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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 8, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ing out to prevent disaster unless we seriously change our habits. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ small decisions make a world of difference. ikea. public and for people to stop denying it. a woman is speaking out tonight. she says that she was sexually assaulted by the mayor of windsor. and tonight there are growing calls for him to resign. he needs to step down. there needs to be other leadership in windsor that can carry the community forward. four women have now come forward, accusing the mayor of windsor, dominic for poli of
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sexual assault. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener, the 38 year old is a winery owner and a rising political figure. ktvu is debra be alone joins us now live after speaking with one of his accusers, deb, julie, four women safer police sexually assaulted. in separate incidents over a 16 year span ranging from before he was in public office to two years ago. while he was mayor. this is the part here of the. assault sofia williams is a midwife married mother of two who took part in a multi year probe by the san francisco chronicle. it is sexual misconduct by windsor mayor dominic for poli when he put his finger down my pants, i realized that i didn't want to stick around for what was next. williams first talked about what happened during the me to movement. without naming him. she described at 21 going out with the poli another friends drinking after class than
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sharing cab rides home but unexpectedly ending up at his house, where for police said they would sleep it off separately but allegedly assaulted her. i just kept saying no, no, dominic, and he kept trying and like rubbing himself against me, and i was kind of against the wall in his bed, william says. she locked herself in a bathroom and fled hours later when a friend could pick her up. this was 2006 williams didn't report it. i don't know what i would have done if it had its like i hadn't gotten away if that had been worse than that, i don't know. got our entire town leadership in staff set up by 2019 for poli was windsor mayor after being its youngest council member on the same year, a 21 year old intern alleges he sexually assaulted her after a winery party. two other women, a colleague from a civic club and a teenage campaign volunteer, also described for poli, isolating and attacking them while drinking, i will think he was known as a partier. you know, he was definitely an extra vert. he enjoyed socializing. elected
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officials are expressing shock and outrage toward a man they have worked with. for years. it's just hard to imagine that you would have a sexual predator. work in your community in a leadership position, supervisors and the mayors of all eight cities in sonoma county are unanimous. he must resign the fact that it was multiple women over a period of years, the fact that their stories were corroborated to me all demonstrates credibility to their stories. residents of windsor rally downtown with the same demand. i'm terrified to be in any proximity of dominic, hopefully and the fact that he's a leader of our community he did not represent. went there and what we value we've been trying to warn the council for some time about this gentleman. a lot of women in the community have been when you think you're the only one that's happened to. it's your word against theirs. williams understands how shame has kept women silent, especially as pope only became more prominent, but she
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believes there are even more survivors. i'm hoping that their strength and numbers and that more women will come forward now, but it is public. botha, sonoma county sheriff's department and district attorney have opened investigations for police attorney has said he categorically denies the allegations. julie he has not responded to our request for comment. deborah villalon reporting live tonight. deborah. thank you. we are learning new details tonight about a mass shooting in texas police have now released the name of the suspected gunman, they say 27 year old larry bolan opened fire at a cabinet making company. in bryan, texas, this afternoon, killing one person and injuring five others. bolin has been charged with murder and is now being held on $1 million bond. the chief of police said he believes boland worked at the cabinet plant workers there say they ran for their lives. i had the gun side, so i took off running once
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everybody else did. so then when i came back here, and i've seen two bodies on things people trying to help him. he's so sad that he has to happen in this community and bryan, texas that always brag about it. this is a peaceful community. a state trooper was also shot during the manhunt for the suspect. police say that trooper is expected to be okay. the motive for the shooting is still under investigation. in south carolina, authorities say a former nfl player killed five people and then took his own life, police say 32 year old philip adam shot and killed by people yesterday afternoon in the charlotte suburb of rockhill. the victims are identified as a 70 year old doctor, his wife and their nine and five years. grandchildren along with an air conditioning technician, another person working at the home is hospitalized. adams was reportedly treated by the doctor who was killed, but the treatment is not known. philip adams played for five teams, including the 49ers and the raiders. as a rookie. he had
