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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 8, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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eggs. at on gun control will take a closer look on how he plans to tackle the issue of gun violence, plus another mass shooting under investigation in south carolina. what we're learning about the gunman and his ties back here in the bay area. and his california gets ready to expand its vaccine eligibility to all californians, 16 and older we'll take a look at the challenge with supply that's expected next week. the news that new starts now this is ktvu. fox. two news that new good afternoon everyone on frank mallicoat infer mike mibach. good afternoon to you, frank, and it's happening to you at home. i'm claudine wong garcia's also off today we start with. is inviting, taken a strong stand against gun violence. just a couple of hours ago, he did announce executive orders on gun control and named a new director of the a t f ktvu rouz elissa harrington outlines the president's plan. gun violence
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in this country is an epidemic. president joe biden called gun violence in america, an epidemic of public health crisis and an international embarrassment 360 people. shot every single day. 106 of them die every day. the president was joined at the white house by vice president kamila harris and attorney general merritt garland to lay out a set of executive actions on gun control. he wants to regulate the purchase and use of stabilizing braces that can make pistols more like rifles bite and also announced tighter restrictions on ghost guns, which are firearms that can be assembled at home using kids. they lack serial numbers and cannot be traced and the buyers aren't required to pass a background check to buy the kid to make the gun. consequently, anyone. anyone from a criminal to a terrorist could buy this
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kid, biden said. sellers and manufacturers must include serial numbers on key parts and run background checks on sellers. the president also nominated gun control advocate david chipman as the new director at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. the 80 f has been without a permanent director since 2015. there's been growing pressure for the white house to take action after several high profile mass shootings. including one in boulder, another in atlanta, and one in orange, california at an office complex that killed four people. governor gavin newsom praised the actions of the president, saying in a statement. these actions will save lives and reduce needless loss and suffering across the country. meanwhile, the n r. a criticized and mocked the president in a serious of tweets, accusing him of dismantling the second amendment. one tweet reads. these actions could require americans to surrender lawful property push states to expand compass cay. asian orders and put a gun control lobbyist ahead a t f i'm
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elissa harrington. ktvu, fox two news and we're learning more about the gunman who killed five people in south carolina overnight. he was a former nfl player who had played for both the niners and the raiders. sources say 33 year old philip adams went to the home of his former doctor, 70 year old robert. leslie please say he shot and killed the doctor, the doctor's wife and their two grandchildren, ages five nine. another 38 year old man who was working at that home was also found dead of gunshot wounds. adams later killed himself at his parent's home were shocked that this type of incident happened in our area in rock hill, especially with the amount of people who were involved. we have a detective from the violent crimes unit room currently investigating the case of a mass shooting. adams was drafted by the niners in 2010 and suffered a severe
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ankle injury during the game. he was released by the niners the following year, and then he bounced on the league before he signed with the raiders. he was on that roster in 2012 and 2013. we're also following breaking news for you out out of alameda, people are being told to avoid the area near central avenue and high street, you can see work is being done their emergency crews on the scene of emergency natural gas leak no. word on how long that area is going to be shut down. thousands of people in alameda county over the age of 16 are now eligible to get coronavirus vaccine yesterday. alameda county expanded eligibility for people living in 12 of the hardest hit, zip codes. and oakland hayward, san leandro and san lorenzo. anyone over the age of 16 living in any of the zip codes listed. on your screen is now eligible to get a vaccine. we've also posted the information ktvu dot com if you'd like to take a look, the move comes one week ahead of the statewide eligibility
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expansion that will go into effect on april the 15th california's vaccination efforts expand next week, but there's expected to be a big challenge. ktvu candese charles is here to fill us in about the drop in vaccine distribution, candace. hey, frank. good afternoon, everyone. california is expecting a nearly 90% drop in jj vaccines next week, which could lead to fewer first shot appointments. california will likely run into major vaccination problems next week after a large batch of johnson and johnson's covid-19 vaccine failed quality standards on lee 785,000 doses will be allocated to stay throughout the country next week compared to the $4.95 million since this week, according to cdc data. california is the main recipient of the j and j vaccine that decreased. will have an impact generally on most counties, and how quickly people can get their
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appointments california set to receive next $67,600 next week. california health officials says that the number will be down further to a little over 22,000 doses in the week starting april 18th. although the state expects a small increase in both fighter and mature enough doses next week counties was first scheduled second dose appointments. those who have yet to get adults may have to wait for weeks. contra costa. supervisor john goya says some counties may be better off than others because they allocate vaccines directly from the federal government. and in some counties, it may be a longer wait. many counties do not get those federal doses because they don't run federally qualified health centers like we do, as many counties face a significant reduction in vaccines, they wait to see what the state will do you. no, everything's a question mark still. you know, right now the information out there a possibility that we may receive less. and but that hasn't been, clarified or made.
