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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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died at the age of 99. the tributes pouring in from across the world plus getting the coronavirus vaccine into the arms of more california the training under way today here in the bay area to get more people qualified to give those shots, then first it was the age. now the giants are welcoming fans back. we'll have a preview of today season opener at home. the news at noon starts now. thinks is ktvu fox two news at new good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat him for mike this noon. condolences continue coming in from all over the world after the death of prince philip, according to buckingham palace, a longtime husband of british monarch queen elizabeth, the second passed away this morning, two months shy of his 1/100 birthday. ktvu is jesse gary has more the princess life and the legacy he leaves behind. britain's resolve and collective stiff upper lip is
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being tested again. friday flags across the english commonwealth were lowered to half staff on news, prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, died. downtown london skyscraper pays tribute to the prince by scrolling the message that reads in part, may you rest in peace, sir, like the expert carriage driver that he was, he helped to steer the royal family and the monarchy. so that remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life during his life in the royal family, prince philip fulfilled more than 20,000 royal engagements to boost interest and. hell of the monarchy in the united kingdom and around the globe. he was active in numerous charities, the military and sports amount of profound intelligence. very practical, extremely down to earth. the prince was originally from greece, but moved to england after his family's exile in 1922. later
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in life, he joined the british royal navy serving with distinction in world war two. phillip gave up his title as prince of greece and denmark to marry then princess elizabeth after the war. he then became the duke of edinburgh. and shortly thereafter, elizabeth ascended to the british throne in 1952 after the death of her father, when you have a royal family, one of their purposes is to represent longevity. you know this? this might also be a nice day to look at that as a positive thing that he's had lifelong relationships with other countries. other heads of state president joe biden issued a statement offering condolences on behalf of the american people. and saying of the prince. the impact of his decades of devoted public service is evident in the worthy causes. he lifted up. his legacy will live on not only through his family, but in all the charitable endeavors, he shaped london and palace officials say funeral arrangements will be announced
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in the coming days for the 99 year old prince, the longest serving consort in british history. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. family of dmx announced that the iconic rapper has died. he was put on life support last week after an apparent drug overdose and heart attack fans held a vigil outside his new york hospital. but a few days ago dmx is manager said he was in a vegetative state. grammy nominated hip hop artists wrapped with his trademark rough delivery. rapper dmx, whose real name was earl simmons, was only 50 years old. the gates are open at san francisco's oracle park for the san francisco giants home opener. thousands of fans are actually taking their seats for the first time in more than a year, ktvu elissa harrington reporting live this afternoon on the changes the ticket holders need to know about before they go to the ballpark. elissa you know, it will be a different fan experience because of covid-19, but
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everyone is just so excited for the giants home opener. it's really hard to believe that fans have not entered the ballpark since september of 2019. we, of course, got used to seeing cardboard. hideouts in the stands instead of crowd here, some live video outside oracle park where we're less than two hours from the first pitch. fans are excited, and so our team officials, but they want make to make sure people understand that they need to follow safety measures around covid-19. really excited about it. it's a special day for the barrel gers in from michigan. they're at their very first in person giants game and their son caleb is one of the pictures on the team. we're here to cheer on the giants and awesome wish our son caleb burger, a happy birthday today, just birthday and he's got a gun. yes it's his birthday today, and he gets to be here for the home opener. he's in, really, he's in the bullpen, so we'll see if he gets in today or not. the giants are welcoming back a limit. had number of in person fans for
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today's home opener against the colorado rockies. the team is allowing 22% capacity or 8900 people giant ceo larry bear explained what the fan experience will be like going forward. we have something called fans safe, which is once you're in the park. it's coming by the safest places you could ever be. we're gonna have all the sanitation and we're gonna have concessions set up in a way that could be very safe concessions are ordered through an app from your seat. hands will either have to provide a negative covid test within 72 hours of a game or proof of a full covid vaccination. once inside, people will be socially distanced. we're just excited to have the energy back with fans. and more importantly, we're excited that communities in such a better place now and working toward getting back to normalcy. opening ceremony start in about an hour from now at one, the national anthem will be sung by a member of the bay area health care community to represent all those