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several ankle injuries and later had two concussions. president biden today said that gun violence in america is quote an epidemic of international embarrassment. our political reporter greg li tells us the president also signed several executive orders involving gun control enough prayers, time for some action with federal measures stalled in the senate president joe biden announced his first executive actions on gun control. gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international embarrassment, the action that could have the biggest impact. plan to limit the sale and spread of so called the ghost guns to do it yourself kits lack serial numbers, making them untraceable. i want to see these kids treated his firearms under the gun control act, which is going to require that the seller and manufacturers make the key parts with serial numbers and run background checks on the buyers when they walk in to buy that package,
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starting in 2024 in california, all gun parts have to be sold through a license. gun dealer and require a background check by then also wants to see tighter restrictions on a stabilizing brace that can be placed on a pistol to turn it into a short barreled rifle, a device, he said the alleged boulder shooter used other steps include publishing model red flag legislation for states, which permits courts to temporarily block people from obtaining guns. they're a danger to themselves or others. california already has an elaborate red flag law, investing in community violence, interventions and asking the doj to release a report on firearms trafficking one that will take into account the fact that modern guns are not simply cast or forged anymore, but can also be made of plastic printed on a three d printer. were sold in self assembly kids, the president acknowledged he needs congress in order to pass more significant gun control measures a tall order, he said atop his wish list is removing
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liability protections for gun makers, the on lee industry in america, a billion dollar industry. can't be sued, has exempt from being sued her gun manufacturers in a tweet. the national rifle association called the actions extreme and said it was ready to fight the measures. greg lee ktvu box two news. local employees chief laurent armstrong was the only law enforcement leader invited to the president's announcement today, and he called it a great honor. he also says that he's seen firsthand the problem of so called ghost guns. we've seen crimes committed with these guns, including homicides. these guns are very difficult to track. we have to do something about these guns. and i think the legislative action that you seen taken today will begin that process. tree farm. strong, also says that he's seeing an increase in the number of rounds fired at crime scenes in oakland, he says, sometimes it's as high as 100 rounds. the chief also says
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that he hopes that the new federal actions will have an impact in reducing access to high command. actually weapons now for the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. five more cases of the indian variant have now been discovered in the bay area, medical researchers at stanford confirmed the new cases to the chronicle. the variant was first discovered in india. it is being called the double mutant because it carries two mutations of the virus. medical experts say they think it is probably more contagious and vaccines might be less effective. researchers at stanford say they also discovered one more case of the variant that was first found in brazil. san francisco was on track to move into the yellow tear next week. but according to the covid command center, the city does not currently meet the criteria. so now the soonest that san francisco could move out of the orange tear into the yellow tear would be april. 20th city officials say they're closely monitoring cases and if they move to the yellow, it's here on the 20th
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maura activities could reopen as soon as the following day. april 21st for the first time in over a year and a half and will enter oracle park tomorrow to watch the san francisco giants play in person and the warriors revealed their plans today to welcome back fans to chase center. ktvu is amber lee joins us now live. she's in the city with how these re openings will work. amber julie, both teams say they worked hard to welcome fans back safely. now the giants opening day always generates a lot of excitement. team officials are urging people to come prepared for the changes. you always have to spruce up the ballpark. it's opening day. this is what oracle park looks like. on the eve of opening day for the san francisco giants fancy it's symbolic of the community starting to come out of the pandemic in the whole neighborhood vibe will feel like maybe this thing is coming to an end. just just seeing a few 1000 people he would show up for the game, so that's
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exciting to get one last applause. september 29th 2019 was the last time fans were in the stands at oracle park. on opening day fans will see changes, they will either have to provide a negative covid test within 72 hours of a game or proof of a full covid vaccination. no more manual bag checks. this new security device will scan fans for banned items, and it will help expedite lines into the ballpark. the whole experience of enjoying baseball outside in the sun way we gotta win. i think it's gonna be really special to bring everybody back together once inside. 8900 fans will be seated with social distancing, one man says there's no substitute for the atmosphere of a live game camaraderie, million people a swell when you meet other fines and talk about stories. it's good fun. the warriors plan to host fans at chase center starting april 23rd the first