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you know, a sure thing. so right now i'm just trying to get people that go get the vaccine. unfortunately that steve dropped and supply comes just days before california's vaccine eligibility opens to everyone above the age of 16 on april 15th in an attempt to prepare the sweet, the state plans to reduce first dose allocations across all counties proportionately for now, reporting live i'm candese charles ktvu, fox two news. alright candace. thank you for that. meanwhile the uk variant of the covid-19 virus is now the most common source of new infections here in the u. s. and. with case number is taking up. health officials are racing to get folks vaccinated. reporter jonathan jonathan serrie rather has more out of atlanta. that's the vaccination effort ramps up. there's increasing concern about fast spreading covid-19 variants, the cdc confirming the strain that first emerged in southern england is now the most common
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in the us, it's more transmissible and hitting younger americans harder, and health officials are recommending areas with high rates of infection put a hold on youth sports and other extracurriculars for now, hospitals air seeing more and more younger adults, those in their thirties and forties admitted with severe disease with 52 jurors. restrictions now reporting cases of arians. some officials now say it's a race between the vaccines and the variance about 110 million americans have gottenat least one dose. more than one in every three adults. the white house says. it's now expanding access to 1400 federally funded community health centers, a move that should go a long way toward getting the vaccine to those who need it most many community health centers are located in underserved communities. instead of patients that are predominantly either uninsured or underinsured. meanwhile it's more states reopened a new study by the biden administration finds only 34% of students are back in the classroom full time, but
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they're hoping those numbers will improve, its more teenagers get vaccinated, especially with my age. i think they should be vaccinated because my age is very social. and i think my age is also responsible for a lot of the initial spread, the cdc director says she expects all schools to be fully open for in person learning. by september in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news, a new study says that vaccines are effective against the coronavirus variants that originated here in california research published yesterday by the new england journal of medicine, found that the vaccine made by moderna offered effective protection against that particular variant. the fizer and j and j vaccines were not included in that research. but murali gist believe they also provide protection, the study says the variant found in california likely began spreading last may and became a dominant version of the virus in the state around the surgeon cases that we saw at thanksgiving and christmas.
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well in about 30 minutes from now. governor newsome will visit the fresno area to see the work that's being done there to prepare for the possibility of another series of major wildfires in our state. the governor is also going to discuss the steps being taken. to boost both the wildfire response and wildfire protection and prevention. last month, the governor approved more than $80 million to hire an additional 1400. cal fire firefighters with much of the state experiencing drought conditions, california is preparing for the threat of major wildfires. once again, you can watch the governor's news conference on ktvu .com. on our ktvu news app and on our ktvu youtube page still to come at noon, the latest numbers are showing just how many people filed for jobless claims what it means for the economy and the impact right here in california, plus derek showbiz murder trial once again, focusing on george floyd's drug abuse, and some expert witnesses seem to agree that
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show, then now the state of minnesota is calling more witnesses. reporter matt finn has the latest. more than two dozen witnesses have taken the stand in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick chauvet. the ninth day of testimony getting underway this morning. mr floyd died. from a low level of oxygen. and this caused damage to his brain. yesterday jurors heard from law enforcement officers and forensic experts. the defense continued building its case that drugs found in george floyd system during the time of his arrest were partially responsible for his death. the lead minnesota state investigator on floyd's case initially agreed with the defense that floyd appeared to say i ate too many drugs while being were stray. and by police woman. later prosecutors played him a longer clip of the body cam video. yes, i believe mr
