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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the ktvu is jesse gary tells us that move is creating some concern over. supply. it's also creating some frustration. it's not really benefiting me right now because. i can't eat. i can't get an appointment. don aitchison lives in one of 12 alameda county zip codes hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic wednesday that county's health department began allowing residents in that group who are 16 and above to sign up for covid-19 vaccination. in an email. the health department says this approach helps us reach our equity goals and serve communities that have borne a disproportionate burden throughout the pandemic. but aitchison says the new mandate hasn't filtered down to his private provider, which won't allow him to sign up who cannot make an appointment with. for this is weak that is beginning to become available, adding to the ongoing frustration factor. drugmaker johnson and johnson
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is sending four million fewer doses of the vaccine nationally next week. that translates into a 90% reduction in j and j vaccines. for california. the susceptible population is still large. on the vaccine shorted would just take that much longer to get people vaccinated when they need to be. santa clara county health officials are also allowing residents 16 and older to make vaccination appointments, but they admit administering the shots is dependent on supply, which is becoming more restricted. the one good thing is that the federal government is supplying some of our local pharmacies. so the cbs is. posco's walgreens. they have vaccine they are going to be getting more vaccine and so people can also sign up with them. dr marty finster shop says patience is just as important as people wearing their masks through this whole process. and if you live in one of the 12 zip codes in alameda county might want to try booking an appointment. that's not necessarily close to where you live, perhaps even going
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outside of your private provider, maybe even to a drug store in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. officials in san francisco say they expect to allow indoor live events to resume starting one week from today. city officials are set to release specific guidelines soon. they expect the rules will allow up to 35% capacity for indoor ticketed and seated events with social distancing and masks. they also say attendees at larger events will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. the city says there will also be guidance for private events. conferences and receptions. the golden state warriors say they will welcome back fans to chase center starting april 23rd. the venue does plan to require fans to provide either proof of full vaccination or a negative covid test. under those city guidelines, bands who purchased tickets more than seven days before the game will be eligible to receive and at home
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covid test at no cost test must be taken within 48 hours of a game. and in sonoma county. nascar is coming back to the sonoma raceway. the track says it will welcome fans to the grandstand for the toyota save mart 3 50, the weekend of june 5th and sixth safety requirements, including face mass and social distancing will be in place for the race weekend. nascar race has been held in sonoma every year since 1989, but that event was moved to north carolina last year due to the pandemic. five more cases of the indian variant of the coronavirus have been discovered here in the bay area. medical researchers at stanford university confirmed the new cases to the chronicle today. the variant was first discovered in india. it's being called a double mutant because it carries two mutations of the virus. medical experts say they think it's probably more contagious and that vaccines against it might be less effective. researchers at stanford say they also have
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discovered one more case of the variant that was first found in brazil. public health officials now say the uk varying accounts for more than half of all new infections in the united states. experts say that the variant spreads faster and can make people more sick. one virologist says the uk variant has been the most common strain circulated in florida for about a month, and the cdc says young people are fueling the spread. across the country. we're hearing reports of clusters of cases associated with day care centers and lose sports hospitals are seeing more and more younger adults those in the thirties and forties admitted with severe disease. health experts say the positive news is that vaccines do a good job of protecting people against that uk variant now to developing news in texas, where a man is in custody after police say he opened fire at his workplace this afternoon. one person is dead and four others are hospitalized with
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gunshot wounds. investigators say they believe the gunman is an employee at a custom cabinet making plant where that shooting happened so far. police have not released a motive for the shooting. you can imagine. it's very complex because you have a whole number of workers at warehouse and so we're sorting through all that and interviewing witnesses and talking to people that know what happened. a state trooper was also shot while pursuing the gunmen about 30 miles away from the scene of the shooting. the trooper is in serious but stable condition tonight. police have not yet released the name of the person in custody in south carolina. today we learned that a former player in the nfl is the one who killed five people and then took his own life. philip adams played for both the 49ers and the raiders. he is suspected of shooting and killing five people yesterday afternoon in the charlotte suburb of rock. all the victims are identified as a 70 year old doctor. he his wife and their nine and five
