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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 9, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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look at the fun and excitement surrounding opening day and also what's new this season, rob. air christina last year. opening day was in july with nobody in the stands. so while today there's a lot of joy and excitement among fans, there's also relief among local businesses. you're at oracle park. what a difference a year makes. i don't want my eyes. nice to be home. you can't tell, but it feels like being back in the old friend again. that old friend would be the san francisco giants. friday's home opener is the first time fans could watch them in person since 2019. last year, the giants played the cardboard cut outs. no people were allowed inside because of the pandemic. i've been following the giants for 69 years now. on missing last season was painful, and it's just great to be back on lee about 8900 fans were allowed in about 22% of what in
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most years is a sellout between no fans and having a group like 1000. is night and day for everyone is for the players, and it's for that. you know the feeling and the electricity among those attending with the parents of young giants pitcher kill a barrack er, his first time we get to see him in person play, but compared to what fans may be used to it, oracle this is a whole new ball game. besides a ticket, everyone 12 years old and up needs to show proof of a covid vaccine or that they've tested negative recently, no one seemed to mind. i think the only reason i got vaccinated with so i can come to the giant team. yes, and have normal normalcy again and the excitement of the day ripple down beyond were called to the restaurants and bars last opening day. the area was almost empty, including the nearby atwater tavern. it was just depressing, you know, baseball is a people sport. this opening day is a whole different vibe. jovial happy mood all over. people are so
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happy to be working, and then these customers air coming in like it's like it's christmas day. and the giants say it's entirely possible they could be played before packed houses sometime before the end of the season. covid numbers permitting, christina well, very interesting and obviously something great to look forward to rob roth reporting live for us tonight, rob. thanks. well, they showed up happy, but did they leave the ballpark in a good mood? ktvu joe fonzi joins us live from the ballpark with a look at today's festivities. joe, tell us about it. yeah andre, you know, through the years we've gotten used to what baseball games sound like the vendors in the stands the guy out in front of the stadium hawking the program's well, the hawking sounds a little bit different when it's 2021. vaccine cards with test results. yeah any one of the people? yeah. now you show your vaccine card, and we did that. when we
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got in, the giants were gonna allow as many as 9000 people here today, they actually had 7000. so you know that part of it? nothing what we've come to expect on traditional opening days, but the sights very similar. obviously the two teams lined up along the baselines, the colorado rockies and the san francisco giants. the thing that we saw about the giants that we've never seen previously in this ballpark was names on the back of the home jerseys. that's something that's new this year this day was about overcoming adversity to be here. there's no one who overcame or adversity than brian stow. you may remember it was 10 years ago that he was almost beaten to death at dodger stadium in the opener there. he's had months and years of rehab to come out and be able to throw out the first pitch today. he got a huge ovation by the folks here and then it was just the usual side. it's that we see the fireboats the flyover and then time. for one very official
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thing. that's reese osterberg, the young woman lost all of her baseball cards and one of the northern california fires last summer. those got restored. she donated some to a bunch of kids, not a lot of highlights in this game until the seventh inning. this was a shutout game going for both pitchers. and then charlie blackmon was run up by johnny cueto. hey, didn't like to call and charlie blackmon did not get another at bat after he was tossed out of the game. so that was in the seventh and the bottom of the seventh and still the scoreless game bread and crawford came to the plate with the bases loaded and one out, and he put one in that part of the ballpark that we used to call triples alley drove in a couple of runs gave the giants that two to nothing lead. they got an insurance run in the eighth, and then the question was with johnny cueto go the distance. he wanted to go the distance. he took a shutout into the ninth. but with the tying run at the plate, a runner on and two outs and one run in gabe kapler went to jake mcgee is closer. it took
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mcgee three pitches to end the game. give the giants of 3 to 1 win in their home opener. and, of course, kappler was asked about the decision to first keep quito in and then take him out at the end of the game. not the first time i've been booed, promise you that and i understand that the fans wanted to see johnny finish that game. i want to see johnny finish i everybody in the dugout. want to see johnny finish that day? i think i was. i was right there with him and i have been in their shoes. i would have probably been reacting the same way and, um, it was certainly fun to be able to leave him in there and try to complete the game. and i'll tell you what gabe kapler did by doing that. in this day of sabermetrics and all that in baseball. johnny cueto is kind of an old school guy. he wanted to go the distance capital gave him a chance to go the distance. and then when he got in trouble and got, you know, he's at the end of the day tying run to the plate with a runner on it was time to bring in the closer. you earn the trust of a guy like quito. you also earn the