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flu is saying i ain't do no drugs earlier wednesday in lapd use of force expert took the stand for a second day. he testified that show been applied pressure to floyd's neck or neck area from the time officers began pinning him to the ground until paramedics started moving him to a stretcher. how much force was reasonable for the. offended to use on mr floyd after mr floyd was handcuffed, placed in the prone position and not resisting. yes my opinion. my opinion was that no force should have been used once. he was in that position. we're now about halfway through the estimated four week trial here in downtown minneapolis. the big question is what will this place look like once a verdict comes out in minneapolis math in fox news. okay and you can watch the trial every day. that court is in session. we are streaming it live on ktvu .com and on the ktvu mobile news at all right. the weekend is
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approaching and the weather is looking pretty good. let's check in with kyle and get your forecast. yeah hi, guys. it is one of those beautiful days. today we had the marine layer. give us a little bit of a break a little bit earlier today, and that's going to be kind of the trend as we go across the next few days with some warming temperatures. the boy, it's just been beautiful. today so far, so take a look outside and you can see the golden gate basking in. some of that sun shines of those clouds were hanging on at the coast, but even the coast now starting to get a little bit better, santa rosa 59 degrees already with lots of sunshine in the north bay 53 in san francisco 57 right now in oakland about 61 livermore, so they're warming up in san jose about 60 degrees so you could see as we take a look at strong cracker to those clouds just kind of pulled away this morning, and that has to do with the setup that's happening here, which is that we've been under the influence. of the low pressure that's really far offshore. but high pressure that is to our south is ultimately going to start nudging to the north, and that's what's gonna help us to warm up now we do still have that onshore flow. it is slight.
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it does a little bit reduced today you could see the wind is relatively calm. unless maybe you're out of the coast through your feeling that a little bit more sfo reporting about 16 mph right now, but today we will see those temperatures take up a couple of degrees. we are seeing the clouds already starting to clear out and we're looking out for mostly sunny skies and we'll call the temperature. mild toe warm. we should be a couple degrees above average if you're inland, so upper fifties at the coast and then we'll see those low seventies inland. but here's the difference between yesterday and today, about six degrees, right so santa rosa yesterday in mid sixties will be low seventies. today. san francisco will get into the sixties today, upper sixties for livermore and san jose about 68 degrees, so pretty nice day on tap. ondas you get into tonight mostly clear skies way we got a little chilly last night in some of our inland spots, napa airport and sonoma county of work got down to 34 degrees last night. we should be a little bit warmer than that. hope lay in our england spots overnight tonight pretty mild around the bay little bit breezy as that onshore flow continues. so let me show you
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how this works out and why we're going to see the warm up over the next few days. that high pressures i mentioned is going to migrate a little bit to the north that pushes the little pressure out to see a little bit further. this high pressure isn't particularly strong, so it's not gonna heat us up entirely, but it is going to bump those temperatures up just a little bit. so would you go through the rest of the week and even into the weekend? we are going to see the temperatures trend a little bit warmer now. is it extreme heat? no we're talking temperatures going into the seventies. inland likely not above 75 degrees, so it won't be like we saw, i guess was about a week ago. now where we got really, really warm and saw some of those eighties. now what? you don't see is rain in the forecast. we are going to be dry over the next five days and talk a little bit more about our chances for i mean, when i come back a little later in the show, but you can see here temperatures, sunshine. that's what we got for the next five days, guys back to you, all right, thanks. tyler will fill the time at noon and alarming trend in the san francisco bay. what we're learning about the deaths of three gray whales lie.e
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filed for the first time claims last week, signaling that many employers they're still cutting jobs even as more people are vaccinated against covid-19. consumers gain confidence and the government distributes a throughout our economy here. california unemployment claims hit their highest levels and three months topping 145,000
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new claims. last week. california now accounts for nearly 20% of jobless claims being filed. nationwide. u. s. authorities say they have picked up nearly 19,000 children traveling alone across the mexican border in march. it is the largest monthly number ever recorded and a major test for president joe biden as he reverses many of his predecessors, hardline immigration tactics a complex mix of policies and conditions in the united states and central america is driving that increase. it coincides with the bite administration's decision to exempt unaccompanied children from pandemic related powers to immediately expel most people from the country without giving them an opportunity to seek asylum. and three gray whales have been found dead in the past week around the san francisco bay ktvu reporter, south bay reporter azenith smith says marine. biologists are worried