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year old grandchildren. he also killed an air conditioning technician who just happened to be working at their house. 1/6 victim is hospitalized with serious gunshot wounds. we did recover evidence at the scene. that linked mr adams, uh, to that area definitively. japanese located adams at his home, his parents home nearby authorities say they spent several hours negotiating with him, but he shot himself and died of the self inflicted wound. no word yet on the motive, but adams was reportedly treated by a doctor by the doctor rather who was killed, although it's not clear what that treatment was, his dad is blaming the nfl, saying that he was never the same after he retired. in the wake of recent mass shootings, president biden and veiled executive orders today on gun control. he called gun violence of public health epidemic. ktvu political reporter greg lee has
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the details now on the orders and how they could impact california enough prayers. time for some action with federal measures stalled in the senate president joe biden announced his first executive actions on gun control. move comes in the wake of mass shootings in georgia, colorado, orange county and now south carolina gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international embarrassment. the action that could have the biggest impact to plan to limit the sale and spread of so called the ghost guns to do it yourself kits lack serial numbers, making them untraceable. i want to see these kids treated his firearms under the gun control act, which is going to require that the seller and manufacturers make the key parts. with serial numbers and run background checks on the buyers when they walk in to buy that package, starting in 2024 in california, all gun parts have to be sold through a licensed gun dealer and require a background check
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by then also wants to see tighter restrictions on a stabilizing brace that can be placed on a pistol to turn it into a short barreled rifle, a device, he said the alleged boulder shooter used other steps include publishing model red flag legislation for states, which permits courts to take early block people from obtaining guns if they're a danger to themselves or others, california already has an elaborate red flag law investing in community violence, interventions and asking the doj to release a report on firearms trafficking one that will take into account the fact that modern guns are not simply cast or forged anymore, but can also be made of plastic printed on a three d printer or sold in self assembly kits. the president acknowledged he needs congress. in order to pass more significant gun control measures a tall order, he said atop his wish list is removing liability protections for gun makers, the on lee industry in america, a billion dollar industry that can't be sued has
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exempt from being sued her gun manufacturers in a tweet, the national rifle association called the actions extreme and said it was ready to fight the measures. they also criticized biden's nominee to head the 80 f david chip. is a veteran of the agency and a gun control advocate and vice president harrison. i believe he's the right person at this moment for this important agency, chipman could face major challenges getting confirmed by a divided senate. greg lee ktvu fox two news. oakland police chief laurent armstrong was the only law enforcement leader invited to be at the president's announcement today. he called it a great honor, and he says he sees the growing problem of ghost guns in oakland. we've seen crimes committed with these guns, including homicides. these guns are very difficult to track. we have to do something about these guns. and i think the legislative action that you seen taken today will begin that process. the chief
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also said the state plans to keep working with their federal partners in the a t f to keep illegal guns from coming into california from outside. we've seen straw purchases from other states where people are going to gun shows and purchasing weapons and bringing those weapons back into our community. we want to limit that. and today, i think was a strong message that you know the president is taking a stance and wants to curb this activity and we hope to see less firearms in the city of oakland. the chief also said that investigators have seen an increase in the number of rounds fired at crime scenes in oakland, sometimes as high as 100 rounds being fired off, he. thinks the new federal action will have an impact in reducing access to high capacity weapons. coming out public officials in the north bay are now calling for the mayor of windsor to resign amid reports of sexual assault allegations, and state leaders announced hundreds of millions of dollars for wildfire prevention as the
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state faces drought concerns before the height of fire season, in your weekend. not too far off right now, i have that forecast. i think you'll like it. we're looking for rain. as well in the five days and i'll see you back here and for the fourth time in just over a week, another gray whale has been found dead in or around san francisco bay. the growing concern tonight from marine mammal experts and taking a live look outside of the east shore on this thursday night. that's the university over crossing at the top of the screen. ktvu channel two news at six will be right back. yeah.n
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chronicle detailed several sexual assault allegations against him. the paper talked to four women who say 38 year old dominic for poli assaulted them in separate incidents between 2003 and 2019. after quote nights of social drinking