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time since the pandemic theory no will be at 35% capacity. the team says. it is thrilled. we desperately need the energy that they bring the excess. movement. it's just a different vibe fans will be required to show proof of full fax a nation or a negative covid test if they purchased tickets more than seven days in advance. the team will provide a free at home test. ah, very excited. um. you know if it's tough playing in front of ah. mta arena, mission bay and china basin. businesses are also excited to see fans back. the owner of momo's, a popular spot for giants fans across from oracle park says opening day pre pandemic was the busiest day of the year, even with limited capacity, he expects baseball to bring in business community that loves the giants here. i mean, there's no there's no better day, it's like christmas. fans tell me they'll
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take the changes in stride, and they just can't wait to see a baseball game in person. julie yeah, it's just not quite the same without the fans. amber thank you. well now scar is coming back to the sonoma raceway. the track says it will welcome fans back to the grandstand for the toyota save mart 3 50 the weekend of june 5th safety requirements, including face mass will be in place for the race weekend. tickets are all ready on sale, and organizers say availability will be limited due to social distancing requirements. serious lack of rain means we could be in for another devastating wildfire season how the state is trying to prepare, plus a look at the latest drought report and temperatures did warm up today. they're gonna warm a little bit as we head into the weekend. i'll have all that when i return after the break. at first, a father from oakland has lost both of his legs after a hit
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and run crash we'll hear from his wife who says his six year his wife who says his six year old daughter ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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was the victim of a hit and run in antioch and lost both of his legs as a result of the crash
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it happened is he was trying to fix his car on the shoulder of the hillcrest avenue off off ramp on highway four in antioch. ktvu is as a smith here now, after talking to the victim's family as well, frank. it happened a little more than a week ago, his children were in the car. one of them is being credited. for saving his life. all he wants to do is get out of it and come home to his family. libya. alan wants nothing more than her husband, nirvana, known as knob to come home from the hospital, described as the family's rock their sole provider. he is a real life, hercules. oh my god! all he does is take care of us. and all we want to do is have him come home so that we can continue to take care of him back on march 28th on his way to anti ock knob took the hillcrest avenue exit off highway four. then he had car trouble. he pulled his mercedes
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to the shoulder got out to get the gas can from the trunk, and that's when he was rear ended by another car, his two children and a nephew were in the car. his six year old called for help. and then she was able to get into the front seat. get his cell phone and call me she said. mama, daddy is outside the car. he's hurt. his leg is bleeding. i can see his bone not had lost both legs on impact, airlifted to the hospital where he's been ever since the driver who hit him initially took off my daughter told me. actually saw the woman get on her cell phone and call somebody else and they came and picked the woman up and they left them. they left my husband out there in that condition. the family, says a 37 year old woman was ultimately caught. it's just deeply disturbing to hear that someone. would do that to another human being long time friends. supporters of the family, the oakland
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unified school community, and strangers are raising money for knobs recovery, which will be a long one from the hospital bed to wheelchair, then fitted for a prosthetic limbs to rehabilitation center. and that's just the physical trauma. i hope. they find comfort in that, knowing that they have us comforted that people are helping and that people care ma family must support system. everybody is keeping me going. and prior to the crash. knob had worked as a care provider for an assisted living center. if you'd like to help, we posted a link to the go fund me to the story on ktvu .com. frank i just can't imagine his kids having to make that phone call until their mom what had happened. azenith smith life force tonight. as nothing qanon a marks five years since police recovered, the body of nicole fits in san francisco. she was the mother of a two year old who's still missing. arianna fitz would be seven years old
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today. here is a police sketch of what she might look like now. arianna was last seen in the care for baby sitters halina martin and her husband, devon martin, in february of 2016 2. months later, the body of her mom nicole was found in a shallow grave at mclaren park in san francisco. there have been no arrests in her killing, despite a reward of $100,000 governor newsome announced plans for a new wildfire plan today. it is aimed at protecting the state against what could be a devastating wildfire season. the governor says the plan will help improve wildfire response increased prescribed burns create fuel breaks near towns and widened defensible space near homes in rule areas. the plan will cost $536 million. it requires a plan and we have a plan. 100 directives. they're part of our action plan. it requires coordination requires collaboration and we have a structure for coordination collaboration. cal fire has