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in scenic san francisco bay. a sad discovery the carcass of a 33 ft male gray whale. this video taken by eric jones on wednesday. these creatures they're just such magnificent creatures and just to see them dead like this is really heartbreaking. jones's nonprofit see valor help told the whale to angel island. this whale joins a 41 ft adult great female discovered a week ago near chrissy field. the necropsy done by the marine mammal center on the adult female and conclusive whatever killed her. did so sudden rate so it's a suspicious death. we don't know exactly what it was. yeah, over the weekend. a third wheel female, not fully adult found outside the bay south of san francisco. currently it fitzgerald marine reserve this year we've had these two animals and there was another one on the weekends or three animals in the senate francisco area. in a very short space of
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time, so we are concerned what killed them. the center is trying to determine the cause of death for all three past experience, half of the animals the center examines die in the bay from human interaction, either they're being struck by a ship or the garden tangle in something of the been hit by a propeller, often by accident and understandable, the center says the port of oakland is busy, gray will's difficult to see an elusive in the waters. they have three dead whales on the beach within a week of each other's just i've never heard of that ever and i've lived here my entire life, the mammal center raising awareness among the shipping industry and smaller boats, watch out for the whales and give them space, hoping to prevent more deaths. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news election officials still verifying and validating signatures in the effort to recall governor newsome and it appears likely there will be a special election in the fall yesterday. the sacrament of press club held a virtual event
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featuring contrasting sides to the recall effort. a major supporter, the recall and the governor's chief strategist. question today is do we span stand by and let the trumpers and the republican party due to california what they did to america or do we fight back? and do we allow them to sew the same hate and division that was sewed in america here in california, or do we fight back, and i can tell you the answer here is we intend to fight back and we intend to win. there's one thing that's more important to california citizens and partisan politics and that star quality of life and that's where i think we've gained our mo mentum. we've linked arms with people. all across a very broad spectrum, and the longer the gavin newsom team continues to be in denial about that kind of thing, the happier we are working with the county county seven till april, 29 to verify all the signatures we should know, 10 days after that, if the measure has qualified for the ballot. will to come at
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noon. president joe biden taken a strong stand against gun violence. a look at his executive orders on gun control after several mass shootings, plus sending a message the music and art. how do siblings from the east bay are working to prevent hate crimes oh, you think this is just a community center?
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to in what he says is a gun violence epidemic in our country. the president said he ordered the department of justice to issue a proposed rule targeting ghost guns, which are unregistered weapons. made it home from a kid issue. a report on firearms trafficking and published model red flag legislation. white house while so invest $5 billion and community violence intervention programs. mm hmm. yeah, well new reward fund has been launched in the bay area to help find and arrest suspects who have committed attacks against members of the a p. i community the crimes against asians reward fund was launched this morning in alameda. it is supported by the san francisco police officers association, the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce and the berm 11 superstar restaurants. they are condemning all forms of racism,
12:30 pm
hate and violence and say they want to restore safety and peace. way can no longer remain silent as our community and our people are hurting as people are attacking our own groups, and we want to be there do our part to address these targeted crimes. and we hope that other business leaders in the community who would do that as well, and it will say enough is enough. column and marginalized groups so far, the crimes against asians reward fund has received over $15,000 in donations from more than 150 supporters. a san francisco supervisors committee is holding a public hearing on crime and violence targeting the asian american seniors and the rise of eight anti asian racism. the hearing is focusing on what the city agencies are doing to prevent crime and to support the victims. it is also discussing what's being done to addressed harm communities specifically where there are language and cultural barriers.