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trust of the other players as the manager made the right call. all the giants care about in the big picture is that they were 3 to 1 winners in their opener, and there. four and three to start out this new season. joe, you're back in your element. it seems like things are getting back to normal back out at the game today. thank you so much for that live report. san francisco schools are getting ready to welcome back students next week and have committed to a full return for everyone by august. ktvu christian counted. joining us live now, with more details on this and christian. it's only the youngest student set of returning next week. yeah that's exactly right. kristina those elementary students will be back in class starting monday and today the superintendent of schools, public instruction here in san francisco was giving us a look at what that might look like. bryant elementary school in san francisco's mission district is just about ready to welcome back students. the classrooms may look a little different with more room between desks and clear partitions, but the district says it's ready to
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welcome back there. first group of students, bryant is one of 22 elementary schools here in the san francisco unified school district that will re open their doors to students for in person learning on monday, and we could not be more excited. the district says it's working to bring back more elementary stewed throughout april and hopes to have 107 schools with more than 22,000 students in class by the end of the month. the principal says, the difference is that those students will see it. bryant will go beyond the classroom. i know that we are going to have extra procedures in place and protocols, but we don't have any doubt that our schools are ready to open in a safe and caring and loving way. the district also has covid testing contracts in place and students will eat in their classrooms rather than the cafeteria. superintendent matthews says the district is also working to bring back middle and high schoolers with special needs over the next month and a half, but the majority will have to wait until next school year. we're bringing back thus a zay
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said focal populations of middle and high school students, but the large majority will not be returning until, uh, august 16. as for this school year, the district says it knows that the overwhelming majority of middle and high schoolers and even many elementary's, too ones won't be able to return to in person instruction this year, so they say that they're committed to trying to make distance learning as engaging as possible reporting live christien kafton ktvu, fox two news, christian. thank you, according to the latest data, there have been nearly 3.6 million cases of covid-19 here in california since the pandemic began. including more than 2600 new cases reported in the last 24 hours, the number of deaths from coronavirus is approaching 59,000 here in our state, and that includes 155 deaths since yesterday. state seven day positivity right is now 1.8% that is up slightly from what it was a week ago.
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the city of san francisco is taking additional measures to help small businesses whether the pandemic near london breed was joined by japantown small business owners as she signed legislation providing financial relief for small businesses, the mayor saying accessibility is the key to helping small businesses recover. and that's why this is so important. we have to make it easy for people to have resource is to stay in business in this city, and so today, signing this legislation will ensure that it goes into effect right away. that instead of taking all day to get money to small businesses were able to get them a check as soon as possible. legislation includes nearly $11 million in small business grants. expanding vaccinations to a younger age group will let you know about the ages. visor is targeting with its latest emergency use request, plus march 2021.
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online travel bookings was the highest that we've seen since february. 2019 which indicates to us that people are getting back out there after a year of being cooped up, millions of people are ready for a little vacation. what we found at some of the bigger tourist destinations in northern california, also ahead. more medical experts take the stand as we reach what should be the midway point in the derrick sheldon murder trial. i'm mike tobin in minneapolis. details coming up and i'm keeping an eye on your weather for you. we've had some lovely sunshine today. what does the weekend hold? i've majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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of former minneapolis police officer derrick show vin today, jurors heard from the chief medical examiner who ruled george floyd's death a homicide. dr andrew baker said he deliberately did not watch video of floyd's arrest before he performed. the autopsy said that he wouldn't be influenced by it. fox's mike tobin has more. george floyd's autopsy is the focus as a second week of testimony wraps up. prosecutors continue to calm or medical experts to the stand. jurors listen to testimony from dr andrew baker, the hennepin county medical examiner who conducted floyd's autopsy. mr floyd juice. a fentanyl did not cause the sub duel or neck restraint. his heart disease did not cause the sword duel or the next restraint. earlier the state called on a forensic pathologist who agreed with dr baker's determination of floyd's cause of death. this is a death where both the hurt and lungs stopped working, and the point is that it's due to law enforcement, subdural restraint