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also increased staffing gavin newsom used emergency powers last year to hire an additional 1400 firefighters as wildfire season approaches. here's a look now at the latest drought monitor, you can see how much of the california is shaded red, indicating extreme drought, including napa and lake counties. as for the rest of the bay area, most counties are shaded in orange, indicating severe drought. we are definitely in ah, water shortage concerned time right now. last year was not good. this year is not good and we're not looking at a lot of rain in the forecast shows dry, really, for the next week or so till like the middle end of april, we'll see how that goes. but in the meantime, just steady as she goes, temperatures outside today, a little bit warmer. less wind temperatures got into the mid 70 76 nanya x 75 fairfield temperatures tomorrow about the same maybe a little
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bit warmer. the trend is this today was the big cool down and you noticed it tomorrow we're going to see the temperatures begin to come up. so wednesday cool thursday came up. friday comes up a little bit more now. it doesn't never gets hot. it just kind of suddenly comes up so saturday into sunday that apex is going to be mid seventies, maybe upper seventies at the warmest so a warming trend, but a slow one and not that hot. i'll see you back here with the five day forecast. okay bill will see then. thank you. today, another dead whale was found around the san francisco bay. this one was discovered washed ashore on your beach and rin county. four dead gray whales have now been found in the past nine days. april is when whales start migrating along the coast, and marine biologists say generally, they expect to see one or two wells wash ashore. but they say four deaths in such a short period of time is concerning. one of the whales was likely hit by a ship. it's still not clear what killed the other
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three. coming up. a bill moves forward in california, targeting unemployment fried also had tonight in oakland staple reopens for the first time since the pandemic began. what help yoshi's stay afloat, plus bay area leaders getting creative to fight crimes against the asian community. at 10 35, the reward fund announced today that aims to help find the people who have committed rest and is reopening s
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in jack. london square, reopened for dining on lee this evening at 50% capacity. the longtime owner of the jazz club said there were times they thought they might have to shut down for good. a go fund me account helped the 50 year old institution to survive. i'm really grateful that that we can. we can still be in this position on do you know of have
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this place on? do you know? give this place toe people coming in, and it's wonderful. it's almost incredible. yoshi's is hoping to re open for live jazz in mid june, when the statewide reopening happens. food court seating at costco stores across the country will soon return. that's, according to a report from cnn. costco food court seating areas have been closed for more than a year and menu offerings scaled back because of the coronavirus pandemic. costco is also adding back tables and chairs to stores that have outdoor areas. redwood city is impossible foods is reportedly considering going public, according to reuters. the maker of meatless burgers could be valued at $10 billion or more. the impossible burger is sold in more than 20,000 stores, as well as at burger king and disney parks. overall analysts say, sales of
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plant based meat alternatives are growing rapidly on wall street today. tech companies led the way to more records on the stock market. the dow rose 57 points. nasdaq gained 140 the s and p was up 17 points to its third all time high this week. investors are showing more optimism about the u. s economic recovery as vaccine distribution ramps up in sacramento lawmakers are moving ahead with legislation to stop unemployment fraud. a measure that would require the e d d to crosscheck unemployment applications with inmate records past its first committee today, the state has approved at least $810 million in claims in the names of roughly 45,000 inmates, some of them who are actually on death row. coming up a day of action to stop hate against asian americans. the new tactics from cities around the bay area and
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showing the power of paper. how was san francisco business owner is using origami to show her support for the a p i community and later in sports. his career in the nba began as a ball boy, but then he became one of the most highly regarded executives in pro sports. maura on the huge announcement today from the president of the warriors, coming up later in sports. had a life saving approach we hear from the sheriff sergeant who is credited with saving a suicidal man at oakland international airport. hear what he hey. and a.
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a bay area artist and business owner has decided to launch a movement inspired by a japanese tradition. ktvu jana katsuyama.