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frontline workers impacted by covid-19. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. exciting day elissa frank you meanwhile, the a's will once again try to break the spell the houston astros appeared to have on that team last night. he is lost to the astro 60 to their seventh loss this season. five of them have come against houston. these were shut out for the first eight innings of yesterday's game. tonight's first pitched 5 10 at houston's minute maid park. santa clara county is allowing people age 16 and older to sign up for covid vaccines. but just because they're eligible doesn't mean they can easily make an appointment. alameda county recently. expanded eligibility and 12 of its hardest, said zip codes. one man who is now eligible, tells us the new mandate has not filter down to his private provider, which won't allow him to sign up. who cannot make an appointment with. for this is weak that is beginning to become veiled. this susceptible population is still large on
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the vaccine charted would just take that much longer to get people vaccinated when they need to be. california will allow everyone 16 and older to make appointments beginning april the 15th but health department say supplies which differ each week still dictate how many people can sign up for those appointments. medical researchers at stanford university save five more cases of the coronavirus variant that originated in india now been discovered right here in the bay area. this follows an earlier confirmed local case reported earlier this week. it's been called the dub. mutant because it carries two mutations of the virus. early evidence suggests it's more contagious than the original coronavirus and maybe more resistant to existing vaccines. public health experts say the variant that was first reported in the united kingdom last year now accounts for more than half of all the new covid-19 infections in the u. s several
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studies have found this very is more contagious than the original strain. and it creates a higher risk of serious illness and death. cdc says there is increasing evidence young people are causing it to spread right here in the united states. state superintendent of public instruction tony thurman is hosting the first in the syriza of virtual roundtable discussions with state and national leaders on the importance of offering vaccines to members of california's black and latin next communities. leaders are hoping to raise the awareness about the increase in vaccination rates and underserved communities. those have been hardest hit by covid-19, california senator alex padilla made a video appearance. we are so close to turning the corner on the covid-19 pandemic vaccines are on the way up cases in california or coming down on while people are feeling better about it. i think this is not the time to let up. s 02 main messages
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today number one if you haven't gotten the vaccine yet, please sign up as soon as you're eligible by april 15th. every adult should be able to make an appointment and get the vaccine. it's safe. it is effective and what we need to do to protect your health that of your family, that of our community and how we're all going to get to the other side of this pandemic. leaders say they don't want people to be afraid of getting the vaccine, saying we all need to work together to end the covid pandemic. nursing students getting some hands on training at a vaccination clinic in san francisco today, kaiser's teaming up with the university of san francisco to provide training at the school's correct health and recreation center universities, nursing students are being supervised by faculty and they've completed a covid-19 education program, which includes coursework on the moderna and five other vaccines. students we spoke with said they're grateful for this opportunity. we have learned how to vaccinate and we've been vaccinating like
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thousands of people every single day, thanks to kaiser and us up, so it's cool. it's been an amazing learning experience for me. this is really catapulted this nursing team into real life and the contribution they're making to help in the pandemic is really, really special. organizers say the partnership with the u. s s started last year when kaiser was looking for a safe space to offer flu vaccines and were able to use ucsf. excuse me, usf parking lots still to come on this friday at noon sexual assault allegations involving the mayor of windsor, the growing calls for him to step down, plus prosecution witnesses on the stand, say george boy died from a lack of oxygen, not a drug overdose. we're winding down the second week of a four week trial on. half in minneapolis, and it's gonna be a lovely weekend here in the bay area. ktvu meteorologist kyla grogan will meteorologist kyla grogan will have your full forecast
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investigation into sexual assault allegations against the mayor of windsor ktvu is deborah villalon spoke with one of the accuser's has the growing calls for dominic for poli to resign. this is the part here of the assault. sofia