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and compression. dr. lindsay thomas testified that floyd died from. lack of oxygen from being held down by officers. she also addressed the defense's theory that floyd died from a drug overdose or other underlying health issues. there's no evidence to suggest he would have died that night. except for the interactions with law enforcement. under cross examination, dr thomas agreed with the defense that floyd's heart was slightly enlarged in one of his arteries had a 90% blockage that prompting a hypothetical question from attorney eric nelson. let's assume you found mr floyd dead in his residence. no police involvement. no drugs, right. the only thing you found would be these facts about his heart. what would you conclude to be the cause of death in that very narrow set of circumstances, i would probably conclude that the cause of death was his heart disease. jurors return to court monday for a third week of testimony in many. bless mike coburn, fox
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news lawmakers air coming together to stop the violence against asian americans today u. s senator alex padilla and california congressman ted lieu participated in a virtual town hall to talk about the recent rise in violence against the ape community. the town hall was hosted by the center for asian americans, united self empowerment and stop a p i hate congressman lieu represents southern california, he says all the rallies held across the country to stop asian crime. gives him hope that change could happen. i think where you're seeing is now the political awakening of the asian american community, and i think folks realize it really doesn't matter what your income is or status where you live. what you do, you could be the victim of a hate incident or hate crime, and i think you're all set it up. india has also been outspoken about asian anti asian hate crime, he says. it's important to always speak up if you witness or experienced racism today, u s bank
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distributed 3000 safety kids to asian americans, the bank says it is all part. of their campaign to stop asian hate. the kids are going to community groups, and they'll also be available to customers at its branches and predominantly asian american neighborhoods in san francisco, san bruno and sent jose. the kids include whistles, safety lights and bilingual id cards. this is a way for us to really get back to our community and to help them feel like we're here to support them. in addition, us bank has also recently given additional france of the asian pacific heritage foundation to support them in their continued collaboration and efforts around the asian community as well. the grant to san francisco based asian pacific heritage foundation is part of the additional $60,000 and support to a p i communities that u. s bank announced earlier this week to combat biases and acts of violence. notable change in tone this spring break compared to the one last year. well especially
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when it comes to travel ktvu maureen naylor is live with the recent boost in traveling what is behind it, marie andre, i have a math travel equation for you when you have decreasing mystery. actions and then you added an increase in vaccinations. well that equals a boost in travel. triple a saying last month marks the highest level of online bookings that it's seen in two years. it almost looks like a postcard whether carmel beach or the monterey bay area fell baby spring break. 2021 looks a lot different than 2020 with crowds of masked travelers now returning. it's. time to get back to normal. i'm tired of covid, having never been to monterey or most of california and having gotten. at least the first of my two sticks in the arm. i'm pretty excited to get back to exploring and seeing places. triple a reports one
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year into the pandemic of growing confidence as more people get the covid-19 vaccine and contributing to a notable increase in travelers, for example, overall online bookings have grown 86% over march of 2020, and they are down about 40% compared of march 2019. so we're still not back to those levels that we were seen in the monterey area. we met people visiting from all over the u. s. yes, some taking in the local clam chowder and views of the pacific ocean for the first time. it's because i've been stuck inside the house and just to get out and connect with people. it's really amazing feeling triple a expects road trips will be the most preferred method of travel this spring break and while outdoors based vacations are still popular, we are seeing those larger, more populous cities, which lost a lot of their popularity during the pandemic. start to gain their attraction again. so los angeles san diego. those air
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starting to grow again and triple a says people are booking more expensive trips and also booking multiple outing some planning vacations through the year. 2023 we also spoke of the park ranger yosemite there, warning visitors also to expect crowds saying you have to get to the valley floor by about nine a.m. if you want to get a parking spot, andre everyone looking to get some vacation. after what just happened last year were re naylor reporting for us library. thank you, caltrans used explosives to clear boulders blocking highway 50 in el dorado county this morning. 321. the rockslide happened early this morning near echo summit, closing both directions of the round to south lake tahoe. one driver crashed into the boulders shortly after the slide happened around 5 45 this morning. fortunately though, nobody was seriously hurt the highways now under one way traffic control from slide park