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sonoma county da's office says her office is reviewing the allegations. the attorney for the mayor told the chronicle that he categorically denies the claims. dominic football. only has been mayor since 2018. he also owns a winery. the mayors of santa rosa and the city of sonoma are among a number of politicians in the north bay on who are calling him on him to resign. north bay state senator mike maguire said on twitter quote given the severity of the allegations against windsor mayor dominic for poli, there's only one option. he needs to resign immediately. mr for poli has caused tremendous pain and trauma with his appalling. and disgusting behavior. new video released by san francisco's public defender's office today shows their client's alleged attack on an asian american on market street last month. it is one of two attacks march 17th that steven jenkins is accused of. but the san francisco public defender's office says
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jenkins was in a diminished mental state. and disoriented because he had just been attacked himself. jenkins public defender says video they also released shows jenkins being struck multiple times by a group of assailants in u. n plaza before the attacks on the two asian americans. the attorney says that attack lasted more than three minutes, during which time jenkins was hit 45 times and sustained multiple blows to the head. jenkins has pleaded not guilty to six felonies. today. another dead whale was found around the san francisco bay. this one was discovered washed ashore on muir beach and rin county. it's death brings the total count of dead gray whales to four in just the past nine days. april is when whales are start start migrating, and marine biologists say they expect one or two whales to wash ashore. but they say four is concerning. it's been determined that one of the whales was likely hit by a ship, but it's still not clear what killed the other three. yeah, that's pretty
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unusual. we see grace and even humpbacks occasionally and blues. go wash up, but you don't see that many come in that short amount of times that zilong as i've been around here many years i've never seen that situation. the high temperatures today warmer than yesterday. less wind, so we had just a more pleasant day. in terms of temperatures. it was 76 an yak. it was 75 fairfield inn at the coast. san francisco was just 59 degrees, so cooler there as you would expect the trend then. is basically for temperatures to begin to warm. they cooled yesterday. they're warming up today. you're already seeing that and then they're gonna warm further on friday tomorrow, and is this a heat wave? no but it's a warm up and it's a trend and the warmest will get. we may see an upper 70 as we head into the weekend, but the pattern is kind of light in terms of high pressure. so we're not expecting a big a big a big heat up. but you get that jack london square. look at the flag right now. i mean it's blowing, but it's not how in that hard
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sonia sotomayor on shorts finally, a little bit of coastal fog temperatures tomorrow, slightly warmer. that's friday. we'll look at the weekend and look for rain next time i see after a few breaks, all right, we'll see in a little bit, bill. thank you, governor newsome announced a new fire resilience plan today it is aimed at protecting the state against what could be a devastating wildfire season. ktvu tom vacar tells us the plan will cost more than a half billion dollars and will also improve wildfire response. the state's new additional 536 million funding plan will target five key fire issues that requires a plan and we have a plan 100 directives. they're part of our action plan. it requires coordination requires collaboration and we have a structure for coordination and collaboration. the five point plan targets forestry management greatly increased, prescribed burning, as well as vegetation and brush management also included the
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widening of defensible space near rural homes. well those few breaks near towns and so called home hardening the upgrading and retrofitting of homes in the most wild, fire prone areas. we have the most sophisticated wild land fire fighting force in the country, if not the world to make it even better. last january, the governor used emergency powers to approve nearly $81 million. hire an additional 1400 firefighters into cal fire. the governor has also put a billion dollars into his 2021 budget for wildfire and forest resilient action plans for wildfire operations and forest management. it's now working its way through the lawmaking process and a greater sense of urgency than ever in contemporary california and get this as we raise this point several years ago, the state is only responsible for 3% of california's forest lands. the federal government is responsible for more than 50% nonetheless, last year as
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california was going through its worst fire season ever, the trump administration continued cutting federal forestry and fire budgets. nine out of 10, that was the public don't know that. probably have them won't even believe that the biden administration says it knows that and will do far better. tom vacar ktvu fox two news governor newsome says that an air force base in southern california will serve as a field command site for the new u. s space force. the space systems command will be set up at the base near l. a x, the governor said in a statement today that the fields command will have nationwide authority over launches and procurement. the space force was launched under president trump as the first new branch of the military since 1947. it will operate as part of the air force. still ahead tonight, a comeback story in the east bay sponsored by the goodwill of community members, helping a struggling hairstylist whether
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reuters says the maker of meatless burgers could be valued at $10 billion or more.