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frank in japan, there's a tradition of folding 1000 cranes to make a wish now in origami artists here in the bay area is using a new way to combat hate through the power of paper. so we're just going to fold this into the triangle like this. thea art of origami is about transformation, and then this edge will come up. meet the center line look beyond a flat surface and gradually it comes to life in three dimensions. it's really magic. almost magic magic is linda me. harrah's mission as an origami artist and owner of the paper tree store in san francisco, and in the wake of recent anti asian hate, she wanted to transform the hurt. i really wanted people to think about love, because love is what conquers hate, so she posted on her social media sites. call for hearts inspired by an old japanese tradition,
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the tradition if you have a wish you want to have control you fold 1000 cranes and i said, let's fold 1000 hearts and make that the new thing and what happened next was magical. get all this. you know, people are dropping up, you know, bags of hearts, bags, bundles, boxes of hearts began arriving at the paper tree store in japantown from across the nation. this is from sacramento. we've got i know i saw one earlier from new york. san diego, maryland, illinois, even japan, but it's just been amazing. it's like i can't tell you. great it's like i'm getting buckets of love. you know, on the lips of love, it's just incredible. more than 1000 arrived in just the first week. many had messages from young and old hand written and heartfelt, stand tall and see. strong love, love, love, love who you really are. each piece is finding a home in her shop
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window in the heart of japan town, where the community has struggled before through anti asian hate and hardships. it's really unfortunate. but we hope that you can learn from that. and you know, we learned to treat each other with love. and the love keeps coming. we have actually 3207 hearts. oh whole bunch have been coming in people united by compassion. it just gives me hope. and i'm just like reinvigorated with, you know, just, you know. have belief in humanity. now you know, the proof is in the paper. yeah. feels good. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news. today was a day of action on both sides of the bay mobilizing against crimes targeting asian americans. ktvu is christian captain tells us community leaders, police and city officials are all saying enough is enough. police
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community and business leaders say the increasing number and visibility of crimes targeting the asian american pacific islander community led to their new reward fund. we will be launching this new initiative called crimes against asians reward fund, and its sole purpose is to put resource is and funding to arrest people who are committing these crimes and who are attacking members of the community. san francisco's police officers association and oakland chinatown chamber of calm worse, coming together to announce the fund will be used to offer cash rewards to help catch those suspects who target members of the a p. i community what we are trying to hope to accomplish. he used to be terrible crimes happening in our asian community across the bay in san francisco supervisor gordon mark called for a hearing and the determining how crimes targeting the ap i community are evolving and how the city is addressing them. today we will take stock on what our city agencies you're
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doing to prevent violence and crime, support asian american victims and harm communities in how agencies are working with the community. chinese community groups in san francisco say since march of last year, they've tracked close to 3800 anti ap. i incidents nationwide 900 of them right here in the bay area, district attorney chase, bodine says. so far this year, his office has filed charges in six hate crimes, five of them targeting asian american or pacific islander community members are sitting object in hate crimes that were filing we're seeing an uptick in hate crimes investigations that are being done effectively by the police. police chief bill scott telling city leaders the department is actively gathering data monitoring trends were a p i. community members are targeted and working to catch the offenders. but the department also were constantly assessing our strategies and inviting our fbi stakeholders to convene and brainstorm with us. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. rouz and we have much
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more on the effort to stop a p i hate on our website ktvu calm, just click on web links. ah, petition to save discontinued sports programs at stanford now has the attention of the board of trustees. stanford daily reports that the board is scheduling a special meeting to discuss the petition and alumni group called 36 sports. strong started the petition after the university announced last year they were cutting 11 different varsity programs, including men and women's fencing, field, hockey and men's volleyball and rustling, the paper says the special meeting will follow a meeting next tuesday between the alumni group and the president of stanford special olympics. athletes along with their families and coaches, all lined up today to get their covid-19 vaccines at levi stadium. the vaccination site was a joint effort between santa clara county, the special olympics and the 49ers. health officials say this vaccination
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event is important because people with intellectual or developmental disabilities are three times as likely to get covid-19 as the general population. coming up here. a surge of migrants at the border continues the new numbers that show just how many unaccompanied. minors have traveled to the border in the weekend is just around the corner. we'll take a look at the forecast. it does include some spring like warming in the five day and mork compelling testimony today in the derrick show vin trial what a medical expert said about how george floyd died.