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road to echo summit while crews continue. clear that slide, all right, well, i hope you've had a good day today. it's kind of been a beautiful friday, right? kind of a nice entree into the weekend where we're gonna expect even more nice weather head. let's start off with a live look outside without lots of sunshine out there, but as we take a live look here at san francisco, you could see there were also a few clouds out there, too. so certainly san francisco is one of the spots and those of you along the coast. kind of hung onto the clouds a little bit today, and that's kept you a little bit cooler. and you know, big difference, right? if you look at san francisco, where it's 50 degrees, and then you look at santa rosa, where the sun's been out all day, it's 67 degrees 56, oakland about 60 and livermore and 60 right now in san jose. so we've got a little bit of wind and it is coming off of the water, but about westerly flow northwesterly flow in the wind right now, and you could see it. they're about 35 4 mph, right. you see, 27 mph appear. another 34 mile per hour. they're in marin. so you know, it's been windy now. does that translate to the surface a little bit right? especially here at the coast. so if you're
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out of half moon bay right now, when does been gusting there all day right now about 26 mph s of 0 26 mph to check out san jose getting that northerly wind at about 20 mph. so things have picked up because you've gotten into the afternoon here and you could say it's a bit gusty and spots like fairfield conquered, seeing some of that wind and nevado, too, so that's going to be a little bit of a signature of our weather as we head across the weekend. clouds right now, you know, not bad, but kind of clinging to the coast as i mentioned you to see it there and storm tracker to but tonight wish to be relatively clear as we go throughout the night tonight, and temperatures will be very similar to last night. so the only thirties on the map tonight we're gonna be up in the north bay interior locations. we're talking 46 at the coast and forties, you know, too low fifties as we head into the bay, so as we get into the overnight notice this of future cast you can see not a whole lot of fog tomorrow. it's really confined just a few spots and at the coast. but then tomorrow we warm up because we're gonna have a lot of that sunshine and we have high pressure kind of nudging in, so that's going to send temperatures about 3 to 5
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degrees warmer than they were today. so that's the beginning of a little warm up that we're in this trend of that's going to continue as we head through the rest of the weekend. and i will be back in just little. talk about that and also our chances at some range still looking out for our next system back to you guys. carly thank you. it is a decision that is sure to get a lot of pushback in congress. president biden wants to study whether it's time to reform the supreme court and coming up on ktvu news at six more fall out over the sex assault allegations against the mayor of windsor, as calls for his resignation grow louder and we will hear from one of his accusers. plus an update from the university of san francisco regarding its investigation into a news that was discovered hanging review. t.
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president biden ordered the six month study 36 members are gonna be looking at issues including possibly extending, expanding and adding more justices to the current panel of nine boxes. lucas tomlinson tells us what else the review will cover and why many republicans are opposed. over the next 180 days, a newly formed bipartisan commission will study possible reforms to the u. s supreme court. the white house says it's part of the administration's commitment to closely study measures to improve the federal judiciary. they will also be looking at the court's ruling the constitutional system, the length of service and turnover of justice on the court justices on the court the membership in size of the court. and the court's case, election rules and practices, but conservatives say it's a ploy by liberals to pack the court. this is really yielding again to the most extreme voices. on the left. these are professors that never objected to the makeup of the court when it was controlled with a liberal majority. but once that
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tipped suddenly this became an urgent matter to redesign the court. biden campaigned on the idea of reform after president trump appointed a third supreme court justice, fast tracking amy coney barrett confirmation just days before the 2020 election. biden argued the court system was getting out of whack in this interview with 60 minutes, presidents come and go. supreme court justices stay for generations this week, justice stephen bryer warned against changes, saying quote structural alteration motivated by the perception of political influence can only feed that perception, further eroding that trust as part of their review. the 36 person commission is expected to hold public meetings and gather feedback and ideas in washington. lucas tomlinson. fox news, we'll step closer to vaccinating kids against the coronavirus. what visor did today that should make it possible soon and there has been a lighthouse on the island since the 18 hundreds and a bed
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and breakfast out there since the 19 seventies. but now a cut power cable could mean the end of its historic landing in the san francisco bay. lost 20,000 on accompanied migrant children are now in the u. s custody members of both parties gifts. fe
