day forecast, i'll tell you right now is dr s o. unfortunately more warm weather more nice weather, but not hot. these were the current temperatures. you see where the yellows are. that's where there is not much of a sea breeze 80 right now in fairfield temperatures inland a little warmer than they were last night. this time temperatures around the bay about the same and that's the pacific. there's stuff going on like that looks good, but it's way north. there's something down here by
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the wine islands, but nothing really in our direction at all. it's america. we've got a little bit of patchy fog along the coast, which is very typical for this time of year, and you've got the classic wind direction. we're looking at the northwest winds overnight lows tonight. good chili, i guess. 41 degrees in santa rosa. for this time of year. you know, it's not hard to get thirties this time of year, but 41 in santa rosa, it'll be chilly up there. no, i'm not into spending frost or valley fog. at this point. we're kind of almost passed that point. but the coastal fog, you'll see it. the model shows some tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon, the yellows or seventies oranges or eighties and there are you start to see this time. you're the microclimate set up. you see the greens at the bay and the coast yellows in the bay valleys in the oranges eighties in the inland spots. it's not gonna be long before you see a red in there a couple more colors to represent the real summer temperatures as much as 40 degrees spread from coast to inland. the temperatures tomorrow the forecast ties with more high clouds about the same is today 80 in santa rosa, 80 and livermore. we might see
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some low eighties, but most temperatures mid seventies upper seventies with a few low eighties and then the five day forecast just. flatline look at that. i mean, tomorrow's the warmer day cools off on tuesday, a few degrees back in the low seventy's, but it's all subtle stuff on then warms up again next weekend. so frank looking for rain, but it's just not happening anytime soon. at least not in this five day panel. all right, bill. thank you to new potential blockbuster starring tom cruise are being delayed from opening because of the coronavirus pandemic. paramount pictures says that the new top gun movie will now open in november instead of july and that the new mission impossible movie is being delayed until may of next year. coming up after the break. history is made at augusta national, as the first japanese golfer wins an historic masters tournament sports anchor joe fonzi is up next with all the details, and tonight on the 10 o'clock news of vigil in the east bay honoring this 11 year
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but it will help you and your family stay safe has been chosen during a virtual event. we kelly miller, lanie fema first princess optical, jacqueline, bait and princess ashland cynical palm. mm hmm the candidates competed virtually some doing traditional japanese dancing. they will represent san francisco and goodwill tours to japan, los angeles and hawaii. last night's ceremony was hosted by our own jana katsuyama. good evening, everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports. two very significant facts about the 2021 masters, padecky matsuyama will always be remembered as the first player from japan to win a green jacket, and it was fortunate for him that he took a four stroke cushion into today's final round. matsuyama started the day with the buggy but then picked up three birdies on the front nine, this one on the eighth hole, and matsuyama was building a comfortable cushion,
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but things got a little more interesting on the back nine matsuyama, hitting his second shot on the par 4/15 and this one will find the water. matsuyama took a bogey there and one at 16 all of a sudden, his comfortable margin. it's so comfortable. just 24 year old san francisco native will isela taurus was the closest player to matsuyama because all the tourist saves part 18 to finish a round of 70 matsuyama would use every bit of his cushion at 18, he could afford to put for bogey and still went by a stroke, and that's exactly what he did. finishing off a final round 73 that earned him membership to a very elite club. matsuyama presented his green jacket by last year's winner. stan johnson. the moment will be long remembered in japan. one thing has been very consistent for the giants through the first nine games of the baseball season, and it was in evidence again today that's quality starting pitching this
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guy happy whether or not the giants were going for a sweep against the colorado rockies first inning of a scoreless game and. alex dickerson takes herrmann marquez to the deepest part of the ballpark. that's homer number two on the air for dickerson. evan longoria drove in a second run with an r b. i single. it was anthony dishcloth finis turned to shine on the mound to on with two outs for the rockies in the sixth. he's the finney fans sam hilliard to end the inning. he had struck out josh fuentes one batter later. bottom of the inning. brandon belt makes it a little more comfortable for the giant's belt, puts one on the right field arcade for his first homer of the year, three relievers finished the shot. for the giants, who went for nothing and sweep the series from the rockies, with their fourth straight win overall, and in a season that has consistently been about injury, the warriors got news of another one today. this is how james wiseman went down and last night's one over the rockets. today comes word. wiseman has a meniscus injury, possibly a tear in his knee. he could be lost for the season. the words right now number 10
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of the west, facing the possibility of a second straight year in the nba lottery, guys, joe. thank you see later going tonight. whatcha doing? i'm attempting to view my work as a fleeting peripheral image so as to engage the superior colliculus of my brain. interesting. i usually just have coffee. you've been up all night? is it morning? yes. then i've been up all night. and you're stuck? why else would a person try to engage their superior colliculus? oh, sorry, sweetie, i can't help you till i've had my coffee.


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