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vincent is in danger of erupting thousands of people
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near the lawsuit. pierre volcano are now being evacuated, but the pandemic is hampering those efforts, the prime minister said. people have to be vaccinated if they are evacuated to a cruise ship or granted temporary refuge on another island. the volcano last erupted in 1979. in florida. the governor wants cruises from the us back up and running republican governor rhonda santis announced a lawsuit today against the cdc, which has restricted the industry for more than a year. the governor says the cruise industry should be treated like other travel industries. right now, crews operators are under restrictions that prevent ships from carrying on normal operations. the white house says the decision is up to the c d c. u s. authorities say they picked up nearly 19,000 children traveling alone across the southern border. just last month. it is the largest monthly number ever recorded and a major test for president joe biden as he reverses many
10:40 pm
of president trump's immigration policies, customs and border protection says. its agents also deported more than 103,000 single adults. in march reviews for the biden administration's performance on the border are largely falling along partisan lines. fact is, is that we're on a good path at the border under leadership of joe biden president biden. this was by design. this is my accent. this is mismanagement. this is open borders. as of two days ago, there were more than 4000 unaccompanied children. many testing positive for covid. 18 in customs and border protection, custody and 16,000 are under the care of health and human services. mortgage gripping testimony today in the murder trial of derrick show vin in minneapolis, dr martin tobin took the stand saying that george floyd died from lack of oxygen after being pinned on his stomach with his hands cuffed behind him. dr tobin sided factors that he said made it difficult for
10:41 pm
floyd to breathe, including his body position, the hard pavement and a knee on his neck and his back. the doctor also indicated how desperately floyd struggled to get air horses that are going to lead to the shallow breath are going to be that he's turned prone on the street that he has the handcuffs in place, combined with the street and then that he has a neon his neck and then that he has a knee on his back and on his side. dr. tobin also said he did not ask to be paid for his testimony because it was his first criminal case. another prosecution witness also testified today that floyd did not have symptoms of a fentanyl overdose. doctor bill smoke also said that floyd died from a lack of oxygen. definitely killed from isaac life, but more importantly, i feared for his life. he helped the escalate a tense situation
10:42 pm
that could have turned deadly coming up after the break. we'll hear from the sergeant who used a creative approach when a man threatened to kill himself today at the oakland airport. also ahead are sunny april. weather continues. chief meteorologist bill martin is ready to go with your five day forecast.
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we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪
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officer shot and killed a man. police would not comment today. but an attorney for the officer said it began with a welfare check on several people inside a car parked on niantic avenue at about two o'clock yesterday afternoon. at one point, the attorney says the officer realized that a passenger had a gun. there was then a struggle over that gun. one officer was injured during the incident, but is expected to recover. we're hearing from a sergeant with the alameda county sheriff's department who helped a suicidal man at oakland international airport. ktvu cristina rendon tells us how the sergeant came up with a very unusual idea that ended up saving a man's life. everyone has a story. i don't know what his story woz, but his life was important to me. inside oakland airport's terminal one baggage claim a man in a mental health crisis was meant by alameda county sheriff's office
10:46 pm
sergeant jeff hazlitt and a crisis negotiation team. he constantly had the knife to his neck. don't entire time the man pacing back and forth was barricaded behind a carousel, threatening to kill himself. he wanted us to shoot him, but explain to him that i didn't want to shoot him didn't want to hurt him, but i want. you know what the problem was. the tuesday morning negotiations lasted more than three hours until hazlitt contacted airport operations to turn up the heat. inside the terminals. baggage claim the man began to sweat and took off his thick jacket after shedding his clothes, deputies tased him. the temporary stunned allowed hazlitt to take the man's life away. he was sent to a psychiatric hospital for help my opportunity. to give him one more day was all i was thinking about. i wanted to give him an opportunity to see his children. she was talking about his children. so if i was able to get that knife away, get him the mental health that he needed thin that pretty much would give him extra life,
10:47 pm