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the supervisors say a lot of issues and problems being discussed have been around for a long time. this is a moment of reckoning in a time of reckoning for a problem that has been with us and deep in our country and in our city for a very long time. anti asian racism hey of violence against asian people in our city and beyond, has been a part of san francisco for a long time. committee members are asking city departments for committing it's to work closer together. they also want them to work more closely with community organizations to coordinate as citywide plan to prevent crime and violence and to support victims in the a p. i community well. two siblings from the east bay are working to prevent hate crimes against asian americans by spreading their message of respect and of love and acceptance. ktvu
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brooks jarocz first talked them as the pandemic was beginning. and now more than a year later. brooks sat down with them again as they try to stop asian hate by using social media, art and music. there's always told me get older. people to someday i woke up and it was cold. i can show them. the inspiration began with self reflection siblings abyan, nanny lin or fourth generation chinese americans, then you. before more. i feel so. no this song chasing reversal is just their latest form of expression following acts of violence toward asian americans across
12:33 pm
the country are mothers are being attacked. our grand parents are being attacked. every day we leave the house and we fear we feel fear. we're scared toe go to the grocery store to buy water to buy food to overpower that feeling. they say they first become stable in their identities and proud of their culture now educating others to listen with an open mind and an open heart if you can respect different cultures and different backgrounds and. that's a great starting place and if you could be willing to learn to treat others with that kind of, you know that kind of a perspective than i think that i think people can start understanding from just that baseline of respect their journey to spread. that message started is the coronavirus spread around the globe? i am not a virus. i'm human. i am a human. i'm human. we are both human. ah short film titled catching love, confront xenophobia and made headlines
12:34 pm
one year ago. we didn't want to just sit and do nothing. and they haven't as hate crimes have risen, so is their motivation to speak out, and i've never been hesitant and we're being like, you know, is this gonna put my family at risk a be taking to social media calling for conversation? hey, you let us have a talk for, like, one minute. and ultimately action. so what do we do? we speak up. remind people that we're all human remind people that we are brothers and sisters of the same fate and remind people the love does conquer all since then, podcasts and fundraisers for a p i organizations we raised 55. marches and rallies demanding dignity and righteousness. be proud of who you are. don't lose sight of that. this is your country. this is your home. no matter when you came, but even this brother and sister do i went meant the hostility at times. it's tough, overwhelming,
12:35 pm
confusing, just hard to process over and over again of come on, it is a good feeling gunship in on her. feel like mta surrenders. this'll is not something that. just came out of nowhere because of covid. it's always existed. thank you before no. girl, mew, we realized that we are actually not that different. the sooner i think we can come to tea. oh, loving and caring about one another once again. the linen say attacks against asian americans have become a nightly dinner time conversation and that their film focused on love and compassion and produced more than a year ago is even more relevant. today i brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news
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place here investigating a deadly shooting in the city of oakland. it happened shortly before eight o'clock this morning in the area of eads avenue in nevada street when officers arrived at the scene, they found a victim with a gunshot boots. that person was pronounced dead at the same anyone that has information as to give oakland police call and an investigation underway after a daily city police officer shot and killed a man in broad daylight. police are not not releasing many details about the shooting, but they do say that officer fired his gun after making contact with people in a car on niantic avenue. about two p.m. yesterday, another officer was injured and is expected to recover. police have not released the name of the man who died. and the family of a man killed by san jose police. they've filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city 27 year old david tovar jr was shot outside the villa fairly. an apartment complex january the 21st at the time. police say tovar was wanted in connection with multiple
12:37 pm
shootings in gilroy and morgan hill, including at least one homicide officers on the scene, said tovar appeared to be reaching for a gun. no gun was found yet a strewed screwdriver in his pocket. lawyers for his family say he didn't have to be killed, no matter what he was accused of, if you're wanted or suspected, or thought to have engaged in some type of activity, you're. entitled to your day in court. that is something that these officers denied. david. the lawsuit claims tovar was running away when he was shot and that he was on the ground bleeding for at least two minutes before he received any medical care centers. a police are not comedy on the lawsuit. well, rodale couple faces child abuse charges after an 11 year old girl was found dead inside the family's home. first responders were called to the neighborhood by the parents for a medical emergency on march 23rd.