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williams is a midwife married mother of two who took part in a multi year probe by the san francisco chronicle. it is sexual misconduct by windsor mayor dominic for poli. when he put his finger down my pants, i realized that i didn't want to stick around for what was next. williams first talked about what happened during the me to movement. without naming him. she described at 21 going out with the poli another friends drinking after class than sharing cab rides home but unexpectedly ending up at his house, where for? police said they would sleep it off separately but allegedly assaulted her. i just kept saying no, no, dominic, and he kept trying and like rubbing himself against me, and i was kind of against the wall in his bed, william says she locked herself in a bathroom and fled hours later when a friend could pick her up. this was 2006 williams didn't report it. i don't know what i would have done if it had its like i hadn't gotten away if that had been worse than that, i don't know. got our entire town leadership and staff set up by 2019 for poli was windsor mayor
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after being its youngest council member on the same year, a 21 year old intern alleges he sexually assaulted her after a winery party. two other women, a colleague from a civic club and a teenage campaign volunteer, also described for poli, isolating and attacking them while drinking. it's just hard to imagine that you would have a sexual predator. work in your community in a leadership position. supervisors and the mayors of all eight cities in sonoma county are unanimous. he must resign. the fact that it was multiple women over a period of years, the fact that their stories were corroborated to mean all demonstrates credibility to their stories. when you think you're the only one that's happened to. it's your word against. they're williams understands how shame has kept women silent. especially as for poli became more prominent, but she believes there are even more survivors. i'm hoping that their strength and numbers and that more women will come forward now that it is public
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residents held a small rally demanding for poli resign and be prosecuted even as the sheriff and dea open investigations. the police attorney has said he denies the allegations in windsor, deborah villalon. ktvu fox two news, a massive luck rock slides shut down part of highway 50 in eldorado county. take a look at some photos tweeted out by caltrans. you can see several large boulders right there in the middle of the road, both east and west bound lanes of 50 or currently closed this road is a very busy one of popular rod for people going to south lake tahoe. at this point people are being told to use alternate routes will keep you posted. ah powerful marcato on the eastern caribbean island of st vincent has erupted. ash from the volcano has now risen is high of six miles. scientists say that more powerful eruptions are likely imminent. eruption came just hours after mandatory evacuation orders were issued for some 16,000 people. well, the weekend is upon us, and that is the most important forecast of the week. a lot of
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folks out in about it looks like a good one. kyla grogan joins us with more good afternoon. yes yeah, indeed. it does. look like a good one. i'm gonna warm up a little bit as we head towards the weekend, but we're already kind of sitting in a. rather lovely forecast at the moment. we had a pretty good run with marine layer this morning. it retreated a bit early as it did yesterday. so that meant a little left fog around there, and now we're looking at sunshine, but we also have a little bit of a breeze out there. now, if you could detect it, we were taking a live look right now down the oakland estuary at san francisco. this is kind of zoomed in and you see the camera bouncing just a little bit. that's an indication of some of the wind that's out there. so really little breezy today. current temperatures, though, right now in oakland, 56 degrees san francisco 52 words 60 in santa rosa and livermore. in san jose right now, sitting in about 59 degrees, so here's the window is talking about. i think it's really going to be felt that the coast today we could see were gusting up to about 22 miles at half moon bay as a phone right now reporting 25 mph that is going to kick up a little bit is to get into the afternoon and evening. so the little calmer as we move a
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little further north. you see santa rosa just five mph. this wind is starting to get a bit of a northerly component to it, so we're kind of having a westerly flow and we're getting a little bit of northerly component. and you see that, as you see the clouds kind of rolling from north to south here. along storm surge actor to earlier this morning. we had some track across from west to east but i owe all told they're staying mostly offshore as you can see, so we're looking out for a lovely day today, a couple degrees cooler than we were yesterday. so sunny skies about 53 the coast 62 around the bay and we'll look at some low seventies inland so again, not quite as warm as we were and what that means for the home opener today is we've got a pretty nice forecast. lots of sunshine out. there is gonna be little chris brake temperatures about 1 35 when they do start the game today. about 57 degrees, and there is going to be a little wind to contend with. as i mentioned about 15 mile per hour wind is what we're expecting temperatures today. so santa rosa, you're going a couple degrees above average getting into those low seventies, but san francisco closer to the coast, you're going to be a little bit cooler. same story for oakland. you'll be about 63 today. that's a
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little below average and livermore in san jose running in the mid sixties. so we have high pressure and low pressure kind of battling it out that high pressure is going to start tracking a little bit further to the north. and as we get towards the weekend, that means we start to warm up more so sunny skies will take us right across the weekend. unfortunately no rain in the forecast as we could see it right now. a z could see temperatures gonna pump up about 5 to 6 degrees as we head across the weekend. what kind of stay that way as we get into next week. your clouds will be thrown our way by a system that's going to be to our east on tuesday, but right now we don't see any significant rain. we'll talk a little bit more about our chances when i come back in a bit, but for now, send it back to the death. pilot thank you start becoming moon president. joe biden takes executive action to try to curb the surgeon gun violence across america. then just hours later, another mass shooting