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the impossible burger is sold in more than 20,000 stores as well is that burger king and disney parks overall, analysts say sales of plant based meat alternatives are growing rapidly. on wall street. today tech companies led the way to more records on the stock market. the dow rose 57 points, nasdaq gained 140 the s and p was up 17 points. which third all time high this week, investors are showing more optimism about the u. s economic recovery as vaccine distribution ramps up the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits rose last week 744th people filed for first time claims last week and that signals that many employers are still cutting jobs even as more and more people are vaccinated against the coronavirus here in california, unemployment claims hit their highest level in three months. topping 145,000 new claims last week. california now accounts for nearly 20% of jobless claims
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being filed across the country and east bay hair stylist who lost her job because of the pandemic is now opening up a salon all on her own. and she says, it's all because so many people helped her. get back on her feet. ktvu is rob roth has the story. and i just did, like, put my focus on the pandemic took away her livelihood last year. this time i was sitting in my little place and crying my eyes out because, as a stylist suddenly i had no job, but here it has hair affair and woman creek. a comeback story is unfolding. i'm just so grateful that i had all these people around me support me too hard time and now i'm here. probably would have done it if, but getting to where she is was difficult for now, as has ronnie, and it took a lot of help just before the pandemic now is ronnie found herself divorced and living in an rv parked in the back of her brother's home and martinez
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with her three dogs. then came covid in march. 16 2020. we all had to not to go to work and. that was the income. i guess. the hair stylists where the one hit a lot, but compassion started coming her way. former clients center money out of the blue to help keep her going. my clients start to reaching out to me. they were offering me how like what i need and it was for me was like falling from grace recently has ready heard about a former salon in walnut creek that had become vacant, but she wasn't able to afford the leads and she says the building owner decided to take a chance on her and has offered several months of free rent until she's able to get in as hair affair running his ronnie started back this week with a few clients. but on sunday she's planning a celebration to thank all the people who lifted her and help her get back in business. i don't know how to
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say tank to the people that supported me or out there helping other people. i know for sure without them. i wouldn't be here right now sitting in my own solano, rob rock, ktvu fox two news coming up on ktvu channel two news at 6 30 a new approach to fighting crimes against the asian community. the reward that was announced today, also declining sales and economic hardship from the pandemic are combining to threaten ferry service to angel island. why some say access to the island to learn about its racist and xenophobic path? there's more important now than ever, and later in sports. we will show you nick bo says work out less than seven months after the 49ers pass rusher
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. announced his first executive actions on gun control today. the move comes in the wake of recent mass shootings in georgia, colorado, orange county, south carolina, and sadly today in texas, the action that could have the biggest impact is a plan to limit the sale and spread of so called ghost guns. in sonoma county. the mayor of windsor is denying allegations of sexual assault. san francisco chronicle spoke with. four
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women who say dominic properly assaulted them in separate incidents between 2003 in 2019, the sonoma county district attorney says her office is now reviewing the allegations. the supply of coronavirus in california is expected to drop over the next two weeks. the state's vaccine allocation from the federal government will go down 15% next week and another 5% the following week. the main reason is a decrease in supply of the johnson and johnson vaccine after the company had to do destroyed 15 million doses because of a manufacturing error. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. today was a day of action on both sides of the bay, mobilizing against crimes targeting asian americans and pacific islanders. interviews christien kafton tells us community leaders, police and city leaders are all saying enough is enough. police community and business leaders say the increasing number and visibility of crimes targeting the asian american pacific