12:38 pm
investigators say they found a naive dia's dead. with signs of abuse, which they say data's far back as november. the girl's father and stepmother rene crist and cristal diaz, now faces several charges. torture maim charges based on instead of branding, which produced visible burn marks on the child. we failed them. oh girl, we failed. there is a community school failure. we failed her his neighbors. the father and stepmother or each being held on $1.4 million bail, and they are scheduled to be formally charged next week, and police are investigating another street robbery in san francisco, and this one happened. in the portola neighborhood. icu hear the 53 year old woman screaming on security video. her family says
12:39 pm
she was coming home from the grocery store on tuesday afternoon when a man grabbed her purse and then pushed her to the ground. ah witness saw it happened from across the street, and it was 12 broad daylight. and then this happened, so she was asian and do two weeks ago. also we have something down on felton in the same neighborhood, so that's kind of a flag, a red flag that this is happening more often for whatever the reason is, but you know, it's mostly female women. female victims, stepson says she had a bloody nose and she was upset, but she did not need medical treatment. i mean, what would this neighborhood used to be a peaceful neighborhood now? it's i don't know if they're coming from other areas or if they're just, you know, they're just doing it because of the pandemic could ever wear masks that can't be seen. witnesses told police the suspect jumped into the getaway car and drove off, but they do not have a good description of
12:40 pm
that car. doing new warriors president and ceo rick welts is stepping down at the end of this season. well, says in his 10th year with golden state has spent 46 seasons overall in the n b. a he was inducted into the naysmith memorial basketball hall of fame back in 2018 and 2011. wells became the highest ranking executive in men's professional sports. publicly acknowledge he was gay. he will remain with the warriors, though, as an advisor, a new team president expected to be named within the next week, and we're learning more about plans by the worries to welcome back fans. finally to the chase center fans can attend in person starting april. the 23rd regulations allow for up to 35% capacity venue also plans to require fans to provide either proof of a full vaccination or a negative covid test. fans who purchased tickets more than. other days prior to the game will be eligible to receive and at home covid test at no cost
12:41 pm
tests must be taken within 48 hours of a game. still to come at noon. while many bay area counties are in the less restrictive orange here, there is one that is still stuck in the red. we're gonna take a closer look at solano county and why it may be held back. plus let's take you outside for this beautiful sunny day here in the bay area, golden gate bridge, looking lovely as usual. warmer weather is on the way. ktvu meteorologist college, grogan is gonna have your full forecast coming up. or in here. s
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in the red, and that is creating frustration among business owners. there ktvu rob rob tells us that health officials say there several factors, including infections among younger people, remaining in the red tear means lucas bar and grill on first street and venetia can only allowed 25% of capacity inside in the orange tear. that number would double to 50% 25% isn't cost effective 50. get you up to where it's probably worth wild. open up with pleasure to put on. so the owner limits service to outdoor. only you basically have to reinvent your business every time the rules change, so we've gone from, you know, endured a note to nothing to some amount to go pick up a few blocks away
12:45 pm
at this women's clothing store. the owner says she notices the trickle down effect. fewer people in bars and restaurants means fewer people coming around the shop. and she says it doesn't help that other nearby counties arm or opened up. there is a huge competitive disadvantage because, like i said, if we don't have bars and restaurants open a certain capacity, people are going to go to neighboring towns and not come here where you could do multiple things. so why is solano trading and red waters and not moving forward? some of it is geography. solano also borders the sacramento region, which is still in red. and besides that, there are the covid metrics. we're doing well without. our positivity rate and we're doing very well with our health equity metric. both of those are actually quite solidly in the orange for us, but our case rate, the number of cases reported each day is in the red. those new covid infection numbers, he says, mostly involved 20 and 30 year olds. i suspect a lot of this is march madness get togethers.