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>>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. show been murder trial. the chief county medical examiner who ruled george floyd's death was a homicide took the stand, saying that he didn't want to watch the video, in fact, did not watch the video of the arrest before making his determination so that his exam would not be biased. as matt finn reports, several medical experts have testified about exactly what led to george floyd's death. the second week of testimony in the trial, derek showman wraps up today. yesterday the state shifted
12:23 pm
focus to explaining how george floyd died. that strategy continuing friday. in this case, i believe the primary mechanism of death is a six year or low oxygen. on thursday, prosecutors called another expert witness to the stand. ho monologist dr martin tobin. he delivered hours of testimony telling jurors george floyd died of a lack of oxygen. the defense. suggested floyd's underlying health problems and drug use or partially responsible for his death. the healthy person subjected to what mr floyd was subjected to would have died, dr tobin said. several factors made it difficult for floyd to breathe, including the hard pavement imposition of handcuffs. jurors also hearing from a forensic toxicologist who testified that he found fentanyl and methamphetamine in floyd system on cross examination. he agreed with the defense that there was no way to know how much fun. it's an all floyd ingested every single pill you take it becomes a unique experience for
12:24 pm
the person, right. that's true in minneapolis, matt finn ktvu fox two news. you can watch the testimony live everyday court's in session. we're streaming it for you at ktvu dot com and the ktvu mobile news app. police have released the name of the suspected gunman in a mass shooting in texas. investigators say. 27 year old larry bolan opened fire two cabinet making company worked at in bryan, texas, yesterday. it's about 100 miles north of houston. one person was killed. five others were injured in the shooting during the police manhunt, bullet also shot and injured a state trooper before he. was arrested. i heard the gunshots, so i think i'm running once everybody else did. so then when i came back here, and i've seen two bodies on things people are trying to help him. it's so sad that he has to happen in this community and bryan, texas that always brought about it. this is a peaceful community. poland has been charged with murder being held currently on a million dollar. bond investigators are
12:25 pm
still trying to determine the motive of that shooting in texas. a $100,000 reward now being offered in a 2016 san francisco homicide case spent five years since police recovered the body of nicole fits at mclaren park and her daughter. is still missing. arianna fitz would have turned seven years old yesterday. this is a police progression sketch of what she may look like. today. arianna was less saying in the care of her baby sitters david and halina martin back in february of 2016 2. months later, the body of arianna's mother was found in a shallow grave and mclaren park. no arrests. have been made. we're now hearing from a sergeant with the alameda county sheriff's department who found a simple way to deescalate a tense situation at oakland airport. this happened tuesday morning. authorities say that a man with mental illness was spotted in the baggage claim area of terminal one. they say he had a knife and was pacing
12:26 pm
back and forth, threatening to kill himself. that's when sergeant jeff hazlitt and the alameda county sheriff's crisis negotiation team arrived at the scene. he wanted us to shoot him. explain to him that i didn't want to shoot him. didn't want to hurt him, but i wanted to know what the problem was my opportunity to give him one more day was all i was thinking about wanted to give him an opportunity to see his children. negotiations continued for more than three hours before sergeant hazlitt told airport operations to turn up the heat in the baggage claim area. the man began to sweat and deputies tased him after he started removing some of his clothing that allowed the sergeant to grab his knife. the man was sent for psychiatric hospital to get help. steady come here at noon, a hairdresser getting back on her feet after losing her job at the start of the pandemic and going through a divorce. now she's starting to rebuild her life. why she credits community for stepping up to help out plus using art to
12:27 pm
spread a powerful message. how a san francisco business owners using origami to show her support for the a p majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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anchor joe fonzi joins us live with a look at what fans can expect. and i know you've covered ah lot of giant openers joe, but this one is just a little bit different. starting with your mask. no you're absolutely right, frank. and i'm going to show my baby boomer roots and quote joni mitchell. don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone. and you know it was great to see baseball start up again last year with that every deviated season in july, but there is honestly i said this last week at the coliseum. i say it again here today. in the sunshine, there is nothing quite like being here live. we're gonna show you some of the pregame festivities that are happening and they are really festivities yet the grounds crew out there getting the field ready. we saw giants batting practice just a little while ago and then followed by the colorado rockies giants have played six games already. they've split those six games. they're three and three coming into this one, losing two out of three in seattle and then winning two out of three. in san diego, san diego, the team that pretty