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covid vaccines into people's arms while giving nursing
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students a huge learning experience. students from use usf's nursing program are getting hands on experience at the correct center vaccination site there being a supervised by kaiser permanently staff and vaccinating thousands of people daily. i'm super happy to be doing this. it's super exciting for me to be part of such a it feels very, um, like i'm part of a big history, prior to this students complete the covid-19 educational program, which includes coursework on the madonna and fizer vaccines. the partnership started last year when kaiser was looking for a safe place to offer flu vaccines and was able to use usf's parking lot well, more than 22 million doses of covid-19 vaccines have now been administered. you're in california, according to the latest data, there are now over 371,000 shots a day begin ministered in the state and officials report over 36, a half percent of california's population of around 40 million have received at least one dose
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and 21% are fully vaccinated. another group of people could soon the eligible and added to the vaccine line children 12 to 15 years old. today, adviser and beyond tech requested fda authorization for this age group after trials found the vaccine to be 100% effective. ktvu demagogues has more on how soon they could be eligible as well as children. even younger. as vaccine eligibility experience to californians, 16 years and older in the coming week on friday, fizer jump started the process for even younger teens, too soon be eligible to i think time is money in terms of immunizing as many members of the population as we can, the vaccine is safe. it's effective. in fact, adolescents have twice as much on embodies neutralizing antibodies in the trials as young adults, so we think that it would be really a good vaccine in this population. stanford university's dr yvonne
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maldonado has been urging the fda, fizer and other vaccine makers to get these vaccinations out before the fall so as not to interfere with kids getting flu vaccination. in particular for summer, people are going to summer camps. they're going toe, maybe travel and we really want them to be vaccinated possible before school starts just to give that out of cushion of protection. she's expecting to be in phase one. vaccine trials on kids under five years old starting next week. stanford is one of five sites in the country testing fizer vaccines on this age group. the bottom line is there will be vaccines, i think available for hopefully for 12 years old and above. by this summer, which is great on ben, probably for under 12 year old, maybe by the end of the year, but but real realistically, at least buy some time. in 2022, so that's really good news as well. and that was emma gossip recording because visor is
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already approved to vaccinate teens as young as 16 admitting the authorization to 12 to 15 year old should move smoothly and quickly. madonna and johnson and johnson are set to release their results shortly. facebook is launching a new effort to help vaccinate people living in california's underserved communities. today it's teaming up with governor gavin newsom to help set up nine pop up vaccination clinics in several low income areas across southern cal. for you. and tomorrow, facebook will convert part of its menlo park headquarters into an ongoing vaccination clinic for people living in hard hit communities. japan will impose new covid restrictions just three months before the summer olympics. the government there is of raising the coronavirus alert in tokyo to curb the rapid spread of a more contagious variant, new restrictions and penalties on restaurants begin this monday and run through may 11th. most of tokyo's new infections have been linked to night life and dining. the tokyo summer
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olympics are scheduled to begin july 23rd, the attorney for nfl player to shawn watson, is calling for the women who have accused him of sexual assault to make their names. public. 22 civil lawsuits have. been filed against the houston texans quarterback. all but two of those women have remained anonymous and today a judge ordered one of the women to re file her lawsuit with her name. nine others are also expected to release their names within the coming days. in southern california. a plan is in place to house unaccompanied minors who are coming across the border at the us mexico border to house them, their officials announced today that the los angeles county fairgrounds in pomona will be used. the fairplex is a. 487 acre site that hosts the annual county fair. it will be the second son in l. a to get in l. a county too, how such children long beach earlier this week agreed to the use of its convention center. it's still unclear how many children will be house of the fairplex or when they will
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arrive. members of congress are getting an up close look at the situation at the southwest border. joe biden administration maintains it is not a crisis, but members of both parties are unhappy with how this issue is being handled boxes. lauren blanchard has more from washington. president biden wants to address root causes for the record high number of migrants making their way to the u. s border in the 2022 budget. he wants congress to invest $861 million in central america, the department of homeland security released data showing more than 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children are now in u. s custody. according to a washington post analysis. the administration is spending $60 million per week to house the kids. what i saw today was the worst. humanitarian crisis on the border i have ever seen in my professional career, republicans visiting the border, say the president and vice president who has been tasked