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islander community led to their new reward fund. we will be launching this new initiative called crimes against asians reward fund, and its sole purpose is to put resource is and funding to arrest people who are committing these crimes and who are attacking members of the community. san francisco's police officers association and oakland chinatown chamber of calm worse, coming together to announce the fund will be used to offer cash rewards to help catch those suspects who target members of the a p. i community what we are trying to hope to accomplish. he used to deter crimes happening in our asian community across the bay in san francisco, supervisor gordon mark called for a hearing and the determining how crimes targeting the ap i community are evolving and how the city is addressing them. today we will take stock on what our city agencies you're doing to prevent violence and crime support asian american victims in harm communities in how
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agencies are working with the community. chinese community groups in san francisco say since march of last year, they've tracked close to 3800 anti ap i incidents nationwide 900 of them right here in the bay area, district attorney chase, bodine says. so far this year, his office has filed charges in six hate crimes, five of them targeting asian american or pacific islander community members. we are seeing an uptick in hate crimes that were filing we're seeing an uptick in hate crimes investigations that are being done effectively by the police police chief bill scott telling city leaders the department is actively gathering data monitoring trends were a p i. community members are targeted and working to catch the offenders. but the department also were constantly said i think our strategies and inviting r fbi stakeholders to convene and brainstorm with us as part of san francisco's strategy to combat crimes targeting the ap i community, the police department says it is constantly evaluating and
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varying their foot patrols in neighborhoods to saturate areas where asian american pacific islander communities have been targeted. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news, angel island represents a dark chapter in u. s history. these were immigrants from china were detained and mistreated. now the blue and gold flee the soul ferry service from san francisco to the island for more than 20 years, is applying to the c p u. c to end the route, describing it as a tough business decision, but opponents, including a former detainee, tell ktvu is amberleigh that access to history confronting racial discrimination is especially important in this climate of anti asian hate. it's so important for people to come here to angel island to walk in the footsteps of former detainees and to experience the sense of history and emotion concerned that discontinuing blue and gold fleet ferry service from san francisco was severely impact public access.
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the national historic landmark was home to an immigration center from 1910 to 1940, during which 175,000 chinese immigrants were detained and subjected to mistreatment. this place was built to enforce the chinese exclusion laws. the chinese exclusion act of 18 82 band nearly all immigrants from china. so chinese men and boys would try to immigrate to the us with false documents claiming to be the sons of chinese people already in this country, thus, the term paper son my father came to america as a paper son, sam louis is a volunteer dosen at angel island. his father was 14 years old when he was detained here, his mother and older siblings were also held here when they came later. life here then dryland. it was really bad. the immigrants were kept in these detention barracks. the detainees called them more coke, which means wouldn't
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house in cantonese advocates say there is no substitute for learning about racism and see no phobia than actually being here on angel island. they say the chinese retreated very differently than other immigrants need to share the. the hard truth of these places, state park interpreter casey dexter lee says most chinese were detained for 3 to 3.5 weeks, but immigrants from other countries were detained an average of only 2 to 3 days of the law treated chinese people differently than all other groups. ah, place where the walls talk. the voices of the immigrants heard through the poetry they etched into the building. their anticipation and anguish as they coped with detention of a poem till their own personal stories. louis says hundreds of immigrants were crammed into a space meant for dozens thin mattress hard