12:31 pm
much everybody picks to contend along with the dodgers for the national league west championship. but the giants right in the middle of things right now, so obviously you look around the stadium to see the bunting. you see that there are a few fans, some 9000 gonna be allowed to be here and socially distance from each other. you see some of them sitting in their seats already and just enjoying a beautiful day here, as you can imagine the players, the managers, everybody looking forward to today for gabe kapler's something just a little. little bit extra special. given what we experienced last year, not having like real sound come from the stands. this is ah, really exciting moment for a lot of people and in the clubhouse right now, myself included. i'm really. looking forward to getting out there and having the support of the giants fans. you know you think about when the stadium opened, it still seems relatively new. but that was 21 years ago. 2000 was the year that then back bell park opened and here's what makes this place so
12:32 pm
special. there's no other ballpark in the america where you could see this. there's regulation in terms of who can be here in the stadium for the fans, but out of senior regulation out there in mccovey cove, i think those boats learned long ago to use social distancing there so they don't run into each other. but of course, the kayakers. because getting a splash hit in mccovey cove is one of the greatest souvenirs you can get. you can see they're ready. i'm ready as well. nothing quite like being at a live baseball game and happy to be here and doing that today, guys back to the studio. all right, joe, wish i was there to enjoy and have a hot dog on us. go giants. today u s bank distributed 3000 safety kids as part of its campaign against violence toward asian americans, the kids are going to community groups at its branches and predominantly asian american neighborhoods in san francisco san bruno incentives a. the kids include whistles, safety lights and bilingual i d cards. this is a
12:33 pm
way for us to really get back to our community and to help them feel like we're here to support them. in addition, us bank has also recently given additional prance of the asian pacific heritage foundation to support them in their continued collaboration and efforts around the asian community as well. well, that's grant to san francisco based asian pacific heritage foundation is part of the additional $60,000 and support to a p i communities us bank announced on april 6th help combat biases and acts of violence. in the face of recent asian, anti asian, uh anti asian hate crimes here in the bay area across the country, a bay area artist and business owner has launched a movement inspired by a japanese tradition. ktvu jana katsuyama explains. so we're just going to fold this into the triangle like this. thea art of origami is about transformation, and then this edge will come up. meet the center line look
12:34 pm
beyond a flat surface and gradually it comes to life in three dimensions. it's really magic. almost magic magic is linda me. harrah's mission as an origami artist and owner of the paper tree store in san francisco. and in the wake of recent anti asian hate, she wanted to transform the hurt. i really wanted people to think about love, because love is what conquers hate. so she posted on her social media sites. ah call for hearts inspired by an old japanese tradition, the tradition if you have a wish you want to have control you fold 1000 cranes and i said, let's fold 1000 hearts and make that the new thing and what happened next was magical. get all this. you know, people are dropping up, you know bags of hearts, bags, bundles, boxes of hearts began arriving at the paper tree store in japantown from across the nation. this is from sacramento. we've got i know i saw one earlier from new york. san diego, maryland, illinois,
12:35 pm
even japan, but it's just been amazing. it's like i can tell you. it's great. it's like i'm getting buckets of love, you know, on the lips of love. it's just incredible more than 1000 arrived in just the first week. many had messages from young and old hand written. and heartfelt stand tall and city strong love, love, love, love who you really are. each piece is finding a home in her shop window in the heart of japan town where the community has struggled before through anti asian hate and hardships. it's really unfortunate. but we hope that ah, you can learn from that. and you know, we learned to treat each other with love. and the love keeps coming. we have actually 3207 hearts. oh whole bunch have been coming in people united by compassion. it just gives me hope. and i'm just like reinvigorated with,
12:36 pm
you know, just, you know. have belief in humanity. now you know, the proof is in the paper. yeah feels good. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news. oakland police chief laurent armstrong was thea on lee, law enforcement leader invited to the white house for the president's gun control announcement and called it a great honor and says he's seen some firsthand the problem with ghost guns. we've seen crimes committed with these guns, including homicides. these guns are very difficult to track. we have to do something about these guns. and i think the legislative action that you seen taken today will begin that process, chief also says he's seen an increase in the number of rounds fired at crime scenes in oakland, sometimes as high as 100 chief says he hopes the new actions will have an impact and reducing access the high capacity weapons. meanwhile, police in dublin are
12:37 pm