5:36 pm
with overseeing the situation need to visit so far. they have not. how could president biden and kamala harris allow this to go on and not even come here and see it for themselves? now there are allegations of sexual abuse of minors at one san antonio detention center. texas governor greg abbott wants the facility shut down. immediately we take these thies allegation seriously and they will be investigated. this secretary of homeland security alejandro, my orcas was back on the border thursday to meet with sheriff's. they say this secretary agreed to regular weekly meetings. dhs has not confirmed that there's a lot more work that needs to be done, and certainly. the you know, we all need to listen to the border communities and to the men and women, uh, that serve in green. president biden's budget proposal leaves homeland security funding roughly the same. however it does not have any additional border wall construction money in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. bolling
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says it has notified airlines a potential electrical issues with its 7 37 max plane and recommends that they temporarily stopped flying some of those planes. the warnings come just months after airlines resumed flying those jets, which had been grounded for nearly two years because of two crashes that killed nearly 350 people. boeing says it's working with the faa on the issue and is informing airlines of exactly which aircraft may be affected, southwestern lines, says 30 of it. 58 max jets are affected by the notification, and then it is grounding those planes for now, american united and alaska airlines are also pulling their jets out of service. amazon workers have voted against unionization, the unionization drive at alabama warehouse where more than two thirds of the ballots have been counted just over half of the 5800 workers at the amazon warehouse to part in the vote on whether to join the retail, wholesale and department store union. the union needed support from more
5:38 pm
than half of the voters. but votes against unionization have an advantage of more than 2 to 1 over those in favor. still active white house in san francisco bay that also hosts a bed and breakfast is out of business right now, because the power cable connect me for land to snap. it'll cost six figures to fix it. a volcano corruption since a plume of smoke 20,000 ft into the sky. tonight. thousands of people have been told to evacuate life. to throw f
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sailing ships and early steamers is threatened by extinction all because of a modern day necessity. we're talking about electricity. it is not available right now. ktvu tom vacar has more on what
5:41 pm
is causing the problem at a place it's usually open to the public. the still active east brother light station between san francisco and san pablo obeys his richmond's oldest structure and has been operating since 18 74 147 years. it's also home to a truly unique nonprofit, dinner bed and breakfast in open to the public for overnighting and two day trippers for sightseeing and picnics of the white house. house here is actually the oldest wood frame operating lighthouse in the united states last week, a 30 year old 2000 ft. long power cable installed by the coast guard failed. this is really an emergency. you know, right now, the light that the coast guard operates is running on batteries, and they only last 72 hours. the lightened foghorns are the coast guard's responsibility, but it has not committed any money and could close it since. 1979 the late station has been
5:42 pm
operated by the east brother light station non profit group that restored the property and formed a bed and breakfast to underwrite the costs of operation. then this just just knocked us for a for a loop light station keeper deseret hetero says. without a permanent fix. the whole thing is in jeopardy. the generator that we have is from the thirties, so it's zeal to last, but it can only handle so much which i can only use one hour in the morning and one hour at night, but a permanent fix has a big price, but it looks like several $100,000 to replace the cable. the alternative we're looking at is to put in his toe turn the island into into him off the grid, solar project, but solar plus batteries, too. store power for nighttime would cost about the same, but that's money desperately needed. so the island corey opened the summer and not fall into hopeless disrepair. any amount will help. we need your help right now help make history again. that was tom vacar
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reporting. the light station does have a go fund me page set up a swell a schism website. we have all of that information on our website ktvu dot com. it is right next to tom's story. the marine mammal senate confirms that a ship strike killed one of the great whales found dead in the bay area. they say the 41 ft don't female that washed up on your beach yesterday had bruising consistent with blunt trauma, experts said the whale appeared healthy, based on its blubber and internal fat levels. the deaths of three other whales are still being investigated, the center says. malnutrition entanglement and ship strikes are the most common causes of death of whales in recent years. surprise eruption coming up next, a volcano eruption that occurred caribbean island that had interrupted in decades and we do have a warm up on the way for the weekend. but what does the rest of the forecast hold on the extended forecast for
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looking out for some rain? i'll tell you if we see any coming up wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are.