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spring. my late grandfather, george guo li was detained here when he immigrated from china in 1933 as a 25 year old. he told me he was interrogated, as was every. detainee there are answers determined if they stayed or were deported. they could do and it's hard to trust you and then make you fail the 93 year old calvin ong of alameda was only 10 when his mother sent him to join his father in the united states on was on angel island for nearly six months. at the time, the chinese always welcome. he was deported when he failed the interrogation 12 years later on successfully immigrated here every morning and lighten 50 70 during a visit to the detention barracks on his memory, still vivid, he went on to serve in the u. s army during the korean war, remembering the
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contribution and sacrifices of immigrants, especially important during this climate of anti asian racism if we don't remember. history if we don't understand this history, then we can't develop the empathy for how we treat each other with respect. in fairness, the president of the blue and gold fleet says the request to discontinue service is due in part to a slow recovery from the pandemic. quote we have enjoyed transporting the community to such a wonderful park. and working with our partners at the state park, which makes this decision so much more difficult. it would be so devastating to not have direct ferry service from san francisco to angel island, especially now, when it's so important for people to remember and to understand the history of asians and pacific islanders here in the u. s if the blue and gold fleet is permitted to end this route, it could mean the on lee ferry service to angel island would leave from tiburon advocates say this. stories shared by
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immigrants and their families need to be heard. i stand for america. i stand for doing good for my country and my country is america, overcoming discrimination to live the american dream? amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. california state parks tells us that maintaining ferry service from san francisco to angel island is a high priority and that it is currently negotiating with the golden gate bridge and highway transportation district to have golden gate. very takeover that route. officials described the talks as very promising. coming up here, a staggering number of unaccompanied children at the southern border. in fact, it's hit an all time high, the latest on the surge and how president biden is responding and the latest from a courtroom in minneapolis, where the murder trial against derrick show vin continued with some powerful testimony from an expert on breathing what he
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said today that he thinks caused george floyd's death. mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move.
6:40 pm
we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated. home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on my family too and be secure in knowing that she's happily looked after. he could keep doing his vegetable garden, and get really good, specialized care. and i could just be her daughter again.
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across the mexican border last month. it's the largest monthly number ever recorded, and it's a major test for president biden as he reverses many of president trump's hardline immigration tactics, customs and border protection say they
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also deported more than 103,000 single adults in march. reviews for the bite administration's performance on the border are largely falling on partisan lines. active is that we're on a good path at the border under leadership of joe biden president biden. this was by design. this is my accent. this is mismanagement. this is open borders. as of two days ago, there were more than 4000 unaccompanied children in customs and border protection and 16,000 under the care of health and human services, now to minneapolis, where a medical expert testified about how george floyd died in the murder trial of former police office. sir derek show vin. dr martin tobin said floyd died from a lack of oxygen that damaged his brain. he told the jury that even a healthy person would have died if someone had knelt on their neck for more than nine minutes. dr tobin cited the factors that he said made it increasingly difficult for
6:43 pm
floyd. two brave horses that are going to lead to the shallow breath are going to be that he's turned prone on the street that he has the handcuffs in place combined. with the street and then that he has a knee on his neck, and then that he has a knee on his back and on his side. dr martin tobin also testified that show been continued to press his knee on floyd's neck for a full three minutes after floyd had no more oxygen left in his body. temperatures did warm up a few degrees today weekend just around the corner. i'll have the details right after the break right now we go to ktvu is andre senior with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu, plus, we'll let them sail the new tonight the u. s governor that soon the biden administration in an attempt to allow cruise lines to resume sailings immediately also knew from the