giving away free gun trigger locks at the police station. the dublin police department is also produced a video showing people how to properly place a trigger lock on a gun, a new gun safety law that went into effect this year in dublin prohibits people from keeping a gun in their home unless it's locked away or has a lock on the trigger. anyone who wants a free gun trigger lock could pick one up at the lobby, the dublin police services headquarters that's located on clark avenue until their supplies run out. san francisco was on track to move to the yellow tier of reopening, but according to the city command to the covid command center, the city did not meet that requirement. now, the sooner san francisco could move out of the orange to your two yellow would be april 20th. the health department is closely monitoring covid cases. and if the city moves to the yellow tear on the 20th more activities could reopen as soon as the next day. after the east bay, where her stylist who lost her job right when the pandemic began, is opening up her own
12:38 pm
hair salon now, ktvu rob roth says that she is thanking the community for helping her get back on her feet. just like put my focus on the pandemic took away her livelihood last year. this time i was sitting in my little place and crying my eyes out because at the silence suddenly i had no job, but here it has hair. affair and woman creek. a comeback story is unfolding. i'm just so grateful that i had all these people around me support me too hard time and now i'm here. we would have got but getting to where she is was difficult for now, as has roddy, and it took a lot of help just before the pandemic knows. roddy found herself divorced and living in an rv park in the back of her brother's home and martinez with her three dogs. then came covid. in march. 16 2020 we all had to not to go to work, and
12:39 pm
that was the income. i guess. the hair silas where the one hit a lot, but compassion started coming her way. former clients send her money out of the blue to help keep her going. my clients start to reaching out to me. they were offering me how like what i need and it was for me was like falling for home great recently has ready heard about a former salon in walnut creek that had become vacant, but she wasn't able to afford the lease. and she says the building owner decided to take a chance on her and has offered several months of free rent until she's able to get in as hair affair running. his ronnie started back this week with a few clients. but on sunday she's planning a celebration to thank all the people who lifted her and help her get back in business. i don't know how to say tank to the people that supported me or out there helping other people. i know for sure. without them,
12:40 pm
i wouldn't be here right now sitting in my own salon, robert ktvu, fox two news. facebook is launching a new effort to help vaccinate people living in california's underserved communities. today it's teaming up with the governor to help set up nine pop up vaccination clinics and several low income areas all across southern california. tomorrow facebook will convert part of its menlo park headquarters into an ongoing vaccination clinic for people living in. hard hit communities right here in the bay area as well still to come at noon, boeing is facing another issue with its 7 37 max airplanes. the new problem with the electrical system and the new calls to ground those airplanes also, have you been outside yet today you should because it's a warm, beautiful day all across the bay area, and that's continuing into the weekend alive. look here at interstate 80, berkeley and every bill shining in the sun ktvu meteorologist. grogan is
12:41 pm
up next, and she'll have your full bring. on. spring.
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plus, herbal and other immune superstars. max plane and is recommending that they temporarily stopped flying some of those planes. the warning comes just months after airlines resumed flying the jet, which had been grounded for nearly two years because of two crashes to kill nearly 350 people. boeing says
12:44 pm
it is working with the faa on the issue, and it's informing airlines of exactly which planes may be affected, southwest airlines says 30 of its 58 max jets are effective the notification and that it is grounding those planes. for now, amazon workers have voted against the unionization drive at the alabama warehouse, where more than two thirds of the ballots have been counted just over half of the 5800 workers at that amazon warehouse took part in the vote on whether to join the retail, wholesale and department store union union needed support from more than half of its voters. but votes against unionization evident advantage right now more. than 2 to 1 over those in favor. verizon is recalling 2.5 million mobile phones, mobile phone hot spots that were sold to schools after some reports of overheating and two reports of minor burns that came as a result, the recall, it's for the ellipsis jetpack mobile hot spots sold between april 2017
12:45 pm
and march of this year. users can contact horizon for a refund or a replacement parents whose children received the recalled ellipsis jet path from their school should contact that school. for instructions on how to receive a replacement. governor gavin newsom has announced a new fire resiliency plan to protect the state against what could be a devastating wildfire season. ktvu tom vacar tells us the plan will cost more than a half billion dollars, and it's meant to help improve wildfire response, the state's new additional $536 million funding plan will target five key fire issues requires a plan and we have a plan 100 directives. they're part of our action plan it requires coordination requires collaboration. we have a structure for coordination in collaboration with five point plan targets forestry management greatly increased prescribed burning, as well as vegetation and brush management also included the widening of
12:46 pm