12:46 pm
get togethers for sporting events on the weekends to watch them and it is predominately younger people. the good news is that it's not older at luca's. the owner says he's seeing covid fatigue firsthand, and in the beginning, people were understanding and very understanding that's starting to go away. they're starting to not be so understanding about what we have to do to you know, maintain the rules. there was some concern earlier in the week that solano would slip down into the purple tear. but county health officials say that now appears unlikely they do expect solano do move up into the orange tear sometime before the end of april. rob rob ktvu, fox two news. happening today. yoshi's in oakland is reopening but without the music. joshi of course, best known as a jazz club and a japanese fusion restaurant, but it had shut down because of the pandemic there, general manager says joe she's was not successful at to go restaurant ordering, but
12:47 pm
it's go funny campaign helped it stay afloat and now that restaurants in alameda county are allowed to open indoors at 15% capacity. he thinks. a lot more people will be back, he says. yoshi's is still working on a plan, though, to finally bring back what it's known. for all that great jazz music. gotta be patient for the music. 12 47, let's start to kyla don't have to be patient for that sunshine, though. i actually just have a window right next to me. i pulled it open colleagues i'm like is that my heart? like is it young? it's very confusing. yeah, i mean, it's lovely out today, though, i would say, you know, we're gonna be right it average or maybe a couple of degrees above if you head inland, but it's a lovely day out there. we've got lots of sunshine. the fog gave us a little bit of a break this wording not quite as much staying power with the marine layers we had yesterday. so the sunshine as you can see, it's a good start tracker to has made its way to the entire bay. now, even the coastline starting to get some of that sunshine in there. we do still
12:48 pm
have that on short flows. we still are under the influence of that low pressure that's really far out to sea, but ultimately it's going to relent a bit over the next few days. we're going to see temperatures start to warm. in fact, take a look at fairfield right now. 71 degrees already nevada at 63 66 while that creek around 56 in san francisco and 60 in san jose, but that just tells you you know where the sunshine is. we're going to see temperatures warm up today pretty handily. and here we are taking a live look outside the beautiful golden gate bridge. you see, it's just one of those scenic like postcard. perfect days. today we are going to see sunny skies today. little change tomorrow. so again, we'll see some patchy fog which should get a break from marine layer a little bit tomorrow as well. and then as we head to the weekend temperatures are going to climb even higher now. the reason for that is that high pressure that is to south of us is going to track to the north, and when that happens, it will start to influence our weather. it's not the most. hefty high pressure systems. it's not going to bring us heat, but it is going to warm things up a little bit, and it's going to keep us, sonny and it will also
12:49 pm
help people little bit of a lid on that marine layers i mentioned as we not only work through the rest of this week that into the weekend, so today nice out there 55 the coast 65 around the bay and some low seventies as we had inland tonight, we'll have mostly clear skies a little bit of that patchy fog. those we get into the early morning hours. temperatures last night got a little chilly in spots like napa in santa rosa. they got down like 34 degrees should be a little warmer tonight. low four days for you and live for most 38 for santa rosa 47 for san francisco mountain view about 46, but here's kind of the elephant in the room. the sunshine is gorgeous. hey, we all enjoy that. but we are in a dry pattern. we have not had rain any significant rain really since 21 days ago. march 18th so obviously we're looking out for it, and right now it's not showing up in our next week. let me show you the future cast what i'm talking about going to kind of roll through this quickly here, go to the friday then saturday and sunday. and you could see that we just stay dry. nothing makes it towards us. not even close. i mean, it's not even an almost ray and could take you all the way to
12:50 pm
next thursday. the next chance and it is just unfortunately, a chance of rain is likely to be around mid april. so that's we're kind of looking towards one system. that is what you no way out now not really showing up yet, but that would be our chance for rain, so we'll see if that maybe holds together and develops. hopefully it will. but right now it's all about the sunshine. it's gonna be all about the warmer temperatures, especially as we head towards the weekend. it looks like these temperatures peak. on sunday. guys back to you. all right, kyle, a thank you. card rental agencies are facing a shortage of available car says more people start to travel once again. part of the problem is companies didn't buy enough cars for their fleets to meet demand and many, many people feel safer traveling and cars than on planes, busses or trains. right now they're popular spring break is also creating a higher demand. and that could be a signal of how busy the rental car businesses will be over the summer time. level, analysts say the rental car shortage is likely to last.