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small screen to the white house. we hear from tmz on the new poll that suggested many americans would vote for former w w e start the rock if you ran for president of stories much more coming up in about 15 minutes over on ktvu questions, but first after the break, you're somebody national park once again limiting visits this summer. what you need to know if you're planning to go there. f
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directors talked about restoring train service every 15 minutes during peak hours and staying open until midnight, six days a week. if approved, the expansion plan would go into effect in september. bart
6:47 pm
officials say they had their highest ridership day last week since the pandemic started still pinion czar mixed when it comes to expanding service in the future. i have cause for concern growing our expanding our service when i am not certain our writers is going to come back. this plan not only allows us to help promote the reopening, but it also provides for the options too. address the climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the future. right now. most bart trains run every 30 minutes until nine o'clock at night, and update now involving work on highway one south of big sur caltrans now says the roadway will open to through traffic by friday, april 30th. that's about two months ahead of schedule because of favorable weather and soil conditions. the section of
6:48 pm
highway one rat creek washed away in late february after an atmospheric river dumped about a foot of rain on that area. rat creek is about 15 miles. south of big sur. all right, we're looking at the temperatures from today. pretty pleasant day. temperatures did warm a few degrees. as we said before, less wind out there and so you got 76 antioch instead of the upper sixties like yesterday yesterday was pretty chilly and it was a few degrees warmer today and tomorrow be a couple degrees warmer. still so there's the flag and jacqueline and square. it's not blowing that hard at all. you can tell me when you look at the bay to right. you see how the base kind of glassy there's not a lot of and out there, so the lack of wind today really did help in aid in this warm up, they'll be similar wins each day as we look to the next couple of days, but not much going on in terms of, um, really warming up. we're gonna warm up, but we're not going to go from 75 today that 85 this weekend. we're basically going to go from some seventies today,
6:49 pm
mid seventies to some upper seventies on the warmest day, which looks to be friday afternoon or into saturday afternoon. and so with that in mind. high pressure ridge. no rain in the forecast. unfortunately that be if it was i'd be telling telling you about it. i mean, there's stuff in the pacific, but it's not working in our favor to bring us any rain. so the idea that we're basically dry since march, 18th, which is pretty, uh, that's that's a run. that's a run of dry weather and it's going to put us in a bad situation. obviously as we get into the summer months because this place runs. on water the state does and when it doesn't get it, we have problems and we're gonna have problems for sure. so in terms of how are we gonna, you know, allocate. how much can we use rationing tier levels, things like that so again live outside. beautiful night as we go into the next couple of days, temperatures gradually warm overnight lows tonight. where they have been no big changes there. this this
6:50 pm
pattern is flatline this and it's okay typically in the spring to have my phone's kind of messing with me. it's so that's i changed the weather computer with my phone, and when it sometimes it tries to upgrade the app or something, but so the idea is. we're just basically looking at nice weather as we go full force. i gotta get this fixed. um all this will change it. okay so forecast highs tomorrow yellows or seventies they show up in the valley and the greens or sixties. it's a nice day. it's gonna be nice, really right through the weekend is just not going to be all that wants to see tomorrow's temperatures warmer than today and then gradually come up a few degrees so, but this is the time of year, right? what i was getting out before is this is when we get rain right? march april, you could get a lot of rate of marching. we've i've seen march make up a whole bunch of time, but we're not going to. unfortunately certainly march didn't work out in april is not looking good either. so get ready to pay attention to the water we use in the summer months. see you back here tonight at 10. ok, bill will see that thank you. starting next month visitors to yosemite
6:51 pm
national park will need a reservation for day used to enter the park officials at you, somebody say the temporary reservation system will allow the park to manage visitation levels to reduce the risk associated with exposure to the coronavirus day use. reservations will be required for all users. including those staying at hotels and campgrounds in the park. each reservation is valid for three days. the day use reservation system goes into effect on may 21st. coming up in exciting opening round at the masters, the great shots and the golfer who took a comman