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caribbean island of st vincent. ah, column of ash could be seen shooting 20,000 ft into the air, roughly 16,000 people lived near that volcano. st. vincent is located on the eastern caribbean. it's near the islands of st lucia and barbados. boats and some vehicles picked up last minute evacuate from the area shortly after the explosion. let's load our explosion. i hate that zuck smoke started up in there, so, yeah, i mean, i just get panic understanding that my brother was there you go, geologist. same or explosions are likely to follow. the last time this volcano erupted was in 1979. well as we mark arab american heritage month, president joe biden is covering the most
5:47 pm
diverse cabinet in the u. s history. here he is. here's a look at it. the unprecedented number of arab conserving in the administration. now, as we all know, by now, the biden administration is filled with history, making moves with the first female vice president, daughter of immigrant parents from two different parts of the world. but that only tells a small part of the story of how diversity by the administration really is. i had. it's about time blush, shaheen, a bay area resident and author of host of feast in the middle east, is talking about a ground making move so far, naming seven arab americans to the biden harrison. castration we hope to hear from experts. what non political solutions they might think are viable on this challenging public health crisis, among them oakland resident doctor bashar could share who served as chief health officer at kinds of permanent ink. born in beirut, lebanon, could share has been named white house vaccine coordinator. this place i called home had a profound impact on me, and then there's
5:48 pm
my here, betar tapped to be senior director. of intelligence programs at the national security council is extremely important in terms of geopolitical situations. the palestinian american now has a seat at the table regarding the coordination of policy on national security issues and even america's security on the national stage. palestine israel it is hopeful that biden is trying to open diplomatic communications between both parties, so i hope that that will bring a peaceful resolution. there are over three million arab americans across the country segment. came under increased discrimination following the 9 11 attacks by muslim extremists. the negative attention drove many arab americans to hide their identities out of fear of violence or verbal attacks. johnny came a seat first arab american to ever serve on the center of the city council has experienced the negativity firsthand. we're not just there are originators of falafel, you know. on shawarma, you know, but, you know, honestly, most
5:49 pm
most of the air americans that i know of, they work really hard, hard work now being recognized on our country's highest profile stage. among the others is, honey. um er ah, lebanese american. he's been named deputy assistant secretary of state for israel palestine at the u. s. state department. there's also re madonna, who was named deputy white house director of legislative affairs. the uc berkeley grad was born in north. line into palestinian parents who migrated to the u. s i think a lot of every american's air. uh quite frankly and just now beginning to getting getting into the political system, they're just starting to get their feet wet, understanding politics, it would be nice to see them make a splash in the public sector as well and overcome these negative stereotypes that have plagued our community for so long. there are those who view president binds commitment to arab americans with skepticism. some point is along support of israel dating back to his early days in congress. he even
5:50 pm
declared himself a zionist while speaking to a jewish organization back in 2007. all right, let's talk weather, shall we? we've got a nice weekend on tap, and we had a pretty nice day today, although there were certainly spots that got warm and spots that did not if they were sucked in by some clouds earlier in the day today, in particular so you could see in san francisco just make it up to 57 degrees. but if you had all the way into fairfield or antioch, you know we're up in the seventies. there was a little kind of split the difference and other places oakland about 60 degrees the high today santa rosa 69. in san jose came in about 63. so right now, you definitely see some of that cloud cover hanging out over san francisco blue skies elsewhere. you could certainly see that it is still sunny up in the north bay, where 67 in santa rosa 60 and san jose wanna creek, though cooling down into the fifties already and right now out of half moon bay, where it's been a little breezy and cloudy 50 degrees for them, so you could see those clouds kind of hugging the coast there in spots like half moon bay, and they have that's been the difference. there's also some wind coming off the water,
5:51 pm
which is making you feel a little bit cooler out there, too. so basically high pressure to the south of us and low pressure way off the coast of what's gonna happen is we had towards the weekend is that high pressure is going to track to the north and that nudges the low pressure out a little bit further. so what that does is, it means high pressure starts to affect our weather more and that's going allow. it's going to allow us to warm up a bit as we head into saturday and sunday and see temperatures that bump up about 35 degrees across the bay area a little bit warmer, so lots of sunshine expected for your saturday and we will definitely see some seventies out their favorite. just go. you're not gonna get that warm, but we will see a little bit warmer tomorrow about 64 degrees for your high the seventies. well, they're going to be in lead. the usual suspects right places like concord and vallejo and livermore. you'll be up there. san jose that looks like it's gonna make it to the 70 degree. mark san francisco's i mentioned about 64 pacifica about 57 should be a pretty nice day. so let's take a look at the wind right now. we do have some of those breezy conditions not too bad up at our peaks you could say about 27 mph and mount diablo notice.