defensible space near rural homes as well as fuel breaks near towns and so called home hardening the upgrading and retrofitting of homes in the most wild, fire prone areas. we have the most sophisticated wild land fire fighting force in the country. if not the world to make it even better. last january, the governor used emergency powers to approve nearly $81 million to hire an additional 1400 firefighters into cal fire. the governor has also put a billion dollars into his 2021 budget for wildfire and forest resilient action. plans for wildfire operations and forest management. it's not working its way through the lawmaking process and a greater sense of urgency than ever. in contemporary california and get this as we raise this point several years ago, the state is only responsible for 3% of california's forest lands. the federal government is responsible for more than 50% nonetheless, last year as
12:47 pm
california was going through its worst fire season ever, the trump administration continued cutting federal forestry and fire budgets. nine out of 10, that was the public. don't no, that and probably have them won't even believe that. the biden administration says it knows that and will do far better. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. it is a friday that means the weekend is coming. let's check in with kyla on what looks like a pretty good weather weekend. yeah, gorgeous. you guys, it's going to be absolutely beautiful this weekend, but since we just were listening to what tom baker was talking about, i thought, you know what? let's have a little reality check. we love the sunshine, but we have not gotten a lot of rain. and of course that does leave us with some concerns as we head towards our summer season where we tend to get very dry, so i wanted to show you kind of where we're at. if you're in san jose, only five inches of rain ah, little over h a little under nine and san francisco close to eight in oakland, but you could see all of these. the percentages between about 36
12:48 pm
40% of what would be considered normal, so that is to say that we're certainly running at a deficit and what that does kind of sets us up poorly for we're getting into our dryer part of the year. if you could see here right now, good portion of the bay area is considered moderate drought. and then if you go a little further inland, it's severe drop in if you go even further inland into the north, extreme drought in that area and red, so to say that we need rain is an understatement. our last storm was march 18th for like, three weeks ago, and if i run you through future cast here, you could see him to take you through the weekend right into next week tuesday and let's go to thursday. yes looks like maybe there's something right, but no, it falls apart right now. models just now. picking up on anything that's going to bring us any significant rainfall, so that would be kind of the downside. the upside is as we take a live look at san francisco right now from oakland. it is beautiful help. there we have got lots of sunshine. it is lovely san francisco right now. 53 degrees 56. oakland were already in the sixties of walnut creek conquered livermore. fairfield santa rouz. a look at this
12:49 pm
brentwood. mountain view and san matteo. the sixties club is a pretty big one. today as we take a look at stormtrooper toot we've had, you know, a really good run with our clouds this morning. we had a few out there kind of rolling through a little bit of patchy fog, but it has dissipated. and now we're looking at some beautiful sunny skies, but we do have a little bit of wind going notice at sfo were gusting 25 mph out of half moon bay where 22 mph gusts and expect a little bit that wind to kick in even higher as we get into the afternoon and evening still pretty common in the north bay, but notice fairfield conquered. you see the little wind, even oakland feeling a little bit there. it's coming. kind of out of the west. we're getting a bit of a west northwesterly flow with the wind. so lots of sunshine today little breezy out there. temperatures will be relatively mild, so out of the coast about 53 degrees come around the bay and toby talking about mid to upper sixties and then low seventies as we had inland. so high pressure is going to nudge are low pressure all the way out to sea and allow us to warm up a little bit as we head towards this weekend. so your forecast this
12:50 pm
weekend the numbers are going up. it's going to be about 5 to 6 degrees cooler for saturday and sunday, says the bit of a warming trend that we kind of started yesterday and will continue through the weekend. and then we kind of stay there as we get into next week, as i mentioned nothing really knocking this pattern out of the way quite yet. so here's your extended forecast today should be beautiful out there temperatures pretty consistent once we had saturday, right through next tuesday can see inland temperatures in the mid seventies and overnight lows also stayed relatively consistent. even our inland lows, really saying upper thirties and low forties but hopefully we'll see this pattern break down as we get. into the second half of april, and we'll get some april showers for seven. make flowers. that would be good, frank back to you. i would agree. okay kyla. thank you. florida's governor, rond de santis. once cruz is back up and running from the united states and to make that happen, he's filing a lawsuit against the cdc, which has restricted the industry for more than a year. now, marin blanchard has more from washington. flights, air
12:51 pm