retired lapd lieutenant adam bercovici says there are daily instances of officers, deescalating situations the public doesn't hear about. he calls this a good example of experience in thinking outside the box. this case turning up the heat. creating a situation in which the suspect was physically uncomfortable. so he had to do some different things which give them the opportunity to intercede and take him into custody was brilliant. actually it really was. it was a great job because at the end of the day nobody was hurt. hazlitt says he's learned similar de escalation techniques that urban shield training seen here in ktvu footage from 2016, where he was the team leader, but in his 24 years of law enforcement, this is the first time he's literally turned up the heat to cool down a situation definitely feel for my life. but more importantly, i feared for his life. hes it knows passengers. flights were impacted during the crisis negotiations but says the man needed help and in cases like this time is your best friend cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. way we're waiting on the
10:48 pm
rain. it is just not happening out there. we've gone 21 days now without any rainfall in a period march and april that can often be. pretty productive for rainfall and snow really can be especially march and we're just missing out and it's going to be kind of. ah i think it's gonna not a rough summer, but it's going to be a summer that we're gonna be concerned about water. aziz you already no need to tell you that the pattern is this low that low sitting there has been hanging out all week. that's why it was kind of cool. it's gonna back off a little bit. go to the left or go to the west and. hi bomb san and temperatures will warm up just a little bit each day as we head into the bay area weekend, so it's gonna be pretty nice all through the week. ambition is not to be hot, although saturday, maybe some upper seventies some low eighties something like that. so as you look at the live camera shot outside, you can see we've got plenty of clear skies. most areas are clear. there's a little patchy coastal fog. it'll be around tomorrow morning, and then there are the current temperatures now, overnight lows will be. mild again. just the way it's been.
10:49 pm
you know, we're not getting these freezing temperatures which you can get this time of year. the national weather looks like ohio mississippi valley getting some pretty strong storms. those will reignite again tomorrow morning and afternoon. so chicago flights. washington new york just if you if you're traveling, you know so much trouble isn't some slight delays there. there's a big hugs, and so there's gonna be some issues on those storms are pretty significant out there too. so just be ready for those. the plan for us tomorrow is going to be mostly sunny. we're looking at temperatures that are generally going to be. 3 to 4 degrees warmer than they were today and then the fog along the coast. it's so there's a little out there now it'll be back and forth, so the next couple of days we're looking at temperatures that are going to be gradually warming, which be kind of nice. and then the current. position outside. we've got literally mostly clear evening with basically temperatures overnight that are going to end up in the upper thirties. well, 40 so pretty
10:50 pm
mild for the most part. so a nice evening and then the forecast when you look here, you're going to see temperatures or yellows, which means temperatures in the seventies in seymour seventies, sort of in the central valley here, so that's warmer than it was today. in this trend is going to continue through the weekend, but it's subtle. so i'm not going all fired up about big heat or big great. it's just a subtle trend of mild mid seventies, not just for tomorrow, but right through the week. so you see behind me here in the five day forecast the warmest days of the week are the hot spots are going to end up just being in the mid seventies. so it's not easter. that wrong with it. it's just not going to be anything spectacular. so there's the five day forecast. i'll see you back here in 11 with updates, all right, we'll see then, bill thank you. starting next month. visitors to you, somebody national park will need a reservation for day used to enter the park officials that you somebody say the temporary reservation system will allow the park to manage visitation levels to reduce the risk
10:51 pm
associated with exposure to the coronavirus day use. reservations will be required for all users, including those staying at hotels and campgrounds inside the park. each reservation is valid for three days. the day use reservation system goes into effect on may 21st. coming up in sports. ta is trying to put together their first winning streak of the season plus round one of the masters that on the 11 o'clock news and unpredictable trend, the suicide rate has dropped during the pandemic. what experts say could ♪ ♪ ♪
10:52 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:53 pm
room. to you may recall last weekend. houston astros pretty much beat that happy easter out
10:54 pm
of the oakland a's and a four game sweep. they got houston now and it looks like they picked up where they left off. as far as thea's go. no windows concern turned in the downright panicky. i gotta imagine the a's or walking that fine line right now. down to business minute maid park could be used to 21,765 fans allowed. and to see the beat. go on 15, you know, pretty nice highlight here for the a's households have a man in scoring position to out. michael brantley is rise. that's a real nice sketch from ramon laureano. it stays to nothing. one of the few highlights seventh inning. it's now five. nothing jose out tube. it just kind of lean back and let it go about £160. it's a 425 ft. it's six nothing off. your list. see garrett and yes, it's got a couple of runs in the ninth inning could've been drawer had it not been for this