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♪["i'll be seeing you" by billie holiday] ♪ i'll be seeing you ♪ ♪ in all the old familiar places ♪ red of us wait around for oprah winfrey to nail down that exclusive one on one interview with tiger woods, the show must go on without the biggest name in all of golf round one of the masters at augusta, georgia, and you could not have asked for better weather, although they're saying it might rain over the weekend about 2025% of the gallery on hand, defending champ dustin johnson at 11, pitch it onto the green. the role with role the role. good
6:55 pm
right? there got the birdie, but two over he's nine back. it's catching up to do. jordan speeds here, chipping in for eagle and guess what? he will nail it. ah one under 71. he's standing six back after one but the shot of the day you got to see it here, tommy fleetwood 170 yards out par 3/16. and the bounce and the eighth right there, although he finished to over 74 did fleetwood your leader justin rose right here. great approach at the par 4 17 and within a couple of beats sets himself up for bird the thing almost when it rose his best ever around that augusta seven under 65. he leads. by four. well if you follow the golden state warriors, you know that one of their catchphrases is strength in numbers. well as of today, unfortunately, they
6:56 pm
got fewer and a little bit weaker with the last of one of their outstanding front office, people talking about the very talented and one of the classiest guys in all of sports. rick well, stepping down from his job as president and c o rick welts is going to retire. he's. hall of fame executive with such a force behind the scenes for this organization, so instrumental in getting chased serena built, he decided to retire at the end of the season after 10 years with the word years organization. he still looks great. he's 68 years old. here's coach steve kerr talking about his friend. just one of my favorite people on earth. incredibly genuine, smart, charismatic. ah just a huge part of the resurgence of the warriors franchise. all right. the giants will have their home opener tomorrow against the rockies afternoon game at willie mays stadium.
6:57 pm
i'm calling it. meanwhile very emotional home opener for the baltimore orioles. if you're familiar with the story of trace man city, who missed all of last year recovered from colon cancer, what a welcome he got from the fans today. first baseman number 16 all the whole freeman. seed tray man seen in 29 years old, his wife on hand, his teammates, even the guys from the other side clapping for the 29 year old, absolutely gave us goose bumps watching, and he said, even though there was only 25% capacity he to get goose bumps. okay hey, i got some, i think, anyway, so pretty. good news for san francisco 40 niner fans little check this out the recovery of another the nick bosa, remember, he tore his left a c l less than nine months ago. bosa
6:58 pm
going to sled right there. my reaction first, man, don't overdo it, okay? the recovery, though doing well, eh? check this out. this is george clooney at the plate. ben affleck will try and catch his fly ball. they are filming a movie in boston taking a break afflicts gotta work on his game a little bit right. there is like he didn't get hit in the face. that would not be good for insurance. check this out. this is weird. rory mcilroy, seven here at augusta from the fairway will hit the ball and that. bystander there is his dad, i'm weirdness. pay back pay back from his childhood, right? hey, check this out. this is i act versus roma and european league ball boy hit the roma player accidentally to the roma player accidentally to one roma wind
6:59 pm
previously on the big bang theory: guess who i found at lax. my baby sister priya. it's really nice to see you again, leonard. yeah, it's good to see you, too. here you go. thanks. you slept with my sister?! yeah. this is a terrible betrayal of my trust. would it help if i told you that i offered her my heart, and she kind of stomped on it? how hard did she stomp? very hard. okay, i'm good. (giggles) what's so funny? about the noises people make during sex. i do sometimes get a bit carried away, don't i? (chuckles) it's cute. you sound a little like a drunken monkey. ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh! that's how i take it.
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(sighs) this is perfect. i hope this moment never ends. me, too. well, gotta go. oh! already? why don't you stay over? well, i'd love to, but you know my mother needs me in the morning. please-- i think the woman can manage to put a wig on by herself. it's pinning her hair up, drawing on her eyebrows. it's a two-person job. it's just, when you leave right after we make love, cheap. oh, honey, i'm sorry. what can i do? stay. okay. (sighs) like, what, another five, ten minutes? go home.


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