filling up restaurants are getting their regulars back. even pro sports teams have begun to play ball with fans in the stands. but florida's governor, rhonda santa, says his state's cruise line industry has been left out to sea with no clear guidance on when they can resume operations. today florida's fighting back so he and florida's attorney general are filing a lawsuit against the federal government and the centers for disease control. allow ships to sail again immediately. we don't believe the federal government has the right to mothball a major industry for over a year, based on very little evidence and very little data. they argue the cruise industry should be treated like other travel industries. i don't know of any other industry that has suffered at the hands of any federal agency like we have back in october, the cdc moved from a no sale order to a conditional sale order, which includes heavy restrictions that prevent cruise lines. from carrying on normal operations. it won't be lifted until the pandemic is over, or november
12:52 pm
1st this year we're really at our wits end at this point. we don't know what else to tell them. the white house says the decision is up to the cdc. they have guidelines they put out on cruises cruise lines if they decide to update them, that is their prerogative. dissent is also argues americans are still sailing and the u. s is missing out on the money. people are going to cruise one way or another. norwegian cruise line says they will require 100% vaccination for guests and staff, their asking the cdc to allow them to start back up by july. 4th in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. still to come at noon. yosemite of limiting the number of visitors this summer, the requirement to need to know about if you're planning nation. has re its firsr
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
federal budget proposal. ktvu
12:56 pm
griff jenkins has more on what made the cut and what didn't after weeks of delays. president biden is unveiling his administration's top spending priorities for 2022 769 billion in nondefense spending up 16% from last year, as well as 753 billion for national defense programs. 1.7% increase its not the full budget as you know, but just for clarity purposes. it's a kind of discretionary guidance. that guidance also calls for giving the pentagon roughly the same amount as last year. $715 billion, the republicans had pushed for more if the administration is serious about competing with china, deterring russia and preserving american leadership, the most important test will be in the president's budget. democrats had hoped to reduce the pentagon suspending, saying in a letter to the president hundreds of billions of dollars now directed to the military would have greater return if invested in diplomacy,
12:57 pm
humanitarian aid global public health sustainability initiatives and basic research. american people know we need big, bold change, but the president wants to up the nation's spending in other areas, including education, public health housing in what the president calls environmental justice, not on the list the border wall. despite the surge of migrants crossing the southern border, the president's proposal is largely seen as the opening dead. lawmakers have until october 1st to reach a compromise on a final budget to avoid a government shutdown at the white house. griff jenkins, ktvu fox two news. japan will impose new covid restrictions just three months before the summer olympic games, the government is raising the coronavirus alert level in tokyo to curb the rapid spread of a now more contagious vary it new restrictions of penalties on restaurants begin this monday. they will run through made the 11th tokyo
12:58 pm
summer games are scheduled to begin on july. the 23rd. nascar is coming back to sonoma raceway this year. the track says it'll welcome fans for the toyota save mart 3 50, the weekend of june 5th and sixth. the nascar race has been held in sonoma every year since 1989. the event was moved to north carolina last year during the covid pandemic starting next month. most visitors to yosemite national park will lead a day use reservation to get in the temporary reservation system will let you somebody officials manage the number of visitors to reduce the risk of exposure to covid they use. reservations are included for all visitors with wilderness and half dome permits and visitors entering the park, their yard busses and unpermitted commercial tours. the day's reservation system begins may 21st later this afternoon. south bay congressman ro khanna will act as a restaurant server for an hour to demand better wages for workers. khanna will serve food and drink at san jose's sp two communal bar and restaurant is highlighting the need for
12:59 pm
congress to pass a bill that would raise the minimum wage up to $15. in our connor says workers who rely on tips, toilet unsafe conditions in order to earn money to help out their families. while many employees who have been working at home during the past year are in no hurry to get back to the office, researchers question more than 1000 remote workers all around the world. in nearly 35% of those currently working at home, say they will look for a new job of their boss's order them to come back to the office full time and 49. one of those question now one hybrid schedule, allowing them to split their work time between the home and the office and i will say, hear, hear to that. i'm kind of a hybrid model angry in the weekends and here on occasion, but report from home and i'll give that a thumbs up. that's the best of both worlds. in fact, all right, thanks so much for joining us. good to have you here is mike is enjoying the day off. have a wonderful
1:00 pm
weekend. the weather couldn't be better for it. our news is always online, ktvu dot com and the ktvu news up. dr ross is up next. >> blew through my hand. there is blood squirting everywhere. dr. oz: you basically were crucified. "cake boss" buddy valastro opened up about an accident that almost ended his career. >> the pain was unbearable. in my mind i said i'm going to lose my hand. dr. oz: you ever worry you won't be back to full speed? coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: it sounded like a scene out of a horror movie. my friend "cake boss" buddy valastro faced an accident no one ever saw


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