10:55 pm
nice catch by miles straw out there and center with a man on the rob elvis on dresses and kind of 62 final days have now been outscored by the astros. 41 to 11 in the five games, they beat the a's opened that one and seven san francisco giants will be opening their homes scheduled. borrow against the rockies about 1 30. they're going to allow about 9000 fans in now. back in baltimore, camden yards, a very special and emotional opening day as they introduced. have you been following the story tray man? seanie who spent all of last year trying to recover from colon cancer? he's back in uniforms is back in the starting lineup. first baseman number 16 over home free man. see that's a pretty cool story. 29 years old, he said. even though they're about only 20%
10:56 pm
of the fans in the yard, we still get goose bumps and may he continue. feel well as he continues his recovery. okay i guess we're just gonna have to wait for oprah winfrey to come up with that exclusive one on one interview with tiger woods, because we're not going to see him this weekend down at the masters. it just doesn't seem the same without him, but nonetheless beautiful weather down there at augusta. possible rain, they say over the weekend, the defending champ dustin johnson. at a moment here number 11 pitches under the green. let it roll at the birdie putt, but he was too over his nine back right now, after one at 15, this is jordan speeds a little chip for eagle and he will get that thing to drop foot bottom of the cup one under 71 86 back shot of the day, though, give it to tommy fleetwood mac gets a nice shot hundreds 70 yards out par 3/16.
10:57 pm
in fact, it doesn't get any better than that. the eighth hole in one he's to over 74. ed. here is your leader justin rose. great approach part 4/17 within a couple of feet. that thing almost goes in a birdie will ensue robes with his best ever round at augusta at seven under 65. he is your first round leader by four full shots. no. one of the catchphrases for the golden state warriors. strength in numbers. well they got a little weaker and they got a little lesser because an outstanding executive of their front office has decided to retire the hall of famer in fact, talking, of course about rick wealth, who is the president and c 00 of the organization, and he's all the fame executive. such a force behind the scenes and so instrumental in getting chased, serena actually built is decided to retire at the end of
10:58 pm
his 10 season run with golden state still looks great is 68 years old and here's the coach steve kerr, talking about his buddy, really just one of my favorite people on earth, incredibly genuine, smart, charismatic. just a huge part of the resurgence of the warriors franchise. yeah. absolutely, and he will be missed. i think i have some pretty good news for san francisco 40 niner fans. let us check this out. you know nick bosa remember early in the season tour that a cl? well this is him less than seven months after that horrible injury, bosa recovery nicely when i saw this video of him pulling the sled here, my first reaction was come on. don't over, do it, man. they could slow check this out. this is george clooney and ben affleck taking a break from their movie in boston that they're shooting
10:59 pm
called the tender bar afflicted looks like me on their needs a little work, cut his second field, can hit in the face. yeah, i don't think the director would appreciate that. they check this out. this is cool chinese professional baseball, dragons and monkeys. ball hit back to the pitcher. true, gunny. am and behind the back. watch it. it gets stuck in his glove. not only is that a great play, he alertly just throws the whole glove for first face. that's it that check this out. this is european soccer, the ball boy apparently doesn't see the guy there or whatever. he's mass. max talia right in the face. i think he appreciated that. but roma did with 2 to 1. that is the sporting life at this hour. send it back to you guys in that oakland. i just still can't get over that rick welts and 68 years old. he looks like
11:00 pm
he's about 50 looks great. yeah he looks fantastic. i mean, you talk about a class act, rick welts all the way top to bottom, like you, said hall of fame executive. he'll be missed. mark. thank you coming up next here at 11. i think that the whole neighborhood vibe will feel like maybe this thing is coming to an end. just just seeing a few 1000 people he would show up for the game. san francisco sports teams are getting ready to welcome back fans as coronavirus cases drop and cities slowly reopen the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now, oracle park will welcome back fans tomorrow for the. first time in over a year and a half. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. the golden state warriors also laid out plans today to allow people to see games in person at the chase center. ktvu used amberleigh in the city tonight with more on all this amber. frank fans


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