12:51 pm
for the next several months. still to come at noon, live opera is returning, but it's taking on a whole new look how the san francisco opera plans to accommodate fans, and that doesn't mean having them inside a theater i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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roll states this month, san francisco opera will present the barber and civil for driving audiences and his kid to be his deborah villalon reports. they're pulling out all the stops. assef opera has presented the barber of seville many times, but never like the production rising up at the marin civic center in sandra fell, but they'll be looking straight ahead towards this incredible stage here. 200 cars drive in opera fans plus
12:55 pm
another 200 cars nearby with a big screen, about a third of the audience size at the war memorial theater in san francisco, but it's live performance first since. the pandemic to feel the sense of community to be knowing that you're watching out with other people is an incredible experience and it's opera from scratch, beginning with a state used at the coachella music festival and constructing everything needed to bring the score and story alive. it will be a shortened 90 minutes. no chorus and a smaller than usual orchestra to reduce risk. each person has their own distance. we have special masks we have spent. show barriers for the wind players, everything to make sure that we're following the very, very safest health protocols, including specially designed singing masks the cast wears in rehearsal but won't onstage for their outdoor performances. public health is about emotional well being is about social well being. marines health officer says.
12:56 pm
with such a huge stage, he's not worried about social distance or singing. he finds the timing. perfect i think we're so hungry as a community for an experience like this, and we've been deprived of the arts now for over a year. this is part of public health. are people going to dress to the nines to get in their car, like so much in the pandemic opera at a drive in turns tradition inside out, you can be in your jeans and a t shirt and it makes it makes operates assessable when you think about it that way, performances begin, eh? april 23rd in sandra fell. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news special olympics athletes, their family members and coaches lining up to receive covid-19 vaccines and levi stadium. the vaccination site a joint effort between santa clara county, the special olympics and the 49ers health officials say this back to the nation event is important because people with intellectual or developmental
12:57 pm
disabilities or three times is likely to contract covid as the. rural population. it was absolutely a priority to get this, max to get this population vaccinated, and we also knew that there would be that there could be particular fears or trepidations about the process. this is a can be a very overwhelming time, so we wanted to design something that would be inviting and fun and welcoming. and really, just, um, tamp down the anxiety that might accompany getting a vaccine. supervisor ellenberger also says the vaccination site helped improve. access made the entire process easy and a very positive experience. well stanford university says it plans to welcome students back to the farm. this foam administrators are planning what they call as normal as a fall semester. it's possible the university will make modifications is needed based on the public health situation in the weeks in the days leading up to the start of classes, stanford says it also
12:58 pm
wants to give employees flexibility to work on site remotely. or combination of the two and the cdc says youth sports may be spreading covid-19 health officials say there is an alarming increase in new covid cases among younger americans and the two main areas of concern include sports and daycare centers. so now the cdc is recommending a ban on use sports. the recent outbreaks of new covid variant cases have been linked to sporting events in florida and minnesota. well the oakland a's are feeling much better. today they are no longer windless day speak the world series champion l. a dodgers coliseum. i'll get away day 43 and 10 and aids mitch moreland drove in the winning run on walk off single. they started the season with six straight losses, matching the worst beginning in their franchise history, a zero off to houston tonight take on the astros once again. today, an off day for the giants before
12:59 pm
their home opener tomorrow. it oracle afternoon taken on the colorado rockies giants finish the road trip last night with a 32 winner against the padres giants took the lead with a two run homer. the bold land stop the center fielders met went over the wall. yeah, touch him. all that's a home run. they won the game in the 10th inning on a sac fly with runner alex dickerson. he's a big guy. he's just going to beat the tag at the plate. he comes to #### it. and he is safe. good for them. as for the opener, the giants will be allowed to operate up to 22% of the ballpark seating capacity. another big changes that fans 12 and older will need to show proof of a negative coronavirus test or proof of a vaccination to attend the game home opener. first pitch tomorrow. 1 35 on what will be just a perfect day for baseball's the rockies come to town 29 the weather is behaving is. all right. well,
1:00 pm
thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download our ktvu news app, and dr. oz: next "oz," the race for covid-19 herd immunity is on. while millions have taken the vaccine -- others are still waiting. >> today, we're tackling vaccine hesitancy head-on. charlamagne tha god opens up about his own fears and how the medical community can build trust to get all of america vaccinated. ♪ dr. oz: we're getting closer and closer to the moment we hit a surplus of vaccines, meaning there will be enough doses for any adult american who wants to get one but some fear when we hit that


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