5:52 pm
it's blowing from the west. we bring it down to this. service, and we're really feeling that at the coast, right, so 21 mile per hour gust at half moon bay 26 mph at sfo, but notice san jose state little wind, too, as you move a little bit further north. i've seen this kick up over the last couple of hours here that concord's got some wind above 20, mph and fairfield really gusty there now about 31 as the wind goes through the next 24 hours. just want to show you kind of stays up there and goes into the east bay hills as well as we go into the late night tonight, then it comes down tomorrow and then it kind of ramps back up. as we work our way back into later in the day tomorrow, so just be aware of it. it's not extreme wind, but it is going to be a little bit breezy and spot so warm and sunny as we get into our saturday, the little bit of a breeze. you're gonna stick with that on sunday. the one thing you don't see here in our forecast is any rain doesn't look like we have any shot at it until we at least get past kind of the mid month time frame, so we'll keep an eye out for that. but for now, whole lot of sunshine. it's a pretty nice temperatures over the next five days, guys back to you. so
5:53 pm
they're looking at those temperatures are thank you coming well, tributes pouring in from around the world after prince phillip dies, remembering the 99 year old husband of great britain's queen elizabeth, and coming up on ktvu news at six, the university of san francisco releases an update on its investigation into the news discovered hanging from a dorm balcony last month. what's more fall out from the mayor of windsor in the wake of sexual assault allegations made against him the impact it could have on his political career as one of his
5:54 pm
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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prince philip, according to bucking and palance palace, the
5:56 pm
longtime husband of british monarch queen elizabeth, the second passed away this morning, just two months shy of his 1/100 birthday. ktvu jesse gary has more on prince phillips life and the legacy he leaves behind. britain's resolve and collective stiff upper lip is being tested again friday. flags across the english commonwealth were lowered to half staff on news, prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, died. downtown london skyscraper pays tribute to the prince by scrolling the message that reads in part, may you rest in peace, sir, like the expert carriage driver that he was, he helped to steer the royal family and the monarchy, so that remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life during his life in the royal family, prince philip fulfilled more than 20,000 royal engagements to boost interest and hell of the
5:57 pm
monarchy in the united kingdom and around the globe. he was active in numerous charities, the military and sports amount of profound intelligence. very practical, extremely down to earth. the prince was originally from greece, but moved to england after his family's exile in 1922. later in life, he joined the british royal navy serving with distinction in world war two. phillip gave up his title as prince of greece and denmark to marry then princess elizabeth after the war. then became the duke of edinburgh. and shortly thereafter, elizabeth ascended to the british throne in 1952 after the death of her father, when you have a royal family, one of their purposes is to represent longevity. you know this? this might also be a nice day to look at that as a positive thing that he's had lifelong relationships with other countries. other heads of state president joe biden issued a statement offering condolences on behalf of the
5:58 pm
american people. saying of the prince. the impact of his decades of devoted public service is evident in the worthy causes. he lifted up. his legacy will live on not only through his family, but in all the charitable endeavors. he shaped london and palace officials say funeral arrangements will be announced in the coming days for the 99 year old prince, the longest serving consort in british history. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. well, iconic rapper dmx is being remembered today for his distinctive and raspy voice, which propelled him to the top of music charts. his family announced that the performer and musician whose birth name is earl simmons, died at a new york hospital with this family by side. he had been on life support since last week after an apparent drug overdose and heart attack. his manager, said he was in a vegetative state. now dmx began wrapping in the 19 nineties, he sold millions of albums and has three grammy nominations. dmx
5:59 pm
was just 50 years old. this is ktvu fox two news at six. the u. s. is now administering three million vaccine doses per day and as eligibility expands today, fizer asked the fda to authorize the use of its vaccine for kids ages. 12 to 15 years old. we want to get kids vaccinated as soon as possible. esos they can get back to the same status that we're seeing in adults. the request form emergency use authorization comes after stage, three trials of the vaccine should be 100% effective in adolescence. good evening. i'm christina were down and, um, andre senior. now it comes as trials get underway for children, ages five and younger ktvu magus has details. as vaccine eligibility experience to californians, 16 years and older in the coming week on friday, visor and jump
6:00 pm
started the process for even younger teens, too soon be eligible to i think time is money in terms of immunizing as many members of the population as we can, the vaccine is safe. it's effective. in fact, adolescents have twice as much on the bodies neutralizing antibodies in the trials as young adults, so we think that will be really a good vaccine in this population. stanford university's dr yvonne maldonado has been urging the fda, fizer and other vaccine makers to get these vaccinations out before the fall so as not to interfere with kids getting flu vaccination. in particular for summer, people are going to summer camps. they're going toe, maybe travel and we really want them to be vaccinated possible before school starts just to give that out of cushion of protection. she's expecting to be in phase one. vaccine trials on kids under five years old starting next week. stanford is one of five sites in the country testing fizer vaccines on this age group. the bottom line is there will be vaccines, i think available


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